The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN More Communal Warfare Erupts Fighting Breaks Out In Kashmir Province; Gandhi's Rites Set By James Michaels (United Press SUff Correspondent) NEW DELHI, Feb. 7 (UP)— Renewed communal warfare broke out. In Kashmire Province loriay as follows of Mohandas K- Gandhi completed arrangements to scatter his ashes on the scared waters of the Ganges River next Tuesday. An Indian Government commun- mn- ique said Kashmiri Nfoslem forces presumably from Pakistan, attacked government troops al four points around the communications cenlei shorn in Southern Kashmir- Court of Honor Scheduled for Caruthersville CAHUTHBRSV1LLJS, Mo., Peb 7.—A Court of Honor for the Pejn- iscot District of Hoy Scouts will be held In this city Monday nlglit at the Grade School Gym, when :nrce members of Scout 7Yoop No. 92 of Carulhersvllle will be advanced to (lie nink of Ea^le Scout, niey arc Robert Ciinticll, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. I.. Cnnlrell; Bobby Goodln. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Goociln; Jo, Mrs. Ei-nesl John B. principal. riazci, Hazel. Uro'wn. son of Mr. and grade school De Valera Lacks Majority in Eire Prime Minister May Hove to Govern With Coalition Government By McDonnell The largest attnck was made by 1,000 raiders, the „„ .,„„. „„. nounced. The raiders were said to , i.s scoutmaster of the troop to which the boys bclonfi TJie Court of Honor will begin with a dinner at six-lhirly that irnnnri™! ' enlltn «' fo >' members of the three o Na i Car " lhmvillc S^" 1 T'-o°l«. l"c»l Scout executives, troop commiltee- nnd parents of the members an- be armed with mortars and chineguns. All attacks were beaten back with heavy casuallties ami some prisoners were taken, The renewed flarcup of fighting in Kashmir came only a week nf- , of I lie troops. Floyd (Pat) Patterson, secretary -.. -. --..-. » ,. 4t ,,. j vt i, 3l.v.( CHIt J ~ of the Chamber of Commerce, and • —• •-" H.IV.L, (iiiu Mj[ny in ,° 1 ,™ Cr .._? co "' ™<I Executive for members. (Uniltd Tress Staff Correspondent) ,,P"i"' IN ' Pe » T. (UPi-Prhnc Minister Eamon Oe Valera fell nine seats short of winning „ rlcarcut najorlty In the Irish parliamentary 'lections and can continue In office only with support of a coalition government, final returns showed today A survey ol successful candidates indicated such a coalition is possible among representatives partial to Uo Valera despite his repeated C-IHI- imlBii pledge that he would not t-ov- crn with n coalition. The dual tabulation nave the uov- eiimiem paity 6(i votes compared In 7C for the opposition. A tutu] of 75 Is necessary for a clear-cut majority in (he new parliament of 147 the dinner, KiJioK'hiB which the Court of honor will begin nt eight o'clock. The Court O f honor, which Is . I'ivc seals still nre in doubt Iti the Carlow-Kllkenny constituency wlir-re vollni; was delayed until TUP^I.IV due to the death of a Fine Gael _JLYTHEVMJ,B (ARK.) COLTRIERNKWrn Prefab Housing Plant To Be Sold by RFC City Children Healthier Than Those on Farms CHICAGO, Feu. 1 (UP)—A representative of the American Farm Bureau Federation told a group of doctors today thai city children am hcallhier-than those who Jive >•] farms. Mrs. Charles W. -Sewcl), administrative director of the federation's women's group said there nre more rural health problems he-cause for MIC reason, rural children ontnuin- >er city children, 5:1 to 47, She addressed the nutlonnl con- :rciwc on rural health 'tpantoict] 'ion"' 0 Al " c ''' lcrln M «liciil AssocU- Mrs. Sev.-cll said rural areas have ".