The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN UI/VTIIHVILLE (AUK.) COUHIKK NJCVVK WKDNUSHAY, SKI'TKJJIJKIt ."„ I!M7 F.D.R. Jr. Critical Of Legion Policy Housing Chairman For AVC Hurls Charge of Lobbying NEW YORK. S?pt. 3. (UP) — Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., national housing chairman of the American 1 Veterans Committee, said today llial, the American Legion liad "deserted the American veteran once again" by refusing to endorse the Taft- Ellender-Wagiicr housing bill at its national convention. Roosevelt made his statement at a jjint-press conference \vltli Chat Paterson, National chairman or tliu AVC, who said that :lie Legion's op- lx)3ition to any inlernational control of atomic energy "will inevitably provoke a third svorld war. tvhich will completely destroy ur'oan ami Industrial society." An AVC statement criticizing the j Legion's .proposal to amoncl the con- , stitution to deny protections o[ the bill of rights to »:iy person accused of proni'jtuig the overthrow of Hie government by force also was . issued at the conference. Roosevelt said ;ihat the Legion under commander Paul H. Griffith "has b:cn the principal errand boy on Capitol Hill for the powerful real estate lobby." "Real estate interests, Dig building construction interests, and building suppliers arc belter icpre- 'sratal on the American Legion housing committee than arc the veteran consumer interests," he said. '•Tlie Legion is not representing the desires of a vast majority of the Ummm, So Cool and Luscious When Cleveland sweltered in yO-iicgree heat Eiml churned lo be Ihc nation's hottest metropolis, the coolest kids in town were these two—munching ice cold melon in the OS-degree shnde. Guess who can't hardly wait for the next bite! veterans of World War II when k j rushes to endorse the housing bill." i Etooscvclt charged, that the legion's "kingmaker. 1 *" lorceci through ils re.soluUcn on housing. "In voting ;oi i;-u: biil," lie saiJ, "the L'jgion resorted lo the .shuck- inyly undo inner nlU; procedure ol Senator Says U.S., Russia Are War bound WASHINGTON, Sept. 3. (UPi — Ken, Olin 1). Johnston, D., S. c.. Mild ye.sterday Dial the Uliltcd Klatc.s urn! Russia arc "traveling at a rule thai probably means war in i another generation." He ui'({c<l that American and Soviet leaders «ol tQgclhcr in a two- nation conference which might be succ'cssiul In ironing out principal differences between the two countries. At the same time, Sen. Mlllard K. TydltiRs. D.. Mil., declaring another war would mean "universal hardship from one end of the Blolie to another," renewed hh MiKHCStion for a meeting of the five major powers. lie told a reporter, however, that many of Hie present international difficulties are a natural outgrowth of World War II and can be solved witli "time, .sacrifice and work." Johnston. -.Oio will soon depart I on a European ir.ipc'itlon trip. urged in an interview that American occupation officials in Germany push their new program of stepping up German Industrial production. Only raising Germany's living standards, he said, can offset the danger of Communist, penetration of the American occupation mm in Germany. counting dricsates not actually on the floor as opposed to the bill. Although there were only 1,000 ilcle- esilc.s on the floor, who seemed tj be evenly divided according to newspaper rcporls. the lull, accredited voting strength of :i. 518 ballots was recorded'.' 1 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TfNTH Phone 3151 *+•*••••••*••«••*••••••••••••••••*?