The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE W-YTI1KVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUKSDAV, SKJ'TKMDKK 2, 10-17 British Miners Agree to Work Fuel Minister Tells Workers Economy 'Hanging by a Thread' LONDON, Sept. 2. <UP)— All but 3,000 of 16.700 striking Yorkshire coal miners \venl back lo work Mond«'y after Fuel .Minister Enianui;! Shinwcll warned them that Britain's economy was "hanging by a thread." The remaining strikers will be governed by the results of a secret "work or strike" ballot being taken today among the S303 miners at the "orimethorpe Colliery. It was the refusal of 140 miners at Grime- thorpe to work 23 feet of coal fad.' Instead of 21 that brought on the stoppage. Shimvcll's warning was supported by Pood Minister John Stra:hcy, who disclosed thai Britain 'had .stopped buying foot) from the United Stales Jor the lime- ocing because she had rim 1 out of dollars. The food ministry said it ha'l signed no food contracts will) the United States since Aug. 6. Hilhci- to Britain had imported fresh fruit, dried fruil, canned goods, cheese cereals and frcsli meat from America. Slrachcy said Britain cou'.d man- i age for sonic time if necessary with- ' out buying iood irom Ihe United States. He said he believed the present rations could ba maintained Kir a long time, but that would depend on "availabilities elsewhere." Sir Stafford Cripps, president of the Board of Trade, was pulling the final touches to a plan to squeeze out non-essential industries and make their employes available for other work by reallocating con!, steel and other raw materials to export and essential industries. Cripps will present his plan—the second section of the government's program to close the $2,403,000.000 gap between Britain's exports nlvl imports—to the cabinet Thursday or Friday. Prisoner Frisked Veterans Terminal Leave Pay May Be the Last for a While At LI.-Gen. Leo's Djscipliiiury Training Camp in Lofihorn, Itnly. guard thoroughly scorches a prisoricr lev hidden weapons before nllou'infl him lo enter, gnle on ictuvn from work detail.' BY IMUCiLAS NBA Staff Oom-spuiiatnl WASHINGTON—(NEA) — Veterans who are set to rush to the bank Sept. 2, the first day they can cash in their ermlnal leave bonds, better think twice unless they have an immediate and desperate need for the money. That's the last new cash benefit Congress is likely to hand to veterans for a long time, experts of the national veterans organizations and Veterans Administration officials believe. They based tlieir views on an analysis of the veterans' legislation passed by the 8Qlh Congress. Congress — due mostly lo the influence of Its members: who are World War 15 veterans Ihenvsclves appears convinced that tlic U. S. Government has now done Just about enough for its fighting sons and daughters. Prool is Hint the 79th Congress appropriated more than $10.000,005.000 for veterans benefits while the BOtn gave only J5.- CCO.OOO worth ot new benefits to them—to Increase payments to disabled Mctcrans taking vocational training. Enabling vets to cash terminal leave bonds didn't require a new appropriation. The money was already there. It is now believed that the chances of a bonus law being For :t llonus: These vets wuidt'il Missouri lo hand out money. Tlieir chances of Retting Con- Cress to do the same arc slim, at least uiilil I960. daring Ihe official end of the war for certain purposes, now establishes a definite termination date for mosi week readjustment allowance will no longer be paid. Any veteran planning to go to school under the GI 'Bill must now start his course before July 25, 1951, and have completed it by July 25, 1956. And any former GI desiring a guaranteed loan must get it approved before July 25, 1857. The Presidential proclamation does not affecl. the recmploymcnt rights of veterans. These rights arc a permanent part of the law now. Veteran. 