The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, ID IS U.S. Pays Out $2,882,735,904 In Income Tax Refunds for '47; One Firm Gets $63,580,904 By Charlotte (i. Mmillon I'nitcd I'ITSS staff oim-spomlcnl WASHINGTON. Feb. 9. (U .P..-Thc Treasury reported today Edwi, B. Paulcy, center of a Senate lnvostl B allon of commodity speculation was among those wlio go, tax refunds duriiiB fiscal year 19.17. • But. PAuleys tax return was almost trivial compiler!' to' refunds made to corporations and some Hollywood celebiilie.s, T)lc bJ8t , csl single refund was made lo ,|i e u . S. Steel, Corp., New Yoi'lt. SGU.SBO.OW. Westinehousc Electric Cor]>., Haisburgh, was second with $57398 iij-> the treasury reported (o Congress * totaled $2.882.7:15.504, ' ' t Railroads, aviaiiim concerns and I * automobile. manufacturers (jot the largest slices of the refunds. The treasury, as returned by law filed with the House Executive Expenditures Comiuiticp n [jsi of all recipients of tax refunds of S&OO or more. Included were income, excess profits, estate and other Crippled Plane In Sale Landing CAB Experts Seek Cause of Accident High Over Atlantic MIAMI, Kb,., ,.•,.!,. 9 ,UP,_ G<H . einmeiit aviation ,-xpcrl.s today planned-to question mure witncs- scs about their lonc- |.l)o !( r<l an Conx e la, 101, lllrl . ill" At anm- to .-i ine fantmtlay with «|iei-- Kasto,,, Alrhne.s } , mtmt ,„ ( ,. 0 , n emenjencv lanrt- ( , c [,, so | ag( , ..j.,. ' Cause of the near traRrdy was ' laxes. A spoxestiiiiu said roughly half of Ihe tola! however was refunded to .small taxpayers in amounts averaging about s-15 or S5II as soon as they filed their returns last year. Among the prominent names on the list were those of I'auley. W. Stuart Symington, assistant secretary of war for air, Rep. Helen Gah- aEau Douglas, U.. Cal.. Eddie Cantor. Artie Shaw and Joan Crawford. .'Movie Slars Collect I'a'.ilcy was special assistant to Secretary of Aiiuy Kenneth C. Roy. all. Lately he hn« been busy defending charges thai he used "inside" information to profit, in commodity were available (o tell whit ihr-v dealings. He was included in Hie list kneiv of the accident o,,,. 1 . nlonp with his wife, Barbara Jean, member. Rtewud o ' p rol f and his brother. Harold R, Paviley. | V'am:. was struck bv the whirling »l;c three received total refunds of . prop . W f ,„ ,,,, rt instantly klllet!: „ c ' »' Aeronautics noarrl Inve-ili- SymniBton got back S10.21G. while i gators, often balked bv 1-iek of s'lir- Rop. Dou|!la.s and her liiisband .Mel- vivors in airline -.ccidents hon.H yyn Douglas received S3.933 between this tin-- to ,j m i out exactly what tu £ m - i hapiwiieil and how lo keen liie Screen personalities included saint- thin.; from ocatninr! ai'ain Charlie Chaplin, s 13.41)2; Brian During the week-cut! C \D lii- Aheruc, S18.I44: Charles Boyer. SB,- ' 211; Joan Crawfoid. SIH.24H." Lillian and Precl MacMiirray. S86.G8G: Wil- RIA'TIIRVH.I.E (AHK.) COUIUF.n NF.WS Utter Is All Tired' Out "Sunny," Oprman shepiicrrl ou station operator, ivati-lies over h... 'VW'l.or In',Hen imp'nv,^! ••ll^.nH-'- lhc Iwo-werk-oW lille.r nriBm.-illv ' In Hnss, nuns Chieaco servii-e as they hndiilc fuitiiinobiJo tin;, hut thi-pp rlncl was not known. bi:t five of me bi' K airliners and all of the G 3 liani (Biidi Abbott." S1GOS3- Playwright. Clifford Oriels. J8.373: Ko'c) -.Coward. S2.725; and Thomas Mitch- Pell. S13.572. Milton A. C:mt[f tc- |Sco/es Can't Keen | Pace With Prices TOLEDO. O. <ui>>—Take It from Ihe Toledo Scale Co.