The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 6
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SIX Baylor Cagers Upset Arkansas Sears Show Power And Razorfaacks Suffer first Setback -,By United Press The Texas Longhorns and Beebe Cagers Trim Tigers In Little Rock (Hy Hulled Cress) The Becbe Budge>s swarmed the Little Rock Tigers in Hie Hrst name of a twin Ijill 1 BS 1 night nnrt ended up Ihe victor by a 43 lo II count. [In the other name in Uttle Rock, 'the Northslders defented Joncsboro 50 lo 45. Beebe led Ihe Tigers most of the way with 11 ll-to-10 advantiiKe nt the end of Ihe first quarter nnd 28 to n at hnirtlme. Gene Carter was htfihpolrited for Beebe, He scored ""BUI"^! is not serene In the Bay- | , "", nhr ,' l ' IUIe Rock led Jo »«boro nr , omn ,„,..,,. *.__ ..."\ .! I most Of the wav. Ftov Ncnsn lnm%»,l BLYTHKVIt.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS the Bajlor Bears were tied for the jputhrest Conference basketball lead today, and Arkansas has tasted its first defeat In title play, Ba.vlor handed the mighty Porkers their first conference setback *" at W3CO by a " 2 to M lor camp today. For the two clubs meet again tonight and Arkansas ,., will be thirsty for revenge. It may ... Tell be (hat Texas will have undisputed posse.wlon ol the lead after tonight. with IB points. The e ahead 10 In six nt the the first period. 22 to 16 at In less important loop games last night, the Texas Aggies ujjsel Southern Methodist 51 to 4« for their firs-, conference win, and Rice buried Texas Christian deeper in the cellar with a 68-to-S4 triumph. Arkansas got away to a good start last night, managing to lead most of the way through the first half. But Baylor cnme back after the intermission with an airtight defense and pulled from behind a 25-to-23 deficit. The Bears quickly rang np a live-sxiint lead and then dared Ihe Razorbacks to come .out of their zone defense. Once Baylor hnlflime, nnd 3 9lo 32 after third quarter. Kussellvllle scored Us the '-">».«•« ...i nttfciiui Mi-nlghl victory of (he season by downing the Port, Smith Grizzlies 36 (o 32 at Russellville. Caruthersville Bicycle Law Boosts Safety CAROTHKRSVI1J.E. Mo.. Feb. 7. —The City Council this u-cck mi^/i " ' held the ball for five minutes. " ja "blcycle'ordlnnrice"" the nrst time Arkansas' George Kolc was held I direct supervision of hicycle riders to nnly one field coal In the last ' In this town has been attempted half, but his 16 points were high , In this manner. "««|J«.n tor the game nnd gave him a total j The ordinance was passed niter of 104 for the conference season. ] several civic clubs, particularly the W. faton High Scorer In City Bowling League The KnigliU of Columbus, Mends Junior Chamber of Commerce, hud mndc a determined drive to get supervision of some sort .into eftrfect to curb the careless riding habits of young bicyclists of the city. There have been a number ol wrecks as .. o",,, ' r ""P i>Ue " AAA '' youngsters clnrlcd Into paths ol cms and Southwestern Bell Telephone j or ran broadside into cars, anrt one Company bowllm. teams continued j youth was killed when he ran he™ their whining ways Thursday night long Into n heavy truck and trailer by copping their Blytheville Bowl- on South Ward Avenue.' Hn .V 0 " 61 ": sanies at tllc ChiUvood ! The "bicycle ordinance" provides •nThuSy ,,, g hfs play South- } ye^tm!"* ffi'c, 1 ,*^ t wester,, Bell defeated Phillip,, Mo- | provided: prohibits double riding on Zu^y^™.. 0 ™.™^™ "«*«!!'. "Hchlns onto otherVe- I more than two, . Care, the Knights ol Columbus hides, ridtn downed the Blytheville Willys Sales \ requires i Company nnd Mends defeated Chitwoods. tliing Store . Wendell Eaton of the Van Pat- nd a uul relleclor for night riding, nnd n bell or some' Instrument for warning pedestrians of tho kpuronchlng bicycle. ..... . "^-n i«ii.i ui mo « nironc nny jii en AAA team set a new league The ordlnano. a j, 0 prohibits car indiviaual scoring record ot 205 rylng parcels or oilier Hem, i n \, I Pin^The record wa^previoiisly hcl.l hands or arms thnl prevent free requires the cyclists to rltlcTn "he right side of Ihe street, nearest the ; curb. Punishment for violations provides Olppfcs Feature;?