Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on December 17, 1961 · Page 82
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 82

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 17, 1961
Page 82
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4-G * * LUBBOCK AVALAIICHE-JOURNHL-SunilaY Morning. December 17. 1961 ___M of AQUALANDIA NEW KINGDOM OFFERS FREE LAND GRANTS! INTRODUCTION On these two pages is related; and documented, one of the most exciting stories ever told. Published for the first time is an accurate account, in chronological order, of certain events which have transpired since August 10, 1961, 5. SUMMARY King Marion I, Sovereign of Aqualandia, newesf nation among the Nations of the World, having related ie story as here published, concluded by stating on November 27, 1961: "Up to and including this date, the Kingdom of Aqualandia, although its existence is known throughout the v^i-orld, has met no opposition or resistance of any nature, and has every reason to believe that it will be accepted by all countries and become one of the world's important nations." "Great Progress has been made, we are now ready tor Internationa! Distribution of Land Grants. We believe that every Nation and al! the Peoples of the Universe will Clamor for their fair and equitable share of the lands of the kingdom, in addition, we sincerely feel that each Grant holder will support our claim end pull for the ultimate success of this Great Venture. Signature c-.i "The Kingdom of Aqualandia" As Related and Documented to Marine-Land Grant Corporation The legal status of the Kingdom, as a Nation, has not been determined, nor has its rights to convey land grants and deeds been recognized. No representations are made that valid title can be conveyed. The questions raised by the ’’Story of Aualandia" can only be answered by the individual readers, merit and value for Grant Deeds must be determined Signature Seal NOTICE TO ALL NATIONS Recognizing a need to notify all interested parties of the action that had been taken, the 1 I 9 countries of the world, which maintain diplomatic relations, were forwarded, by the King, the complete history o- Aqualandia; i.e., the Proclamation, Land Grant Act, and a letter setting forth his purposes and requesting the establishment of diplomatic relations. These diplomatic packets were mailed during early October. ' Wrtflrj wa^ dated October 23, 1961, and nn the iianaia; i.e., he establishment of diplomatic relations. _ , first reply from the officials of any of the Nations o^ the World wa^. dated October 23, 1961. and ‘ived from the "Legation de Monaco." The first reply and some of tne others are reproduced on the 1. BACKGROUND A certain retired bus.:nes?5 mar., an avid student nf histor>'. ar.d current events, spent many hours thinking a’oout present world v-indif Thjs man long pondered the thouijht that thi> \ast wp.^lfh of the ocraii lands roul<i •omeday cauí^ preat controvrrsy among tho pwplpn/nations oí thP unrld. II- wa 5 ccxivmced that these lands and wealths should be utilized and dcveio¡xd for the benefit oí all mankind; but past events indicated to him that odp or tno world po^^er» might e.Tploit this jfrrat Fmntirr to thf nxolusion nf thf* many small nations wWch have mea^pf finance's and littk* scientific knouirrfjiP. In what powiible way might those iabulcxis mineral resourcps be grven ' free and proportionately” to ail people and. or nations of the norld"’ After a great amount of rei?earch to confinn to his satisfaction that the land? under the oceans were unclainH>d and nn-goNrrnf^. much thought and study was made on the typ)e of olaim to i^e fited and the of government m.ost suilai for establishing a claim. Recoenizing unmediate and universal opposition to his claim 1 Í filed as an individual Ameri-. ;n Cit.zen or as a Dictatorship, and lack of COTtrol and owTjrrship if filed as a new Republic, a dension was made to rr-i'-h- lish a Kingdom. A kingdom was chocen .ts being the most workable and -;c- ceptable form of Government to expedí*'^ the free and equal distribu'.'On <>f i<inds' The rece. ---following 2. PROCLAMATION "Aqualondio—^New Notion" Tiie by Grant. 