The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 3, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XUV—NO. 138 Blythevllle Daily News Blytheville Courier Hlytlieville Herald Mississippi Valley TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 15IAT11KVIU-K, AUKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, SKPTKMKKll 3, I!M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Bevin Suggests U.S. Redistribute Stores of Gold British Leader Says America Handicapped By Fort Knox Policy SOUTHPORT, Bnjf., Sept :i. 'U.P.)—Foreign Secrclarj Krnost Bevin called on the Unitud States today to re distribute its vast hoard o Hold stored at Fort Knox a one oT the surest ways of re storing world economy. He told the Trades Union Con p,rr-ss that thc world must settle thc balance of payments question or it- would l>e. In constant chaos. "There are ways of settling it." he shirt. "1 know America will be upset by what I am Roini; to say, but 1 always have got to upset .somebody. "My own conviction is that she had handicapped herself ami caused hl?h' taxation in her own country by' failure lo redistribute thc Fort Knox "ff you found another sold mine - in the world. It would be of creal art vantage, but there is gold which has already been mined and it is doing nothing. Deplores Russian Policy "I am quite sure it is one of the readiest ways to assist in incrcas Ing tile purchasing power of the devastated areas of the world." Bcyiu in a 70-ininutc speech dealing largely with economic Issues also accused Russia of using thc United Nations veto "stupidly." He said the UN Security Council was becoming largely a propaganda show and asked, whether it will survive. He said that while the "great part of the UN is doing well," Ihe Security Council "is the most dis- - aimointiug part." "11. is becoming largely a propaganda show," he said. "Vetoes arc being used absolutely stupidly. Will it <tbc council) last?" ' Britain did her best to carry out thc terms of the Potsdam agreement, Bevin said, but "we have been baffled." He said the meeting of the Big Four foreign ministers in November offered "Ihc last chance of getting economic unity of Gcrrpjtkiy and reconstruction of Europe." ±," " , t "I .cannot promise- success."..! saW. "but I will do my best to 'A serve it. Tlic question is whether a since new world is to be born or whether we go back to the old chaos. "I would rather-take a long time to achieve a peace that will last in hope that understanding will come." Production is Key He cxhorled British workers to step up production so that the conn- both Nation's Hoarded Gold Is Valued at $21,766,000,000 WASHINGTON. Sept. 3. <Ui') — The nation's gold hoard is valued at $2MM.000.030 ol which some $1'.!.- 6CO,Ot;0,o:0 is Moral deep hi the vaults of Foil Knox. Ky., Iteasmy records showed loday, The remainder of Ihe gokt holdings is s"iUlcred alnut, at mints in San Francisco, lX-:iver and Philadelphia, in assay olficcs and ai the 12 federal reserve district tonka nnd blanches. British Policy May Hit Cotton Growers' Purse Notion May Stop Making Purchases From United States Arkansdn, Home from Europe, Finds More War Hysteria in U.S. Hy DKAN W. DITTMKK UnlU'il I'rrss St»ff Corrrsiwinlrnt WASHINGTON, Sept. S. (U.I 1 .)— Uei>. lirooV.s lluys. 1)., Ark., roturniiiK 1'i'oiu » ficven-woflk Kuropeiiti tour, .said today lie I'liund lilllc fear in Britiiin tlial \vi>r with Ku.sniii is "itn.'vil;vl>W" U>OUK|I Uierc \va« some fcdmg of tlus kind on Uio tontiiionl. * lla.vs toKl reporleis the 'Drills!! pnej^rwl lor Rliout two more years be aveilcd und arc Europe Rapidly Hearing Crisis State Department Official Sees Need for Congressional Action WASHINGTON. Kept. :(. IUPI-- Acting Secretary nE Sliiic lioberl A. Lovett declared today IhiiL EviroiWs ccoiioiuic posif.ou lius dclcrlorutcd so fast tllllt .s'Hllc ;u:tion \vl]| hlivc to lie taken beta 1 . '. Ihe Mar.shaU plan BOCS into cflctt. possibly next Lovctt. told !i nc\v.s cctifercnc'; I hut the sitviivVlon i;; gi-.vvc. He s.iHl Europo'.s ccOHonnc pwiiLion hu.s tlo- icriorateti In.sU'r Ihnn this aos'cru- nient had c-xpccled. Lovett \vouUl nol Kay that he foresaw the ncccl for a .special Fall session o! Congress. But he s'AKl some temporary '.Idvii'cs, -snuh as loans from Ihe worlti hank or the export-iiniwrt banK, v.'oulcl have U) be £nken in Ihe months just nhcacl rather than .sonic liinc nex { . year. Drouth Hurl.; French Lovet saitl it is very apparent that deterioration oi thu situation in Europe makes it plain that the major problem will ta on us sooner than we expected. The deterioration is rapid and the result!; will be severe, he added. Lovett told rcportei:. thai Europe's economic problems IIKYC coiuc I'J a i head sooner than txpcctcd for two ijasi^ rca-sons: 1. The effects ol the British financial crisis have b=en very contagious in clhcr countries through convertibility features of "he sa.laO.CKl.oao American loan. 2. Many countries, due to what UK described as nets of God. have had divcrL..