The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 7
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' MONDAY, FEBRTJART t, 194S federal Reserve Bank Experts View 1948 as Hazardous Year Soy 1947 Was Baffling Period ATLANTA, o.., Feb. I. (U.P.)-TJie ye.r 1947 <v«. wiled ••taffllng- .nd Miy guess at whst might happen in 19W "hazardous" in * and forecast published today by,(lie Federal Reserve Hank or Atlanta' The ban's economic expert, surveying M fields ,,f soulheaslc.™ busineu. Industrial and agricultural economy, were agreed [hat prices employment and protection were high. But chart, indicated that .ale* when "deflated (or price Increases" were below tile lo«6 level. --- _ - - -. .vu wi H ujjiE in* the inflationary spiral when the value of money declines too much, and said such i spiral Is -propelled by people's ruin" "Further sharp Increases In prl- , are sure to multiply social tensions and will probably precipitate a new round ot labor-management disturbances, [rom which 1947 was relatively free," it, warned..."at Bombing Plot Pilot Surprised At U.S. Attitude boom." rs Consumer buying in the six slates ot the bank's district In 1947. in department stores, was large because of price Increases, but In physical volume sales were lower each month than in the same month of ]9«. Household furnishing and appliance sales, however, went up. Employment continued high In the Southeast, and manufacturing plant.-; had an average of 1.037,000 workers for the first 11 months of the year. Sraltered layoffs occurred, but the only industry lo shou- decrease as a whole was the chemical, because of reductions at the Oak Ridge. Tenn., atomic plant. Farm Prosperity Continues Cotton textile employment and cotton consumption started the year at a high rate of activity, fell In the Summer, and rose almost to 1946 levels in the final months. Monthly cotton consumption usually ran live per cent below corresponding 1946 periods, a decline traced to the return of peacetime market conditions. The highest increase in employment came In the iron and steel Industry ot Alabama. Georgia and Tennessee, where 71.300 workers represented a 19.3 per cent rise over 1946, and Alabama's pvoduc- tion of steel-ingots for nine months •tVas 33 per cent higher. ™ Farm price and production records were broken for the seventh consecutive year, but the ' report pointed out that in this country, usually a land or abundance, domestic food stockpiles arc at record low levels. Major crops were harvested from 29,700,000 acres in the six states, 1.4 per cent more than in the previous year. "The next year if likely lo be . crucial, not only for the Immediate future but perhaps fr a long time to come." the bank said. "Whether the transition to a more solidly based prosperity can be mode without mishap is a story that may possibly be toid In 1948." The Hard Way nlrifr to bomb the Venezuelan capl- nl of Caracas as part of a revolutionary plot is surprised that the u. S. government go t „, scr lous about the incident. The flter. Harry A. Silow, of Amarillo. Tex.. Is one of five airmen arrested In connection with t plot to bomb Ihe Venezuelan city Snow, a former RAP pilot, said he and his companions had thought they would be arrested when they returned to this country 'to get the whole thing straightened out " But he did not realize the ittltude of the United States "would be this serious." he said. Snow was held in Orleans Parish Jail on charges of viol,ting the V. S. neutrality act al^nsr with Charles B. Vavlicek, Jr., a captain in the New York Air Reserve. «nd Henry K. Baker and Kenneth J. Newcomer, both former Air Force mechanics. Edward Browder. Jr.. of Am- anllo, fifih member of the group was arrested at Miami. The fliers were accused of flying two surplus Navy PB4Y airplanes from a surplus depot at Dush Field near Augusta, Ga., to Puerto Cabezas. Nicaragua, last Jan. 26 They were arrested before the "bombing" mission could materialize. Nnnce