Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 18, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1896
Page 3
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A and "I like the small package of Pearline," a lady says ; "it lasts two weeks and does two washings." Then she admits that she has been using soap with her Pearline. Now this is.all unnecessary. If you don't put in enough Pearline to do the work easily and alone, you bring Pearline down to the level of soap, which means hard work and rubbing. If you use enough Pearline, the soap is a needless expense, to say'the least. Use Pearline alone,.just as directed, you'll have the most thoroughly economical washing. - ' Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell t ^K. ,^-A .^te. .1.1.'. _•_ „ j „',- •* f\r- * * tK^» c'lTTif" n»* P^.irline. ! 2 sets. Wash a Be ware,.,, Vou an imitation, be honest— said it back. you this is as good as " or "the same as Pearline." IT'S FALSE^PearUne^ncvcrpcadl^f^r^rs^nd. THE Is a Qood.Machine. r A tilub ftmiilurcl ot OTCoitence. ifaqj 'isera of tlie "Munson" consider It THE .BEST. You will tlnd It 11 valuable assistant In jour or- llce. Adclrp.sa lor uartlcnlurs THEMUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO • MANUFACTfKEKS. 240-2-H West Lnko St., ChicHKo, 111. , To the Ladies. Those who arc Interested La dermatology should call on Mrs. Strlngham, who Is located In the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology la what every woman of Intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion Is a necessity of tbe Nineteenth century,-and which civilization must hare; and every-worthy-husband or brother, will. take interest In •nd those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spotSp birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to -work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Srrlngham's preparations. Catherine Striopai. DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAHSFOKT, S2OO.OOO J. P. Johnson,. President., B. W. Ullery, Vice Prealdent H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS.. ; . f. jr. Johnson. B., W; JJllery. J. T, Elliott W. M. Elliott W/H, Snider. Buy -and .B^ 1 ! Government boiifa. .Loan •oner en perionat security and collateral*. Istae. special certificate* .of deposit! bearing C iper cent. Interest when left one net; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited fix months. • ... Boxe« In Safety Deposit Vaults of this .nk for the depotlt of deed*. Insurance Mllciea, mortgages and other valluablei, noted at frotn IB to U5 :w year. CHAS. L.WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >: N». 417 Market Street Calla attended ' to promptly, day OF •entral Union and Mutual telephone*. Office. No. 16; Residence, No. 1ZL right. C L. GK PATTERSON Hu opened a Tiro and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up «talr», and Solicits a share of the public patronage. Nono but Flrit Claws Companies Repre- l«nted. .'...'. ,K quarter spent in HIRES Robtbeer : does you dollars' ; ; wor ; th-qf good. . >' X^'J'l.Bi'iv in TI," Uuiite* R, MLr*-" IX. PMIa'lutptil*. /„ Vuo;'.|tnu^X^ i. iitu^a. A jjalluuH.' ^OliJ cvcr/wbero. WANTED. flTiNTED-S.OCO. Agents- for BuiMll'i aatho-. W rlzed "LIVES O* 1 MoK[NLET end HOBAKT" J50 pages, elegantly illustrated. Fdce onlj tl.OO Tbe best ana cheapest, and outsell* all others to per c*nt to Agents ana freight paid. WBooka now ready. Save time by sending 60 cents la stamps for nn outfit M onoi«. Address, - A. p/WOBTH[S(»lO»* CO,,; Hartford, Conn Round trip rate Yo'St.'Joseph,'$2; to Lake Maxlaknckee, $1. Train, learai Vandalla station every Sunday at 7 8. DK "-- -• -••-• •••"• - A SUGGESTION ;TO ARBITRATE. It IH Wroni; to Fight In Tlil» Enllglit- enotl AK«. Tlie little miui with sti-inv-colored haii- wagged his head'indignantly and spluttered incota-iMit epithets while the six-footer ..stood oil and watched him with:-an expression-of muiglcd curiosity nncl worriment. "I don't know, that I exactly tinder- stand what you're saying-," tho b.!g- mail remarked, slowly. "Butig-uess I have n pretty fi'ocd idea o£ the sentiment Still we raig-htnii well get togethcr'and tiiJk it over so's to luive everything straiyh-t mid plain. You said tlir>t-I liad "not dono hiiU tbe fig-Ming- in the war Mint I claimed to