The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SRPTKMRRU -1, 1017 New Hope Given Hindus by Nehru India's Premier Visits Strife-Torn Pakistan To View Conditions BY KOBEKT C. MII.I.KK (Uniti'il Press Staff Corrrs]iuiulrn() MONTGOMEnY. Pakistan. SIMM. 4. iUF> A litile man in white le^- Binij.s today brought a message of hopi to thousands ot Hindus and Eikh.s sirandcd deep inside j.\1os!e:n Hu'/.istau where thousands of 1 th.'ir co-religionists have been .slaughtered and mutilated. 'Die little man was Pandit Jaw- arahlal Nehru, premier ol India. Today's tour wn;; Ihe last of his insiieciioii and his deepest penetration of i lot-torn 1'akistan. For more thari 12 hours his .shiny b:ue dod^e and its armed't. a jeep 1 carrying troop, probed the connuysidi: scekini' refugee suoups, stranded villages ami fearful minorities. Everywhere he was received as :i nies.siah sent to deliver the feav- cruwtl Hindus and Sikhs arros, the 100 mile no mans land .separating them from India: l'.\ cry where Nehru appeared the Hindus and Sikhs crowded around. pleading for help, showing tlioii wounds and telling storie.s of horror and despair. Everywhere ne listened to them and talked in a • iiiiet .soothing voice like a mother comforting frightened ihildren. He promised help and told how | hoth Pakistan and India are aidim; [ with trucks and trains and prom- j 'Ike Jackets' for Legionnaires While women's skirls get lonuer, American f.or.ion's uniform blouses are gelling shorter, modeled on Army's bailie nickel. New (jarb. worn by lleili id-own, right, ol New Vorlt. gels onre over Iroin Legion's Judge Advocate Ralph Greg;;. liulimiiitulis, in old- style uniform, Indians on Election Warpath; Hew Tribal Chief to Be Named I'LVA. N. C.. Sept. 4. (UP)—'Air^'e^ \oTrr r'' :;; £ *r11 :sr,?s/LH5S IB ^rj Ue^ S)eSt" C ^ S^ «a^ "^ »»s-r^%^s, P £i n s t!^reL&' re '- ih ° — moving m an army of escorted car- i Al , estimaled ifjfji Inriiim hmri a vans, one of which stretched for J f , 1O , the o s i™ C erokee Gra- nmrt^ tll'ni lln.iii-. mil.... ......1 - n .i,»:.... .1 ' • ^"*-*\M\\.l., v_Jl.t day trek to India. Oxcarts, camel 1 ; and horses carried their possessions. At a meeting within the Hindu temple here he heard more stories of looting and killiiiu. As the tow;is- people heard Nehru was with ihem they crawled out of the barricade;! buildings where tli»v hud been hiding and rushed to the temple. •Women carrying naked babies in their arms, .shirt-tailed youths and paunchy middle-ag.?d men thronged into the temple. The blind were let! in and the crippled were carried' in the arms of others. When Nehru finished they stood and cheered him with voices cracked and high-pitched, but lilted with new hope. the tribe's most bilterly-fougnl election in years. Tribal c-hiel—the job at stake— carries a salaried four-year term. The chief represents the rcdmen 111 dealings with the u. S. Bureau ol Indian Affairs. The handbills were dropped uy "Captain" Lambert, a full-blooded Cherokee who \rau bis Army wings in wartime service and a hearty partisan of the "independent" for- I ees. Chief Jarret Ulythe, head man uf the tribe's Eastern reservation for 10 years, <iid not run for a fifth I term. Blythe was backing Henry .spcakins Elild i oy 0 ( painttovrn on the "acl- ministration" ticket. Another candidate supporting liresent stand-pat policies ot getting along v.-itli Uncle Sam is Gnlnnn I Smith of Binltown. j Hut when Blythe backed Bradley, [ his fainilv didn't all follow BALD KN'OB. Ark.. Sept. 4. IUP1 | The chiefs coiuin—Fred Bauer David Townsciid of Bald Knob has | of Wolf town heads the indepen- bod enough of the newspaper busi- | dent ticket on a platform deniaud- He lias sold the single shc'el ] ing; that the federal "ovcrnmcnt White County Reviev.'