The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY «, 1«M8 Our Boarding House with Mai. Hoople i%( IT'S WE FIRST MEMJJ LOOK < THERE'S *"*» ^ INI6 COMPLETED IhSyf CROWD OOWM YM.'O ~-i *"" " ~"~ffl MONTHS WITHOUT LAM8 toTEVJ /|( SETTING Still TOMI&UT WITHOUT A^ ELBOWS OUR LEADOFF AIAM.'-. HELPlWS/ "IUE CORNER —IT Ml&UT BE SOME i GENT PeoDLisis "TftPEVJORK M6DICIWE OR A COGPL.& Of- UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WOMEN SURE MISS 1 OTS OF COMFOBTS IN THIS WORLD ON ACCOUNT OF 1 S6PATHNESS-- £AY, I WONDER IF SUMP'W LIKE THIS IS EVER BEEM THOUGHT OF FOR A PATENT IN KrtCHIMS. W6 COMPILED A BLYTHEVTLLK (ARK.) COUUIKH NKWS PAGE NINE Turkish Hunter Resents Sov ; «t DUC/CJ Overhead (UP)— A Turkish hun- tor at Inegol shol a duck and was surprised to sec on it's leg "Moscow- 75403." Away he dashed to show his find to tlie authorities. "It's just a hannle.« duck some Moscow zoologist marked for ex- 7UM By Adelaide Humphries Radio Service At Its Best! \Ve service all makes radios and back nur repairs with a Kunran- l*e. Ours Is tlir most complete radio service to be found anywhere. We specialize In Frequen- ey Modulation (FM). • Complete Line of Name Appliances Felix Carney -at BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. PKonc 3616 hln|T« ma Hi u iLe of- f-tt.e-Wnj , .;•»! to b* r. They hoik knnvr i ihln WHy Itt- wlf rfoliiK •«?•- Rac. and Miss Coxe—thought liing of her absence until the morning had worn on and it became obvious that Miss Hilary was noi only not coining in. but she wn& not phoning in ex pinna- tlon. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed f{«s( Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Action! No use staying at home when there's rtm) fan to b« had; Try your hand at Blythevillc's newest sport. Bowl Tonight! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys East Slain Street Phone 4929 aliciul II. .li.f appT a wkllr — tln-w xhr lir>;lnK lo fr«.| ibr Ktrnln nr Itir Hi-crri rtlrt- llonsHlp. Her mother nnd prople ftl thr nlfkcc rrnmrk ahmil hpr lonki. Jnnlr^ rem>lT<h thai ihr nnA Krl^ Trill hnve to cnmc (• «nvt« drol<h,n. Thul »nm* d«y tlrn nirrIB Janice «ut»lilc her nfnrr. Ill* friend Kd fin* 4aK up • [cnil on Ihe po«»lbl« M iut Itir napped. vf{]i him In f:rnnd IUH an4 tkc7 hnxrtl i XIX 'RIG HOL BROOK lhanghl it coukl kftl- desk. "1 wonder it we ought to phone Miss Hilary's home unci ask if slse is ill or anything?" he said anxiously. Janice had acted queerly the evening before. She had waited as he had asked, but when he had told her that he had not been able lo gel out of his meeting bin tvould try to gel away early, she had said he niusl not bother. He had not liked the way she said it. 'I did phone." Miss Willows ad- had never happen to . ,_ him. He had always kept his teet on the ground. Even ns a youngster he had known the kind "ilc he wanted. of lie had wanted to be someone important, someone peoul« would (ook up to. And now thnt his life was secure in that very niche of professional and social prominence he had so early set his sighls on. he did not want to acknowledge this thing that had happened to him. He did not want to make a place for it. He knew, of course, that the day would come when he would have to do something about it. He knew that lhat day could not be far distant; It would arrive all too soon. It arrived the day Janice did not come to the office. Janice was seldom late. She was seldom absent. When she was either she had always phoned ,_ ,_:_ Therefore Dr. Ho)- Mfss Willows. Mrs. lo explain, brook—and I his brain so clrar, till jlnnds func- liouing so properly. Other men, especially when they reached Ih.