The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1«M8'M CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DMly r«t« p«r line for consecuuro m- eerclon.- Mjnitn'ini cbarq* we 1 time per lice l- sp 1 times per line per riny ivc 3 times pec Una per tliiy 9c 8 times per line per d;iy 7c 13 times uer line per day *c Month per line ^ CotlDt 'l*' e average wor*lfi to tbe Hnu Ad ordered for throe or tli times Jt»<t flopped before expiration will he chained tor the mmirx'r ol '.linos the ucl fip- peRted nnd udJuMinr-iU- of WM m:i'l<v All classlltecl Ativtrtl-sLiiK copy submitted by persons rL-.stillnt; crjt^ldc- ol the city must be accompanied by c^sh Rates niny be easily computed fiom t!lo Rhove tuble. Adrertulns order for Irregular Inf^rr- UOIIR lakes tile one time rau. Ko. responsibility will be t-ikp lot more than one Incorrect Insertion ol uny clsASllled nd All RfiB ftro restricted to their pruprt cSR^slflcnUan. blyle. and type Tl»o Courier reserves the rlcht to edit 01 Notice We wish 10 thank our luruiv Jrirnd', and rflai-lvfji (or th<* uroat iiuiiiv* ilinn-s Ihej* did for us wlicn Ui<^ flrp dr.M :"v«d our home. And may Clod t>U'=.s «':u h »nrt every imc, Mi. and Mr:* .1 I. LMiRby and laimli*. '2 iit-pK-1 i The family of )sn:u* r. lew):; nMir-- to express iticlr Minnas to rill tlinr Irlrnds for \}\r Mornl r>ir.'niu> 'isvl otrirr p\pres^oLm nf %ymi>:Lihy :,h<^\ 11 them during their rvc-nt. ln>: Business Property For Rent • Frozen Food lockers. Vi-men Foods, 21st 'ftnd Alain, phone 2G02. 2-6-ck-3-C lllldlnir 2.1»"5 nt 112 H Mil)-, A|i|)l)' ut riikiud's Ciroeery, IOM Oiu-KiitiLW. Coal and Wood For sale—jroml kimiliiitf. Plenty of il. \Vn dflivor. Phone 91!). Poultry, -11!) K. Main. Lewis k-3-2 i COAL "If it is coal you waul" W1-: HAVE IT. .Also lljiy — Across from Ulyiheville Compress We Deliver Phone -1180 Apartments Wanted Three tir four room mi fin n Is lied fco>J5P r-r Rjwirunrjit. »"IUiblr rmiph- tn<l child Ex Gl hrr«> p.'rmriTirnilv 1'none :fi2«. "-! ti-pk-ia Apartment For Kent Nlcp Ihrre room furnV;m •«! si|>:irl- mrnt varnnt Muri'h !. Cnoil Ini'ntloji CTnujiIe prcfc-rrctl. ix-(M tuVf 'oupli- willi one rhlld. Write box UK r o fmnU-r New* 2 lO-ck-tf Business Service Directory Adding Machines Kr^' H. C Alien -^mim nntl cnsh (Irnvvrr rpi:^trT^ M rttntc tlpllvrr:-'. ril^" rebuilt in liny mak(r. »KL-L SCOT'l' rhnnft 52<SO 1211 "Plcnly of Illinois Conl" At HESTER'S COAL YARD PHO.NK :m<> FOR Quick Delivery CoiirteoUS Scl'Vicc Foods Auto Supplies and Services • Battery Fryers Q Fresh Eggs Blnylock' Male Levy N. Jlitflnviiy (il, phone .'U72 Reach for Hurt's I'.rcad. li-'.l-rk-KJ CHAPMAN PF.RVJOK STATION Main A: otvuion I'tiono ?'ir>:t Don't endnncT your ta 'lv with fnultr tires—l)Ui' I.EF. TIRES ! 