The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 10, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI XLIV—NO. no Blytheville Courier Blylhevilla Daily Ncwi Mississippi Vallcv Leader Blythevllle Herald BLYTHEVlhLK, AUKANSAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1948 TWELVE PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT! 1 Greek Guerrillas |* us * a , n 'Copy Cots' to Quote Se/zed Docurnents Shell Salonika, City of 250,000 SALONIKA, Greece, Feb. 10. (U.P.)—A bold band of guerrillas stole in close to this city of 250,000 early today, arched artillery and mortar shells into its heart, and rolled up an official casualty toll of four dead and 12 wounded. Two Greek women and one Brl-*— tish soldier were among the dead In the shelling of Salonika for an hour and a half with a 15-milll- meter Meld piece and at least one mortar. A United States Army officer, Maj. M. K. Molyncnux of Detroit, was jolted awake by a 15-min shell bursting out.shle his hotel window. Had it been 10 feel closer, lie said, it would have "ended my army career." Greek troops and planes went Into action against the band which carried out the most defiant gesture of the civil conflict in Greece. Within a few hours they reported they had cornered the guerrillas believed to have made the attack. The army reported that It had trapped 150 guerrillas South of Lake Koronia, and they were being machine - gunned from Spitfire fighters. Additional ground forces were converglnR on the scene, authorities reported. A gendarmerie communique said 'the raid began at 2:15 a.m. and Big Membership Drive Launched By Farm Bureau Missco Seeks Total Enrollment of 4,700 In State Organization Mississippi county's farm Bureau membership drive workers today officially launched the 1948 drive to obtain 4700 members following "kick-on" meetings hel( yesterday and last night In Osce ola and Roseland. Combined quotas Tor both Nortl , „ and South Mississippi County wa ended at 3 a.m.. and 23 shells were j ]aced at 470fl at thc mpctlngs wlt , fircri. It did not jibe with the test-| both soc[ionK „, tllc co<mty to jinony of witnesses, including U. S army officers. They snid the shelling went on 90 minutes, and they counted 30 to 35 explosions. One shell hit a British guard post, killing a private and wounding a corporal and another pri- .vatc. K Major Molyneaux, who is an, Rirdnance officer here and fought i as lieutenant colonel with thc Sixth | Division in the Pacific, told of the shelling in the early hours of darkness today. Shelled for Hour and Half The first shell landed in Salonika nbout 2:3O a.m., he said, and tlie shelling kept up for an hour and a half. "I wns awakened by the first burst outside my hotel window," he related, "ft was from a 75. The burst speckled the side of the Mediterranean Palace Hotel, in which the American and British officers and members of the. missions live here. "If it had been 10 feet farther us way, it would have lauded on balcony atid ended my.auay 1 „ : • syHfeS ff,th« balcony p-Tbcked crazily like'Il earthquake and most ktreel electnu wires were of the cut by share equally In the quota. The South Mississippi Count drive was formally ope tied yc.ster day afternoon with a "kick-off meeting held in the Court Hous there and the North Miss County drive was opened last nt the annual barbecue-meet In held at the home of Charles Ros in Roseland. 1* G. Nash of Blylheville. pre Idcnl of the Mississippi Conn Parin Bureau presided over boi meetings and urged the workers "re-double your efforts to obta a larger membership during 1948 pointing out the need for a strot Farm Bureau lo help combat tl problems which face agricultu today. Hear "Pep" Talk At last night's meeting a special "pep-talk" WHS made by Tom Dodson of Little Rock, organization director of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation who told the group that *'oiUy through"~a louder voice obtained through a larger mem- can members, uvge their for the bettei th tut- e 1948 goal of <7t» member* To Refute Embarrassing Records Found on Nazis By Wilier Cronkti* UnHrd Frran Staff Corrcupontont MOSCOW, Feb. 10. (U.!'