The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEI'TEMIWK 19-11 (AUK.) COUHIICR NEWS PAGE THREE Democrats Start '48 Vote Drive Republicans Blasted As Reactionaries In Surprise Attack Baseball Wedding S**//y. * ,~ "**. A/ V ^ X ''fc^f' ^ ^^V*VV< £*&* - ...x> js^, s *"X**«jj i I1Y l.i:K N J K I101.S l (United I'ITSS Stafl <'orn ssiondcin I ! •WASHINGTON. Ei-pi. :t ajp> The Democratic Kuly came out oi Us con if 1 . 1 sv. intuit; luud iccUiy i, i an advance hoi:i io the 1'J-lli <'U lion contest, j In un exlraoiuinniv cousL-to-i'CiOJ I radio rally fAliC). D:-mc:cratif lead cis itssnik'd ih»; KtimblicAu-contro!. k'd 81ih Count s i i Cin^iL o icatiiou" seeking to "turn iKu-k :he | clock of Atneii xu o ul nici i < The snlid punch behind tho iu v .v s]]rimg Democratic drive wus an appeal iu patty> in state, cify, '.vard and prcc'ntrt: "Get cut in 1EM3 the- G&.PSIXWU voters who failed lo vole in 194'i ; rim] thereby K-i tlie OOP J-T'K? pm\- 1 er." ; Democrats in key cities throughout, the Million d^cluri'd thai ihe people "are sic.'k oi the Mmnblm•.: antl bumbling of the Ropublica:; Congress" on hou.sim;, labor, nrioe.s and agriculture, Rally moderator Gaol Sullivan, ex- K'uiive director of '.lie DercoiTiUir National Cotmnittee, .said tin* voter.; "like trie clear-cut program oi action offered by Ihc Demouraiicr Party uiuler the ^troti 1 ^ liiadership of President Truman." llcu.nicd al I'arly Leaders The program was beamed particularly to meetings oi parly workers ihrcughoitt l lie nation. It hi - cJuded Sullivan and Sen. Bricn McMahon, D., Conn., .speaking from Washington and pickups from ccm* rn const, of party leaders Mich «>> Mayor William O'Dwyer of Key York, Rep. Hck'U GahaV^in Douglas ] ol California, Mayor Hubert IHiin- \ ' phrev oi Minneupoli.s. Sen. John J. | Spark mail o* Alabrnna. President ! Marshall Hanley of the Young Dsm- ' ucratic Clubs of Indiana ami Sen.] Francis J. Myers. Pa. ' I Most of the speakers struck at ; Republicans m Congress, predicting ' a mxtiomvitle popular re';:eHimi v;ov\U\ \ sweep them from power next year if parly workers get t-ui the vote. i McMahon took as his theme an : atiack on Russia's "agKressive uud expansionist policy." Calling for a . cnniiiuiaticn of tlie bipartisan U, -S. foreign policy, he declared the na- : lion has "become more unified in ou] 1 determination ihai Russia shall no: by hHriyue or "ny force tu'com- pli.sls the domination oi Eiu p o]3e and Asia," Sullivan urged party workers lo riny doorbells and fei-t otit i!ie voters who tailed to bit Hots in mG. These voters, Iw said, let Congress fall into the hands of Ii-:- pr,blicans "by defanK." KlasLs Fly Tim k, I-ast Others said: O Dv.yor—".. -Tlio working people of New York ate ar.ra-y. They know Ihe 'Rc-Kitbhran Cons-'rc-Vi liarj tried to turn the working people of tiin rountry imo second-class citizens, A gocd many of Them rcmpmber ih? riny.s when the Reinib:ieaas controlled 1 he fedtrat government. They I vcinenibirr the ciays wJien workin,' p(:o])le were .second-class citizens.. . ihe tUu1; of Hoovci-viUcs r-rui ivpplo peddlers." Mrs. Douglas—"The GOP-ors. tho loud and an^ry encniies of rein control, nave won the battle. They suv- ce.ssfullv sold National Association of Manufacturers' philosophy to Un: American people.. .lint the house- wile and her family can't eat NA.\l philosophy and GOP roUUcs." Humphrey "Th-: Republican dominated Congress has returned TO its old policies of dealing \viih the former—Plenty of taik \uiti little action." He said thai GOP-spoils Dr- Four-Year-old Boy, Angry At Sister, Shoots and Kills WAUKEOAN. 111.. S?l>( - (iuifh'ld l.i'ul. L:\ki- <;onnty cotoMoi, srlu'ihiled un incjut-st lotlay in tin- slu.viUK oi oiftUv-v*'ivv'-oUl against the sluyrt 1 , her , -Vrs. \ r iol.l Tuylul. -•!. their luo- .SWIl Ills cl.ldily ,|0, 1111(1 pulli'd (llf tl'lRSW. MI-B. 