—inflation is heie. ' One of the nation's largest, manufacturers of scales, the company discovered Ihat tlie automatic com puling chart on its butcher shop scales riGllred only ns hiutl as "5 tccnls a pound. That wasn't high j enough; prices had climbed aVio 'e that, forcing store workers to figure iiilh a pen a ,ul paper. The concern indulged in liimor niul <lecided. rnther than 'o aulluirj/.e a thiel out of .SIMMJI)— -; ( Uravc breach of form," aecnulin-,', ^. >,i to CoiKievon ihiil -the challenge named aim nr.e],i:ince resiillcti from a nn;,- '" ' ' underslamliin;. not an affront." Moslem Armies Banned in India Two Private Military Units Outlawed by Hindu Government By .1:1 HIM Mlr!i:ic!s (llnllril Prt-NS SUM (\u-rc-*|imulniO NI'.'W I)KI,1|[. Krll. fl lUI'l 'IVo Mosli'm <»-Kiuil7»t Ions weie onllnwnl lodny by [lie Kovemmenl <il Hindu Indln fur <>H||<V(|CIK linns uuil to;.- li-rlnr; YnmimuiHl Imlml and vlu- InH't'." Till' ui'iiiinl/Mifuiis- ulv (lie Moslem 1. r:\KW National (limul.s , m ,l Ilic Klv.iltsnvs. n prlyui,.. lullfmuml yoiillt in-Kunl/ntlml. Until were ilrsc-i iboil by n K ,n eriilnciii I'lHumuukiuc n .s -'srml-iiillliiirv" tn I'hiVarliT 'Vlie Riivrnmiriil t,,ilcl Ibc twi, Kronps were uutlmviHl In i-.mlor- niily ivlih tin- Itiilliin i-iibiiicl's dc- nMim of l-vii. •> to lian prlviUe arm- As 11 |):irt itt ilmt Han, (lie mivcrn iiu-nt ,,,,ib,wed the M-mi-,,,|]|,,, lv "inilii Voinli oiK.iulraiioi, i !:lhh |,^ .vu .Si-vnk Hiincli, whi,:!, wu.s dnnrcd irlmiRliiu lo ii ",-iilt „, vl( , responsible I,,,- u u . ,,., s . lssl . '" Molmmhis K. C,,,i ul |,t 1'lllly .s,,,,,.| lt 1 h " s K«h,e<l imlen-udem-. PAGE THREK" l extremist Hindtn (• «n» In.'... ^sSffiHe Ss£5r7~'=s i s sat—— lc.r,-,-s of in, Mate and „„( „„ p,|. Jlinmh of l',,k1st',in """"""" c " A " Al last report, tht vale imnlcs " the commoni.,,.,- .. .1.1 I •!•. , »«<! nnostwl more than ,,,, ' ""imuiiuipi,. N .,[iL, in,. rnmmunluuc did not specify mid members of the p l<- caimuuuUpu. ,„,„„,,, bnthhust. wluil ,,,'tlon ut.ihorltl,.,, UHci,- Hindu extremistMahn* uioups of preaetilmt loyally to M,«. I <lc.l Ir, lake ,i r ,,i m i leaders of Ihe Inlimi whir-t,,MVi,i.rf l«n. 1'aklslan rnther ,h : ,n to hull,,/two o,,u,nl,a1lons, ,ml Uiey may be mcmbe'rs u,e «"S n nnrstcd u th<- Kovmnrnl'N iiltltuclc C:vniLlil. -... • • tiMiu i,n \ JIMII m~i ID <; m i] lift led :V,!!.\, l !'l^ s ! n ^ l '?. K 7 h ™ 1 '' 11 W Jleation. .Molmmmc,. Mi A l last report,, tht government UK! RiTcsted more than 1,100 leader* ind members of the Rss and lh» -"•• - •' •lasabah organ- tied >mon« -lt» ;ho killed imlli.',.,n<.|i. [(rnnni. let- lor CiHTicrs and wallm ||». i.,,. - - -.,„ ,..- cunccrii indulncrl in a re* sperlors save th r damaged plane I mental acrobatics and decided minute inspection at Bmincll. 1''"" "'' -- ... ..,„„. lvl . . ' J c chart.-; up to Jtf. cents n Pla.. wliere it.s lieroic crew made a I l>"U»d on the theory ihat "we diilm iK'ar-|ierlecl. laiiiliiu; on an alian- ! thillk m c«t wotili! go much hichcr doned Navy nirficW. I anyhoiv." The plane's Inboard engine, on '1'hat's whal they thought. Soon the risht side—is beinc dismantled j after, better urades of incut hil the -- - ^ ,' ov me!a!hirL'ira} tests to ilctcrminc. . 51.'l-> a pound mark in some Ohi-t ceived 51,495; Auihor Margaret' w "at caused It to fail and slinc ofl \ cities and neural ll, c S2 mark in Mitchell of "Gone With the Wind" j its Iiropcllor. The blade sliced [ delicatessen stores. fame $ii,325; Eddie Cantor, S53.D38: | l! "' ou S h tl "' fuselage. ciil down the steward ami cnntinncd Us path U.S. Food Production Increased One-Third CTIlt.'AfiO .!))