The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 9
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JESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1941 BLTnntYTLLl (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACT WW1 BETTER HOMES (sing Fuel Costs ill for Economy [Weatherproof ing "an Offset Boosts 10 to 40 Per Cent __ of homr nu - )}ei>-Iiip neces- lly Includes cost of fuel, (axes. prance, special asscmeiits ani ntennnce of all kinds. All those s have risen In varying degrees •ing the past year or two and (o' It is more Important than ever tor (lie home owner to pratlcr fccm- omy. One o( (lie most effective w»yi (n hoirl down costs of home ownership Is by conserving tut\, II. was pointed out today by Dip Construction Research Bureau of New York, clearing house for building fnfin tnatton. During the past year, the price of furl oil has risen about 40 per cent, coal about 10 per cent, and gas companies in various sections of the country have Increased rates from 10 to 25 per cent while others are now petitioning for increases. Cost Kl-w Shown This means that where It cost j S150 a year ago to heat a home with oil, it now costs around 5200; where coal heal rost $200 It is now 1 S220, and gas heal thai cost S250 IAVES ROOFS OF EVERY TYPE! tkeawazwg, new Waterproofet that | *adds years to the of your roof Only ONE COAT will add a tough, lasting woler- proof surface to your roof . . . regardless of it* type. "£ver-Plaslik" Elaterite Coating fills and seals all cracks, and sets in a continuous, unbroken rubber- tike surface. Extensive tests have proven this material to be impervious to the efiecls of acids, alkalis, oxygen, waler and nitrogen. Its low cost and extreme durability make it the ideal water-proofing material . . . the answer to all roofing problems. Sold .Only By Authorized Dealers DEAL'S PAINT. STORE """^ !59 Easl .Main Si. Phone 4469 I Plra&r }ta\r viinr rvpcrt ml] •! Uir I niMi-t-s* hrlnv, to f\\f rrr mn CHtimjilr i»n | rvpairinc my r.i,,f nilh KUlrrhr. I uniUr- I *T;mil this plarr» mr untlrr n*» oMiffMlion. I __ I _ I i •••I N*M( . *ODIE1S CITY rr _ DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE ifto r- « « Excellent Building Supplies 109 East Mam Street Phone Attractive Low-Budget Cottage Simple Device Saves Tops of Garbage Cans typt ftnd )>]i>tn lenrc ami Especially suited for tightly budgeted purse-si rmns" this home Js a [incl whore ofommifcitl pl;\iuniiB \n concornoit. NfMi in appcnrnnce. R note of dmnn is added by tlu> lo-. v whlto laiHerii-post. Tlie inter Lor IftyunL keynotes vonipntl hut conilorljii liviiiR. Closet Rpncc IK well provided tor ami Die IIVJUR room contni nn oj>en liicpJace. TJie home )ia5 a full basnm'JU and jilcnij' of starn space in Hie uttic. Type of Floor and Kind of Heel Worn Ar Factors in Accidents in Homes Tlic tyt>e of floor in the house ami I be kind ol heol on a per.son'.s shop has a disiinul benriiiR on Hie inoie Uinn 3,000,rOO home accldriKR caused each seat by Jaliin^;, !l is rcvR:»lfd in a .serio.s ol .stifcty te.sts carried ot;t by the National Bureau of Standards. Dunns it* test.s in which 000.000. Of thP ,1,123.000 riTsnbliiiR liomo nceidems that wrie cnusrd hy falls. u i.s (>At!iiiH;od thai slippery surfaces ncL-ountod for G per cent, or IHT.OtIO ol ihesr nn.shup.s. The kitrhpn is ilie mast danuer- miK plfirft in the Iminc with 17.9 per CCIIL ul a)] rtisHbJniR .'i Authorities on sanitation Dun a unvliase run without or one which has Invji rlnm of no vnlni- in protecting report rover oKfil is iodis Many Innovations In Electric Items Now on Market It of kinds ol floorins: wern examined i Rumng hi that room. Outside stops per cent of hom