13,18-eX-tC Crappie inul cat fisli. 2-hour service. Simpson Oil Co., Stateline. IIJM-rk-tl Muiil s I'amous lamnlcs Now available! ill 80"> Lake '" H. •>--, pk W H Simple as b Aiways "•••^-^ . -••'•• ,'•' • • rng your "ar Batfe"Home" YOUR FORD WILL LOOK BETTER, RUN BETTER, BE SAFER WITH THIS SPECIAL PPf ARANCE-W. will k«ap your Ford\ »hov/room "complax^n" brighl — mak* it a pleature for you to dilv* RAKES — Ut ut Impact your hraU«i periodically and adjust (hem when nacettary la provld^ maximum iof«»y for you C " CAREFREE DRJViNG-Byb,in a tn ayo ur '/ Ford to utforintpettionyouconanur«youf t«lf cor«frb« d/iving with a car lhat U dapondabl r>lli at NVitlmil rhonc 4-153 Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto lRhTi\y 81 Jeep paiis now iivnllalile nl POOLE MOTOR CO. We c/in flit nil your nrnls Got prinitne t mfts trnni our complete line BLLIS POOLE OWNER A- OPKRATOT1 South H1c)v.vay fil nt Ftrele. Mo Phone Stojlo -59 n:i2-rk-ir Hatter THK HAT SHOP HA TS CI,FANKn AN'i) Ml.OCKEO I'K'K UP AN'1> nt'.I.IVKHV KKTIVlfT IMIONF: -io;ii .so't w M;U Household Goods Vrnrttau blLmiA tidw in scork mac^ K M. nilntls Hr^l Pian L0!l K Mftl() SV (ilictnc -MM Column for Bale: Two Hood bin ei«fit >K1 mules price- tl to M-U. Two n iouiliCiiAt lioni Doll. K. B. Coop r naif: K-2 i-nlrt|>l!Jar trartnr. [;no<l OJHllilnn, Also nlJfiUa hay. J. E. Mnr- , Wilson, A ik- JMuwic j;tFj, h'or n»!f.--a JHt; I.ltlli- CiciLliiK iirpitk- IL; jiKjws. orif J'jtin npfrc 12" ol] I>;i1lj lo^. cm<> fi-1 2 fool IHC 11 H disk, iitttrrs F]1. K2f) Mixl John PM-H. niitl • lie. 101 Ki-nlor M^^^s»•v Harris' irn.-icji iirl rnltlvittor. t)no Jr'tlKldiilrr Hn-utr -.five, ilei-'fi MTU, fop .itui rtottom uvm nit. H«'*' J. W. WlriliiT. MulLiiijt tiro- cry, VMI l)ro, Ark. rtionn (IH 1 .) Orif> now AN John n<-ct<- rl rultivutrir, ntip nnw f p 0 inu-ror nn'l rultlvaior At- 1 vtrr- .St»t1oti, Souili fi] 2 lO-iik-KS For Sa/e/ A^isc* J5nk' (Jat Straw Ki-«- or CiOL HI;*' Bcotl, 1211 \V Muni 1 2'J-rk-2 :?!> M:ui ,lth j'norn- i ^-]>»c-l^ : foi' ' iTpiiir s}if)|i: sh<m rat'k Kxfi'; -Sin;:i r KI-\ lie; thtrc jnrks.. tiif aiifl M tititclirr; 1 in [slims; niin-hinr; rountfr; shoe shln<! out!it Mr, FiiruuT —[,rt UK fcharprn ^ your ploivs. Wo isprrLftll?' in furrii rrpjilrs j nlJ itjiifl* or wrldlni: Also mirrnw.s lor s^l^ Hmry VVrsthronk'n Slinpi. -.-:>r. N, phonft 4Lfil. l|12-cH-'2 ]?. TANKS TANKS TANKS' AHonlion Farmers a n d Fuel Oil Humors. Cot an ox- fi-ii furl oil tank and rack. Re pvoptirri] for oil shorlaj^t', AlHt'hme Shop. llt "'' 1 '- s:t ClntlcTf. tor clilvfwny. no nails. SIM .nl Call Sliai]). •»!:«>. AlH> »•»»!! wuun Five humor Nc.-;ro l.<. stovp. tfOod rondlUoti. ttiilvagc. Phone U785. 