The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1J!l1 OOAHNAN'l NKWSPAt'l-.'U OK NORTHUAa'l AKKANSAR »N,I o^,„,.,,, * m T » *^— ' VOL. XL1V—NO. 2G8 Blylhevllle Courier Blytlieville Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader niylhevlllc Herald Stormy Session Looms Over Rent Control Proposal Minneapolis Mayor I Critical of Author Of Extension Plan WASHINGTON. Feb. 7 (UP)— Mayor Hubert H. Humphrey of Minneapolis today described a proposed Republican rent control ex- lension law as "a mockery" and its author "Home Wrecker No. 1 of 1948." Humphrey said that unless Sou. Harry p. Cain, R., Wash., principal author of the bill, modifies the pio- posed legislation he "will quulity as home wrecker No. 1 of 10-18." The mayor, who Is vice chairman of Americans for Democratic Action, made known Ijis views in a letter to Chairman Charles w. Too. ey, R., N. If., of the Senate Banking Committee. The banking committee began considering the bill yesterday after it had been aprovcd by Cain's subcommittee. But the full committee delayed action until Feb. 16 when several of the proposals sparked sharp disagreement in the committee. Cain was instructed to bring back revised recommendation 1 IV controls expire Feb. 29. Humphrey said "the record be fore the Gain subcommittee i_ packed with testimony 1 ' InclicatlK" -the vital necessity for extending an effective rent control law." He said the subcommittee reporl is 'flagrantly at variance with thi evidence" and 'based upon the narrow vested interests of one speci.i group.' He urged that the committee con. 4£ sidering the proposals, 'discharge "the subcommittee and take the mat ter In Its own hands and write . law consistent with needs of thi people." Humphrey wants the present rent control law extended and strengthened. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans were considering an emergency 30- day extension of the present rent law to keep controls on while they agree on a permanent extension. However, Cain said he did not think a stopgap extemsion would be necessary. He said he WES hopeful of getting the bill through both houses by Feb. 2g if the banking committee approves It on Feb. 16. Tobey said, he was thinking seriously; 1 rjf a. temporary extension. .. ended rent cemng* ehtirety.'&r'sev- ernl major cities and permitted higher rents In others. * West Coos* Gets Taste of Cold Weather (By United Press) / Two separate cold waves were sweeping into the country early today, one West of the Rockv Mountains in the North Central States. The cold air mnss moving along the West Coast came out of Alaska carrying with it a heavy snow and rain storm. Forecasters said it threatened to engulf the citrus groves of Southern California. The other cold wave cnnie down from the Yukon. Already it was creeping- Into the D.ikotas. The Weather Bureau said it would push temperature? down to five below zero at Chicago by tomorrow night. The new frigid blasts from the North threatened lo increase consumption of the nution's critically short supply of gas and fuel oil. The coldest spot in the country loday was at Butte, Mont., already .feeling the first eflecls of (he fast-Kern cold wave. The mercury there %f hit 20 below zero. Minot. N. D.. reported 12 below Los Angeles 39. San Francisco 34' Scuttle 30. New Yul'k ]8, Albany 'our below and Concord, N. H Is below. Forecasters said the cold air sweeping the Middle West would cover all the area as far cast as Ohio by Sundoy. It would continue eastward, they said, but probably would moderate. CAA Threatens to Ground Pilots Involved in Plot WASHINGTON. Pel,. 