liavo.done. And I i-ctortod that you were so scared you didn't do any." "Yes, -sir, you did. And what's more, you reiterated it. And, not satisfied with Hint., you said it over." "And thereupon you called me a Ikir." • "Yes, sir. Aipd I am sorry, sir, t.hat U;.c company into which I had fallen and the stress oi the circumstances betrayed n-.c into the use ot a word which should not Tie-in aiiy gentleman's vo- cabuhn-y. But it.'s tlie ,only one which ills the subject." . fie • ' "Let's doii't»bolher about that. We're both in the. same boat on that trip, anyhow. You will remember-that I gave way to my instinctive love of repartee .and replied that you were a-no£her," "You did exactly that." "And then you .wanted to fight." • ' "I haven't.gotten over'wanting- to, either." ' ... "Still, even, if we were 'to fighl, the dispute as to the facts in the case would remain unsettled." . ',. . • "A man is generally willing- to ffive in when he has been licked;" was the- dog-ged answer. '"But it wouldn't be an even thing-. I could, take you with ohe hand like a vhipcracker and snap the-.peg-s out of your shoes." The little man looked him over, and, quite undaunted, replied: "You've got n good chance to try." "I don't want to-'dc».it., I dislike to leave .unsettled this question oMvhich of us is a mendacious blot on the continent which George Washington once inhabited. All you want, of course, is to have it drcided-wUieh of us is a liar and which is not," .' : ^"That's all that it seems reasonable to expect." • • . "Suppose, then, that we go ahead and determine the thing in a sportsmanlike fashion. Here's a cent. I'll flip it up. 'Whach'll you take, heads or. tails?" "Heads." . . .' "All right. If it comes up heads, I'm a liar, and if it comes up tails, you're a liar." But tbe little man with straw-colored hair said it seemed a good deal like- foolishness for grown men to'be- have in that way and he guessed they'd better shake hands and call the whole affair oft.—Detroit Free Press, —The chief m It Is estimated that !ronv 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 of the human race, were butchered iu has wars, o DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they can- reach tho diseased portion of the i There Is only one way to cure deafntss and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by sn InJamecl condition of the mucous linlnjg .of tbe Eu- stachlan Tube. When- this tube gets Inflamed you have a-'rambllng gouml or Imperfect hearlng^'.-and when It Is entirely closed deafness IB-the remit, and unless the Inflammation, can be taken out and tbls tube -restored to Its normal condition, hearing -^Itt be destroyed by catarrh, which ig'.nbthliig' but an Inflamed: condition of'.the,-; mucous surfaces. • '•-' .,•. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by caiarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. P. J. QHENET & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists,.75f. '. GRAND EXCURSION TO NIAGARA FALLS—BIG TOUR ROUTE. On Wednesday, July 22d, the "Big Four" will run another popular excursion to Niagara FaJls and return, with side trJp to Toronto. The rate for the round trip from Indianapolis Is $10; Lafayette, JjilS; Terr'e Haute, 11.50; Mattpon, ?12.00; .Danvjllle, 111., $12; Bloomlngtoa, ?13; Peoria, $14; Cairo, $13; corresponding-,rates from; Inter-^ mediate stations. Toronto only ?1 more 'than ra.te to Niagara.Falls. ,, >',_ .,.• , ,* 'Cnsimbevlala'Si Cough, Re-paedy 'cures colds, oroup aBtl whoo-pfng cough., jjrt 5 . pleasamt, sure and reliable. For sale -by-B. P..Keasltog,.druggist. -. -:.,..-,,.,,. THE RAILROADS How Supt. Peck flakes Himself Solid With the Hen. GRAND ARflY TICKET: General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. OoVjje L. Peek, recently nppoiu 1 supwintaulont of the Pittsbiuv; di ,sion oi' the Pennsylvania Hues Wost has already mode himself popular will tlu> employes hi" the 'd'ifficrent depurt incuts, by his methods of getlhig f !" gooil'wlll oC those uiuloi' him. As a if suit lie seldom h«s men up fm 1 dis- t-Ipline, ;wd whon tlie.v are willed hefon him they are treated-in such a maum tluit .rhey.JoiiYP his ollico-feclin- goojl ii;ii;ured uud tliat iliey are not \i:'jd(M s'lirjL'i'inS'C.'inlei]t whose Hiii'l! ide.