The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TEN BLYTIIRV1U,E (ARK.) COURIKll NEWS Meat Prices Due to Break In September 'WASHINGTON, Sept. i. (UP>— A top Labor Department economist t*U today there are "strong indications" that all retail meat prices will drop "considerably" in So)4- t«njber. He .said they would slay nt the lower levels until early next y*»r, when a new meat shortage is expected. t The economist, who decll.wd lo be quoted by name, said record Iced grain prices, coupled with short supplies, will force f.irmei's to market> the bulk of their animals as soon, as the grass-feedng season ends. In most parts of the nation livestock are pulled from the ranges beginning in mid-September. "Farmers just simply cannot afford to feed their animals through the Winter at current feed prices." he said. "They will have to mar- j ket most of the livestock almost immediately and that will bring a meat'shortage next Spring comparable-' to the shortage experienced last Spring." He said that In nil probability lamb prices would be the first to tumble, followed by mutton, beef and pork. "No one can predict just how much these prices will go ' down." the economist said. "But we're reasonably sure that they will come down beginning early next month." Meanwhile, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor statistics reported that average retail meat prices jumped about two per cent between mid-June and mid-July. Overall food prices incrensed 1.4 per cent to set the second n-.".v record In as ninny months. BLS attributed the higher prices to seasonally higher quotations for meats, poultry, fish eggs iilul dairy products On the nveiage, It said, eg,! prices were up 11 per cent for the month ended July 15; dairy products up about 4 per cent; and. meats and poultry about 2 per cent. BLS said that overall retail food prices ns of July 15 were 10 percent above a year earlier and 100 per cent hlghe'r than the August, IS33 average. The Labor Department econom-1 ist was backed up on his prediction | of shorter meat supplies next year by Charles IHnmeister, economic', for Ihc Agriculture Department. Experts Hold No Hope For Corn Crop Recovery WASHINGTON. Sept. 1. (UP) — Top Agriculture Department expel Is said flatly yesterday there is no hope Hie corn crop will recover sufficiently to meet minimum domestic needs. Their prediction apparently wiped out any faint chance of avoiding sharp meat shortages and accompanying higher meat prices next Spring and Summer. While corn has made rapid progress since rain starlet! fulling In tile parched corn belt several days ago. these experts said any further improvement will probably be irr quality rather than in quantity. The department's latest report, based on Aug. 15 crop conditions, put the corn yield at 2/138,CO6,000 bushels. This is far short of the 2,800.000,000 bushels needed to meet domestic feed and industrial requirements. Many farmers probably will market their livestock at lighter weights and sell their corn because of the high prices. Look, Doc, Six Stripes Now;* MONDAY, SKI'TEiMWOll 1 1947 n parade there next Saturday. © tVCIiicbclliScilcil. DillribulK] L>y NEA SCRVICE. INC ; THE STOItYi Nnncr Olrnn : K^VMi a (ininll Utnucr imrly for . A><rr>T W o o <1 n » r J nud lil» ! Molkcr. Mr*. >V«oiItvnri] Kvlise» n . »«btle UMdcrcurrfnt lir(we?n An; *r«»T nttil Mntcolm'N ^vHr. After I tfcey Icnv*-. nNe wornn Andrr^T nul I «• idly upset n tiviiccfuL home. j . ... I .,_. xjn ,, iyf/ORK progressed upon {lie or; thopedic wing of the Lnir; the carpenters' hammers rang in- ^essantly, and cement mixers chugged. And with each .''