7. (UP) Four pilots who allegedly flew two surplus B-24 bombers in a "revolutionary" plot against Venezuela may be permanently.grounded when they are returned (o this country. Officials of the Civil Aeronautics Administration said the men were being flown from Puerto Cnbozas Nicaragua, to New Orleans FBI agents, CAA officials and state department representatives want to question them. The two planes and their crews were seized at Puerto Cabezas ac_ cording to Ouillermo Sevilia Sas- ,fftcasn, Nicaragua's ambassador He ' s.iid 27 "Vcnc/Melan revolutionaries" also were taken into custody. Tne planes reportedly were lo be used to "bomb" the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. CAA officials identified two of Ihe pilots fts Harold Snow and Charles PavJicefc, Jr. They did not disclose their home towns. The plane.-; reportedly took off from Bush Field, Augusta, Ga., on Jan, X, under Mlse clearance pi- Gen. Eisenhower Relinquishes High Army Post WASHINGTON, Peb. 7. (UP)— Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower, who steps down today : ls army chief of staff disclosed thnt he 'will forego a fishing vacation (o begin work Immediately on his memoirs Eisenhower told a farewell n»ws conference at the Pentagon Hint he wanted to "provide some security for my family," "Ike" said that he would begin writing ills memoirs in Wash- mglon. He hopes in get n good start before he reports' to Columbia University to become president on June 7. Gen. Omar N. Brnd- le y succeeds Eisenhower today. Eisenhower's news conference was held shortly before the formal ceremony at noon In which Bradley took over. Ike said he might get away for three or four days In Florida fishing but most of his time will be spent In and around Washington writing his memoirs. And, he 5;l ld with a laugh, he has no civilian clothes yet except a prewar dinner Jacket. GOP Senators Study Tax Bill Some Democrotic Support Needed To Override Veto By Dayton Moore United I'ress Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. ';. IO.P.)— Republican senators already have put congressional staff experts lo work figuring out how lo trim the House-approved {a.500,000000 tax reduction bill, it was learned today. However, Senate GOP leader, have not agreed on the size o the tax slash or a way of trim ing the House figure. Most speculation among both Republicans and Democrals centered around 54,600,000,000 as the figure the Senate U most, likely to approve. But some GOP sen- ?i?™ have hQ1>es of making It $5.000,000,000 or higher Republicans said that even a $6.500.000,000 tax slash would be Justified by the legislative budget, approved yesterday. 44 to 16 bv a Senate-House committee. 15 Democrals Votes Needed The hitch is lhat. the Republicans need about 15 Democrat! Senate to override th_ v . _ critia) velo pf theii - v • • .•'" ' ' -'•'•' e *'a. . ;.'.-rhpcraUc senatotr. have said that a cut a •rtretmd--$4,00,000.000 would be the most they would support, Republican leaders said 'the Senate would take up the joint legislative budget committee's recom mendalions on Feb. 17. Debate was expected to be brier with approva probable the same dny.' The joint committee set a fw"*" 8 ceilillB of S^'SM.oao.oao UK NQimtKAS'l AUKANSAS AND SOUTUKAS'l MISSOURI JlL Y -'l'!l^ 1 '.''' K • _ AU _ K _ A JJ SAS ' 8ATU1UMY, KKBKUARV 7, 1<)I8 TKN I'AC'KS Tnis was 52.500.000,000 less thai President Truman's estimate. The committee estimated a surplus of 510,100.000,000 at present tax rates Agree N'ecil [s "Obvious' Without making any specific recommendations on taxes 'the joint group stated that the' new for lax reduclion Is "obvious " Meanwhile, Chairman Eiificnc D Mlhkm, R.. Colo., said his senate Finance Committee would start hearings on the tax bill Feb. 23 He said lie expects the sessions to be brief, but that "anyone wil be heard who wants to be." He said sccrclary ol Treasurv .Join W. snycler and other treasury officials are the only witnesses ii Prospect so far. The bill is scheduled to be