^^, production to things L *"^'~--^^"** L-ii " irt '' domestically t_- ncc«i -"thai _ icat crop i.s the \vor.sL Niipolcbn's time. A bad I5y <!ll,\N'l' I)».l.M,\X (I'nilcd Press Sl.ilT CorrKsiHinilrnl) WASHINGTON, Sept. 3.—(Mton probably will be Ihn next Important Ainerlciin n^rieulUiral commodity hit by lliitain'.s now drive lo conserve her dollar re.soivc.s. Atirit'iil- ttnc ncparUncnt experts predicted Isirtuy. These experls .sultl It woul<l br "\'cry surprising" it Urihiin tllcl not rnit it,s American cotton purelnises even below lasl year's relatively l»w i I level. "They could do one of two things," one expert .said. "They cmilcl try to skimp aloni- uu their present si/e- able inveiiloi'ies of raw eottou or they could net collon from ateas whu'h will nul insist on dollar pay- inenl.s." Britain ptobably could yel cntlon for [louncis instead of dollars in Bi'ay.ii, India. I'teypt and tither Afrieail ureas. The Hritisii would have t<i turn to the United States, however, for any cotton these areas could not suply. If Urilish collon In this coiUry arc cm hack, il will he the second Important non-Tom commodity hit ny thai country': economic; Ijell^tiiihteuiii'i. Hlitain hulieulctl prevu^visly that its purchases of U. S. tobacco this year would he sliced from $'.15,000.000 lo $25.000.000. This may result in additional tohacco acreage restrictions here next year. Officials also said Ihere was some danger Hie British would lose their tasle for American lobaeeo If deprived of it for any leiiHth ol Hum. putting a permanent crimp In to- baecj exports urolith Hits 1917 Crop In addition 10 grain nnd tobacco meal., egg and dried fruit exports lave been affected by the British bulbacks Dried frullsJ-may cause some trouble by nny -liike in eggs or meat .sui)plics will be absorbe domestically Meanwhile, Ihc weather biircat reported that cotton made gcnernlli good progress during the past week In Arkansas, OUlahoma believe war i-oiinliii}: on I lie United Stales 19 .siand tUKOlher wi;ii Ilium lo sec Ilia! it is. "There Is mure«rin In IHI» rniLiilry ci\'er thc pn^s billly nf an- iilhcr \iar Ihun in Englnnd," h« siihI. Hays said he coiiii! nol see "liny e.sciipe" liom a spc(rlpl .session of Conisrivs lius year i! Kuropc's ceo- noiTiic jiroblcnis nro to he solved. '"\ am a-s-sunimi; that Ihc Marshall. plan Viill 'ake icrni lieku'e that, time ami that, tlwre will lie .something defmilc uiW substantial lo work on." Hays said IK- tiuule Ihn trip at lli.H o\\n expense and did not represent my cc.iiRrpWiiomxl uoinutilirc. Ho truvelwl in ni-nmnrk, Holland, lielgium. Viii'Alund. I'vunvc and Nor-, tlu-tn lielaml. He wns one ol Hi^ •penkers nt the Copenhagen Bupr liHl World Congress. ; Urspile Hit- ec.ononilB crisis, llny.'i was oplimislii; about Itic Inline, especially lor Britain and Prance. lit 1 said there i:i no nlootn hi Bri- lain. "The people I talked lo art> i of hardship." Hnys .suld. "They art VVllllUK lo lighten their belts iint arc prcimicit for thc InconvLiilcn- **s unrt niltimhiji." The Innnevs of France liftyp re doubled efforts to Increase the! production im<! slivu'.llte their econ oiny, he suit). The .Arktiiisiis rX'tnorrut .said 1 tytus nol fully .satisfied with (lie wn thei" British bundled their tl.150.COO. flW Auicnctin !rmn and wished L'eenllerl to elliulnatc soil! of 1(.s reslrictloiU'rtid Insert other, ll^r: snld Britain- rould nal In crfase Its production by contlnu hti5 lo rmploy as niuny men operating hiK^r mclng; anrl othrr ^al'zrd ^Amtilillj; us Ihrre arc all lt« S'Milr industry. ,;Soine of tliC'Atncrlcnn money use ipr lobacco nnd tood sholild ha\ Ijccti spent for ciipltHl poods Rt niinln'^ ami farm machfnery, !