The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1947
Page 5
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WKUNKSIUY, SICPTK.MIiKK :!, 19-17 BLVTI1|.;VIL1,K (Altli.) CQU1U-EK NKWS' Knock-Out Blow For War Lords Eleven-Nation Far Eastern Commission Hits Jap Industry Hy KKX f'ilAXDY Ullildl 1'n-ss Kliifr Ciim-siiomlcnt WASHINGTON. Sept- 3. I U.I'. I —The il-nation Far Eastern Coin- i orS ' mission lias ordered Gen MacArlllllr to give wllal ainrunts lo a knock-out blow to all Japanese industry capable cf being n^cil for war purposes, it was announced today. Tiie commission ordered the destruction cf all buildings, ma- • chlncry and equipment which could i be used only in the production of war ifitcrinls. ! All other primary war laeiluu's- which have son.c peacetime value i wci'e ordered impounded and their I machinery and equipment made [ available lor reparations. \ 'i'lle commission also directcc'. '-, thru any portion of war-supporting industry which is excess 10 ihs peacetime needs of Japan b:- made available for removal a-i reparations. Oc-ncral's I'olicics I-;nilorsrd The war-supporting: indusliie; wci'e spelled out in detail. They ; Taxicah and Automobile [ Collide; Woman Injured \ i Mrs. Ui-r! u. Lamb or IJlythe-l vim- was slightly injured yesterday, I afternoon when the taxicab in I ; which .she was riding collided with] iu cur driven by K. chniin. also cf i_':ylhcvilte. at the intersection! cf 11th and Willow streets, i Police said Mr. chnltn was j driving east and tin- taxi, driven | by George Long of the ABC Cab! | Co.. w.\s soi-'.hbound. A clump of! i Ireis on (he northwest corner of i the intersection blocked both drlv-j saw (he Truman Tells of Budget Trims 63.7 Billion EXPENDITURES FOR: I = J Nalionul Defense l^^j Vclaoiu iy/s'} International Affoi/l and Finance 1'""!] Interest on Public Debt Tux Refunds All Otnei Cuiiclioni views and neither other car until too late i 0 avoid a collision, police said. Mrs. Lamb was treated at Wans Hospital for minor bruises and dismissed, lloili ears were KOIDB at a slew rale of speed and no arrests were made, officers said. policy as forwarded to MacArthur] as the supreme ccmmander for lliej Allied powers in Japan. ) The directive followed the gen-] eral cuiline of previous commission) policy but c.xpamlcd on it and! s|;e!U-d out in dt-iail the various i industries involved. The order: amounts to a virtual endorsement | (f the policy already being fol- j h.wrd by MacArtl.ur. i MacArthur was authorized to make such use as tic (teems necessary of any war-potential Indus- i trial equipment during the period include iron and steel, light metals. ''' r -'«'upation. He was instructed, ball and roller brariiiKS, railway j hcwcver - to "l'">vide an cxplnna- ec|iii]unenl. aiitgjnotive. electric; tic " el > rasons fc >' retention and power, synthetic rubber, ril n-fin- :i " estimated date of removal or ins and chemical. Also included' destruction." were the merchant marine, tish- liiB. shalh'E and cannery fleets. The commission's drastic restrictions on the industrial econ- Tt> IMssi.tvc Firms The commission told Mac-Arthur lo dissolve all firms and organization!;, whether publicly or prlvale- ..*...,*,.i,10 l/ll LIU- U1UU.M.I lili L - 'JUll-l ' ---...j ~. ,......,*. omy of japan were approved AUU. ''-' mvnc(i and operated, "whose ac- .1:'. A directive based upon ihisl tivitics have related primarily to WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel —Aod You'll Jump Out of Bed ia the Morning Karin' to Co The liver Eliuul.i pirir out about 2 jimts nt l<ilr juke into bu»ds fvt.-y day. It lliii Inlc u mil don-In,: (n...|y, your f,..|,l mav not diKfcst. It m;.y jusl Ut^-jiv in the bi.w-L-Is. 'rii,..-; s;.3 bloilt-* U|. your stomaili. \t-u I'l-t L-OII- Mipalw!. You fc-ci sour, sunk atKl lliu world looks [junk. It Ukw Lhav miU. Ker.Ue Curler's Lilllu I.iver rllla to lift- thfic; ^ I'Jnt^ ol liil.> lio*-- ini: Irrdy to m:ik? yr,u fcnl "u|. ami up." (rrf a i.;tc'rtai;e tn<)jy. Tukc a* < Kde... . _ tor CarU-r'3 Litt! ikinc Hie operation of primary war facilities and whoie continued existence is deemed . . . undesirable from a security standpoint." The commission defined "primary war facilities" as those engaged ill the development, maiui- lacture. assembly, lesiiny. repair. I maintenance, or storage of combat I ec.uipment and civil aircraft. The ; term also covers plants and establishments building merchant vessels above a size yet to be determined by the commission. Secondary war facilities—those which were principally engaged in tnc manufacturing or repairing of primary war facilities—arc to be made available for reparations, dc- 19<18 1948 (MM. ESTIMATES) (AUG. ESTIMATES) 654 State Firms Incorporated in 8 Months of '47 U'ITI,E HOCK. Ark., Sept. 3.