The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 194S UT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NK\VS , ...' LIGHT HAPN'T f OUGHT TO BOTHER VOU NOW, PEU.ERS, WITH THAT PIECE O 1 IRON ROOF IN' FEK A SHADS ITS TIV SHAPE KEEPIN' U& AWAKE NOW THINKIN' rr s MIGHT COLLAR36 }; AMY MINUTE.' -' TSIUM YOO TvV LAST TIM.E: S/VL ALOsie OB. 'OU'L-L SPSMD ME REST OF AT A HOSPtTAUY CCIUN1&.' OT A REH6f\R5W_ PAGE ELEVEN Polygamy Case S*/>* fcercfc to Stat* Court | WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP) — iHn'eme Court Monciny sent vk U) the Ulali .Supreme Court the se of 18 "fundamentalists" con- ct«d (or conspiring lo pieacli y. I The state court w«» instructed to ine the lav under which thcs Radio Service At Its Best! I We service all mak*fl rkdioR and I back our repalr.s with a fiuitrnn- ] tee. Ours is the most complete adlo service to be found anj- I where. We specialize in Frequen- I CT Modulation (FM). • Complete Line of Name Appliances OFFICE By Adelaide Humphries llod. Hiwpli,,.,, ll.irrkir.J t| NU 1IIVICI, INC. Felix Carney -at BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 THE STORY: »mi r. r(T1clr*t |ju|iulnr nnil Itund l»r Ilrlc ll<»1t>ruu for htm. l>le i Archer). J content Ju ( \i ho t* nv»iiy) Ixiv-fHrnd <IIrn *rlil1c .taiilrr U nun Krlc |nv«» .In nl lhr irrrel loll. 31«« KrFc «I 1* nnlc* d Kd -!bL« nLi|ied. h him PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices iKirby Drug StoreS Action! I No DSC stay in ft at home when I there's real fun to be had! Try I your hand at Blythcvillc's new- I «st sjior(. Bowl Tonight: ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4920 cnnte to • drflnlfp drclalun. That ••rar <t « y Hen in *•<-(» ouinld* htr office, HI" fri k.i» dun "P * lend oc :Ii? i: nhercaliDiit* of M rx. Mi-Urn tiDNd nnd Ihr child he kId Ben (nkf» J»nlrr mlonK iri to (irnnd Oniral Station n l»nnv<l n Irnln. U'hnn Jnnlc* 4o*»n't nhuw up .( the onU-e next duy, llric in CrrLiillc. Iff. fuo, df<-ldf« Ihry CMH'I fr«* *m • • lhi>r hnvr 1>rfn nnd run kr* up hi* mln4 t» n»k bla wife f*r • divorce. • • * XX «T CAN'T bcliev* ill I simpfr can't believe It!" Eileen Me- Rae sobbed, crushing her little girl against her as she knelt beside her. "I told you," Janice said, her own throat tight at this poignant reunion, "we could count on Ben. "I don't deserve the credit," Ben disclaimed. "If it hadn't been for Ed tracking your husband down — well, I told you Ed was pretty good sleuth. But" — he returned Janice's look with a wide, appreciative grivi— "Janice, here, had the brightest idea of all." "There's no way 1 can thank any of you," Eileen said. She brushed her tears away with the back of her hand and got to her feet. "Will you tell me what happened?" she said. "Did he try to make trouble?" "He didn't mnke any trouble.* Ben gjivc a short laiiijh. "H doesn't know that when he gels In from his >ob today Edna Mae won't be there." "You don't mean you jus walked oft with tier!" "Well," Den explained, "we couldn't very well just walk nnd take her away from her own father. And we knew that you Idn't want any trouble or nolo- iuly. It seemed fair enough (or an to kidnap Edna Mae, since hut was how she got lliere. As 1 aid, Hie actual plan wns mostly an's bright idea." "Nothing so bright about it," anicc denied. "When Bon told me about the ad, that seemed the implest idea to follow through." "You should have seen her!" Ben laughed. "I told Jan she'd never get away with posing a girl fresh from the country wanting a job as a nursemaid. But she only needed a Cow minutes in i filling-station resl room, while lit red a car. I wouldn't leave har here alone until J was sure cvery- hing would bo okay, I posed as a Brother, waiting outside, you see. 3ut to go on, when Jan came out I hardly knew her myself!" • * » t\/E women are expert al fooling you men," Janice said, smiling at Eileen, "You forget all the practice we pet with our war paint and the rest. But the point 1 did fool your husband, Eileen, and he hired me on the spot. He even wanted me lo stay lust night. 