<ald, atliiliiK. however, that inucli this ccvMipnicnt was ivot available He snid Hiilaln' also will have go oil thc live-day week ciml st purchases of iioii-e.sseaUals. iducator Places •mphasis on Consolidations Blythevitle Faculty Members Hear Talk By Ralph B. Jones "The .Mimll cehool dish Inn of Arkansas, of whli-h there are soim. 400 which- do not havi- udcqit.ilc eduenllon prop.rnm.s. tu'c nothing nit dilapidated, b-oken down iini- lilncs which me wuslhiK the lax- eyers money." fl;0ph II, Jones » ^Itlle Ilix'k, stale roiiimlsslonei' o duadUm lold leafhi-rs'OI tin- <>!>' lie-vlllr- district al a mecllnj; In th vlgh school aiulllorniin this nor Sales Lectures Hold Interest Many Register for Scries of Talks by New York Consultant drought has cm the French pulato crop. He said it also had been estimated that the sev-rc British Winter weather hud cost Sritain J800.0CO.OCO. Lovett Eaid the Stale Department for some time has been re::eivin^ Jewish Groups Ask UN Support 62 Agencies in U.S. Favor Partitioning Of Holy Land Areas Identification cards for ;norc than 100 .sales- people and olflcc personnel In Dlylhcvlilf! have been :ssucd for the forlhconiiner scric 1 ; of sales Irflinlny and personal efllcicncy lectures lo be Silven here by E. C. House, .sales consultant and lecturer of New York City. It was disclosed today. - Unusiml interest Is- being evidenced by botli merchants <W<1 individual saies people and office employees and business and pro- fc.sslonal people arc oil Mr:""Hof on "This btfotp the union incctln word irom rci)resentalives in t'ry could be independent of the East and the West. "I have been accused of trying to tie. us up to America," Bevin lold the Trades Union Congress in convention here. "My God, I am here to appeal to you to fight for independence in the workshops. ".I want Britain to .stand up to the East and to the West, and who can accuse me of being subservient to the East or to the West?" Bevin told the congress that it its members did not produce, then Britain would lose her place in Ihc ranks oi the nations. "You will be forced back to the position of 192fi," he said. "That is the issue you have lo Tight. I beg of my trade union friends to pledge themselves to win the production battle. "We nmst win by production as nu alternative to the old methods of .starvation. "During the next two years it is the government's duly lo" use every resource. We won't settle this by .slogans. " He said this was Ihc first lime in 400 years Hint Britain had been Sec Port Knox Gold on Page 6. I I lv S 1 * pe tefr e unon inecnR o if\nn ^M/ i •• f&f^n I civic organi/.aUons here\ist 20 J\JIIII r T • VJ I CCJ If] OIK; reports ol the unusual success Pemiscot Pioneer, Dies Europe that the economic problems have to be faced sooner than had been anticipated. Sliows Much Concern Tile State Department, he added, is deeply concerned at the rapid acceleration ol Europe's economic plight. This government is goinf to have to lake a hard look at th,! situation this year, he said. H certainly is later llnni we think. he nildcd. Lovctt would not comment on a barrage ol questions re^imling the. possible need for a special session ol Congress. Some lepoils have r,»id (hat Undersecretary of State William !-• Clayton, who is m Paris. had urgenlly recommended a ^peal session to consider IfirciS" :nnotnlc problem:). Lovclt saiil in rcsjionso to a i|u:s- on that it would be idle spccnln- on on his part, to say wtic lioning or other controls . might • uccessnry in Ibis couiHry to ait' cror.c. He said in lha; conncctioi hat several presidential ami con- •ssional commilices :'re matin;; urvey.s ol the United .States' ability 0 assist Europe. Blythcville Gets Cooler Weather, But Still No Rain Some relief from the heal was noted here yesterday as the mercury calmed do.ui after it.s dasl to a 104-dcgrcc high Monday and reached a peak of 9fi degrees. The area today still was without rain and the August rainfall measured less than one Inch. Crops the areas which have, not hac local showers arc suffering fo want of moisture. Further relief was felt during last night, one of the coolcsl/'thi Summer, when the mercury reach cri a low of 63 degrees, accordini to Robert E. Blaylock. official wca thcr observer. CAHUTHEHSVILLE. Sept. 3. — Funeral services for John YV, Green, HS, rcsitlcnt of Pemiscot County for linost 7a years, were held here this itternoon in the Methodist Church. )y the Kev. Floyd V. Browci. In- eminent was in Litlle Prairie cemetery, here. Mr. Green was born at Clifton. Wayne. County, Term., anil moved this county with his parrnts nt the :ii:c of Ifi. The family settled in the southwest part of the county on a farm which the family cleared of woods and swamps. Mr. Green entered public life in lilts county in 1D02 as recorder ot c'teds and held this office until he retired Jan. 1. 