The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1947
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, SEPTUJMBRK 3, 10=17 RI.YTUHVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NK\VS PAGE SEVKN ears Increase (Margin of Lead Mobile Defeats Vols Third Time in Row; 'Noogans Down Pets UV W1LUAM A. SHIIU-S (United Press Sjim-ls Wriirr) ATLANTA, On., Sept. 3. <UP>—. I'lhe Mobile Hears Mrolclu'd tlu-ir I |le:ui in the Soulhorn Association to a tiiime ami n haH 10- Itluy niter defeating Nashville for Ivhc third tirno in a row last night ^' LO ;{ while ChiUC'.uoogu clowned fctH'Coml place New Orleans by ihy seoro. 4 lo j. The BOLU.S fcnig'iiL 11-innings be- IfoiT ovoreomin,; the desperate Vals |v/ho were fiyhtJn;.'. in stay nlu'ud of (lUinon^u hi ihe third and fourth "e r;u'.«. TUc Vols outhu ihi> li-n- | |t;ti<vle:tder.s 11 lo 0 but \vi it hn^cd I with threo errors lo one bobble ]<n |tKc Kruin.s. Loo Tv,-;udy and Bab Hush did Imoimcl ehou'.s for Na.shvLU: will! I Rush being charge 1 ;! with ibc l;>s: [Hoy V/hHaker won his st oiul uni Jin as .-nuny nights over the Vols Hv , in in tlie eleventh Ira me a: J a relief hurlt:r. 'Die game w '.»: ||)luyed in .Mobile. '1 Jii 1 Pelicans scored three run I in the Hrsv frame oif lofihamU-v i 1 Hill Kennedy, but a tier thai tin.- S (youthful southpaw, huttled down and j (blanked ihe Birds lor ei H fi i nt A'.bins wu;i c nursed \vilii ihe I loss. Assisting Now ew Names Appear In Majors iJoimhy Sain, Ace As Player Limit Rule Relaxed f? ston " url ? r < fo * ll*/**r««trt*tc*l>*A **^t souTiu:it\ Manager Bill Wa Aim i ic m (. ii K 1 < i; I of Muskof.on, Mich., club of the All- Ins k fl h mdcd » » Domni Cook ;i . new ivvist. As Ck-vi'i;inil srcoiul baseman in 1920, ho inadr the only .sistcd liiplo phiy ever fxt'culed in World Series. ^ 3'Tkif T?" P -N° hlls V 1 -" 1 Southwestern Colleges Un\ f ei! y^;;'^, «- l rV^ lp t - ce Sessions, Casualties B)rmm»hmii blasted Little Rocr^ * I in Smgtov/n S) 10 4 with a nine hit Iperformnmx' by Alo.x Ronay an:! I Gene iBabbitl. Homu wu.s credited jv/iih UIL- win, Sam House and Milu „ [Johnson toiled for the Pebbles. I1V E1J.KIJ (Uni Ifit I'rrss Spurts Wrller) The mystery of the y.iwninL-, s L'jrJsumft Slate's lorwaid w as s'jlveil tadiiy r.s Head Coa i work Fridav or S.iuird^y. ! Doyle K://ire of Ciruuiij;h,nn, mi, known B u-am luiloai'L: lor Hit- Crimson Title la:;! .season, wa 'qu Memphis boated Athmla •:> to ;j ] Cn . nl( . Mr,urc learned ^hintl Charley E^enmann's nine- j lh . u bi ,, Fd u, iiL job. Kisenmann .slaved off u 1 Aiw-le'i hiivl»» :i civ.;-k ;tl I laU- Cracker rally for the win. j ^ .,7" ° Walter tSockoi Stockwell homered | "' , rnn ., t , K i tUv; \vrre tackle Dick F.mvet.s