The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVJM.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1947 Erosion Threat latkm Union Files Affidavits Official Painfs Very Dark Picture for MidWest ^";By RUTH GMF.INER (UpJlei, fy«;s Stiff Cam$|M>nAe WASHINGTON. Sept. 3.'lUPJ — One-fourth of the nation's-entire cropland is (hi't-alened with ir- rciiaraVe damage by 1900 if tlie Drescnt rate • of erosion continu».s, soil-'conservation officials soUl to- Ajiother 23 per cent of \he Jjuu\ fnces"'i>crinonent Injury between ISGQjaiid 1975. Officials said failure to act will cosl"tlie nation $ in Uiejiext 20 ycai~s — in actual cash ajj:j .without regard to the irrepla- csble loss of a vite.l natural resource. . Conservation ofticlals said that continued retirement .of broad areas of lam) from cultivation eneh yenr well may force a reduction of the American diet. Pointing up this possibility, they sM census experts estimate (hat by 1910 the United Stntei will have j a population of 170,000,000 compared v, ith ' the present 1-10.000.000. Tiny said so grent a papuhUlon will- reqxilre more — not less .— land thjm is producing crojix today. The officials stressed that "no oiiL 1 , \vill starve." Instead, the national diet would decline In nutritional quality. There would be a .shifting to a heavier cereal diet. According to SCS, erosion now is making Its most, vicious attack upon the rich middle bait of the Tltc MidXVest long has been con- ;;iOered n "permanently" ilch brcnd basket. Bui intensive cultivation of \^ar-Important crops In llie.last few.years hos exposed jiillilons of acres or precious lop soil to wind :md rain, officials said. Tile 50 per cent of available crop land now suffering from "critical" or -."serious" • erosion totals 225,- CCC'flflO acres. Another 210.000,000 acif^ is undergoing a ".slow" cat- ingi'ivvay. The rest of the nation'? ^ farmland resources, or only nboul 15,(i60.0M acres, does not need con- .s&rvatfon help r^i\v and may never iieejOt. Pf, H. If. Bennett, SCS chief, ha--; mapped out a 20-yeav conservation schsdnle that would cost $1,400,000.- CCOr-He said the program could ar- resl/- the erosion that hns carried awrty one-tliird ol the nation's farming soil since Columbus landec in the Western Hemisphere. Bennett said the program anticipates comprehensive and Immediate treatment of the land, but that it jplll mean completion of basic , conservation by 1970. "From then on," Bennett said, "tbe-total'remaining'Jcb ;wou!d Become jrr.imarliy. one-oi" maintaining lh?'"''wo'rit already on UK ground, ivhich would be easier ami a grent deal cheaper." x >> European Notions to Offer 4-Year Economic Plan PARIS, Sept. :l. <UP)-«i WM11 Kuropi'sn naltnnx will present to , St-cictary of .State George 'C. Mar- ;,h!.!l n four-year plan or economic i sell-help niiloreii to Ainerlca.ii .suggestions, Sir Oliver Franks, chairiniii: '<f the Kuropcan Cooperation ! Coiimiitlco. snl<f hut night. I Fiankti .said' the "reasoiiahly (m* I liiiiMitJc" re-port will be finished diir- ins the second m-uk «f September. i -II will shciv.' (hat even )„ . 1951 Emopc may still have to "Import j more goods lliini she «ui pay for in nullity:-;, !IL- fiiud. J r j';inX.s' s.'iid tiif report v/i/i con- iiiii' jour main points— descrlptlpji u( an iiU'i-eiised proriuclloii pi-o(?r«m,' a linancia] .stabilization 'and inonc- Paul R. Hnlclvmgs. lett, president of the Office Employees IiiU-rniUlotinl Union of APb presents R. N. Denhani. Oeneral Counsel !or the N1.R11 with alfidavil forms sworn to by each of the union's oil leers Mntim; individually that ihcy nre not inenibers of the Communist Party. THIS union was the first to comply \<llli provisions ior non-Communist affidavits under the Taft-Harllcy Labor'Hill. INEA Telepholo.) an of 'Europe's dolhir deficit and a program i>! Euruimm economic cooperation. Ii was reported the l(i countries would usi: iho United States for .n .s|j(uu| dollar fund to hasten con- vrrirbilily «f Kuropean, White House Open To Public Again; Cleaning Finished WASHINGTON, Sept. 3. (Uf't— The White House, closed during August' for rcdecoratlon, was reopened to tourists yesterday. The straggling , crowd that took advantage of the 10 a.m. to noon visiting hours found bnsement and first lloor roams cleaned and re- p.ilnletl. New draperies hung at all wliulov'-'S. The massive