The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE,ELEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tally rat* jvrr MM Ut eMU4e«Un !»- ArrUfmf. Minimum Chirj* «• 1 time ptt Uu IK 2 times p»r line pn t*i lie 3 times j»r line per *»J He o times p«r llil« per dar 7c U times per line per da; Sc Month i*t Use MK Couui five av^rne words to the Iliu. Ad ordered for three or ill timr* and iluuped btfure expiration will be cbarg- ed fur the number or times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Adrertislni cupjr submitted by iwrsons residing outside ut the rtty must be accompanied b> cash. Kates may be easily computed from the &UOYU table. Advertising order for irrec<nar )ns«r- tlous takes I he one time rate. No responsibility will S* Uk«« for more than one Incorrect insertion ot ^ any classified ad. For Sato For Attention Pickers Planters We are again making quality Cotton Pick Sucks for those who want llio best. Carney Awning Co. 113 8. First St. Dlythcvllfe. Ark. Buy your coal Ueforc the winter rvwVv. Let us fill your bin. Plion*: 489. Box 559. ninhevMlo, Arkansas. ^ Shelby 4 wheel farm trailers, « ply tires, nil fixes truck and trailer beds. Also wagon repairs. Henry Wcsl- liroofc Shop, formerly Dan Stout f-'hop. 8H2-pK-a;i2 Ciootl luiy. Phone 803. Atlacide Johnson grass. Poison now available at Planters Hardware Co., Inc. Phone 515. 8 18 ck U cd, For fresh rruHs inul veKCtubles. nL'G ull Kinds of cnnnlnt- frulis ronstm- itljly priced, visit Hill ThouuisoTs Curb Mkt.. Hwy. 01 North. Choice resident lots in Wilson new addition cast of Highway 61 South. Also industrial lots adjacent to railroad spur. Priced reasonable, liberal terms. Hee or call W. C. Cates, 500 Walnut, Phone 28>i:i. 27 pk » :5 80 acres SVt miles Northwest i>t Sleele. Missouri. on grave! road, c-lcctricily available, two hotisos, one " barn. 80 acres 'l\'i mill's Southwest of Dell on j>,Tiive I road, electricity, school bus route, two houses, one small barn. Ifeally nice farm it you are looking for this si/.i 1 . 120 acres •! miles Northeast of Steelc, Missouri. i>iavi>l road, electricity and school bus route, better limn av- real buy. KiO acres -1 miles Smitheasl of Blylhevrtle. I'uir improvements. 100 acres 2'/ 2 miles Northwest Hasscft, -I houses, 2 barns, extremely well drain' h producing farm. Approximately KiO acres 7 miles South of Hlytlu-viHc- fine improvements, well located, grave! road, mail and school bus vouU-. electricity. One of the best farms located in this couir Combination blacksmith - welding shop and [;iirayi:. T\vo and Dim-half mlliis ' WI-.M of OsceolH. highway 40. HI. :l. Box 25, Osccoto. K. B. Mills. USKI) CARS FOR SALE 41-Chevrolet 5 passenger coupe •12-Sludebaker Sedan 41-Chevrolet 2 door sedan •ll-Oldsmobile 2 door Torpedo top ,4.()-.Chevrolet 2 door •11-l'ontiac <l door sedan 1C-Ford 2 door, Radio and Heater SG-Oldsmobile 2 door Large Stock of farm trailers. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St. 8 30 ck 9 3 'New 0 1» n outboard motor. Chean Phone 2110. 