1 raili-i tuniM- lor sul MnstcrDiiLU. Ahiah;ttn 'J For Sale, Cars & Trucks iu-ii convcrlllijp. A-l nni- iion \'cry <-Lrri!i Ciin be -omiWe. Call -11«« 1133-tk-tf lour door i buy al ed N:m'»n:d i';*.^h Cncvfalpt Comniiny For Sale 01,1) N'KWSI'AI'KHS Lost and Found •<l:in. Il.UOl) U. Harllo uiicl j - !-:icty's red nhi . -iiti cur. Call Slcclc IT/. 2 5-p in FOR SAI.K: ~ On<! A-mutlfL Ford In IHT!,'<I rsliapa. Call 793 allcr 4;UL> |i m. '4t Plimoitth. call 22Rfi. 26-|ik-21 Comfort at Little Cost That's the Willys Jeep! NCI IK ri! to wnlt any lon^rr. t tic* nrw rrunilv'3 !s just what you \MIHI ir.r ;;liur»M hi cusy rlclint;. hd- Jivcrv i!,;.f)r io'j,i>- by POOLE An nil] r!fflrtr:a iipptliusi^ tins » io\v opcmiisis Tor men nirn of iho rl.tjiu lypc -T-fiO COMl'ANY. KLIJS " POOLE." OWNKK «-f^k. l«»ni]Ji n<^sll>lUtlf>s ninn AM> oi'KRAI'OIl. Ji HIGHWAY fil sIsMpul rnniuy. See L !-' R:i AT S'IKKl.i;, MO. PHONE STKKLF ^D 1 tiny 7 |Mn to n l« m HCJIIA me, II Iinnul plc-fiiif 1 nl;aion. l!LytUcVl)l(>. Ar>l I :L. Pearl Miller. 2 L> Wonted to Buy Urd to ri'iil or hitv trnrn tirtn* 1 or .store i\\ (j.<iot( in- He/p Wonted MIRRORS Cusloni litiilt and Inslallod I'm- MANTELS and DOORS I'rompt Service • Arkansas Panil-Glass and Wallpaper Co. 105 10. .Main SUvct i'lionc '2^72 1 2-1-CH-'J'2 Loans One I!M7 .ICL-P, with lots of ancssiirics. Prk't'd rij^ht;. I,cu .Molur Siilus, pliono 51D. 2-5 ck tf w.'. iHHHii-; '^ ion pn-y.up. 1!M1 IN n.UN'A'11ONA1. 'i ton i»li klip Hlytliovtlle Motor Co 317 S- Kcraml 35. I'llimi- 4122 2 5-ck-U m Persona/ [.O.ANrt .MUO ml)lle-Mt:- iitlcntKin Far Sale, Farms 122 W A*h SI BLythcvtlln ArX Wn t RECAPPING WITH 1IAWK1NSON THEADS I>Rl your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH M011R Modmgcr Tire Co. Coolcralor Owners ATTENTION I.el us converl your f'ool- j:'r;il(ir ice box \o ;in electric i'et'i'i>rer:it()r with a unit nuule I imperially Cor till! inir[iose. Ihilinanl Hardware Co. im Main Si. •2- 10-ck-1 (i \VAKM MlllINIMl HKA'TKHS i'lEITKn TO SKl.l. Money to Loan fid vail nrr<t n loiin In r.-D^lc or ri'- iflrl? No down payment, no nior- FHA APl'HOVKl) It.\TE 5^^. *SK roit I>ETAtl.S Mnx Logan, Realtor Blylhcvlllc. Ark SKU, WHAT YOU DON'T ; WANT i AMJ i-HJY WHAT YUU 1)0 ' WANT _ j Conner News Classifieds, i uc! cs In Pcinisroi County, Mo 1 "' IUO »- AL1 l!1 *="Ltiv:*uo». trac- to 12 lion Noble. Hn Men and \\orVien. afro* 2(>, free to travel MIITO in); slates as sales people t'oi photon-rapine eixnv. Must b( neat in appearance. See Mr. Gamier at M01)KR.\ AUTSi STUIJIO, 'I!S W. Main. 2-10-ck-i:. LET US SOLVE YOUR CAR AND TRUCK WORRIES By selling you one of these nearly || new late model city-driven cars on display at our sales room. Come in and view this fine selection of cars and trucks. It's extravagance to pay more and it's dangerous to pay less. ' J I!) 17 riicvnilcl l'"locf- niiistLT, .