Slilley domonsluitcs perfect balance skimming across water on one ski at Cypress Orrlcni. Fin. Republicans to Meet CARUTHERSVn-'LE, Mo, Fob 9 — Republicans O f Pcmfscot County will meet here Thursday night 'to form a Young Republican Club for this county. The meeting will begin at eight o'clock, and u to be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs Kalph Hutchison, East 4th Street and Walker Avenue. Co-chairmen in charge of arrangements for the initial organl- Airport News The meeting iet for .7:30 "Wednesday nlgKt at the Fly-Inn to organize' a pilots club is slated to bring about adoption of a constitution and by-laws and election of officers. A name for the organization nd meeting times also will probably r selected. . Bad weather stymied plans to hold this organizational meeting late last month and backers of the pilots club idea are keeping their fingers crowed for good weather Wednesday night as organization of «ny club l« dependent on attendance »t such an initial meeting. and James RIdgley. Jloijt By Own Petard NASHUA. N. H. (UP)— County Solicitor Leonard G. Velishka. who drafted the local parking meter ordinance, fell victim to his own law. He paid a 51 fine for overtime parking. Flight activity again was curtailed last week due to unfavorable flying conditions. Ground school sessions in the training courses for private and commercial ratings were held anytvay. however, and several pilots are expected to lake written examinations for both 'commercial ratings and ground school instructors' ratings. G. L. Moore of Little Rock. CAA Inspector. Is scheduled to be here Thursday to give the exams. Transient pilots.'who landed here during last week included the following: Gene Joiner of Katzebur, Alaska, Piper Super Cruiser; H. K. Mueller and Fred Kundert of Munroe. Wis.. gullwing Stinson: Kenneth Heissler and M. W. Robinson of Fort Worth, Texas. Aeronca- Fred Ortner of Wakemnn. O Piper Cruiser; Leroy J. Sutherland Mr and M.S. Ralph Shull, Mrs. Oordan Capling. Mrs. Arthur Baulton all of Gl.-uiwin, Mich., Cessna- Lt Grover C. Houston. LI. Harold G Koeppel and M-Sgt. H. A. Sain, all of Maxwell. Field, Ala., Bec-ehcrnft C-45; Bob Snyder of Stuttgart BT- 13; Harold Speidel of Jonesboro Cessna 140: Victor Lostus of Jonesboro. Piper Cub. Tennessee Farmer Bags Wolf Thought Extinct BEAN STATION, Tcnn.. Feb. 9 tUD— A GrnliiRcr County farmer waited for word from the Smithsonian Institute today on exact Identification of the varmlt he has killed. Shields Hipsher bagged one of the wolf-like creatures that have been preying on livestock In Middle and East Tennessee Wednesday. It was a 65-pound furry animal with ~ reddish-black coal. One prominant zoologist, who would not allow his name used, said it looked to him like n wolf had been believed extinct in Ihe Southern highlands since 1810 He said he didn't want to go "out on a limb' by saying so until the Smithsonian made Its report. Hipsher bagged his quarry with a .12 rifle as it sllnked behind « barn. He had found several IIORS clawed to death at the throats Previous hunting parties had picked up the wolf-like trails, but had no l}lck In killing the animals. 70 Pemiscot County Men Enlist in Army CARUTHEnSVILLE. -.Mo. Feb S -Ten men enlisted In the Army from Pemiscot County, according to announcement this past week end by the Recruiting office In the City Hall here. They arc: CaruUiersvllle-Jamy Mathlna, 3 years, European Command. Holland - Othlow Aslicraft, 'S years. Coast Artillery; Jim Darnall, 3 years, coast Artillery Deering-charics Huckaba. a years. Field Artillery. Haytl-Benjaniin Martin. 