with tor Uie hometown Craehovs i'.i Uie. ' K " ll -' n li tno mL(L ' ll I third with none on. Seric-s are resumed tonight. ISV <'OUNrurS KYAN tlhiili'/l IVoxs Spin 1 Is Writer) M-AV YOMK. Sept. :i. niiire.s bi?;>r.n to :;h<nv up in lh- niiijur league box ,'ooie.s today, ;i[- IOKHII;..' sni'ak previews ol in \'. Mobile . M-aVs ronkin crop. NOW Orlrnn- Hiai-Euu- S VI. I ,|<:a;.vr limit, Nashville ruli's are ivhixed, |H k i milling H" 1 , Clint[an«n^;i bh: league *u-.itns to e;d] up Mui'.i , Atlanta li'om UK- imiva'i;, but mme ot llieso L liiruiins'.h'.u, (ih'.u'is are eliv-ible lor woild series | ^i.niph'is )>!ny i! their leaia wins a pennnnl. [ ^j^ j r KOI^ i [owt'Vt'r, U-\v pennaiu-cotiieiuliny. U':uns avo will nut to iuse a luuku 1 in the stretch drivo. .so ino,st ol ih-- 1 i:nkno\\i) n.tnu-:; sl:ow up on the jircoklyn .<-(cnd {livl'.Min te;iiii:> or on lir-.l- ^ L-juis dt\ ,MUII :,<jiind^ whi; ii nir hir «ui Huston oi Uie |ii Lm:uu dri\'e. New York 'I iii' U;»l}UTs irejlli-tl Phil H;UIH- sdut, a JU-year-old ri^ht hiindcr. ohini';o Ir*iin Ht. Paul ol the Anu-riean As- piu-.l)[ir':h *;oi*huion. usvit him .Sinubiy uv.niust i'} t i)mliOp!;!; ihe l'h]Is and his two innings of i hiLlrrs reJii". won him i, jK'./.Jaule AMKItlCAN Hatlim; r:il! ;if.', Ihe Oiatils uexi 'tile A:iu'ri:an Lvalue chuir.liitjns- i \<i-'.;,\ the Y.ujket-.-i. also brnu;4ht •> i new limn tip hum ihe minors, bin ' a lumpkte strainer Lo uinjof leaf.!!? [ funs, loi i!ie burly cul'.ihet' v/us up j\\:ih C'lev'eliuul lor part ol l:)-3tl. He I played must ol this M a.v.m wiili ] Newark of the Inter.xtliwul L-.'a-iUi 1 , UH-I: icj:->rLi'd lo the Yujikfrs ;,LUl won tlie :;eeond ;;:une OL" Kundiiy:, c*u i ib!eheud(.'r with Wash in y,l(ni by pj'.aMin^ a I'LYO-rvm ivip'-r. j Ck \cl:ind lj]\>nv,h'. up .Toe Kru/.• u i !t<;ai C>:!;il:oina City of the Texas Lvuf.iH 1 ; the Cubs H^VO i^ elniru-e lo \ pi' Johnny Miller, ami the AUi- I Irlit-s icL'Ulleci Oi'H'.' Uoope* .TOIII i NATIONAL davann.di sf-nxe ti\\.- weeks ;if;c>. Mjl- Ser luid (ho rmi^hc-M JninKiuclivTn, ivtirine, !rom .Sundny'^ ijatne with ihe licds niter allowing lour hlis and :i wnlk and yelling no one out- in ilui Ala- 1'iie lleils went on LO jict, 1!] runs. Live in Jocsboro r L UA^rUA^ 1 QT'-vXU'vlVPv; ' J("Nrv;KOiK>. Kppi. ;t. ... ,]«»titn;y •-New OAOUOAU, OlAlNUimO |.':uln. are of (he Hn>ton ljj-:ivo.s' A(»l f K I pltchlnj; 1 Hntf, fnnneily tjf 1'lne W. L. Pe.t. J*liH'l', will Hir»\T his resklrin-e lo HI fiV <fi:> Jciiu^bnro a-j MHJII :l s ihe uiiijur M* .<j\i) HiaKtie 7!J Hit ,j:H today. Wi'll-kiuiwn in .is. hunni 1 ! p!nye( 'U5 .1"^ ! WUil tll( ' tiht'VHl« llUllHHS HUtl UK iHi ill ,-n;) | N'ewpuvl (Mntlniils ol' the Morth•!* It '2 ;il?