|-il«oi- Sedan !!IIH Chevrolet Sudan Ml Hi Chevrolet Sedan l!ll« I'lymoiitli Sedan Chevrolet Sednn 1-door i i Tudor ! i i •l-dnor J ! Sedan TRUCKS li Ford Tudor Sedan 12 Chevrolet Sedan Sedan 'l-door 2-door I'IKi Chevrolet \.m\ K \V. base (rock. 12 Ft. body. l!)l(i Chevrolet i/. Ton pickup (ruck • MIKi Ford Umjf \\'. base J (riic-k, 12 Ft. hotly J Mllti C'hevrolet Vi ton ' slake truck Easy GMAC Payment Plan yVe Never Close Sales Dept. Open til 8 p.m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 57$' 'II BRING IT BACK TO CHEVROLET ' ; fdR SIRVKt • PARTS •ACCESSORIES Help Wanted, Male lam*, on gravfil ros«i f school DU.S. and ( , lMrr ,] i'i.r ma nrni wrltr uni-v Mr naii joutf. Kriucti lor ],4 01 CQUOH NF SS 'COMPANY. Dcpt. A . F; fLiH-.t. 111. 2 HJ-]iK-ll -Srp LUTHER CRAY or RAY WORTHINC.TON Itritliors iilxt Srjlf? AyrnL J1A .S. 'J'hlrd Sl.--HJyrl(rvill«*, Ark Fllono Office 2751, Rrsldcnci Position Wanted New Chief Doesn't Care W/io Gets Tickets NEW CASTLE. Incl. (UP) When • Ross H. Scott became city police. cni.sadc* a^ninst law vio-ator?. Sixty-fiv-.- peryoji.s VCI-R piveti tickets the Sidney E Baker, a nomncrrvt, -vho retired as mayor of New Castle? 'lip day before. The fnnr.or Hrnry County siier- Plumber I _^ Wl ncres. Rtiont 2'. Mitlr.s iroin a _ . . . I aood town in Stott»lnr<l <ronnis\ Mo, vonsrc! pluiuhor or r < - it)0i! MH«y IORHI trader Inntl. Alt r wort- {im-r rill IPI1CC{1 niut nlrp 'ionic, truant lioiiso. Uubb,-inl H;.nJ'.v;ijr- lar K« tmrn, other tinprovi-nifnts. Tills llow." wr:li-drtilncrt, rc;uly to ^o dm i mvc iioF.npRsLor tf soUt lnuuiuU:ilrly I I'nrc r^fi.fltlfl. Aliont l 2 rush, tinliuicc ]onn. WCP riionp so r20 F: s-.-c a in ore Hlyilicvtlle, Arx, ^3-i'k-i2 i Votc ' IAn wn»ts T*o5iuon_as rr-mscra-| iff. joss Leakey, a Republican, '-" I ^'. n [r'^'lu^'iilmuh^vorVnoVru tr!*!l" HiTucri Daily, county Democrat' ' ---•-' '- jc p arry chairman. Franklin George, forme,r county Republican Party chairman . Private Rooms Koal Kstato T.o;jna Power Meat Saws Hiro rloctrlr saivs 1 + -t-l".- H !' rir- . [ivory nov: Kiivv hl;i<Sos ror s.ili- or rout. A|st» n.inU ! DKI.I, Kales n II. A LOANS (;• ; in IMK (,OANK *-'AI(M l.O.VN.S . H A -G. I. IX)A\:-> Trrrv Absl cart Call l l e;it)0tiy Hotel. 3D33. Iluddy Davis, L! JiJ-pX-13 1111 \V Main ' 1 2:t-rX-2.29 Scales Expert Radiator Repair for Less vouv kih'lion! .,, with a lu'uutit'til i\i>\v sink with floor :iiul \\jill onliini'ts 'I'orrus: luilliinjr <l«\vn and jilinut ?•"> per month ;it Pliintcvs 1 laidxviirc Co. Meat Choppers Slltntl..|>n Ci-i'l'iT--. ri:ur nrdrr 1 il- (viompt <[,.|!v.-rv clK'n.rr Km ul l«l;n<-s :iv,<l ;rpt:i: i-ni"tu p.irls [>K1,1, HfCVVT lMM>, part dow: r. See or call: LUTRKR (SPAT men or cnnplf Cull 'J12 , 314 X MiUM I'hnti.