3. "CABINET FORMED-PRIME MINISHR TO U.H," Subsequent *o the Prorl-ima^ion, King Manon I, sppointf’d h;? cabini’t m.pmbi'rs. On August 22 1361, the Primp M nisier spprared in per«f>n at the e of the Secrrfars' General, ‘^'n-^ed .N*atir>n> representing h s Majest>'. Public- it>’, by d«:''Sign, has been »arefully avoided until this time. On August 2*. 19Q. letter was smt through pmp#>r channels to the United .Nations, Thi?? letter presented the New Kingdom's request for Membership, 4. mmm und-grant ¿a (As revised November 6, 1961) Having f'^'tabLshf^d a Govpmm<'‘nt. and having hid claim ! ) unclaimed and ungo\i^rnfd lands, and h-'iving notii.od !:if' ’ N'arif>ns of thr^se afiions King Marion I rnari^'d h -' i.^nd Gr?irft Ai"t ” This Af t confirms his statrd position, snd fuliJls hi.s humanitarian df-sirf's to Ix-nr-fit mankind by Inf frf^‘ ;md pr»>{>ortionatP distribution of these v?LSt and .> larids ----- riat'on of Marian I. emphas! 7 .rs the fnllowing: "The establishment < ' a n--r-î:-.>n—the rlainiing of all the undaimrd lands of the world—that ih 1 .;ids con;pri^e a large pri^entago of tne ranh s-.iri i —sreks recognl!;->n and expresses the desire to fs- tablish d p’')m=aMc r' !;<n'ins with the Nations of the World.” His Majesty takes the p.'It ion that is I'^gal to make and file a claim on lands th.^t are unt lainu'd: ^hat it is legal to establish a Kingdom; that Internall.mal L-.v is primarily based upon pix?ccdents and the e%-er n..orded by Histi He sim.ply states that he is following the proc^dur^^ »¡srd m the establishment of many -Nations in the H;.'tor\- of the U'oii^î J:; .addition, His Miijesty cites examples to sup- fwt his clainv sui-h -'s C .: ■"''^bus sreking and discovering America and ciaiming America in the ru'-^ie of llte Kingdom of .^Ptiin. The claim rviade by Coiumuis wa first prior and subsequently recognized as \ -id among the N if.= :ns -;f Uv World of 1192. August 28. 1961 /jf ,'Â0 jn f/.y-. ^ytrc ' J. trt jÍÁ* nomf ' .vi/*. ííZ, Y ¿4^ áím¿i Jtt* 0/tr 4U /Xr ^ t <í ^ ^jA mrÿnym/ ßi ftì/iaf ‘<rr ia 4>éú> ' ¿Jt Á-A-m . t ^ ^ -- .«■«irM»» ^ t’rmVítínÁ ^ jítíjfrf aá »w/í/ ? ■■■ aÁ> «nf afv//Xn ^/é/rr^íi f/ /Af ¿Xf¿^tíAne/^ v jMifXJar» JAui, a MU ^ ^y/,ví æÎ<« tÁtm *!^/¡^ /r /Xf áttA-t/M» jnM /X- ‘ írttí.4 Tlie Hon. Dag Hammarskjöld. Se<^reta'y-G<'neral THE t’NITPZD NATIO.NS I'nitrd Nations Hendquart'-rs New New York Dear Sir. ■'’nn-'plN-^ng w;fh the instnjrti'^n? which I/ird Prime Minister Michael i' Austin, nf A^pialandia, rf--eived v.hen he appeared in your office r>n Air_ni.<t .:2. the Kingdom of Aqualandia is herewith present- n 2 its request for membership in the United Nations. The Kingdom of Aqualandia whose territorial domain is described in the attached Proclamation, which is a part of this cfMnmunicaton. is the largfSt Country in the world, in area. Tlie va.^^t potential of AqualarKiia’s ri‘Sourrf*s await the attention of the entire world, and their future de\elopment will greatly enhance the material wealth of the peoples of the world. His Royal Majesty, King Marion I of Aqualandia. is de\’oted to the principle that his gos'emment should and will encourage and assist to the fullest extent of its ability, any government, scientific or comm.erclal group, or any other entity lnter<'‘sted in the development of aqualandia's natural re.sources, whene'.'er and/or wherever such developm.ent will, to any degree, prove beneficial to humanity in general or in part. His Royal .Majesty, King Marion I of Aqualandia, is familiar w'ith the rharter of the United Nations, in it.*^ entirel>, and does herewith aeree that, when admiitefl as a membf'r Nation, he Kingdom of A(fualandia will abide by said Charter. H;s Royal Majesty, King Marion I of Aqualandia, is devoted to the principle that the .Naiions of the World an<l the peoples thereof .should lis'e jn fjc-aw \\ith one another and shall, as head of his King- d')m, work diligently toward this rad. ---- ÆÆ'f’0 /A j*tr x^,,m ' ^ ^/X* éÁ H,-.'