.)—The Russian government, naid lotla.v H would soon lease captured German documents proving the United Stalci w«» re»i>oiisible for Mi* second world war by rearming Hitlerite Germany with * "golden ruin of American dot lars." Hritain and France were equally guilty, Russia charged, by completing a »«ri»« o separate pacts with Germany which broke down Ihfl Kin'opcim policy of gollective seciir ily against a German resurgence. A statement Issued at a press* — conference by the Soviet UiCorma- tion Bui can said Kassia would publish "shortly" documents cnp- tureil by Soviet tvorps to prove these charge*. An "Answer" to U. S. Blast The Soviet statement was made nnswcr to Ihe U. S. State Dc- •utinenl's publication of secret 939-1941 Russian-German dlplo- atic documents. Those churned \ 1C Russians und Germans with a onspirany to conquer and divide: le wovld'. Tlie statement, 6,000 words In ! tiKlh, was described as only the I first half" of the Soviet accusa- ions. 'Die second half will be re- ; eased Inter, the Russians said, and '• icn the document* proving the ccusations will be published. The Russian statement was titled Falsifiers of History—a. Historical Note." It charged the U. S. State Department was faking history by nibllshing only selected documents. Other secret documents allowing he guilt ot the Western powers lave been concealed. Russia charged. The statement said these arc he documents which Russia will Hiblish. (Radio MO.SCOW began broadcast- ng the Russian accusations simul- taneosuly in Eticlish and German at 10i30 p.m.; EST. London reported.) Cite Appeasement Policies The Russiaas asserted that Wnrld War II would have ended in the first year with Hitler's defeat If Germany had not been bolstered by American capital and Anglo- French appeasement. Farmers Hold Cattle, Hogs Off Market to Halt Break in Prices; Grains Go Lower July Wheat Declines Ten Cents 5,000 Trained Arab Fighters Move Into Holy Land to Battle the Jews By ElUv Union (lulled Pre>n Stuff Corr^spontWnl TEL AVIV, Feb. 10. (U.P.)—More than 6.000 trained Arab fifth torn from Syria huve been moved into Palestine on tm tmdevKround rnllw«y mlining UiL'ouKh Trans-Jordan, leUubU 1 ! sources .said tottiiy. With Itii'se new Arab forces available the hat lie lor the Holy Ijuitl wa.s expected to shift soon from (he cities to the rugged mountains Communist Held For Deportation Justice Department Nabs "Secretary" After Long Search It \vns the (-olden rain of American dollars that fertilized tlu- Industry of Germany and particularly her war industry, reestablished her war potential, placed in the hands j of the Hitler regime the weapons | needed for aggression and enabled j Germany to irroduce a war indus- • try." the statement said. [ "Tire fakers of history would like to forget all this as they try I was broken quotas with each community re- i ceiving- approximately thc snme "Why in hell the Greeks didn't | quota it had during the 1947 drive. get a plane in the air and strafe I TfjiirU-u-n communities were rep* the flashes is beyond me. The range of the 75 is 7,500 yards, and world war." the state m e nt s a it!. j It charged that this U. S- published only selected documents to sinner the Soviet Union and determine the influence of "progressive circles" in the United States In an election year- down into community | "This treacherous altitude is typical of the ruling circles of Anglo- American countries," il snid. Among thp steps that helped to rebuild the German armaments tn- clihstry was the Dawcs reparations Inn, which reduced Germany's WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. (UT) — The Jaslfcc DcpiirLment announced the arrest In New York today e-1 John William.son, national labor secretary of the Communist Part> ol the United States. Williamson, the department suid. will bo held for deportation lo his native Scotland. A dcpnrlment spokestmm referred lo the arrest as "tlie mo? I important Communist arrest so far." Aleuts of Die Federal Bureau of luvL'stigiition had been watching Williamson lor some time, the Jus- lice Department said, and picked him up at 9 a.m. EST "on upper Broadway." Immigration agents participated in the arrest, ] Williamson, who sometimes uses a couple of middle names, too — "Blnke" and "BctUtie"—was arrested under tlie net of 1918 which buns immigrants hostile to the U.S. form of government and dedicated He is boiii" held without bail at EllLs Island pending au appearance- before an immigration inspector In d?ftpnMkm-waQeedLngs. ,' Tiie cd of Ihc north, these source.