8i29-liy.-9;5 For Hire 'I'rriclor brra^lnj; plow, bnsti'r*. disc. Jinrrow, ulimirr. cullknlur. rllnuvr comijin«\ Ji'im <• Bit-lit ;;oo a He- A fem>t killed m chickens before l)dns I'MrtuiTd, niter cscnptim from Us cai:i. ut Mmisfli'ld, KntJ- laiKt. ' Services IMlnllllK "ml |Kl|)i-r ImnHini. K. I. |.'r<>em:m rii,i,,,. irturi. 11 H2tt-|>K-!>'2!l Jlotm- l/.iumliv. }lim« i-lollu-K to 101 w. Moiiiir. i:ii.-n!)i''ih Hiinirv Wl> elivlltly v.lnr llld tllMlllo IWWlnK iniu-hiiii- Im.i u miKli'in oleetrle 1 used 1 burner. ColemaM < n 'ns r^Mi'^c CooKs like new. Phone 856 n^ 25S3. &JS I 1 '; loi\ Fo r 'l trxirV. cirtvcri OTllv J?,fino" miles. In nerfect. condition. A' c o n<»v Rkil^nw model no. i"^. Jotinny Marr. ph. 2590. 30-ck-o;3 North 10th. 3 sn'l •; room VrmKes. or. Two lots, one blork from high school fit". Fnrtill'" l:-n"nrv nnrl six-room home on r;n"th T.inv st•-'">^. over -«2IX> m^nr.*i r^Kh nroftts. S3P.DO for hotne: stoc.V mul livt.nre invoice. $1MO casll and 200 acres 'I miles Southwest of Dell, gravel road, electricity, school bus route. Well located, extremely fine farm. 222 acres 8 miles \Vesl of Osceola on I gravel road fair improvements, well drained and a real farm for the money. 240 acres 2 miles North of Blythevillc, K" () d improvements, gravel road near ;i good school, electriciiy in all houses. One of the finest farms to be offered for sale in this community this year. 2J)0 acres 5 miles West of Osceola on gravel road fair improvement!-:, oli.'c- tricity available. A real buy at SI 10.00 per acre, f you do not find what you want in the above listings give us a chance to discuss with you the balance of 1 fie j farms we have fur sale. Will be glad to show you these, or any others we have at any time. Cecil Earls Noble Uili Agency Osceola Telephone !).'! Blytheville Telephone ,'!U!1 ( ,i I ck 4 PRECISION-BUILT For Your Car Exclusively Fonl owncrsj We hnve sufficient Gc/ni/ne l r orcl /'.-irrs to keep your cnr rolling. H's plnin common sense to use Go/mme /-orr/ /'.Til's. They're minle exclusively for your car. they fit right ami are made of ]nborotary controlled muterials which insure rnuximuni life. And Iliey cost k-ssl | MONKY TO LOAN I I>o you ne*il * low, to or remodel? No down p»y- Bient, no iaortpr»g«, no r*d t«p«. I' 1 HA tpproted ml* 5*. Ask for detalln. Ma* Login, K#«!lor, nhon« 20S4. Lynch Hldif., l!lyth*Tin*. 9-23-ck-tt House moviujr, 1:1 yvurs experience. Plenty of cciulp- lucnt. Iteforoncos. Leveling. !'t)iindalion >'cr)airiu>>i Virgil iMiley, phone 2105. 8 S pk !) H nth at Walnut Phone <Uf>:t Personal Notice Fo- . e!=*nT«; Inislne.ssi-s. t Tlf Tn- ami varant lots, "hnnf Pick!. 2SD4. Z8-nk-« Laic model Cushntan motor scooter, complete with back seat, windshield, etc. In excellent condition. Re duced for quick sale. Phone 2325. 8 26 dh tf g bark to (own." RKI) ' vtiHu 1 for ILKCCI, smiihi in vrntJo ivl EUiert Hultinnn' HIiop. 