The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 12
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1! BLYTHKVlLUi (AltlL) OOUKiER JNKW» TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, Gambling King Felled by Bullet WM* Coast Operator Wounded by Assassin Delivering "Package" BBVEKLT HILLS, Call., Tet), 10 mf)—Tony Cornero Stralla, Wcs Gout gambling king and onetime rum runner, was near death today from » bullet wound In the abdo m«e fired by an unidentified gun aiM! who handed him a package a hU horn* last night. Doctor* worked feverishly to lav (he life of the 48-year-old former "admiral" of a luxurious gambling fleet. HU wife, former actress nar- bar« T_And, who only last week took an overdose of sleeping tablet* as tttt result of » "slight quarrel," w»s at his bedside. Stralla was conferring with two Mexicans about the gambling situation hi Lower California when th» doorbell of his home rang. He excused himself and went to the <toor. Hii would-be assassin stood In the ihadows and Vmnrteri Slinlln a package. Stralla said he could (member only ttwl the man wns tall, slender and thin-faced. "Here's the package," the gun- nun s»td. As Stralla reached to accept It, the gunman fired from * hidden revolver through the wrapped package. The bullet hit Stralla In the stomach- He fell on his back In the hallway anrl the gunman fled with an accomplice. Reports Immediately linked the | attempted assassination with the : rumored reopening of legalized gambling In Lower California. The banner headline of a Tijuana, Mcx., newspaper, which reached the U.S. onl v ve.slerday. boldly said: "Gambling will be okayed In Lower California U Cornero (B eliminated.' It also was rumored that the assailant might have been hired by rival Nevada gamblers. Like Benjamin (Bugsyl Siegel, who was killed only a few blocks away last June, Stralla had a finger In r ..ins' an underworld deal. Police, who began n roundup of nil underworld characters; salt! Stralla was "evasive as » tvplcal gangster" before he went Into tnc operating room. He said he dldn t know anybody who wanted to kill him. "Whenever I tried to pin mm down, he acted, like he was In pain, said Beverly Hills Police Chief C. H. Anderson' : Anderson said the U-o Mexicans had arrived at Stralla's home 15 minutes before the shooting. He identified them as Gustavo Dnto "a dealer in commodities." who has lived here for 25 years, nnd Alphonso Rocha, Mexico city lawyer who claimed he was "close to Prcs ident Alemivn." French 'Freeze' Price of Meat To Halt Spiral PARIS, Feb. W (UP)-The government today ordered wholesale mcnt prices frown ft« part of a brisk offensive against the rising prices ol food, In some c»scs up a« much us '10 per cent since Jan. 1. The secretary of agriculture Won Coiide dc Forcslo. announced thnt the government was taking by tlecvce four new steps designed to counter the upward trend In prt cos. He ordered wholesale meat, price frozen at the level ot the last week In January. The freeing was sehed nlcd to remain In effect until June The government decree called fo the following measures: 1. Weekly publication of the cur ent wholesale and retail food pr CCS, 2. Resumption of the double prlc UK system under which rclnllc •nusl post the wholesale price the pay. along with their .selling fi«u 3. A large-scale Import prcign particular! In vegetables, where t steepest price rises have been rcgl tercd. Some 35,000 Ions of America potatoes are expected to arrive In about two weeks. Cabbage carrots and onions from Holland also arc expected. 4. Establishment of a network of "sample shops" which would tr to set the pace b charging lower prices. Directors of "Y" Appoint Three Part-Time Aides *4tw $t«ps Taken *o Conserve Fuel Oil for Americans WASHINGTON. Feb. 10. <UP>The Commerce Department today asked foreign countries to cut down n their purchases of U. S. oil to clp relieve shortages In the Unll- I states. Tli« department asked foreign Ohioan Begins Campaign Tour Toft Puts Emphasis On Preservation of Freedoms at Home ountriei to "make further rcduc- on» In their remiesur for petro- eum products" In the future. It Iso urRcd foreign customers to ale down consumption in the first hree months of Ihls year. A re- uced export quota has already een set for this period. The export quota for this three- month period Is 0.650,000 barrels of jctrolcum products. Of this, 2,800,- XX) barrels is domestic-type heat- rid oil. In addition. 