The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 8
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'EIGHT.. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS Good Start J;irl Hi. -mil. New Voik Knk-k- erlKK-kei-s" jiri/f me. kit-, fuv.s an (iviihcail shot that lias bi'cn Hood for 122 jmints in :il) panics. to make hull lu[) first-yea i scoi'- <.'!• in lhi> [iir.fcs'siDnal Hri hall Association of Am and c-iiiululatf for Hooki thc-Ycav kct- Olympic Skaters Warm Up for World Championship Competition Tomrrow Pops to Meet Oscco/o Juniors This Afternoon ily Cliarlcs KiiUry Unidd I'rrss Sin>rt>> Writer OAVOS, Switzerland, Feb. iVl') —Virtually tlic samp nrrny Mxxrklinn .skattMs who perfoniu'd in ! the Olympic ^JUIIP.S, headed by ; cli:i«ni]oiiR Uarhiu-a Aim Scotl and' Ih(5 BiytiicvIIlc Jujiloc High Duk Button, wm- K*'VluiK in Uioir i ^ cllo °L P^IKKXSCS. .seeking victory JuKil piaclitfi licks lo<(; ( y for the ; N<x fti tt>HJ ''"K'l'tnln t»w O.scr'ala tnn nli^ of ihe world's cliainpkjiislii]) I ' Juillni ' Soinlnolcs In a CHRP Lilt at compr-t i! ion lo'non ow Miss t^'oli, Jroin O^iuwa, Canada, ami Hutioii. Irom Knylcwood, N.J., wc-ic, of iMJUise, piohibitive (avor- i'.c-s 10 repeal tlic <u!C-.sitiL'd tntiniphf. tlK-j' -scored at nearby Si, Mont/.. HciJliii'iri^ tliii usual uboiit tJii; ouicoiUf.' o! tin- LOinpeLi- Liuti c'oinun; uiJ \vi\s liuo^swark aiitiiH ( \viK.Uicr or not beautiful flari>:ii\i i Wv-uld <' u^ on her world-ivid^ ):nnc by iwiniig pioio-s^ioicil. She It'll tin- MjbJi-cL o|]en lor duscns- ; jvion yc.sti:r<Uiy v-'hen fnuzzcd al>out : hct' fuliiL'e plsuis. "I will wain to take u jnii.sU-r of M U-IKC coat. ;c at soitiy university," :-irt;il C.riacLi'.s honcy^huircd n^i<-'*'H ol tin 1 HV Ix'lore JraviiiK Si. Moni/, IJIIL llu-n .she re-awrtkruptl tiie pj - o riiinors by adding. -Bur 1 Uon't . kon A wh(.-ti tli^t will be." Mi-ss Sec it l ]fVt-;il( (I si ic pkinncd 1«; fi'Hiff> in f,':uj;«la by jjlajif on Mnn-li H) aiicr vxlnlmiuns in Ol.s«, Bi'rn, P;ii'i.-,, anu possibly Copcn- IKU;CII and ollu-r Kuropcaii rilu.s. -Slu- tncjk tinu out vi'.sl'.'rdnv to br iu.ijivunaid ,11 ilu i ufdrfini: n: Hi;;ML Oiluvr HiilM-ri Hi'iKik.s -il MinHreai \S)nyn):iJJ f>! })ir L';iJ);ull:t;; ojyjupifl c ha in] J ion Ivicki-y ;r>ain, ro Birth* 1 C i tout veil, a pivtly Ijlonrsr from COJK iihfi!',t')i, J)i:ninai k, Official:; oj (fie U. S, Olympic U':un Idle St. Moritz j;i-uii)biiu|.; a ,iu]f aUi.ui tin- bills s'ibuiiiU'd ',o Ilirni by the Swiss hDlrls rtniJ aljoui. hirl'i asjK'ds of the way thr sanies wriv coiHlucted, None cil the sorp jnnnlji \va.s biuj enough U) witrriini an nllLcial coin])laiiU, but llic-y uci'e fnouijh to ci'*?f:e prii'fitr crit- the HiiLey Mold K.vm lbl.*> aflernoon nt 4 oV]rx:k. Thc cainr, wlilch was .scrliednlcd only yesN't-clav. will ii e the first nm-lliiK )K>(-A-o ( 'n two teams. Thp Osrpola Juniors, aloiiR with Whltton, me rated as lop conlcacl- succulalion prs lo f:lko lhft Cllll »tv junior nown speculation ^ ny fnjm ( ^ j,, !poosCiS ln tl]e coiiniv toutnanient Irile this month. .Slju-lin:- for ihr Pap.s !hfs nftrr- noou will bo Sonny fill ITS nnd Bu- f.