taStr-i to lhe Senate floor immrdikteVj followmg action o,, t,,e European recovery program. Chairman Robert A. rail of ,|,c senate Repub- hcan Policy committee said he h "P e f '»"' can be disposed of b> April 1. Miss Truman Christens New Barge Line Towfcoot NEW ORLEANS. Feb 7 (Up, Mrs Harry s. Truman and Mar- t:.rc, Trurran boarded a yacht lor the Ayondale Shipyard across in- Mississippi River from New Orleans today to christen a new Fed- eraI Barge Line towboat the "Harry Truman." They arrived last nijjht by automobile from Biloxi. Muss sipped into a private entrance of the Roosevelt Hotel at ih» becin- ninR of a Marti Gras parade Miss Truman came down, flanked »> tu-o secret service men this morning to hold a pre,« conference But her mother remained behind m Iheir snile and did not leave until it was time to board the New- Orleans dock board Yacht Goc~' ixciijhbor and leave for Avondale. Dixie Governors Open Conference Minus Fireworks South-Wide Revolt Plans Due to Be Discussed Later By Jaek llarvoy Unileil Press Slafr ('(.rre.spoiitlonl WAKULLA SPRINGS. Tin., r-Vb 7. (UP) — A jMtf-ntinUy-cxpIosivi- conference of Southern governors Dpeiied loday wil |, Oov . PiL .| <lhli , I wrlght of Mississippi due to plcnd for an oignnixcd South-wide revolt mainst Preside-ill Truman's civil •Iglils program. Despite efforts ol Severn! Soiilh- •rn chief executives here to dis- luudc him, Wright said he ivoiilil iffer as soon as possible after the conference opened a strong rc.solu- lion calling for an All-South mcet- Inp. to protest Mr. Trumnn-.s nc- tion. informal remarks before the iieetnig ojit-nrct nl 9 a.m. EST today led to indications that a majority of lhc nine Dixie governors attending would give Wright's resolution a cool reception. Wright declined to reveal delails of his plan. Source.s close to lhc governor said the resolution would likely ask representative.? of all Southern stales from Texas to the Atlantic to meet nt Jackson, Miss., to frame nn answer to the President's stand on civil rights. ft was learned that nt least one governor, and possibly others, met with Wright last night in an effort to persuade him lo keep tlio uiirnlw party issue out ot this meeting. Hul Wright wns adamant nnd snld just before lhe session opened Hint lit- vvns ready for action. Wright previously has advocated, that the South secede from the National Democratic Party unless the administration does an about face on legislation would uproot Southern traditions. He was not expected to advocate that course today "except ns n last resort.' Wright woulc favor sending delegates to the Democratic National nominate a Southern "favorite son- tor the presidency instead of Mr Truninn. Should that move fail H wn> understood Wright would then lav- or the South bolting the convention nnd holding n "Dixie" convention to name a Snothern candidate lo oppose Mr. Truman Meet To Discuss Education Today's conference had been scheduled lor weeks to set up plans ID- regional colleges in the Soiit"""* the purposn of raising the lc,v,-,-m education facilities for both Neero and white students of the region It wns just this week that the intra-party feud over •nntl-SoiHIi- ern legislation was projected hit; the picture by theii President's civil rignts message lo Congress. Mr Tru man asked for laws making lynch ing n federal crime, outlawim. Poll tax and "Jim crow" scg'r lion on interstate carriers Ciov. William P. i.,a, le O r Marv . l..nci r cnairman of lod-iy's confercnc^ Jiiici Oov Mlllr\rd P f^ni i 11 Florida, chairman of the Bronp°s education committee, are anxious Nosedive by Commodity Market Proves Puzzle for the Experts H> AUSTIN C. WKIIKWK1N lhilu-,1 I'rrss Staff 1'oire.iHindont WASHINGTON, Keb. 1. ,u.P.)