^ 0 ," .m* Sled Ride, Skiing U.S. Participant! Favored in Today's Events in St. Moriti B» E, G. Vlkiu (filled Press Spofli Writer ST. MORITZ, Feb. 7. (UP) -Today wss I hi: day of the big ride and ilic l;lK jump In th« lititi Winter Olympic games. The big ride was the wlndup of competition In th« nerve-cracking four-man bobsled battle In which America had two teams considered strong contenders for the mad mlli! down an ice-covered chute. The W<! Jump wa» Ihe special ski spree lor the greatest and most daring competitors In the business —and here also America had an excellent chance with Its star, Gordon Wren of Winter Park, Colo., In the key role. Oilier well regarded American performers were Walt BlcUIn of Iron Mountain, Mich., Jar. Perruult of Ishpeinlne. Mich., mid Sverre I*redhelm o/ St. Paul, Minn. The U. s. team still ranked third in the overall unofficial .standings wilh Sweden once again out in Ironl. The Swedes regained the lead yesterday and now have 19 points. Switzerland was second with 10, the U. s. third was 53 1-4. Olher nations scoring points were Austria 51, Norway 48 1-7, Finland 45, France 39. Italy 24, Great Britain 11. Canada 10 1-4, Holland 8, Hungary and Czechoslovakia i each, unit Belgium 3. America also was expected to rate highly In the ttcure skating .pairs competition wilh two outstanding young tandems, the Kennedy Kids, Karol and Pcttr of Seattle, Wash.. and lovely Yvonne Sherman of New York City with her partner, Etobert Swenning of Greenwich, LXjnn. However, the favorites to win in the pairs were the world champions irom Belgium, Papls Mlchile Lannoy and her partner. Pierre Bangnlet. Today's meeting; in the figure Babe Ruth Celebrates 53rd Birthday Quietly ....... I.M.I., ^luviui::* j n fine up lo $25, and like punlsli- 1 menl is provided for wilh Babe Ruth was 53 years old todny. but was in no nioocl lo celebrate hit birthday. The one-time Sullnu of Swat, still suffering the pains which necessitated three nerve operations in his neck, planned only a quiet dinner parly with close friends. That, however, did not stop hundreds of well-wishers from checking in with their remembrances. Telegrams of congratulation poured into the Babe's beach-front collage yesterday nnd the dclunge continued today. •Ruth said he would remain hi. Florida until the middle of next I month, and then go to Hollywood I or " es tu lc l )( -'"t »s they resumed where a motion picture deciplii -*—.-. •his life f« being filmed. Graduate as'Nurses CARUTHERSVILLB, Mo., Feb 7. — Two Caruthcrsvllle girls received caiM In ceremonies held at, the st Louis Washington University Nurs- hig School Inst. night In St. '.oiil's. They nre Miss Martha Zarecor dauehtcr or Mr. nn[ ) Mrs . M j' Znrccor. nnd Mrs, Dorothy Rush daughter of the Re v . Floyd V. Broa-cr. and Mrs. Read Courier News Want Ads. l " "'Pen!, as iney resumed Play, today In the semifinals of the Women's International Tournament. Miss Suggs Favored 7 ' UP) Four ball f rt T « r 1Pl °" S Louise S " S1!S ""' c Jean Hopkins were heavy fav- | Tiffin. O. . Miss SUJES of Lithfn Springs, Ga., and Miss Hopkins of Cleveland anticipated little trouble when they meet Mary Agnes Wall of nirlnger of Is Your Tractor Ready to Go? IF NOT... GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE ON REPAIRS AND PARTS REPLACEMENT! We make it easy for vou lo have »n V nnr farm equipment in good shape for (he .season j,, st ahead. Our credit service is jus, ll,o thin e voo are | 0 okin K for. Come in and let us explain how it works. You'll profit hy its use in U, nl V(H ,'il have Ihe "riRht" tractor for the particular job when Ihe ti, nc comes! EASY CREDIT TERMS [INTERNATIONAL! —-ill !,-•• f— -f - W McCormick-Deering Service PHONE863 marked resumption of an ntense duel which was fought in Stockholm last year ivhe/i the Belgian team was Judged a shade bel- ter than 15-year-old Karol and her -'0-year-old brother, Peter. Big Bobo Gets Boot Again; This Time By Yankees NEW YORK. Feb. 7. (UP)— Bobo tile Hobo Nevvsom was on the move again today, unwanted by the club lie helped pitch to the American League pennant. Too old, too fat, too