•cess to fewer hospitals and clin- <:s pioviOliiB pre-natal care. As a •suit, she said, "the rural child urn has handicaps dating from ,'-ni that penalize him for an en- ire lifetime. •.Skilled obslesiidans do not BP.I- illy piyicliee In the ureas where he lai-Rcsl number of children are »™, she said, "and there are more > deliveries of babies In "„. home than arc recorded in Brass Urn Holds /Vines A brass urn containing the ash es will be placed aboard the central carriage ol a special "Holy" [ train Wednesday night for the 14- hour, 400-mile journey to Allana- bad, In the united provinces. Allahabad Is at the junction of the holy Onuses nnd Junnnn Rivers. According to Hindus, a third sacred river joincs those two at this point. II is the Sarasmitl. Mystic and invisible. Gandhi's ashes will be committed to the river Thursday, coinciding with a Hindu Holy festival in which more than 1.000,000 pilgrims come to wnsh away tile sins of living in the sacred waters. j j Hindus believe there is n tetter j l chance of salvation for the rtcnd .• |. whose ashes are scattered nt the! c Junction of the rivers. Gandhi's followers also will travel (n third clnss carriages. During the journey they will not be i>cr- mitted to smoke, chew betal nut or buy food. The train will make 11 halts during which country residents will be allowed to file past the urn. Small homespun cotton bags containing some ashes from Gandhi's pyre will he dispatched to of the nine provinces, where separate ceremonies will be held Peb. 12 and the ashes poured into sacred rivers. Caruthersville's Fire Loss For '47 Listed as $52,940 CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo,, Peb. 7. —Loss from fire in (his city for 1047 exceeded the 1046 loss by - *»u nuills nc ls oxl about $2,000, nccoirUng to figures | win. De Valeia win i, c V n released this week . by Fire chief' tlon to form n K()V Victor Malloure. The Increased loss! backing of 70 me may be partly explained however,! votes commanded It Is licllevcd that he will announce then whether !"• , V IH , e - sien In view of the election results or carry on under n coalition. Labor I'arty Doubtful Doubtful elements in the new Uail w be (he National U.bor I'arty with four seals, another one expected from the Tuesday voting and three independent deputies believed friendly to I3e Valcm's FI anna Pall Party. With the support of these cfelu and the two seals he is expected to novern a , o £f \ "" ," c clllnZf a , - tlon. by tl e on, "* °"" osl - . f - r -"«s« or j using manufacturer at the Otatf arsena. will be up for The eight or more company S rt^V" £g Tcr\t v ^ d t,m ai «.^^r™ «& t kyz^sr ™ o^rjsr^- o^ r^ )lans for disposing O f the nHni would be announced within a S Slayer is Sentenced To Life Imprisonment BOONEVrLLE. Ark., Feb. 7 (UP) —A Uoonevilte man n n v f oday faced life imprison t I* 5 ' SWtSl^^tl^l snnltoniim employe ' The body of HoriKlw # w ss *FFS ial ot drover Fields, who Is TP •used of complieltv ,'„ * ° I L^; 1 wo women witnesses whn ,ii,i I^^BMM. Assets of Citizens Of 21 Countries Frozen in Spain MADRID, Feb. 1 (UP)— The Span sh government atmouncea ^ c Lns al , a f, el5 bel «»Bi"K to the n n i H ' colllllr '«. Including most nations which withdrew dip- omnlie representation from Madrul " The decree nal. it said tries would bee " freezing the asset? 