> ! '' Ils ' Aikan.siis t' "!)" I.e^nui ! ,'^veral years m!<>. Is o]nuit>liit: hi V(;in-; I Winter residence due to ihe t-s- W L Pet i inLiiishiin; uT ihe hemfquniters o HL' !;D l»'J; i '^" Arkuiisiis Aluminum A-\nini 'H f>"> !f»V-i t;oinp:i"V. ot which he 1:. an oli'l- ! '.:) no .r**u ! l ' 111 '- (;.j (;•> [SUM ^'- l ' uiu'le, Harold KiHn, who Is );•) 7-1 ''nj-j i [iii-sldetu oi ihe a.\nlnn company, Missco Title Series Starts This Afternoon will also te.vtde in Joni'sbor A bi'atu'h ol the nwnntt; eoiti- intny was esc.iUlished hen 1 hist February with headt]ii;irter.s at |{u.s- spllvlllc.' Mr. Sain stated that the Nl-\v Y;:lk . U'jston . Delroit , . . Cleveland . . .. ftli 71! ,-lKi . . fi-i it; ,-ir* , . . M 713 /US t.'l if (VVi 1 wi!l1 "" 'u't' 1 "*" 11 * l'1:'*'i'(l in Ihe . . VI Mi .fifij . 71 fit) ,f>l:! Yesterday's Results SOl'llll-KN LVIAClOr. M?mpln:. i', A'.luiiiu !>. liJniiJiU'!:,T:t i;. l,i:;le Roc;; -1 Mulifle ^1 N.t.-hvill.' :t Chtultinoi-M -i rsli \v Oili :ii's :i. OjK'li Legion Plans Fund Raising \Pady at Hut di;,m:.y | ban;a varsiiy today to provide i'e- s in l.y.-. \ Hu^Ji M:-irtp\v, lone veteran lit Uuu )ro lout- 1 ;)t;:>L. A luil ^CLIUCI cf bo loported lo Hed Drew yesterday. iits j/.alore lo ink*' nvei' , r _ i :'. still knee unil tackle Fioyri MUier, i : V\ho from a Kuin- State College' \ Names Assistant Coach .sloi of the iiu-nllum-il All-Anu-ricnn • wr iiltiess. tor the Ber,!;nls Kr;L year. Cli^m- ] _^ ^J 1 '^^,,. ,l,™; 1 f pugnc luid b^esi on the "inissin;? j list" lor several day.s. His appt^tr- j rtncc in Ijos Atisfe'.t.i only proved lh:' i reports thr.t he hhd Jur-uken ni:> ': L'oncijft career tor Lhf- Ail-A!i\eii:;ir- \ loop apan^ie.s antl ih*. 1 hard -j.-oh. j Ai least .seven he-ty went ttirough the paces in \;-;n\~, drills yesterday Vv'is.h desittr.:; on Chrnnpat;no's deserted position In the .snarling Tiger v.all. In New Orleans, Head C.);ich lleji- Pi-nka put his TuUaiL' Cie;n elmid's l-'razier duubiecl i:Jj:hth innini; a^auisl Die Si, I^oulji lirouii 1 , lusl ni^hl und tiHM .ieorod in ii Ii to Ii triumph when L-j.s P.eni- IIKJ, slaimiurd Ji two-i'im triple. The | "Browns r.illird lor uvo runs in thu JC-NE3BORO, Sept. 3.—Dr. W. J. I Mdcns, presitteni of Arkansas State College here, announced today that. John H. HauLh, ol ^BellviHe, 111., I has been named assistant football ;.nd ba.skelbali coach; of llie State I College Indiatis to succeed Elvis | Sayre, who resigned. Haulh i.s *i graduate of McKen- lieo Colicge where he lettered lor \Vsivc through a .'.e^rot [ tour year.s in football, basketball j and track- He received his A. u. degree in 193U. work his tremendous KILUIC! •ml Greenics- open in the Su^nr Dov:: twice daily until Sejit. 