401 B. Mtlln, |)h, 85!), in;- oil round trip lo California s. I'Jione 355:t. 1-ck-l i Steel Oil Barrel Racks iny 8 lie T. L MABRY »23 MISSOURI BT. PH. 36Z1 Concrete Culvert-tile W to 36- (Relnlorced or Nan -Rein forced) Cheaper and Longer Lasting than anr other Bridge Material. Concrete nnlts for Sanitary Privy — Concrete Septic Tanks. A.H.Webb IIw7. 61 N. at State Mne Phone Blythevllle 714 Rii'.ck nnfl bloiuJe registered cocki.-r pitppifs. Pure bred collif puppies Mixed bred puppies, eheap. Mrs tl. O. Jerome. I'lionc :J10I. !)y-|>v Large ci Henton iliuin^ L'olcinan oil he:Uer. Home of I'iov/ers phone 9:>-eii-5 0^1 Indian Motorcvclo. tr/.r. $5. t cl^sr confUtlon. ecjuippi'cL wltli accessories. Ne\v piiiiit. job rmt! i- plelely rcconuilLoned. Cull !'.^.' One 3 room house screened In brick porch and front porch wKh o- ohnrd and Knrdcn can be seen Uv 2213 Carolyn Street. Pride Addition 5 rooms nncl bntti on bii!5 line com- plclely furnl.sbetl. Price $4000. V down. 3 bedioom house IneatcO on Vine SI In isood condition. Rcasonabl> priced. 4 roomB nnd bath close to busSncsi district. Cnn move In toilny. I.arirc 6 room Iionse on Ml.isouri St. Can be used as a duplex. Quick I possession. Can be financed. Several FHA apurovcd lots. I can U- iinnce S0% ol tbf; coat ol A new We will be jilad to show von any of thnse houses or lots today. See or I E T. Hiibbnrd. Salesman Phone. 2034. Lynch Building 827-ck-9!3 " A T T E N T 1 O N— Farmers - Truckers - Girtncrs Wo Are In Production On Ail .Styles of custom Huilt Truck Covers For Hay — Cottonseed — Soybeans Carney Awning Co. 11.1 S. First Phone 2972 Blytheville. Ark. We have exclusive listings on approximately 20 farms ranging in size from HI acres to large tracts. If you arc interested in bin- ing or selling, or in making a loan be sure and call us and we will be glad to show or discuss these farms with yon. Cecil Earls Noble Gill Agency Osceola Telephone !W •IJlythcville Telephone 3131 9 1 ck It Cockt-r Spaniel Pupplc-s. Hollls Jviiuocr. Btirdruc. Phone 70G. l-nk-3 Nice white ice cre.iin wa^on and white horse with decoratc-cl hunn'.s-s. If interested rail Humbv Hotel. W. ; v. O/nient. Phone E-H. Dynrrilnirjr. '['ciiji Wanted to Rent PERMANENTLY located all adult fu- mUy desperately in need of 5 or 0 room unfurnished home. Call Mr* Anderson at 2903. 27-pk-o/l Hefp Wanterf Younsr mnn experienced In in pus rur- iilstihip.s. capable of running department with o[jporUmtty to i'Pt ahf;ul Ooott set im. Contact Mr. K^M^IT nt Moncjomcry Ward. fi30-rk-D :t Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second Si. Klytheville, Ark. Free Estimates on AH Work 3 rooms nil «cw furnHmo. Incliul^s R ft. General Electric Ice lM )x. (XsccoU first house North Judge Glartlsh's ho me*. 9; i -pi? .5 4 room honso, front aixi back porch 2221 Margaret.' St. Qil-pk-8 Bedroom sullc? with siirlnRs and mat IrcM. Apt 145, Air Bnsc. or phon 3502. Ll_ pk * 30 qallon electric hot water heater. Phone 3522. 9;i-pX-8 Duo Therm heater. Reasonably prtc Cnll 2238. 