-i Is 10 show Hue lie is their superior, nut only in- iniihiinry, luithi nbllity as a valhwid man. This \v;is exemplified with Mr. Peek In :i ca.se \yliieh .came'before him slini-liy til'tei'-lic sueceeilurt -T.-.T. Xuruci :is .sii[ici-intundei!t of ilu- I'ittsbni'S division ami hot'oi'tf tlio mou knew much ;i!>0iil him'. Mr. .•I'eck.liad occasion tn oniisidci 1 rlie citse of an old nuil populftr locomotive oiujIiit'C-r. one of the bcs-1 :i>eii ou ihc rnji-d. win) bad an exr.'C'llc^iit record, but. nn ll:at inirticiilar occasion ]i;nl passed by :i ^iirnal which was ob- sfurert by smnke and ran into liie real of a c-aboii.xo. f-nstwd .<rf hiking adv;m- laie <i-(. liis jiosilion as a tunv. man h. sh.nv his anilioriiy. Mr. Pedc'ii'sVeil foi i lie eiipneei-'-s record, and, liavina i'i)iiml.ili:it it was lii.i'lily creditable, lie did not even'censure him forth" accident, and wlieu I In: en.aiiii;er told the nlik-iai tliat it 'was liis intention 'n ih'o future wliru-tlie signal was not clearly expnsed to '^ct nut: and climb tlie pole, (o see.what if. Indicated, the Inner in dulseii in -'' proorl-naJ-in'Od limjfli. and sml'leil 11 nd told the stalwart kui^iit of tiie throttle that lie (lid not think it would be necessary I' 01 ' him to do so. G. A': -K. TICKETS TO ST. PAUL. The-'roads of the^OutiMl Passenger coiinriittce have issnc-cl .their Instructions cegiialins'tlic sale of the tickets to the eueinnipr.icnt of ilie G. A; R. at St Paul. The rules provide for the personal Identification of the holder of the ticket before the joint agent at St. Paul. No tlcket-will.be extended for Hie return" when the holder can'"not reach his .destination prior to. midnight of October 2. • '• HAILKOAD NOTES. A. C. Davidson has been named pen- em! secretary for.the local U, R. Y. M. C. A. A special trnlu was hauled, ou Tuesday; on the Cincinnati divisl'on of the Pennsylvania lines, 'ila miles iu 135 minutes, making nine stops at crossings and .for water. ,T. J. Tur.ner, vice president and general manager of the Vandalla lines, has returned from- the East, where he went to spend a few days with h-ls .Ca tolly, now at the seashore. . • . The. Brotherhood of Locoivi'otivc Firemen will boid their fifth'bienuinl convention in Galv,eston, Tex,, commencing Sept. S, aml:.thc delegates expect' to be In-session, at'least three .weeks. . • The American- Association of General Baggage 'Agents-is holding-its -rlHrty- tlrst semi-annual convention In Philadelphia. Seventy-five, delegates f and their, families are- in attendance... - : The ladles! auxiliary to the" B. of L. E. will $vo a social tWs evening at the li-omu ol' Ben Pitman,, Xo. -1322 High street. .'leg 1 •e"re£iii : -and.-'cake :and aip'ro- r'ram will Be" the drawing cards.' • • John' F. Miller, general superintendent of the' ' Southwestern ^/'.•'es :!n the Pennsylvania syste.m,<||piterday reached liis- sixty-sixth btrthtfay .anni-. vcrsary. He fins been In railroad sere- ice forty-five years, M: E. 'l.ngalls, 1 president -of • 'the : Big Four, is disposed, to do his. part toward giving employment tolabor. Notwithstanding- tbe dull times be did. not cut down the appropriation for the shops' In ,TuIy or the work In the engineering department. . • ' . On Tuesday a train pf seventy-nine cars, all loaded.with wheat, was hauled •over'the. Pennsylvania'lines., from,-Erie to Baltimore.. The train.was equipped 1 with .air brakes,' and Is said -to be the longest air brake train .ever hauled sluce the air b'r'ake w.as Invented. -.-. . .. Train 5, over the Pennsylvania lines, has now been running eighteen months, and, alOhougli scheduled to make Its run from Jersey City to Indianapolis In twenty ..hou'rs a-u'd forty-five' minutes, has arrived nearer .on. time since 7 put on than ; liavo the slower scheduled trains.' . ' • ' ..' • '-..."•'. SUFFERERS .WITH RHEUMATISM .We have obtained the-agency for a remedy for rheumatism which 1 -has had remarkable' success. Sold on. positive guarantee.- You run no-.risk of losing your.money/.. We Invite you to call at 6iir v stbre ,and' let us tell you about It..,...,, ^VPp? snle;by B.^F.'Keealling.'j v ^ :-.;, ,..,,Insist OB.'having-'Just' -what "you -iciili 1 - •fdf.wlxiEsn^yo.u go to buy Hood's Sarsa- 'pari'jtoivfiie One True Blood Farlfler 4ind,ijerve..tonlc,-. -.:'...'.,... ;:.,........ .,.,„-.,^. Ofl-eCMD c&vwp&to cc<vn\vvvii4 t-n a-^D-'t ItMt-io cvo VH persons! and all other expenses, Akt'ttfcm -n>c coit^-M't <.VHT - ^c-fWo tuilTi tPn^ Spu<x?, l-fvotujfi OMC fyfyfvotc Svbe 1/uow-fb not cxyvv-fcuiv a fu-t of. a-u^r owti / T'<ja-iti». We want you to get accustomed to COMING without DRUMMING, assuring you a cordial reception and ECONOMIC PRICES -.SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. —In Xmv Jersey Jv-lH-at-r'uisinpf costs $20.ia per acre; therefore tho Jersey mail cultivates ..vegetable* nud berries ior Uie markets of New Vovk and Phil —The yield of vvlion.t in 1'ranco, owing to t.ho c:iix v lnl cultivation b;' the soil laid the ial-g-e quantities cf f.iiMiu and other fertilizers employed is I" bushels per acre. . .—lu 1790 were, maclft the first brooms in this cuimt.ry from broom corn gTuwu on American" soil. Tha lirooms \voi-o made in riiiladelpbiu, :iml tin; event was spoken of at the time :is :tn illustration of the development ol' 1 lie country. —Mr. Mullet iuve.-itiBfjiti.-cl thw cU-pth of the center ot shock in the case.of Ihe Calnbrion. carthii'joltc of-1S57 unu found it, to be nearly 'six miles, while Dr. Oklham oscei-ta>iiecl t.br.t the center of the Cnthiir earthquake 1 in 1SOO \VJW 30 miles below, the surface. —.Rapid progress is being: made on the Great Eastern canal, which is expected to irrigate 1 250,000 acres in Xauccl Platte UJK! Collar counties. Nebraska. The first five-miles have been completed. Five grading- machines ure. at work on the big- canal and 14 scrapers. —A nonpoisonous match has been dc- vised'by a French chemist, pota-ssipm permaiigaiuite and amyl ueetate .b^injr among the.inoffensive. ing-redicnts. 'fhe matches are made easily and without danger, ignite ..readily, are not liablu to explosion When stored in quantity. and have, an odor sajd to be positively agreeable. —Electric lines in Europe increased in number from 70 1.0 111 during 1S9,-, their 1 length from TOO to D02 kilometers (560 miles), and the power from. 18,150 to 25,09,". kilowatts. Germany leads with 40Ckilometers,.follCKved by France with 132 and. England with 107, and Switzerland fourth with 47. The only countries'still free from electric traction are Bulgaria, Greece and Denmark. -•Antistreptococcic serum has led to tha forced resignation of one o£ the laboratory directors of the Paris medical faculty. He has discovered a scrum -that would cure erysipelas, puerperal fever, etc., which, however, is said not-to be so effective,as thu Maonorek serum', and made' liiis Discovery public. A firm of druggists began to manufacture the, serum a,nd .employed;.the doctor* laboratory assistant to direct the process; the-doctor found this.out. but did not dismiss the assistant, and for the breach of professional etiquette lias had to resign liis place. . ; LAZIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. tiro In u.n IOBCO«5»lbIn Mountnlii Bctwoen the Black'8o» ana the Cftsplau. The dirtiest people in the world have recently been discovered by an explorer in the Caucasus. They live in an inaccessible 'mountain range between the Black sea and the -Caspian, their village being so snugly hidden away that no government, has yet been able to reach them. As .they were 2,500 years ago,- sc they are to this day. . Seen from without there is u certain picturesqueness about c. Svanetian village, although .it merely consists o^ miserable stone hovels .without any attempt at form'.or. adornment. .Within the houses are inconceivably filthy. They are .filled- with rags, vermin and dirt of everivdescriptipn': . They possess no fireplace nor.'-ohimney. .All the cooking.'.in..'fact/is/done' over'a hole scooped oufi'n'the'iirtjddle of the floor. In'thesc house/uien'aiid women and children are/huddled together; during the lb : £g''w)nter montlis they are, shut for days at'a time, thepattle often sharing thirir'quarters, iivery aperature das to be closed on account of the.cold. This long imprisonmeutis; perhaps, the cause of the degradation oi the people. Horrible diseases result from it, which are ajBi'avated by. an abnormal con- B'ltoption of •arrack,' the strong distilled drink, of the Asiatics. ..Besides.beicg the dirtiest, they are probably, the laziest people on earth, it Is an invariable rule to make four days a week holidays, with saints' days as extras. Since they have adopted : the holidays of every other country with, which -they have .come in contact, it is not surprising,that; ;the men find little time for. work. Fanning, bee culture and cattle breeding are the only industries.of these .azy people; throughout their, territory, there Is not a single manufactured article.'