27 when ili'c against Alabama, Kentucky':; v.*iUi;:aLs, the SK'J, ielt a -s(.-ib.t:k y,.'.sLerday when Dam Firci. (Ice;, fresiunan • end, b.'o!:c bis hand in drilling on : pass tleU-use. Futci will bt- lusi for the season. ; B:illilo:;s T/JSJ: OjiU'wond Hail;: -eLists" GruriiiLi i-ulki;i^s liAd • lost, huli'bite-k Jim <Chic:.en) O.\K.- , v.cod io:' three weeks Ir.H there ninth, -luisinji Hed Einbree, but Kd KLifiiKtii S'lven the victory, Washinuton trimmed the Alhlo- thvou^U A lU'iivy drill yo.s- i!<:s. 7 to 4. ten- iMiiUulelphiu's sev- .11 ]>n par;.',;.kin ft.r their j t-nih Su>s 111 a row. Rookie Joe Cole- tilt iwiUi Gon. Bob Ney- j ina;j allowed the Nats cue hit in ; Kind's 'I enne.ssee Volunteers Sept. I the lir^L li\"e innings, then flow i '11. S^jne Q'j t:\ndKhiie.s pai ticii:.Meii. 1 tp in the .sixth and Washington I At OxfurtL Miss., Coach Johimy .-jor^d .six runs on live .singes, three I V.m^ht put 3i:.s cantlidntos through | walks and an error. j [heir pacf-s in (our tnr.L.s in order j Tlio Y:\nkee-Hed Sox ^ume :»l ! 10 get :t.s tnany piayei-.s as possible ' llcsion was raijicd out, and other \ v.orkini! Dourer, ixately be To re Che major U'LtyiK! tt-nin.^ were not i U'ssli: witti K, i t;iutky on Si j 20. j Coaih Allyn Mc-Korn foun<i .son i oi \vurry in " thin MUVUOJI ! Mi^sirisippi Stale, but the Nr\v YLJI ''.-. :il lU^Lon. vain. Clcvt'hind :i Si, ],:iin.'. '.'. Only ;::uni", Today's Games soii'i IM;IIN ij;Adui; Memphis ai AilitiLUt, i!i|',lit. JjiUSr It^i, I: n' Jttrniini'.hitin.'.e a 1 . Mj'uilc. ChHthnuK^;i :u Wcw Orleans, NATIONAL r.KA<i1TK Cin:innn(i at l'iit'bar::h, ni^hl Only i;:in»':i. ini 11 iM'b.ill ])i''.t|'i',ttii ncre, l.)ud Cu•un I'oM 'j-l will hold a "blnno" I'.nr- i ly :it I hi' l.r y;ion llnl .Si'pl - 10, It was anomuTil :d \\ ineitltii; or Ihe ^ I'cisl ln.'M nhthl. i Ternifd a vital you! h pj oj- rmn 1 l,< i;ioniudi i-,*; ])(ilnled uul tddny Hint j Junior Lilian UMMIS >ni)vUle sup ] vised r'X'j'ealiou 1'str fen-nne h iinpi>rt:nn to their wclUni 1 . i Fumls reveived fioin Dn- reeei j .\ill fie usi-cl In linnnre the oru: I iy.ii t Ion o: n''Xt yi'ar'.s U-inii. '1'lii^ ye:ir the IllytJievilie Coltnn Pickers v,-un Uu- DLs^vicl VMv*' ehiimpUm^hlp mill i epresrnled Noi lhc; Arkansas in (he slate luurn.iinonl. Manila Cardinals iuxl the illr Route Two ' jjOOkovUs who hold the Mississippi Count} AnutU-iir iin^ebnli IX-HKUO penimn Jointly, will men at Walker 1'nrl- thi.'i ulli-rnooii ni ;i n'olootc lo I'Ln ihe three-name county championship sevli'M, The cards udviineed lo the cluiinplonshlp u lay-off by virtue of u iJ to -I vit lory over* UH- Cooler, Mo., nine :il Walker Piirk ycstei 1 du\' alLernomi in the llilnt and ullni: iMNU' o! tht'Lr nr:>t-round Merles. Miuiiln