'InyUn- I'ctiiriH'd In ilu'li f.vo-vouin ainuiineiil niitt found Ui'i dniiKhlrr ilyiii,.. t- : i u . rilled |ioll<.'< pnlnlrr nl llii' nniil)y .X)lin!i-Mnn- vllle iiliint. .<.:ild lie uni. tlu' nun' when Ur \Si>;; a hoy ami ustsl il ou ' hunting U'Ljis. Herald he suu'Otl olf i Ihc Ijaii'i'l :i(> Hie i;iin would Cilu 1 1 U), k'S'i niosn In \\\u house. I Mrs. Taylor lolil pollec Unit llllly ] hiul (.'iinvli-d undcj* Itio <luvem>oi 1 i inul diiiKKtvt tin- i^nn out nlioiu lw<i U(;o nud hiul in.kiia^Cil Irj .^.. Itir hiYi'rli. When she s:uv him, she look UK- Count pared \ear v. oiitfildt; Moniplils. fts com-l U. S. prixjuction of motor vehi-~ with 17 iit this time liist | cjcs In the llrsi six months of 1947 totaled 2;357,41fl units. - r*...*< ^jiiiii. ^[it- •••ujr{i poii'.e. wtien ,^tie saw' linn, sue toon ttu- Hilly (oliI |ii.s urmulinolher, Mi's. |f ' 11 " ' lWil >' (l '"" 1 nlm u '"' "'H'ni'il JelUo l)\ke.s or ttlon, 111., hr ; uul ' l ' lu ll<1 ^ lth ^'"V '^' l h u Ir.'eause 11 . , ., a Hetty anil their IG-month-old sis ter. Patricia were ulone tticr, rc-uirunl iiunie "y'.'su-rdny to J'"'.^!!^ '' :l>1 '" '" "' l111 '" < ro " > ll(nlsl ' lind liittv iryini! lo off-lht<l ,,,.. "• , , Hood Ihui mMU'U (rum u shotBUu t , "' u> ' • SLUl '"' '<»">d Hie n»ti Uc- woiind in IUT abdomen. The child h "" i llu '. <l.ivonp»n, "where II ul- 1'ollap.seo and <IU'd alter snyiiis. , 'Af: lv , ""! " • s ' 11 ' 11 "°"' " dresser •Hilly shot me." "'""."'• lo:ul '' 11 tlu ' tiun. mill Ilu-d. A guard o( honor in Ihc traditional baseball manner composed oi Ontario Orioles and Anaheim Valcncias of the Sunset League is accorded Dorothy Helen Kiggins EIS she marches down the "aisle" lo home piste at'Ontario, Calif., park to become '.he bride of Oriole outfielder Lcandro Garcia. With Miss Riggins is Robert O. Hunt, , who gave .the bride away. •Hilly shot me. Hilly U:id none next door lo KCI sandwich tur lunch iroin a nel^h- llurry A. Hall, stall's attornej 1 . said tlic child could not he hold rc- ;,luinsi\>lL' t'oi' Ids iu't. nov ci>\dd ^ i lie tt'siify in com t. :/ j liilly wa.s loo \ounii to understand " words like "initrdcr" mid "Homicide." His espiTleiici 1 was llniiled I lo words ttke "hurt " 1 This was the story pieced '.o- j Aether by police: j His mother scolded Hilly reiTntlv Liiti from underneath ihe davcn- I port. j "You tnii'lit hurl someljody." she] told him. Yesterday he decided to "!uirl" his eichl-year-oUl stster. HeH>'. bc'- cause slie had hit him. He pulled the mm from under the Uau'iipovl. Uwded it like h« hud . . "Wi-iv you mad at HellyV" Mrs. n.vki;s "Ye.s," lie Mild. "Why did vou do II, Hilly?" she nsked ••IH'causf Hetty hll me." The failiiT. Alljeil Taylor, a Farmer Struck by Car; Dies in Memphis Hospital MlvMl'lUS, Tel m . Hi'pt. :t. (Ul'l Carroll Sill lt>n, H:)-ycnr-old irllr- here, Sullon's deiith \vvs tile 'Jllth tr.if- lie fnialiiy ot I he jem 1 iti Shell),. 1 FARM LOANS Home Onk-e, Newark, N. }. LOI'D T"!\M PROMPT CLOS1NO LOW KATE CM.I., WKl'IT OK SKI: RAY WORTHINGTON I IB S. Tliiril SI., Hlylhevllle, Ark. Sfivliit Tills S.-cllon Vt Yfars AiHtitirht'il tiltttlKtittv Loan Sultrllttr for TIM! I'KUIH'NTIA!. INMIKANCK COMPANY OK AMK.RICA Sister is Sought Brother Found Dead JERSEY CITY. N. J., Sept. 3.