Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 2, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1897
Page 19
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To go below us io price Is to go below ua in quality, Thanksgiving Offering. Again we fnltill the Big Store's promise.to give its patrons the *est values obtainable under tht sun. Lowest prices quoted in America. Every Department Adds Its Fall Share •«f values to the entire store's offerings for the next week, making a e.lid share of bargains that will proved unmatchable. irresistible, not the offering of cheap, worthless merchandise, for there isn't any here, but the values that result from careful buying in large quantities. We •are manufacturers of a large share of our clothing and are \nJling to .be content with small profits. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS 'We are oftering for the next week, Suits and Overcoats for So, ike kind others ask 6.00 for; 7-00 for the kind you see in other houses for 10.00; 10.00 suits in Scotch, Tweeds, Satin Black in coat, others •call them cheap at 15.00, our priee 10.00. The most tender spot in a mother's heart is to see her hey look ibetter than some other boy, and if you can find a place in the state of H.diana where it can be done, it is at the Children's parlor or THE aUB where you will find novelties at prices tnat will open your eyes, Suits 'and Overcoats 2.00 to o.OO.-Don't forget that you can sare 2oc to 1.00 on each hat you buy at The Hub. ISovelties i» Blurts, neckwear, and underwear at a big saying to you. THE HUB, Harry prank's Old £tand. TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR THIS FALL... For A. Suit or Overcoat Qe Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coupon's Drug Store. INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. Insurance and Loans. All kinde of Insur- ant* and Bonds written In first clans companies. Money to loan 8 per cent. S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. 209 6th street P/ivate Mone) to Loan No Delay- C- Q: HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. SOS Fourth Street. W.J. Baroett, s Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. will remain with roe. rju .«^c= Offloo 16. Residence-Mutual, Phones ea-. o. u. i 88 - When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO— p H. Wipperman, »6. Fourth Street Opp- Court Hou.e Entrance. Kroeger & Strain. OIXY NB.WS. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Buy where you can buy the cheapest and best.—Waldena shoe store. The C. C. club will be reorganized this evening at the home of Miss [Flora Taylor, 614 Broadway. As a compliment to the Misses Getchen, of Vlncennes, Mrs. Walter Scribner entertained a party of young people Tuesday evening. The funeral of the late Mrs. Theresa Pottmeyer was held at 9 o'clock .this morning from St. Vincent de I Paul church. Rev. M. E. Campion officiated. Mrs. Harry Thompson, of 302 Spear street assisted by Miss Kate Parish entertained the W. C. B. club Tuesday evening. Cards were the feature of the entertainment. Refreshments were served. SETH M.VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and •Writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. GEORGE W. RODEFER. «eal Estate, Loans. **&S&?* rid of Market street bridge. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, rt«w first class work. Stylish and well flt- tt£ clothes made. Cleaning and repair- tag'neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Qver City National Bank Corner of Fourth »nd BroadwaT Central Telephone Ho Office S6S, residence S4S D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET oter Bruggemwi's Millinery THE ELKS' MINSTRELS. A. Great Performance Promised Next Tuesday The efforts of the Elks, in a charitable sense, is well known to the people of Logansport, and on next Tuesday night, December 7th, a minstrel performance will be given at Dolan's opera house for the benefit of the charity fund of the local lodge. This performance will be given by members, assisted by the oest local talent and under the auspices of the lodge. The success of previous entertainments is a guarantee that this one will be well worth the price of admission. Washington Township So'tes. The farmers are working hard to get their corn in. The bid weather is against them. Adam Greaser is said to>have the best corn crop of the season, off of 22 acres he husked 2,000 bushels of corn. Henry Cllnglnpeel of Des Moines, Iowa, Is visiting relatives here, he also is making the rounds giving entertainments at school houses. Mr. John Wallace who moved from this country last winter to Wisconsin