wott I ho flrbt |»funo \\i \\\v sevU's thtxiviKh w iovfi-H, mui Cooter li'iuiued back lo UK- .second j'.miic- l.y u r.i to ^ decision. C'ou tor's ucc U'Uhandei^ "IMstol 1 Jiunes, wits u I ven :i two-run lead In (ho oiirly Innlniis of Uie contest but was unubl;- to hold his udvan- tum' as the h(joni1n»> C;ird diuvi- in Ihe lyin K runs in the fifth Tram and added \i\\~ ^.nniiU' n in ll:e sixth, jijtimy KtnUh. th( HiM sarlu-r. swuiii- the blf )!>I nf (lie ;t[(('rit(>L>n r blasting out .'.icott, jtlMi n li'tihander, worke< in the hill lor tlu- (,':u iliini].-, 'I'ho chainiiion.shlp .scries will hi LWO bc.-J (jul <j| ihret- sanies will the wfnn'T beinn crowueiJ |eaf;tio ImmpUms. No dud- 1ms been set fw the iilviyi'.i'.', ot the other two but will [jrobably bt: an- noutued Inter ihis week. Armorcf Baseball Team To Play Osccola Indians Mai Ion H> IT, manager of Armo- Gin Supplied : Don't leave Blythcyllle to..baj r Uin Supplies. WQ are conn^ti! live wllh any fiiid-hou'th'ffrm "on sii]i])ly prices. Buy here for Ijellfr inerchatidlsc'antt low^ cr prices. • U.S. Belting Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Vbtvcs and Fittings Pyrcne Fire Extinguishers Si'i 1 I'litnlers linr<iware Now! day thai his tc;uii would tncel the .stronK O.sceol.i indiiiiis In a return t!»mo on Ihe Osfeoln dlnmond to- moriow nlnht. I-uink Kills, whn pllt-hed for Ihe Dlythcvllle 'l'J)',ers during I ho Miss- s:il|>pl Counly Hiiselmll UMinue play this Kuninu'i', prob'.vlily will stui'l >n Mic mound mr Annorcl. r t t ti Jccvious meet ln» nf ihesr two lo:nns this Shimmer. - Arnxirel one of the Iricte of the trade Prni:i» j -^ . M? j';;.., red v/ell-iieelod with vei utilized -so effeclively with the in:- ! ,^ n ..e rforme i, g . Only one lellenniM sa GoUlt-n llnrricane. Frnkn v.iU ! ,. ; . UUU | !S ;n Uie Hue. Yesterday'^ Stur: —L: i .s PJfinunj; or, wlinst tv-n-n.u\ triple in iht.' L-j^hth ^n^'L' Liu- Indians n 3 in 2 victory over Ihe Jiiovvn.s. |Wa/lcJhg Horse Show I Begins in Tennessee \ SIIELBYVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 3. (UP i — Tennessee puts ils best| known agricultural commodity, UIF: TonneEsne walking horse, up Tor of- I ficial display here today with the opening of the ninth annual Tennessee \Vatkiny Horse National Cc!~ | ebralion. Tlie show officially opens tonight l and will continue through Satur- U^lny niyht wlien :t world's chain- j'pion Tennessee walking horse will be crowned. However, an unofficial VandpvLilt Coacii Keel polled u ]iit It 1 .surprise for his t-is yu-sleiclay. He stui. tliuin thr ;: ^-iniirjio u :tu:i.l iicriinuiaii co \.'