.arnmer blow it became'more urgent that the Hospital Directors and Stnft select the man who would be Sur- ;geon in Charge of the new unit. jFor this important job the man »nust, be carefully selected. Whom J £ould they getT I Olio of the many discussions on !the subject was taking place on a irainy .morning in Pop's sitting Jroom. Malcolm stood by the win- jdow, his brown eyes on the river. (Pop sat in his usual place in his jbig chair. r, Andrew W o o L- w o r d lounged fcipon the cushions of the conch [which stood against the inner wall, Ihis red head back against the buff plaster, his face almost somnolent Sn his enjoyment of, a pipe full of [tobacco. n "1 have a man I've been want- .Sng tb suggest," Malcolm was say- jtM diffidently. i I"Why.'-not-suggest him tKcn?" iaskcd Pop irritably. "We've considered everybody from Osier to •your son Jerry. Who's your man? | Malcolm turned, leaned against ;lhe window frame, his face ;ome- Iwhat shadowed. "He's a—friend." he said slowly. "His name is Barrett, and that won't mean a thins |to you because he isn't famous. 1 was in medical school a class below him. He is—he always was— fan especially gifted surgeon. But Jie's had the doggoneriest luck- of Bny man I've ever known." He glanced swiftly across at Andre {Woodward, crossed lo a straight chair and sat down, his hands thrust deep into Ihc pockets of his ivhite duels trousers. "Barrclt has had a succession of bad breaks. He has nuvcr seemed able to get his foci firmly fixed upon Ihe ladder of professional success. And he honestly deserves success. lie's a .splendid surgeon—it's wonderful, his cunning with spines. If 1 could help him—" He broke off, realizing the passion which hod crept into his voice. Me coughed slightly. "I'd not suggest n man. Doctor McAn, who would do less than good work for the Hospital." • « • "J'M sure you wouldn't, Malcolm," said Pop kindly. "Your recommendation should advance his name far wilh the Directors." Malcolm flushed. "I can't tell you how much satisfaction I'd gel out of helping George," he said tensely. "He's had n series of the darnedest breaks— 1 Getting to his feet, Andrew Woodward crossed the room and knocked his pipe against the metal wnslebaskot at Top's side. "The mr.n we really should have," he said idly, "is Ivan Grcgor." Malcolm and Pop both turned, wide-eyed, to stare at him. "Osier, and Jerry, and now Grcgor," said Pop ironically. "What makes you think Gregor would accept a job at the Lair? Andrew straightened lo his full height, deliberately stretching the muscles in his back and shoulders, then letting them relax. "What makes you think he wouldn't?" "His reputation—" "The Lair has a reputation, too.' "Grcgor—" Pop shook his head, reached for a tissue, "lie has some big stories told about him and his success. You're crazy even to suggest him, Woodward." "Maybe," Andrew agreed good- naturedly, "but he's a surgeon Almost any surgeon prefers hos- Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople pihil staff work lo private prac- ice." "Yes, lull not in one hospital. N'ol In a hospilal set down in o college town, lie wanls to he on he slnff of several city hospitals, ,vilh all llici:- facilities and viiric- .ies of capes." "Well, I'm not so sure," An- Irew persisted, growing more in- .crested In the cause he had picked ip as one picks up a pin from the carpet. Until now he had not mown that Glenn wanted his Mend lo have Iho Staff nppoint- ncnt. "The new wing will have ;hc very latest things in equipment ;ind the Medical School here 's as fine us there is in Ihc coim- :ry. He'd have a free hand to do- I'elon his techniques, and teach Ihem to young doctors. I think we would have a few arguments," * • * TTE stood f')r a rninnle. smiling ns if in deep thought, hut was careful not to look at Malcolm. Then he smiled his dazzling, infectious smile. "And il Grcgor would accept a call from us— why, the L;iir couldn't consider anyone else." lie strolled toward Ihc door. Malcolm