'n Die official joti-- "cns of the 21 coun- «Wc to dispose of I SATURDAY, FEBRUARY T CALL 4627 Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS ansos Mutual Agencl DM lamk e. Mgr. BMjr., Blytheville, Ai -^ n !!'" bc!r of «'e counlries with- nin i >10 . matlr «P'-'Mnt!,tlon ,', |>alii last year att er the United ±j?» al C Te " » ~»"-"on™ emning the regime of Gcnenl Isslmo Francisco Franco Ucnc ' aU ''lie countries are Albanl-i HH Caruthersville Awaits Engineering Firm Report original cost of structural losses. The total loss for 1S47 was placed at 552,940. and the department answered 128 calls during the yc" Grass fires tcil the list with on the other hnnd. opposition groups combine to defeat De Val- 18. it is difficult to predict who would lead the country. Some lender acceptable to all mi 17 I11or1 « fo "lis must be found. The most >xt M C) "' iCe W °" W '"* OCM1 - Sra " .- ., — I lie County-wld,. school Christian Workers came to a here Thursday n i B | lt , w!th 5<) celving certificates, according to lev, Floy,, v. nrowcr, Melhodls? n in sler and one of the instructors r n ."f'T 1 - Atolnl »f 84 was en- day school!" 0 C °" rMS '" thn f(>Ur The sehoo! began Monday night mid >vos spansarea by the newly formed County Pil ,.j sh ot tnc Mclhy _ "(list Churches of Pcmiscot County of winch the Rev. Mr. IJrower Is ader, pom- courses were taught In addition to the Rev Mr n,o- er, the other instructors were the Rev. Marvin Niblnck of Steele- I he liev. nen. L. sinidlke. pastor of the First Methodist Church. Jefferson City, M.; and Mrs. p B Outman of St. fxjuis, conference director of Children's work. „£ British Jet Fighter Sets International Record LON'IJON. Feb. 7. (UP)_ A stanrt aid Gloster Meteor jet fi,*(er ,1 oted by Squadron l"ader W A~ .yaterton broke the internatio.mi Tins moinlng Waterton set Mo., Feb 7 «? sUS^o 575 * »<»'« K™^™* '° the conncTu™; ron se a record or 515.89 miles an hour for the course. A few hours later on" second run he bettered his short ''' 1 '" '* '" Ore tlmn " ™&" Still & Young Motor Co. „, Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work ot Quality Boiler Work and Remodeling a Specialty HO'/j E. Davis St. Phone 4641 •system. stoves and pipes, 11;' shimjle 'roof. {" .. „,,,;,;•"„' fires, 10; cotton fires (gins, etc.)J ™'," lth " (> . (•....11.. r+... ~ ... . rilnlllPOll clH . '• ji«it i._> believed he would find 0; faulty flues, 5; e"lcctr°c'"mot'ors!',n!;' 8 '! 1 ^' 1 f, lulllK tl( ^P"lies lost their 4; CRUSC unknown, 3. f ' lncl >«llnB 11 government inein- I.argesl losses sustaincrt In the , ls ; ce Pinc Gnc l. 'wo indepcn- <lenls. one fanner and one National Airlines Fires 145 Pilots After 3-Day Strike MIAMI, Pla.. Peb. 7. (UP) — National Airlines planned today (o city were to the Watson building I on West Third Street. Harper's Jewelry on Fourth and Ward, and the McElvain home on 'Enst Fifth Street. The largest siiiule loss, R gin fire, occurred in Octo)»r when the Crews Reynolds gin, west of this city, sustained loss to property, i cotton and seed, estimated at $50,000. I deputy. labor Mysterious Girl Friend of Bund Leader Revealed Ffb. 7. < U.P.I—The lirl friend of p r i tJ; wns lost In a fire, thnt in September, when Sylvester Har-union i 'is, an aged Negro, was unable to ! ^'Jj, " flcient qualified replacements to be- . gin operations nt any time. Attorneys to Honor io^ a ^rr.xrzra? Memor r ° f ^^^ the controls. Company President George T. Bafcej said that as a result of na.; tion-wide newspaper advertising, i ...:„.,.. several hundred pilots with (he nee- f t " t ,, ,' c 'l? ROC ?, K ' Ark " Fcb ' 7 '' ..... "'"' ,'" lllli " a Waterman, '"*" who lllrcctcci »'c Uni- MidSouth Fair to Last Days MEME>HIS, Tcnn.. Peb. 7: (U.K. —A longer and ({renter MidSouth Pair and Livestock show will open in Memphis Sept. 26 and close Oct. a, it was disclosed today. The new dates for the 1Q4B fail extend it to an eight-day run instead ol its previous six days. The announcement of the longer fair period came from Fair president w. ii. Dilatush at a mcctins of the Agricultural Exhibits Com- niillee. The meeting itself