* said, The ArnbM were reported lo be under the direct ion of Faw/.i ol Knnkjf, leader of the 103B-1930 Arnb rebellion. Many of them are Syrian army "volunteers" who were ordered to resign ami take up duly In Palestine. For the most part they have never been under (Ire. However, they ore far letter trained than the nnor- Ktinlzrd Arnb bauds which have been carrying on the conflict, against, thc Jews .so far. Well Informed .sources Mild the recruits were brought to villages on Ihe Syrlnii-Traus-Jordnn frontier In trucks nnd buses. Armed with French Mostly they arc armed with French rifles collected by the Arabs from Syrian battlefields altei the roul of Vichy French forces hi World War II. Each hna frcm 120 lo 200 carl I According to these reports, th convoys are e.scorled through Trims Jordan by limits of King Abdullah's Arab lei;km imd Itikcn lo the Diunni Bridge spanning the Jordan Itiver. Prices Decline On Food Items In Blytheville Benefits, However, May B« Temporary, Some Grocers Say Slumps In the com ninthly. Ki'iilu nnd llvesloi'k nuu-kcls last week hiu'u nuulc I hcMiisi'lviis foil nrvey of the Inrfiev dmvnlown grocery Htores showed today, I ml tore mitniiRCr leimed the reductions "sauc-culs" of mtuvc. Flour here to tiny \vu« of! tron hiee-r)iiarlei.s lo two tvut.s M pound iird wns down Iron) lour (o i'lnh cents per pound, nnd moat price ills l>lacenu i nln ran^rd downward [rein 10 cents A pound on nil cuts to n chunKC. Bread prices illppud two cents I so sue .stores, nnd riMnahu'd nn changed In iilheis. While Imd \v off. butlor underwent, virtually i change hi most UISCB. MOKL uroccry firms adopted ft |>iil ley of "watchful walling" hi HII rd lo Cut LhiT d IT)hies nnd stoi malingers snid inm'ktil muvetm'n lodny and tomorrow would dkln future chfiiiEjes, cither upwards i downwtml.s. Warns of "I'ulrii- Hopes" One Ki'ocen* denoimerd punllciUU of notion-wide newspaper .stories of In Chicago, Full Limit for Day CHICAGO, l;'ob. 10. <U.l'.)—Fanners, trying to halt u major bvoak in the livesloc'k market, kept their caltle nil hogs down on the /arm today, but price* dipped a lilt ower. Mennu'hilo, July wheat dropped to CuN 10-cent limit n Ihe Chk'ajjo Hoard ol' Tnulu. All Chicago corn futures dropped tlio full.eight cents bushel us I hi! market broke sharply after opening lower. May wheat was off Ihe 10-cenl. limit at Minneapolis and May corn dropped Ihe full eight cents at Kansas City. Despite .sharply reduced hog ship-*- • • ienls, the livestock market at Chl- From there they proceed over llt- llc used roads to the village of Tu- price declines «s "propunamlii" thai bas, north of Nablus. The question of the communal slrugijle f°r Palestine might be determined by whether these forces nre supported from abroad or arc expected lo live off the villages in which they art based.,. 'Die cost of maintaining an Arab guerrilla In the Holy Land lisa been estimated at $150 a month, this Is J750.000 u month fov the forces now reported to be In Palestine. The Arab uprlshit; nuiy succumli it the villages ot ££lUc*.*i$ wj- I <*uu; rn^ct ^to-^^*"?' J * J 1 ? boosted consumers' hopes needlessly. "Changes like this can't come overnight," he said. He asserted that many grocers had bnen ''scared" Into cutting prices luul Indicuicd lhi\t they muy Ixi forced lo rclurll to original price levels when market, MttccMatlons quid. "We're not Jumping ut conclusions." he said of his Orm's policy. "We will wait lor something dc[' nite nl the whole-Mile end rc5 (, n t e[ i m i,,st night's meeting. Fnlbrinht Cominmrtcfl During the business session which followed the barbecue supper, members of thc North Missis- sippl County group voted that the mortar was between the gun and the waterfront, probably on that ridge there." He pointed at a ridge 2,500 yards . ... •away, paralleling the waterirom. [tetter of commendation be sent to Molyneaux said he examined a ' Sen. J. W. Fulbritchl of Arkansas, shell fragment at the Salonika I offering thc support of Uie Mis- lailroad station and found it bore i .sis-sippi County Farm Bureau lo his German markings. 