- ^:)3K 2 'J-pK-12 Porto Rico KII.N DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered In Your Door Phones 'l«77—2!)8G Buck Meharg Produce 401 E. Main SU Perfect Service AVe pri{le uiirsclvrs on nflfc, ronrltous, prompt scrviflB. IVrfccl footl plus perfect service cqunls I he perfect meal. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe III!) West Main rhone 3900 For Sale —City Property _ , jCTVfCGS S.klc.s ul W* hare the t' equipment Let out anvl rrp:»lr v Quick Service Pickup and Delivery ! Russtll Pliillips Ti-artor Co DOUGLAS LAWSON. .\U:r i'lunn- 'JY, \ •o.i tn in.\rs r.iim ami \YJ»UIMIP!T -'.or.-. H:i,i K. M,,;n SI. IM.ouo Uf. l > 1 31-rV;-^ :U (;i\*K von; i^i-oons A NK\V SPUINC ATTIUK Sandor for Kent JJuokers (irtu'ory ' 1211 W V-UM l'J;0 THK HPOT h icraplHT will Is.^vf » n >;o It lor jon. Call -BVV. Mus/co/ l!!fi-rs-'2 16 (tnrii!" (lav- hod .^r> N' Brushes • FULLER BRUSHES Sales and Service CI.YI1K ELORIDGK i Local ilonlcT- Phone •! U)(i Income Tax n; \F.r;n .v-sus j \N<Jf lt:iomp i.i\ [>!(••<-. 'M 21. I VNCI! II fA'H.I K'.AHK or u-'.'ii . JLLi e NEW SPINETS ASV -VKIIMS AS l.nNii A.i T\V<) ! I'd P.I Vf.llOV illc .MilC'llillC SIlOI) AliS TO PAY ... ' .» >., 0 I'llOllC L'.^-8. i \\' A S H T N C M A CIIIN KS ami ! Kloelrieul Applianros rei^ir- Building Material |] <-^'|"> u.-iim-tr l Insulation T ' r F ' sri'iM iy>; AI-K SHOT* r | <"<>N -; rr. r: :.(\\i,- BY r.:.i;r..vnN<; ' \Vi'l| Kurk \Vnol HI.(HS.N iivr-VHij.M) r ,, llt INTO W AI,1.S \V. II. |Vi lS (. Co. Do your t Rent a (:o:i Phone 4i25> 1'iIOS'F. F.'iTlMA'l KS 12 fosfrifctton Music MORELAND'S Music Store H15 S. Socond — Plume 1. Klyihevillo, Ark. Notice Kour ronrn titular with ftnth. mno- [ m^ttc lint U'(Hrr flood rtinrllllci]!. 111! fltlc nnd on:. Fivf htnrXs to innln p^rl ol To\vn. On pnvMnrtil 1IH F- J\ll Hose. 1 ^-pV.-'2 11 Good six room liousc am! Ijiilh, well lonitwl on Cliickji- s;uvbii. Screened in front ;i'id hack porch, vjood }j:ir;i>;e anil sioraKi'. This house; is well arranged and exceptionally well-built. Beautiful .shrubbery. ? 12,000. New and modern five rooms and bath mi Kentucky street. Five roomy closets. This house is on a corner lot. Delirsfed Cotton Seed (Actual Size) Sewing i-"-xliii:. ~"[lrr^ir.,.S'.;i; and ~ iTinti.lm- I \VCillll Cr Stripped. S 1 ()..">(((), ol iir!:i!-u,i! v xia"'""'" °"' 1 " TT'-'VK-J'T completely I'lirnishi'd !?12.50(V Slicing Machines Business Opportunity Men or women \v! L r> ii f -- -o -i n- .•, public Rnrt whnvi iii.-,-. •*-, h- Vvc Va wr.PX or hriirr uu 1 ' Vo-" • V'> ' bliute? rarn IV.O:I:L; ] !• .-. ',. ',','-', ,:,:',' tcrrsiins .inrt pro: n ; -,h'i' -,•,,.,', •'•-,'.J ~ you. Krc L. P :^kf- *.:.»••?; •' ' '.' to P p.m.. TncfidF-.y ? ? m ^/T- . '!. , 7 p.m. 10 9 pm." Hor- 1 ! NUM.