-Di-. Edwin O. Nourse. cluilrmai, ol Iho President's Council of KcoiiorWo Advisers, sivld lodny the lhe pro,; ram already nrrnngeri. ^" V1 ' r ." ors aPP-irently were rendj |,> K , V( . tjll . ri , , « f approve i,, ,,, c , ,„„ ,, v t; 1 ,; 1 .'II stales O f , hc Smll|l to establish region" finances The S10.OflO.000 Mcharrv iilso prepared lisl.s of facilities'-IVT-:- ablc m their states for <;,.,',,, "„' intf. ' ' 'J.uii- "w-iiilnV""' 01 '" 01 "' '" c;i>n !:»!M were U-c'HHr^'''™'^' '»'«*™orl» ,„'„,;,, ,':,-° nlakc .cooperative agree- by two icvolt plnii—;; menu iinnncing Hie ?*..,„„> "l"?!l! wos reportedly joined pixie governors in his "ancy of Arknn- '« wil, seek the JS^S rientinl nominal ion before ^h"™" C ' CCli " ecl to ''""''"enl ueiore lhe meeting on Wrl^hi's .saying only that "I am Democrat and always wiil ' > Weather Arkansas forecast. Cloudy and warmer today with rain. Mostly cloudy and colder tonight with showers in lhe Southeast portion Cloudy and colder Sunday. Minimum this moriiing_32 Maxium ycslerday—37 Sunset today—5:35 Precipitation, 24 hours io i im. loday—none Total since Jan. I—1.15 Mean temperature imidwav between high and low)—34.5 Normal mean for Feb.—43 4 This Dale Last Year Minimum this morning—2B Precipitation, Jan. i to this dale —I.It r " In the role of uc. H was linker apparently after 'nil...= .o change the Mississippi QOV- ernors mind thnt Thompson istucn V h , mctlt Ia5t n '8ht. He said that hP.»°L 1 Dcmocra tic Party would be even more unwise than Prcslriei.i Truman's civil right, action '• Alter the session started thLs morning the governors went into executive session to consider re-"""notations of the Mucatio'n •Sec IHMK KKVOI.T on P.,,!c 10 New York Cotton NEW YOHK, Feb. 7. CUP) _ Close steaciy. open high low close M:lr . 33SO 3300 Htso ;J3 8 8 *'"S' 3.103 3397 33 63 3394 • lul y 3315 3344 3315 3310 ° Kt .1110 3128 3103 3120 050 »»8A 1097 3080 3003 Spott clos« 34«0; up 43. SINGLE COPIES sel is adoplcd a policy of "wiUchfu! mmodity market nosedive. The council's "sit tight" polic/ lhe pntlerii for economists tliroiittluiul the Kovernmenl. They me hoiitng lhe market break Is n •Ilinnl lhal ilit cap Ins been put on the Intuition spiral, but me nwnit- IIIR further developments bi-furc rei-ummondinK nny now policies.'s cuimcll, which is Prtsl- ilcm Truman's top economic staff, does not plan u speclnl reporl. The next regular report is due at the end of Mnrth. when Nonrsc nnd his colleagues will draft a set of OTlfldenttul recommendations lor .he president and his'cabinet. .Srni-«-l:ii-.v <if Aj;rl<:iilliirc C'llntan I'. Anderson .said of (lie market lirnik, "it's too fast for mi.." "I dnn't llilnk :« »uul umlrr- sUnds it," he -ildcd. On caplliil hill, CJialrnuli Clifford II. ||o|»., K., Kan., of the House /Uriciildiri! C'aninillti-r, snld he'd lie "sin-prised If Ibe mart doesn't Imunrv back." "There doesn't seem to be iuiy- .. in Ihe general picture lo ju.-- tify n big drop," Hope snld. 'There still is ii big demand for wheat 1 don't think wheat prices were out.oi line b>il the price of corn was. Whin the government begins to buy agnln I look for the prices to stiffen." The Agriculture Department reported that one probable reason for the decline In ginin prices Is that farmers are kiHlirj; livestock and nonltrv intim,. 11.,.., them ... „ nt,ii,,ft rflVCOtlAJt uid poultry rather thnn feeding hem on high-priced grain. Optimism lor world whenl supplies Is anotlier factor, the department .said Cliafrinan Jesse 1'. Wtileott. it Mich., of the House Hunklng (Jlln- mitlei., said r : market slump may he. the "jlahi.iiinir recession we'v» all been looklnr for for some months." H'olcotl said he r,, W cls some decree „! stnbl|| l;1 ,| oll ,„ >flle of Ibc nilmlnlstratlou's policies Suggestions by ndinintsti-nlion economists that the prospect of lower prices would cool off" labor's cam- pnign for n third round of wage increases «- as i| rmly (1 | SCOUI , (ed ,„ labor circles. Union lenders pointed out that prlues arc so high that It would take a drnstic decline lo tak" the steam oul of lhe wage drive AryiiesE Joy Wickens. assistant! coiiunissioMer of the Bureau ol Labor statistics, said that agency wnnis to watch the genera! trend e genera tr before attempting to evaluate It lo «« tort ' the on the riH-ent .slock iind Fertilizer Plants Sought by Co-Ops Arkansas Farmers Get Proposal at Litrle Rock Meeting LITTLE ROCK. Ark,, Feb. 7 IUI>) —Lenders ol Ihe ArJiim.