silver candelabra that is the central piece of the paneled state dining rotn was newly buvnisttcd, as were chandeliers in the freshly-painted East Room. Upstairs rooms — those In which president Truman and his family actually live — hud been cleaned and touched up during the nn- nunl refurbishing. The work was carried out with the advice of Mrs. Trnmnn and under the actual supervision of Chief Uslier Hovvell Crlni. The While House said no estimate of thi* cost ivns available. Public rams, including the Fast Room, Red. Blue and CJrcen Roums and the state dining room, arc open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. The house is closed lo tile public on Monday; nnd holidays. On busy days as many as 6,000 visitors hnve filed through. Only 1.134 persons had been admitted shortly bciore clnsins tin 1 ." today. NOTICl: Or- ACCOUNTS OF KXti- CUTOltS AND AD.MINISTHA- •IOKS HIM). Notice is hereby niven that din- ins tin- nionlli of August 1347 the folUiwiixi; LICCOIUU.S of Executors and Ail m i n M valors havu aecn filed for sMtlfiiu'Hl und confirmation in'llw Prubau; couit for (he Cliickasnwba nisirict i>l Mississidiii Oatnuy. Ark- :ms:u; ami Unit sncij accounts with Uieir ir.sperih'e filing elates ni'e No. I7C4. Kslaic o[ Dollic Smith, dec-easfd. Phsl :in:l Finnl report of list 3, 1047. No. 1CS3. Estate of }!. D. Iloblnsoii, deicnsed. First 'and pinal report of 'imt 1 Hobinson, Adinin!slrair;x filed August 12. 1847. AH persons: imere.sied in tjje .set • llniienls of any cf the above estates ;>re warned lo fj!p exception i Ihereto. If any have they on or before the sixtieth day following the tiliiit; of thr respective accounts, tailing which they will be barred turever Jrotn excepting to the account. 1 ;. \Vitness my hand as Clerk iuul the seal of .said Court this the ^n<l ciuy oi September, 1047. lOliiubcth Ulytlic County and Frobnte Clerk For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3543 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. SALIBA CLINIC OPEN Dr. Satiba has returned ro B(>'f'.:cvillc end will resume practice immediately at his ciinic lo- cated at 128 East Kentucky. Are You Planning to Move? We offpr you this piece of equipment designed for ssil'e Iransportatiari in all typos of wcaMiur. Ample KtiniiUii'o pads snul other equipment, to in.snrn ««>re hnndlinjr. 24-Hour Service on Notice 1 Eleemosynary Charter Given Vets Corporation COLOMBIA. S. C., Sept. 3. 'UP) —'-An cleemosynnry rliarter had beeh issued today to the Orange- tiliZ. S- C.,.Veterans' Housing Cor- poVation. a non-profit-making gfCW. The corporation was to deal with i-hf.. Public Housing Artmlnistra- tion- to secure surplus government dwelling units for the couivly. HSynesworth Pitts was president. J.^P,. SlcCpmb, Lewis Sluiier ai«l AtUen .Player vice presidents, nnd SELL Your Car While Prices are HIGH! to SH ELTON Motor Company Dial 4438 A. Fcllon secrdlary-treasnrer. I» _ «119 W. Ash i Treat Your Car to Skilled SERVICE , - Expert Nash service is now available for all make cars. This means that your car—no matter what make it rnay be—can now receive the benefit of Jhe experience of our skilled mechan- - ics who work with the latest tools and equip-, ment to give fast, efficient service on all jobs. 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Waterproof. l.un.cK pocket, name plr.le _ SCBIRJOiSET Scriplo Mechanical Pencil flkPC Extra (cad* and erasers. . j£ J PENCIL BOXES Filled with pencils, crayons, ruler. Other ncedg ,„. CRAYOLA CRAYONS Six ausorlcd colarcd crayotii to box^ - ^ tight Assorted colored crnyons lo box •, Sixteen ajaorted colored crayons to box CHH.DS BROADCLOTH SUPS C Good Tearose Broadcloth . wltli bodice lop and ruffle bottom. Sizes 4 to 14 „ i Striped Colton Jersey. Crew Neck- SHofJ sleeves. Also B road el Dili. Sizes 4 to 14 _.„ 49 YOUNG BILL DUNGAREES 8-OZ. SANFORIZED ),BLUE DENIM SIZES 7 to 14 Ne\» Vail itylcs in (ail color printed percales. Attractive little Droics m liies 7 to 14. BOYS DRESS SHIRTS Put color Percalet. Sanlorii- 5*4 5Q ed. Stand-up colUr. Top B drcixd. Sites 6 to 14. SCHOOL PENCILS TWO FOR .... 5c MECHANICAL PENCILS \Vcnrcvcr MccharticM Pencil in Color,. Mclal Clip, OAC LEAD PENCILS incsl Mir.-\do nnJ Mongol r* 1 cncilj. F.!,lra Big Value.... 0 29 Younj; Bill Blue nucklc. S oz. 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