-' i*nn ' < tinnd nn per Typewriter 'TYPEWRITERS :->i. ivrn'hlc '' "'""* " lu ' rm n3 ' DON EDWARDS Butcher we can supply you \*im k:,iv. ^ Heels, block brustirs nini MI,,.^^ cleavers, saws, wire ha^krts. ;>; n.- ;' ; mouldLng nnd ins!-. mr:u bJo.jK^ fir.i • nj- other e'.ipplLc.^ you nerd DELL SCOTT 1211 W Main Plionc 2L!00 1-ii-ck-j l Cash Registers Insurance ainst nil :\7.\Rm : New Ohmer r«^!i [c^L.^tcrs lor nny business linmcdJatc tlniucrj". At-o rebuilt rcplstcr.s. DELL SCOTT ' ' P110I19 1J60 1211 W Main Pliono 3545 W. J Pol'ord Ac^ncy Planned Insurance CiLt.:crOK HiVifi HIDO'nnrt I" W ASK sr I Hullmi.ns l2.<-ct-« K Mnln, Photography Personal c.ui 1 i:-M rl^ ol. tiy Ku fip .Sliop. pl-.OIIC Typist iTHur rvi'iso -.vjii ,^n ;<ir IT Fanner's Column 1 «>- S ,:.-. sn; .\: M.,. ,. v -Hnm* true .-\'ITI-:.\TI()\ FAKMKRS! One Inn HI I.") |iiekiip truck. n"\v niolor. Can be .seen at n . t | Mid-South Distrilnilinir Com.' ipatiy lietueen 7::10 :\. m. and Ttr'15 p.m. 2-6 ck tf Four room house ami bat I on Lake street. Well located, bus line. Lot 50x175. S 1,250. JOHNNY MARR Real Estate- Phone 41 II Johnny 2500 or Russell 807 2-17-ek-ll Nrar Swllt Oil Mill V.lll j:Ur Initnc- nlMe pt»*.scs^nii ^'Jll S hl\Tirntl\ For Sate, City Property Onr tlurr morn housr In nootl c-iil- dinnn in (^,»ot.i. Ark. For <|i;u-V. f^fi\ po-/-rv-tnii «•!.-(! rl.-pd. ?mv ptlrc J'rw. nvf room hinisr on \Vr.^l Vine FX- \vltn tntn^ [or p.M; s;!0 \V. M. lU'KNS. Realtor K. T. llubbard. Salesman STATE CKKTIKTKn CHEMICALLY DKI.LN i KI> CO'I'l'ON aEKD cost livs I.- pliint. These pure nil .^r'-d arr- UTMrd nnci free from all srnl n..rnn (\isrs. Qiik'kci* iznniLii.iLLni!. phuit anti pUnv the MIHK \vt rk. Reduce I'lioppniL- r\))nr: :>. i/M 1 niiy bean, corn or pea nUiiir,-;. STATK CKKTIJ IK[) VARIB TII-;s packed ni n'Mac'ive 60 Ib. b »«.«:. C'oitit? in nnd b')--x yi i\iv ITQII'' e- tnrTit.s toii;i\\ we \uil hold until p];\titiiiu; liiiu 1 . BLYTHEVILLE . SOYBEAN CORP. Hlvllu-villi-. Ark. Brandies: l.i'acliville. Ark., Canhvcll, Horner.sville Jt Senath,.Mo. ATTKNTIOX FAUMKKS IN APnniox TO ov:n, MANY OLHKK SKITVII'F.S \VK NOW HAVK BLACKSMITH ING Kxpovtly Sliarpeucd YOUR ri.ow I'OIXTS TO I'ronipt. F. L. Wicker Machine Shop rhone 2102 • 215 N. Second St EXCESSIVE SMOKE FPOM EXHAUST SMELLS That's Your Good Money Going Up In Smoke . . . Thai dark sinnkp from your cxliaust sounds a wnrn- WK note lo ynv!. ('nine in and let us check your riiiRS and pislons. ))on'l waste nil iniiivccssarily! Save money and your carl EXPERTS DO OUR WORK!' & ^"^-^-^•—• -- - —- - ' ^» •in-— f. _' /-j.. C O R_P O R *i l_F D 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY nDiAiTsss"~FOR SERvfcE

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