Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on April 14, 1978 · 12
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Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 12

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1978
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PAGE TWELVE EVENING HERALD OF SHENANDOAH ASHLAND MAHANOY CITY FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1978 TONITE! RRSTTIME IN AREA "FORCE" . 10TO 1:30 BAND EVERT FRI. t SAT. KITCHEN SERVING 'TIL 1 a.m. tlOFMtlOOM Rt. 61 , St. Clair-Pottsville Highway FRIDAY. . ..... T. "SHORELINERS' SATURDAY. . . . ......... . "SKYLINERS" Featuring Our salad Bar Monday Thru Saturday 5 to 10 Pm- SORRENTO'S 22 EAST CENTRE ST. -462-3804 SHENANDOAH "THE BEST ITALIAN-STYLE PIZZA" NEAPOLITAN (ROUND) OR SICILIAN (SQUARE) ITALIAN HOaGIES DELICIOUS DINNERS MEATBALLS SAUSAGE SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS STEAK wok without cheesc LASAGNE MANICOTTI MON. THRU THURS. 11 A.M. -1 1 P.M. - FRI. & SAT. 1 1 A.M. 12 MIDNIGHT-SUNDAY 4 P.M. TO 11 P.M. GIVING A PARTY? TRY OUR SPECIAL PRICES - PHONE 462-3804 V 7 FRIDAY SPECIAL! 0 nwT BROILED HADDOCK PLATTER. . 3.95 WITH POTATO, SAUD, VEGETABLE . SATURDAY SPECIAL! VIAL PARMIGIANA . 3.95 WITH SPAGHETTI, VEG. SAUD SALAD BAR IS NOT INC PRIME RIBS OF BEEF-SATURDAY AND SUNDAY EAGLE ROCK LODGE ROUTE 924 SHEPPTON TONIGHT FOkY 10 TO 2 A.M. SUNDAY 'ABILENE" 10TO2AM LIVE JAZZ MUSIC EVERY TUESDAY STARTING AT 9 CALL FOR RESERVATION 384-3231 (fit APRIL IN PARIS SAT., APRIL 15 Exotic MARKO TOWNE HOUSE ftth&Cfnlrr Sts. ASHLAND f i Fnr ficorvariftrK Dial 875-3531 m tm mi iaa I FRIDAY, APRIL 14, SERVING FROM 5 TILL 9 SEAFOOD BUFFET 2 "R" RATED PICTURES! jr.. 5? T V f IV sm r?r ii i. -ALSO- MM THE NIGHT PORTER Don't Miss These SAT. & SUN. SPECIALS Chicken Parmigiana Stuffed Crab HAPPY HOUR 7 P.M. TO 8 P.M. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 'SUNDAY SPfCAl! -N.Y. STRIP. . . . . 4.95 WITH POTATO, VEG., SAUD - UDED WITH SPECIALS! this ma "WATERFRONT" - next week "AUBURN" EVERYONE AT THE ALLEY THANKS YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE Rt. 61, Pottsville Schuylkill Haven SERVING 5 TO 9 P.M. French Appetizers . .T i French Onion Soup and Stuffed Mushrooms. Delicious Parisian Entrees . . . Veal Cordon Bleu. Shrimp Crepe Mornay. Chicken Beau le Jour. Roast Duck with turnips, Delmonico Steaks -Marchand de Vin, plus Much More. MARKO'S FAMOUS DELUXE ': SALAD BAR Refreshing Desserts ... Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Ice Cream Pie, Chocolate Eclairs. FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY .-.otWHWw" i.oAb tvc cp"' -..-It... PRODUCED & DRECTED by RUSS MEYER Two Great Onesl 0 po The Living Legend HOLLYWOOD - Barbara n a t ! I aianwycR ana i arnvea together at the Beverly- Wilshire Hotel for the Publicists Guild of America Awards Luncheon. There is a courtyard of brick and wrought iron between the two entrances of the hotel, and as we started to cross to our section, no less man 100 photographers swarmed onto Barbara, stopping pedestrians and cars to get her picture. It was sheer panic, and if one ever considers who is a legend it is definitely Barbara Stanwyck, I somehow got through the melee, and asked one of the doormen to rescue Barbara. She was visibly shaken, but naturally pleased once she got inside. Barbara appeared at the luncheon to present her old and good friend, retired Hearst columnist, Dorothy Manners, with a plaque for - Dorothy's contribution to Hollywood, show business, and to the publicists. A very touching moment for both ladies, and if I ever get an SAT.,SUN-24-7-9 WEEKDAYS 7-9 Imagine your file hang by I thread. I I wlai.4 GENEVIEVE BUJOID MICHAfl DOUGtAS GLENN'S THF rilN PI Art Diamondtown, Mi. Carmd TONIGHT! "SHANTY HILL1 II PARKING IN REAR 10TI UVE ENTtmtHMHT FRIDAY & SATURDAY "CALICO JO" EVERY WEDNESDAY "TUCKER YOUNG" 3 ADULT SHOWS 3 BEL AMI ECSTACY IN BLUE SENSUOUS THREE NO ONE UNDER 1 8 ADMITTED ID REQUIRED MAHANOY CITY MOOSE SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC BY "MIKE SHEMA" 10:30 to 1:30 MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS INVITED! BECKETT'S ST. CLAIR 429-9922 WED. THURS. 