-fiis Hirm llurc:»i Co-oin-iulivi- wen. preparing lodny to |>n\«'nt n st .( ( ,| Ilni , posals lo the cmirc membership nt lieli- iimmal nm -iin K at Llm ,. i ior k loday. which would'be. in elli-et a '"' for vslnbUsluncnl of' n cooperative kMlllizer svs- tem. The proiKisals are: Thai lhe orgnntauion proceed will> » ferlilizcr plnnt. building pro- 'I'twt lhc plant or plants be located in the areas dclcrniined by the amount of stock subscribed by farmers in each nren; That the capacities' of lhc plnnls be not limn 15,000 tons nnd thai lhe maximum bo determined by the number of fanners subscribing to end, pnrtl7ulnr plnnf Thai each plnnt survi! all members farmers within 100 miles. The Co-Op rcpre.scnliitlve.s yes- tcrdny heard .Joe C. Hindln vice presldcnl of the Farm Unreal. Federation, urge (hem to wort ivm, nls orgnnlzallon lor lhe good of iU| Arkansas fnrinei-j. 6-25 Crashes Near Jasper Five Men Die HARRISON, Ark., Fob. 7. (UP) —Five crew members of a Il--2f "rmy bombtr were believed klllei 1 W'hen lhe plane crushed Inlo a fog- shrouded mountainside near Jus- Per. Ark., nnd hurst Into flnmc Stnte Police placed R j,m,',. ( around lh c wreckage until armj investigators arrived from Barks, .dnle Field In Shrcveport, I, ;l Tin SZZJSZ "S^Si-ffi?? 1 * '" lc ! (i Balk At Increasing Total for ERP 'Revrsionist' Movement Leader Says Truman Askings "Too High" U.V .lltllll 1:. Stf-t'll' (UniU'd l-ii'ss Slaf rorresiioiiih.iiti WAHHJNtiTON, 1-Vb. 7 Itfl'i I'lialf HepublH-nll Whip Ki-niu'tl, y. Wlierry, n leader of ti». "ivvis. lonlsl" movement, said liidny lhe ndmhilslrnllou's proposed new M - :<a:i,uilo,fU)0 IUH-IKH nld pniKuiin is "oul ol tin 1 inH-slion." "The Ami'iiniii pmiili. can't ^(,,,.,1 lhal." ho until. "It Is nn Impo^tlili- iiiiiiinil for this economy.' The J!l.:i:i;l,()lll),i,(ll) | s „' irvl-ii'd es- Imnle of foietKii spt'iidlnit for lhe IS months iM'KinnlnK April I H represents nn lm-rei\..:e <,[ $i>!iU,nm nun'iiver (hi. ftgiiri-s b'y I'li'slilenl Trimuin n inonlh HKO In his builRrl nii-.'SMKi-. The Stale IV-pailini'iil iiiudi' llu- now fluuira pulill,- | US ( nlKhi. - n ,,. v Include $0,lloll.l)«0,00n lor lhe Ku- rnprnn recovery proi'inm, and $;,,'(! - OOO.IXK) for nwiislnnre I,, china - nlmost twice us much ns KIT of Klnle Cii-iiivi; O. Murshnll : .v-*^-"- J«ld the price break in gnMm might not « fell in thrs family budget, for ns long as three months. Perishable foods, such ns fresn vcBet.ibles, would probably show tin- Iirst drop, bureau economists think Any drop in food prlnes would brlni; down the cost of living „ )0 ,> t ,cent drop in food prices would mean n lour per cent decline In the cost ing index because food prices ' mountain. due In . - --. — —~ »>^7 wu*ii see tin oodl« of two men In the buiiiln, wreckage. Pails df. al lenst one olh cr body were scattered over llu rugged moimtninsldc. Two arm- officers' cnp.s wore ncnrby. Residents of thp nrcn snld the- could henr the plane flying unr.i minutes before tliey heard' tin Into th c 2,300-foot, round top mountain. Newton County Sheriff Rnsscl Burdine and Sgt, D. O. Wilson am Patrolman Wnync Hyden or th State police reported tlwt n eerie of explosions two hours after th kept them back from til plane. The officers organized a scare • up 40 per cent of lhe index City Begins Installation of Traffic Lights The first of lh e eUy's new system of stop lights were in operation today at the intersections of Mil in nnd Division anil Fifth nnd Chicka.s-awba. Installation of stop light at 20 other Intersections will be made n-s materials, still arriving, become available. flic city plans to Install the liglils at lh e following intersections.