The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, I5I.YTnRVH.LK (ARK.) COURIER NEW? Sou* h's Fury Over Civil Rights Bares Lot of Possibilities But Little Likelihood of Real Battle Hy f.ylc C. Wilson L'nltal I'rcM Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Feb. 10. lU.P.i-Srathcrn threats to sabotage President Truman's election chances this year wouUl invoke Ihe I'Jtn Amendment to the Constitution. The 12th Amendment was ratified in 1804. H was proposed alter experience proved the original plan for electing president* and vice president could place men of oj))icsing political parlies in those offices Sen. James O. Eastland, D., Miss + is brandishing Ihe amendment 11 Mr. Truman in protest against ills ' ami-lynch, aii!l-|Kill lax and ami- | racial discrimination program. lEastlatid and some other angvy ^Southerner* suseesl the South might withhold its electoral vote from Mr. Tnnnnn, There are 531 electoral votes, each state having as many as it has members of Die House and Senate. A bate majority necessary lo elect is 266 votes. The coii'iiiuiion provides election must he by n majority of Ihe whole number of electoral votes anrl therein would lie the power ol the South it those states actually opposed the President's election. Republicans Enjoy "HaUle" I" a close election could prevent the from functioning by vote when the ballot-s were counted • g by the President of the Senate in Break in Cold Weather Looms Higher Temperatures Due in Arkansas, Forecaster Says The temperature In uiytlieville dropped to 18 degrees this morning, three dCRrces lower than the Monday minimum, but there was , prospect for warmer weather to- on a single slate : nleht „,,„ tnmoi , *™™ ' '« electora college , the foiwasln.s !„ l lt , , e n ,'™* £,^ir±^ I Vostert.,-, maximum w?s32 <le- Kree.s wilh a mean of 35 for (he day. weeks after the November election. p ()1 In that event the election of the si-erase mean for Febr'uarv. Ihe nation as a whole" the ^^^rtf,^^™*^^"^* ™,ves im ° *' H ™ 5e "' R < p -! : »«~ w^tau'te'^^Z' T^A....ui; n ..._ ..,i.- »._..- i._. . I ern nan ol Arkansas snow whlrii e sm ril v ' „,"»» E "' e id v dly Whlcl> i "** 1>us transpnr- Republicans, who have been en- Joying the complaints of Southern statesmen against a Dotuocra-.ic i taiim"°i.,'T"" J """ '"^ ua " sunr - prcsident. Singly insisl t U a u,r^,» lo r?orm»" T ^^ '*' teapot tempest. Thej point, out that U: . n /" 18 (o nor »' a! schedules, they expect the Republican, candidate to have well more than a majority of electoral votes when .„,,,„, .„„„„„„„ J -.vlthouC Many cities in South Arkansas reported from four lo six inches of a snow but the Northern hnlf ol the the ballots are counted. If "that"is • ^ tUX 1 ?'"""* , " Ca " Cd Wlthoul s?,^.^ MM [ i| -^STthr 60 = cast their votes for Mr. Tinman or ' , 5 It - i H • wlthhold them. A Republican would I No ,.„„.,, ,J" at Harmon be elected Just the same. , R ),° s "™ , was reported to have i fallen anywhere In Arkansas last Suppose Mr. .... .. _.._ .... Republican candidate for president tan R neck and neck race next November and angry Mississippi Decided to withhold Us electoral ^ote Instead of casting it, or named electors Instructed to vote for some Democrat other than Mr. Truman for president. Mississippi has nine electoral votes. It could be that Mr. Truman and his Re- Dublican opponent would divide the remaining 522 electoral votes equally, each getting t fal 361 and each being just five short of the baie majority necessary tor election. Each State Has Single Void The electoral college would be powerless to function under such circumstances. The House would I proceed then under the 12th amend- I ment to choose a president from I among the three candidates with the most electoral votes, assuming there were as many as three wi'.h any electoral votes. The amendment gives each slate a single vote and provides the winner must receive the vote of a majority of all the states, meaning that the minimum number of vote.