The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FP;BRUARY 10, Former Governor Takes Issue With Laney on Civil Rights Row With President Truman Lrrrus ROCK. Ark., m. 10 . (U . P ,_^ OV . Bcn to Arkansas today Meed wi'l, the first, major criticism O j ], ls nun,,,,,! Itmid against President Truman", civil program. In a sharply-wm-ded statement, former Oov. Carl E Bnilov re realed » s|,m in Ark.nyu Democratic opinion a»d cLa^cd' that Bonlhern leader, have misrepresented (he true Bom,,,™ ; C e " gardmg Mr. Truman's proposals. »— . ~ , . . -' "" >t-~ \ Oil III 11C fc'Oiilrl boycoll the B'nntial Jcffer- eon-Jackson Dinner if party lead- »rs go through with their decision to williliold proceeds from (he National Democratic Party. He ilos- bi-ibcd the action as "chkciish" atict Tn act of "b.irt faith." Criticlifs Cynical f; rs |u re Bailey salrt that action ot the Southern Governors' Conference last week-en,; In Tallahassee Fla , nmt attended by Lane y was "Ihe most cynical eosture t can recall 1i> all my political experience." The governors decided lo ask the President to modify ht s civil rights Bland. "Like most .Southerners." Bailey faid. "I also entertain reservations us to the wisdom and Ihe practicability of some of Hip President's liroposnix. |>u( i soc ]„ |,, 0 ,,l no tin-cat lo Simlhcni institutions snf- ficient to justify wild and mircal- t^'tic talk of secession from Ihe Democratic Party. "I lioliovo thai some ot our leaders. actin« in hasto and in an^cr, have misrepresented the true feel- ins of the majority of he people of Arkansas a net of the South." Bailey declared. May Royroll Dinner "The action of Ihe Southern gov- parly lo privately a^ree to 'soft- Pedal" the civil riqhls [>»>»ram in return for southern political support is lh c most cynical gesture I can recall in all of mv political experience." he said. "We arc not likely to find a solution lo our problem* b v gratuitously Insultiii' the President ot the United States." Bailey said that Arkansans have no moral right ( 0 hold !)ie Jefferson-Jackso u dinner unless proceeds from it arc sent to Wash- BI,YTHKVH.I,R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Kilroy Returns as Portable Filling Station Arkansas Coal Mine Explosion Is Investigated FORT SMITH, Ark., Feb. 10 (UP) —Pail of the expbsion-ioi-n Snn- ; shine coal mine at Greenwood was being pumped (roe o( water lodav [Preparatory (a resumption „( mi linvesliRalion by state and federal 1 mine inspectors. i Meniiivhllo, Stale Mine Inspector ,J. \\. FilzJarrell of Port Smltli |Saici Hie oxploston which took the mcs of eicht Arkansas coal miners Sunday definitely \vi\s cEiu.sod by e.s- ; caiiiiiK pas. ' He saw, howrt-ei-. that inspectnr.s . wei-c not yet certain whore Hie K:IS escaped or what ignited it This he said, was the reason tor resuming Ihe investlgiitioii toinorroiv 1 Tlie investigation had to be ],ailed yesterday when Entry Seven East was found to bp /nil n i «•.•,(,.,• Mine Operator E. H. Noel said it would laxc nearly two advs to clear out Iht' water. Fltzjiirrcll said the tnsirte of Sun- namagca By Die blast. He said air compressors, pumps, pump housings; pipe lines and cai- lines were .smashed and strewn aroimd. [ He estimated it would be ten days ' before operations could be resumed in the dnm.iecd mine. conslruelion machinery, u.e s.ati toting sites for permur,,,,, .erv.ce sUUons. The 21-h u, m ion can nlso ue seel u Wn e • rn c mm . ,,,, .erv.ce sUUons. The 21-h u, mS 1 , • . 7 o'-Ulnl t water tank, two baltene. of „,„. „„. rc el s and nil types o to is a",d ubn nL Josper County, S. C., Demo Executive, "rN,™™,''^.