1913. His record of 41 years .^crvicc as an elected county official \:, a record for Pemiscot County. He alMi .served ft*r many years on the C'aruthcrsvillc Hoard of Kdu- calion, and was president of bornd several limes. i lie joined Ihc Methodist Chur.-h i Ibis city in 1881, and unlil a yrar fir MJ ago, title lo his advanced years, was a regular allctul- anl at Sunday School and church. He was united in ninrri:i;:c to Miss Laura Virginia Colcman on Feb. 21. IRUfl. and ID tins union was born nine children, live of whmn preceded him in death, one being Do'il- cy Green, who served as assist ant recorder of deeds many years under his father, and was drowned in Ihe ferry mishap here lasl year. Surviving arc his wife. Mrs. Laura Green, of Caruthcrsville: tv.-o ron.s, Harry Green of Hrookfield, Mo., and It. A. Green of Sike.ston. Mo.: i.wn daughters. Mrs. Clara Panltey of Cn- nithersviUc. and Mrs. Harold Shively of Sikeslon: and two brothers, Amos A. Green of Clifton, Tcnn., and Klija n. Green of Slerle. Alsc surviving arc .seven gi.iiul children and Ihree great-grandchildren. oi a similar series of lee.iures by Mr. House al McAlestev. Okla.; Quincy. 111.; Hannibal and Jelfev- son City, Mo., and Fayettcville, Ark., and his rrpulation as « sales train- In!: expert and inspirational speak- j before slate and national con-' ventlons are :il] contributing to nn- cxocptional interest in tlic lectures he will give here. All the lectures will be held at the High School. On Sept. 2V. Yir. Horc> will speak on "Can You Imagine It?", on Oct. I, he \vill <lisucss "Telescoping" nnd the final lecture of Ihc scries will be "Shifting the Gears" on Monday. Oct. (i.' Eaeh l c cturc becins a'. B p.m. and U'lll be concluded at f>. Since no one will be Eidmittccl without an irlcntifiention card. Farmer England, president of the Chamber of Commerce, urges all Nlytheville business and profession-ii people lo arrange for idctiUficatifin cni(f:> for themselves anil their employees at once. All leachcis and other pubbe school employes and ministers '.UH lie .supplied with complimentary identification cards for all tlitcc the i lct:liito,s if they w'ill nsk for ll'em at Ihe door on the night of th" t lecture. LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Sept. II. (UP)—The United Slates was called on lodiiy by Ihe American Jewish Conference to s^nrheaci l ; he drive fur quick Unilod Nations nc- tlon on the plan for partitioning the Holy Land. The appeal by the conference, rc- prcscntini; 62 Jewish groups, re- flecled the widesp:cnii feeling Ihnt this country's stand would have an important bearing on Ihc falc of the special UN. committee's majority ng tor purUtton. lestiop was Just how Staler woi^lct b«. Jmplenienl any fee- by the General A.s- lo convene Sept. id Arab leaders have roundly denounced the partition lilan and have threatened thai any attempt to i pose it woltlrt lead to bloodshed. The Jewish conference, inrtlcatci general support of theVparlltloi scheme without coining right out J and (.saying so. It look pnlns to eniphns'.zc thai otlicial Jewish policy was up to the Jewish Agency for Palestine, saying most American Jew* doubtless would support the agency's eventual position. The i\B- cncy Is rcMgnizod under Ihe British mandate us the official spokesman for the Jews ;n Palestine. The nearest thing to an official word on the ngenry position was Ihc .statement by the head of its political deparlmunt.. Mis. Golda Mnyerson. She indicated thai tho partition plan generally wns acceptable, but objected to Ihe exclusion ol V/c-slern Galilee and the Jewish .sections of Jerusalem from the proposed lioundarles of the Jewish state. "We would save the laxpiiyer:.' noney il we woii.d wipe out many ol these Imuntrniry lines thai nc- pariitc wliool cllslilcls," lie said. 'We wimld ».s^i he raising the .