is reported doing well. Charles Herrell is said to be the best corn busker of the country, he averaged 60 bushels a day off of the stalk. Henry Beamar of Denver, Is visiting friends and relatives here. COUNCIL PKOCEEDINGS. Nothing Ont of the Ordinary Brought Up. A Division of the Interest on the Pratt F nn d_0ther Business. The common council convened in regular session last night with all the members present excepting Alderman Graf. Mr, Hadley of the finance committee submitted a remitting order in favor of J. H. McNitt for 85.20 for taxes erroneously assessed which was allowed. Tne claims commute submitted the list of claims (published in another column) which were allowed. Mr. Battery submitted an ordinance prohibiting the placing of advertising •natter of any description on telegraph, telephone or electric light polea in the city limits without first securing the permission of the proper persons and assessing a fine for the violation of any of the provisions of the same. The ordinance was laid over under the rules until the next meeting. ID, the matter ef the vacation of certain alleys in Chamberlain's and N. S. LaRose's additions the street committee reported adversely to referring same to the city 1 commissioners, which report was concurred in. The city engineer submitted a plat of Morrison's addition to the city, which was adopted. The sewer committee was granted until the next meeting in which to make their report in the matter of the Plum street sewer. Mr. Boyerof the electric light committe submitted a plat ot the Forest Mills 2d addition, which includes four lots fronting on Sixth street, which the committee has recently had filled up and put in proper shape to be put on the market and the adoption of" said plat was deferred until the next meeting in order to give the members ot the council an opportunity to investigate the tne same. Mr. Boyer submitted an ordinance regulating.the erection and malntainance of electric light, telegraph and telephone poles in the city of Logansport, and specifies that said poles shall not be leas than forty-five feet in height, must be of shaved timber and perpendicular. It also requires that all unslgbtly poles be retuoved and poles answering the requirements of the ordinance erected in their stead. The ordinance was referred to the ordinance with instructions to report on tbe same at the next meeting. Mr. Dykeman of the cemetery committee submitted the claim of Julius C. Kloenne for $50 for services rendered in assisting the civil engineer in straightening: certain lines in the new addition to MtHope cemetery, which was referred to the city attorney. Mr. Hadley of the Pratt Charitable fund committee submitted a report In which that fund amounting to 1300 was apportioned as follows: To the orphan's home $200; Ladies' aid society 150 and to the W. R. C. 150. The clerk submitted the contract of the Westlnghouse Electric Manufacturing company in which said ompany agress to provide the city with a new dynamo for the electric light plant, which was concurred in, The clerk read a petition from a number of old soldiers in which they ask the city to erect a suitable flag pole in Court park alongside the piece ordnance recently received. The members of thR council thinking they had no jurisdiction over Court part it was decided to refer the matter to the mayor, clerk and finance committee, they to act in conjunction with the county commissioners. Tbe final estimate In favor of the Lux & Talbott pavine company for Broadway from the west line of Third street to the east line of Seventh street was submitted and a resolution adopting the same approved. Tbe total cost of said work amounted to 121,117.92and the total number of feet improved was 3,268 20-100. Mr. Dykeman submitted a resolution requiring the street commissioner to remove the tramway on Toledo street in front of the site" formerly occupied by the gpoke factory. The resolution was referred to the street committee 'ith power to act. On motion of Mr- Dykeman the clerk was empowered to purchase two new chairs for the use of himself and Mr. Hadley, which was adopted. The street committee was granted until the next meeting in which to make their report in the matter ot opening Sixteenth street from Wright to Usher streets. Haigh reported the fire department in need of 1,000 ,feet of hose, and the committee was authorized to make the purchase. Council adjourned. SEWAGE BEDS. A Longcliff Experiment Recommended for Use at Hlrmmac. Dr. Hurty of the state board of health has been recommending to various cities of the state a plan for tbe disposal of sewage which is now in operation at Longcliff asylum