.t . in tiKir second ciuy j i:;lud E;:-CrI V/nar.i more, nil .sialerl lucluy. .Winner hi Dixie Flag \ Race to Be Well Paid i i KiiW OHI.EANK. Hcpl. 3. iU[') — u !ur];jUj;h-lii]i:' iiilucl E;:-ar <-(jnlcl rvci- liopu to ilnuv • compi-l iliotl. 5if:in [t U'litiinul ICLIVC lcilfr'.s win- •[•| K . i,j' L ;lf R'.i: Now ill Ho.t;»i (L!!. v .\'t\stiiii!:Ic.'n :u ] l iulii(irlp]ii:i, Only i-ariifs. Nation's No. 2 Legion Baseball Team Returns From National Tourney u'rn.E ROCK, lit-ii;. s. ivi\'>.- link's iJuu -hboys HVU sclu 1 - cluU;il in iirnviT ill iKinii 1 KHliiy, thir tlu 1 Nution;il fihuls huturo losing oui. jilUior IjibM'b.ih Hi' Hock club, which went on Id rcpi'i'scnt Arkimims in nutloiKil lourury piny. II \v:is [idlntcd (int. In otlioi' ikilton :il I hi 1 mci'llni; Ilist Illtlhl. till' post's CXl'CHtlVf ('0111- tniltt'c named liny f^unnlnnliiun SI-CCHK] y'H'i 1 t'oiinnundi'r to I'oplacc . i:il llnik.s, who rrslBin'd nflw !»•- j liw vc-t'lvtU'il In .Inly. Mr. Hurks i hi-Ul that utlli'i' for tin- pusl four vein's i ft wns :iniiintni'«l thai plnns nve In-lni; ilvnwn up tor llu-'s pnt- i |iosi'<l uiiilllorliitn l>"t Hint ollii'r Upholsfertng Add now colors (o .'your IIIUHO anil iM'otoNj;'l.hc life of yi)ur I'uniiliiiT. 1. Expert Craftsmen ,' 2. Finest Materials ;'.' 3. Custom Styling- ',. E. V. WALLS 21H( SI reel ill (iiileway Pros, Arrtatcurs Meet Prior to Denver Open DKNVEIt. Sl'lil. :i. IUPI — Tlio iinl lun's top ]irii[('sslonnl« tcetl oh lotliiy [nilri'tl with tlu^ Uockto^' hi'.'it .sliiion-pui'i. onLrii's ill a jirn- iiniati'iir' (Miinpftltltm whli;h pti 1 - ccilcs llie sliu't (if lomorroxv's $15.- II ncnvor Open. The- ryt'.s of most sinM-tnlors were on .ItililMiy l-iiinic'r. H.ulln. N. C.. vc;un[!.stii' wjio won the Wi'sleill 200 ineinliers have bei-n ob- o\v \v;is !;i! \ JJI17 SootJiern \vii:ner. . \vi-rc hopes thai he wouid oe able to i play in llin second Jluikisj; entjoun- : iei Sei)t. 27 at Chapel Hill a^vin.s', I j the NiMtb CJirolinn 'lur Ht els. IGatowciod sufffrc;! . openJiig ihis .tiorning saw_ 125 re- , shoul(|r; , ,„ - hc fi , st rr!Utirr walking Iiorses offered for | sale at auction. ,The 'Bullitcfw will bc»in GET OUR MAINTENANCE FOR TRUCK COOLING SYSTEMS jewelers Lose Semi-Finaf Gcrne Ira Sfrcafre Tourney Tile Filz;):ilrick Jo'.voler.s (]i-o[)]:pd tilCir ::(:mi-fi]Kll Baltic in im: .^L.ii.': i:iils .si)lll)ntl louniiimc-nc in 1,1111^ ,:e'-: to the Lime Cola te:iin (ruin I./t;:r Rork bj' all 8 tn 5 fccore. 'llv (iorerti eUmi:::''.ec[ lin: Blyiho- •.