>) Sccivlary of A;:l miltnu' (.'linlon 1>. Anderson has u-iculrd Ilia, United Klalrs loo,I production is about one-tliii',1 iibnve Hie prf-wnv avc-raiie. \Viiliin; in the .National Association ol Retail Grocers bulletin, An- iier:i)ii predu'is thai cilrus fruits will be auundanl mid inexpensive in IMS. The supply of both lio.sli and canned vr[;e;ablcs. he said, will be advtiuate to meet unusually hea- l'llijiT»i, M itlil Traveler Tlm.ucl, , h e "HlK | 1K ..|," ,„.,,,. "nt-. lin underground p1;:i ...... , (ri'l In ilhuiitrr, ivjir-tiiii,. ,.,,,'j ,„, flowed from i.oiiBview T.-X u , I'llncillxville. !>;,.. r j,Vl mile* '.,' W11V and ni'vi'i .saw diiy)l B iii cl«rlii R tlie lonu Jmirni'v. There IS , A Difference in Auto Service . .. \i-s, 1lu'h''.s.;is miirli (lilforciicc us Ihcrp Is :ni Jipliti'iitifo ami ji spti-inlisl, \\' ( . ),avi- skilled .s»e- VT~r-Av J''»l"sls in mnlov c:ir nilinpnls. Von ciiu hunk on (he \ \ '"' sl »l l.oo Miilnr Snk'.s Inc. ' We Cater to Truck Owners! Our Mechanics KNOW Trucks LEE MOTOR SALES 307 East Main Street C.MC TKUCIvS OI.DSiMOIill.K Phone 519 vy iT(|UUemcn!.s, Anderson reports Hint clltvian ronsumptipi, of canned veiiclaWe-i ha,I jviuiix'il -11 per ccnl mer Ilic 19J5-31' average, Mcilt *'oiiMiuiptloi, is up 23 per cent, fresh fruits 1 per mil, Inv.h i-CKi'tiiblos n pel cent and e^ss 21 per crnl. Artie Shaw, S4.511; and Pluywriijnt Maxwell Anderson. S4.019. Corporations had larf;e excess profits tax refunds coming to them mainly because of carry-back provisions in war-lime laics. Pnj-iiients throuuh the roof. The plane's electrical .syste/n \va.s damaged and its normal radio scnrUnt; ctjuipmetit uas wrecked. - ,. tlll . M Al tllp controls were Eastern's totalling more than 81,000.000 wercl cn "' r 1)ilot :inrt '^ n ""'s Atlantic made to each of more than 100' |io '- ^"'^ Henry T. iDicki Mer- companics. r i"- and W. 11. Billy' Johnson. I-arce Sums lo liailruails _ Railroads were led by the New York Central, which not .5Ii.99S8"U Others were Union Pacific, and at . Toledo npped the charts lo si •/', | a poimd. u hopes prices won't uo ' up again. filiated companies. 511,859849 Southern Pacific. J29.52-I.S74.' Pennsylvania, $17,285.970; and Erie S12- 799,955. ' Oot-of-Season Due/ Vetoed in Paris California aircraft .. Billy i Merrill was making the (rip as n check pilot. l-andinq and braking the plane to a hull on the 5.000-foot runway blew out the tires on both port young inniMiiahst who cHims it wheels and set tlie port lantiins ) be an ambority on such matters scar mire just before it came to At any rale, the. first duel' of n *'T m8 ' EC "«»>lc(l this month bctwee Oolv one passenger was renor'.fd Jacques Hebertol, Paris tluwe" PAIHS (UP. -Certain Paris social circles say the 1!)48 dueling season does not open until Feb. IS. "It-.s much too early to duel ' said Michael rie la Confrevon i ' rotniruiT^o v lv; l""n^'"!«-i " "•-> I'-Jioi-t-n tornp.unes , jni url , d _ Shc i n j ure[ | an . M ^\ e i eap . I ins to tlie erottnd from the plane's 'Miss Leap Year' ' door af'er the landing ted included Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Burbank. S15,:i'i2,'J96: Consolidated Vultce Aircrafi. *Snn Dierjo SG,319,77B; Douglas Aircraft Co.. Santa Monica. S5.0S2.344: and Kaiser Fleet wings. Inc., Oakland, Sl,- 20G.300. Bell Aircraft Corp., Buffalo received 52,523.283, Automobile manufacturers included Chrysler Corp., Detroit, S13,- 819,127: Ford Motor Co.. Dearborn. Mich.. $16.589.756: General Motor? Corp , and subsidiaries. Detroit, S:1G,. 293.C1I: and Packard Motor Car Co Detroit. 