The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 6
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PACK SIX , • Athletic Committee Arranges Missco Basketball Tournament; Winners to Enter District Meet' Knl round pairings In the five Mi.vs! M |ppi' county |,i R H s ,i, on , basketball tournament* to be held in Blytlievlllc aild o.scoola Fel, K-X were announced today by the MissiMlppI county Athletic con,- mittee. ^_ _ mittee. Brackets for each of the five tourneys were drawn up at a jneet- Ing of (lie committee In the Luxora Higli School Saturday and were announced simultaneously witli the awarding or the tournaments. The Class "A" boys tournament was awarded to Blylheville, with Osceola high bidder lor the senior girls, class "B" boys and Junior boys anil girls tournaments. First, second and third place winners In each of the tournaments will be eligible lor entry in the district meets to be held In Joncsboro, Marked Tree and By ess next month. Leachvlllc Draws Bje ijeacnvtiio Draws Bye ^MKUKCJII With only three teams of the I™!",-)' '"R"", I>«P«'' mnty carrying an A classification. S lest . bn " lc <>f tlle county carrying an A classification. only two games are scheduled m the A tourney. In first round drawings Blytheville was mulched with Manila and Lcachvilte drew a bye thus automatically advancing thctii into lh« finals. The first round tilt will be played Pel). 26 with the finals io be held on the following Saturday night. In other first-round pairings involving Blytheville teams the Paps will be pitted against Loachvillc in the opening game of the junior tourney Feb. 26 and the Squaws drew a bye in the girls meet. This automatically advances the Squaws lo the quarter-finals where they will meet the Osceola Semino'.cs who also drew a first-iound bye. Fourteen teams announced entry in ihe girls. "B" boys and junior boys tourneys with 13 entered in the Junior girls. Blylheville is the only school in the county whicli "-' sponsor a junior girls Suut. C. L. Bird of Wilson, president of the Mississippi County Athletic Association who presided over Saturday^ nicotine, (Minted out that piny in each ol the five tourneys will be restricted to nights M as not to intcrfeic with oilier school activities. However the committee approved a morning and afternoon session for the final day I of the tournament which tails on I Saturday. | Special Consolation Bracket 1 Play in each ol the tourneys will be single elimination with cacn team dropping out after being defeated. However, the. group of 21 school rcpresenlathfcs voted u special consolntion bracket betwcei Chicks to Meet Jonesboro Quint Game to Be Played Tuesday Night in Enemy Territory Tlic Blytheville Chicks, vlctor- Ions in two enjjnscinnnls last week today bcRnn prcpariii E for tliclr Bid for Missco Cogc Crown BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Holy An B <.] 5 Academy does not team night when they journey lo Joiics*. boro to do battle with Ihe Jones- ooro Golden Ifuri iccmcs. Couch James Fisher s ,,,,t his squad of Chicks through two strenuous scrimmage sessions over the weekend and has promised the .