The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 10-17 UN Committee Asks Division Of Holy Lands By ROBERT MANNING (I'nlU-d Press Staff Correspondent) L.AKB SUCCESS. N. Y., Se)>t, 2. (UP) — End of tile British -Mandate In Palestine and division of tlie Holy Land into separate Arab «nd Jewish stsws — to become fully independent Sept. 1. 194!) — x A'ere rceanjmciitU'd yesterday in a majority report of the United Nations special Committee on Palestine. ' ' ' • ' Jerusalem and surrounding loans, including . Jesus' birthplace . of Bethlehem, would not be included in either of tlie two states, but. would be administered permanently as n trusteeship by the UN. Admission of 150,000 displaced Jews into the Jewish part of Palestine; during the two-year interim period, also was recommended. ' The report will go to the General Assembly of the 56 United Nations when that body convenes at Flushing Meadow, Queens, on Sept. 10. A two-thirds vote of the assembly is required for action on tlie recommendations. A minority report, signed by three dissenting members, Tran, India and Yugoslavia, objected to'the partition of the Holy Land and recommended-instead a federated Palestine. The minority plan would establish, separate Arab and ewlsli slates to govern local affairs, but would place the governing of the entire country in the Hands of a two-house legislature, one chamber giving equal representation to Je-.vs and Ar'aos, (lie other reflecting' the fact that tlicre are twice ns mam- Arabs as Jews' in Palestine. The majority report, was signed tfnglish Movie Queens on a Holiday Four British actresses get down (o cnrtU the hard way, til the losing end of a lug-oC-wav rope. (Joan Greenwood, Hazel Courl, Pamela Matthews and Valeric Ilobson have no worries about poses . and coiffures as they forget the photographer and just linve fun: ' In Geneva, Switzerland, by representatives of Canada. Czechoslovakia, Guatemala the Netherlands. Peru, Swenden and Uruguay. Australia did not sign cither report. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF W1IX Notice is hereby given that the j Last Will and Testament of Dan M. JDimkin was prdwted in common form by the Probate Court of the Chl:kasawb:i District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 12th day of August. 1047. An appeal from such probate can be effected only by filing a -petition, statins the grounds of such appeal, *-ith Uiis court, within six <K> months from tile date of tnts notice. Elizabeth lilythe Ck-rfc of said Court Marcus Ei'nird. attorney and administrator. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS " J . MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TE^TH Phone 3!51 ^ GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 975'i I Ark.-Mo. State Line ; on the left at tlie Arch "The first clay of school wasn't so bad, but I can't see how cutting out paper-dolts is'going to help us in the. business worl.di"^' FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Old Story By MERRILL BLOS3ER Scilol. Dlilributrd t-y NEA SERVICE. IMC THE STOUT! Choice of a new orthoixtltc !»«rc«ou U hclut; dl»- ru»j«:il. Ilr. Ulnlrotm Olrnn «HK- Kecl* Uorri-t(, tt frjrnil nf bl«. Itr. Wo(nl\inrd cou'ntt-f*' ItT muf- KrMJiiK (he fiimou* Ivan «;rrK«Jr. "II l«n-r 11,1- flr«t tliiifc 'I'V« *U«- nc.«<1t>d fcl»i (it (rjlnc lo ctmlroveit uir," >I»k-ohii Inter "(ella SleAn. • • 'XIV ANDREW was sparking Susan. •"• He announced that he meant to dn so when he first asked her for a date. A date she was inclined to refuse, guided by her instinctive, distrust, of the man. But he challenged her for a reason, and she had none to give. The date went well, and the next •week he met her on the street ;and suggested that they have dinner together at the Huddle; there ;was no reason to refuse that in- .vitation. Besides, it was flattering to receive the attentions of this 'young—and attractive—Staff doctor. The