and which is the only instance of the kind known in Indiana. What is known as a sewage bed is made by simply excavating to a distance of about five feet and filling the excavation with well-screened gravel. Dnder the gravel is a main, drain pipe connected at Intervals of about tec feet with lateral pipes. The sewage is poured upon the gravel bed and while at first somewhat of a nuisance, very shortly there is formed a vegetable growth through tbe gravel which destroys all the poisonous matter, and when the sewage seeps through and reaches the drain pipes it is absolutely harmless. Two beds are required In order that they may be allowed to rest alternately. The ground can be used for growing vegetables of all kiads and can be made a source of revenue. Tbe beds at Lougclift are used for growing vegetables and are a remarkable success. For a city the size of Logansport about five acres would suffice for the disposal of sewage for a decade The first cost might be considerable, but it would pay for itself In a few years from the leases, besides probably saving a great many lives. Dr. Hurty says the time will come when there will be laws forbidding cities polluting streams with sewage as they now do; that it will be aa much of an offense as foi an Individual to empty refuse In his neighbor's yard. MARIE JAKSES Store. In "The Nancy Hanks" at Dolan'g Tomorrow Night, If the public were only permitted to get a closer view of the domestic side ot the actress 1 life they would marvel at their own ignorance and soon undeceive themselves. It is the modest exclusiveness and reserve of the majority of actresses that keeps these facts from being better known and permits the public to form such mistaken and unjust conclusions. In this connection perhaps no better instance can be cited than tbe case of the beautiful comedienne, Marie Jansen, who plays in this city Friday night in Frank Tannerhill, jr.'s very successful comedy, "The Nancy Hanks." Miss Jansen's home is in Winthrop- By-Tue-Sea, a suburb of Boston and one of the most picturesque spots In New England, Hundreds of wealthy people have homes there also, as it is a favorite spot on account of its health giving Qualities, Miss Jansen's home is called Ben View after her father, and is situated on Johnson avenue, a private thoroughfare. The grounds are very extensive and reach down to the shores of the ocean where the actress' boats are anchored. Miss Janseo, „ though thoroughly womanly and refined and having none of the attributes of the new woman, Is fond of all out door sports and can hunt, fish, swim or pull the oar with anyone. Her itudy is ornamented with four deers heads that she shot herself while on a bunting trip in the Adirondacks, and In her music room Is a beautiful specimen of a stuffed salmon, the result of her skill with the rod. |W e A re Determined To close out our various lines of O \TEECOATS in men's boy's and children's department. We are OVER STOCKED, and to anyone needing a garment of this character, would say that we have made prices that will move the goods. We have a large variety in -Beavers, Meltons, Kerseys. Oxfords, Black, Brown,"Elnes,Ulsters Eeefers etc.. of finest quality, and first class make. In Winter Underwear, We are simply in it, and kare the largest stock ever offered before'in 50c lines up.Good heavy eoofcforUblc garments for cold weather. In Furnishings We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats and Shirt?, closest figures possible. Splendid waring garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Depf.. which is lull of wearing apparel tor the little fellows. We have the best 2if and 50c Knee pa»ts ever offered in this market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. AJfuil supply at lowest prices. We have arranged t» supply anyone with a correct garment.that we oaan»i fit from stock. Thanking yoi for past favors. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. 322 Market Street, **»+»»»»»+•»»••••»»•»•»•••»»••••»»•••••»••••••••••*• Logaospcrt, Indiana • AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPERA HOtfcJE. W¥. DOLAS, KAKAQBB. KBTURN ENGAGEMENT FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 3. The Funniest of Funny Playi, Tanieklll's Comcdf, "The Nancy flanks." A Story of a Salted Sold Mine. Three acts of laup-bcer.—N. If. World. "Hot Stuff."—Chicago Caronlcle, Presented oy the Famous Actress, MARIE JANSEN And the Distinguished Actor Author, FRANK TANNEHILL, JR., And a Great Company. Hear Jaasen's Merry Swigs. PRICES 25c, 50o, 75c and tl.