•.aiiic for this afternoon. The Chicks will taper off with this afternoon's drill session JUKI will leave for Jones- "orn tomorrow afternoon. to'ne.sbom to meet the • "•••' Academy sextet In a preliminary contest. Kollowinu to morrow iijfllu-s contest (he Chicks and bquaws go to Hay Friday ni K hl for return games with the Yellow Jackets and the,, ,„„,„ j, 0 , m - i o meet the Hurricanes and Holy Arte- eles teams for a re-match 'in tin- Haley Field gym Monday iii B hl The Chicks will be seeking the), 10th win lu ia starts when thej lake lo the court tomorrow nleht and they will be righting lo „„,,.. coiiii- the 15 year suprcmency of Ihe Hurricanes over Hlythcvlllc cauo learns The Chicks last defeated aich rivals in 1933 and since that time they have been mere putty in the hands of the Ilurricr.ues This will be u u . third time this season that lhc Chicks will enter a hatllc rated as underdogs. The ollir-V two limes were aealnst the Mcssicl: Panthers of Memphis and they lost both engagements. Wide Dp,.,, t: llsc CARLSBAD, N. M. (UP)-Polic,- rcported the theft of two doors-one of them from a station wagon I^ie other from a house. ; was pointed onl. tv, . ,-. •• "-"^^w uciweeii was po nted olll the two losing teams in semi-final F ,A< rolmri ' i,.,,, . games ol each tournament. , n ,i,. .,, ',... ™ mi(l l" 1 " 1 "^ in —, -— . u ,.., b ,T,oi,io in sunn-Una) games ol each tournament to determine the Kurd place winner. Three teams o! each division will be allowed to enter the District 4 tournaments, it was pointed out. The consolation bracket rule will not apply to the senior "A" bovs tourney inasmuch as only three teams ate entered and each will be allowed to participate In the of ~- u ...j lunii^cj uuiLome. i ro will be awarded to first, second an A third place winners In each of the tournaments, to even up the competition and j against one another in the open ing rounds thus lessening the county's chances in the district meets Seeded were: "B" boys-o'sceola. Shawnee, Dyess, and Wilson. Girls --Keiser, Osceola. Wilson and ' Shawnee. the tourneys arc as follows.' Senior "A" u ovs BJyliienlle vs. Manila-' Lc-ichvillc *». Bye. Senior fJirls (A and B Schools) Keiser vs. Burdettc; Missco vs Learhville; Osceola vs. Bye- Blytheville vs. Bye; Wilson vs Arino- rcl; Dell vs. DyesS; Shawnee vs Osceoln vs. Oosnell; 'Alissco vs Bye; Shawnee vs. Armorel; Keiser vs. Bye; Dycss vs. Luxora; Dell vs. vs, Dye. •lunior Clirls Luxota vs. Bye; Gosnell vs.' Byrfa'mi victoria vs. Bye. .Iinilor Boys (A ;uiit 1! Seliuuls) Blylheville vs. Leacltvillc- Lux- orn v.s. Wilson; O.sra>!a vs. Oci|- Kciscr vs. Gosnell; Manila vs. By..-'; "' ~.~~~.™~ a—^^--« „ ~ ^.^^n.. ^..^ One of the strouRcst. conienders for the M,ssis'n,ni r n , , ..>e OsceoU seminolc, who ,<,„„„, with the s,™ , '', ^\*"* ^ ^ by their crack-shooting forward, carolvn Hanister the Semi 1 "" "' IT this S e,so,, ,„, „„„„„„ mmllls - Illsl ;,;^ c ;; ^ *" mnai ^ >-^ ^^ ... •'"»«">< Members of 11,,. «„,.„, „„.. U)]1 ,, lw „,!,',„,.,„,_ Big Six High School Football Division is Proposed by AAA MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, MTl'LE ROCK. Feb. 9—The pro- »•- po.sed "Big six" football conference lo bo composed of teams from the stale's larger schools, was one slep nearer reality | Ociay nflcl . rcc< . iv . mK a ooiidiiiona; okay Irom two committees of the Arkansas Ath- lelic Asstwiation Saturday The only .step left to be taken before the new conlerence becomes ofdciai is the approval of the 14 i«mau>inf> Class AA teams of the ••late and membership approval of the two conditions offered by the A/lA. Formation of the "Big Six" will not alter the present classification of Blytheville ami other Double-A schools, nor tin- two other classi- Icatlons, A and B. it will add ,t fourth clawificalion, to be known as Triple-A. " .. jointly here, the AA.\ Executive Committee and a special appointed Playoli Hcvision Coni- imtice agreed to recommend creation of the "l!i R Six" which will tiny a I'riplc-A classi/icalion. Only schools with an enrollment ol 500 or more in ih e upp cr three grades will 1« eligible for entry in the new livision. .Setup is f'rovisional Tin- two committees a«n>ed to let-oimnend the creation' of the usher division providing- HI Two-thirds of the H schools n the present highest classificfltlon- cla.