*; which can elect a president in the House is 25. - It the House is unable to elect m president by March 4 following ^the election, the project is abandoned and the vice president talk's the high oliice. Bui if Mississiry' or other Southern states also had refused to cast ballots for vice president and the office was not /illeri in the usual manner, it would be up to the Senate to elect him. The constitution permits the Senate to choose between the two persons having the highest number uf electoral votes for vice president. Election would be by a simple Senate majority which is 49 votes. The newly elected vice president would be sworn Into that office and thereafter be sworn as president. Truman Attitude On Marshall Plan Approval Rapped NASHVILLE. Tenn., Feb. 10. lUP) —S"l). Kenneth Wherry. R, Ne;>.. acting Republican Senate majority leader, last nigh! criticized the "al'l or nothing" attitude of President ) man toward approval of the Mari .all Plan. A. "We ran; to help Europe all we •win." Wherry told a Lincoln Day gathering, "but we don't want to bankrupt America. There is nor'ninc: wrong with Europe, provided they have the opportunity, that hard work won't cure." Wherry, who appeared on the same program with GOP National Committee. Chairman B. Carroll Recce, charged thai Mr. Truman is demanding "rubber stamp and blank check" powers from Congre,« reminiscent of "the Nen- De.-il tcc.-'- nirtue." Wherry blamed the current fuel shortage on the Democratic administration which he said had permitted the sale of scarce pipe nnd 86 oil tankers abroad. Truman and the : nigh(/ whell temperaiure' S "drappcd low as 15 degrees at Harrison. Other lows were Batesville 19. Mon- tlcello 20. Little Rock 23 Tcxnrk- ana 24 and Fort Smith '25. Many gravel roads were closed yesterday by the highway department—not because of the snow but because of the damage done bv earlier freezes. Closing of the rural roads also forced the closing of some schools, Impassable gravel roads resulted in the discontinuance of classes at Oillctt. Sheridan and In Grant County until next Monday and at Hope Monday and Tuesday. A bubble of warm air which developed from the storm in the Noit'i Pacific moved Southeastward across Kansas yesterday, lilting temperatures Into the 40's, but the weather Dressed to Kill Ready for battle with any Jews he sees is this Lebanese Arab, armed with rifle, hand grenades and ammunition bandoleers. He's a member of Arab forces reported concentrating for "Holy War" over partition of Palestine Thru 12 Freezing Winters THEQBEHTIiTifTS have used this for coughs of GHESTeOLOS The Quintuplets have always 7( .]i,,,| on MuslcTole to relieve couphs, «ore am! aching musclra of coliis. .Muster,,!? ii'tlnnlly starts to brine vtonrlorful.loni!- lasiiris relk-i! It actually hrl|,» We*!, i; r . rninful surface ron-.-.stimi. In3Xlrtnalhi>: CbiMV Mild .Mustorote. U|'s. At ill ilniKJtorcj. '^ gr t-ro " n K«ad Courier Nc«s Want Adi ATTENTION SPORTSMEN: There will be a mcelinrj ,,f everyone inlcresled in inlrodudnjr phc;i san l i,, t |, is cm , n(v . n{EE i, ic(ure show on ii]ica,s;inl.s and pheasant hunting. Court house, Blytheville, Ark. Tuesday Night, Feb. ?0ih. Booms Wallace Cinderella from Warm Rio Grande Country Finds Memphis Chilly Spot C. B liaidwin. ol New York City, will serve as campaign ninna-jei i«, |U W y \V.ili»rc' F third i):irly Haldwin was lorinei ec'jiiramc director tor Italy and executive vice chairman o! the Progressive Citizens ol America By 8oruki (United I'rrss Staff r'i>rrr.s|)i)in)^i)|) MKMI'lllS. Ti-iin., Feb. 11) tui'l —Cinderella of Ihe Hlo Grniule \vho:>e fuliy t;o<hnother didn't JHD- Ide lier ivith ivoollrs und a cure [or alr-slckuess resumes her Jour- ncy in llvhiK geogmphy toilny. Otella Percn, H-year-old dnughter of ii Mission. Tex., field hand, ur- rlved yestevilay oil a ilrenin trip to Ihe Mississippi Delta country sponsored by the Greenville, Miss., Cluimber o( Coinmeive. The plnnp ride made her sick and the mercury was at 15 degrees when she stepped oft the plane. She was scheduled to fly fruin Memphis to Greenville In liu mii- phibtons plane, lauding on a nearby lake, but Ihe /light had lo oe cancelled because oJ the wcntlii,: The little (.'111 and her ,mrty will go by automobile (or the big celebration In her honor. Aside from the upside-down (eel- liifi In her tummy and being cold, Ofella's arrival in Memphis was all a little girl from the vvurm Texas ctiriis belt eould desire. As a special concession, the weather man provided a freak snow storm, the first she had .wen. A[(«• she ivns