was (ho first of four to be held to lay the fair groundwork, and was attended by Agricultural Extension Service lenders from Tennessee Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri Dynamite Cop Explodes, Killing Arkansas Man LITTLE ROCK. Fcl>. ; -up, —Federal services were hriua planned here today for Jnhn Vcriier Tricsrhmann. jr., 36-year-old for- Mud on Pavement Causes Bus to Skid; 7 J Injured CEDARTOVVN, OR., Peb. 7. (UP) •;ti/]/l^l" t; i! et>StCr j Molor Lines bus sMildid in mud and overturned four miles south of her e today, and ced to remain In the WpltaT The others were released after m | no r treatment at Pope General Hospital They said the nurd which had ...Vil IldU ,, t , olltu u]| Tjj| highway, and th e Driver E. j Earnest apparently lost control of the heavy vehicle. Th e bus wns bound from Columbus to Rome, Oa and passengers continued the trip In a relief bus. bus skidded in washed on the nip shortage, she shares with her sister, her br !nw and her fornicr hnst He culls me Hedi.' quarters • 11 n.iu umn,vt;u uie uiii- -,, ^ 111:111. sne sai<l of Arkansas Schol of L»w|^' f| J|, n Iln »W smile. "He is a very done about clerical workers nnd mechanics who Joined the pilots In the walkout. Agri Council Manager Aids Hospital Program Harvey Adams, ot West Memphis ECcretary-mannger of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas and Secretary-Treasurer of thn Eastern Arkansas Hospital Association, has been notified that he lias been appointed to serve on the Hospital Planning and Plant Operations Committee of the Arkansas Hospt'nl As sociation. The appointment w's made by Moody !.\,xue. president it the Arkansas Hospital Association and director of the Division of Hospitals, Arkansas State Do-ir<i nt Health. blocks away old K old in lxu , ( , m| ltlc S " C nml hn nre tn b Llltli: Hock Attorney Griffin Smith, jr.. who arranged the memorial service, called it. a "belated tribute" to the memory of Ihe well-liked dean. He died during the war. when many of the esti mated five- or six-hundred of his former students were out of touch with the university. Members or Hip' stale Bar As- f-cciation as well as justices of the hiRh tribunal will pay tribute to him. j pending trial ~ *" "^"' Eulogies will be presented by Or r^,™,, Ix r-ij;rand 110 <:;„£ i £°7!fr Cha ^ u"o» "^'"'f, 0 ' 5 IIa "y Meek and n "'lea by Representative fectKinate man. 1 will hear from him soon. ,, e wol ,. t |cl '™ loui! m uncertainty." Mrs. Mmiz (nsist'ed she dri.x College football ln- Triesclnnann died' almost „,- .stnntly yesterday at Fort Towson. Okla.. when a dynamite cap exploded in his hand. He was working in an agricultural limn ,,ja,,t The World War tl veteran is survived by his wire, three children, nnd his parents. Mr and Mrs. John w. •IVirschmniin. Sr of I.itlle Uock. niK ")>rotectrd" by someone in the admini.-trntion. Herbert s:iid Dr. Chirk Foreman, head of the conference. \v ;ls -n Iradinp New Dealer in his clay." He sai-.l he personally thou"ht She conference was a Cominunist front organization but that should be cleared if the .Justice Department Ins any evidence to prove Negro Deaths Funeral services for Fred Taylor 61, of Blytheville, who died lien-' Thursday, will be held nt 11 am Sunday at the Baptist Church in clnrkcdale, be Rev. J. W. Knowles of Blylhcvifle nssitcd . ycve nsstcd i ^""t-y .s; by Rev. C. S. McCoy of Clarkedale. I '*>mucnits Dixie Revolt (Continued from Paye 1) on^^r IttCe re ? artlin e P'an.s for co- 5rsX^ eional sch001 f «" ltte ' I.aney Comments But Wright had his resolution rro ^"^ • S " rt Stlid hc TOllW j »- troducc it "as soon as I can " Just before the meeting oov en T. Laney of Arkansas, a