« AA-wl-.osc clas.sification would rat be raised, agree to the plan: i2l—The six larger schools which auld make the triple A Division II assume their proportionate mi-den ol ihe revenue tile AAA Southwest- Cage Race Narrows; Baylor, Texas Tied (By llnittA Press) Baylor and Tcxa.s meet this week PJlL 1 . 1 ™ 1 °, f }*° bMkelb.ll bat- s lle.s (hat probably will decide the Ann Oriver. Nancy Caidwe,,. „,,„ B«l» JO Kiolder, ,,,,,,e ,, a(!llllld . Wont ™ w ..... r — St ("Id Dorotiiy -JViompK,, Judy J CS n;1 Lon llllB " howe " "' " " r *',"' Carolyn " "" ur)rrow »'-«>". Pared „ romark.bte record tin, '»"« »xlot in a cl(w , " ""^ ""^ n "^« li: , Id . stU[k , lt ''"'" '**** ^ Or '^ ,,,., Mafy An| , Elhrl[( U. S. Olympic Teams Finish Strong To Cop Third Place In Winter Games United Vrcss S'n.trls Writer ST. MOKIT/,, F t -b. ii. iUI>) — America's youn- Olympic .suns moved on today. Inokinn either new coumiests or ihe quicte'. way to MI homii, aller exceeding expectations for n nation where most kids grow up ou paved streets ,-uid bic lnick.7 as U falls. ' ' S S °"" Swraen wi.» the Me .shmv in t.'u- nnoltictnl team standings with 8? points while Switzerland was se,-- oml with 77 ai;d th e United Slates third with 73 1-4. That was u sncc- tacularly high .showing for n learn mainly composed of youngsters who had been rxpcclcd to make the- Innw trek lor the nice ride and the fi'csn air. The surprise showini; KaV r Americas intrriwtioiiul sporis lenders a mo:,- ehi'ei-ltii attitude loward Uio coming Rummer Olympics imd s'- lenced the crepe-hangers who had been saying openly here and elsewhere that the U. S. would not. be equipped lo make ils usual brilliant -'""<""< in the- track and fiel.-l Aih!e:c.s who elected to re•n I-Turopc were, the speed .--ix of whom u-eni I B Wor- wn.v for a series of meets there, the figui'i' skaters, who moved on lo liw world championships beiiiniiing lat- uct ' k ; H 1'iu-os. Switzerland. •• -to the women's fi B mx- the chanipion.sliij) in "ti uu ' s i ot . m " JM-ovckini; event in which the team-; • irs.1 competed on a non-olynipic Ihcii later were given official Up Showdown Th e Golden Bears of Bavlor el- ven a,, assist by a favorable schedule appear to have an Inside track year Cr ° Wn W °" b> ' Texas lBst B»ylor ( is lied with Texas lor th« load. Both team, a re undefeated In oop play Baylor after eight victories and Texas after rive Home court advantage wouid tend to make the Bcaiy; favorites for three of It., remaining conference BaniM. Texas has to invade foreign territory in all exc( , pt two of f (j remaining seven contests Among those Texas has to plav away from home will be two same's against Arkansas at Fayettevllli where tnc Porkers always are dou- hly tou?h to handle. The Bears got the edge on Tcxox by getlinf! Arkansas on the Baylor court and took full advantage of the .opportunity by toppling the hitherto undefeated Porkers twice. The first of those crucial Baylor- Texas Barnes comes up Thursday niGhl at Waco. The second will be two weeks later in Austin, vould lose through' YheViUuirawTl ' Thc / >0 '' km ' G ™i'Be Kok still holds of schools from the playoffs ' " c " mfo " ilW e lead in the Indicium cis tiirv are iinn- *t*t ,,„ I scoring race—114 points io 87 for second-place Billy Tnrnbow o£ the Texas Aggie.-;. Other games on this week's card fmil Rice at Texas A. and M, and Texas Christian at Arkansas Friday night and TCU at Fayettcville again on .^atxirday night. Read Cuuriet News Want Arts »iLVTHEV1LLE'S ONLV*f ^LL WHITE THFATDF I Weekdays B,,! <)i flc( . u . 