The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 9
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 10.18 PUT OUR WAY By J. R, WiUiotmjOur Boarding House withMoj. Hoopte - R i'.IT! ti ' rV ' 1 ''- K J A K K ') COl'RIKR NKWS PAGE NINE OH--i THOUGHT' FOR A MINN IT SOMEBODY HAD BEEN TELLIM 1 -OU ABOUT IT on, ] H HOSE WAS LEFT FULL O' WATER AN 1 I'M ..IIS 1 THAWIM IT OUT TO SWU.LTH' GACAGE.' >^-. •me WORK? ^RT ^......^i^;?^:^.?:;:-:. EITMER I'M ALL RIGHT AND TrAeVRg "oT/XRTIhS' TO POT COPS trt TtAe \OO PER fl-^C l£ UCKORV MOT HWTOA Gliv'HePxMGO IM rAERe- UM.'6llOUtD I INSIST UPCW „ L6SA.L COUM6EL AT OJCC AWO 09TM 6AIL.ORTCY TO vieoP THIS ATCOCIODS AFFf>J«.OOI6T?-'~l.&t ME- SEE, ISN'T HEliTe^A^T <SUIPT? 2-7 "^ - _' ' ^^ * t *-' y; L/N Receives Warning Arabs Intend to Fight LAKE SUCCMSS. N. Y . Feb. 1. ;( JF')—-Palestine's Arabs warned the lulled Nations today they would iglit to the last man against any force orguni-^il to carry out \ !lic partition of Palestine. in a formal meiiiornndum brim- miiig with threats of war, the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine said nrtcr way to have the UN Security Council send a UN police force to Pale.sline. The committee said if any force tries to impose partition on the bs "Us mission can only be to wipe out the Arabs, blow up their wellinys and root, them frcm the secret maneuvers" already were and." OFFICE By Adelaide Humphries ,U J. H»»pk D.,1,,.,1.1 *, HI*, Sl*VIC(, INC. Arabs Rob Haifa Bank; Wish Messenger Killed JERUSALEM, Feb. 7. (UP) — Armed Arabs held up three Jew- PRESCRIPT90NS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sin T. L MABRY MISSOURI ST. PH. 36^7 Action! No use i lay Ing at home when there's real fun to be had! Try your hand at Blytheville's newest sport. Bowl Tonight! Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main Slreet Phone 4929 Jm,; e , Illlurr. l,rrlly, rlliclfiM .vou«,« (»(jr*r l« liuiiular nnd ^uiid»uiMr nu-Lrl y doctor ):rit' llnlliruikk. run* liU oltlCL' tor him. I'.elr (mil ,rriui<T have fnllrn IH luvt—rtlthmiKh i:rlv •!- rrnilv h:i» ti tvirr Civln) ik uivnv) nrtd JanlhT iiu^ n fiiiy-rrlfni] Illrn Archer). 'I'lifjr rniitliinr nil rorntal <crMt* »Thh ench ullirr n [ iLt> ol- firr. ulrMInK th nul-cit-ilu'-miy rrnluurnutii wlien I bey iTnni 10 br • lour tpx^'fcrr. They boib knot* IhTnic* cnn't t;n ni» rklM T*nj In- drniillclr liui |>QI nrr dolnu Iin7- Ihiair aljnut (f. .fiinlvr In fcn|)py for • whllv—tbrn Kbe lieKlna to tevl (be Mtriijn ol the levrel re- al Ibc office rriiinrk bbnul her lr>nlk«. Jnnlcr ni^ikok nn her mind Ihnl Hhe nnrt Krlr rrlll hnve to eome ta BOine drcl«lnM. • » » XVII] JANICE resolved to exercise her coinnion sense that same evening. But. as Luck would have it, she was not able to. Eric could not get out ot his appointment; he tolri Janice that if he could break away early enough, he would get in touch with her and they could see each other tor an hour, perhaps. But Janice told him that perhaps he had outer not try. And as it happened, Ihnt was just as well, because wHen she came oul ot the big office building she [ound Ben Archer waiting at the entrance tor her. She was glad to see Ben. Seeing him, being with him. might slil some of the doubts that were gnaw«i's at her. Ben representec everything that was not complex or mixed-up. He was of the past not the present or the future. And he brought good news. Or what he said he hoped would turn out to be good DCWI. H* &*d no come upstairt to Dr. Holbrook' offices because he had been afrak Mrs. McRae might stiU be there He did not want to give that poor woman any talse hopes. But he houglu her husband and her little irl had been located. "Thanks to :d," Ben added, modestly. "Oh, that's woiidcrlulL" Janice nought it was so nndorful that ier own troubles were banished or the moment. "How did your riend ever llnd them? Where are hey nov.'? What are we going lo lo about It?" "Not so fust," Sen said, taking her arm and starting to walk. * • « l.TE did not have on a hat. and •*•-* the lights, Hist beginning to come on in the wintry dusk, matte a spot oi copper of his sandy head. He looked bigger and broader than usual in his topcoat. "I don't know just how Ed finally ran him down—this McRac guy." Ben told her. not slackening his pace. "He just got in loucl with me and gave me the dope." "You mean Ihe address?" She became a little breathless keeping up with Ben. He was expert, though, at pushing through Ihe liomeward-bound crowds, avoiding tangled traffic. Janice knew from past experience that there was no use in asking him to go slower; he would slow up only