— tUpt — Pearl Silvmuau. ID. was sciu:)it. today by p->!ice who found her 11-vear-old'brolljer hludsconed to death in toe dining room of tlieir home. Maxiue SMvennan, 16. returned home last night lo find tlie body oi her brother. Albert, iu a pool of blood, liui telephone ripped from the svall and her older sister missing. The hoy wa.s clad only in shorts. A bath towel was clinched in his lcfi hand. A tew ieei awav was it comic book and he.sitie it a bloodstained hammer which police said \Vi's u'ieci to kill hir.i. The slaying occurred while the children's parents. David and Molly Silvermtm, were ui a movie. They reliirn'.'d to find Ihtir home filled Ijy police who had ijecn .summoned Inspector Miiiiael Casack, wlio di- | reeccd the police search tor tho ', missing yirl. said lie wa.s investigat- } iny a report thut she had been a ' patient in it menial institution. The longest tuimci ever driven by drilling from only two openings, ; Alva B. Adams lunnv] is 130i mi lonij and carries .surplus wati't irom the Colorado Rivi'r to a hike nv:xr Estcs Park, Col. Fowlston School of Music Piano -- Organ -- Voice Theory Uylhm ClitrtSt's t'liv All l(i'i;isli"iliihiis [Musi Ililfinnny Ho In Hel'orr Si'i'l. lOlli Teachers Accredited by Arkansas Teachers Association i.'d economy cuts in appropriations- for s;>a conservation, rural elec- irtficaikm. aftricuKuval vcsertvch and ciher government 'Programs was "chsiiHcr one to th(j;betrayal of the Am($fi:.-!ni farinef.%iThn Repnblicnns' are Che authors of this betrayal/' Sparkman—"The Republican record 0:1 housiti" is consistent—con- yislontly bacL They have done noth- i]!jr—jibso'.ntcly noLhing to help gel homes for vclcranr,." )t really makes lighter catees tr/ IS YOUR WATCH IN HEED OF REPAIRS? DREIFUS invites you to bring your watch to a factory-trained expert Mr. Harry C, Scatterday Who. in his 3S years of \vntrli repairing, lins been associated with llic anrl most prominent jewelers of Memphis and New Orleans, and in the .shops of Hampdcn Watch Co.. Canton, Ohio. Let Mr. Sraitcrday tepair your watcli as only an expert can . . . anct note iho difference! RKASOXAMI.K 1'RICICS PKO.MPT SERVICE AI.I, WORK CPARANTEK1) DHEIFUS M! Preiins :illi WEST MAIN ST SIIVERPUTED- TABLE TREASURES 1EUE Service (or Eiyhl by Holmes & Edwards LIVING ROOM IN MODERN ... rurnj.shcd smni-lly with deep up- holslevoii innevspriiig nicw.s. .«o eomtovlaUl^ anil iuviling. An<l to corn* l)luk> the onscnililc, modern occiisional pieces tlial hitrnioni/.c perfectly. ' Innersjirini; siifn in f Modern end table t;ili<'slry Cockl:iil Inlll Let Us Furnish Your Living Room The above suite is beautifully upholstered in :i fine cr.idc mohair, 'ibis is only one of many different styles and prices \vt> have in the medium priced suites. Famous KARPEN Furniture We Vmve line Iiivnituic made by Kunicn liotli in. I ho, suites uud ' odd picrrs. Wo have branLiful pieces in chuirs nnd scttrcs in ILAIIT.Y AM K in CAN. Thc^o pircc.s arc n]>holsU-rrtl in the imp ynulos of l:\T>ostry :<nd ;uHiq(ic volonros. Wo also have tnblt's to match Ihrv.r boUor pifce.s in .solid mriliouany. Our /loots atul wnn-lioiisos arc full, roaily Tor fiill buslncs.s--U:t us show yen wliat \VP have. EXTRA SPEC! We IxuiKlit 10 2-piecc living rnotu suites (hut (i]ii'ii otil indi ;i very comrarl.-ililo hctl. Alxo iiiis ;i hirfjc liucldinij hitx. This suite is very ut'.ll made wilh full s|>rintf ronsl iTiclion ;uifl tlio latest si vie wond carvinj!. Tliesc suilt.-; are tiphltislciTil in it VKHY, VICKY fine Ki'i'-'lc <)!' Velonr. AS LONG AS THKV I,AST EXTRA, EXTRA SPECIAL \Vc have two samplr 2-piece suites niadi; by .Slumber and Sealy llial :u'o sliRhlly soiled. Close oul price. HS is x ARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark. Still ami pc-pprr shaker i In rich sllvtrpintc to ufld rttnnn rtiu! lirraxity to your Uilslo by 1^47 RoKera. Use Your Credit $10.50 Silvi r|il:U(Ht r, 1' r v I il i ; ua\ .styled lor ihr ill-.- Nil I'.irrlni; DHEIFUS \\i\r.\ llriiifns . * • Wnar Inarannn •^lli WEST MAI\ YEAR TO PA Y

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