6--30 p.m. siiow starts 6:*5 p.m. j Saturday B"» Ofllce Opens p.m. Show Starts 1:00 p . OT . Sunday Box Office Opens 1:15 "how Starts 2:00 TONIGHT Brown Garj Cooner =.„IT Also v feres.-! IVrlghir Also .News and Cartoon 'i thry are noiv set lip. Schools which would become nifmbeis of tile "Big Six" or Triple A Onasion, provided its feels final approval, are: Little Rock Port Smith, North Little KoA Plm , Bluff. El Dorado and Hot, Springs. Ihe AAA committees agreed thai I Ihe Executive Committee should rci-ommcnd adoption of the proposed changes by the lull association hruiuh mall poll if the two con- be effective diuons are „,«. Tlic changes wouid season Also "SMOOTH AS SILK" with Kent Taylor anil Virginia Grey Also Short for the ISM football pt for the U. S m ( ,, at . . , ke ball 'dav jDeMorce Teams ! With Bill Canny | For Mat Event Bob DcMarcp, the Frciu-h-Cnna- dmn grappler from Montreal Can :tc!n. who made his initial aimc'tr nnce in the rini; t,erp r«-o\.-ee^ :iK". returns to the American l ( L Kion card (oni B |,t lo team with Bill Canny in Ihe tag nlalch at the Legion Arena. Opposing DeMnrce and CTannv will be two „, tfle wrestling \Veh-l- urolhers. Roy and t.r=ter wh be nuikiiiR ihi-ir first appi--, (UP) — races was in the onins fo- i 'lie lockevinc fov ],ositions .... ...„ JU ^ KVV1UM 101 . positions' .;-i-^r"-'--=s faille \at,onal Collegiate Athletic . S«*Jip^| reached tournament tne tu'cisive stage St. Louis University and Okla homa A A- M, the major rival tile Missouri Valley cnnforenc- nl-iv a r«tur,, engagement S.-itm-dav. ,,, ' 1 J' X ? S an<1 Da >' lor ' both un<i fenced m ^Southwest, conference Play, meet on Thursday. St. Louts has lost only one K.I »' 15 starts this season, and 11 M.'l.s by a_ 33-30 count to (lie A w"ek. 52-41 A &'M lo.^ Wee' in -0 Barnes, (o Kansa,, Stale and to De-Paul. But it is undefenled h, ; foat.UT I^glle play and could „„ but clinch ! the crown with a win Saturday \ _ Icxas. loser only to Ihe oklnhoma .-vpies this season, rules thr favo- will rite m [he Southwest, nut Davlor mce fresh from -- •-. - - - RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Is Your Tractor Ready to Go? IF NOT... GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE ON REPAIRS AND PARTS REPLACEMENT! We make it easy for yen, („ ,, avc ,,„ vour equipment )» Kaod shnpc for ((le sc;is()n .^ { Our credit service i s jllsl 1hc lhi| , K v , )(| .^ for. Come in Bnd | cf us ex p| ilin hmv i( lv(lrks r;l ,. |n by i, s llse in (ha( vm| . t| h tractor for lhc p arliculilr jnl) ul(c|| EASY CREDIT TERMS McCormick-Dccring Service 3/2 SOUTHS"? ST. t o! them, however, were 1m- np transportation lor tlie states -- '"'I ihc-rc was expected to be ai", | ,"„ ,"" ' )Cr °f lnf « ™* »' the -imnst daily exodus of athletes from C c H ,M , ' S ?"-, i >SS witl1 lhc •\i\-\- (l1^»;l n. _ _. , , ~ - . CCilClOIl O[ r.p.if rr \^'*i)f.i, ,..i. _. Tonight's match will also brini; lo SPlhcr two-loiiK lime rini; enomvs Canny nucl Hoy Welch, and is e'v ' ported to be a blond-.';!!,-;! affijr with these two rivals swapim- blows in.-.-pircd by I heir Rmcl|:e. All four of loinchts performers ,-ue fn n, e ,, c _ . . this season-but not one fcal * camf '" conference aees no-.v until the end of March bv ho.ii and by plane. For the lir.n |i mc j,, the history ol the Winter pames. America woii I/tree cold medals Belore comp-- —.. j ..^. f ,.,t 1.1.1,*.^ \\nii (np ception of Lester Welch who i n , s pound" 1 " 5 al 5MSh " y le " "" ln '''°° Tn The two one-f.,1 prelhninarv bouts Canny will i,tk- P „„ Rov KVcl ,- m a top-notch fracas witli,- i\ I , " lrCl " lg Df ^"-° «n the j The number- one hero was Dirk But'cm ol BiiRlewood. N. J. I Iliinlc-.