.'Whiili-he lias deed taack'the'reserva'ion to indivi- cdited and published for IS years, dual Indians, to ,1. H. O'Bryaiit. I The 12-inan tribal council ceded the reservation land to the government, in irusL in 1924. The Independent laction contends that a j promised allotment of the land tu individual owners has never bec:i made by liie Indian Allans liu- rcau. "Give us back the land," Bauer's faction declared, "and we'll farm instead of hciug .silting bulls for the tourist, trade." The picturesque ri-scrviiuon. nestled in the valleys of Western North Carolina, attracts thousands of visitors nnnuaily. Souvenir making is a major occupation. One last minule. maneuver by administration force. 1 ; added new fuel to the bitter campaign. The tribal council passed n resolution to make it mandatory for the chief to be al least 50 per cent Cherokee. That would disqualify Bauer and [ Smith, both "while 1 " Indians, but I BI.YTIIRVIU.E (AUK.) fOURIKK NttW? American Meat Consumption To Drop in '48 CIllCACiO. .Hep!, -t. iUl'i —Cui- illod supplies and higher price;; whi cut American meat consumption K) pounds per capita In 11148. R. .). K^nen, associate- director ol' tin 1 American Meat Inslkuic said yesterday. KB.B<'i'l. told delegates to the In- .slitiile's •lljiid annual niccllng I Kit the reduced production would re- Mtlt from increases in the price of corn and other animal feed grains. [ Kggert made his estimate a (lay alter cattle prices at I he Chicago slockyards rose to $'.if> a hundredweight to email the high for the year set last Jin). 8. The price still was under the $311 all lime record established hist Nov. 21). Experts said the lilgh prices at the yards would show up only In the retail prices on high ciualHy meat prices of lesser grade cuts have remained comparatively sla- . Ijle. Kgliert said Ihc average meal con• sumption next year would be HH pounds per person, as compared witli IAII in 1947. "This is sltll about 10 pounds larger than our per capila consumption in 19M-4I," he said. ledger! said that present estimates, based on current reports ol a shaiply curtailed corn and (•rain crop, "strongly suggest that next .Summer's meat supplies may be far short of balancing denuind at prices which the general public will consider reasonable." PAGE; THREE the mcic'pendcul.s .said they j)liiniic<l to i^ntjre llii' resolution uiul vote us they plonsi'd. Sells Bald Knob Paoer THE TRUTH ABOUT PIN-WORMS Swioua fiieto nrc ft-vctileil by recent cai ruporL-i. OIIL- r>tit of every thrct- ii ivwurn.u-,! vinn ftiuiut ti> be n virlini <jf J'ni-\V(jrni3--<ifton vritlumt s:i3[nxtinu il Ami ikiii ijtfly tnrecttoii etu\ eumu rt-a tlistrota if iu T !cctc'd. Ko u-Eitch for tKc warnlnjr Binna lhat limy mvia\ I'iiiAVgnua— ospL-cinlly Die uu- i:nivnlii]« rcclnl itch, C,vL JAYNE'S P-W Tiitht uway- P-W in a rmiliniljy Iri'almL-iil Iwv.l .MI n n odlcmlly rvtOK. and ht«h]y ofTt>*:|1v.; drnjj ctcjiiL-iiL Tin? fiinnU, L'u^y-t«-lnl;« P-W tubloH xv.jrk i?i a. Bi>f€J:il wuy It* rumove I'Jii-Wuriiia t-a^lly *»U buft'ly. ^iak your JrutL'Ist: P-W tor Pin-Wormal FARM (J| LOANS 'ilome Office, Ni-mirk, N. J. Or;G TERM PROMPT CLOSING LOW RATE CALL. VVHITi: Oil Sl'l: RAY WORTH)NGTON lln S. Tliird St., Blylbcvillf. Ark. Servinsr Tills Slrtiim 25 Years AiitlmrUra Mungnur l.itim Solicitor tor 'I'llli l'RUI)f!NTIAI. l.N.SCK.VNtK COMPAKV OF AMMKICA Is Yours--- with frhe HUDSON FINISH In Only 8 Hours - - For fhe Asking! BETTER CLEANING BETTER DYE WORK BETTER TAILORING BETTER ALTERATIONS HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 W««t Main St. BlythevilU, Ark. Phon«2612 Haven't Got DIAMONDS IN TOWN BUT... We Have Got the in VALUE You ore certain ol finding Ihe fine diamond she'wants} here omong our large colleclion. Every diamond has be«n J carefully selected by our experts for perfection of color, cut' onrl brilliance . . . every diamond has been exquisitely mounted in a soiling of 14k yellow or while gold, that ii designed to reveal ell of its radianl beauty. Moreover our. modest down-to-earlh prices assure you of getting the. greolest value for your diamond dollar.. iUSE YOtiR CREDIT «*'t-: l v ' *' ' '' ' ', „•-.'.. '"»' Open Ah^Accburit • • - ~-- • '• *.'-'•• ••-• ••• '- ''ony ,rntero*ti"or carrying xharg ' ' DREIFUS !HK WEST MAI\5T. BIYTHCVIUCj.MEMPH IS AND BltllS . . . nV U^MtMPHISANO DY«tMWG»J 1'. 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