bundled up In warm rlothlni; -which Ihe iiHTchunls 0 ( linplciil Mission didn't have for her -the little Bhl was taken on it lour «f HIP Memphis she had read abiwl tn her lii'inniphy book buck home. HIP Texas Blrl. who shares a room and a hull wlili her pnrents and five , brollieis nnd sisters, was islvrn Ihe • trip here because of a simple lollcr she wrole in the Greenville Clumber tif Commerce. She asked some (|UcM[ons about Mi,sj|>ftlp[)l f, )r in,,, t-iass nnc j ( o j ]p nice Mus invited the Circom'lllc. folks it« conn- t(i Texas for Ihe citrus llesln. The publicity boys decided | to let (lie child K rt > living geo- iBiiipliy lesson. So here she In, all •toBsi-d out In new clothes bought for her by ihe merchants of Mission —nil except wonlles, bureau said it has lost Its idenlily and caused only H slight warmtne in the Oulf .States today. Knpl ShurlaKF Worse Fuel oil for lienthiK homes and buildings disappeared completely I" many coiiumiiiilirs ami in olhei strict conservation programs have been put in effect to preserve meager supplies. The Department of Commerce, ordered an embargo on all fuel nil exports from Knst Coast ports. The depfirtnicnl notified Rep. Edith Nourse Rogers, H., Mass., that It stop Issuing export licenses for at long as the shrmago continues. At New York, the Queens County General Court House ran out ol fuel, forchiE 21 courts to close. In the 22nd court, one justice kept a civil case In session. But he and court attendants wore overcoats as the temperature in the courtroom dropped lo 50 decrees. Approximately ^00 fuel trucks delivered 585.000 gallons of Navy reserve fuel to hard-pressed homeowners in New York yesterday. The Federal Power Commission at Washington turned down temporarily a request for an emergency supply of natural gas tor fuel-short Detroit. Approximately 200.000 Detroit workers have been idle for more than a week because of shutdowns In the automobile and other gas consuming induslrics. Twins Over 60 Sought For Medical Study NEW YORK (UP)-Dr. Franz J Kaliman is searching lor twins over 60 years or age. Dr. Kaliman. ol the New York- State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Cen- ter, has hi en kccpinf a running record of more than 500 sct.s ol twins for Hie li\.st two years. The obji'cl ol hi.s study, he .said, is lo learn iho social and psychological laclnrs needed lo preserve physical and mental health hi old age. The study Is to continue lor Ihroe more years. . HELP';..« COUGH •UIH OUT Cl.,,1., SIPTOL lliivs you instant r t .[,,f (> > . Uurt _ t.l-np hrnii-rnlil nil.I rough, ttiroal lintuli,,,, „,,. .„.„„, (|u , ,„ rol.l. Slpu.l looioiu Ilir |>lilr K , n i,, Hip fi.-ual »»<! liiotirinl trucl mul PAGE SEVEN JF STOMACH BALKS DUE TO GAS AND DLOAT Help Gef Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of Thii Nervoui Distress Do ion f««l »ll piiirnt-iip »nd mlintbtt » irr .wry mr.f. .our, hllur rood? I I J I* .*""' >0 " ">"* <"' l>l««tl r ln 5 ! '™ r «<om«ch Ho the rll I I ' itLl'IZ 1 ! 11 ! 1 * i 10 ?* 1 *' u *" ">• »iom»ch ik riiv'V !" " D1 " ft "°"' "<>"»•»>• 10 S ml'i . tttln f<wrt I 1 "'"'!": OH. iho ??i™? y '.' rnltl ' 1 - »»«r 'ooil. .ol.t inrtl- CKT SIPTOL TOI)AY .. To «" '•»! 'tlltl you mint Increu. th. now of thii vl«l guttle lulfe. Mi"" f«1 »ulhorl(l«». In Imt.iKmdfnt. l»hor«. torjr t«l« on humin itonuclu. liirt br liMltlv, ptout iliowu Ihnt 8SS Tmilo I, iminlnily eirecllvo In Incrmilni; th J now wh.n it I, too mil,, oV sc.uty d"J Al.o. BftB Tonic h,ip, build-tin non- °r«.,ilo. Wfnlt. w.tery'bloo.1 In nut, . tlonul unenuit— to wnn * pooil flow i« till. Kil.lrlo rtlKf ,(|v» Julc* nll» Hrh t.ri. ''°? l < «" -I'OUW f.t b.U.r .«, J ullUr" I«pl tiettfr. »wk better. n:ny licllcr Avola pimi.iun« yourFrtf with o«r- do.« ol JCKU .nrt other .Ik.llfrn. to counteract ». ,„<! blo.tlim vflirn wh.t you .o dt.rfy ncf.l I. BBS fonlo lo licli, you rtlKMt (nod Ji>r Ijoily itrnicili .1,1 •i-inilr. l) 01 ,'t w.Ul Joh, i" n 1 "to '"j'l'V l'«0|'l> 6S3 ToilH, !,„» sSL n-'" 1 , ,'"""" "" ll - ""<• * "•""« o! nSfl Ionic, from your <UIIK Mmi- t<Mi*t- SSS Tonl. h.^.tniw suf,,};,','- There IS A Difference in Auto Service ... Yes, (here's as much difference us (here Is l>p(w«<<n an apprentice ami a specialist. 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