^"^ 1 ",,, 111 " Committee Votes to Bolt from Forty niDOELAND. S. C., Kcli. 10 —Jasper County's Democratic Ex- jccutlvc Committee voled yesterday lo boll from th<- Naiiotial IJemocm- lic Party, disreRardinn the Southern governors plea fnr a <10-duv waiting period. The ooiiuniiloe ciilleil a muilly convention here tor Pel). '2'.\ lo secede from the national party the South iji .sl;iv- rliiimcd "hold ery." The action of the .Southern (• cinors' meeling t Tallalwssee o from In wiinj! i-i)iwi>s.s1<in.s bv Cluiinnnu n . tliov- II, Ink sv t - mo i)n m |) UIIMI.S." Hi- iKtinlilril Unit in liuHlun t)i e Soiilirs trndlllonu) iwrly. Iho i-onn- I.V lHIUlll IK- "ll'iUlllK liu- iHHISO of 1 " Fire Destroys Half of Long Freight Train tlHAVtvJTK. Ark., F,-b. 10 <UI>>-- 'I'lilrty-tlvo cms of i\ Kiinsui (Jllv Nmilhmi iroixhl (rain wore lio'.ilroy. oil b,v (Ire iii-iii- lifff I'r.stnxlny. A derailed tanker ronlalnlng either oil or KIIMllllIC \M,s Ijcllcvril !,, have started ll,o bla/o In ll,o (Howl pmUMYil 15 ear (ml,,. A „,„., ,„•„,,, mo'd;; n n,±:r '"''•'•"'" •• <"'- ^X'Tr-r ^; s- M'cm to (tin si/cnc. ' ' ' ••••«• •! m^ir ^U|l( «l [IIlr '•«'• iif misollno ami six „[ n ,ni,. The mvl.tent W|IM | 1( , ,,,!,.„ |lmiU . >iiM ('I '" Avk ""''" ls wl »il"> tin' More thiin I'll ,-i,,.. s ,, r ,„, K , >mmd Mlsimri |. lv ,i,,, „.„„,,, „.„,',, We Have for Immediate Delivery Kelvinator Refrigerators Kclvinator Home Freezers Apex Washing Machines Apex Vacuum Cleaners Electric Water Heaters Emerson Radios One 8-ft Beverage Cooler oM E. B. Gee Sales Co. '' ' in til- Snn;h. ihey CHICHI in CD into . , Hllioiim of pnllllr«l 1J. D. T. \vmild c'lcansc- H," 1'iinly s:ilil. "Wo mils' inirii i|,r |, miM , ,(„„.,, .. !,<• Mini "Thi-iv is mi otlior aun-«- lo ilr.slroy dim |I,,,I M - , u , ( | du' C. of C. Official Quits I'lNK Hl.UI-r, Aik., l-Vl,. hi uil'l I In- I'luo llliilf c:liiiinlji-r i,l <•„,„. Mi-lU'dire ii[ Southern vuiixl." j ."ui-cly outloil on nil imorosH-a! ^Bailey also challenged the right «f dinner guests to speak for the Democratic Party. "I suggest thnt sonic o[ th e best «nd most loynl Democrats in the state cannot afford to pay $15 for the privilege of having their views recorded," Bailey declared. Nice Headwork ^ . *K»i.-*nm^**tmi fc.-y-K; Common enough in the Old Country, this sight mnkes Chicagoans turn and stare. Mrs Pauline Glinico uses her heed tc. tote a heavy load of clothing' destined for relatives in Snlcrno Italy, lo the post office. She ma.'.-es a much-needed donation fyke every few v.-cc.'cs ,-ind Tan cr.-.-.-y bur.r.lcs u-chliin<; up to 100 pounds on her head. Burglars Break Into Post Office At Prairie Grove FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. Feb !0 I 1 "' 1 ; SliMilf Bruce Cridcr 'and Postal Inspector Leon Hop pe were continuing their investigation today into the latest in a scries oi t\i>anmgtaii County burglaries The burglary of several thousand dollars in cash, stamps and post? notes, from the Prairie Grove Pos' Office was discovered yesterday. The burglars entered the buitdiiip through a window and virtual!turned the office upside dou-j, lo take everything they could. An office safe had been broken into. It was necessary lo take an inventory ot the cash and other valuables on hand before the exact amount of the theft could be determined. Prior to the post office robberv a wave of similar break-ins had been reported in factories, store- and the raycttcville High School. Who Crashed in Atlantic FT. BliAGG, N. c., Feb. 10 <UP>Hope_ waned today for (nc ,,| lol 0 , a P-J7 fighter, reportedly a famous war fher, who sent a radio messagr Sunday that he was -going down' in the icy Atlantic off the North Carolina coast. A Richmond. Va.. newspaper (the News-Leader) said the pilot u-a< believed to be u. Col. John p iviartm, commaiKlcr of the 79tl FiRhter Group and ), ero „( 2m com war missions in Ital >' d " r '»g the Martin. »,,„ „-„„ 23 dcwnUom loi his combat flying. , vas !ormi;1 Ihicf air instructor for the Virginia National Guard. "Bima run h « r l!