- jt '“j ^ t. f ' ^maii/u^n3 c i'aXrfi á¿^ ^*r//r 4 t ‘ÍÁí H, /f . ' ai . ‘r^ne¿. .ai ' *n4,‘ /j¡í ¿£í >- /¿í. y ^ ^ ^ Mttt JtH^Í MfM, Am/jAi, ^fÁ Jtm/ XÙ Afp' W mtft* Mr jXßtf *aàà jsti^ rj/¿Á j > /y^J¡/> 4HoA>t. juj X ¿{* jXm/jt ^.aáen^ m j X uí SÍ iú- Mtrfúiatt»- ^•art/im Mtt/ j XÍ .JLtm-fX»' A> ^ 'S Ä^a/f mr*ui¿ j Á jÚAr*ímm»J¡4m4 7^1/ -9Íír*,íU, J¡r. r i 4aX Y" • I-/ ioj j>-.. In the e;.e^ of the Kinn" tne small. por>r natjori?, whi' h were s.'ibic't to exclunon as matters ^.tood prior to August 10, "'■»uid now dife'-tly participate in any monif s receivrd from Lh^ utilization of the great ndios repf^rted to exi.vt on the lands of Aqualandia. Each Nation, according to size and population, was assigned a quota of land grants to issui d free b>' King Marion. V^Tiere individuiii governmf'nts fjermit, His Majesty will issue grants directly to iJie citl- au^ns; otherwise, the quota for a natiw will t>e issued direcl- iy to tlx- governmeiit of the nation. 'I'iie Umd Gra.nt Act .six^cifies that the recipients of grantji will have an undivided panicipating min<^ral interest undf-r all the land.«. Thus, the Act prwides that all grant holders will rficeivp pro|/>rtionate .shares of any monies collected by the Kingdom from all gov'emments, firms. combincR and mining and f)etit)leum companies leais- Ing the lands for r^-xploitation of minf^riils. snnui'j u*. ... , d'>m, work diligently toward this rao. fiis fifn’al Mnjesfy. King Marion I of Aqualandia, having adopted a form of govi-rnment f)atterned after that of Kngland, in lieu of a written Consl;ruiK>n, ha.s defreed that the miwers of this gwemment shall Vx' distributed among the King, a Parliament (consisting of a Hou.s^' of Ivords and a Hous/’ of (’ommon.s), and a projx'r .Ju< Authonty, and, with the aid of his Ohinet shall create and establish all other branches and cV'i^irtments of government nea'ssary for the proper administriftion all interna! and external affairs of the Kingdom of Aqualandia. In addition to the foregoing branches, divisions and offic('S of government, the King .shall appoint a I/>rd Prime Mini.Hfer w' {v>wers in the Executive branch of the Government shall be suf)erseded only by the King hirn.self, or b>’ the Prince Regent when acting in the King’s .steafi. The Gm’emment of Aqualandia will offer to the peoples of the world an opportunity to lr?come citizens of Aqualandia, and in addition Will offer dual ciii/enship .status to thf>se who do not wish to rdin- their existing citizenship. Inasmuch as Aqualandia is a neutral Nation, thi>se requesting dual citizenship will not l)e rcHjuired to violate their currf>nt citizenship obligations to any other r-ijiintry. His Royal Majesty, King Marion I of Aqualandia, having read and approvfd the ciintents of this Document, does herewith in.stnjct I/)rd i-'rime Minister Michael H. Au.stin of Aqualandia to immediately forward .said Drxnjment to your office. His Royal Majesty Marion I KING 01-' AQUAIv\.NT>IA Temporary Address: KI.NGDOM OF AQUAIJVNDIA P O Box 1292 Lo« Angele* 2Í, Califomlâ ^ ^ .ift* rfff* JÀ a»td^ /r ^ may, ^ètt* Mm4, </, ^ /p jt- Mme ame*ty, ÂÙ /ÿ/'Wj / y” " '■<7firn- ,í£ff f-: fÿ. J. '^A^y, /^if /Àin/ 4Á / mutimr» ^XaÆÀ ¿X^ /^.Xt»ma*)¿^ M y} /Xfm 4m» ¿X* iX^ m*/X ÁmñUftÁmá^ XU a,r«t/jny 4tá* ^ jX*j^jXa jfofXi (07*^ '</C¿X>/^Ji^ jXi Âüt jXn^ jià /£JêX 4ìyÌ4Èta4^ A 4g*ty yrvMtunétti t^ùCn, ámáj^ Jkttmy A‘ 4d*K*X/i X^/a* ........ /■ - jgnX tmy/vtHuX, jmd- <rtmiâmy JX x íOíT éáZy r/^#//ví X X t ¿ *»10»^ /X* mXitXXlu- Xim. ¿ú/tmJim 4^ ,0ur-0y mnÁf*>Á ¿Xt-'«yAiu/¿X¡^ jCtJí'ly f^/Xr jfv'fXí S^Zy, ¿Xtjí- jÉ>ntX¡A ‘ n A» ^Jn'yya/f S^Zy X. iXa í^i^ctárnoár n, MtytXü. Jt Àmimm jXa/im» /X* í^tX ■é'W'M'mm ''''^iin irtfudh lAt ftni r¥-^ / ^<v»*í«4b/ ÁU (¿X-**t<my4t^

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