1 explained that my brother had driven me in from our farm anc he wouldn't like it II 1 stayed and T had to get a bag and I'd be back bright and early this morning. "I got tin bng. Ben got me a room in a hotel, and I went bnck by myself this morning. "Mr. McRae told me," Janice continued, "that his wife was dead He said he and the child hac stayed with some relatives while—" "That would be hi« sister. She lives in Poughkcepsic," Eilecr broke in. Ben nodded. "Thai's how G< tracked your husband down. told Kd you Enid that there wen relatives upstate." "He didn't say so," Janice spoki now, "but I gathered that the rela lives were not in sympathy wiln (him or Hint they were not willing lo have the care of the child." "1 expect," Hen antd, "you're not Interested in all these details, Mrs. MrKnc. You've Rot your little irl back; that's enough. 1 know. \ml 1 (ec\ pretty sure you won't nvc lo worry any more. You aee, <uiice led a note saying she was akmg the rhlld, and 1 added a ostsn-ipt. I (old him—in stralfilU ungunge—thul it he ever made ny trouble aj;,iln .(he mnllcr i r ould be put in the hands of the >olice." "I agree with Hen," Janice aid, "1 think you'll find that le will let you alone. After all, LC didn't s;et any help from hia elatlves. He round It wasn't easy o tuke care of a small child him- elf and he said he had had troublt getting anyone to do it for as little is he could pay. So : imagine h« IDS had n lesson." llAYliE, maybe he has, Kilcen thought, lint she did not in- end to take that chance. She was joing away; she was taking her itiby with her. She wruld be gone almost as soon us Janice find Mr. Archer led. She could have told hem her plans, but it was better f no one knew. "I'm not worried," she said. "As said before, there's no way 1 can ever thank you. You know how much I wish there wore, I ran only sajr God bless you both." The ;cars sprang to tier eyes again. Janice gol up to go over and pat her on the shoulder. "We were glad to be able lo do it—Ben and I," she 1 prml. "IH uppose we both o'lght to be getting along nov/, You needn't cotne to the office for a few days. Eileen," she added. "In fact, you need not come in until you gel good antj ready." Eileen thanked her. She said. "I'll let you hoar from mi 1 in n lew days." And so stie would. She would write, explaining that she was never coming back. Sh< would mail her loiter en route YPS. il would be belter that way, not to let anyone, even such wonderful frientJs as these, know whore she and Edna Mac could be found. (To B« Continued) were convicted ifi so vague as tional. Justice ered the Wiley B, Dout'lai i sen ted. to determine If l f . to be unconslitu- Robert H. Jackson deliv- 6 to 3 decision.- Justices . Rutlcdpe, William O. and Frank Murphy dU- GROCERY Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second The Right Place To Buy Your Car . .". EAST END AUTO SALtS 503 East Main Street Clean Used Cars _ .... AH Makcsl Phone 41 91 J - w - I-o v «'ady Al Lai-man Grovcr prazier TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to Junior and Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry and dry cleaning to Nu-Wa where you g-ct swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 RECTAL -DISEASES A SPECIALTY C'lmtc .Ml M:iin. Blvllirvllli-. Ark.. 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Sit with your Listen to (Mr problems with sympathy and understanding... mast important, never shout/ The modt cti/7d resents harsh commands, but eager/} responds t I want to hear this/ request qiven calmness WF'Rf TO KflM ONONl [>JD 0'THI* I WED SOMiONf IKf YOU FOK--WHAT VOUCAU lt?--IKOfO MAN. INTMI5CA5t. \U) WOULD BE A CHARMING fUONT VWMWN. VEAH, 5Mf AWKSS /I LASIING HR&T IMPREJSIOH-- LIKE ON VDIIR MAN WILIIE/ MM DIR FUNK. BUT WHERI IT5 BRCmlCI)} AND 3(5TfHS 1 WAY TOJ TALK 155 MUSIC TO MY EARS.Ml55 SONYA.Wt WILL MAKf A GOOD LKSLIH TUKNUU RIS! \OPCOURSerMSAFE! THfWK. \WrtS M?e YOU HERE' OH HEADEW6. 01D NDU DECIDE TO CONFESS WLt'KE 101HE POLICE VOURSEIF? AgOUT JAWAJO...AHD WWkT HAFPEUED 1O DR. MDrtMS... AWB ABOUT POOC MK.TOBBSl RUT.SET THIS...' HE'S ILL... WEMTftUS ILLl ABOUT S AMD WIJ. TUBES ? AND WHO'S me,. FEET.EHf/IW 101D HOU.OVEK rr ANDOVER..1HESE1H1NSS KisTONiN IN SOUROWH 10U HUSTH'1 .OTHERS 10 SEUEVEFHEW FIFTEEN FEET TM.L! HE KILLED OR. AND IS HOW ruff, I'uff, I'uff By FRED HARMAN ( THREE SHORT PUFFS— LOOKS I IKE SOMEBODY'5 ' WIfK Trif DRAFT: 5rtOK£ ACT LIKE riHAT RED' tHS6£ LOhX3-TrtREE 5HOR(. OLp LIKE THAT TriffOUtSH A 5Hip'5 FUNNEL/ Alley's '\Viiy AliL'iuI of Him liy V. T. HAIMLIN MM^jga OF TKE».5bRe: THE BJLKCFV NOW LOOK...ANY 15 IN GC-,O. \ BJS1KES5 IS APT TO COST 1OU X3UB HEAD , - - WATCH AND /COXOUCTV u • / JJOOIS AND HICK Uv BI)(;.\K MARTIN dl\x .4t»TV.VMt'Cl ,1^t VCCX9 (VVS>t(HR. O^V TrXKC «WK1«VWWt»«> T

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