The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Gandhi Will Fast Till Rioting Ends Bloodshed in India Starts Leader on New Hunger Strike KY KONrU.O V. ROIFE (United press Staff Correspondent) GAliCOITA, Sept. 2. tl)P)-<Mo- lianttas K. GuiuUli was off on aii- otlic-i 1 of :iis iumous rnsls today, this lime bidding for pence in blood- bathed India whore the loll in the latest savage outburst of communal rioting at Calcutta wns calculated unofficially aL 5o dead and 371 wounded. GniuUi! called on ills millions of spiritual followers lo forget lynch law if (hey were to keep their drar- ly won independence. He backed up his plea with an announcement thai ho would end his fast "only when sanity returns to Calcutta." The dramatic intercession in the wholesale .strife came after a mot) hud stoned Gandhi's house before polite charged its ranks and dispersed it with ti'art'a.'i. The fresh bloodletting in Calcutta was believed to be a repercussion from tht communal vioUri'i and wholesale massaeres in the Punjab, the province hardest hit by tile after-eflccts oi the creation of the new dominions of India and Pakistan. Police riot squads resorted to gunfire and tear gas in breaking up the lighting. No less than 25 separate outbursts uccmrcd. A curfew was c-lamped ott the city from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. Gandhi began his fast at 8:10 p.m. yesterday. He had planned to depart for Noakali in Eastern Pakistan,'bill the Calcutta flareup caused him to shift hu plans suddenly. He said he would permit hmself only pinches of salt and soda added to any water he might, wish to drink. This was the 10th lime in the last 30 years that Gandhi has undertaken a fast. The was in 194?, when he opened the Congress party's campaign to oust the British from India. Trial of Anti-Communist Leader Fair| So/ ' Conservators Me«t; To Hear U.S. Senators I CONWAY. .Ark., Kept. 2. tUl't — The ih'fit session of the Stale Asso- liiulon of Soil Conservation UlstrlH Supervisors and tin 1 Arkansas Basin -Flood Control Association got- underway at Arkansas Scute College here today. Hecrc Candle, president ol I he supervisors urotip. pieshled over tins first business session this afternoon. K. C. iMcArthur of Cafiney. S. C., president ol Hie National Association of Soil Conservation District Supervisors, wns scheduled us the principal speaker tv>night. Tomorrow's sjjeuker.s Include Sen J. William Kulbrighi; Or. Hugh H, Ueiini'U. chief of the Soil Conserva- lion H?rvici v : and Sen. John u Me- Clellan. Swords, Dollars Continued from 1'age 1, us u world pc'ace oi'Biml/iUion. Hut the Prx'sUleisl diiclurt'il that Ihe United Nations "has to mi snh- joclcd ID u tit ruin which il i never [lostyneil to bcui." "It.s role is to uuilnt:iin the pence and not to mnke the? piiacc. "htf suitl. "H hns been embroiled in Us infancy In ixlinost continuous con- A queen bee can lay twice own weight in eggs daily. liei Speed Demon Nissim Mevorah, Bulgariun delegate lo the UN Security Council;. snIO at a Washington press conference lUat the trial of , Nikola Petkov. Bulgarian anti-Communist leader, was completely fair and that, he was found guilty of military conspiracy by an ordinary court. cNliA Telephoto.) ! " " T ~ Eisenhower Sees Great Need For Defending Notion's Ideals ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 2. <UP>*— —Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower saui yesterday that there "is no room for personal polities in defending the American system from its enemies from within and without." \ conference, Eisenhower j Nebraskans At a news conference. Eisenhower i 'J • * r d* •JlCllvIC emphasized the need for defending ^^/ American democracy. '1.