100.000 barrels of this homo-heating oil will be Mnl to occupied Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. The action followed by a day an embargo on shipments of all type of petroleum products from U. Knsl CmiSt. ports. CHICAGO, Feb. 10 (UP)—Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., O., started a Vestcrn campaign trip today with a declaration that the V. S. foreign aid program must not Jeopardize freedom at home In the name of selecting It abroad, Taft, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Included that declaration in a "po- itical credo" prepared for delivery | before the Inland Dally Press Association. It was the first of 10 speeches he will deliver In five days of major campaigning In six states. Stating his political philosophy tn general terms. Tuft suld that government should protect the liberty of the Individual, Insure equal justice under law for all, provide equality of opportunity and promote a standard of living to make happiness possible. lie said American foreign policy "would be gntdcd by the determination to keep our people free." TII ft reiterated his belief that government should put a "floor" under low Income families lo pro, ,,_.. I tecl them from extreme hardship ST. JOHNS, Nfld.. ?Wx 10. (UP) 1 , llu , |TOVC ,.ty. He suld slate and lo—Fire, fanned by a. M-mile-an-hour | cal Bovcmmcns could not always '" iiniidlc the. financial bnrtlen for lb* *»-».]•; t*w (Btnaw Might* down to 11J50; Mo to 110 Ibn MfiO-22; 110 to 140 Ib* 17-11; 100 to 130 It* 11-16; »ows 460 Hw down 11-11.75; over 460 U» 16.2617; Etag* 14-1«. Cattle 4.300, lalable 4,000; ctlve* 1,300, all talable; tupply lUbsUn- llally lighter than Monday, with about 10 loads of st««r& on sale. Market slow, but generally steady at Monday': decline on steers, heifers and cows. A few loads of mvdlum >te«ri 23.50-24.26; medium to good heltori and mixed yearling! 19-24; canrer and cutter oowft largely 14-17; common and medium beel cows 17-19. How She Shops Cash and Carry" Without Painful BaduchC Whn 4boT*r <* Ufcwr h yoltoxxi* mitUt la ma«fn ij your tlood, It Sljl»imMniiiirVrtir>i rtn-ir"-r-'-- StpTbT EKTp«» •«* •****, •«««« w> SkSrUriiiw. >»»»«• WUT *• w. |iiiTl~tr« ud iiulBM. rrMutnt PMMWC* vitfc vavtiAff Md burnl liaum *owi tk«r« U KaaOu year kidney* or tl*dd«r, Don't w.itl A>k your dnmrM for Don • PIS,, .•UmnUnt diurrtle. wi §u««i«IuUr W KUUom far «•« 10 rmf- Do»»'« film k»pr rriM cat wOI hd» tlH U mil— of lMr «om«- mac viu C«t TO*. Fire Destroys s/ng Home; 35 Inmates Die Attention, Soybean Grower Have your recleaued befor* plantlnf. We hav« recently installed one of Ihe best bean elnnen In the State. Double cleaning process, we have two cleanera In operation. No appointment needea, prompt aervle*, no waiting. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Blythevill* FARM ( LOANS HMM Offld, Newswfc, N. 1. LeM* TUM IOW BAM oui, wwno* NC RAY WORTHINGTON 115 8. Third St, rtytherllle, Ark. Htrrlni Thta §rrllon 2S Tran jKa>tartu4 Mertgoft Loam yollcOar far rm rtcDKNTUL ntMiuNci COMPANY or AMEUCA Tn their monthly meeting In the •Y" rooms InsV ntglit, tile "Y" Dl rectors elected llirce local peopl to assist In the "Y" program on part time basis. Miss Mary Gr:i will nsumc responsibility Tor girl Gftt-Y and Trt-Hl-Y groups, an W. E. Autcn. local veteran, become gimje room supervisor. Mrs. R. H. Oodsey will work with the "Jolly Youngsters", which Is a group of boys nnd girls In the first, second and third grades. In other action, "V" President Alvln Huffman, Jr.. was elected as he Blythcvllle representative to he World Service Committee of the Southwest Area Council. THe next 1 netun; of (Ills Committee will be icld In Waco, Texas, in March. Reports presented to the Board showed an attendance of 2400 In nil "Y" activities during January. This