talkative and loo easy to hit, the big fellow who came 10 thfc Ynnkets In the rmd- senson and filled a vital gap in a sore-armed pitching staff, was given his unconditional release. For the 39-year-old pride of Hnrtsvilic. S. C., it, was an old, old sloiy, and because along with all ot his anlics, he still is considered a pretty fair country pitcher, il seemed likely that before the 1943 season begins he will be at a new station. Newsom, who has made 32 transfers since he began his proiesslon- ul career back in Raleigh in 1928. has been wilh eight different major league clubs. He served as many lerms in Washington as the late F.D.R., performing with the Senators in four different periods, and he was ihrce times a member of the St. Louis Browns. Hij other American League club affiliations were with the Yankees, Boston Hed Sox. Detroit Tigers, and Phlladel- phit AtJ-.letlcs, while in the National League he toiled first with the Chirago Cubs and later with I lie Brooklyn Dodgers on two occasions. Before he made the big league grade he worked up and down the le:iky rool circuit, hitting such baseball way stations as Wilmington. Del.. Macon, Go., for two terms. Raleigh, N. C.. Jersey' City. Little R OC i(, Ark., and Albany. N.Y. From Texas Open SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Feb. T 'UPI —Ben Hogan today refused to continue the defense of his Texts Open liolf championship, (misting that iif should be disqualified because he signed an erroneous score card. Two Australians, N. O. Von Nida and Jim Ferrler. and Eric Monti or Santa Monica, calif., and Ky Lafoon of St. Andrews, III., shared the lead at the start of the to%r- ney's second round after shoolimj slx-under par 65,'s for the Initial 18 holes. PGA Tournament Chief George SchnelUr nnd local sponsors tiled to keep Hogan In, but he emptied his clubhouse locker and said he wouldn't be back. 'Hie rhubarb arose from' the treacherous 13th hole In yesterday's first round where Hogan's ball lodg- on at creek bank. Me played It as a water hnr.ard. laying out and taking a one-stroke penalty, whcre- »» later H was declared to be an unplayable lie, with > two stroke penalty. Before 11 was settled, Hogan had unwittingly signed a card Riving himself 7, rather than 8 for the hole. His card lor the round was 71. Kentucky Cog* Coach I* T*am't Lone Casualty MEMPHIS. Tenn., Feb. 7. ,u f») •-"Baron" Adolph Rupp, velerai coach of the Kentucky Wildcats usually does nothing more strenuous than mastermind his biuket ball boys from Ihe sidelines. But today he was the only causualti on the squad. ' Seems Hupji reached Into his suitcase and came in contact with a safety razor. Result: one sliced index finger. "And," said flupp ruefully "f always thought safely ra?xjrs were Kentucky's 'Cots, Washington Bears Meet in Memphis MEMPHIS. Tenn., Feb 7 (UP)_ The University of Kentucky's wild- tats and the Washington University Bears of St. Louis meet tonignt. »l Ellis Auditorium before what is expected 10 be the largest, basketball crowd in Memphis history The jame is the first appearance Including the 8. He said his moral a .? r ^ obligation was to disqualify himself because of the mlxup. which would have required alteration of the official, erroneous card. The four leaders toured the prl 71 Brackenrldge layout in sterling ." ". --~j -JKHICU 85's, but theirs was an unsteady '•"*?. . b - v df! «'">S Depanl 68 to here for bolh teams. Favored Kentucky, victor in IB of 21 games this season and perennial Southeastern conference litle winners, arrived late yesterday Tho Bears were due In this mornin- and bolh teams scheduled floor workouts during the day. Coach Artolph Rupp's All-America studded Kentuckians end a rugged week ol competition -with tonight's eame. They started the at Chicago, then lost to Notre Dainc Lip ton Cup Race Sees 11 Yachts in Starting Line-Up MIAMI BEACH, PH.. Feb. 7. (U.P.)—Eleven trim racing yachts were named definite starters in today's 15th annual Sir Thomas Llpton Cup Race here, with the 40-foot cutter Ocean Queen, owned by R. M. DeMere of Savannah, Ga., the only favorite In the wide- open affair. . Qullions defense-minded squad comes up lo its most hii|x>rtant contest ol the year with a so-so list of seven »-ir.s and eight losses State Teachers Quintet Wins At Clarksville (By United Press) The powerful state Teachers got the scare ol their lives at Clarksville last night before nudging out the College of the Ozarks. 