•• ••••••••••A GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at tlic Arch "Phone me at the Joneses at 2:30—I'm sure all the boy has is mumps, but about that time Mrs. Jones will start telling me the rest.of the family symptoms!" FRECKLES 4 HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Hmv Do You Da, Sir? J VI & l-/LK;otjci;>S:i(.-i!, Diilr.bulcJ by NEA SERVICE. Till' STOHVl Amlrrw l:ik I Sjisnn thim-fni;. Irlrw lo ki*<« li ' K<Kid nTfilil. U'hcu Nhc rcfilM : hi- m'riinr* IMT at In-tna: In J.i M 'l U-ll r(lu. ; • ' xv : A NDREW was falling in love • with Susan Perry, a fact which somewhat obscured his usual clear judgment. Had this not lieen the cose, ho would nol have hoped ever that she took his attentions seriously bccatise of th,.- \voy she remained calm before the "gossip she must have heard about ; his favors lo Huppcrt. Andrew wcs'thc .sort of man to .speak flatteringly to any woman. _Hc had much to gain from a friendly altitude on lluppert's part. It was second nature for him 'to polish the apple whenever the chance occurred. So he said out^_ .rageous tilings to lluppert, called •her Sweetheart most of the lime. gave her small gifts — a pair of red gloves to match a red hat he .made fun of, a box of hoarhotmcl 'the day she was speechless with laryngitis, a bouquet of dandelions ;picked from the terrace of the .Hospital lawn. He flallcred her •boldly, and beyond all rcr.son. [lluppert lapped up his exlrava- Igant praise as a 1: it ten laps cream. ( The week allcr his. rebuff from (Susan, Andrew invited Miss Hup- ipcrt to have dinner with him ;at AngclrocU's. "11 musl be good. ,-It's out of bounds for Ihc stu- jdents." i "It's good," Huppcrt assured 'him. 1 They discovered thai the place ^vas crowded with students. "\VeYe ,lhe blindest people you ever ;knew," she warned Andrew. ! "I hope they're blind, loo," lie Igrinned. "It won't help my reputation Eny to have it told I was .. .here with you." ', "What's the mailer with me? :slic demanded. 'Nothing but your haf," lie retorted. "Ifuppcrl, why do you wear toy hats?" • * » CI1K leaned lo'.vai'd him; she had ^ had :a few drinks. Her full besom bulged ahnve Ihc sequin yoke of her black dress. Her face ivas carefully made up. Ihc lips arched into a .ieif:ct cupid's bow; her hair was curled intricately. "Sugar," she said carefully, "when a pirl spends her days hi a uniform and a little starched cap, she blossoms ::ny time and anywhere she gels a chance." The lighting was dim: closely (wined ngmx-.} danced to Ihc music of. a small orchcslra enthroned at the end bt the room. The food was good, r.ud drink plentiful., lupperl talked happily to Andrew ibout hospiui] gossip, completely covering boUi sides of the CIUGS- ion of whether they'd lake a girl nturn iu O.U. next your. "A woman really should not try o he a doctor," Itupperl said solemnly. "Plenty of other fields 'or> her in the profession. Nothing iVrbtig with nursing, is there?" Her round blue eyes challenged lim. "Nol Ihe way you do il, Sweetheart," he murmured. "Not the way anybody does i 1 .!" ihe declared. "I don' hoar any complaints from you about Susan Perry. Look, Doc, yon dcm't like her bctter'n you do me, du you?' "I'm here tonight wilh you,' Andrew pointed out. "Yeah, t know. I conkln lok you you wouldn't get anywhere with her." ; "You mean I'm not attractive;?' "You're wonderful. Hoc. Uu Susan—didn't you know she i: engaged?" Andrew's eyes blinked. "Is she? 1 "Well, she dot'sn'l wear n rinf bul I gucrs you would say she am Martin Glenn have an understand ing." Andrew's