The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1948 Communistic Influence Cited Former Ambassador To Russia Appears Before Committee WASHINGTON. Feb. HI. UJPi — Artm. William H. Rlsmcllry, [onncr U. S. Amb.-t.'Wfdor < 0 fjn^- a s ,^(j ynslddiiy thai CnmmmiMji m Vliis country are siKltatlni; in hriiiR ubmii till- lu-rakelmrn of cnimahsm. He also told a lir lnsr UnAmprinm Activities .Surx-ummiiipp nmsidi'rini; le-fMsIailon «i curl) Communist p : ,rlv L ai'livilifs lh:\t: I 1. Communist iisitmiiin [ W | t » hi. hnr's dr-nund* for higher wa^s utter the war. 2. Gnvmimom :«.i?.iii- t . of coal mines and some railroads durhiR anil aJtrr Die »ar «-a.s "due to the itllhiem-c of the Communist Party." He dirt nol oxululn whether lie meant tile fimtmiinlsl Puny in- fculncccl thr i;i>veiniiient ID nuike the sfi/urp or '.vlietlier It influenced .strikes \vhi<-Ji rcsiiltrcl in seizure. Tlie reliit-ii admiral, a resident of Snn Uieuo, Cut., also said there Is "OmiiminiM influence on ilir sduiol; system --school books and tilings like ! that." j Standley. ambassador to Moscow [ In 1942 and 181.1. said the "Bieatest menace to American ideology" does not come from ihe Soviet Union but from "the Communistic influence thai exists within our ovvjl countrv." "The deniorali/iiliim of our eco'n- oiny today is fine to small groups ot Communists in our country/ 1 he said. Statullcy iiifivd iidoption ul « bill by Rep. Karl Minult. R., s. D.. to i compel Communists to jegisier as I foreign aRents. But lie opposed ani other measure which would make the active practice of Communism •treason". He said such a bill would only drive Communism imrieiBtcmnd Samuel M. IMrnbatmi. jud K e. advocate of Ihc American Union's New! "lork Department, tirsed that adherence lo Comnmnisin ,>,• belief in i its doctrines be made a ledcral crime. , i John Foster Dulles. Republican I Party foi-ciRii policy advisor dc- jgjnoimced Communism in a letter to Vine subcommittee, but doubted Ihe value of legislation i () O1 ,,)aw , he - Comnninist party or make ils inrtv mcmliers register as tarcign ngwui. BIATHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIKR NEW8 "Illness Ends on a Happy Note Senate Okays Unusual Claim for White Countian WASHINGTON. IVll. 1(1. (Ul'> — 1'lie Senate ve.sterday appmvetl and sent to Ihe House a bill to pay JJunwtt A I'ylc. limdfnro. Ark,, $11.. 000 for mjuvies suffered ,hmp si). 1S4S wlirli lie was Irnmplect by J Mim of mutes. The mutes were fnnbti'ned bv lluee planes Jlyinx: so low mer -i liarn thai ihe propeller backwash knocked IHle d.nvn in Ihe path ol the nniles, W.viuulnje XccnlN |li:iiiluin ClIWiSNNK.Wyo. lUI'l -Wyiim ing uldnals believe ore i-.uuaunnc Vila! urannim may C.VJM ui the' desolate urea of Swrctttatei C:oniu\. .Sample.s of the ore lound on a Kinih :n .soutlnifslrrn \t'uim- ini; have been sent cast lor" an- lO\SJS Tht lullabies that Mrs. Kdna nccler. of Knoxvillc Tern, Mwivs wanted to .s-i,, K to her 15-month-old dnn B blc,-. Urenda Sue' w'ere locked m her heart becau.sf- n throat infection had keot her from speaking above a whisper lor If, of her 21 year" A ,ece, I ,per l.on m a J'hriadelplna, Pa, hospital restored her voice to lull power ami now she sings s song of happiness. Jap Coalition Cabinet Quits Cver Inflation Tennessee Senators Deny Charges by Colleague WASHINGTON. Pel,. I0 . ,upi_ Sen. Kenneth McKellar. D Tenn )>as branded a.s "absolutely false" " « h-M . ' -™>. « hill to sabotage the. Tennessee Valley Authority. Tlie statement was attributed to ncp. Estcs Kefaliver. D.. Tenn who is opposms stewari f or , he T ' 1 ' \ McKclJar said on (he Senate floor hood"" " ""'"'"'• ri( ' liber J« t '' false, TOKYO, Pel). 