1 bill which would eliminate the Most of the shells landed in one federal tax on oleomnvgcrlne. j H. C. Knappenbevger of Blythc- ; ville. a past .secretary of the c'oun- ; ty Farm Bureau, explained the bill ! introduced to Congress by Rep. E. I C- Gainings of West Memphis, which would Increase the national appropriation for soil conservation practice payments to $300.000.000 and the group voted that no rfcf- nite stale be taken by the Farm Bureau at this time. Mr. set Feb. 23 as the next meeting date for the Farm Bureau anri urged that the membership drive be completed by that time. two streets paralleling the waterfront, where fishing boats and inter-island sailing freighters were tied up. Tins correspondent examined fragments of the first shell lo burst- It shattered a concrete street curbing alongside a hotel. It exploded virtually under tlie guns of a Greek Navy corvette which originally was American. Frisco Reports New Industries In Missco Area LITTLE ROCK, Peb 10. (UP) — The St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Co. announced today thnt 59 Mew industries were loc -.ted adja- Went Lo their rails in Arkansas lust, year. M. L. Austin, director of Industrial development for (he line, told Hendrix Lackey of the Arkansas Resources «nd Development, Com minion that the firms represented a capital Investment of $347,540 ami employ 461 persons. The new Industries and their capital investment included: Two to Seek Aldermanic Post in Ward 1 At least one contest In Ihe Mu nicipal election here Aptil 6 loom: with announcement. 1 ; today by L. C Posey Jr. and the incumbent, Je?:i White, that th;y will both run for Mic post of First Ward alderman. Mr. White was first elected nklcr- mati in the 1946 municipal election. Three other city officials also an- Blythe'viife Delinting Corp. $20,- | nounced today plans to seek re- 000;' Brlckloy nnd Avers Gin Co., election in the April election. They O-^ceola, 515.000: Craw lord and are Second Ward Aldermen Jodie Whittle Soybean Elevator. Bur- L. Nabors. Municipal Judge Gra- Sudbury I; suid he ••had lied oil tils life" about his citizenship, claiming _ to be a native resident, Williamson's story, whenever (HLeslioned, has been tlint he w:is born in San Francisco before Ihe eculhqiuike and thnL his birth pn- pei.s were destroyed in Die fire that inllowett the quake, the department The dti4Ui L wholesale! ***> wns .slow with 11 fnw early salon HI weiRhU under u:fo pounds about 1) ronlx below ye.s I e-relay's avmitRt 1 . HOKS worn off f>0 to '/5 I'flnts al hp lilt or Lor Iowa, iiuirket.s In PX- romi'iy slow Iiudc. Al Kitnsits City, u>rf trailii ojiontd slow with miles steady lo 1!B cem.s hnver. C'utllo. isuk-h worn about steady. Kiu'inrrs iippaiTnlly luui decided Unit yo.strnlny's drn.stlc market break in which hog pilot's tumbled much ns $1 per hundred pounds, is u temporary In-ml. ^ "Thc farmers un; iU'tthli: riimu'L," inarkol tor thc U. S. Department of AKrlcullurR said, Mirny oE them had money In jTKlprday\ r',i(ih t«j sell. Thvlr animals h»d hciin fnllonod on «ky- hlnh corn, und'wijcn livt'.slnuk pil- vcs plunged, Ihrlr prnfit mm'Kin vnnlfihcd, ll(iiiMC\vlvi>i hcnrfll Rul din Uiul ntiws for thc furmcr.s was piootl news for housewives. At (JainbrldKe, Muss,, Liwcr Hrnlhcr.s Co., anno n need an lnunc<hiUi! cut of two cents pur pound In the price of shortening. A mm'ey showed r el nil price reductions on Iho following Hems: Uncoil— Down six cunt.s at De- troll, ]0 ceuUs ut AUnulu, On., one to .six cents al Dallas, Tnx., 10 t:enU at yBoblon. Hvu lo 12 cents at H])rinRflted, 111., .seven cents nt In- diaimiioUs, and ti,i much us 15 cents at Minneapolis. I- 1 ] our--down I-I cciil.s per ponntls In Ddroit chnln sltjros, 111 at Allnnln, Clpi.. twu lo ID I«l fMk e«U But recently obtained in forma-" tiou, Ihe source of which Ihe de- pcmmenL would not divulge, prove-5 lhat Williamson was born in Scotland and came to this country in 1933, the department spokesman said. Bandits Obtain $30,000 From New York Bank rictte. $15,000: Producers Co-Op Inc Alfalfa Dc-iiydratlng, Osccoln, (75*000; Lee Wilson and Co. Al- fnlta Dehydrating, Victoria. $66,113; B. Flannigan Soybean Storage Tanks, LeachviUe, $4,000. Oscfola Alfalfa Milling Mo. $104,- | 684; Hughes and Co., building ma- i terialf. Blytheville, $35,000; Hipps I Building Supply Co. LeaclivlJle; ! Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., pole vard, CXiccola; Arkansas S'ate Highway Commission storage yard, Manila." ^ Weather Arkansas forecast: Fair and warmer tonight Wednesday partly ASloudy and warmer, fltr Minimum this mornlnp—IB Maximum yesterday—32 Sunset today—5:38 Sunrise tomorrow—6:50 Precipitation. 24 hours to 7 a.m. today—none. Total since Jan. t—T 25 Mean temperature (midway between high and 1 owl—25 Normal mean tor Feb.—43.4 Tills Date Last \>ar Minimum this morning—13 Precipitation, Jan. 1 to this date -3.18 ham Sutibury and City Attorney L. Wright. City Clerk Frank Whitworlli, wliose post also will be filled at this election, declined to announce his plans today and said he will make an announcement later. Third Ward Alderman Rupert Crnfton was out of town today but was expected to return in time for tonight's City Council meeting. Vorld War 1 reparations, tile tnlement .said. (Among the disanreemenls l.hnl iroke up the London Foreign Min- sters Conference oi\ Germany was Russia 1 * demand for $10.000,000.000 ' 11 reparations, which thc U.S. and Britain snid Germany could not pay : herself.) . Attack iHde on Dulles j The Russian statement also stressed the role allpfiedly playcri by <ii]ch Anglo-American financial in- .erests as DuPont, Morgan. Rockefeller. Lainont, Standard Oil nnd the British Imperial Chemical Trust. It singled out John Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh Dulles, anri Defense Secretary James V. ForresUl for having connections with German, capitalists. The .second slage in Ihe Western powers' responsibility for war was the appeasement of Germany, Russia, charged. Thc western powers . whUeaLone Qucciw believed there was no danger in wilh nn cstlmnlcrt fostering German aggression be- reported (hey planned to direct it to' [he Kast, the .statement said, Th e steps leading to this included the British-Gernian-Frcnch- Itnlian pact of accord and cooper- arion in 1933, Anglo-French support of the Poli^h-Genuan pact In 1 rc , u . IP.^4 and Ihe Anglo-G^rmau naval nyrcrmeiit, Ihe statci cut .said. Ii charged that the rise of German agsrossion was foslercd by thc western failure to oppose German violation of the Versailles Treaty and failure to defend Ethiopia and Spain All this time, the statement .said, Rus5in was pleading for coll'^ive srcuruy in thp Lcar;vir of Nations but was being blocked by Anglo- French diplomacy. NEW YORK, Feb. 10 'LTP) — Three men today held up thc Bank or Manhattan Company branch In and escaped $:<0,000, police porting. Karly Phase «f "Plan ' *.*il% Kaukjl is an avowed enemy of HaJ Amin el Hu.sselrtl, the exited grnnd "mufti of Jerusalem, who In turn Is Idolized by local commanders of the Arob forces in Palestine. Some observers nre watching with interest the relations of the iimfli and Kaukjl. The early phase uf Ihe Arab plan, to cripple the three cltlw In which lurH the popfilutiou of the Holy Land is concentrated, has for nil practical purposes failed. The attempted siege of Tol Aviv and Its 200,000 Inhabitant* has boomeranged so lhat now the neighboring Arnb town of JnfTn, in the opinion of some military experts, is at thc mercy of Tel Aviv. In Haifa, PalestInc'n main port, the Jews occupy the upper slopes of fabled Mt. Cnrmcl and Hie Arnbs are below them. In Jerusalem the going is about even. Although Jews arc in a majority within the Holy City, Arabs are predominant In the surrounding areas, striking a pretty even balance Informed circles say the Arabs now arc Inclined to postpone the urban war and let the .sliowdowr flghl develop in Galilee. (hut