Adam's apple slid up his throat, and down. Again he fell that hot resentment against Marl in. The devil, he'd not guessed! What a thing for him to miss, what a chance — And he'd been Kearching for Glenn's vulnerable spot. Of all Ihc bungling. . . . So that was why he'd got nowhere with Susun! for Ati- '•iT'D hnvc said her yen was Martin's brothe-'r," said drew, carefully. Me watched I Sup- pert over the rim of his glass. "In fact, I did .say that to Susan." Miss Iluppcrl giggled. "Oh, you idn't!" "I did. I really thought she was ii love with him." "What did she say?" "Oh, something about worship- i>B the ground he walked on, but n a pure sort of way." Huppcrl chuckled. "She is— veil —devoted to Dr Malcolm. I'll rant that. In fact, it's pretty candalous, that devotion. When spends the night at the llos- )ilal, as he does sometimes—he IBS a bedroom in his ofllcc suite —only Miss Perry can go to his •oom. I'm Supe, bul she faces me lown tin that point." "1 thought yuu were smai'lcr .nan that, Iluppcrl," Andrew Irnwled, wnlchinj; her face. His remark angered her. An .igly Hush spread over her chcel;s. Til show 'em who's smart," she millcred. You want (o be careful," An- lre\v counseled. "The Acting Chief eaii always get a new Supe. Heller wait lill the new Chief is ap- [Kiinlccl—" "Why wail, if they appoint Glenn?" "Hut—lliey might not appoint him." She narrowed her eyes, seeking lo read his meaning. "If he were going lo be Chief, I'd think he'd be that already, wouldn't you'.'" "Well—Pop's still alive." "Just." "He's smaller than you Ihink, Doc. He ;;tays in his room, but he knows everything lhat goes on in Ihe Lair. You'd belter count on that," Iluppert warned him, (To lie Continued) -'fff. 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Hooplei Qut Q ur Way WELL, UO\M DID VOUR. SPILL IT QUICK/ S^IE'RE ^ &V.CITEO ASA, DEBUTAMTE X'llTH A. NUGGET < GOLQ? vOUW AC.& MOU S1NMAN& CWfVtTERlMG ? -"- x KNSEVM 3U5T AtJ ODD SPECIMEN FOR AM IRON PVR1TEA-THAT'6 A COMMON ivMMERAL CRNSTALr LKIN& \M ISONVE-TR\C < f\S CU8£S AND ROCK OR 3U6T AMOTHER. tv HftMDFUL L005E SW3T6R.' By J. R. Williams / I VOW AMD SWEAR 1>'..\T ( WHEN I'M BIG I'M GETTIM' \ RI£>tT INTO TH' MIPPLE •/ OF MEW VORVi CITY AN)' STAY / THERE .' MO MORE SUBURBS.' IF Wt£ AIN'T PICKIM' BERRIES, WUSHROOM& OR GREENS. WE'RE SK1NMIM' MINNOWS. SQUIRRELS OR RASB1TS.' IXJN'T ) AR&UE- I GIT \ THKOUSH.'^) ~.t?n I/.I KRT) 1<-'DK11 'ice Work Bv FRED HARMAN BORM THIRTY YGA.K& TOO OMEOF triE CARD SHARPERS f«0f\ TM£ 5AlOQr4 hE KS1O\>!•U^^ WHf HI.^V HERE-' HAVE tYE OX 1 i"\lSSY AMD ~Srt£R£5 B'JFF RUGGIW5 ME O 1 Tri= N11DE5T YOU^Q 51EERS J TriE BIA^SSCO BA5)S>.' KX3RKW5 OLlT O HIS \Lt,EY OOP Look Sharper Ky V. T. VIC FLINT The Inspector Hlows BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE J'LU.IUGTCLIV.B TlllO RlDfiEO'/DR- lOOklM' TH' RCtlAI- PALACE AM' 'j t|V.«'<?UICT A'.; A OIIJ'.XH'iARD.. I. OOH'l i'Bt- NOI'tlll-i' 'JO avM::ous..-i-Kcn\ i HAMLIN &?f ^ Che Brief had slipped another one over on us, jiisl 35 I ltdd expected, arid he was pletrty cocky. THAT SLIMY CF.lf I'll ylHAI'S PUI A NtT AROUND 1H15 I GKOWL. YOU CAN VJl J01KI HE'LL NEVER / HIM WITH SXXIR -JTU»W SLIP THROUGH.' J CARS llll OCOM->iJ*t AND ll£ WONT LtAD BOOTO ANP HfU BUDDIES Appreciation EDGAR MARTIN :.£rx] '/2 .^. Li . TO 0?UY 4VXttfl ?> . . S 1HQLJ6WC TDK PUG'S oaT PlHO NOT OME. iO THt flilTS/^OO 1 . TIVtVR. ONV-V CO!-«lfeK.M . IS PUG'-S H,f\PPIWt.'=>« • NOT ft WOS2D >V^ fWtV'VV. VA^i- * ... COPR. 1917 BY I.CA StRVICE. v *-;

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