4-f-Htl. SAT. 4-l SUNDAY 11:30-3:00 RIDAY I SATURDAY SPKIALS PRIME RW. .. ..750 SOUTH AfllCAN tOCK fiK LOBSTER TAIL 3 STUFFED SHRIMP.. S50 BAKED HAM.....39B SUHDAYSfKlAL ROAST BEEF 3.75 FUU COURSE DINNER: SOUP, VEG. POTATO, SALAD AND DESSERT AISO SUNDAY ' SOUTH AFRICAN ROCI LOBSTER TAIL 7.95 .fflftiiiTr iWKr '-flam SPECIALS NOW TIL WtDHESDAY, APRIL 19 QUAIL AND LOBSTER. . ... ...... . . . . . . . 9.50 ROAST PHEASANT wwild ............... 8.50 STUFFED LOBSTER TAIL wcrabmeat. u .. . . . ,7.B5 LOBSTER TAIL n oz . .................. . 6.95 DELMONICO STEAK oi . . .............. 6.95 NEW YORK STRIP STEAK n oz.. 6.95 ENGLISH CUT PRIME RIBS OF BEEF. 6.95 FRI., SAL-11:30-3:00 SALAD AND SOUP BARwdinner fl By Dorothy Treloar award, and it's presented by the r I Pnm..U grcaioaruaiaouuiwytn, iuupe I can do my crying before the ceremonies. : On the dais were Cheryl Ladd, who gave a very touching speech about being a "newcomer" and what it meant to her, Kirk Douglas who talked about all those who left his "Bryna" company, including his son, Michael ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") but he was hanging in there. Walter Matthau complained that he couldn't hear a damn thing from the speakers, All that was changed when another legend, Bette Davis, giving a posthumous award to Walt Disney and his studio, screamed most of the time so Walter could hear her, and kept asking him if he were aware of what she was going through just so he could hear. Gregory Peck quickly put in a pitch for his son, Carey, who is running for political office. There were some other rather in jokes told and speeches made, not really fit for a family newspaper. But all in all, this luncheon was one of the best ever given by the Hollywood publicists. A lovely call from Phyllis George, who was Mrs. Robert Evans for almost a year, and is now suing for divorce. "When you saw us at Trader Vic's the other night, we actually were having a very good time. It wasn't the time to tell you that we were divorcing, even though it will be a friendly ending to our marriage, and I always will be very fond of Robert "It was just one of those things with two conflicting careers," she said, "and don't put any stock into all those rumors that I wanted to be a movie actress. I really am an actress of sorts in wnat I am doing with CBS in sports and other various subjects, but two such heavy careers as Robert and I have can be very difficult when it also involves a marriage." Work has always been Robert's mistress, and he'll tell you that himself. Accepted an invitation to a party Wes Farrdl gave Wes being one of Hollywood's record tycoons, former husband of Tina Sinatra, and since has been keeping company with . some pretty nifty females. I arrived to greet Wes, and at least a dozen different reporters or columnists. I was introduced to a man didn't get his name over the din of noise and music but asked who he was since so many seemed to be gathered in his corner. 'He's the guest of honor," I was told, "but no one seems to know his name." There were about six or seven ladies to every male in the huge house the females mostly blonde, hair covering most of their faces, and practically all negotiations that have been the with their pants, trousers, focus of Middle East peace-slacks, whatever - tucked into seeking efforts for months, some fancy to horrible fishing Those talks have broken down boots, abominable tops. and efforts to revive them have Which is it, are there more been unsuccessful, women than men in Hollywood Carter and his guest detailed or are they just more noticeable the conditions they see as in-because of their exotic attire? FRI. and SAT. MUSIC BY "SHAIIIIOir FRI. THRU THURS. I.D. REQUIRED MUST BE 1 1 , SPAUL, LISA AND CAROLINE ALSO K HOLLYWOOD SHE WOLVES WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIGHT CIA director wants to share . . . 