49 to 46 With two and a half minutes to Play, Sherrill Halbrook looped in a K-.» ^i.iv.i. r.».j, UIILIIILI urtiuiuun looped in a The Upton race, second even onlBoal to break the 4-4-44 tie in fa- the Southern Ocean Racing Con-jvor of the Teachers. The lend ferencc's 1948 schedule, will serve I changed 13 times, and the mountain tune-up for the 184-mile boys were ahead 26 to '5 at half ""• open-sea race from here to Nassau Feb. 10. Today's race, slated to start at 10 a. m., Is over a 26- mile triangular course requiring time. Halbrook led the scoring with 22 points, and Oayle Kaunrinrt top- pe<l lor tllf losing team with , _ v"~i"~TV. ----- " ""*" ..... * f osng eam with 13 from six to eight hours to cover. The Hcndrix Wan jots fou-ht n Cup winners will be chosen ol. ! rough-nnd-t.iimhic same before nric, corrected time figured by handl- •' Jng the Henderson Reddies 1 l*'o capplns officials of the Biscayne \ 33 at Conwav. The vlcPory gave Hci ° Bay Yacht club, sponsors of the drix second place in the JnUcol Tiie ocean Queen won the B>rt '"'l^T^n^T^ ,rr " that performance. Bear Cub. a 38-foot sloop -' skippered by Eric Jones, which won last year's Lipton race. Is not entered this year. De Marce Paired With Canny for Wrestle Event Names on Monday night's American Legion wrestling c/irri po i it to a rough and tumble fracas with Bob DeMurce and BUI Canny taking on Hoy and Lester Welch in reatH?"""" 1 "" U "" i ' i '"' t (A * mat<:h This win be the first time that Roy and Lester, the oldest and youngest of the four famous wrestling brothers, have appeared •> ^SATURDAY, FKRRUARY T, 1941 i th« ring here as x team since I eslr- urned professional two years ago However, both have appeared here recently but with oilier partners Monday night's bout will also > Ihe first time (hut Canny lias paired with De Marce. who made his debut here two weeks ago, but, his partnership It expected In cite* Inasmuch as both Krnpplcrs empl<.y ilie same style. Canny and Roy Welch, both wtt. erang o( Mike Merovy's program and sworn enemies, will furnish . Hie greater part of the excitement In one of the preliminary bout* ' when they will have (lie ring all to themselves. Lester Welch wiU i tarigle with DeMarce in tin other { Prelim bout. J RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tonight "GUN TALK" with Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton Cartoon anil Chajiter J7 "I'erils of Nyoka" Saturday Owl Show 'Big Town After Dark" with Phillip Heed, Hillary Bruoke • nd Richard Travis Also Short Attention, Soybean Grower 1 -ilj Have your soybeans recteaned before planling w* la * L—~ J recently fii-stalled one of the best bean cleaners i 11 Si I Blytheville Soybean Corp. < 1800 W. Main Blytheville I Earriixqs ' ••- - : « ; - • V >• Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 216 l.aClede«S(rec( Norlh Itohinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor ReDairs I PHONE Frank Ashby and Eric Hall, Owners Col Ion Moore, Tracior Mechanic STUDEB AKERS T U D E B A Now In Our New . Modern Service Department (Steam-Healed Kin- Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE WASHING & LUBRICATING T U D i A K CHAMBLIN SALES CO. K i Harrison High Cagers To Play Marked Tree The Harrison High School Dragons and Dragoneltes will mcel teams j from jthe Marked Tree Negro High' School in a basketball Iwin-blll on I Ihe Armory court here tonight. The first game is scheduled to! get underway at 7:30 with the Drug- j onettes taking on the Marked Tree .sextet with the Dragons playing the . Marked Tree boys immediately lol-! j lowing. i i A special section will be reserved for while spectators. , lie Hendrix held a 37 to 33 lead. ; In other games last night, Oua- chlta defeated Little Hock Junior College, 75 to 55, and Otcmulgee Manila Cagers Win Two Games From Seminolcs OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 7.