-u line line between youth and middle age, noumlorcd a while in » kind of mental or emotional swamp. Some Dulled out; some did not Thi'y made complcie idiots of Ihpmsdves. casting; to the far winds everything they heir) dear. Not that Eric thought nl Janice ns n svvnmp ol any sort He thought what lie always had. thai she was a nice girl, an extremely nice girl. Added lo this. h» now jnly a nice girl, ami an efficient, invalunble ollice nurse, she was famee—his Janice, who had jolted Him out of his complacency, awakening him to new horizons, sllr- •ing his blood. Jt was unthinkable thai h« should offer anyone as nice as Janice n shoddy back-street romance. Their shored meetings, their love, had never touched any- milted. "Yes?' to curb voice. The doclor did not try the Unpntience in tiis "Mrs. Hilary said lhat she had had a message last night from her daughter, from somewhere upstate." Miss Willows lold )im what she had learned in hor loved her. And aside (rom Elissa, 1C had never loved anynne else. He had asked himself before what had happened lo hla marriage. Now he knew; he and )!Jssa no longer loved each other. The magic had fled. Nothing ex- usual crisp manner. "Miss Hilary said that she would not b* back until loday. Her moth*r said that she had assumed her daughter had gotten back In time to come to the ollice, or that she had sent a similar message lo us. Otherwise she would have let us know. She said she was very sorry if her daughter's absence had inconvenieni'ed us." * » • J)R. HOI..BROOK did not enjoy his lunch. Ills .nind was In a turmoil. Janice was not ill; she had sent a message home. But where was she, and why should she go off lhat way without saying anything to anyone? He had never thought that this could happen to him. To other men, yes—but not to anyone with his feet so firmly on the ground thing so ugly as spected Janice Unit. Eric re- much as h« cept habit and had token they scarcely mutual mild Ilk- its olaec. Why, .'•pent Hires full months out of the year together I am not married to Elissa any more. Eric told himself. Therefore he was free—in n way. Naturally he had to fell EliFsn about it. He was sure she would divorce him. Then he would be free, and he could marry Janice. We had not thought, until this morning when Janice had not ap- pcnred and tie had become so worried, that it would actually lead to this end. lie liad deliberately nvoidrd thinking where it was leading. But now Unit he saw It, it was as clear and as certain to him as his professional goal had been. Eiissa had written that she soon would be on her way home. lie was glad. He could tell her his decision n'ghl away. (To Be Continued} permlnentnl purpo«s." he was told. "Bui we can't lei Russian ducks fly around in our skies cither," re- lortucl the belligerent hunter. Heid Courier New» Want Ad*. CALL EVANS GROCERY For Kree Delivery 2597 r/?y NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to Junior and Sis (Hiring (heir formative years. Send Ijotli your laundry nnd dry cleaning to Nu-U'a where you K^t- swift, efficient service! 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Taking Over By MICIIAKL (VMAM.EY mul HAIJ'H LANS it. Ht w»llt tllrotl^/ 4 one-man wr«eWng crew FOUKDANYTHWG JUSIONJMIASW UITU «IWS, , COrtREO WIIHREO POWMR. TAKE A Our Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN Wf WILL PICK UP AND DfL/Vffi YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty Wf INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES THAT Wai A COLD TEN AHNUTES WAIIING10R«3U OUI5IOE. SONVA. VVHA1 HAPPENS NOW? >HI5 VAM D£R HAMK woil'l VoKAY, 515 ,„,, Tfll ,Mf WHERE I(['S HID IH[ /60 TIIROuSIt Tllf OI4M01DS. LOOKS KKF WE'RE |CWeOMD5^D I'll GOING ID HAVE TO IUKN Tllf I 51ART TEARING UPSIDE DOWN.' A 1|(£ JOIMI APART. DR. GRUGER, TEJJMEA.RS&GO-T AH. WHEN SOU ^DMIT (JUOeKEUHG / INDEED 1 WITH M)p»Ms — WEREN'T fOO _ TRSIHG TO PKOVt T»M GKOWH \ TRVIHG TO COUID K CONlKOllEO WITH V PROVE IT, IN FACT. MY THEORIES IN THIS FIELD PERHAPS FIKST LED IRIS TO IbWIMt ANIKVMS OF INCREDIBLE SIZE...HMIUCIHIVTIONS THM ftRE MTEWTS tw HER. SUB KIND TO EVPLH1M THE WHSIEB.IES HIM SMOCKED OUR HEIGH6ORKOOD AMD HOW1HECHII&I5 , ,.,„„. „„„,„„ TORWENTEb WI1H THJ EARTH WZ& VOU DtlUSIOM TUM 1 PRO- \ DOING. HERE DUCED THESE MO«5T£R5, WO |kM RESPONSIBLE FOR. TUG CRIMES' SLVZES'. THMS THE By FRED HARMAN , U5E-un sos snoKE SlfifWL LIKE OLD TirtER DIP. THREE 6HORTPDFF, TriREE 1'lA NOT SATISFIED Y£T A00UT IW^NARiNXjO, I OO15.' r.-"»<3oiK)'BACK J* AMP LOOK, LOOK A11HAT SHORE- CHIMNEY Oh3 HER Purr. THREE SHORT PUFF .• - Hy V. T. HAMUN AND OiC*«. WAVE THEfc IN O*. OUT Of THE . Well. fCOH H*»/E ONLV DlfFICULTY MI5HT BE OUTOeTlON IN THE SPACt'Tl FACTO IM. BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIBS By EDGAR MARTIN &OOO i V«V * IWC Tft\ \jiv\^ ? ^ «OT ,IT4 ftBO\JT TltAV

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