^i:c team Ilorn fuilhor :-nui[)eli- licn in Use louniimioni team Ui the: finul.s \vith niuil.hri Litlic li'j'^i: tram, Mie L<>cai No. 3c1G nine. '(I today io ilu: j i\ lK fj n ,,] contest of the jinncy ;:t I-os An^plrs. «. "i''> ^uini's lo CitK'inLiaii, lusl nut in Fc//cr Wins 17th Game For 1947 Baseball Season Pre.siiicllt Cliaflio 1-HlrlU In rl :j Uj 'J. Eu'lier MIC -A]-kjitis;i.s tnk: ilsnt the ifiun finishing' first. ]«].., iimi ,vc;n ,sccl iimai iuuf district mllier ihc Mobile Dears o rlhi: New | loiinu-^s r.J, HnltW'^tir^. Miss., and ' llu ' 'Uie Jioi]iei:uinin^ liiirty. invlutlJii'; I 1^,0 at tlic end ol the son .son, j Jf tho lo.-ituic ciKiinp.'i fail to win the playoff. Uiey <-onm exjjcct to rlrav; nt ICM.SI ^5 per cent ot lire l:!VC!.s. Cciarh C;eorr,c H^iVO'e Mun.i;:,i;r Burl Ilnvii. .Scrir.s I J l;i;,c-v Pool. .•;aitt. "'I h [r;iin ihiil finishes .sc'-joi ran ].[.<! .so]no consolation lor ilio of the jK-nnitni if it. run win or linish socornJ in the f>l;iyt>ll," Hurlh .s.\i<i. "i ; \n- tl'.t- pi ivolj \vinm-r i'i'.- roivc.s n ])oi>! ol S:i.r;^j pln.s 75 [;cr rent oi tJir Dixie Scries Pluyoi-;/ Fool, wink; ;i sucr>iul jt'.acT (ini.sli in (he playnlf i.s uuod loi S1.5D3.*' Pine Bluil^ Golfer Cops 1 Oil Belt Tourney Title PA. I3OHADO. All:.. Sept- 3. 'UPl —I'layinfj TWO uiuli-r p:u euJf. Ric-)];ird i Tiubba > Kinnn. of I'inc iHiift. rvnn hi^ M'i'OiuJ ('ciilivt Oi) IrirH tonrncv litlr in tlic fUKil. 1 n.l'.VKl AMI. Sept. :t. (Ill 1 ) — Iloli Feller Ill-fame Uir flril Aine- lifiin leLn:ne [ilteiier to 17 !-:;i:nes this .si'as'ni wl\en !'e tntii'-i 1 haek l.<i\us lirti\vn;; in '.,l'.e tlrsl name- of a cloublel ca'lei-. :>. lo I. M jiHlav lirluie a holiilay rrovvcl ol ^r;.(,(,C. H wjis ills n.n vinliiry :;- tiini- [loli'.n.* ami his llih-l I ;ikr ly hist end with un Ul-undcv-iiur '2'IU. Hatlirn" t luut I'iihm.T, liowiiver Die piinrJhs ht.'V* 1 vvei'r Incllnod lo make I lobby I.nuhr, Hen liouJin or I luyd MnniifLiiu Ihe fuvnritc Ui co|i to]i iiKniey u'licn (lie four-day pliW sti»rt,s loniorro\v. Of (TlL€ REAL ESTATE ' TY.M: Another Faithful Western Golf Title — 1 SALT LAI:K CITY. atpt. 3. (UP» — Johnny P.ihrttT, rormer jilter- i ouf! cli:itn]:Jon iOit] Air Force uu ; ni:r front liadin. X, C.. today ctJl- l:x-trci $2.200 for winnitirg the West! i'vn Oj>en OolJ Championship in n j i'aljiu r r;iinr? in ye.slcrday one his third tk:r here. Iho-Ki^'okc ahend of Ed <Porky* Oliver '.$ l>lnycr hovinv. v,on in 1 of Wilmington. \yA.. j\n<l Bobby | I.orkc-. of Jolnnne.slniri;. South Af- ;vo»i ivc ii]> ovor Grt:o|!icn. \v!io ^ot S1.4HO t;acli by .spiit: Tox;n-h:ui;». Smart shot tin» :>'.'cond .mtl third Pine ni 1Jt-S2. f-'jnnrl ! Krcney i ;i fi!). Uvo under nar ond Kciney, j <;:].; .IIKI..V at TO. Roun J-t/ie-\VorW F/Jers ; I hi- tiiMU'li oi'.o o] Ihe cV>«'s( . j Hiiti be a wimrssrci ;uui tiic pi.iyi'fs Land in Pans; Rome Next I U'r/c jirvrr separated l>y more Ihnn | PAIU5. Si']:t. 3. i Ui'l— Clifford 1 (>!'.