The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (AfiK.) COUR.KU NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEI'TF^fllEI 1017 GOP is Assailed By Agri Official Accuses Republicans Of Short-Changing American Farmers POALA, Kans.. Sept. 3. <UPt — Acting Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Bvimnon charged today! that Republican congressional leaders had "short-changed" Ihc fanner by short-sighted economy efforts. In an nddvess prepared for delivery at the Miami County Fair here, • linmnon sharply criticized congressional cuts in funds for soil conservation, research, farm credit and federal meat inspection. His attach, delivered In the heart Noiorenes of the nation's farm belt, was seen| as an Indication that the admlnls-' LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Sept. :i. tration will make Republican fnrml 'UP> — Sonic 500 delegates wen- policy a major 1948 campaign issue! on hand today to open the Ark- along with high prices. nnsns District Assembly, Church ,it Brannon temporarily Is top man in trie Agriculture Department. Secretary Clinton P. Anderson is expected to return to tin's country today from Hmvjiil. Undersecretary Norris E. Dodd is at Ihe Geneva load conference. Braimon said (lie department's budget cuts were especially disns- irons because they came nt a time when agriculture should be rcbulld- inu from tlie elfects of the war and laying the foundation for a new and sound farm prosperity. "Unfortunately, we always have with us the poor in spirit—the men wjtliout visiim—those who never sow but only reap \vlv.U wiser mr-N have sown," Hr.innon said. "Such men recently have made .strong efforts to take away from farmers many of the powers uncl instruments they have used lo create their greatest achievements." The acting secretary said that if Republican t'irorls to kill the soil conservation program had been .•mcccssful. it would have crippled j farmer efforts to rebuild soil and 1 oilier resources depleted oy the. war. the Nazarene here. Dr. O. H. Williamson of Kansas City, Mo, |',en- eral superintendent, is scheduled as chief speaker. Tin- a.wetnbly will continue through Saturday. U.S., Italy Okay Withdrawal of 1 5,000 Troops ROMS. -Si'pt. 3. i UP)—The If nit- c<l Stales ;md Hilly lociuy sailed :m £K'r<ml providing f"! 1 tht 1 (.'Vac- ua I ion 01 10.0CD Anu-j i.-iui Troops from this country within Hie 1)^- dnj pi-noil lollou'in,; Jmal nnificu- li<m <;1 iru- peace; unity. The nctorct, m the form of two letters, was si^mai by U. S, Aui- ka^saclui James Dunn and Foreign Mlnhlt'f Carlos Sfur/u. The lUTurtl IHH only pledged each country u> luL'ihlai'.' ihL- withdrawal ol the U S. troop i. but iTKUlalect l Jit-jr ; tai us tlin in:-; tue period of fvaniiiUos). It also ptO'.'idt-U 'ov American aiul ludiai- military aiilhoi ilic.s to co- opi-utu 1 in drawing up ulnns forsnb- .sliiulinn ol Italian military por.son- itrl lor U. S. irooMH "now in service under the allied military govern- mcnt in /ones which will be given back to the Uiilian administration." ft liiicl bi'on reported that LI. Gun. John C. H. Lt'C, c-omiiuindcr in tht; i Meilit.'nanran, uill le:uu Italy \vlth: in a week lifter ihc ptacc treaty I providmv, for the \vitj it; rawal oi it oops us deposited in Paris, Announcement .laiiiu Ifoss. fdi'morly ns- .sot-ialod u-illi (he lOiiirie Homily Scliool, is noiv ;is- sneiaU'd wilh the Ue.uity t.'liiiic. .hiiiio invJU'.s lier .titislouicrs (o visit her in The Itciinty Clinic at any (inic. x 9 ' ' \' The Beauty Clinic now offers new and beautiful permanents in the face flattering mode that will go well, with your new fall outfit! --All at Popular Prices-THE BEAUTY CLINIC ! Nafr'l Bank Bldg Phone 3274 Firemen's Convention Opens in Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Sept 3i • UP) — The election of officers Fikluy will hiuhUfelu tt\c umuuil nu'ctini- of tin- Arkansas HlaLc HIT men's Association, opening its lirsi .session here this Eifltruoon. I Prtvii'nt officci's iiu-liutc I.. M- MontKtJinrry of Mena as pre.sidcnt; \V. P. D?aji of Fort .Smith, \V. II. l.i'jnlty uf Tc.\arkun;i. and W. H. of I let run as vice prts- ; mid C. 1). Uotenbury of Hock, Sec rotary- trensurer, Scheduled as .speakers during the meeting are Jack MuKcn/ic^ state ijjsuiiince cominissioner; Ca! S. KinaMey, cliier of ilic fire prevention division of (he Arkansas Inspection ami Rating liurean; Wnl- ter K^an.s, special a^etit fop the National Ucmrcl of Fire Under- writ er.s; and Circuit Jucltje Clyde II. Ilrown of 1 lot Springs. Navy Fliers ' Accused of Smuggling IJOXOU3MJ. Sept. 3, (UP)— A u'.h Kavy .source reported today i:-i tin vat intelligence authorities nil uncovered a smu^ling .scheme ivolvitvii a m i .mb<M- of Naval Air Y.tiiHJon £<•] I'iee cffiueiH nnd men i Guam. '1 in Mmu! fjlcr.s were said lo IJC -iiisspr.rting thou.sur.ds at dollars ui:]] ol contraband .silk, pewelry. •, itjii stockJni/s and other goods .'!v:ei-n China and Guam. A N'avy spni:esni:ni saul three 'A'l'S olficeis and -seven enlisted leu \vi-re in ciisloJy at Guam. He •.td evidence had Ijfcn found that :a\ H ]:erse>nnel assigned to Guam en- helping ti' contraband n reitulnr air transport runs foc- ;,<".]) China ami Llic Marianas. !c .said authorities were investi- i:ij» ft rejiovi that doy>e was r^led into Cntna from military n .s cm Guam, hut empliaainc'ci .t no evidence had heeii found sunpovl the rc'«jort. bfoiiglit nlou^ his pel Minneapolis lo £ivc l. a laugh at Nv.v Yoi I; c Wheat idi'nls;; Little Little Rock Bus Lines Names New President LITTLE HOCK--, oept. 3. <uT-> — To new Capitol Transportation COM- puny oi Little Hoc*A president P, K* MrChc-sney lulls UK- task of cnm- inodei nizuticn j:iOI;L,.IIL McChi'sriny was n^ijofutcd yesterday to II1I liie pns; vacated by Ihc retirement ol A. H, Koonce. who had been with the LUtle iioek I'n: lor 4C years. McChrsney has been Livestock iforf Knox Gold Continueil from 1'age. 1. unable to exert its influence with i^KJtl.s. money :md conl. Tiivo me the tools of production, iniri 1 wilt change tin 1 foreign policy of Kurope," lie pledged. lifvin said B]-itain miist rc- cxujnJnc the pos,sii>ility of n customs union within the empire. He traced tln> nation's shortages back lo the I LM-vi'inments of Stanley Baldwin. liimlsf.v MucDonalcl and Neville j Chamberlain. Uriels Cliurohlll's Ideas Ho rejected Winston ChnrclnH's Marked Tree Mayor i Dies in Jonesboro plea, (oivu rctMrn to fvtc i'i<i<M'|>viw. I "In a coalition i!overnmc>iH thi-y I eulixod even then that tlie old j system could not hn introduced ." ho snicl. Such an oUumiit .0 put the country hacl: on tliat basis would have ended in strikes nnd almost revolution. I "I tried my best lo carry out the Potsdam decision. We