55.749,451. Other well-known firms receive: these refunds: U. S. Steel Corp New York, $3,580,904: Western Ulii' Telegraph Co., JC.701.20B: Rrul' Corporation of America, $4,675,4:! General Electric Co., Schenectad N. Y., S24.059.137: and Allis-Chal tncrs Manufacturing Co West Alb Wis.. S2.V451.622. The T. J. Peiulcrgast Wholes,-,]' Liciuor Co.. Kansas City. 'Mo received $10.190. The refunds announced today were made between July 1, 194G, and Jinn 30. 1947. they r! like lo publicize SIUP.CI Dorothy Klr.uie. along Comes, something railed "Vhe Baclic-lors As?0fi;ition o! America" lo name he, "Miss Le.ip Vear" ber-aiise she s "the i:irt they d mos! like to h,i\'e to them in 134W" An. I eotncj. dence wondet (ul? manager, and Ilcrvc Latuvick, di i- ma writer for a Paris weekly, w.,-; I called ofl. Lami-id. ), : ,d written that Hebcnot's latest olay "slinks" Their seconds 'met in a 'court jf sn/f?v#osr&/is:< that's o job for "Comfy'imd '" " ...the MENTHOL ATOM TWINS Qff/ck MENTHOLATUM When cloRged-up nostrils have .Vou Kaspioj; for air. anil your iio.«« is red ami sore --(|im;k, reach for Mentholalum niul II-K-E-A-T-H-K! _Menlliolalom i.mlains* i-onifort- inj! Camplior nml minty Men- tllol, two fflmona, fnst-actini: fll- Kn'dienlH Ilmt liel|> t bin out thick imiciis, retluw nweHin K . soullm colij-inlliimed memhnioes. Onn't tllke llend-eoM misery lyin^ (iown — keep Menlholnlum lituuly. ALSO RtLUVfS CKfSf-CO'O flCHTHtSS IRRIUTIDH »!!D C'"»PIMG For Your Cough Crenmulsion relieves promptly be -U.-D it BOSS ri;;lit to the sent of I? .oab:o to help loosen nnd cxp ?rm laden phlegm, a,id aid natn: i seethe sind hc-?.l raw", tender, ii ^med bronchial mucous m^n rancs. Tell your druggist to sell yc • bottle of Creomulsion with the ir. ?rstf.nning you must li!:o tho way: : iicI-Jy allays the cou^h or you at 3 have your money baclc, CREOMULSIOK for Coughs, ChostColds, Bronchifi We Have for Immediate Delivery KeJvinotor Refrioerotors KeSvinotor Home Freezers Apex Washing Machines Apex Vacuum Cleaners Electric Water Heaters Emerson Radios One 8-ft Beverage Cooler Come in today aiul see the now 19IS Kclvinalor IT'S RKHtl«IJK,m:i> l-'UOM TOP TO HOTTOM. E. 3. Gee Sales Co. FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! 550°° IN PRIZES! YOUNO MOTOI! COMPANY LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER Wi!! Give This Amount At Their Official Opening, This Coming Friday, February 13th SEE US FOR FULL PARTICULARS If you are a resident of Pemiscot or Dunkfin Counties, Missouri, or of Mississippi County, Arkansas, you ore eligible. Simply bring your driver's license along for identification and we'll give all details. Come in this week — early! $250.00 FIRST AWARD! • Can you use it? • Can you afford to miss it? • No catch to it! • No Purchase Necessary! Cur Location: Corner Walnut and First Streets Blytheville, Ark. KKMKMHKK—Next I'riday, I'cliriiarv llUh SEE US TODAY • UP TO 32% LONGER MILEAGE • UP TO ,35% STRONGER • UP TO 60% MORE NON-SKID ANGLES Jor Hiiro, troublo.froo driving ei|,,Ip ymir ax \vilii I-irontoiin Da T.nxa CliMijiionn. Cnmo In mill got our liberal allowance for your u««rt tlr««. For Swiff, Sure Starting BATTERIES ON THE EASY fir$$$on BUDGET PUN Porch, Deck and Floor ENAMEL Tor wood, concrete fioor*. Resists freezing wc.ithor, scorclilng sun. Dries orer. night. FOR THE BEST JOB! : NEV/ 1?48 T'f«*lon« OUTBOARD MOTORS 3.6 Horse power OUTBOARDS Two models to choose, frpju, improved 1>18 models. sUrtillg jn smoother liciTornunco. Tl-e tic luxe nvodcl h^.s autom.itic 1 COMBINATION SQUARE , T.45 TOOl BOX 5.45 :07W. Main St. .Blvtheville

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