1 1 some intel ligence information By THEODORE 1LIFF United Press International Amprira'clnncnv RtancfialH wants t0 share inteUi- ' gence information with the public. Turner told groups in Colum- bus, Ohio, and Detroit Thurs- day of a major departure in the -country's traditional policy of keeping suchN information secret, "We want t snare what information we collect when it can be unclassified," he said Thursday. "For example, there is economic and political information that we can collect that would be of value to American businessmen," he told the Economic Club of Detroit. He said the CIA is ready to Mideast middleman says next move up to Israel WASHINGTON (UPI) -Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, the Middle East middleman who helped arrange Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's historic trip to Jerusalem, says it is time Israel responded in kind to the overture. But even more may be required to rescue peace efforts 'in the region, the Romanian leader says. He suggested a Geneva-style peace conference including Palestinian representation. Ceausescu and President Carter closed two days of talks with a joint call for resuming the Geneva peace conference to include "all the interested parties" in the Middle East conflict in hopes of retrieving momentum lost in the stalled bilateral talks between Israel and Egypt. "It is required that Israel give a clear response to the initiative" . by Sadat last November, Ceausescu told the National Press Club in a speech Thursday. Resumption of the all-parties conference in Switzerland, too, is "urgently necessary" and it should include Syria, Jordan and the Palestine Liberation Organization, he said. Uke Carter, Ceausescu has played a middleman role in Middle East negotiations. Romania alone among the. Soviet bloc nations - has- diplomatic relations with Israel as well as Arab nations. , The Romanian met with Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan and Egyptian officials before his latest trip to Washington, his fourth in eight years. Although East-West relations have chilled lately, the talks between Carter and his Communist guest centered more on the Middle East. A three-page joint communique recommended resumption of the Geneva conference similar to the general negotiations held briefly after the 1973 war and made no mention of the two- way Israeli-Egyptian Water toy recalled after 2 die WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Consumer Product Saf ety Commission announced today the recall of more than 2M million "Water Wiggle", toys following the deaths of two children who drowned while playing with the devices. The toy is a seven-foot plastic hose with an aluminum water jet nozzle on the end covered by a slotted, bell-shaped piece of plastic. When connected to a garden hose with the water turned on, the toy bounces and wiggles around the lawn, spraying children as they play with it. The CPSC said both deaths occurred when the children stuck the nozzle into their mouths after the 'head had either been removed or fallen off. The force of the water was such that the children died when the nozzle was lodged in their mouth. One death involved a 4-year-old boy last month in Holly Hill, Fla. The other death occurred in 1975 and involved a 3-year-old boy in Baton Rouge, La. The toy is made by Wham-0 Manufacturing Co., San Gabriel, Calif., which is conducting the recall. Approximately 24 million of the toys have been sold all over the United States for the past 17 years at a price of about $3.50. In addition, there are an unknown number of them still on store shelves . expand its intelligence activi- . ties to non-military areas that rnnlri ffivp taYnavprs "fl hrtfpr return oh their investment," In Columbus Thursday night, Turner said the tradition of keeping CIA work secret "is no longer the policy, because the public wants to know. We will be speaking more, answering the media more completely, and publishing more." Turner said the Soviet Union, while concentrating heavily on . maintaining an extensive spy network, has fallen seriously behind the United States in the technical aspects of intelligence. ... He said satellites and other devices have enhanced the CIA's ability to gather informa- dispensable to a settlement, expressing support for "negotiations among all the interested