-rd impprr :it forward.s, .Mtn Deor nl rrnlPi- with l/»roy Crlner and Dick Reid at RUtirds. Chicks Depart For Jonesboro T«am is Improved But Faces Tough Battle Against Odds Blytheville High School's much Improved Chicks will encounter their toughest lor the 19W season tonight vvlien they Journey to Jonesboro for a game with Iheir arch- rivals, the high-flying Jonesboro Golden Hurricanes. The Chicks, have \von nine of their first 11 stans and will be seeking their sixth consecutive victory since bowing to the Me.ssick High Panthers of Memphis Jan. 0, and -they will be out to break the 15-year supremacy that the Hurricanes have held over Blythcviile cage teams. The Chicks have defeated the Jonesboro cagers only once in Die history of Die two schools, thai was iti 1933 when they nosed past the Hurricanes in the finals of the District 4 iciunu- ment. A top-notch preliminary attraction which was lined up to complete tlie evciiing',4 einertuinmwr, the Blytheville £quiiws will take on the Holy Angels Academy .sextet a! Joncbboro. This game is scheduled to get underway at 1:15. Both tills will be played In the Deri Snmn gymnasium. The Chicks .polished nil their pre-game preparations witli a -stiif workout' yesterday alternoon. Coacn James Fisher seni his squad thiougn a long scrimmage session which was followed by a li^hl drill ;u floor maneuvers. They will leave. for Jonesboro by bus at 5 o'clock this afternoon. Chicks Ralctl as Underdogs The Squaws too finished iheir pre-game drills yesterday. Coach Nancy Ponder sent her tribe throtigji ..-..„ -, , t ... a light workout at nwn yesterday i C* l ou jc Piifc f n A i ' ( ' KnL S-iecio/ Training Course before closing training camp unul **• • *»WMI» r Ulb C.1BU Pl ,. sl nl ;tl i (lll , Americans lonnil —,. , „ * _,,. in. Offered Reserve Officers Pemiseor Cagers Pectin Play in Bip Tournament CAHUTMEHSVILLE, Feb. 10.— Ml si- round |)l;iv in the Pemlsrot CJ'iuntv bm'.s und <-hls hi'^h sr 1 ' -i! ' b:i>kr-!li,-,JI iniirn.inifin will art I - (ienvav at the lilsh scliool i ; vm ] here this afternoon with ihe War-' doll olrls ]iin>'iln« Hnliand at '> D.m. ! I'lav In the fouinpy will eontinnc tin- (lie mnainrlrr of tliis upek with firsl-iontul ychednled 'o be run off today ami tomorrow, the t quarter. finals Thursday, semi-finals r'lidav and finals Kaltirday. fythei- (irst-roimd names to !>e plnved today and tolli'dit are War- di'll boys vs. Holland lit, 3 p.m.: Hayli l>oys vs BraiiK City at 6 p.m.; Deerini; i-iil.s vs. llayti at 7 p.m.; and Carmhorsvtlle boys vs. Brag- Katlnclo nt 8:30 p.m. ng camv after tonight's game. This will the Squaws 12th game of the season and they will be seeking their fifih win. According to records, the Chirks will take the Moor tonight rated as the underdogs by .some 15 or M points but il is the general beliet among Blythcviile fans thai the i Hurricanes will be pushed to geo past the scrappy chicks. The im- I provemcnt shown by the Tribe diir- ] s jtv—petlmti- ing the past four weeks puts them |in ib- nyi^ in a good position to upset Ihe i . r | 1I% " CrAighcad Counlians. However, the Hunicane.s will be a tough nut to crack from any angle. Headed by their crack-shooi- tng and fast-moving forwards Charlie. Stevens and Bobby Scotl. the Hurricanes' roster is studde.l with experience, a very important, element which is lacked by ihe Chicks. Stevens and Scolt have led the Golden Gang to-some 15 or 16 victories so fnr this season while losing four. Their latest setback vxs at the hands of the North Little Rock Wildcats Friday night by a 50 to 45 margin. Coach Fisher slated that lie had ] l-.msinc not worked out a special defense ]><• 4. •-^o use agaiiul the Hurricane.;, .r"Stevens is"ir good boy," he said. "I've seen him play, but I don; believe that he is as good as his build up. I'm more worried abou; their guards, nrreit is a good boy too. and he ha.s heiglu to spare." To Use Regular Line-ups BDth the Chicks and Squaws will »tarl their regular line-ups against, the Jcncsboro leanis tonight. For the Squaws Sue