<s fiijHfc shatini; made him Hie handout, (x-rsonnlity ot the Jl.utu'.x I>iiltiin. ciMni; America ,1s lir.;t ff>W medal, moved on lo D.i- jos wn.'ie hr was .in ovcrwhrhmn ' lavoriso i,> rppoal i,is triumph in the world ohninpionshi|]s. '1'lie cither Aniriv.-in winner, wen- the s-wcc;h«n-t of the skils " Illtli' CJtelchcn FroM-r of Vmicou'- \rr. W;ush.. who won the uomen s . v ]almn ii-uiliM mnrr rxpi-i-nMiced Emo]:i;ms. and the four-man bob- sleo tear,) headed b-. Francis Tv- ler (,[ Lake Placid. N'.'Y. Canada also won two rhampinu- Jhips. I):n-i).ira Ann ,S.-oit. the ir.- 55 lo he rec: fotir ti o' Ihe play. ' Tne only two remaining unde- fc.iled teams. New York " University nnd Columbia, face potent ODposition this week as the hish- ' Jijnt of ihe Kastern pro-r.-nn Col- 1 umbia meets Ponnsvlvanla on [ Thursday and Cornell Saturday i'vhilp N. Y. V. plays Georgetown • Saturday. North Carolina SI ale. apparently m as Southern Conference champion after an si-.p win over North Carolina, laiiclcs with Duke , Saturday. I Kentucky ami Tulanc. the Southeastern Conference rivals, go to Four of Nation's Top Horses to Run nt H.*«f« L ** «VMFI u i rrlOfCO/i --•>.". iv>in.iiLr.y Liii'Kim» vnn- dcrbilt tonisht nud Trnncssce Sat- Trch loniRht and Mississippi state Saturday. turf's mast fn prpd- — were expected lo arrive - expece lo arrive at llialeah today t» in- prcsnm! 1m- Eves "' :5nmc r:1 r.l=s and hawks '"""" ' l<1 "' !l " have ei S W times the visual acuity- races against Armed. v Jim unpi farms handicap c-liampfo,,. All three of thr rnring -;n; s me coinini! by train. A.^au'h will 'be of normal fjimLiii eyes is the third-ranking money winner of all time, was beaten by Armed in a sprcinl match race last year But King liniich offirials. claim- tif$ 4 ? ;^ m ; \:;^f^m Guide to Quality Vyt • &«( l ls t« - Otnrau H«r - Qijenlin fitjrwld LFISEH . ^.. BARRETT HAMILTON, INC l i'^ N " DISTRIBUTOR u S t/a| C S P W . H - BI-WDED WHISKEY. 86.8 Pcool. 65% Grain ulral Spmls. Seagcacn-Oistillets Cotpocation, N. ¥. Orcns at 6:30 p.m.: Starls 7:00 n- BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WKSr ADMISSION 7 I „„ S-,,e a, the U Kiori Monday, Feb. 9th TAG MATCH BOB DeMARCE and BILL CANNY" vs. LESTER WELCH and ROY WELCH ALSO 2 1-FALL, 30-M1NUTE MATCHES Bob DeMarce vs. Lesrer Welch Bill Canny Roy Welch \Vfien you'ta !n *lio dtivetS ipal hum livei ate ,n yoyr handi. Thafi ~h, ifi io itnpotlant to keep yout cat In pctfecl m«l»nicil condition. Evety t>, i. pt.ciou.-youti, , our f, m i| y -,. your {,; M J, 0,-iv. with a clo.t conwience by having ui. yout f.clory.ftarvchlied new cat ttt\H enccl your cs, tsgularly—j.condilion it «n*n n»ded —tcmetnbet vhet> you J r ; v , |h,,,', LIFE AHEAD, nanjlg will, catef TtODR At an autJiOfiteJ naw Car D««lar wt «r« beit- equipped Jo do » jol). Our mteK^nici at* "iopt", our t«rvic« our work refiabU. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Diirlire, I'lymotilh, I)<iflK« ",(oh-Ra(cd" Trucks' 217 South Second St. Phone 4422 Tonight 'Tarzan and the Huntress' with Johnny Wcissnnillcr. Itrrnda Joyce, Jiihtiny Shcirield Warner News and SliDrts 'rilCSt!;iv * "SPORT OF KINGS" with ""aiil r.iitiiibcll. Ilarr.v Davenport and r.lori.i Henry Serial: "Brick llralrnnl" Alsn Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest Shows KVKHV MGirr Box Opens Week Days 7:0n p.m Malincc Salurrtay & Sundny Sat.-Sun. I p. m . ConL Showln» Ton ift lit <j My Wild Irish Rose" nilli Dennis and Andrea Klni Selected Short Subjects Tuesday 'SHANGHAI GESTURE" with f*ene Tirrnry Also Short Suhjrcl*

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