• ^ All intersections from Lilly to Fifth, Inclusive, on walnut Main and Ash streets. •siCt'h i "? cct ! <1 " s from Broadway lo i The tournament"will be held here Sixth Streets, inclusive, on Chick- Feb. 2G-28 in the high school «vm- i, ™- , > 'laslum. The Blytlieville lllctli ».,i r, Rml SlXlh SlrMls "'IK"-, School bid for the tmirnr-v «-,.., .V. "'r ,. I 10 ° l»i' «-nt of the i;i ,te receipts Iwcnty-dr.u ,,nd Mnln StrecL-r. IC.M cost* of trophtes. officials' pay'. The si-rnnl previously locale,! nl I meiils and gain., balls. The net pro- Maii) and Division has be. n chang- : reed, will Ko lo lhc County Alt,. r<! and th e iichl nl Chlckasawba letlc Association nnd Division also Will be changed. The Class ii lournev was :,wnrd- n.,tallnt.on is being supervised by! ed lo Osceola on the sam, bid wit), cue Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. the exception thnt. thc host school Pnrty nnd located the wreckage after picking their ha/ardons way up the hcnvlly-woodcd nnd Ice- ginned peak. They said it was possible thnt sonic of the nirn were thrown clear of the v.rccknsje. Class A Missco Cage Tourney To Be Held Here The class A county basketball loirriifiriicnl was nwariled to lllv- thcvill e today at a merlins of tile Mississippi county Alhlctir Asso- I clntton in Luxorn. Mrs. E. M. Cobb Dies In Home of Daughter Fiinen.) services for Mrs. E. M. Cobb. 12. who died at the home 01 her daiighicr. ,\i rs . Roy Oaincs. at today Church by Ihe Rev. Daniel fitaf-1 ford, pastor. The body was sent loj Shawnee. okln., for liurial, i will lurrilsh the game balls. Tlic county girls basketball tournament and the junior boys louiney also were awarded to Osceola. ADilctlc Director Firman Bynum nnd Basketball conch ,lames i-'ish- t-r represented Ulylhr-ville al lhe meeting, which wris presided over . . , by Superintendent C. \, B f'"c.ay were condnctrd | VVihon. chairman of |l v a at [he First. Na/arcnc' tlon ol Funeral Rites Sunday here for the past year. She is survived by two sons, C. , . E Cobb and K. M'. Cobb Jr of . . Dlyilievllle; three daughters. Mrs. Catties of Blytlieville. ThrclKcId of Yuma, Mis Ariz.. and i i n Mrs Kate Hancock, age 76. died yesterday morning, 11:45 a t Walls Hospital", where she had bwn 111 (or several days. She had made 's Grain Market Steadies; Few Gains Noted ol Wherry snld ri-pn- i-ntnllVi the Scnntc. "revisionist" mxnip ,„-.,lo meet today wllh Chninnun Ai- Ihui II. VandenbeiK »f lhc Ki'iuile l-'oreldii Uelatluns CJiuninillcc to talk over poslblc chiiniji's in Kill'. other to spi'DdlllK fliiurcs nnd miike drnstic cluinues In the M plan us K iinw stands. At n mcclliiL; Insi. nlt-hl. lhe vroui mirced on several amendments' bill failed lo rcneh ncrnrd un nn overall figure for the Mist 1ft month. ol ER1 1 . The new spending estlmnlc' Wl^^ made by the stulu Uupnrlnient In resiiiniMi- lo II,,. Si-nnle Foreign lie- liilfons Commlllec's ri'tpiesl for u bnluncc sheet of cx|iriidllim>.s.hi FII- rope nnd elseivherc. II wns the first would nsk lo official liidlfiitlnii of how niiitii lhc athnhiislrntl China. Some licpnblioins In both' Hon-n- nnd Kcnnle hnvo denounced whill Ih-y cnllcd the admlnl.strntlon's e[. for.s lo posljiom; n| ( | | c , tjluiniK Ki,i ahek's nnlliinnllst novi-rnmt-nl IUH'J ERP is nniJcrwiiy. He|i. Waller II. .ludd, R., Minn., nnd others Imve dc- ninnilrd thnt lielp lie sent to Chln.i ns soon ns pos-lblc. Lewis W. HmiglBs. u. S. nmbnssn- cor to Great Urllnln who | B | llll)(l . llnir lhe fru-elcn nld proi-ra,,, S:I I<1 thi; $570,1)00.011(1 i,,,- Chin,, wotilti Uc the "probable" nmoiint asked Hiu he enipliuitlxpil Hint „ request of Uml mniinltiule hns noi y c i been npimvctt by 1'rcsldcnt Truman Meanwhile, Senate llepubll'ruii li'nilevssel March 1 for lhc bepinnlm- of debale on K\u>. Tin- ]i ; ,,,' k -r.shlp hopes to i-omplelc action l,v (|,,. April I dendlljie m-g c d by tlic prcsi- < tlU> '>- A '"'yini* «,.