«0. Seats on sale ar. Johnston's drug store. THE GREAT COMMERCIAL SCHOOL OF INDIANA. Genuine Office and Business Practice from the day of entrance. The Logansport Commercial THR First National Bank CAPITAL |250,00i i.. J. MURDOCK, PMMDaKT, W. If. ROSS, CASHHM, J. F. BROOKMIYBR, Aaar. •IHBCTOBS: A.*. Martock, W. H. Brinfhiuit, Dennil Ok), a, 8. Klce. B. f. TantU. I M. i»rwo»<. W, T. Vfilaoa. Banking ID »ll iM D«part««nu promptly and carefully done. Safety t» Customers aid itookholdar sought for. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained. Special Sale _OF- JARDINIERE STANDS High School. We use the well known Sadler's Budget system of Bookkeeping and office practice. The Educational ait of .he 19th Century Genuine bookkeeper's experience from the start. No copying The student learns by doing. He is noi taught impractical and obsolete methods and forma. The most, thorough and up-to-date commercial school in this section of the country. Select the beat Cheap tuition if dear at any co°t Select a school that is recognized and endorsed by the business commnnity. We urge investigation. come and see us, or write. tugansport Commercial High S««o»l. FODHTH STREET. PERSONNEL Of tke First Part of the Elks Minstrels »t Dolan'g. Following Is the perionnel of the first part of the Elk minstrels Tuesday night: Interlocutor—Al Grlce. Bones- Walter Moore. Geore Miles, Howard ytlttand Sol Blritenruth. Tambos—John Hayes, A. D. Fansler, Harry Doggett and Stuart Frazee. Ballad singers—Joseph Rembush, James Murphy, Paul Jordan, Charles Burke and William MoKee. Chorus—George Custer, Frank Schleiger, Thomas I Chase, Ed. Do- Ian, Arthur Foust, Charles Elpers, James Hamilton, Bert Dodd. George Chase, Ed. Ho well, AMn Denbo, Earl Denbo, Walter Beamer, Mel Gordon, Nick Bauer and George Chase. Attention, St. George Conimandery. All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St. John are hereby ordered to be present tomorrow evening at the armory at S:UO o'clock. CHAS. RUHL, Capt. Funeral of Jlrs. Dora Davis. The funeral of Mrs. Dora Davis was held yesterday a t Salem church near Deacon and the large attendance of relatives and friends manifested che high esteem in which the deceased was held. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. West, of Kokotno. Interment was made in the Miller cemetery. Hood's Cure sick headache, bad ip^ • • I taste in the mouth, coated mj ill O tongue, gas in the stomach, • III ^p dixtreu and indigestion. Do ™ not ireiken, bot h»T» tonic eff»ct. Th« aolr FU1< to t* 1 " ^^ Hoo4 BEAL ESTATE Reported for the Pharos by 8«th H. , Aistractor. Martin Mlnnicfc to Claude Bishop Lot 77 I Bumgardner'i add to Walton. 1500. Myrtle McKee and Aaron McKee toG. W. Bishop—Lot Sin P. Hathaway and I Noel's add to Walton. •300. W. E. Haney to B. L. Woodling and Frances Woodling— Lot 15 In Haney's add. 11,000. Anna V. Osmer to Harry Rogers- Lot 2 of the subdivision ot the Pollard farm. II. Harry Rogers to W. and A. Osmer — Undi ot pt of lot 10 sec 25, Eel tp. . W. and A. Osmer to H. Rogers- Above property, f !• Gottlieb A Sehaefer to Edwin J. Diehl— Lot 8, sub o 1 20, Admr's 1st add, B side of Erie aye, w of Hth St. 82,500. Thomas B. Reeder to Alice Stal- nakei:— Lot 14, Highland Partc.North- stde. 1400. John Galloway to Fraak Fair and wife— Lots 49, and 50, Wall & Booher's add to Walton. »475. Anna V. Osmer to Hanna E. Honsman— Lot 32, Highland Park. 1185. Mary E. Bettcher to F. J. Bettcher— W * of lot 11, S. M. Tipton's add; n side of Spear at, w Of22d8t. 81,025. Geo. Hendee to Angellne D. Bisher— Part of sec 14 Boone tp. $50. Robert Tarn to Ella 0. Tarn— Lot 10, Clifton's add.Northside. 1300. Rochester Evening Sentinel: "Miss Uora Hight, who has been T!S- iting with firlends in Logansport. returned home last evening." M»d« from solid oak, forest green, or mahogany, uim»Ily i«ML at f 1.50. Special sale for W»«m»«4»y TM«rsdaT. Only 79 cents. Special sale of JardiniirM. all S som« rerj fine ones, at ktlf «ro »tor« prices. Most every lady wnte ««c. make most acceptable ir«44i*g Christntw pre*ente. Smoke thejOolunni* cigvj tor. Mkt.,5th a«d Erie St*. icCoy's New European Hotd tOt. CLARE AND VAN B4IREH .f*. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. K. I. A: P. and L* S. <fc JI. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hive just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found iu *w hotel, including hot and cold water, eltrtrfc light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and ! 'For three years I inffered from Salt Rheum. It covered mj hands to such an extent that I could not wash tbem. Two bottle* of Burdock Blood Bitten cored me."—LibOf Young, Popes Mills, St. LIWIWM county, N. Y.

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