3 years Air Force; William Van Driest 5 years. Army Engineers. Cooter—fiverett Flowers jr 3 nr.s inn A lrborn e Division; "L«von Blaylock, 3 years, Army Engi- Pascoi a _Roy Rodermund, 3 years Air Force. gs City—Lament Grogan, 3 years, 82nd Airborne Division Read Courier News Want Ads Jem Cimptwtl w» 1« » n c) popular. Wh«n the telephone rang, it was usually for her. Dad often remarked that Je«n was th« telephoningest person h« «v*r saw I Then one day Dad overheard torn* folki talking. -If th,t Campbell girl would tver get off the line," one »»id, "some of the rest of us might get « chance to call." At first Dad was angry, then embarrassed. "Look, Pet," he told Jean, ( "you can make your»«lf a popular with the folki 'OB our party Hn«, too, M »aiy ai pi«. M "Howf a*k«f Jeati. "Keep your ey« em th« clock," taid Dad. "Tell the guys and (alt there'i a fivt-minute limit. And, remember, no on« can call YOU while you're using the line ... or them either," lie added. "O.K., Dad," said Jean, "we'll give It a try." And that'» how Jean Campbell got to b« more popular than ever! — tOUTHWi.TMN »!U TillPHONf COMPA.NY Pope Pius Calls Atomic Bomb 'Most Terrible Arm' Conceived by Man Feb. p. (UP)—Pope plus XII hi » Sunday tallc on science iskcd tlie world to outlaw the ilomlc bomb, "the most terrible .irm which Ihe huninn mind has thus far conceived." and lisa the. power of nuclear energy solely for peace, "What disnslcrs would humanity await from a future conflict If it should prove impossible lo halt or brake the, use of the newer and more amazing scientific Inventions " the Pope said. He exinossert hope th»l nations would abandon "the use of atomic energy for war" «nd "Ihsl It be used solely for the .work of nance." "Above all Ihe work of scientists will not rest mull H has discovered an easy nucl stcurc manner of governing (I,,, process of fission of Ihe, nlomlc nui-leus In such * manner us lo give to the progress of flvll- luntlon Its rich sources of einrgy," till! I'ojk' said. Au admirable conquest of human inlellect . , . could there be more noble conception?" The Pope spoke to;' about .15 minutes before about 400 persons In the Hall of the Consistory on the occasion i,( the opening of (he iictv year ot the pontifical Academy of Science. The suriiejire Included members of the academy from many nations, a score n[ cardinals and a few i diplomats, i Rrralls Prrvious Speech The Pope recalled Hint he hart spoken n[ atomic energy before the Academy on a previous occasion in 19-13, when nil mention of American atomic research w»» prohib- • ed In allied countries. I "Use of a ereat part of the Inter- i nal energy of Ihe nucleus of nrnn- \ turn, of which we spoke In our dls- i course to (his academy on Feb. 21. t 1043, referring ourselves to the writ- ' Ings o! QIC great physician Max i Plnnck (who recently died), hus become a rcaltlv nnd recently hnrt i UsjippliciUion In the construction Promptly relieves COUGHS of CHEST COLDS Bieiki Up Surfic* Cwmtlo., twl At the first sign of i chest cold—nib Musterole on cliest, throat and back. It iiifllutiily start* to relieve coughs nnd tight soreness in ffhest muscles. Thea good old reliabla Musterole. helps break up painful surface con- Kestion and checks irritation. In 3 strengths. At all drugstores. .."- . ..... •" "" IUVWL irii luin arm which the tiumin mind has thus far conceived," the pop,, , n |^. The Tope, reviewed steps lending lo Ihe discovery of atomic nicrav Including work on the structure of Ihe atom by aerman and Russian sclenllsU Bnd (he progress made by the Curie* ot mnce. All this, Ihe pope s «>n, represented not so much * conclusion as «rt induction toward new hnewledRe, mid th e beginning of what has been called the 'atomic. Era 1 ." DDT U not new; It W«B discovered by sciential* mow than 70 y«»r« «go, SIPTOL V»K OWT Cl.,.1.. j " «••*• \ COID1 you instant vfliof to H ntuiV- hmd-cold ami cough, Hirojil Civ*n - - coug, irritation and )mar*ti)rit <iue In • rolil. Siptol WVIIB lliv j>M»ftm In lhi> mis a J aicd (ironridl (met, mid makes hri>al tun £ i-nsicr Kinl rlu>cV» ' GKT , SIPTOL ™ luy Chamber of Commerce It formed ot Haytl CAHUTHERSVIljLK, Mo. reb I. --A chamber of CnnunerCB iiu bee,, formed at llnytl, It W8 , J( ,, rtl . ft jieio (his wrrl: end. John Mor- •Isdt wai elected )w»«ldent, «nd other oltlcen inn named n« followa: o. w, need, m, vlce-presl- <'™ 1 : P- M. CarlocK, Dlalr Buckley. Milton Kelley, E. E. Uimb, Andrew Don-Is. Hershel Kiil.wr, Luther Inman, and William Khourle, Insnoc- lors. Uon ChLim, Jim Ray »nd Albert Hamr* ire. member! of the membership committee. The ornanlnntlou will singe « drh'o |« jet up l( s membership rolls and will arid Hue* more members (o the nonrd of Directors. There are 43 paid-up inemhcm to date and th« Board h« approved » 11- polnt proRinm In linn with usiiil Chsmbei' of Commerce ilnta. PAGE 8BVBH DON'T raoi WITH DHTRrED MEDICINES-CET THE BEST KNOWN RHEUMATIC "" -in lht< Rnnlli, f»ini>un CJ-J'.'SH. Tliin !• uliai lolV« in th« Sc.uih Imvo I*MI mini lor -ID J-i'nls, H)H'II tlilfintlK-M Attii lu«i >vf»llir>r muko your nuLirlm !«•! no n»in- hl) Atnl KIU.I limn iliiMiuiulin ruin. Oiu' (rLOiHiiiitfnl of (..ill,! in wnlor iiMiatlv ulinlft In hiing uniiLiI, ini.l I.Wi',1 i«li,<[ finin lluil ilitiiiuiilio- 1'aili "luif-orv-." t.'nulinn: Iffo unlv nn '•iii'dnl. A.ik lor ft l«>lili> nl C,-}}]*. FLYIN'S FUN RICHARDSON YARBROUGH Shut up, ox-Pnvate SUvichsky! M«yl, e vetenins in Arkansas arc learning to f| v frec ul Tho B ] vt , lovi , lc Flying Service, but in Rawshia, it K ivcs nothing!" FLYING SERVICE PHOME27f7 unman.,,,. Gefs fo ffie Job... and Gefs It Done! For day-to-day work ... for emergencies ... for the solution to a thousand problems of transportation and maintenance in business sod on the farm ...GET A > ! JEEP.'f With its mighty Wiliys-Ovcrtana" "Jeep" Engine and 4-whceI-drive, the »'Jeep" delivers men tad tools where other rehiclcs csn't go. It j power takeoff furnishei up to 30 h.p. to operat* shaft' and belt-driven equipment. On farms the "Jeep" will pull GET A Jeep plows, harrowj, mowcrj; run feed mill or silo filler; or low a 5,500-lb. trailer payload. It serves as a handy pic!c-up truck or runabout. In industrial use or on farms it gets jobs done, in a hurry. See the alf-purposc "Jeep" now. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON JEEPS NO WAITING! NO DEPOSITS TAKEN , GET DELIVERY ON A HEW JEEP TODAY POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner*Operator South Highway 61 at Steele, MO. Phone Steele 49 DELICIOUS WAFFLES Ar« Alwuyn in Reason! TRY THKM AT THE Nickel Stand Mm, J«ck Sallb* 1M Wnt Main StrreJ Local & iMng l)i s (anc« Hauling Movipg a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mdiarq 401 E, Main St. I'liomvs: l)nv .(077 Nljjhi 2986 'Buy Yours' at City Drug Co. 10) Biisl Mn| n si. Nome Brands • LIQUORS nnrl • WINES • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson "'"'• Shn f * Wnlliliiit Store «lf. E. Main St., niythcvljle Buy Now Pay Next Fall '/a Down—Bal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Steel Oil Barrel Rack* Any T. L. MABRY 21 MISSOURI ST.' PH. Mr • FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS pfain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone «91 Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Cull 811 Brooks Music Store 107 K. Concrete Tile Sewer TiU Slirj 4, ( and g Inch Culvert Tile SIlfB >0, 12, IS, II, Z|, M, M and 3« Inch A. H. WEBB R»T. 81' at State Lin* Phone Blythevlll* 7I« RADIO REPAIR I AND 7 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE Oil MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We will for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized MntornU K»dle Sales and Scrrlo* 106 Sooth First St. Take a good look. Do your family's shoc« need mrndinj. new heels, soles? Let our expert] do Ihe job! QOflLITY SHOe SHOP 121 W. MflIN ST. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 104.1 Chickasawba I Have On Hand At All Times Severn! trnclor.i nnd equipment . . . both new and used ones JOIItl DEERE. FAflMALL and other makes. Also, I have for •ale at all times 10 to 80 head of mutes. Terms can be arranged. Will trnde for most anything you have. New- Ford Tractors Ready for'Delivery F. C. 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