[• Iiolr liiitil Hie cins;' oi the . Cvans and ticnrtie Truin:in. glnl)r- '••••- -liiijT iiicrs. i.n^.i'ci men- " Dirty, clogged cooling systems nre costly. Don't take risks! We're truck cooling system experts, fact is we're experts on all phases of truck service and preventive maintenance —liigl' standard International Truck Service and Maintenance. \\'c use International factory-engineered parts. Sc bring your trucks in—whatever they need. Even better, let us set up a regular schedule of inspection and service for you. That's the itirc way to get the most from your trucks. Phone now and tell us when to expect your trucks. Sniavt ^' C]i lii.s vray to the finals hy (lekalintr Murtin Tetmey of il.iitle i:oci-:. one \ip. in lil holes in __._, , ilio sciui-fiiKils. PCcntley nto\T(l into! •[ j- c p^j r m:\fk 1 Cub sn(]0t'cviii«-ct' phincs al Orly Air- tk'Ul icclay r>]\ ^ 'light from Th? . •I'm: top match by defeating incdnl- Wallei Kbrl, Jr.. two ;uu'i or Hot Springs, Road Courier News Want Ads. :i leisurely ^ Airfield covcr- ; the clistnnto in l\vo houis and r,^ niiT'.vite:.. Tlit'y ; .vuJ thov v;o\iUi Mnv in Pat is until tomorrow anil ihcn leave lor Rome. "I t.".s swell io br ).oir." they s.iirl. 3/2 SOUTH 2"? ST. PHONE863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks LL'.T !U union ftr i niatkeci yesterday that in hi.s opin- ly iiinily <it(AY'H KIKTMUN mnj iint)iur|>t1cs unil n -tllnillinl. Notl'inu , romtorllm 1 .- » , iz it ion \vcijlil nov.' Ii • ••.siie.'decl to ruinpie- liov." and Ilia', "Lillie Ko'k's nil- uv_ ]>ublie U'ill lia\'e Uie best ae.- (rn:!ii'Jd,Tlions possible.'' World's Greatest Trained WsM Animai Show Twice Daily nt 2:30 and 8 P.M. Doors Open at 1 :30 and 7 A TITAMIC ffiAINl.OAD CF TFRSIPIC NEW SENSATIONS, l-lr.idcd by •k CIRCUSDOM'S (TfiVr^P RPATTYin Person PRIME FAVORITE ^•iiV.BfJ'K. DEMI I « ln _ I ^ rson wiln Ire '.irtic^t, ficrcc',1 n-.ixcf: 6':dp if E.ivogc iun|i!c-brcci m.-ilc one! female rc<f~rmir.r' !-Vr r irn lirfrs r^ tH^ h'jt^rv cf his illu^Uicus c.irccr. , . . MORE ANIMALS'. MOM. THRILLS. MORE SUSPENSE THAN EVER BEFORE „«,.. .„. . v *U^i ffi y*5fr5 ! !R Also available DO proof Ask for Yellowstone Black K,nbcl (icncrnl Admission and Hosorvcd Scat Tickets on Sale SATUHDAY, 10 ;i. m. till 5 p. m. at OWRNS OlUKi 8TOKK. Distributed DAKKETT HAMILTON. Inc. Open ai 7:00 p.m.; 7:30 ^.B* Wednesday & Thursday "BORN TO SPEED" 11 ith Johnny K:nnls and Trrry Austin J-'ox ^toviclonc News Also Shurls New Theater Manila's Finest ', Show* EVKK¥ NIGHT Matinee Saturday A Snnd»- B»i Opcna Week I)»T» ':•* ^yeclncscla.v & Thursday^/:, "MEET JOHN DOE"..:r Also Shorts . - •< RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "ROLLING HOME" with Unsscll Itnyilcn News nnd Comedy

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