. Their • children :marry : while rery young,' ; ttiey attend no school, .and astly they .have no money.—Hartford Times. •• " • ' ; c ' , ; • In EnsifUid there is only cne : pJacc o! evcry 4,000pei-sons. ' : Inventors Cut This Out for Future Reference. - Sketches of all kinds prepared for dwowtive nod commercial purposes. ' MBdJiiuk-.il- luul. pruspociive <inuv iutts of Electric,- rneumatic and Agrl- ciilimvil ill-vices |nv]i:ire(l for ilie I'areu t ofiice. . . D<!si«-nlu^ a .siu>ci;ilry. . , Ciiiiiisi fur Letters of Patent iJi-oseo oted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. SpryBluck. Logansport N icuf il an i Artificial G is Bills due the Firs of esch month, ten day's grace. All bills pay able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Spacial—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June,.July. August and September. . PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tlie well-kDOwnppecialls>s ; o£.Kew York have appointed D. A, HAUK as agent (or their celebrated Spectacles »na IT Glasses, everj- pair guaranteed, D. A. HAUK has complete assortment and Invites »Uto satlstf themsolres ot the sreat superiority ot these goods owt any mvrafaetured, at tne store ot D. A. HAUK, Sole acent for Logansport Ind. So Peddlers Supplied. Niagara Falls Excnrsion Thursday, Aug. 6,1896, VIA THE Lake Erie & Western' R. R. "Natural Qas Route." On Thursday, August Cth, 1S96, the Lalce Erie & Western R. R. will run tiller popular excursion to Cleveland, Buffalo and Niagara Falls at the following very low rates, viz: Peoria »*-••« BloomlnRton • »••£ Lafayette '-°J Michigan City J-£ Infllanapolis jj'jj! Rate°froni'all stations to pint-in-Bay and return, J4.00, With correspondjnsr reductions from. Intermediate points. In addition to tre above, the purchasers of these tickets will l)o plven privlleRC of sneclal excursion side, trips to Lewlston- on-tlie Lake, including a steam boat rlilo on Lake Ontario, fpr 25 cents. To Toronto and return by Lake from Lcwlston, »1.00. Tickets of admission to places of special interest at or near Niagara Falls, but out- Bldo the reservation. Including .toll over the International Bridge to the Canadian 'side, elevators to-the-water's edge at Whirlpool Rapids on the Canadian side, -will be offered on train at a reduction from prices charged after, reaching the Fal ' S ' DO NOT MISS •' ' This opportunity of spending Sunday at tHo greatest historical spot In tlie tnitod States. Excursion wTll arrive at Niagara Falls .8:00 a. m., -Friday, August 7.1890. Returning, passengers can leavo the Falls any day within tho limit bf their tickets, connecting with steamer at Buffalo, which leaves there eveiT.d&y at S:30 p. m. Passengers can have stop-over privileges on return trip at Cleveland, Sandusky, orpaet : g:IvlnK.£u 11 detailed information, call on any agent Lake lirlo & Western R. R., or address • ' . • . C. •F.'DALY,...General.Passene-er Apt. Indianapolis, Ind. FIRST GRAND EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS AND TORONTO, Wednesday, July 22nd. "BIG FOUR" ROUTE. The popularity ot tbese excursions has been greater each sDCcesdlng sninmer. -The wonders ot the "Falls" never cease Oor patrons in former jears know tbe excellent ojmlltr ol these "HI* Four" excursions, as this line is the direct natural route to the -Falls" via Buffalo and the accommodations superb. Solid trains of Began* Coaches and Parlor Cars run through without change, and Wagner Sleeping Car tccownioda- tlons provided for all. " For full particulars, rates, time ot special trains, etc., call on or address nearest agent BIO FOUR ROUTE. E. O. McCormlck, D. B. Martin. Pass. TrafficMgr. tienl. Pass.*Ticketi«t Are You Out of Employment. Have-you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant Iota you would like to exchange for a bus-mess thatwillglv* big returns! • Call at 703 nichigan Avenue. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cent* per month. _ ._„..',.! -

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