-(UP) Induslriii/allmi ol Arkmisas If. jnoiiressliiR rapidly. Ai-cortllnts to Secretary o[ state O. O. Hall, .some «5t firms have I lied aillcle.s of In- corpr>r.\tion this year so far. as compared with 573 i, is i y,, !lr ,,|, lo the siiine dale. Durim; tin- nioiuii of Aunnsl. IKI finns filed tu-llcles. tiieludlns R'j do- meslic and n foiviiiti. And to top it oil. .veslcrd.iy one of the busiest single du'y.s in lie Scnetary of Slate's office, with 5 firms Illiiig. Among them were he L, K. Sanders Plumbing Com- ny and t|, e MeCauley Wholesale iniinny nf West Memphis: the HcKre-l'llts Industrhils, the \V. li. lnu'iitcr and Company. »n<l the IJnrnelt Slutlios ol Fort Smith; the Vellci.sou Produce Company of l)e- :nlur; and the Crain Motor Com- >aiiy of Siloam B|irings. President Truman reports the U.S. bucket for fiscal 194R now hai expenditures down hnlt-a-billion and receipts up four billion over last January's original estimate*. This moans we'll have a $4.7 billion surplus this year if all ROCS well between now and July 1. I84g. Chart compares current budcct with original cslimuic3 and previous .vears' pxpendittircs. State Treasury Ahead ; LITTLE, ROCK, Sept. 3. (Ui>) \ —Slate Treasurer J. Vance Clay- } ton says the treasury was. at the end of August, one half million dal- i lars ahead of Its July balance. ' The end 01 -August, tolal was SCO.- j G12.429. Treasurer Ciayion said yts- In-day Ihat receipts during Aimust amounted y> SG..W8.USO. as dis'Jinsei.-.ciils for the month of Jli - -Sl'l.CSl). slroyed. or returned to the peacetime use of the Japanese. They are to be destroyed only if they I have 110 peacetime use. i T. 1). S. Convention CHICAGO lUri-Thc Telegraph Do .very Service lor flowers will bold Its annual meeting here BCD' 7. Home 1.5CD delegates from U s" and Canada arc expected at the convention. HtR EICElltN ,IT"A' 11 If.Hl 54950 No other watch in America can molch Urn new 21-jewel BUIOVA group . . .' fo: slyle, for qualily, for lasting value! Filzpalrick Jewelry Store H (;ikcs only 3 minutes (o open an account FlDt.'Ai i/.X nnversary Washable Wallpaper Comparable with 7Sc Paper*! NOW.,: Jusl arrived! The lalesl in «all|Ki|icr creations ami nt a spci-ial low price. "Wauls 73th Anniversary S|iec!als." '1'licrc's a pattern for c\r.ry room. S.uo now on these fade- prouf iinii \\asluiblc papers! BETTER WALLPAPER FOP. LESS, AT WARDS (..Alt Donates Klafis C01.UMI1UU. O. lUPJ — Chios ji-iiiul Aimy of Ihc Hepublic. lak- ng into iDiisideratlon the time when it will | H < , lu ,.,0,,., | ms B t v ,.,, way ils bauncis to two churches. rl:ksleii-d in .^lavir.s N. II. iUI>) — TJIC St-otilc theater almost "brotiijlit Hie " the •win,! Picture IH-',, S shown at the ance. pieces o? pia^r 'aro PAGE FIVE:; unions members of the auJlence The ;ihcaUT • w«sroK>sei(l !««-,:» (•eilitii; coitld'tte fcpiiretl. I*' J!t » . " -. .r .- ~r-< ' t l J „ -_• i Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Stir])ltis Army (Jmnls • Supplies • Shoos Kcr us for the very best In Army surplus slinrs. Nearly nrw—Un- built—To llr Hrbuili. lliimlrciK for sale, (liunllly 1'rlces Available. EAST END 112 Lilly Street '/i ,Blk Siititli Aliiin VETERANS Hold on to your Veterans I Set an example of level-headed thrift. Don't ca»h your terminal-leave bonds now, unless you must. If you need the money desperately—or are in debt — that's different. Otherwise, hold on to your bond*. You'll be glad later. Every terminal-leave bond earns interest nt 2'/ 2 % a year. A $100 bond ia worth $112.50 to you if you hold it lo maturity. So hold those bonds until you can get full interest Lex& Bill Chamblin CHAMBLIN SALES CO. It.It. ,v Ash Sis. I'litmc lil STUDEBAKER at Hubbard's KITCHEN CABINET 49.95 Sanitary white llnlsh with in ct-lain e u n m w o r k t i) .Shelves, c^rawi mid cnpljoards hold nil nf your cooking needs In line compact mil'.. 29.95 BREAKFAST lien. $-10.95 white enamel extension table. -1 chairs, at Ili'l!. $. r i9.D5 tllbnlar elirome sets. r> pieces only f> I'c. onk (llnclle beautlfnllv ilcco- * *^ rated .' /I O Duncan fliyfc table and -1 chairs, -m f\~, "JiZ'ri' real value ill IO/''9"5' PORCELAIN TOP KITCHEN TABLE Well insult, wil liuiuly cullrry dtiiw cr. Now only 14.95 Easy Terms Massive Sofa-Bed J!:i<:k lowers to convert it to a restful double bed. Attractive tapestry cover .With bcddlu-' box 49.95 9x12 FELT BASE Regular [•r;ult; \i\ newest paUrrns colfir.s. Dm able hiird -sinfjicc. lurry for sc- IccLion. . RUGS 6« f Fine Veneer Cedar Chests It-Kl. Congnloum — Here's a wonderful pift. Gcmiinc protective cedarlincri clicst with exterior of beautifully matched veneers. We have all slws and styles. Complete slock. 49.95 HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blythcville, Ark. •t<

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