CHlenls occur; inside steps, 10 per cent. Kvon liie bedrwui is dauber- ou.s for 7.1 jx'i- <vji» of ;ill pcV.sans inJiLfod at home, \\h1le the living locjjn ;u'couiit, i i !or H 5 pci- cent o[ the home nrcidciu rate, batlirooms '2.1 per mil, and hallways 2 per under varying conditions, Uie Bureau rt is covered Him n person wear- ; mg rubber heels is fni' less likely Lo ; sJip on nny typf oi Smooth IJooj 1 [ than a person with Icnthei- hvejs, and that \mrirr tnost corulilions rusphalt Ulc U sufer ihan Hny otli- Ri 1 smooth-Mirtacptl, resilient floor i provided a liigfi-gloss wax caul I* ! avoided, t The seriousness ol home ntishap.s i.s indicated by the fact- that R total of 4.9aO,COO persons .suffered disabling injuries at home am! another 33,000 were killed in home accidents, according to I he figures compiled by the National Safety Council. This cast SariO.COO.GOO in" last wages and S1CO.C03.000 in medical exjiense—a total of $710,- ^^rTno^OTSt^isVhrr,'f' 101 '" ° f FloOr Flnish advances have gone into ei- Important in Decorating from rats ami other disease. (runs. imlllnn anlmuls. lllifurlmmli'ly. hump minors and apjirimeit! dweller, >lrl , n | Wil) . s flu .,,, t wllh Hip prnhlpin of trylnij to keep BiirlmBo can rovers (mm lietnit ml.,. plai'ci! in- run over liy rofiiM- cnllivl- "i-s- irm-iss. Tin- loss of a itnrtmKP dill i-dvi-r mc>;niK th,. i-xlrii expense less this M!,in Is h'.-i-.lrd Kiinply fast [MI one eml of „ sunn IdlKIll ol !•„,„. ,, r ,. h . lln ..... liandle on DIP lop of „ K ai v ,u,l/,M sl.-el Kurbuuf ,.;,,! aml ,,,,. 11|v (|1( , oilier end lo ,-i rn-arliy live, fpiiee posl or nllli'r flMlure 'in | |u- ,,,,,,, Then the relive nillivlc.r l.s lnr,-r,\ lo ivm.ivn tin- lop „( t|,,, ,.„„ [„.,,,,,, iMiijityliii. nailiauiv When lie f,,||s lo ivpluei- Hie em-er. h ivmulm in Ihl" refuse urea anil eitn lie easily rrjilaral tin- nrxi (imp thf cun- tr.lner is useil. liiilvnni/.ed Mr,. I unrliaup rails air mnrlr In last innuy years and offer pioloctinn t H im uiu' I, it t|,,. v Jliust be kept cm,-m\ n t all times. ' Location of Rooms Can Boost Home's Livability Without lidding to their lUiibillly of lioli.Mv; is iill looitii.ii ,,r ,„,!„,„ wiiK .,,. c . „ Minllvhl. prevailing winds nn ,i ,-leiv all iiivhltei-ts miree today. Tlie livhij, ,,m m :,h, m |'<[ luive as iiilicli siinliKht as possible mil ||) P best vie«- shonl.i | U . |, om | h | s ,.,,, |m , .Since eiiokhiK Illri-niMVi warmth of Ihp kitchen, this i ..... tl .ih.mlil lie placed uvviiy from |hn .sun, on the North or Norl liwesl . .Since children and elderly people iTtHjirr a nm.vjmmji of waimth ;lhelr rooms are liest lornleil on Hie warm side of the house away from picvatlniu winds. All rooms .should lie planned so Ilicy have a maximum of cr<v.s- vr-miliition. Wounded Jeweler Fires On, Hits Fleeing Thief price feel. Such riFCs call be h\[Rc!y offsft by rcriuciiiK tlie amount of fuel burneri. The best way to do lhi. L ; anrt j-et mnuHnin winter comfort is by mstalling wei\lhcrKlilp and storm sash, calklnic nil cracks iinii , puUing full-thick insulation In walls ' I'™'' 5 s ''>'and roof area. irtral <l»»Htios to Icnk for in x tin- and roof area I'lan I'rnd-rtinti Noir \Vith little prospect seen nt a decline in fuel prices by next- hrnt- ing season, and even an advance predicted by some observers unless price control is imposed, the shrewd home owner who 1ms not carrier! out a winlcri/.inp program would rtowcll to plan for it this spring. Fuel savings will pay (or the , t in three or four years and the homf owner will have a cash benefit of s;;ch sr.vhigs yearly thereafter, the Construction Research Bureau said. Bigest single saving comes through insulation with mineral wool. Experience of homo owners as well a:; scientific tests show one-third to one-half less fuel is burned when a house K properly insulated. Tn existiiiR homes the practice is to blow thf walls full of mineral wool ami place n four-inch layer of the material in thf attic. Balls or blr. ikets of the fireproof substance are used where there Is space lor workman. In tho i]o r .vly-(tevelo|M>d bascinenl- Icss houses ulirri: .1 jiiiislc concrfln slab consiiuuos bolli rloor nnd inundHtlnn, asplinll tile K boiiv PXLct\.'