The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, SKPTUMHKK 2> 1947 HIATlIfiVII,I;K (AUK.) COUH1KK NKWS PAGB-NiNfl BIIIER HOMES i Home Production ! Hits New Peak Lumber Dealers Report Building Costs Levelling Off .WASHINGTON. D. C., Sept. 2. — In direct contrast to the slowed'• up building nitc during Hie pcniocl '.' of government control of cotistnic- lipii, the private building industry '•' started building 80.000 new perma- ncnt homes during July of tills year, I f^ - • ^-» If*, I . . Uptonic Color System Latest H. R. Noithup, secretary. National Retail Lumber Dealers Association, repotted today. According to a release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, housing starts for July have broken records of 20-yeai's standing, and approach the all-lime high of 1925. Northuii said. Construction starts In the seven months of 1947 totaled 44-.000 units, or 38,300 more than the total for the first six months of 1»«, Northup pointed out. Completions for July, Noithup said, were also at a hlgii peak. 65,700 new permanent homes were completed, bringing Hie total completions for 19-17 to 428,700. This Scheme ior Puzzling Painters H>- RICIlAlin NBA Staff CorresiiomtoMt CLEVELAND. O. (NBA). — The j problem of painting Die inside f>f first I a school, oKlce. factory, hospital or even a home '.* setting to be more KILL JOHNSON GRASS Use IDE Chlorate KILLER E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 It's BLENDEO as Carefully as a Doctor's Prescription If complicated every day. Choosing ll-<> color used lo be simply a qviesUon ol taste, or of matchiii:; Uv> furnishings or of pleasing the, \vl(e—but now yon linvc lo consul 1 , a compass. A little Uili'.ii called the oplonlc color system, based on the scientific fact that dayllKhl isn't the Iroin every direction, i.s the cause of it all. Color engineers say that light, coining from (he south, Hill of reds and yellows, but from the north it inclines to blue. The men who've worked out the system say thtit the eyes net tired on a monotonous color diet, resulting In eyestn'ln and lessened clfi- cieucy. They propose to complement the iiatii'nl colors from each direction willi n prescription of paint. Thus, on your south walls, slaj) on some cool blue. or. on the northern side of the room, dip your brush in a warm tan shade of paiut. The. result should be easier on the eyes. s The office of a Cleveland paint company, one of the largest specialists in industrial paint and the outfit which p.ifinccix'd (lie oplontc I system, docs 1:, up brown—on the north wall, at least. I The rooms are painted a li^ht green, although they say it's not just any oltl light green.' but "Op- tonic No. 4 Li;>hl Green. 1 ' The trim along the northern side, such as window ledges. Is done in tan. and on the south, in a darker green. These rooms had no eastern or western windows, but that's all worked out. too. you're supposed o compliment the |>voivomi»aiitly red western light with cooler colors, like blue or green; eastern ight. which is neutral, gels a dose of neutral gray. When it comes to northeastern, southwestern and other mongrel exposures, yon simply combine. For example, notVn itun) pins east) (gray) gives you northeast itan' with gray trim). If you're llvlppr in a round-house, you're on your own. The system applies to artificial light as well. Incandescent light is high in yellow and red. while most flourescent lamps give light oi « bluish cast. They get a blue and a tan treatment, respectively. There are five basic outonic colors cpol blue and green, warm coral and tan, neutral gray—in five shades each. These 25, plus black and white, comprise the op- tonic system. Using something called the Weti- Justice Agents After Fee-Fixers Washington Realtors First to Feel Brunt Of New U.S. Attack iiurlli-norlli Ily optnnics t;iii and f^ mirth Nine Building Permits Issued Here in Week In Colors or White Blended Paint Stays Bright Mississippi County Lumber Co. 1801 West Main St. ['hone .145 cr-Fcchncr law—wlilch has it tha ":l group of colors will be in hur mouy If (lie steps between then appear to be equidistant'' — th 1 color experts produced the 2 shades in the system so thai they arc all in perfect harmony with cadi