Windier, Bobbie ! Blyihcvillc Whiscnhunl and June Hlires will work at forwards with Ann While', Edna Overman and Joyce Shelton »t guards. Probable FUrting line-ups for the To Notre Dome's 38-Ti!t Win Streak! i by rh added NEW YORK. I'd) 111. ,UI>, ,\' (> . IIP Dame's famed :j8-i:;iinr winning streak on its own basketball court I lay In ruins today, ponndrd lo dust lust iilRllt. fi8 to 51. by Ihe ranr — illB Dillikens nf St. Kluis Uimcr- thc colleue learn with which the BilJI- kens racked up their 15th win In the nnd 111 games at the expense o! Irish iimazcd (he court world assured St. Louis of a final hlnh rnnkiniT nntion.'illv A tournament Invitation, with its shot at a clear-cm national rh:impion- ship. was a foregone conclusion. Tile standout performer of Kt. Louis was "Easy f:d" AlacCuuM-. graceful six root, eiaht inch pivot man uho ranks as the lendili 1 : ^iant in the c-ollejiiale garni- today."'me- 21 points he scored and hi.s mastery nf the tiru-kbnuids \\ere tlie bic factor in llie Ivish d»fr:i!. first llht-.v havi- sirfered at home sinre \Vrstcrn Mu-]iic:in on Tlie liisli. recent conquerors of; Kentucky, were .simply outrun and ontsliot by the !)illiken>. St. txitits i liil on ?!) out nf fili shots frcim the j flour. Notre Dame on 19 out or fit), i tOaklawn Park Manager Homes Racing Officials < HOT SPRINGS. Art:.. Feb. H) — i ilJP"— Oaklawn I'ark MmuiHer Peter J. Holmes today announced i ll»' iniiiics of lificr'n officials who must be appimvd by the Arkansas H.uiit^ C<immis.--ioM before the :jo- day season opens at Hot Springs P Graham, of aitillrry reserve seleeteri by the al/if the Fourth mlocti ination an i Capt. neninrrt nlvthevillf- field : ollicer. hns IJPJ-JI i coiuiiianciiiii; jM'MC' i Aruiy tf> au^nil i course at l-"ort Knnx. Ky.. it was i announced today. Thr course be^rm Sunday and will f.nntinue for two weeks. Caplain Graham, who resides at 1!>2J Hc:<ru, will be on an active duty status diuim- this period nnd will return to his home and inactive duty status Feb. 24. T)ir i N, Hiirily Hortuc KlhoU Gentry Po s. P P C G G .lonosbnvo Hi evens Scott The offiuiafs: Creoriii- 1). Ray, C or. and F. N. H Kenneth W Mclntosh. James T. Murk am! K w. Mo-Daniel, plac- • ini: jtulecs; jnlm L. Watkins. I,Inns i I'ieri-e ana Cecil Phillip.", patrol jiidccs; {•:. \v miry, raring s"crc- ; tary; Carl limns, starter: Clifford Hut'nagfl. pacitlnrk jnd'.te: Clifford L. Siinfurd. clerk of sraley; Wilh:un (;uniiiiii:liain. tinn-!-; and J. J. Rnss-r-II, horse ieiemiiiration. i S/x Bowling Teams To See Action Tonight Play in the Blytheville Bowling Lvalue will resume tonight with six teams si-heiluled for n:tiQi) on the Cintxvniid Bowlillf: Alley K-PCS. In tonight's competition tlie Biil GiXiwin Sporting Goods team w!l meet n. 1). Huirhes; tlie Jaycees will take on Dr. Pepper and Rice Stix will play the NnWa Laundry team. Tlunsday ni-ht's schedule will find Me.ids mcetin;; (he S.iliba Cafe team; C'!iitv.ood.s playim; the K:iiiThts of ColnnihiK, Van Paltcn AAA mivtinc'. Rell Telephone and Phillips Motor ba T .