^/1 Eisenhower .said his convictions:^*^* on this issue were so great that it j was one of the primary reasons that he had accepted the presidency of Cciinmbia University. "To me, the education of American youth seems most important," he .said. "We must try to fjel over something; of (ho basic philosophies bout Americanism." Eisenhower said that he planned i go to Columbia during the first alf of 1948. Marine Major Marion E. Carl_ 32, climbs out of the Navy jct-pro- pelled JSkyslreak at Muroc Field, California, after lie piloted the ship to break the world's airspeed record set by Commander Turner P. Caldwcll in the same plane short, while ago. (NBA Telephoto.l New soles? . . . new heels? . . . new laces? . . We'll do everything that's needed to have your children's shoes ready for FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL HALFORD'S SHOE SHOP 106 So. Second St. Upholstering Add new colors to your home and prolong the life of your furniture. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 21st Street at Gateway LINCOLN. Nell., Sept. 2. (UP)The gleaming bronze statue of the ihtle William Jennings Bryan was | uiivclled on the.steps of the stale , e.iuitol yesterday with no si^ns of i the controversy which has raged I for the last few weeks. I Jnines E. Lawrence, editor of the ' Lincoln Star, delivered the keynote address commcinoratinK the "man I \vho inspired millions to join with Eisenhower skirted questions about him in common .struggle for niu- ,e Republican presidential nomi- j tual ideals of better government.'' ation by saying he had no per-1 Many persons had protested the n* political ambitions -.uul that 1 statue of the "great commoner" did not believe it ethical for a ' would mar the austere beauty of lan in uniform to discuss sucli I Nebraska's skyscraper capitol. They sues. | were quieted only when Gov. Val The Army chief hailed unifica- ] Peterson and the Bryan Coinmis- on of the Army and Navy as a I sion agreed the likeness may be tremendous step forward" in of-i moved when a more suitable loca- ciency. He also said Hint he be- J lion is provided, eved setting up a separate Air | Lav/rence said Bryan's philosophy orce would bring the ground and j of the IfiBO's included views on is- ;r units closer together and would ! sues which stili plague the world. Mr. Trimum said the not. Uc prejudiced by "this unfair test." and pledged "fidelity" of this nation's efforts, to muke it a Holng concern. "We must cherish tin- serdlliu; In tin; Jio[K' of a mighty oak. We shall not forget our obligations under the charter, nor shall we penult others to forget tlu'irs." he declared. Turning to U. S. plans now under preparation for l,mr;-r:\M£*: economic aid for I'urope unit A.sLi, the President said this country's resources must b»: applied "where they can M!rve most effectively to hriii? production, freedom and coi\Udence buck tti tile world." The $400.000,000 Greece-Turkey lid program, approved by Congress last Spring, presented only problems of "limited scope and peculiar urgency," he declared. Tn days to come, he added, the U. S. will face demands of "far greater dimensions." Referring to the current IG-nii- tion meeting nt Pai'ls, Mr. Truman declared that when these nations chart a program of Kuropean re-! covery "based on helping themselves," they will make known their needs to carry the plan to fruition. "Unquestionably it is in the Interest of our country and of the Western Hemisphere itv general that we should receive this appeal with sympathy and good will, prepared to do everything we can, within safe limits, that will be helpful and effective," he declared. He called for cooperation by the other American nations in meeting Europe's needs. "I hope that the nations of free America will be prepared, each according lo its ability and in its own manner, lo contribute to lasting peace for the benefit of mankind," the President said. j In detailing the world alms of J this nation's foreign policy, he declared: Plan Willi Delcrmiiiiition "We shall pursue the quest for peace v.'ith no less persistence aird no less determination limn we up- lilied lo tin- inicM for military victory." "We KV" 1 (Hi'rmmcd Hint In I Ho company m um- irli'nd:;, we shall iH'lilrve thai pi'ai-e." lie wild. "Wo arc di-uTmlned ln-cause of idle belie! 