other. While the company designed tlic system specifically for Us school and Industrial customers, there Is nothing to prevent the homcmaker from taking advantage ol Us benefits. One worii cf caution before you go out and buy the brushes, paint I and turpentine: Gel yourself ft good, all-wea:,her, non - magnetic compass, or be sure to hire a puintcr who knows his astronoiny. H would be tragic if yovi got yovir direct ions mixed, and hud lo turn the house around. Power Industry Adds a Million New Customers Ls 163.400 over the number of completions ior the first seven months or 1040. Reports on construction for the first, six months of 1947 tirui already indicated that, with the. Jilting of controls on the building industry, housing starts nml complo- ! tions were advancing .steadily. By June they hnci doubled the record for the same month in in-16, and showed no signs of slowing down, Northnp recalled. Not only has the rate of construction increased since the lifting: of controls, Northnp continued, but there is nn indication of a 'slow leveling off of home cost prices. Reports on a recent .survey stiUccl that in two metropolitan centers. Columbus and San Francisco, hous- ng costs had clropixxl below the June 1046 level, while Dullns. Seattle, Denver and Ne\v York, nil re- jortcci no increase in huusnif; costs since June 1046. "II. i.s' quite possible". Northnp concluded, "thai, as llic builclinn nduslry continues its all-out hous- ng effort, the so-called 'huiisins shortage' will brcotnc but. a uicul- ory of \var-li:ne tribulations." NEW YORK. N. Y., Sept. '2. An all-time record for new connections of electricity was set during the 12 months ending June 30 Char Irs E. Qakcs, president of the Etlisun Electric Institute announced today. During Hie first, six months this yea! 1 , the electric industry added 1,102,000 nc\v customers t power lines, of which 929.000 were urban and rural residential users, lliis is an average of 18:1,000 new customers per month nnd exceeds by 9,000 the monthly average for the record-breaking yeflr .of 104G. At the same time, the amount of electricity vised for household purposes also set a new high, Jinnrr- iug from n nation-wide average of 1.200 Kitountthour.s |>er domestic HY FKKII Ml'U.K.N (Uiillctl I'ri-ss Staff Corrrspoiiih'iK) WASHINGTON, sept. 2. aip>— A hlKli Jii.sila! Department ofllcial today described the fee-fixing iii- (llctincnt asutiist niitlonal ituil Washington milly boards as Hit! opening drive to wi|>e out hluli price iiKirnnciil.s on nil fonns of consumer noocis. Food prliTs probably will hi- Ihn next, larnet in tli« Justice Department,';, luvcslimillon. (hi! official sniil. HousiiiR was clioiien as'tlic first lurgel in Hie department's antitrust drive bormise of the shorlane. II, was !,airt. Move linHeliivrnts or ci\'il suits. Hie Justice Dcparlmenl official said, could be expecled In other sections of the houslnn Industry, .suck us .supplies, Iiu'cMiKaiHius ol clothing, liousn fi]rnishlj]t;s and petroleum proiluc'.s also are scheduled. The progress of the drive, the official said, will be limited only by the number ol men I ho iitui-trusl division can lurn loose for the various inmiirlcs. The National Asscelallon of Ilcul Estuto i Boards and the local Wush- ington Real Estate Uoard are se]j- cdnled to plead Thursday to the indictment clurgln^ erlmlmil eon- plrncy to fix commission rales on ealty sak's and leasers. A 'rivll .sui*. las Iwen filed by (he Justice Demi Unent asking an injunction n> lua members ol the boi\rds to lo nway will) rule lixlng. The Justice Deparluient official said some price increases which lol- owed the end of price control were due to maladjustment of supply and demand and were Justified. But lie said there was "noou reason to bc- licvc that many are unreasonable and have bren reached by agreements aiuona the domhmni producers." Unjustifiably high prices, he said, not only harmed consumers but, nlcss remedied, could well be a contributinij cause of a business re. cession. NUio permits for an eslinmled totnl of more than $22.001} worth of construction were Issued lust week from the office of City Unbilled 1 Joe Carney. The permits were Issiu-d lo: Coy Cioodsun, for a two-room Inimc residence