have been taJfled." i He \veleomcci Russian ralinc:Ui'm of the Axis sai'.'llile pcac? treaties, mil voiced cllssntisfuclirm thai it ; did not come sooner. Hevin said that if Jjritain hud i not (-ranted indepeiulejice to India, j slie iniglil have bt-cn sending troops there as » precaution against civil war. "Mi 1 . Churchill may lie a yrcat war leader," Hevin said, "Inn he wiiK not a good chancellor or economist. Labor sjiy.s lo the country thai whatever freedom of enterprise there mitflil have been under the old system, il didn't mean economic freedom for the workers 01" this country." Bcvin spoke as a strike was spreading among 140,000 miners in tlie great fields of South Yorkshire. But ho said: "I do not intend to lecture the miners. I believe lhat with greater understandiiiB and assurance, the miners in the end will respond lo the nation's needs. "No one could examine what has been happening in the mining industry in ihc past 25 years without agreeing that it was the greatest condemnation of private enterprisi' that ever existed in the world." lory cotniivhinj; this District, be an- ' l:e heard 'At this meeting. IHxcd 10 Wilson District No. as Tftis j Sisnccl: Phillip J. Deer ;vMi be an open iiM-Kiiu; and :in>-\ County Supervisor oi S^hoot:, one oLj^riinjj to these petitions will 9 3-lu A NEW HOME FOR SOMEONE is now finished. Come our to ROLLISON'S SUB- DIVISION and look it over. We like it, ond we believe you will! O. S. ROLLISON Camp Moultrie Drive i 74 Germans to Be Hanged For Killing RAF Fliers •HAMBURG. Sept. 3. (Ul>l Fourteen of III CII.TMKUIS convicted of kilt- ini; 51) Bl' jiiraicn lucnptllred nftei :i muss break irom a prison ramp were sentenced today to die r,n the [;Li!low:s. Two other di'iemhint.s were scn- trilL-eii t't lilt 1 inipi'isonmetH atul Die roinaiuiii^ two [O 10 years iin- priMmincni. 't'iu 1 Geniian. 1 ; V.'CIT convicted ol | (lie iiulibcviiniiiati: slaughter of 5P 1 itoval An' Force im-n aHcr tlicif t brc-itk irom die camp for captured Allied airmen during the war. Tney had been on trial since July I. AuK-mij them v.ere IS high r.mi;- iiiK <>l lire-is oi i be S3 Elite Guam. --, I ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STUCK- YARDS. Se|)t. ;i. 'UP)—Livcstork: Hot;?: fi.OS'J. ail salable, nenerally 50c Insbcr: pr.iL'lic'a; top and bul': (,'ootl and chain 1113 to 1MO .b.s. a«.(!:i: 250 to 273 !js; 21.CO-27.75; heavier kinci.s scsn-tc 1 ; M-uttnrucl lois H2 303 Ibs. 25.S3-20.SU. anil liiighur; IS'J to 170 Ib.s 2«.5»- 1 J7.5'J; 130 !o 13: Ibs 23.5a-25.1S; IC3 t" 123 IDS 23SO-'.'2.5')-, bulk ol .sows. lb.CJ-M.50; occasian- al !i!;lit kinds lo 23.75. Cattle G.C'J3; salable SSOD; '.'iilvrri 1,703 all sii'.Bblc; fully stc-ady o.i steers and heiicrs. Gooci aiui choiee steers 28.C3-31.03; uooel niicl clioi; 1 !' heilors a:ui mixed yeni'linys, 25.CJ- 2800; co'.v.s steady eannc-r antl cui- ters l().fa-13.l"); toiainon i;ii(l medium 13.50-15.50; kocd LOWS up 1 :> 18.50; bulls steady; .sanragc bulls IS.50-n.51j; b?ef bll'U 5775; vpnlul'.i 5Cc lusher: uood choice 2J.CJ- "6,50; coinir.on ami medium 13.tXl- 21.C3. .VAKKKD TREE, Alk.. Sept. \\. i UP)—funeral services will be hehl IK-re tomorrow lor former Mayar i u'>:j^<; Williams who died in a Jmie.sljoro hcs^iial yesterday. He was Williams • had lived in Marked •} :vr .since 19G7 and. had -served as ;r,ayc:r for 14 years. He was a mem- .