^tuu- durds »l our scholastic pronrani. everythlivK Is vhiuvilr.i;. KvpcylUIni! I of today's world. Hut whut nboul ir, krephis up wills (he sln'amUnlnK Ihc siniill one-rnoin selinol? "We must pul our house In 01- tlcr lioin Ihe sliinriiKitiit of n itron:( foniHliiUon. Tin- tea-hevs am \vhal youth rnnst hitch ihelr WHKOII I". Bill whnt do teachers have lo oi- ler youth?" Muny do not have a col- ICRP (U'Ki'i-'c ami -should he \n«iu»l- IDed to tench. What me yon isoln;i to do nbonL H'/" he nsltcd the teiich- trs. Trnrlirr I'THlnlnp KmplnislT.i'd "\Vhnlevcr you teach, whether It is agriculture or science, 'ir nisiory icmnnber Mils: You lire not teach- ins subject mutter, you me tciuli- Ini; liiiinnn bcliiR.s! Ynu cannot tench geoKUiphy but you cnn tell youll nbonL tlio world In which he lives and In which he must assume responsibility, duties niul nblluiilions," he said. "Everything in Ihe community us sonic educational viilni 1 ," Mr. ones pointed out." The churches, lie football field and even Uie ^-Uinl'.a. Ot course some tire ad. hut then education can either >e bud ov uood.. H Is up lo leathers o lend I ho yoimi: people lo the pnth. 'lire tcf.chcrs must be lie guiding llfiht lo the youth in .lie .schools todixy." Mr. Jones said that tlic teachers nnd ministers ol Ihe land have, a xinrd tne'nibcrti. Mipcrlnleiidenls tremendon.s responsibility In thh iliuc of raiifuslon: "Thc syelnl. economic, and cultural development o ihn people depends upon .lie leach which tiib youth ol todny mus Jbsoib. Ihc level ol Alneriesi life depei'ils ulxin llm cdiicatlpni proRi-nm of each school, whether J is siniill or Ini'iio." U. S. Assembles Weapons to Send To Turks, Greeks WASHINGTON, Kept. 3. (UP) — ActhiK Sccretmy of State Robert A. I/well snkl today he cxpecl«^l MilxstnnUnl amount of mllitarj 1 .ilpmriil to IH> «o lUs way lo Turkey within the next few weeks un- ilor llic- Ovcck-TvirklMi nirt )irORmin. Lovpit lold i\ news conforcncc thnv sjiipjncnls lo Torkoy thus tar atnninUc'd to Ics-s thnn $3,000.000 worth of cquUimpnt. nioKtly ioa<\ iJtiildhiK niut hnrlKH' coast ruction niiiclilnuiy. Hut he t*n1<l Uiut sttxmt 50 per rent nl Ihc Army nnd Navy Mi\ipHc.s \\n<\ now 1x?en pvocurcd nl- IhoikKh ctollvciics hnvc not henun. Hi; Mild .VHIIC OXCCSA jnllliHry sluc'ks had Ix'cii M'lU lo Turkey front the MptJItciriiuciin arcn hut (hut those did not constitute n Mill- .slantIn I ]iin L ol tlic conteniplnlrd pronfatu. The $-KH),t>u(),ooo Circck-TurklKh aid proKi'imi en Us for JKH).030,000 wmlh nf cquipinriit for Turkey. Askrd about n report, that thn .sliipnuMit of combat equlptncnt- woiiUI In 1 r.liii'lrd \[\ Octolx 1 !', Ixivctt rc]jllfd I hut ]ir would ti.s,sutne thut ho Khlpmriil.s would l>c«ln Iwforc lien. School Bonds Sell At More Than Par Directors at Steele Dispose of $61,500 Issue at Premium A Kiuisns C-lt-.v, Mo., bond I Inn yr.sloi <lny pidd n premium for till. twit, uiul 2.ft por cent bonds Issuer by Ihc .Slcclc. Mo., School Obi- Irk 1 1 lo finance Improvements !< he iJhy«k;»l plant, it was an- Truman Prepares For Second Major Address in Brazil Hemisphere Treaty Is Signed in Rio by Secretary Marshall l'.y MKRItlMAN, SMITH United )-rra staff Correspondent HIO UK JAN BRIO. Sept. ,'t. (U.P.)—President Truman worked today in the .scgllj': sion of Uio heavily guarded j U. H. residence .'on ' tiie second mn.jor speech He will innko in Brazil, designed to provide further details of liis program for worldv/idt; m-ovcry. . v .'. <VJ,-. Trimntn scheduled no - activity outside the spacious embassy residence itroimd.i for the ttny. He planned to devote most of-Ills tlinfi to tlin speech he will make to •he niazlllnn House and Senate r'rlcluy. . ,'..;,,', Mr. 'IVinuuii had his customary iiiornliiK comtltutlopal. accompanied by Rilg. uon, 'Wallace Of sham, While House physician. The, President nnd Drahnin spent about an hour from 7 lo H a. in. scrambling nloiiK the mountainside. In tlie neighborhood of the embassy which Is located nt about 2,000 foot,, altl- tudn. • ..; . Mr. Truman and Clrahaiii itow- P«d their climb Bt the bass of',a IniKo cliff, which ir. topped by n slant .-itntuc of Christ. - : The speech wns expected I') parallel generally the one with •Mhlch he closed the Inter-American defense conference at Petropojls. In.ll he proclaimed the ' u." S: Mr. Jones added llmt. the most luilKiitanl thing thai has been /tone to aid le.ichcrs In Aikansas I.s the Tctttlicrs Scholarship Aid Al.