had been watching Woodward wilh wonder, anger, suspicion chasing each oilier across his face. "What (to you have against UniTctt?" he asked now, roughly. Pop glanced at him with sharp c.vcs. Hut Dr. Woodward was still smiling, still urbane. "I know nothing about your friend, 1 ' he said quietly. "I just know Gregor would be the ivusn for ns, if we could Ret him." Ho opened the door, went out; the spring closed it quietly behind him. Malcolm jerked to his feet, the chair teetering behind him. "Easy docs il, son," Pop advised. Malcolm's lips drew back against his teeth. "It isn't the first time I've suspected him of trying lo controvert me." Pop only sighed. Malcolm shook his head-then, as if lo clear his eyes. "Forgcl it, sir," he said contritely. "Maybe J'm just jealous of Woodward. He's a very good surgeon, mid he certainly is popular. Sparking my nurse, too—'" {To DC Continued) '•'*36t Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 20J3 10'M Chickasawba If It's IHSURAHCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlcsb. Blttnor-W. M. (Bill) wilnon "Remember when we promised Dorothy somo money if she'd start saving? Now she says we owe her $15 for 7ystaying away from the beauty sliop six weeks!',' FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Galley Slave : To MILLIONS Of .._. _,^. v , W£ FKSrMONDAY INSEP^MBS/i 1.1 IS LABOe. MILLIONS OF KIDS, IT IS D-DAY MINUS OfjE. SCHOOL /s Jusr AROUND THE COR.VER. • BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3I5I GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the'lcft at the Arch 7 Crown . 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Williams A FOOTSTOOL.' 3DST .1 WEED FOI CAUV. TATEW RINSES OF THE FOSE EMiriDED ME OF VOLJ,SO T. EMOTED PART OF M.V - FASHlOfilKSG, rtis SIFT -*~ A RUSTIC FOOTSTOOL/ UNV-tf AFF/ IT SHOULD BE EI^CRLJSTED VOlTH ER, 1SSJ,-T TvAAT ODE BIRTH STOI-iE POM'T BE FUSJMY.' I MEAMT PUT UOWM TH1MG& LIKE BOLTS NUTS. RIVETS AND SVT DOVJM E\!KY U, WOULD ~ BEFOC&S liEEP HHR FW-USJ& l>iTO 0(i- i FEET OFF ms MOWER OR AUTOMOBILE. MOTHERS GET (3R.-XV [O» foflowed the Brief, but he I «rt «way ftom us in the mom| Ing rush hour traffic. - Growl Takes Ovei [»0 »U LTT HIM Til VWSN1 MASUIRt's IWVE YOU TOE SUP, 1 fAUlT, OROWL. THt SH, M*60IRE tJ HRcETS SEEWEO i^ i , ,^ OT HAVE NOTHING ^^ OH THEM BUT MAROON , KACON Sf QW& JUST WE HAD NO \T COUID 51AP HIM CHANCE TO MAXt) I!) J4lt, NOW THAT A POSITIVE /HE'S TURNED UP fc&AIN DtNTIFlCATKW, k. ON GENERAL PRINCIPLES. THAT WOULD DO US NO GOOD. HE'S TAKEN DOLLY MOSUL SOMEWHERE AND UE'O NEVER IE I LOS. BY MICHAEL, Q'MAI,LEY anrl RALPH I.ANE RIGHT—AND A SMART LAWYER IIKE HIM WOULD SPRING « IHMSEIF [ROM Afi.P. CMARC-E IN AH HOUR. THAT SEARCH WARRAHT FOR APARTMENT WILL BE WAITING. THIS TIME THINGS ARE OOl:i& TO BE KlIK RIGHT. 1'Ll DO THE SEARCHING AIID YOU JUST TAG A10NG &ZCKOH WE OU&HTA TEI.L HIH ABOUT MR.McKEE'5 STRAN6E ACTIONS LATELY, CAROL ? <51AP THAT IWCLE TITUS IS CTOMIMS TO VISIT PADOX, WASH: TUKNE» H65 VOUfl iSRAMPA'S \ HE kTNflWS f.'.CSTOF THE V01JM5EP. B^OTHER...ANP \REAU C'.6<UOK WHO RUN A VERY IUFLUEUTIA.L MA)J / THE ISOVERNMENT, 8OV5: IN WASH!K6TON,-E>MMy,' ^ RED Come One, C«nicAII! " IDEA 1'p LIK& fO TRY OUT, RED/ Ky_FREn II ARM AN HOLDING' NMGHT CLASSES, FOR- THE R^CHERS.'^ _. RED RYD£R "O-Ui^ to SCHOOL •***\ m ALI/BY OOP .Not ;t ^ I DON'T HO'.V KNO1V, Good Spot fOHiDEAK^ I M£ r :> CiOT JJ I SELF INTC IHORMLT&' \>; KE5T-BOOO. V l-f-MOOo; ir-j. J^...,ALL.VV By V. T. HAMLIN JOO MTC, CtK HKRO AWAKENS TO Ttlr F/JT I4P HJ& JUMPED FPCM ,\ UKEI'MBM FR^/WG raw INTO IWATMAVBEA DOARIfja BAKE -KNUCKL yn BUDDrE8 PUG l4 NO VOVWotE. , TIAt OF OUW L\Ft TW5 COONTKN \<=> CONOViCWt TO TUt VT OF IT. 1R.V1NK5 TO eftV,CW\_D i^TrtPiT w Trt'.WM, IM BY EDGAR MARTIN

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