-i\'c*ly u.sed hpc.-\u. c r of lis .salc- tv, it.s limitlr.s.s rlrcoialivo possi- mliues and tl:p fart thRt It is not affected by dam[j>ipss. Rcncrnlly present si-lien rnnciolc is In contact \vith the pvounrl. .1ACKHONVII.I.E, Mn.. Frb 10 lUPi—The iiroprli'loi- »| n ([om,. Inwn jr-ufli-y slori; U'iis wiiinulrd In- clny in dcfyini; un nnncrl hnndlt. I hen leUiincd ciliirirr utiil tvvlw \vnvnuleil Ilir would-!,,. ]-,,bl)(T. ^ ^ _^ Policp .viitl |lie jowlci, |t» Fnir- an imporlaiit ilc-m "tliui "slioiil'i't" be j '',''"'• ."• V '' t!i M '"' '" ""' ••'"min'h cmisidcicd cai-cfully In InilldinK or I . , '' i'' 1 "!''"! I" ohc.v thr- Inne • i visitor's onii-r lo "ROI in IT in !!„• t'(K llt'f." His cniwIilUin rnpo,l|.(lly \v:is rail- Ills wife. Tin. i:hnM',l (he Imiutll. on flint In \vlin-c lio cnllap:.,.|l u, n,,. elcviilo;- of liis ImU'l n bl(« Ic awny pnlire snici. Selection of n finish that will enhance the bcnuty and .spr^'iccnhili' of oak or other hsmlwnnd floors Constantly slriviiiR l<i mnkc .. msler nnci sftlcr lo use •leeirlrity, sovornl Innovations hav« rrnrlir'il I hi- mniket. snys Prnrllral BuUiIrr, f-'liicoBo 3 'Un nmM thr latiRlf of IOIIR appliallcp eoids ovrr « nhml lilstnnro to plns-ln W'lDlont. rultini; tlleln loo shoil ioi Ililnrf use, R new plii.stli- vord reel tnlte.s up excess length, iel.s it out when needed. A new clci'litn plnp In conslrur.- ' led st> Hint jin easy hvi.u ol Ihf ' Ill-onus '.Mill a coin .sets inserted Imif «ln« i|ill('kly mill MiloLy wllll- '. uut leinuin apiui and lefts-seiubllnj; \ llu- plm:.^netl lo Mive cleetri- ciil ninclll auste or m-cJdcntji, H ne^' healer t-oni swilcb has n Inly neon li^ht which nlovss \vhilr> lieat- IT i.s mined on. rtMiiinih i,. S |.| in turn nil heater when dcMicd ti'ni|)cn\- (nrc is :ittiuneU niui hi'nipr in uti neoilt'it. in lln- llilnn'.srcnt Jitlo, R :tr\v ilnu^linul shuiH'd luhe ndds exlru lir.hl when pliiRReri Into circular kili-lien lixlme.s or oilier sjmu us- inc ccnlral itonie Iviie ll«lit. Us in- MiiJIiilion rc'(|iniAs liri exjK-imivc nrt- jn. 1 ,! inc'nls or complicalert Aet-uiis, IMua-iii lloumccnl. liistnlintions nip avinhible |o [nun a !inr o( llghv for any slw room. Unils are available in -2, 4 nnd » It. IciiRllis and are hiinu nn wulb with ordinary jMctinc linok.s 1 ni 1 .screwed to ceilings llnoiiwh provld<'d slots, faich unit hns a nlllu-in al one end. rcceplncle lit nlhrr [or juinlii K lo lorm one cnnliniions ship. P'IVC dillcrenl ..l>l".s of .shields nnd re [led or.s arc udaptiiille lo any decor iind I'un he nsrtt either vertically or hnri/.nn- lal:,v. Corner connections nie also availnble and the ennl|ilele. llyhl lino ll.scs only one outlet. House Committee Head Confident of Rent Control Bill WASHINGTON. Fen. 10. HJI'l -Chairman .le.sse Wolrolt of the lt<niH' IlnnkliiR C'oininitlee saiil lo- liny he is confident Cnm-rnss will ap]no\e a new rent eonlidl iilll IK-- f"rv Ihe present net CK]iires 2(1 days '1'he Miehican Hcnnblicari said be nid not jK-lleve n 30-tlay emcri-ency exlensioti of Ihe present law would he necessary, n.s pro;iused by some Senale leaders. ' Onr coinniiller can ^et a bill out in plenty nf limn lor