(" which was enacted icccntly by the jt.ate leKislalurc. "This Is the first, lime that the Job of leaching has ueen.put on a professional basis". Rabbi Addresses Lions Club on Peace Needs Dr. Alfred Vise, rabbi of Tempi Israel, stressed three needs of th j)«optc of the world to Hchiev peacc when he addressed member of the Lions Club at their weekl meeting yesterday noon at th Hotel Noble. The three needs, he pointed out. were democracy, a spirit of brotherhood between men and a belief in the fatherhood God. Rabbi Vise also told of Ills expcrlencc-s in Germans up to the time he came lo the United Stales a short time be- 1orc war broke OIK in Europe. .Guests at the meeting were Charles (N!ck» Rose of. Ros«lant5, Josh Prultt of Blythevllle and Dr. N. A. Slant- of St. 5/iuis. . Baptists Plan Missco Rally In Church Here A Mississippi Council A.v;.';via- lioiwl Baptist Training Union rally will te hc.d tomorrow night at tiio First Bar-list Church here. Theme of this quarterly meeting oi training uuion members from iicrc than 30 Baptist churches in Ihc county will be "Witnessing for Christ." will be an inspirational message by Included in the youth program thc Rev. C. S. \Vomnck, pastor ol Ihc Firsl Baptist Church at Kci.ser. and special music presented by the j host church. I , _. An attendance banner will be ' OSCCOIO Woman S iisrcr awarded to the church with the I largest percentage ot its membership present. Conferences will be conducted by leaders of the various departments of Training Union work. All who arc interested in the program are invited. Emmitt Cross ol Cs-cola. Assc:ciatioiial Baplisl Training Union director, announced, two-months, known in c.sccola. State Sends Three Auditors to Check Missco Finances Dies in Shrcveport, La. Kentuckion Dies OSC1SCLA; Sopt. S— Funeral services for James Rogers of Madisonville. Ky.. husband of the former Miss Doris Ann Smith o! Osccola. will be hclci '.omorrow at 10 a. in. at National Funeral Home CECECl.A. Ark.. Sept. 3.—Mrs Thomas Freeman of Masnolia. sister ot Mrs. Hoy C. KiUlcriek ot Osceola. died yesterday In a Shrevcport. la., hospital after a She was well- where she had ottrn visited. Cther than her husband, she is survived by a daughter. Jean, and Fix sisters. Arrangements for funeral services arc incomplete but probably will be held tomorrow ill Magnolia. hi Memphis, lie died Monday night McmphisGirl,V/hoBaggcd \ Elephant in Africa, Tells expected -., V • T • 'our we Or experiences on Trip I'enple throughout tlic" nation heard Virginia Wallon Brooks. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ilrrry il. Itrook.s of Memphis and ^rjtnd- liiuehtcr of Mrs. Allen Walton o! Ulylhcvitle. relate .sonic of her ex- jerjencos while: hunting this Sum- , incr In Africa with her pirenU | when .she spoke last niRtu, on Mint •We, the People" pros-rum Irom | Columbia Broadcast'!! 1 ' St::lloii in Mew York City. 'Mie I'l-yeai-ol:l Memphis girl, who has become fan) "is for her ability n.s a Inmlr-i. told how she had killed a charurii; Hrpliniil. She- had been schooled in fhoo'.ini; ami told how to krrp ,v,i animal from (Iclcctiir.! Ihe him'.cr and th 1 : vulnerable splits for which a hunter should aim. Hut Ihc elephant sensed (Uuwcr and threw up Ills trunk to make a charcc. Virginia shot three lime* to kill him. "I felt no fear", .shr- replied in answer to the master of ceremonies' question. She si-o!:c briefly of other experiences (Wnns; the trip. When asked If Ihere were anything IrouoliiiB hrr, Virginia. 3 studc'l'. at Miss Hulchinson's School in Memphis answered "Yes. Celling bark to algebra." Goini; wilh her to New Vo'.'K loi Ihc broadcast were her mother, formerly ol IMylhcviUe. ai\4 Walton. Three Mate auditors bcRan annual examination ol nil Mississippi County financial records this morn- work on the 1!M6 books ctcd to be finished in »l> •ccks. II. K Jnck.son ol Fiiycllcvllle am Felix Malachow.«ki ot I.itlle'llwk exiimiiilni; North Mississippi Co ty records here while Odell Mond* of Danville IK conducting the nnal audit in Osccoln. , Thc auditors, who mafle, Ihc check of records lasl year coverinK the 194 fiscal year lor the county, .found thc records in excellent shape. Snyder Says Gold Redistribution Is Purely U. S. Affair NEW YORK. .Sept. .'I. (UP) — Secretary of Treasury John Hnydc said today, before he snlletl aboard the Quern F.llwibcth lor Kmoiie that a British proposal lo icdlMii- buto I ho American Kolcl cm-lie n Ft. Knox, Ky., wns a mailer of concern only to the United .Stales. finydcr was reluctant, lo commit n' Matetimil by British Foreign Minister Krncst nevln that the enormous hoard of Gold at rt, Knox should be redlslribuH-d ur. n means of reviving world rconoiny. His only .statement was: "Mini is a United Hlales matter." Knytlcr was accompaliird by I IB Unilcil .States offliiials who planned to attend the international Hank mid Memetary Fund Colllcrcnce .Sept. 1C hi I/itidon. Doctor o* Stcc/c Suffers Minor Injuries in Crash uninced today by Frank KuICmati. iresldcut of the Slcele school's mril of directors. The district Issued bonds wllli pur vnlttc nf $01.503 mill thc Isle sold nt a flRine sllnhtly iibovu iiir with I hi! hlRhest bid made ;y Cleorne K. Jianni and Co., of Kansas City. The Issue will lie. re-sold to bond buyers after lie! up brokci down Into 01 bonds of $1000 fuel and one S'CO build, rcprcKcnlatlve ol tlio firm .said. 