biifun, [;em'rn]ly re»:nntc(l us the "lender 11 in meat price: liidlL-n- tlons, wns ofT tin much IIB 10 cents pound on the two top grades. Lnrd, e sntd, wns going down contlnu- isly &ncl reached n low of '25 cents ?!' pound delivered here yc'Kto-rdny. Another si ore iiHin:i|',ci'. pulntlni; Lit UiuL future pi Ice dt^vt'lopnici ils .'fiinainud to be seen," ,iui(t liint • nil! Excited employes of i hi; bank were unable to give police a detailed description of the robbers, Several patrons were transacting business when the trio entered the j Mnr. b;ink. They were herded to thc i May I "" : New York Cotton NO .shots were was injured. fired find no one Oct. ' Dec. open 3119 3390 :mo 3102 3015 high 3380 3390 3331 3102 .1015 low 3200 3205 3M5 29 M 2026 1:3' p.m 320: 320. 315' •:iii5 203 March of Dimes Near Goal for North Missco New York Stocks Slocks t p.m. A T & T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Slcel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Elecf.-ic Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central ... Inl Harvester — Republic Steel ... Radio Socony Vacuum . Studcbaker . ... Standard of K J Texas Corp Packard , U a Steel 150 1-2 64 1-2 32 32 54 1-2 165 3-8 . M 5-* 5'J 7-8 49 .1-8 . 13 1-8 82 1-1 . 23 . « 1-4 . 15 1-1 . 17 5-8 . 10 1-8 . 63 5-8 < 1-2 , 70 1-8 Total contributions to date In Uir March of Dime.? infantile paralysis lund campaign stood at 56,108.33 today, thc extended deadline for the drive. With Ihe exception of several outlying communities, reiwrts of collections from all sources nre nearly complete and the quota of $6,030 is expected to be reached when all re]x>rls are received. North Mississippi County March of Dimes Chairman Arthur S. iTotldi Harrison said today. The remaining $821.G7 is expi-cl- fd to be obtained when Manila. Dell, Yarbro, Armoiel, Ro.selnnd and other communitte submit their reports of collections In those areas, Mr. Harrison said. To Complete compilation of fi- i Investigators Seek Speculator Making $400,000 in Single Week WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. < U.P.I—Secretary nf Agricnltnm CUnto P. Anderson todjiy challenged congressional critics lo nams one spccxi lator who profited in the grain market brenk from "advance insicl information." • WASHINGTON. Feb. 10. (UP) — Cimijre.'xsiona] investigators were looking loday lor a biglime trader who reputedly made $400,000 rinr- InR last week's commodity market break while many others were losing (heir shirts. Chairman August II. Amlre.son, R., Minn., said hl.s House SjxicLila- lion Committee wants to find out Shift in Prices May Kill Tax Cut GOP Leaders Insist On Reduction But j Democrats May Balk liy Duytim MtH>rc (|iiii[n\ [>r< Slaff CUT respondent) WASHINGTON, Kcb, 10. (UP) — Republican.'! snld today llmt n mild economic recession would not change their plniis to cut personal Income iiixt'.s this yejir. Si'imlc OOP leaders snid any rc- er Mil on would luive' to be severo to be n factor In whatever revision.-* they imikn on the $i!,50Q,OCM).000 tax- riMlnctkon bill approved by Ihft HDLI.SC They /iiild they would Rivo no cDii.siiU'i'iilloii to a icIntlvHy minnv hrcak In cominodlly and .stock prices Miiih as week's. UeiMiljllcnn senntofft are studying wny.s of ,<3cnlin^ the lloiiso tax .ilnsh down Lo $4,UOO,000,tKK] or $5,000,- ntJO.OOO. This Is not leased on any exiu'clation of a depression, which would reduce iwtioiml Income and, hence reduce government tax revenue. Their main reason la to win ovor Hie iipproxlmnlcly 15 Sennlc Dcmo- ci'iillc voles lhat will he needed for the iiece.sanry two-thirds majority lo muUde an auUdpated Uix veto *t lit A!b*ny, Y , !• otetU W poOa polk and at c*nU per H-ittcr -down [\vn l.o' finer Oetilr. at Detroit, RcnmiHy unchauKuti at Uofilon, down two cenU A pound nl Hjn-higflflld, Til,, four Jo five cenl« at Milwaukee nnt1 clown iu six ccnU ut liKlfunupolls. -Siinilur iTilucl.lons were report nil In uniny eU.Ivs un viirion.s eut.s of bt'ef, lurd, bnind a nil oilier foods. Kctull spurU'smiMi jsald nuiny of thtr fi loohfU .shaky" with nil! t nlcfl cuU them mtmey. hecuuse While the Republican.