late arrival, expressed wlnnlngness to take part in a special convention of Southern Democrats if thev could Set "concerted action •• Laney appeared in sympathy with ne plan reportedly discussed by 'right because, he said, "we cannot condone President Truman's action in making these proposals without consulting Southern lead- He said the President appeared i •Miung to wipe his feet on the South for tt few thousand- votes | eUewhere, feeling that h e will i-e' the snliri Southern vote anyway " "We can't take Hie.w things ly- ig down," the Arkansas governor said he doubted Southern "My Joints Feel Rusty" Cull or write today tor FREE booklet, CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP* Main and Division Blytheville, Ark. Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" ^ Delicious Buttered Steak Sandwich BARNEY'S 2006 West Main Street Phone 3647 La Burial will be in the Clarkcclaie Cemetery. He is survived by one daughter and one brother of Blytheville, one sister of Ynungstown, Ohio, and four step-children of Jericho. The Home Funeral Home of Blytheville is in charge. 1 Funeral services for Jack Evans ! Jr.. negro. 32, of Luxora. who died ! at his home last niglit, will be j conducted tomorrow at the Ml. Zion I Chapel Baptist Church in Luxora by Rev. I. H. Harvey and burial ,' will be in a Luxora cemetery. He is survived by his father. Jack Evans Sr.. and hi.s mother, Ola Evans nnd three sisters and one brother. ri .-, 'v,i,,« support a Republican candidate but felt that if they were to "take concerted action" they couhl achieve their desires within the Democratic Par- With the Courts • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson Shoe Simp A Clntliing store 31fi E. Main St., liiytlicville t'liancrry tra Ray Gill vs. O: Gill, suit ' - divorce. FARM DITCHES, PITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATEROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVJLLEARK. Sue Eatron Associate Ji.umce Minor Millwec WASF1INGTON Peh 1 ,n nt 11T... ... _ ' ' r, ... . "". 1 t U. I. one of tlrnt.s. Waterman's former lo give sin-! ' ic P- P. Edward Hcbort D La sa- re-i 'here is a "very stroni; fwiiii' K '-'"i "her CAR AND TRUCK OWNERS: TRUCKERS: AVe maintain complete facilities for the servicing of your truck Let Lee Motor Sales Give You An Estimate On the Painting of Your Vehicle • MARVELOUS DUCO FINISH • QUICK EFFICIENT WORK • LOW CHARGES • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION LEE MOTOR SALES 307 East Main Stroef Phone 519 Sunday Dinner Special $1.00 ROAST TURKEY Creamed Potatoes Gil)le( Gravv 9 Peas Cranberry Sauce SYCAMORE HOUSE ARKANSAS-MISSOURI STATE LINE We Bake Pies & Cakes On Order Phone 4950 Deh'nted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and free from all seed borne diseases. Quicker germination, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense. Use any bean, corn or pea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed in attractive 50 Ib. bags. Come In and book your requirements today, we will hold until planting time, BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. BlyiheviHc, Ark. Ilranchcs: Leachville, Ark., Cardwcll, Horncrsville & Senath.Mo. ATTENTION FARMERS! TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE New and Used 1—1318 (New) Model M Farm«|l 2— I!) 18 (New) Model B Farmalls I— 1941! (Used) Model B John llccre 1— inn (Used) Model A .John Deere 1— l!?t« (Iisertl Model ,V John Occre I— 1916 (Used) Ford Tractor 1—1916 (IJwrt) M«d«l c Allis-Chalm «n be .rran^d. Come BUD WILSON AUTO SALES '-•*' I Bud Wil$on Coroner of M a i n at Franklin Phone 2037 J«*f Homer _

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