third week, he took her :horseback riding on a crisp ant 'sunny fall Sunday, then brough her back to a delightful evening with his mother and her delicious scones and jam and ten. Andrev • Woodward knew how to break !down a girl's defenses—by ignor ing their existence. This Saturday night he look he i dancing. A name band had bee 'brought in for a Bat dance by th I graduating group of medical stu • dents, and the hospital doctor 'were privileged to attend the a I {fair it they chose. Andrew mad i the dance sound so promising tha j Susan bought a new dress. ' 1 It was very becoming. The fu ;skirt was o! stiff gray brocad ;lhe slim bodice of silvery gra velvet. Susan's red Kair was <ira ; malic, above this frock, her dar ieyes and full red lips temptin 'The young men looked respec • fully at Dr. Woodward's dat , And he was no slouch himse [Tails became his long, lean bod j his own hair was a darker r t than Susan's; he danced perfect! •ery on the floor envied isun the nllcntion she had from •r escort. The way he smiled ouclly as Ihey danced, his intent 1 ee when they talked, the manner ilh which lie arranged her cape lien 'they left the hall. Under the portico of the Nurses' dine, with the tail lights of their xi twinkling down the hill. An- resv smiled at Susan, took the -ind she extended, drew her sward him and bent his head— She'pullcd back sharply. "No!" ic cried. He looked puzzled. "Why. Su- anl" he said, mildly amused. "You have no right to think—" "Susan, 1 always kiss my date ood night. It's a little thing—" 'HE tried to smile, but her eyes were Irouhlcd. "If you were ice to me, thinking I would kiss ou—I know a goodby kiss isn't mpottont— It's just that—well ny kisses belong to someone else should have explained that be- oreJ He straightened, his face seri- ius. "You didn't need to explain 'm not blind. Susan. 1 know, o Bourse, that-you are in love with .lalcolm Glenn." She stared at him. She stepped jack a little, and stared at him ps if— Her fingers went lo he nouth, her eyes stared and stared Then they narrowed. "O£ oil th unspeakably vile things lo say! she cried. . "Dr. Malcolm—Dr Malcolm— Why, I-worship tl ground he walks on!" Andrew smiled {lightly, his lef shoulder lifted to his ear. know," he said softly. "You know nothing!" Susa cried. "I admit 1 v.-orship D Malcolm—but not in the way yo think. lie's like a god to me. He so fine, EO big— 1 never think him as a man." Andrew laughed softly, ant touched her arm. "All right, Su san, if you say so. If that's your story, and you can stick to it But just don't think I'm fooled. Good night, Susan. And thanks—" He tirrned and strode down the walk, his heels ringing. Susan batted her thick eyelashes, pushed against the heavy door and went inside. Darn Andrew Woodward! She should have known better than to date him. She had known better! He just wanted, his own way, and got it- She should have told him at the first lhat she was as good as engaged to Martin, that she loved him— She went into her pretty room ond stopped lo stare at herself in the long mirror upon the door when she had closed it behind her. No! She should not have lold m about Martin. She would not 11 him now. He would laugh >out Martin to her, make her ve for Martin, and his for her, em amusing and ridiculous. Or e'd try to interfere. He was clevi 1 . lough to try to spoil a thing just or the fun of doing it. • * • A FTER six weeks of service for *• the Lair, Andrew Woodward ould take stock and decide he •as well entrenched. He knew he Hospital, he knew its people. n one \vay and another, those he .'ished to pin lo his specimen ward were all there, some of hem still kicking pretty vigor- usly, but rather firmly pinned Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 101-1 Chickasawha 6iCK TO THE l-'-T^E RED ALL I CAM SA/ is—WE CON- OEMNED MAM ATE A HEARTY BREAKFAST / IF THIS GOT our, pop, ir WOULD WKECK M/ PEPUTA- TlpN---Bur I'M KINP OF EXCITED' ABOUT /• ~,~ GOING BACK To f N\R;TOO.' SCHOOL. I P-- YOU DOWT ' HAW RECESS • 54 Pt 7 Crown 1.35 Calveit 1.35 Schenlcy 1.35 Three Feathers 1.35 Hill& Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses Ft 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Ith 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 6 Beer per Case $2.88: JGAS, reg 17.5c; . . .... .Ethyl 19.5: J :AIIBrandsCigarets,crn.