-; ludicnto they will Ignore It. ndintnlstration iilulwarlfl In Iho Senate ml^ht us« even n minor recession as an nrgu- mcnt the Republican tax- mnrh nl I cntl1n K much as Jf CQJWUincr icats [)ff 10 per cent, tard oil at •asl 20 ])BI* cunl and siiijai' off -10 en(s per 100 pounds. One grocery (inn head said tlmt o matter what future develop- icnLs were, Ills store, a chaln-Rro ery unit, et" I wholesale prices in many cases have not* yttt followed llu? Uownwurd trend of tin 1 ; commodity inaikets. They said I hoy were anxious to out prices, however, because of buyer resistance •.vhlch has been devel- mlt. would "follow ihf. mnr- n||)n|( ftme lh( , f|l . sl 0 , , hc voar n prices. O|ln ()( ())( , |,| R(;rst t]| .( c( , in-pj^s In %ollar-a-Year Men Advocated To Direct ERP if the trader had "Inside Information" on government purchasing planes when hn sold 1,000.000 bash- els of wheat "short." He promised a "full inquiry" into the general market and sold short made a pile market break. 1 of money." He said he l« convinced Secretary or Agriculture Clinton the federal government's commod- p. Anderson knows the trader's! Ity buying program "ha* largely period. -Secretary Anderson minimized t) effect of a possible "Icsk" on government buying plans. Questioned about published reports that there had been one, he told reporters many traders had known right along thai Ihe government Intended to get out of the market tcm- poravUy. Tills prompted Rep. Andresen to comment lhat "apparently enougti was said !o force grain prices down and those who stayed In the WASHINGTON. Fob 10. lUP) — Wis II. Brown, chairman of the ward of John.s-ManvillR Corp., recommended today that dollar-a- vcar businessmen bV Kivcn the key lobs in thc FCuropL'an Recovery 1 ram <ERP). "Such men can save the United Slates billions of dollars." he told t be 1 louse ForciR n A f f :i i rs Committee. Urown said he does not bolu-vc it possible "lo secure lor Ihi: :siil:u Jcs Ihnl ore customarily p:ild in government service the kind of men who can successfully carry out Uii* enornloiLs task." "The kind of men who nre neod- ed are the kind who a|/e?.dy have innrlc ft success, ntlaitied positions of responsibility and hijili .salary,' 1 hp said, Brown. Bt thr rrfjurst of Gon. LUCIOUR D. Clay, made a study of conditions In Oermnny- lost Spring. in conntction with thc study he also visited Hritain. Sweden, Del- glum, France and Switzerland. In making his recommendation tor t tie use of dollar-a-ycar mm, Brown said EIIP should be administered by a separate agency headed by an admin is Lrator of cabinet rank rc.sjxHisiblp to the President. Tho ! dolla.1 -a-ycttr men would serve un- j dcr Lhe administrator. [ .\fcanwhlle, -Sen. Arthur H. Van- denbcrg, R., Mich., said ERP will neither guarantee profits nor under write losses lor banks making private recovery loans. :!IP litstory nf Iho livestock inult 1 wept Ihe I)!K cornbrlt stockyards 'i-sLe/driy. Hofi-s sold from $1 to $4 lower limn last week's cicistiiK levels, which were SI.SO lo $3 lower than Iho.w of Ihc week before. DecllnlnK prices Insl \\ r eek promp- Uul furincrft to unlond :iU per cent tnoie lioxs »t Iho 12 mnjnr nitirkeV yesterday, and as a result the price tumbled. Kven »t the drasllcnlly lower prices, 4.000 lions went unsolc at Chicago and were held over. Larne immbers of steers ntu^. helf ers were hrld over ut mosL uiiirkt'L when lliry fulled lo sell despite; d(- cllno.s ran ((I riff from 50 Cfntx to $: per hundred pounds. lluth Un: American Mr.U Insll- lulr, rrnrcsriilliiff the purKcrs, anil II,r N'.itlnTKil AssnrtalEon nt ««| (:iil -Mi;ii l>r;\lrrs said Eli ua*i iluc partly lo i-»nsmnrr prices come down, ley may nrgue lhat there Is less i-i'd to lower taxes. And. wllh iiLiLtonnl Income, they may old lhat n cut In tuxes would hi en leu lo throw the budget out Ohnlrn^ii KiiKeim O. MUllkin of ho Krnato l-'inniirn CommiUce took n tulvauc-'o slap rit such nr(i union Us cfore he left to spend Ihc Lincoln his home state of Colonel o. HP .said HIP KepubHcan-coniroUed cglslnilvc budgcl r,ommltlee's fi«- ircfl wtTr (.'onsri'vative ciioutih to .ttind the effects of a sl-ceable re- :i?ssion