included basketball games, club meetings and special events. Vice-chairman J. \V, Adams presided. wind In r.ero wenlhcr, destroyed the Hull Nursing Home today. Fire ofliclals said 35 aged and infirm persons died In the blaze, which started by explosion of an oil stove. Flames engultcu the building, a private nursing home, within a short time alter the lire broke out and officials said it was not known whethcre there wore any s""'^. The fire was the worst disaster here since 100 persons died in a blaze wWch destroyed a Knights ol Columbus hostel In 1043. PRICES wool;? alx'.ut Police Moke Arrests At New Traffic Signal Police Chief Charles Short today called attention of Blytheville motorists to the stop light installed last week at Ihe Intersection Fifth and Chlcknsnwlm Riul snla that police Intend to enforce slops at the new traffic signal, which Is the first of 22 sets of stop lights lo be Installed throughout the city. Two drivers have already been arrested for running this stop signal and this morning forfeited bonds of $6 each In Municipal Court. Chief Short said police realize the newly Installed traffic signal, suspended over the middle of the Intersection, catches many drivers by ~ <-,.*. 'i surprise since there has never been ClYIC Clubs Plan ' a stop light there before. However, they have been notificc several times In advance ot the city's plans for Installing these lights throughout Hie city, he pointed out. the. financial bnrtlen education, medical care and nous IIJK ami he added: "I favor federal action in these fields, because the state resources are, in vnaivy respects and many ilnces, Inadequate and the stales do not have the taxable resources open to the federal government." Shuns Socialism Tnft snid he would oppose any program to provide free medical care, free housing or free subsistence for nil because "thai woulrt Indeed be socialism." Describing himself as a "politi clan," he told his audience ot newspaper representatives that he had found tacts usually were "well reported." But he complained that newspapers "are almost as much concerned with opinion and proph- • esy as they are with news." He said he believed the press dltl not present "a very reliable picture of the character of Individual public men." "Men arc classified Into radicals, conservatices, liberals or progressives." he said. "They are presented as the tools of labor or big business. Few are really subject to Influence and most are sincerely desirous ol bringing about a better America and a happier people." Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 216 LaClede Street North Kohinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main Phone 519 We specialize in SEAT COVERS, HEAD LININGS, DOOR PA* ELS FLOOR MATS and all interior trim of a car. Let us add real charm and beauty to your car with gay colored •traws and fabrics. , . , ., Add value to your car by letting us supply your auto upholsler-Jj 1I1B EVMIYTIIING TA1I.OHEB TO FIT AND INSTALLED AT NO BXTBA COST So Economize and Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive tn under the sljtn "Aulo Top Shop" and blow for service. ' PHONE Frank Ashby and Eric Hall, Owners Cotton Moore, Tractor Mechanic For Americanism Week (Continued from Page 1) a pound compared with three ago. Pork loins were down four cents and wholesale lard was off six cents. Furmeni In Quandary Tarmers were undecided whether yesterday's market break meant that deflation had begun. Most, ot them looked forward to steadier prices. They believed thatt hogs and cattle might recover as grains Rid yesterday after a four-day nosedive. All corn futures except May rose the limit on the Chicago Board of Trade yesterday. Wheat and oats were up, too. But grain traders themselves did not tknow whether the downward trend had been checked. Jack Benjamin, vice-president of the Uhlmann drain Co., said that last week's plunging grain prices "represented a good readjustment and left the market In a healthy condition." "But it Is hnrd lo tell whether 11 enough of a readjustment of not," he said. Many Wall Street sources believed grain prices would descend still further. H. Tiitf Conway, market analyst for • Ihe National Livestock Producers' Association, said iliat we've been telling the hoys io bold on to their hogs, but some of them havan't jot the nrrT« to do U." H« said that high-priced corn fed to hogs gave them little profit margin, and that "when you knock or $7 off the price of a hog. a lot of farmers are going to lose a lot of money." Three Blylhcvllle civic clubs will Join the junior Chamber of Com- ] merce In observance here of "Americanism Week", beginning Thursday nnd continuing until Pel). 