- tlins Blythcviile Willys Sales. eoise R palm- Power Company Seefcs rke. stewards; R uro / f_/ nes ,'„ LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Fob. 10 <UPt -The Arkansas Power nnd LichL Co., totlav OF!;eel the. Public Service Commission for nllncaiion of certain rural arras in Dcsha county. Thc firm pr^nn^e.s to hulld 2IJ fi mMes nf clr^ctrir ]i::es in the rounty nt n co'it of .5.'i7.07J to serve 128 additional customers. Rickey Suffers Acute Payroll Hypertension NBW YORK. Fob. 10. (UP) _ Tricky Branch Rickey, who usually has more angles than a geometry text book, apparently was fighting .1 losing battle In higher mathematics today with his Brooklyn ball players. Rickey for many reasons ha.s always found H expedient lo keep his players lean and hungry. But »ow he Is beliiB served with mmre- cedemed salary demands by the battling kids, who won the National LeagUr flatf nnd eame close lo taking the World Series from the New York Yankees. It Isn't only the m.jney that bothers Rickey, and that bothers him plenty. HLs major concern is his pet theory that high-salaried players get complacent, live too comfortably :uici don't ha the razor- edged will to win of wide-eyed youngsters, fighting to reach stardom. Ordinarily, il i.s the Rickey policy to trade a player as soon'as he reaches .sl;trdom, letting some other club handle his wasre demands while replacing him with some ambitious youngsters from p bush league farm Hut thr situation i s different tills year. Rieke v ''an'l Irade the whole club and everybody wanLs more money, basin;- their demands on Hip team's virenl year on the field and tn the boxoffice Riekev recalls only too well the collame of ibe well-fed St Louis Cardinals of lasl seasoti. who wheedled bris.s Sam Breadon out of Ihe highest payroll in that club's history and he waiil.s no similar crnckup in Brooklyn. Girls Begin Ploy In Arkansas AAU Cage Tournament LITILE ROCK, Ark.. Fell. 10. iUP»—Thc stale high school giris AAU bit.sketball tournament \vis underway in Little Rock today wita ten gmne^ scheduled. Tne iadepf.'iidenl brackcl opened last nisht witli Harvill-Byrd dclcalin^ the Eurekns 39 lo 13, Spann l-l-so winning over tlie Redbirds 22 tn 14. and the Little Rock Independents nosing out Tuckerman 27 lo l-'li. | Today's hi-:h school schedule: Walki-rviile vs. Hartman, 9 a.m.; j Hattievilh- vs. McRae, 10 a.m.; iDv<ss vs. Gieeubrier, 11 a.m. I Mount Ida vs. Conway. 1 p.m.; ! Englatid i's. Scotl. 2 p.m.; Carlisle 1 \s. Tiiornton, 3 p.m.; Hazcn vs. Tuckeiman. 6 p.m.; Mulberry *.s. Magi'zinr. 7 p.m.; and Tyronza vs. Bee Branch, 8 p.m. I Welch Brothers Win Tag Event In Legion Arena Brothers Roy nnd Lester Welch, nnkhiK their first appearance here as a wrestling tenrn, were forced U> GO all the way heforc ealnlnK a victory over Hill Canny and Bob De- Marre In the tat; match feature ol the American Legion's weekly wrest- liDK show nt the American Legion Arena last nlpht. The WcU'h brotliers sot off to u flying start by winning the first roniKt In 20 minutes with Roy Welch eliminating DeMarce in 15 minutes with a body pin and Lester Welch defeating Canny nine minutes }ater with a jack knife hold. Canny and Demarcc retaliated 'n the second round by taking the Cherokee brothers In 20 minutes. Cnniiy dcfcntrd Uoy Welch in 18 minutes with an arm liar anrt DeMarce pliminated Lester Welch two minutes later with the same hold. The third fall was fast and rouyh with the Welch brothers victorious | in 17 minutes. Lester Welch applied a series of kangaroo kicks and a body phi lo eliminate DeMairc in seven minutes but was eliminated himself three minutes later by Canny who applied the deadly bar arm Hoy Welch then defeated Canny in .sewi mfnmes with a crab hold to end the match. In the two one-fall preliminary matches, Lester Welch defeated »e- Marce in 10 minutes with kangaroo kicks and a body pin and Cannv do. fealerj Hoy Welch In H minutes with a crab hold. Wildlife Unit To See Film On Pheasants Members of the Mississippi County Wildlife Association will discus.