'I he Issues will be sold In two blocks. One, tolhlliiiB MU>00 to bci'i' two uiid one-half per cent In- tercut and .tin: other block of Ihc remaining JUO.COO will nccruo holder.-; two per cent interest |>er annum. Thc larger block, covers lurlty period from lf!5* and the other. 19S1-G2. dale for Ihc bonds was set Ccl. 15, Mr. Huffman -said. Architect ITenare.s Plans llaiini and Co. will bear nil of printing thc bonds nnd other relalcd expenses, he said. Architect's plans will be .submitted for final approval at another r>i>ecial meet IIIR of thc school boiird Monday night ami the contract may be let within thc following :id days. Mr. Huffman said. I'he site, of the new Rrude school, adjacent lo (he present' structure, h-.vs nlrrndy lx-i-,n purchased, he said. The old school will eventually l,^ lorn down although It nifty be in use for snveml more years because of overcrowded classroom conditions. Mr. Iliiflmaii stated. Tlio new school will be o moden: 12-claf.sroom .structure, he said. Other bond firms nl Die meet- lust nlpht were <.;. H. Walkei and Co. of St. [fluls, Herman Bens dctermlnallcn lo rcmnfti ctron;, a,nd warned that' tile nation's traditional aversion lo violence must nol. be Inkcn us an Invitation to others lo tamper with the foitndn- llon.s of pence. Dlnnrr \\iih AmbAMiadol: The President "and Mrs.: Tinman dined last nlghl with Ambassador and Mrs. William b. I'aulcn. Aitmlrnl William p. Lu.xhy and lirlg. Gen. Wallace. Graham, White House doctor who moved Into the embassy residence last r.tght. Margaret Truman, the President's daijfthtei', last night Attended a party fw yjiung people the plushy :Ttal»,de Ft»mlivgo apa'rtr ... * menl.of Mr. andMrK^CaVjosiGiilvde, wealthy residents rjf Rio de• "Janeli-Q.-- The formalities, of.-'the ' IiKcv- AmoricHii conference were con-/ ma-1 eluded with the sinning of tl-.c Irnaty to I860, of Rid de Janeiro, pledging Ihe Delivery 19 American countries to clefepdVn hemisphere .security zone l .igftinst for Secrctnry of Stale George C. MarshRll was the 19th- -signer In the wlndniv Gjcrcinoiiie.s at (|hc Brazilian foreign olilcc. Marshall left for Washington aboard- the presidential Iiidcpcndencc al 1:45 p.m. EDT. Tlio fndej>en(iencc ind brought Mv. Triimnn and Jiis )arty from Wiisbingtoii. The Pre'sl- :lr?nl will return aboard Ihc Battleship Missouri. . . ^ • : Mr. Truman wcnl abontri Hit Missouri In GUFUiabarn Bay yc.s- lerday lo join In thc celebration of (lie sorond anniversary-of - the signing of thc Japanese surrender which look place on the decks of the balllcslilp. •. . .. Tlic iiifonnal celcbra.tlou was-lu- cidcnl to a buffet -Itwcheofi -given by the president lo- PresMflit "M- rlco Caspar Dutra of Brazil, delegates lo the hemisphere conference, members of the diplomatic*corps dorf and Co. of Memphis anrl thc i nnd high Brazilian-officials.'" Commcrrc Trust Co. of Hansus City. Mo. Forfcits $10 Bond from injuries received In an auto-1 James Arnold today forfeited mobile accident Friday night near $10 bond in Municipal Court when lie. failed lo appear to answer char llic gcs of driving a car with no tail Madisonville, He was Ihe son-in-law of rif-v. V.. T. Smith of OsrcnV.i, Morion Morgan Dies In B/yfheyi'/e Hospital Marion MorRHH. «S. died rnrly .his mornlnR nt Blylhcville llos- pilal. He made his honir with a brollicr, Erby Morgan, ("id sister. Miss Ijiura Morgan, al 103 K>st Sycamore St. funeral services were held thl.s afternoon al Cobb funeral Home Chapel with the Uev. R. K. Haird pastor 'of First Christian Church officiating. Burlnl was at Maple Grove Cemetery. 5Ie also Is survived by three other sisters, Mrs. Hat lie Anderson Garner Mis. Morcny Garrell Garrysvllle. Ky.. and Mrs. Slmrcl Laird of Rosebud. HI. N. Y. Gorton Soybeans CHICAGO. Sept. 3. IUP)-Soy- bean fiiicvalions: * , Nov. . 