1 ! who are excepted from Ihe termination dates are those who entered service under the voluntary enlistment law which went into effect Oct. 6, 1946 and lasted for a year. These vets get nil the benefits they earned by service regardless of termination dates. Several minor veterans bills wcra also passed by the 80th Congress. I One legaliz;* a procedure usod by I VA which permits farm workers ' taking on-the-Job training to gel ! ifnll subsintance allowances e^/cn ' though they aren't taking all the classroom courses usually required. Another extends the period of term insurance for World Wur I veterans And anollier new law makes It mandatory for the Government to rehire a veteran let out by reduction- in-force, if the Civil Service Commission overrules the agency whicl fired him. • « ^-j The prime goal of the veterans or- pjused much before I960 arc pretty [ O f the GI Bill of Rights benefits. State Police Wage War On Trucks With Old Tags State police today warned Mississippi Comity motorilsts am' truck drivers that all out-dnter license plates must be removed from their vehicles ns required by Theater Owner Faces Charge following fire Which Cost Lives of 87 PARIS, Sept. 2. (UP) — An- tolnc Mouillado, owner, of the suburban Rncil Theater 1 where 87 persons died In a fire Saturday night, was held today on a charge of involuntary manslaughter."- Moulllade also was charged will) failure to observe safety precautions, lack of which turned th'- theater Into an Inlerno and reduced the balconies to a pile ; ^Anybody Home? Arkansas law. Many caVs and trucks are being driven with the old plates, ranging from 1942 to 1B46 vintages. still mounted on them, slate Paice said. This defeats the purpose of the lags and confuses identification. they snid. Some cms hnve removed olt plates from the rear mountings hut have left them on the front These also must be removed, they warned. Truck operators are frequent vlo lators of this law in that man merely add plates cad) year nut n sizeable collection is accumulnt cd, it was pointed out. slim. H a veteran is convinced he wants to pass up the two-and-one-lmlf per cent interest he will get for five years on his terminal leave bonds, it is a simple matter to cash the bonds. The veteran whose name appears on the bond must cash it in person at liny bank and he must have Ills discharge papers or » certified photo/static ropy to show to the clerk. II a veteran hiul sent his bonds to Veterans Administration lor payment of insurance premiums, he may write and nsk that After July 25. i!!;9, ihc S2--H- anltatlons for Hie next Congress s to get l,he subsistence allowances alsed for former GIs now attend- ng school, and they believe they land a fair chance. Several vete- ans groups hope to get an effec- Ive housing law on the books. They eel that since 1946 Is a Presiden- ial election year, Congress might give a more sympathetic ear to heir requests. SELL Your Car While Prices are HIGH? to SH ELTON Motor Company 119 W. Ash Dial 443k Are You Planning to Move? We offer you Uiis piece of equipment, designed for safe transportation in all types of weather. Ample Furniture pads and other equipment to insure sat'c handling. 24-Hour Service on Notice the unused part of the bond be re- irned In cash. In addition to Congressional tight- ling of the purse strings for vete- ans, the Presidential proclamation hich went into effect July 25, ila- Hiive Wimiinj; Faces NEWPORT. R. I. (UP)—When I comes to faces, you can't beat th Chases--or the Chaccs. Winner o the "Miss Newport" title in a bc ly contest wns MlSJ Shirley Chiic of Newport, with Miss Nonna Chas of Nn\v Brunswick, N. J., the rvm ncr-up. For Complete Protection Against AH fNSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hota! Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. YOU WUmtN WHO bUl-rtK HOT FLASHES t FEEL CHILLY- Here's Good News! Are you between the agrs of 33 nnd Si ami goluf; tlirouifh Uml trying functional 'middle-age' period peculiar to women? Dues this rnnke you Buffer from hot Hashes, feel dummy, so nervous, Irritable, weak? Then. DO try Lydia E. PlnHham'a Vegetable Comjtound to relieve such, symptoms! It's fatuous for this! Many wise 'middle-age* women. take I'lnklmm's Compound regularly to help build up resistance against this distress. Pink barn's Compound contains no opiates—no habit-forming drugs. It helps nature (you know wliat we cneaiit). This great medicine also has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic effect, WTKt Or you ma* P r*f*r J.Y1H \ E, r)>k HAM'S TA1U.LTS "Eih uMail Iron, BOTTOMS UP! Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND It's time to get that Fall wardrobe out am! prepare ycursel '.or the future, Check your shoes jring them in for now soles o heels, cleaning or Uyeing. HALTER'S Qualify Shoe Shop Rend Courier Nev.i Want. Ads. " cinders full of unrccoernznule bo- rtips. ! West Point cadets engaged in I village fighting maneuvers will | remind many an ex-'mtanlry- I rnan of his basic training days: j But former G. I.'s will also note I Iliat soldier on lop is exposing ffar loo much silhouette v.'hila (' .entering window. : FRESH BLOOD ft MUSI FOR FREE ENERGY Do you foci like you are tied to a drift cverytlme you try to (lo something? It KO, don't let a low blood count hold you down when you may release vibrant energy to every muscle, fibre, cell. Every day—every hcuir—millions ot tiny red-blood-ceHs rnnsl pour lonn trom the marrow of your bones to replace those that arc worn-out. A low blood count may aitcct you In several ways: no appetite, underweight, no entrjry, » run-tfo-wii condition. I»clt ot resistance to Infection and disease. • To set real relief you must keep up your blood strength. Medical authorities, by analysis of the blood, liavc by positive proot shorn that SSS Tonic U amazingly effective In building up low blood strength In. no n-organic nutritional nnemla. This Is dxie to the S3S Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating Ingredients. Also, SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the food you cat by Increasing the gastric digestive Juice when It Is non-oiRanl* cally too little or scanty— thus the stomach will have little cause to pet balky with pas, bloat and give oR that BOUT food taste. Don't w&lt! Energize vour body with, rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now [ As vigorous blood surges throughoul j your whole body, greater freshness am • strength should rrmke you cat belter sleep better, feel better, work better f piny better, have A healthy color glow In yourfsfcln—flrm flesh fill out hollow places. Millions of boUlcs strtrt. Oct * bottle from your drug store, SSS Tonl helps Build Sturdy Health. The telephone company's cost of living has too, gone up Due to the Change of Telephone Numbers Our Phone Number Is Now 4431 COBB FUNERAL HOME 60.3 West Main St. When the telephone company goes to market today it finds, just as you do, that the cost of living has gone up. While you buy food, clothing and fuel, the telephone company fills its market basket with poles, trucks, cables and copper wire. Here is what has happened to the cost of these items since 1940: The saine number of poles we bought in 1940 for $100 now costs $235. We could buy a construction truck in 1940 for $2,656. Now it costs $4,054. The copper we bought in 1940 at 2 pounds for a quarter now costs 21 cents for 1 pound. But wore important, the telephone payroll—over half the cost of furnishing telephone service — has more than tripled since 1940. Yes, telephone revenues are up, too, for there are more telephones in use today in Arkansas than ever before. But expenses have risen faster than revenues in Arkansas. Since 1940, our revenues are up 109 per cent, lagging behind expenses, which have increased 131 per cent. Our earnings are dropping, particularly in recent months. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring O House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. Blythiviue, Ark. Plumbing For Sale Bath tubs, Closets, Lavatories, GO" inch all-metal Acid- Resisting Cahinet Kinks with double drain hoard. Automatic Oil and Klecfrie Wafer Heaters. Also Septic Tanks. All Pipe & Fittings necessary to install your comptete bathroom. Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 West Main St. Phone 875 ATTENTION GINNERS Let us supply you with all your gin needs! We Feature B. F. Goodrich Belting 213 WEST MAINST* PHONE 2OI5 fOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Prooffivg Paint 12 -48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone CD If blue Monday plagues you on , C ;i!J <1l7l-'H7f> NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS FOR KM M&CVKy StWICe ALWAYS Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Biylhcville Ark. 112 Walnut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 •Th* Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ PETROLEUM KB lit CUWTT

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