-A'i m dm city council at, various liiu^s, ^'iirvK in;.; are two daughters and Tire Mississippi County Board (>! lucvUion will mc-et TlHti.stlay. September the liith at Blyttic'.ille Courthouse, 2:03 p.m. for file purpose.' 01 eonsiderng petitions requesting thai Ck-ar Lake School District No. 4 be disinlved and tiie territory -.•;):!?- pri-sinj this District ce annexed to Blytlicvillc Srhoo! Dis'riit No. r>. and that Whitton School Disi No. 19 be dissulve;! and tlie terri- Joo Late to Classify Far Safe THERE IS THE WAY TO YOU Mississippian Resigns \V,'\f=FIINC : "TC'N. .Srn' :* 'UP Attorney General '['* m (.'. C art: ; noimced lodny :hat 'ilioimiH \V. \' sot; \\i\A resigned as rluiirmim ; incinber of the Ir-di-ial parole hn of which he had been :i nu'inucr 12 year.s. Wilscn. I'onnri 1 !)n\n)*:\i'ir r. i )fl23, \ull return to his homo ! Lainel, Miss., 10 IL-UHH to ;!;c | | vale pra::lice 01 Iir.v. CV.ii> M-H! the resipiiatidn '.viih AND FARM MACHINERY M.AV D John Hi-cre, I new H. Pannall. 1 vised M t-tu/ULiil. I lisctl A John iir'civ. i used 11 John L»ccre. Eqiiip- !iu-nl Idr a hove tractors also. 4 12-A ,,'ulii: Deere combines v/ttti motors. \ A-C GO I'.T-O. ConibliiG. I -III I.H.C (.'GUI I ilnc Aiulrrw Jinikliss. !H;;h- \\'A\ lii, hu'iuiul. Mo- 9 :'.-pt-iO ;ino timber land. oin> ruile rom ToniiUO. Ark., lor ((iiL'jK l.S per aero. \V. %S Vi u-ns, I'lionc aafiL 0.3-pk-ll For Rent 2 room house, furnished. Couple onH'- Mrs. Ktl^ar llorutn! Phone ^123. 9 3-ck-tf Personal ••OI.1> AT 40, 50. GO?" MAN! You're ctuxy! T lion;; mills peppy nl 70. Ostic-x" Ttjiitr Tiihl«ts iipp up bodies liirkhu; Iron For rundown fcelln . vonit-n cull "o5tl". del I SI.00 .stxo today ONE.Y 80c, nt nil drui.;E;ists—in illy the vtlle. at Klrby TiME ANYWHERE . . . Nev/ solei? . . . new heels? . . . new (aces? . . V/e'll do everything ihot's needed to have your children's shoes ready for FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. SHOE SHOP 106 So. Second St. S49.50 to S195.00 ••LEASE return empty bottles promptly Ask for it cither way .,, both trade-marks mean the same thing RYANT Main ot Second FAMILY SHOE STORE GORDON SKOOLSOX Watch the style-conscious young crowd go for the new Fall C>ORDON SKOOISOX, styled to match or blend with their new Fall outfits! Sturdily mode, in finest qualify cotton, these smart anklets come in all-over stripes, on o large variety of fancy tops. Available in a swell range of colors. Vtui'll be Ihrillcd to see the fine svlcctinn of ruj;s :itid rnrtK^Uiii; we urw luxve on hiiutl . . . [he largest stock shirr hi-fore (lie win-: I':iL- Icrns ami colors \v<-ni nt-vL-r nuiru lii'iiulifull 9xl2-Ft. Seamless Wool Axmirasters »o,.. -,.••»*-• . ''>!. •*&'. Vour nil time favorites in rt wide diversity of patterns . . . ]EUli Crntury UoraE.s . . . classic: U cuiilionals. modern .scrolls . . . lo (it every type nf 100:11 selling. Deep \vool pile that wears .so ivrll! The?e nrc Alexai^cicr Stiiitli and Mohnwk Rng,s! Axminster BroadJoom Now slii|)nicnt in 3 U, wkltlis so thnt you can cnv- pol wall-to-wall without sriims! All wool (or lasting branty. Sri. Yd. Throw Ruqs 27x?l-in. !-\?.f. Allrnclivp rio- signs nntl colors to nv.vlch uv coiltiLisl xvith your largo nius. 7 45 PAY ON EASY TERMS HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blythcville, Ark.

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