$1.35l :. JUST GOTTA HAVE !.•.- susis SHOT, OR i, C-M'T 60 TO SCHOOL^ down, he could say. There was ust-one person who evaded him. That person was Martin Glenn. From the first, Martin's rock-like poise had been a challenge to Andrew. The man's reserve was so complete that Andrew's fingers tched to scratch it, if ever so slightly. In their personal contacts, Martin was courteous, he was friendly in a withdrawn sort of way, and he showed every sign of not thinking about Andrew except when they must meet and work together. Against his first decision, Andrew determined to "reach" this self-conlained man if it was the last thing he ever did! Somewhere behind those steady, deep-set eyes was vulnerability. If it were there, Andrew would find it. IT« Be Continued) ;] f, INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection Accident & Health Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Eoncls • Aviation Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles O. Blttnar-W, M. (BiHj Wilson ALL rue GIRLS ARE WEARING- THEIR.. BEANIES TOOAY-' t'LL SIMPLY DIE i IF 1 OXM'T PIMO MIME .' CHANGE MUCH! I USED To STALL OFF THF EVIL HOUR. LOOKING FOR. MY BUGGY, WHIP/ S T UDEB AKERS S CHAMBLIN SALES CO. £ 1"^ Kales—RUulebaker—Service T^ Heaclcjuarters fur Guaranteed New p. an( l Used Cars and Trucks f\ 131T New Inl. \\'-' Ion Short Wheel Base ^7 TJ 1347 New Ford Hi ton I.onff Wheel Base TJ XJ 1947 N'civ Intcrnntion:il Ifi ton Long \Vlincl B:ise Fl 194C Dodge !<. ton Pickup A 1946 Chevrolet '/. ton 1'ickup Jt 1946 CMC !i toil Pickup /A 1941 Chevrolet •% ton T^ 1!)41 Chevrolet K ton Pickup T^ X^ 1840 International 1 ton J^ 1917 New Ford "8" Coupe T. 1 1942 Nash 2-I)oor •£! J-ji 1941 Plymouth 2-Donr j", 1911 StuUcbaker 4-l>oor ' ^^ TJ I3:i9 De-Solo -M)onr Seihin -Q STU DEBAKERS WASH TUBB5J Down to LIKE THE FEATHER (SEMTLV IVAFTEP CM TH' BREEZE ! NOTICE, MB.MACK K HO'.V THE TAUT NEPVE SHE HAVE AIREADV RELAX. RY LESUW TIJKNKt I'M AFRAID I'LL HAVE TO BUMPALON6 ON THE 6ROUNO LIKE OTHER PEOPLt FOE THE NEXT FEW PAYS, „ MAPAM WALRU5KI... ^ MY SOOTHER WILL ABBIVE TOMORROW. IF TAKIN6 BALLET LESSOMS HE'LL MAKE ,WLIFE MISERABLE.' AM' JUS' WHEW YOU ARE PSO6SE€S'S<3 NICELY.'! I BUT HEKg.,.TAKE THESE (PICTURES OF we FIVE J FEET POSITIONS. PRACTICE , AT HOME BEFORE THE- Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplei Out Our Way By J. R.Williams COUD- \M WS CELLAR , TES11ti6 tHOT CHUSSK IF ROCK HE FODKSD /\T LW<£ — IN fv FEVJ I'M G IT'S A VULD DOCK EGG/— HE'S ALVfAVS RUMMIES ARODMD TO OH, WO —THESE AIM T UNPSRWEIAR.' BROTHER. 6IVE ME A HAIRCUT AN 1 IT'S WORKIM' WHEEL TILL WE REPORT: VOU RES GOT 61NS60 TO CORESTOW& IT'S 0,\1.' KED UTDER All's Well.' Ry FRED HARM AN SUMNT, ID UK6 to HE.LP- A PROJECT.' \U.KY OOP Back Home VIC FLINT A ricasanl Jiosl VJtLCOMt, IN5P£CTOR/ STEP RIGHT IN, GENTLEMEN BY MICHAEL O'MALLBY and RALPH LANB ' IN THE DW SEASON, EH? All VERY PROPER. I FI6URED \OU WOULD COME IE6AIIY tQUIPPEO TII15TIME. LOOK AROUND By V. T. HAMLIN SOMEHOW I GOT A HUNCH I'M IW BAD WITH OL' KING OU2 FOK ON \1-l WUA\BEE T1VO KING JOB LIKE I DID IF YOU GET HOT COME OM THE ROOF. I'M FEUIHG SO FWENOIY TOWARD WO CEHtlE- MEN TODAY THAT I MADE UP SOME JUIEK, ESPECIAILY FORYOO.MY JJIEP5 ARE VERY &CX3D- HOOTS AND H?".l BUDDIES Ketui'nini^ Ihc Favor BY EDGAU MARTIN TWtN TOOK Mt INTO HOMt f\ND D*D ft% M OR (At F\c, (j\v) OWN f\RtUT<b V)OV\\_0 APM Pli&, WW.O"=> Nt^tR. VW ^t Of Wfjl OWM t\ covuwe TO uvjt W l MOW fo;.

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