at Franklin and Sycamore; estimated cost, $11(111. A. J. Wicker, lor u I'.vo-room Iramo residence in I he- 11l!0 block on Wi'sl Ash; estimated cost, SIStKi. Leo fiwlfl, for llic aildllloii ol one room ami repairs lo u house ut 21st an<] Ash; estimated cost. SIOOO. J. O. KolAyck. lor a live and >\ half-room frame iTsHlcnn>; estimated east, ( K. II. chllwood, for a concrete block Ixnvllnn rdlcy bullilliii; in ilv 400 block on nusl Alain; estimaled cost. sriOOil. II. K. ViinlUio.ser. Ior n fix-room (rjiine residence in the l'J(ll) hlo;; on West Waliml; i^llnialc 1 eust $1100(1. Mr. uiul Mrs. Muilun l)yi>r n' Ainiinel Inr n ICHIIU; wiirehonsi sho|i aim cai-iiKr at lli);i Lilly; esi: nialeil cost, jlono. , Dr. J. £'\ Hr(K\ p nson. tor conversion of a live-room fnimc residence Into a clinic at 12111 Wos Asli; estimated cost. $11250. Buck i.Vthain. lor a coiic.rdi! block trull stand at •!(!! Rist Main: estimated cosl, SflUO. Homer Nunally was issued a |icr- mlt lo move u InillcinH; fixun an KasV Main street location to tlv aoO block on Kilst Walnut. Watch Repairman Joins Drcifus' Bfythevilfe Staff Harry C. Soatterclay. formerly of .Imiphts, has Joined IDrelfus Jewell')' Co. as a wulcli vepiiinnun, It was itinounced loday. ' -, . Mr. Hnitlciilay hus hud 38 years spprlcnce lii the watch repair field rid prior to working In Memphis viis connected with the Hospital H'pnrlment iif the llampden Watch -'o., Canton, O., Ior five years. Farm Loans A( I/west Rate of Interest • Quick Service A.F.Dietrich Untied Insurance Agency 100 S. 1st. Hi. Ingrain Bldg Rend Courier News Want Adi. LET US MODERNIZE YOUR HOME OR OFFICE WITH SUPERB QUALITY K-M Venetian Blinds customer for th; 12-month perio< ending June 30, 1040 to 1.3B5 kllo- watthour.s fur the same period 1U47 — an indication that the availability of home electric appliance has shown marked Improvement During the same period, revenue received-'by the power companlc. per kitowatthour showed a decrease due primarily to the fact that the increase In consumption brouyh v«avvy residential users into lowe rate brackets. The companies received an average of 3.He per kilowatthour for the 12 months ending June 30, 1947. as against 3.31c for the similar '1940 period. ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 I'cr liuslicl VVi: Soil: • By flic Pound • By tlic Bushel • Truckloiul BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 E. Miiin. Phono 073 Choice ol Wood, Aluminum. or Steel Slati. Wide R*ng« of Beautiful Tape and Cord Colors to Select From.— Expertly Mcaiurtd Fox And Installed ~ ^ Ptompl Delivery - Ocd«r Mow YOU WILL LIKE OUR SERVICE, AND WE KNOW YOU WILL LIKE K-M VENETIAN BLINDS STOCK BLINDS—IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 26 x 64 $4.98 28x64 '. . . :$5.25 30 x 64 $5.59 32 x 64 $5.98 34 x 64 ' $6.39 36 x 64 ,.$6.75 DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wai/paper Style Center" KM) Kiist Main SI. I'honc 4169 WE CAN MAKE IT RUN RIGHT! Uon'l diseanl Uiat valuable motor because it .stopped running. P>ring it to us for a thorough going over. We recondition molora like new and save you untold expense. Call Charlie's Electric Shop whenever you have electric problems. We give all-round : electric service and repair. CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Phone 2993 Allen Pickord's EAST END SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes Sec us for the very best in Army surplu.s alines, Ncurly new — Kc- hniU— To Be Ttcbuill. -Hundreds for sale. Quantity I'riuca Available. .Ulion .claims sctlled proinpt- ly," to'the. full value your^Family and Friends.. . 112 Lilly Street V-> 'Blk South East Main To a \vavm home lliis winter. l,cl IliiU- liard Ilanhvarc Co. solve all your lifal- ing worries. We imw htivc in stock, a complete line of nationally advorli.seit oil and coal healers for voui- .selucliuii. Immediate Delivery Dial 2015 Now! Z I 3 W€ST1VIA1N ST. PHONE 2OI5 Sec how easy it is to apply Trim? Ready-Pasted Wallpaper T7^ with-' out paste, tools or cutting board.' Then do it yourself! You'll be proud of a decorating job \voll HARDWARE CO. Inc HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515

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