-; the possibilities of introducing ! pheasant; as game birds inio ihis 1 area at a meeting lo be held in the Court House tonight at 1:30. A film "Pheasants and Pheasant i Hunting" which was taken bv Field i and Stream, national sports mag- I azine, will b- shown at ihe meeting by L. L. Ward Jr.. and a discussion on pheasants will be led by 8 F. Brogdon of Blytheville, secre- I tary of the association. | T. H. Holder of Liltle Rock, federal co-orrimator for the State Game and CommLssion will b': present at ihe meeting and will discuss wiili the group the possibilities of improving the duck and quail situalion in the county. The meeting- will be open 'to the j public. Mr. Brogdon slated, ami ail interested persons are invited i to attend. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1948 Hunting Club Plans Venison Supper Tonight Member.! a! the RIveiTiew Hm-,Ing Club, recently organized by a group of Blytheville sportsmen, 'will hold Ihelr first meeting tonight, i vcnkon supper at Sullivan's Cafe. Plans for the coming year will be discussed at tonight's meeting which will be In charge of Ed Cook, president. The venison steaks which wiil be served at the meeting, were supplied by L. L. Ward Jr., and Carl Wallace. local big game hunters. The Rlvei'vlcsv Club recently leased approximately 3000 acres of land nn Mussrave.s bar and vicinity n: the exclusive privilege of hunting and fishing for Its members. The club, tn cooperation with (he State Game and Pish Commission plans to slock the land with native same. Only limited hunting will be [lermlltert lo the members for the first two years, V was announced Mnnlievs of tlie club are: Ed Cook, president, w O. Guerin, secretary-treasurer. R. n. Wallace. H. A Nelson. Arch Undsey, William Stovall, J. C. Ellis Jr.. Hulen Holmes, Jurlse 7,al B. Harrison, Grey N'unnelly, Mayor K. R. Jackson,' Wesley Stallhigs. L. L. Ward Jr., Carl Wallace. Ernest Morris, n. I, \Vade. Walter Oarnes, Houston Brown. C. M. Abbott. C II. Gaines, Alb-rt Odle. G. T. Oracle. J. L. Wallace, and H O. Pa I'tvw. W. E. Wallace, J C. Ellis Sr.. and C. C. Lcm^sfon arc honorary members. BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY Wildcats Wallop Vandy NASHVILLE. Tc'nn.. Fpb. 10 (UP' —The Kentucky Wildcats Snvaclcri Nashville niRht to hand Vatulcr- hilt a mighty £2-51 wnllop on the basketball court, Kentucky bc^an with n .strong II point lead before Vnncly couM s^t started at nil. At half-time the score was 37-23 and aTtcr thai the Wildcats continued to increase their lead. Curfew ior Tecn-Agers Urged on Broadway NEW YORK -UP) City Cou'-'ll- ni;in S. Samuel Di Falco int:- t| - cd n resolution ralhsis for a l a n. curfew for utichaperoned lopn-ag- ors in the tlieatrical tJistruMs of she cily. Di Piilco, dubious of tlie pkM r.' tiie tecn-agrrs iliat they \vero "autograph hunting,'' said ihe purpose of the resohition was to protrci the yodiif? atTaMisf "coinniinirlint: witn persons of uncertain reputalUm . . . who may be injurious to Uic;r nior- a'.s and their health " Tho ipsohition was referred to the committee on city affairs. Religious School To Teach Sex Hygiene I CHICAGO (UP) — A rabbi here , >aul sex hygiene would be tavrght I m the religious school of the Sou;h i .Shore Temple sex qne.i- j lions may be answered 'with inmost propriety wilhiti ... a house ' of religious instruction.'' ^ i Dr. G. George Fox. rabbi of the ' Reform Jcvvish Cr,nureaation. said sex education given by medical and religious leaders would offset "the grossness which improper knowledge of this sort assumes when learned In unsuitable places and Iroin ignorant persons." Fox said thac the instruction wouUi