10. (UP)—Premier Tetsu KiUayama announced the re.sigtiauon of his conlition cnbijiel • today because ol conservative crit- I ici.sni against his fjovennnent lor [ failure lo hall inflation. Katayiuna calleil for a "new middle of the road Government" in a«imt!.iM statement, but observers believed the Conservative Liberal and Democratic Parties probably will (earn up to form a new cabinet with Kalnynma's Socialist Party in opposition. Foreign Minister KLloshl Ashida. leader of the Democratic Party!, appeared the leading canrliciate for' premier-rtc.sisnate. Another powinle candidate l» former rremier Shig- cm Yoshida. heart of the Libenl Party. Katayama notified Emrteror Hirohito tlir.t his cabinet bati re.sigiicrt I and the Japanese Die! immertiatc'v moved to name a new premier. To/o's War Crimes Trial To End After Two Years TOKYO. Feb. 10. (UP>—Tlie tivn year war crime.s trial of forme. Japanese premier Hideko Tojo an 24 olhr.i- ivnr leaders tleai-ed a finish today tthen both sides completed, presentation of evidence. l!)efense attorneys immi'dialelv requejled dismissal of Hie ii.-f' ment.s and a directed vrnlict ol qmttal. Hol.h requests were by Jnrlqe.s of the iiiteniatwuial tri binial \vitliont leaviiiR the bench. Completion of the voluminous cviripjiie in the trial opened the way lor Chief Piosccutor Joseph R. Kccnan 10 start his summary ol evidence, one of the trial's ' last stages. It is exacted the trial will end this Spring. PAGB THRKH Narcissus This Liu-^lin^ \\ us ovij>itiii!]y sot tor l;iU- liiM inoiUh but \vu« r»ih-i-U J^d Hw ui colcf wc'iitliri' aiul |M;| roncls. Ail]tort ol Finals inviti-d :i)i l)]l»r,.s o| this ;ura hi iiUciui Uit- /i-ltei's Spot Virtmy, Kn)'.lish liullilni; owneil !>>• Je-riy I'lnliei ol Overland. Mo., mlmiri's his riiiiiric hcauly In n tnlrror |n?!( tjetoru fiicini; li>c judt;es n( Ihe SI. l.ouis Uieuders Assoclallon show. Form Equipment Black Market Inquiry Starts WASHINGTON, pv!,. in ,;,[>, ._ Chairman diiionl li. Hope MI|<| lii.s House Ai:rie;ilitirr> (Aimmlltcr m Mark inuikcl iK-ai-ini::, Ma, lint tnrl.iy will try [„ Unit .nil who ;„ M'.s|mn.sll(li' loi- (lie lii'.dlVii" ,,f (nunei-s who must Iniy new Minrliill- The Kansas Kepnhlliail s:,]i| [,!.'! .illiv.'.se.s will lie !ii;i.inliu-Iur.'|-.< an.l I'Mlei-s In ii-actois inul oilier lann •<|ili|iineiu. I.iiler i,e probiiblv u||| "MI- IJ'MIM iiuci'iitdi-.s of liii'in <-(|\itp- mi-nl :UH-ll<ins. "Mimy l:iuuei,s Miy (hey fiiiniol ve' ln-\\ l;nin ilinehliUMV i-\ie)>! at IM'li-es \\iiy llbnvc l||().-.- ( >' i|U<ltl-|| In- tlir ln:unil : ,,l,,ie,-i.- H,,],,. .vilil. "We WHIK i.) inui ,1111 wliy;- In t:liii-j>):u m:iiiiii»i-tiiicrs hliiiiunl lurniers theiiiM<lv<>K li>r nnvsl D( Hie "vn-pii,',. M,|,- V -|-|,,. v ,,,,,, f . Ijirni.T.i ivv.ell (lien- nrn- tl-a;:(m-i iinil i-,>lill)ii.<-s nl Jl.llsii) or m(( |... lllMUl' lill- 1..-1 l.l Ihrhl. ll:ile ho |>l.-,.lli,,-lv,-i| wlio Is guilty or *ri«t »•« can do M slop thl., practice," Hop, .«ld. "lf» "* ft '' hl ' 1 a '* cel ' Ulnl * • 'Hr mid lite (-ommHtri' will look sliarp.y at ciineiit cxporta n( farm (•<)i»l«>ic-iit mid at plans U> send to Kiii'op<! imdor the Marjsliflll nlan in tractor., comblm" «iid otliCT Inrm maclilncry. Jirad Courier Nc*-« Want Adi. A GRAPETTE, Pilots Meet Wednesday To Organize New Club A meeting ol pilots of this sec.• rimt to oi-pntnT-/ 1 a pilots' cluh \\ill be held al 7:30 tomorrow nislit nl the Ply-Inn iiirport restaurant, it FREE! FREE! FRFE! FREE! FREE! $550°° IN PRIZES! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER Will Give This Amount At Their Official Opening, This Coming Friday, February 13th H Your Lucky Day 0>-rt?^S- -t-J^J^-vAVL,,^ ib ^ J &'-^-^ ^) Give a different Valentine . . . SEE US FOR FULL PARTICULARS If you ore a resident of Pemiscot or Dunklin Counties, Missouri, or of Mississippi County, Arkansas, you are eligible. Simply bring your driver's license along for identification and we'll give all details. Come in this week — early! $250.00 Cur Location: FIRST AWARD! • Can you use it? • Can you afford to mi'ss it? • No catch to it! • No Purchase Necessary! Corner Walnut * and First Streets Blytheville, Ark. KKMKMHKR— \cx( Friday, vv l.'Hh SEE US TODAY ANOTHER 610 HIT \i y i ^¥ r ^ It's a MAR-VEL-OUS Coke! HEART SHAPED, topped by gay candy hearts nestling in creamy-white icing. An elegant Valentine gift. It's destined to be another one of those HART favorites so fitting for the occasion. 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