01 niir people In Ihr >rim-iple ilun then 1110 iinu rlstluj: '.vhicii it I! where should euioy. Men cu.n enjoy Ihese riuh!-; t\n> riuln u> life Hseli'; mid I'll 1 lirln l.i siiiui' fully In Hie IxuilUii's "t modern rivill/.alloll- ~ only wlien Hi,' HiivLii ol war has i:een end 1 .'I !U!OV«T," Mr. ' dwelt tin tin' ccu- lioinic need-; .>f utln>r Wcsloru Hemisphere iiaiinns. iipiiLircinly in reply Lo (hi- diinands I'xpressi'd nl llic I'imlciciu 1 !' by some Aiiierk'an nation-. i'<n ininu'diate consldi'ra- tion Ol I' H. :iK'iislullci>. Thoitnli M.vini' he Is nwiire thai "much ri'inalus In lie ddnf In this field," Hie I'l.'iidi'iu asFeili'd thn( "Hie uriieni need lor rehaljililii- llon ol v,;i! ...UuUi'i-ed ureas" must come llrst ]n lour-ti'im ecHj|ionite coUubura- lloii helwi-r'ji Ha 1 Atni'i lean nations, llic President :aid Hint "a nmi:!i yrenler lole" lull;; lei private cill- •y.ens timl vnmps tlian In llu- Knro- pean |ll'0j;r:nn. "Von luivi 1 niv sfjlemn assiinmce Hull we in \Vaslilm;iiiii are not ob- ilvions In Hie ueeil ot liKTcas:'d ei:n- noniU 1 ciilliil'oraHon wllli Hie family of Ainorlran nullcius and Hint these problems will | J; . npgn-iiurlml by us willi Ihe uimnsi ,.,,,icl faith mid with i incrensed vii;.ii in Hie t'oinlni: iie- UN slionld rldcl." llupe l.ii's hi New World Turulin: t:i Hie Inoader ijnibleins fncliij; Aiiierieini nations in their (juciil for hi'inis|iherle security. Mr. Trillium dechirnl thai "steady prois- rcss" lias |j!>en made Inward mutual rc-SiJeci liiul uiulri-staiHliiiv, between the United Slates and its ncluh- bors to Hie South. "As llic United Stales aci[0ii'es greater maturity, as Its experieuei; j becomes dreii. r and rlelu'r. our pen- I pli; Kiiin in apprcctullun of Hie dis- tiueui.slied traditions wbieb nourish ainiiiii; our ncliUibors In llic ' Western wmld," lie saifl. Hut declarlun lhal Weslern llcilll sphere piobU'ius can not be sfilved by "yeneraliiics . . . sentimentality." he called lor "prai'licnl ingenuity . . . iKilient'i'. and good will." Concluding, Mr. Truman .said: "This Wi-steni Hemlspliprc of oms Is usvuilly ii'ti'ired In as the New World. Tluu it is llic new woi'lil Is clearer Iculny thmi ever before. The Old World Is exhausted, Its civil!- 1 /Hllon Imperiled, its people are .suffering. They are eiinj'nseii mid filled wllli fears for Hie future. Their hope must lie In Ihl.s niiw world of ours. "Tli* sick and the nimnry> ciinnol build a peaeerul world. Thoy must e Ivr'ie Im- 'i ftVt ' " le< supporl of tlie slrong iind men everv- i ""* ficr ' w<? ""n""' dcpeml upon lllo.'ie who lire weaker Ilitin we lo aehlei'e a peace lor us to enjoy. .lol* Is for Hie ^'ollllK. SIvnnK "The bfiiellUi ol peaec. like the crops hi Hie Held, come lo (hose who have sown the seeds ol pence. "U Is far us, the young and Hie slromr. to erect Hie Vmlwarks will protect mankind from the. horrors nl war forever." The Wcfileru Hemisphere luiUunr., he said, could constitute the "urcnl- csl .single force in the world tor the i;ood or humanity." "We ii|)|U'oach our Uisk \vllh resolution and coinage, linn in thi 1 fiillh of our Lord, whose will II Is thai there shall be peace on earth. "We ciinnol be dissuaded, and we shull nol be diverted, from our ef- 'ls lo achieve His will " upon completion of his npeecli, Mr. Tinman was i;ehc<!ul«l to *r«- liini tu Hlo de Joni'Iro from Petrop- olls. lie will Ijimrd the• B»llleahli) Mlsfiouit. where he will be iioiil nt a recepilon ami bullet luncheon for conference delegates. He planned to spp:ik ufler Ihe luneli- e-'n, unil then i>> lo the Brazilian icrelyii ofllee for the signing of the Inlei -American treaty. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend 8krt;i«i Ifiw Net Cost Protection For Serri;* W. L. TAMKE \ «08 K. 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