be for parents as well as children. Boys and girls would oe taught in separate classes. Read Courier News Wani Ads. i Church Organ Recalls I Feud of Long Ago | KOKOMO. iiui. (U-P.i—Seventy- seven years makes a tot of dltfer- | once. When the North Indiana Method is I conference meets here In May. on e of the items (he Grace : Methodist Church will exhibit with | pride K n new organ, the gift of Mrs. Cressy Thomas Havens. i When the conference first met in j Kokomo 17 years ago a controversy j arose over the use of an orgati in a , house of worship, some churchgoers who thought the organ was "an instrument of the devil" filled one instrument with pepper, setting the choir and conore!r a ' L j O ri to sneezing and coughing and playing havoc in general. After several^ yea is. however, the progressive element which favored music won out The organ was accepted by all. Player Injuries Weaken League-Leading Cagers CON WAV, Avk.. Feb. !0 iUD — The League-leading Slate Teachers of Con way appeared weakened today as Ihe prepared for tonight's game with Mnenolia A. and M. John Kincnnnon, tall center for the Bears, injured his hand in the Henderson game Saturday night: a tin Junior Carson, Bear forward. was nursing an injured ankle hurt i]) the Oxarks battle Friday. On the otherhaiid. Magnolia w^s bolstered with the addition of I x- foot, seven-inch Roger Laync. i Read Courier News Want Ads. ^ $ is Your Tractor Ready to Go? IF NOT... GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE ON REPAIRS AND PARTS REPLACEMENT! We make il easy for yon to l\;ivc all \imr farm eqoipment in jjonti shapp for llu' season just ahead. Our credit service is just tin- Ihinjr you are limkiiiK for. Come in and lei os e\|ilain how il works. You'll profit by ils use in Dial you'll },ave the "m:!il" tractor for (he particular joh when the lime romos! fASy CREDIT TERMS (INTERNATIONAL) vv^ McCormick-Decring Service 3/2 PHONE863 YOU SURE CrET HOW DO VOU DO VALUES, FOR IT, TELL. ME, THERE IS-JUST HONE.V 1 DEAL AT POOLE MOTOR CO. FARMERS: Don't Walt on the Weather OTHERS ARE BUYING NOW: • Jeeps • Tractors • Plows We have 'em ready for delivery; Don't delay—you always lose on last minute planning . . . Get Your Needs Now From Poole! Naturally Golden Fii-;| bane iiupiovrmrnl tn pin niskiiie in 300 yrar.i. SMj*r,im*5 <-xclu-i\«- pr,Hc« inakfF Ilii-s linr pin i\nt it rally polilfn, Xntiiruily pnimithrr. i\rrtnrall) (iry-cM, Try it inday! BARRETT HAMILTON, INC. Distrib'Jlor LURE ROCK, ARK. W'eckaajs Bi>» OHice Opens «:30 p.m. Show Starts 6:45 p.m. Saturday Bo* OMIre Opens 12:45 p.m. Slio» Starls 1:00 p.m. Sunday Bo* Of flee Opens 1:« Show Starts 2:00 Tuesday and Wednesday with Kent Taylor and Vir B inU (irer Also Shorl RITZ THEATRE Manila Ark. TONIGHT Wednesday & Thursday "Joe Palooka in the Knockout" with Leon F.rrol anil Elyse Knox News and Cnrnedy LUX THEATRE LUXORA I'ricle »f (he Community" Oprns a( 6:SO p.m.; Starts 7:00 p.m. Tonight "SPORT OF KINGS" with ^^ I 1 mil Campbell. Harry Diivnijiort .iiui Glnria Henry Serial: "Rrirk Bralforrt" Also Shorts NVi'ilncsdiiy ^t Thursday "The Mighty McGurk" willi Wallace Brcry and Dean Slockwcll ;itul Kdward Arnold Warner News and Slmrls New Theater Manila's Finest Shows KVKRV NIGH I Boi Ojicni Wecli 7:00 p.m I Matinee Saturdav A; Sunday Sat.-Sun. I p.m. font Showtnl Distilled from Amrrii:an Grain, 90 IVoo Tonight "SHANGHAI GESTURE"' |', with ficne Ticrnrr .\l^n Short Suhjrcts Wednesday & Thursday "Thc Unfinished Dance" Kltll Manarct O'Brien anrt C'vcl CharlM Also Shorts

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