>If1C '™ S tlw »Bht to have run out of gas and plunged inti the sea about 34 miles off Ft, Fi 5 c Near Wilmington, N. c The „!„„,, was nccoml , au , d , Dill Fi'n'V"" fll « h t from Mo Dill Held at Tampa, PJ a .. (o „„ Richmond. Va.. Army Air Base Til riekinj; on Him New Orleans lUPI—C E Davidson rcporu that in nine . moiuhs his radio supply shop h as I been bu.-daraed nine limes at a lass • r,f S3 005. chiefly In radio sets | the. smash a new windoa I ns as I can put it in.' lie com plained. STOMACH, Too •HE'S RICHTI Constipation often brings on upset stomach, gassy discomfort, fltt- utence, sotu taste. So you WMII your laxative lo relieve canstipHtion »nd comfort upset stomach, too. OR. C A tD WELL'S famous medicinrdoes both. Il contains Laialive Senna, one of the finest things for constipation known r> medical science. WND ron STOMACH RELIEF it contains n reliable carminative to help warm and comfort your upseL sloraach. So when you're sluggish, upset, and "rant to fcrl worJcJs belter, remember Dr. Cal<J- weU'i. This one medicine gives you pleisant relief /rom consh'pttion, tnd •Iso comforls jour upset ctomacli. HEBE'I ONE LAXATIVE you t«n Inks right a((cr * full meal with pleasant effect. Ask jour drusgisl for Dr. C«ldwrll's. Gel welcome relief from constipation, and £rvt your up&el stomach coiy warmth and con-.forl too. «VEN FINICKY CHILDREN !o»e it. I MAIl THIS FOR GIFT BOTTLE 1 I OR. CALOWELL'I - | | Monticillo, Illlnoit 'f Dr. C*ldw*lr» postige p«id. NAME SIVNH L.«.\T1V! -•- - SYRUP PEPSIN "STATE - I —J C.n-cn Un.s held tin- ,,,, M ,,„ , hl , nine y[ . n ,^. ciHin,h,.i> iilfn-iiOs iiskp<l 1,1m to romni,, „„„, A , I1 ,,., 1 , Tanks To The Peopl Of Blytheville e You Just Walked In And Walked Out With 80% OF OUR STOCK • • • • the remaining 20% of Our Stock Will Be Shipped to Our Other Store, The Vogue Shop Soy Beans Cleaned Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport rhnnc ax(iO CALL 4627 I''i>r l.nwoi- Cost lusiii'iince • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Aqcncv \ir * r(t , , ^ * »• I.. liuiiK'c, ftlKf. Iwuies n\(\K., HJ.vtlinville, Ark m *Mt MKcufty sfwce ALWAYS fftnv* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer I'hone -T17H Hlytbcville Ark. 112 Walnut 9t, 2014 Main St. Phone 2906 They Wi!i Continue Our Fire Damage Sale Due to the splendid cooperation of our manufacturers, we have managed to secure almost a COMPLETE NEW STOCK!... In fact, it will be complete within the next 15 days. We Will Be Closed All Day Wednesday To Mark New Merchandise DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality HoiliM- Work nnd Kcinnili'lin^ a Snecinlly 110!/2 E. Davis St. Phone 4641 "My Joints Feel Rusty" Dnu'l hike 11 dinner with \rnir hciilth. Doctor* I'll I) it Arlhrlll.s mid sny thai It nijiy i,c nuRvavulcd by uupiopi'r kidney rllinliiatlmi. Many physicians n'ccimmend this niitnnil imuvnil water that liplpj to ellminatf the .systemic vvu.stes. Order a casi TODAV — r wrili; for l-'ltKK hooklft. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Alain and Dlvl Ulylheiilk', Ark., "Eat a Bonncc at Barney's" A Delicious Buffered Sfeofc Sandwich BARNEY'S 2006 West Main Street Phone 3647 We Invile You to See Our New Spring Slock Miss Whitsitt's Shop See What's New at Whitsitt's FARM ITOBES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 'Efree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Wtane 3646twt2S15

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