iuul still hnvfi n large enonRli surplus to provide for tax rctluc- ion and a payment on the publlf) Icbl. conRrcssloniil budget coni- nittce e.sliinnLcd a Ilscnl 1949 surplus of gnvernment Income over outRo of $ and voted ;o cnnnnrk $2,600,000,000 for public debt retirement. Cotton Plummets $9.95 a Bale and Rebounds $3.50 name, but would say only that he i dominated.. ..the cost, of was no! a government official. American consumers." Rep. Andresen estimated that an ojieralor who was 1,000.000 onshcls "short"—ft favorable position In Ihe event of » price decline—would have made 40 cents a bushel, or S4CO.OOO. last week. "That's belter than Pautey did," he quipped. The profits of Edwin W. Pauley, fortf nal results, Mr. Harrison' urged: who has Just resigned us special contributors lo submit their riona- a.v;t>Unt to the secrelary of army, lions immediately. t were (932,000 over » three-year A reply was expeeled from the agriculture secretary later loday. Secrclary Anderson last night de nlert Sen. Robert. A. Tafl's charge that the administration Is using grain prices as a political weapon. He accused the Ohio Republican of "deliberately" misinterpreting statement which the agriculture department i.wued last week « move to bolster, thf faltering market. Suspension Bridge Falls; Three Killed, Six Missing REHOBOTK BEACH. Del.. Feb. 10. i UP)—Thc Soul ii end of I he Chat lea Cullen suspension bridge between lirthany :ind Hehubolh BoHChe.s oiilla^ loiiuy. Three pcr.sons were kllltul tiud i ai six others were reported mLvinf?. Icli Thc foundations and cement blocks supporlinx the span were torn locse by Ic* Jams and fell <is a truck and private automobite wpr« trftVfiJing over th« siriRle l:ane "People have brcn walking tiwa from hlRh-priced slcaks," said spokoMiiiin for the meat lust I lute. Walter Pnuli, chnlrman of (he board of Iho retailers' association, llialt "while rationing wns being discussed, the housewife began rationing her pnckotbnnk, and slop- peri buying hli?h-prirfd men I." Hr said lhat since the (irst of Ihe the volume of meat sold ovor . retail butcher counlrrs had dropped off 10 per cotU. j At both Now York r\nd Chicago the wholesale meal trade ivnx stow. At ChU'RK". cured ham inid bacon were down :m avetavc i)f 10': cents Soc I'KICKS on P.IRC 13 Clear Lake Resident Accused of Forgery If. D. Bennett of Clear Lake today waived preliminary hearing In Municipal Court on R charge of forsory and ut Lei ing and was or- ricied held to await Circuit Court oclinn under $1.000 bonrt. TJeniielt was arrested Sunday by Constable Arch Llnd.sey lor the second time In a. 1 ? many months on the same charge. When arrested Hunday. he was I nwelllug Circuit under Court bond and ncllon earlier forgery nnd uttering ch.UKe. Constable Lindsuy said. His latest nrrest came after he allegedly forged two $12 checks on Paul Ricks. A cheek forged on D. J Hodge of Blythevllia In the amount ' of $24 I arrest, resulted In Bennett's first NKW YOltK, Fell. 10. <l.'P) — CiiltOTi futures plumniclcd S9.S5 « lwl c loday, lo within fire cents nf the ilaily limll. In thc wiriest break for any session since Oclo- lipr. 1!! Hi. A rctinuiir! of S3.SO a hale from the lows followed almost at nnce on Iradr hiiyinir, but the market w.v considerably unsettled by ivenknrs* in onlsirle markets, par- Urularly grains. Active New Orle.-in.s and Wrst- frn selling uncovered stop loss orders. With New Orleans ctosert today for Marcll Gras, thc local market was forced lo take the full hrunt of a ccncral HquWjt- InR movement. Children Die in Fire; Parents Severely Burned ELBERTON. Ga.. Feb. 10. lUP) — Two children were burned to death, and their parents and one other child were injured, tn a tire which, destroyed their home last night. The two dead war* tha children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scarborough, Another Child, James, was in serious condition at Elbcrton hospital. Both Scarborough and his wif« were severely burned in the blaze, and hossiital attendants said Scarborough was In critical condition. Soybeans op*n high j .360 390 154!4 3MV

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