—Osceola ^1! boys and girls cage teams were both == losers last night at Manila when the Lions copped a 35-31 win and the Lionesses came oft 34-25 victors. The boys tilt was even-up at 2535 at half time nnd the game continued close until the closing minutes. Jere Wiseman, Osceola center, sank 12 markers for high point honors while forward Bobby Heed was runner-up with 10. The Manila Lionesses led 23-9 at halftime in the girls' game. Bettye Nell nobbins of Osceola led scoring with 12 points from her center spot and Carolyn Bannister, a forward, followed with six. Plans Hearing Completion For Louif-Walcott Bout NEW YORK. Feb. 7 lUPi-Jrr- sej- Joe Walcott probably will sign on Monday for his return title bo n with Joe Louis at Yankee Stadium June 23. Negotiation.-; were practical',:- com- plet-l last night at"- a long conference at Mth Century headquarters. Louis, who will receive -10 per cent of all net receipts, signed last month for Ihe bout. The length or a day Increases about K thousandth ot » second every century. Smith Junior College 50 to 49 BLVTHEVILLE'S ONL.V ALL WHITE THFAT U E Weekdays 15.,i Office opens 6:30 p.m. Show Starts fi:45 p.m. Saturday Box Office Opens l'i:4f, p.m. Shoir Starts 1:00 p.m. Sunday Bo* Office Opens 1:15 Show SlarL* 2:00 TONIGHT "Day* of Buffalo Bill" with S«ns«t Carson and I'rguy Stewart Serial: "Son of X.orrn" Also f'artoon Start] at 11 p.m. Saturday Owl Show Starts 11:00 p ,„. "The Madonna's Secret" with Edward Ashlejr and Gail I'alrick Serial "Junsle Girl"; Also Comedy Opens at 6:30 p.m.; Starts 7:00 p.m Tonight "South of the Chisholm Trail" with Charles Stnrrett as the Durungo Kill, anil Smiley Runictte Serial: "Secret Agr-nl" No. 9 Also Shorts E R S T UDEBAKE RS Sales Studelmker Service Railroad & Ash Streets Lex Chitmhlin |>lione 2195 Bill Chamblin FARM (JJ LOANS Horn* Office. Newark, N. J. LOHO TXIIN rKONPT CLOHNO IOW «AT» CALL. WRITE OR SU RAY WORTHINGTON Uf. S. Third St., Bfythevillr. Ark. Srrririn This S-rf-'nn ••- Yrnnt Atnftorizcd tilarlgax. Loan Solicitor lor THE rRUDKSTIAI. INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMF.RICA •Snndav H nd M,;ndj»» "Casanova Brown" wilh Gary Cooper arid Teresa Wright Also News and Cartoon BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA « l , lOWfc> ?\ ADMISSION PRICE ANYWHERE! Se««.« on ^1 f ,t (he I, e8 ion Arena from 6 p. m. Every Mondaj ., . , L n ADULTS 45c _ CHILIJRKN IS Monday, Feb, 9th BOX SEATC 15e EXTRA Sal urdav Alitlnile Show Starts nt 10:45 p.m "THE WEB" with Erlmonrt O'Brien Klla Raines. William Bendii Also Shorts AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main p none 519 EI!S S 'PL'OOR fci^, l-LOOR straws and" - S - HEAD LIN1N cs. DOOR PAN- and all interior trim of n car ''™ ^ ^ Uly l ° J '° Ur ' Car *»" **» co) °«" "Pliolster- ngec feVKKYTIIIXG T..IK.OKED TO FIT AND INSTAILFI) AT NO KXTKA COST So fconomize ana* Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive i,, u ,,<ier the sign "ALto Top Shop- and blow for service. Sunday anrl Monday | 'Tarzqn and the Huntress'' with ] Johnny Welssmullcr. TJrcnila .loyce, ( '.lobnnf Shefricld Warner News and Shorts |T» clorltd) TAG MATCH BOB vs. LESTER WELCH ond ROY WELCH ALSO 2 1-FALL, 30-MINUTE MATCHES Bob DeMarce Y*. Lester Welch Bill Canny Roy Welch New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVKKV NIUI1T Box Opens Week D.ITJ 7:00 p.m MMinre Saturday ,V Suiirl:iy Sal.-Sun. 1 p.m. Com. Showing Tonight "Stage to Mesa City" »ith Al "Lush" l.aitur and Al si. John Selected Shorl Subjects Saturday Owl Show i "Time Out of Mind" j •' wilh I Robert Million and Klla Raines j Sclecled Shorts i Sunday ant) Monday \ "My Wild Irish Rose" j with I Dennis Morgan anil Andrea King Selected Short Subjects empty . . . NO heavy weight lo o round! Geh oil the v*oy under low furniture. Cleans rugs like magic. fiom floor lo ti. ceiling. Guoranfeed to picV op dog hair. Comple'* _) wilh oiiothmentj for v/a *jng, mothproofing, ipi oying, See il, today! REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION OF THIS FINE HOME CLEANER. OUR SALESMAN WILL CALL ON YOU! Appointments Kvenings • Kasy Terms

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