parties for solving the Middle East situation, with appropriate representation of the Palestinian people." The peace conditions summarized familiar U.S. positions including those that prompted the chill in relations between Washington and Tel Aviv territorial concessions by Israel in exchange for a comprehensive peace treaty. A lasting peace settlement, the declaration said, must be "based on Israel's withdrawal from territories occupied as a result of the 1967 war, respect for legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and insurance of the independence, territorial integrity and security of all states in the region." The pair touched upon other issues, too, endorsing efforts to strengthen East-West detente "in Europe and throughout the world," calling for the "abolition" of racial segregation in South Africa and supporting expanded trade and economic ties between Romania and the United States. GOOD NEWS FROM .SISWEIN'S - IR EMNDMHl ' IB Wk 'jtef nm iwir- itf" ih 7-15 S. MAIN ST. OPEN FRIDAY AND tion on a global scale, but have ' not reduced the need for personnel. "We now have an increased demand for the human element," Turner said. "We use the technology to collect information, but we need the traditional human agent to know what someone's plans and intentions are." "We hope the academic community can gain from intelligence," Turner said in an address at Ohio State University. "We need the relations with the academic community because the lifeblood of intelligence is the annual infusion of a few good high-quality persons from the campus," he said. "It's a demanding and exciting profession." ' He said he is confident that out of the new trends, "we are building a strong intelligence community, the best in the world." Turner has testified before congressional committees the CIA now is accumulating so much information through modern- technical means it should be shared wfth the nation's industrialists, academics, economists and businessmen. - He said through satellites there are great amounts of information about potential oil and energy reserves, crop perspectives and industrial expansion, and the CIA, as a public-funded agency, should share such information on a widerscale. FRACKVILLE BPOE 1533 ARCH & THIRD STS. Steward: Sat. Bud Morgan BOOK YOUR ELKS WE BOUGHT A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD OF SEALY MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS! SEALY Factory Carload Sale BRINGS YOU THESE FANTASTIC BEDDING VALUES SEALY MATTRESSES and BOX SPRINGS LMM quantities nch group Original Wrapping Parted Quality SISWEIN'S IS HEADQUARTERS FOR )ftn MM II in ss SEALY POSTUREPEDIC MATTRESSES. SEALY SEALY SEALY Smooth-Top Deeptyiilt Otho Quilt matlrwt Of box ipring matlrtts or box spring matiress or box spring . NOW MOW NOW REDUCED TO REDUCED TO REDUCED TO M8sj 58s; s68s IT win SiR (Twtrt Smi Oncfe-yar buy on these Tefrtc twyl on mo Hw- f nesl 0' th dttcpntuvea Seaty mattresses and box u"ovs teet end added sup- goup is lavshry owned springs. Hundreds of steel (tort. Famous Seaty quality Ext'i firmness lom Seaty s corls- Durabta long-warmo, ooerspnng eonsfijcift. deaise -nnew rtg cwv cover. Firm Seaty values Custom qwrted steeping strobon Etegart coes. unbeatable pnees. Htw. surteee and prebwtt bor puffy cesrforwng Super " HSaUl MS HI " MSI AT SISWEIN'S . . . Thar Art N Ftasnca Ciaan! N UUctarsl NaMTafti SHENANDOAH MONDAY TIL 91 SATURDAY TIL 5:30 WE SELL MEDICINE CABINETS AND LIGHT FIXTURES 17,000 THINGS TO SEE! 2 GREAT STORES! , TOUCAN GET IT AT ; BERWICK'S . AMERICAN HARDWARE " fglCKVIUE-ASHLANO CHUCK WAGON RINGTOWN, PA. WILL BE OPEN TILL 12 MIDNIGHT FRIDAY, APRIL 14 Open Sot , Apr. 15, 5 A.M. For Hoogie Pickup STEAK SAUSAGE REGULAR SUPER REG. DELUXE PIZZA TAKE OUT CHEESE PEPPERONI SAUSAGE MUSHROOM GOING FISHING, TO THE BALL GAME, OR ANY OCCASION PHONE 889-9896 . "YOU TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST" Read the classies SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC BY JOHNNY BOGUSH Open Daily 7 P.M. 1 P.M.; Sun. 11A.M. CLUB FOR 1978 UiCtfS 413 ciGHiV . Mi

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