9il-plc-4 0-fL. Bon Hnr Drnp Frro?er nnrt one fi" ^ ft. KplvlnRtoT Household lx>x Window fan bltidoA, Mccllln . nnd I,tinc Eloctrlc Co, 28-e f von Imvo sales ability or thn n.m- hltton to learn bow to sell. Ilex-Mr Inc.. offers you a great Inturo iv~ our dealers til the prt^nt tlitip urr. mnkLtm from $250 to SIM) «rr month Ex D eric (ice Is not absolutely niTc-Rsary hut hehJful nr. those actcpicd will lie E\vpti two or threo dr.ys spfrhO train.nir without cost. Tf 'intrrciiotl write nos RI. f ? n Courier Nows, Hlv- tlicvlllc. Ark., or contact It) Derf-on your lofal Ilex air ttenirr. \Vatto H Jamr.i;. Apt. 14^. Air Husc. " Lady lo krep lion^f ninl' for children. Ai)[ily Sonihrrn Am« SLT-" CJkrl rarlion"; w.intpf'. A[V>lv a". Knvor- back Drivc-ttui aftrr I p.m. 1-rk-* \\lline inn n for «=alcr» poqlllnn TT! th «oor1 fiitnre. with RU-thnvni" firm, Write box J Y. % Courier Kt>w«« fi 7-cfc-tf ^ NRAT OKNT SOME OFFICE WOHK. APPI.y 1 TO 600. % COURIER NEWS. WANTED COTTON G1NNER . . . for our New Marslon, Missouri Gin. Real oppor- K. B. GKR CO1TON CO, Ulylhcville, Arkansas SToos« Snrtbnli Mcrl MOOSEHEART, 111. (U^> Tt;r Loyal Order of \Coofo will hold ils annual naltoi;nl softljall tournji- ment nt Ft. Waynn. lud.. Sept. :>U- 21. State champion Mose icnni.s will participate in the tournament. You lei! Us When you drivo in. loll us wlial you waul and we'll got it! No lic.sil;>ling here—wo give the prompt sovvicn you've wanted elsewhere. Complete service for ;ill niakcs aiitonioliilcs. Hvitijf us your car problems for quick, dependable solution. KxpcrL eiiKiun work, body work and spray paint hit;. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 Cxpcrl nirlialor rt'imir for less. \Vi> linvu the best in J railiiilnr vi'|i;iif i<(]ui|)iiiL>n(.' l.ct our li:iincct man boil out ;u«l rv|>>>ir ytuir ri\di- iitor fin vim. (Intek Kcrv- ice. I'ickui) ami dolivory. RusNt'll rliillips Trticlor (,'<). l)(iii,irl:iK L;nv.i(in, I\ljjr'. I'lionc 2171. 8 9 If SKWiNd MA<;HINES x::rrL KrJvIv*' oti nil Ilrilkp- ^113 n. Ash. ikc.i. fj, 1^. i)!15-pk-!>ll:> IK :m<l honliiK. V.'liHo Drll'i Ciirtaiiri hunnUn-d unt Houili JYiiiiklLn, .St. Wanted to Say Cash for \vrccl<ed or junk aiitonioliili's. W.wlo Aulo Sulvudo, North Hiwny (H. phone :i78fi- S r> ck If took utytiur^ear with o- V .-'•'< ^ '^ nii»ettton <o*}r*y«o>i old, ore'It na«ids f grime/'fOiu ond not sun the bosl one? K;u£)fre^ fpcrt'ory fhii In every t(i beauty can b>? r^-Sior^d, If bur^cfafts- men arc given fns job D^ive in soon, pick out your favorite color, and in a matter of hours fronvflie date of your appointment your car will look newer, ' brighter, more bcautifull LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Notice ; in rc- Courier News Want Ads. licwnnl for lufoniiat loii hliick (mini )')r», iiu/tor 310. A-:(a63nSY Liceiiisf unknown. Nn frutU bumper. tr:.LIci littch on n-Jir. Uroko.a \vlrnlsli1i-lil. [inlt;iLl(in l.-htln-r ton Notify 'I't'ti'ithmin 'Mil, llLyiliovlllt*. !M-n!c-3 fl Position Wanted t« ______^^_^^_^^_ t .'"nijiloynu.nt ilt'slri-il i>v pnri.ini r,>- turn1nn from CiiHhmiln ivhn t;; c\- ))flit!lf'<-(1 111 WllOh'SHlf itlDl I l>liilt cliff in vln work uriO wul) rnvfvr. - ! jiicut an varchonsc siitH-rvlivnv. \Vnnlil ' tru-t W. H, Mnruiin. Ph. »32.