tor a briel while, and then, forgetting plunge back into his regular stride Eric was more thoughtful; he always matched his step to hers But Ben pushed through anything anywhere, dragging Janice along with him. Now he was pushing her down the crowded stairway through a maze of undergroun ramps to Grand Central Station without stopping to enlighten he as to their ultimate destination. "I mean the address," Ben final ly answered. "What I hope w'l prove to be the right address. Why thiz guy hac~ to pick such an tn convenien; spot, I don't know Ed's prettj good. I think, lo have run him down. Think he said he found him through a personal at in some paper. Of course. Jan you must realize that it could ie wrong steer. McRae nnd the id may already Imve tnken It on 10 lam by Ihe time we gel there, land right here and I'll ue back." e ordcied, leaving her by a post ,'hlle he went to a lieket window, • • • 'YOU might enlighten me," Janice unit, with just a shade ( i-xnspcrution, when he came ack to grab her by an arm and lai'l moving again. "Are we going :cre—to this address that you and tl think may be the righl one? And what will we do it we nnd lint it Is. or Isn't? And—" "One step at n lime," Ben nd- /iscd. "How can I tell? Certainly, •e're going there. What if it does irn otit to be the wrong hunch? t's worth following, isn't it? The eajon we have to hurry Is thai, is I just explained, 'his guy Mc- iae m;iy get scared, thinking it over. From what Ed said, he ad- •erfised for someone who was villing to take care of a little girl, 'or small pay, in pleasant country iiiiToundings. Hut, as I said, one step at a time. How do 1 know vlmt we'll do until we gel there?" 1 hope you'll get a bright Idea when we do," Janice murmured, illowing him to push their wr,> hrough the crowd waiting lo get on a train nt on^ of Ihe gates. She was not really exasperated or alarmed. She was pleased, and grateful lo Ben and his friend, even it this hunch should turn out wrong. Any hunch was worth following. Eileen McRae would come to the breaking point before long, Janice knew; the point Janice herself had readied such a'short while ago in the res* room. Moreover, she was not alarmed because she knew that Ben would be able to cope will) whatever this hunch might produce. Janice felt better. She hut! actually ;>ul aside her own prbb- lems. Part ol that ache was gone. Common sense was a good steadying rod lo lean on. Thinking first aboul someone else instead of yourself was another. And then, too. it was good to be with Ben, at his side in the old comradely fashion. H just made you feel somehow, so good that it did not matter that they mighl be headed for trouble. (To Be Continued) "Now that we've got all tho mumps, menslos. new hnts ami relatives disposed of. how about one liiinil o) brideo?" KKKCKI.KS * HIS FR1BNDB By MERRILL BLOS8ER drab Him! WELL, [ K WUftSeiFlT/w. JjlERt YOO'O HAVe / MOW, GOES I IUEEPED J vj" Mt LOT or GOOD. IT'LL OO us--- wiTHoor BIGGER I'UlSCll.LA'S POP I'lVcnfnir Tilings t'p By AL VKRMKKR ish messengers outline the Otto-! man Bank in Haifa today and kill- [ ed one of them before fleeing with . $3,200. ; The other two mcs-^ngers were' shot and wounded seriously. , CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second The Right Place To Buy Your Cor . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 Eos* Main Street Phone 4191 Clean Used Cars •'• w - Lovclady ..... Al Larman All Makes I (f'rnver Frazicr Clinic 514 Main, BlythevilJc, Ark., Phone 3921 10 Ford Tractors Complete With Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY? 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I DONT WANT TO \ lOSf TOU IN TIIC MRK--rtH IKST'S RISHT, OIRK. WASH TU1!»S rf.v MCSMK TIJIWKK WE'LL CHECK \ NOW Itll US (SBOU) THE OM HIS STOW, Hf JOFSOURHMfR SOUNP5PREIIV S1KAN6E...I FEEL TCRN OROG«>/...BbT TO SET HELP TO IHM POOH MR. TUB8S RICEN1LV SUES BEEN IKE \IIC1IN\OFTHE MOST M^IUCIWATIOWS,.. INUOLWM5 HUGE MONSTERS WHICH SHE'S CMUWCED I AND IWFT«i50NED 1HESUREWONE54 OFTEN FROM THE MENIM DISOKOEK THAT THE QUESTIOMS THtEOKT MM... ND IdS, KwvKE M l^T THOIA HERIONS DRUGGED 5UEP, FftCES U€ UNPttWANT TA5K Of REPOWW&TW.P TO AUTHORITIES. By FREO HARMAN LOOKED At 1»N IT AWT THE Ot5E THE <5Al BANDIT O i>\ SORRV-'WE HA1EP TO QUESTiCM ,&UT IT'S OUR DUIV to fO UP EVERY CtL)£.' I?EP P-YOE.R > -Urt AMD > [Jy V. T. HAMLIN N>HOW, C'CAY, YOU \NEEO COMPANY HCN r GO TO NSPECT My NUTS: ^x.T!?eA5u«5v.'./ M-/, OOP, 1M r CAiN'T LET BOOTS AND IIKR HUDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN Wt'LL 6ft

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