281-B 28312 281 283 1.2A Mar . '.Win 28Sli March May . July . Oct. . Dec. . 3088 3058 2991 am 3102 high low 3032 M10 30M 3036 2981 '07.1 31« 311i 3100 30fU clo:.e 308- i'oa 312 3C9 Weather ARKANSAS-Pair today, lonlgh and Thursday. No importnvit tern perflture changes. Veterans Cash $7/5,800 in Bonds Here Mr. Howard Taylor of Kti-elr 5o., was treated a I Walls liospita eslerdny for minor Injuries re cived when his car collided small truck south of Holland 1r>., on Highway 61. He suffered cuts ab-iul thc face nd left Ihc hospital followiiiB realmcnt. No dclails of Ihc ac- Iclent, were available this morning ml reports from a wrecker driver •hie:h towed the car here Indicated that Ihe rar and Iruck collided head-on. The rar. a 1917 iiiK-fc, was badly damaced. Whc-n the last vrleran cashed his terminal leave bonds lo end the initial "B-IJay" rush on bnnVslirre yesterday, a total of $115.800 in cash iiatl IK-C-H exchanged for Ihe beinds. Tlic rush to exchnnne bonds for ••ash continued today but at a much slower pace, bank ofltcials reported. Ham II. Williams, preside-ill of Ihe First National Dank, said that total ot MO bonds was traded for $51.754.27 In cash. Only S50M was deposited while- Ihc other 95 percent of the total was carried nut of thc bank by thc cx-GI's. he said. An eslltnaled 461.000 was paid otil fov Wtl bonds nt the. Farmers Bank and Trust Co.. Cashier II. I. Ban- New York Stocks p. m. Hlwdv. 2::m A T .'/ T Aiuer Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Helh Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Klrclrlc Gen \fotors Monlgomery Ward . M Y Central Hit Harvester .... North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio socony Vacuum .. Sludcbakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard T7 S Steel Isler reported. From GO lo 70 per i-ent of this amount left the bank in This indicated that thc city-wide average was approximately $16-1 per 1-2 bond. t\ 1-4 Meanwhile, banks throughout the 35 7-8 ,,(atn were bracing themselves today 81 3-4 [o accommodate a second wave ot 59 1-2 veterans of World War Two seek- 185 in K rash lor their terminal leave C3 3-1 bonds. 5!) 1-8 nut bank officials say I hey expect CO the rush to taper off soon. Ifi 1--1 Unofficial estimates of thc amount 87 of money paid to veterans all over 8 1-4 thc stale yesterday place thc figure 28 5-8 near the million mark. And in Lit- 8 1-4 tie Rock alone an estimated $500,16 1-2 000 was paid out. 21 1-8 The Commercial National Bank 76 3-4 paid out a tolal of $17,000, the high- 61 3-3 est In Little Rock. And a city wide 5 (ivcvsgc per leave-pay applicant was '{I 3-8 approximately $200, Fares Busy Schedule WASHIMGTON, Sept, 3. !lUP> — Secretary ot State George G. Marshall returns from Rio de Janeiro, today to begin work, on n heavy', flic of international problgms .thai, have piled up MUr.c. he left tor the Tnln-American defense conference. Ilirrr. weeks aco. ''•'•,'. '.-.••' Marshall. Sen. Arthur If. denbcrg and Warren R. Austin, chief U. S. delegate of thc United Nation*, lefl Rio" las!/ ulnUt. Ae- rfmipanied by thrlr r»ivcs., they were scheduled to arrive here in mid-afternoon. ' ' Mnr.shnll .will have only two weeks nt his desk before leaving for NW York to attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting. If the other Bis Three foreign ministers attend that meeting work also .yill be resumed on the proposed German and Austrian peace treaties in the lust three weeks. Amev- can disputes with Russia-over thi: proprvsed Japanese peace pact, Korea, Germany. Austria and control ol tlis Chinese pott ot Daricn have moved towarrl a showdown. . On top of these. .iVhrsh.iU \vill have to survey the work on--Dm United Stales portion ot his plan for European reconstruction,, tncklo Ihe problem ol Greece and ternal political strife, consider Ihc effect ot Britain's financial crisis on occupation policies and wei-jii a possible shift in U. S. policy toward China. Veteran Oscco/o Teacher Takes Leave ot Absence Mrs. John R- Miller, who lias taught hi Osceola elementary schools for the past 25 years, has been granted a year's leave of-ab Bcncc. Superintendent Fr«tiXlin Sanders said loday. She taught thc second grade. Mrs Miller suffered a.spine In- Jury in a fall l»st Winter from which has nol completely recovbred. she will be replaced this year by Mrs. Dan M. R«Id, Mr- Swidtrs said. ' . i

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