(. Hi II. ; NOTICE TO PUBLIC Tfto ]r\w offlcrs of Clone K. Hrnd- Icy Jiavc l)t;on nioviul to 41L \V. Mntn. tAcvoiis street Ircnu Monl- ijomery Wnrd.) FJetlrooni. 3H [i. Ninth. I'll. 233R. Itf.kooina. IOC i\i E. Mnln. l»h. 952. J<j your own roneretp work nni] *HVK, HiTit n corrrtilc nilxi-r lt\- day or hour I'lKjiic <yfl. D<Tx CM. niyllicvltli?. Ark. ll.lfi-rk-Lf Wornfcd C'nitihliniltnn flr«'iii;tn und v.-.nrli- imui ut t;iii. plume Gin. i-i',:-ir, or rlcsV: room. [Ir.-.t tlnnr. mil io find Instinmrc. Plmn<i I'leJcl. iiiUcd-Mi-ii lo Man hi business ini nur r.apLtut. Rt'll EOHW V.'Ui Uuir, - |«nii<- tjroclui'ls 1n cltv of Blvtht'VilN' ;>nd iifvrrn! nrjtrbv lor-iilUI«-- 'nirjnjmntli-, nf our clrstlorri 1 no\v ninV.-- cnil'-k ;:alrv prortts. l-\»- mrllf-'i]^.[-; v/r1:r ifi"hs. Doiit. AK i-;r; -i!':> NT. m- ilii?, T.:nn. irj^»h-fi r 1 FARM LOANS You cati now .srcurn the most attractive fa fin kmn In history. IXDW es of, rxLctiuuly lonis tt?n»!i with liticnil prepayment pi ivllet;c'S. r^-acLiciiUy no (lUacrhotL K your prc.scnt lojin docs not hour less thtiu 5 per cent, yovt will certainly be. inlcrcrst.ctl In our Farm tx):\ns, Unllinllccl lunonnt avuHablc. Such mi opportunity niny nevtir exist n^i'i". So If you wish to finance or refinance, wriU; DON EDWARDS •The Trpcwritcr Man" <CO¥AL, HMll'll, COKONA and HEM1NOTON FOKTABLB 110 N. SECOND BT. PHONE tt83 (Every Tr»nj»ctlon MTJBT BX BATIBFAOTORT) H. F. D Ilnllcil Insurance Api!: 0!)^ W. Main— Guard Rlylhcvlllc, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gnnrnnlecd Best Prtcw Ktrby Drug Stores As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IliKli Worn! iirrs-mrn associated wllh klilney illsc:isc may lie rrdiirrtl hy hccplns kidneys functioning proii- rrly. r'ni" 50 yt-ars doctors IMVC prcscriltod tins niln- nra'l Killer from Hot Springs, Ark. I'nrc l.isling . . . not :i lavlive. I'hniii! nr Write Todiy for Free Tlonklct CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Hlytheillte, Ark. "01" Dot lakes off on his calls now since his car was rccon<Wimi«l by T. I. SKAY MOTOR COMPANY'," RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kxcept Cainoer) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 6U Maki, lilyllirvllle, Ark., Phon« Zt?.l ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blytheville CURB MARKET !30 K. Main 1'honc 073 I We Guarantee I RECAPPING | with < Hiwkinson Treads i | Let Your Next Tires Be i GENERALS i I Cost More — Worth More ! MODINGER TIRE CO. , IK E. Main PlMM 27*1 * 'RlClI.LA'S POP Stand Hv Gy AL VERMEE1 f / just cou/dn't go to I j the office toddy••- J with Priscilla ^~ starting to There she goes I / f Don't take it so She's gone out into the \hard, dear She'// stop by for lunch!. ivor/d-—to travel the fang, hard journey down thf? rosd of life!

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