Ixilh houses In net on it." WolcoH .said, "recnrrl- le« nt wh«t lh« 8<in»t« tloei with Hi bill." Tlie Senate bill Ii now being over- hnuled by » hiinklnc mmcomnilt- tee to overcome/ objectloni th«t pop|>ed up In the full committee l»«l week. H will foe re»dy for th« full committee A week from today. Subcommittee Chairman Harry P. Cain, H., Wash., said the revised vet-Mon would reii\in rent callings on rooming house* in areM "where It U unsale let decontrol them." Rend Courier News Want AeM Truman Atki CwtfrMt for Mor* Nigfiwcy *>. (tm — , Trumm Mondty to noncJnu* tlu highway lid profrun Mr HM year* IMo and INI rat* of |»00,oo»,0o». T)M pretlitrat <MerlbM hk nmmendatlon* M MiiMmUM prudent. R««<l Owrlw INw» Wu* Mi no cx- I ish nrr atlrar^ive npiie.Tranre. dnr- i - ability, ease of malntainance and a capacity for bciliK rclnuclicil In , worn spots without revealing a [latched appearance. While varnish and shellac still are used widely nnd are known to render satisfactory service, » reln- tively new type of finish called flnnr seal is being employed extensively. Instead ol forming a surface coating, floor seal penetrates the woorl fibers and in effect becomes .1 part of the wood itself. I'lactl- Mrs. Faiiclotli said the man fell ut first nnd she ran Inr * policeman not kunu'itii! her husllntul alsn wns hit. On lookini; back ami seeing the liiindH IlneliiR. she said, she diwhrd iifler him on foot. 'I'he man wus listed us Paul Pltrm- inu, nliollt ,10. of no known address Hi> was slnick In the chest nnd mm hill, his rondllloll wus tlnl limiirdtn- Ifly knnwu. Better Light Means Better Sight! For I lie MKMTlmni l!t;li( means tnnvf liavi- • ln-tlcr view urally fed ii |» ho ilispln.vinjr mvrchintilM, h«tt«r climice of m len, \' our e<Mi»M«r« of wliwl the.v'r* buvinf «n4 nat- R ".snfor" huy. Good llfht ku • ivn.y of (,'ln)iiiiri/.iiijij ymii nicrchRnrlln*. l'«>r llu< homi'Miitkvr, holler light menu* Setter dcM for nil (liv fitmily. A heller pine* in whicK in HT«. Ul ('hitrlio's Klcdric help you plan your MfMln| f<ir Hint new home. "Service Is Not Our Motto: IT'S OUR BUSINESS!" CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North fhst St. ph OM 299 j eiuly Immune to nrriinnrv stnlns and spots, it does nol clilp or scrtilch, it Is easily rctouchrd anil thus minimizes the etfort and cost of keeping hardwood ftoor.s "We'd save enough to pay for the insulation in e few years' time,." Good insulation pays for ilself in fuel s«vin K ^-b e .si ( |os H add* comfort ,«r,;rL ^'i:tr,n'"~ "• •— ™- - • ¥ FOR FREE ESTIMATE PHONE 551 319 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Friendly Building Service Ash Phone 551 WILLIA GET "HAND-RUBBED" BEAUTY For your Floor*, Furniture, Woodwork MAR-NOT SATIN-FINISH HRNISHI ' Amazingly waihublt. "»,tin. finish" for kitchen .nd b.tfi- room walli and ceil* '"••• <*• . $1.53 n'll R et a finish with that handsome T ° l ' Kh ' t0 °' ".r-N™ S «'°»ti™ f«m alcohol, fruit r ° m C ° ld ' hot ' or ««" •""i"! low -,f you prefer * more brilliant f,ni s h $5.55 . WILLIAMS «»i. HOUSI PAINT C...<.l,,i tt.e.rrh now K !v,, tMi f«mnut paint NKW covcroj*, Onccontmnkejfurriturt.boole- nhcIvM, woodwork, toys E Iram like rewI Wajhct p t . WILLIAMS PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL Rith linlroui colon »,»[ dry h.rd. R,,i,t, ».„, , n j ,., a , h ^ tottint and Cl Z WATER K essential to your Good Heallh- -and- Good Health is Largely Dependent Upon WATER - Drink Plenty ol It Bathe Frequently Woter /i Your Ch«ap«e and Btit Commodity! Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Minager ''Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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