22, It wns announced today by the .'nycoc Americanism The Kiwanls. Uons and Rotary j f| Clubs have authorized their program chairmen to plan programs 011 Ihc "Americanism" theme for the club's meetings during that! week. 1 Programs to be given at schools here and a special program at the Jaycee meeting next Monday night also are being planned. Mayor K R Jackson, in n proclamation issuer) today, urgcrt Blytheville residents to "dedicate themselves anew to the protection and preservation" of the principles upon which "our beloved country Is founded." Law Enforcement School Conducted for Officers CARUTHERSVI1AE, Feb. 10— The three-day FBI law enforceinen school for Southeast Missouri peace officers, opened here yesterday with two classes held nt the Court House The school was officially ojienec wllh n welcoming address by Georg K. Reeves, acting mayor who ex tended the full support ol the clt. to the school. Twenty-five peace officers frol seven Southeast Missouri towns at tended the first session of the schoo which icluded lectures on auto tlict and burglary and accident Invest gations by E. F. Emrlch and C. B. Bidewell, "of the St. Louts olllce of the FBI. The class In automobile accident ivcsllgallans will be continued to- ay with a special problem scheduled or this afternoon. Teh problem wil) onsist of a hit and nm accident downtown Caruthcrsvillc willi he officers attending being required to Investigate the accident. Awarding of FBI certificates to officers xucccstuUy completing tbe school Friday morning will climax th> special training. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- . YARDS. Feb. 10. CUP) — CU3DA) — Livestock: 51oi;s 10,200. salable 10.000: market uneven; wcights-to 2-l[> Ibs and sows 25 to 50c lower (ban Monday'* average; heavier weights weak to 25c lower; 170 Ibs down fully steady. Bulk good and choice 180 to 250 Ibs 22.50-23; top 23, lowest prices since April 23, 1947. when 23.15 was • paid; 250 to 303 Ibs 2l.K-22.50; 300 Former Coach is Visitor Carney Laslie, former football coach »t Blytheville High School of Kentucky, was a visitor in Bly- and now line coach at the University theville today. He was a guest a( the meeting of the Lions Club, at Hotel Noble. Faces Liquor Charge S. P. Marshall, Blytheville Negro, was docketed In Municipal Court this morning on a charge of selling liquor without a license. His case was continued until tomorrow and bond was set at $150. Pacts about the beginnings or life, hitherto obscure, are beginning to be made clear through the use of radio-active chemical element*. PIN-WORMS NOW CAN BE BEATEN Th« nivcrlM of Pio-Wonr.j have been fcaow* for etnturie*, anil millions of Tic- tin* have ccrUK^t m "way to d«*\ \ri1.b thii «vt tfctt ll-n* inafde the human body*. tha&fci'to K ip«c[*l, medically been made post , We. Thin dru? i» iiMtMrffent in '*W. ttw Pin-Worm developed in tb« ftkboratorie* of Dr. . M * Sen. Tb* «n«U, «Mr-to-Uke P-W feMeli act ••pecial war 16 r*mov» Pin-Worttw, So wttfc fto «Hharra«itit rectal IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 200 - 300 - 550 - 650 GALLON FUEL OIL TANKS Storage Tanks 1000 - 25,000 Gallon Capacity Built to your order to fit your needs All tanks built to meet Underwriters Specifications LAWRENCE Welding & Tank Works Formerly — STEELE GARAGE <?r WELDING CO. Telephone 129 Steele, Mo, STUDEBAKERS GUARANTEED USED CARS & TRUCKS 1912 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan. Clean as they come. 1941 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan. 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