„,„ f lltm . L .. s lo ,| ll developed t , at Uonnl ol -| ,•„,!„ opcnod ro of Saturday )im or IK.IIIJ, to $J.lj-5.ii cellla u bll- Mii'i, :IIKHU nri eenls under the nll- Iliue lilKh of tin,-i. weeks nra While liu- li-ndi-rs wero jelline lhc Mny dehvei-y henvlly oihi..,. s worc buyhiit i:orn ft,,- delivery In ixwm- licr, nppnrenlly on lhe belief that Ihe mnikrl. wns du,. („ icvcrw ILs isc'lllve. Ui'ci'inb.'i- <-(ini o|ienei| up a.s muc-li H-, rum- ,,,,|,(. s n inishcl hlnh- Iliiin v e.-iti-rd:iy, All n;it s [ulnres Manila Bank Gets Charter; To Open Soon U'lTI.K HOCK. Ark . Keb. •'.. (UP) In iepirniljer nnd D'ecembci shot up n.s imich ,.,s 7|» ci'llls over Kridny'd closlni; price. Tlic .slock market, In New York also sK'ndled nroiiiul I'Vlilny's c'lo-ii- ill (lie <>PI'II|IIL> today. 'I'll" mixi-d Iri'ini In thn K raln |ills liii|l,-nln! I In- |,r,.nk I'linin Inn fnsl for Mm Iriiih'rii ti> analj.o II. H .M'l'r.ufil Ilkrly Unit Serri'lary i>f Acrlrnlliirn <,'tliit<iti r. Anilrrsmi nns rlnlil when | U1 "I llim't llilnk n 5m it ini.U'r- slimils II." Knc-h I'.vperls ns Dr. Kdwln (I. Nonrsc, rlndiinmi of I lie di'nl's Council of,. Keoimmle Ailvl- M'L'B. nnd Aryni'ss ,loy Wli-kein, assist nnt eiinimlKslniii-r of Hit Itiin-iin of Labor Slnllslirs, ..nld they would liuvi.- lo sec iliu-elops before llllerpri-niiR \Llu> cflci-.ts of the breiik in cnmnuidliles during Uic lonr dnys. Wli-kcn.s .said it Is tiw early to tell what. Hi v effect of the market plum;,, will be on tlio cost of llvln-f. Mi-ninvliilc, lliere were .some ricatlerrd prlivciit.snt lhe relnll level A I. Cleveliuul, tor Instance, Ihe Kroner Clroccij- chain iinnouilrcd that lieKlnnliiK Monday It would cut lhc pi-Ice of n .20-armci! limf of breud IK. one cent. Klour millers previously announced lhal Ihey were rediicini; llu-lr pliers nt, n result of lhe decline In the wlipnl iiuolullinis on tlii ;i -blj! commoiHly mnrkel.s. ' 'A mokosmun for the Oli-vrlnnd Provlnlon Gonipiiny snld wholcsnln prices on some cyt.-; of tracon were beiim cut 20 i-ci- cent, pork loins four lo five cenl.i n pound, nnd henvk-r liiini;. 111 eenls n |lom:d. Kciniinnlst KIIKIT \V. U.ihMin, u-br, iierjiiutely iirtiiHcleil tbe ID2H slock mnrki-t crnsh, ivurnril Ibnl the downward trend musl ron- llmi(. or tlu: wnrM'M ei-olitiiny u-iiiild er:i>lt hi nlHitller clciircs- slim. Koine eilles repoiled rcilucllims In pilirs nn both miMil and (lour. Experts snld lhe decreases mliihl be duo In ihe i.-ommndlty mnrkcls slumps bill, added "It's loo early to lell." A relnll food association spokesman nt Chieiu J ,o said n spot check showed Unit bacon—usually sensitive to livestock market, prices— dropped llvi; crnls a Jioilnd ill Illitfh- LT shops y,.'sti:liliiy. IIov.'evi'l',\ I-L;^S JUKI bulti'i- r«imiliK'd i-ssentinlly im- ihniiHcd nlilioiinh iiu-y usually t'ol- Palestine Issue Heads for Debate UN Security Council Schedules Meeting Portioning Problem l-AKE SUCCF.SS, N. Y Fcb 7 (UP)—TJiu United Nutions Security Couneil lodny cnllcd a Monday me.HliiK to debate lhe Palesline pnrlillon prosiam and hoiv lo eii^ l-iixe II. Honip UN clrc-lM .incculAlccI that the mcolliiB would plunge the council hilo n bntllc over the vio- Ifiicij now prevailing in the Holy TIKI '""' " lc srowll| B IH'essurc for u UN army lo keep the pence, nnd bnrt up the UN Pnleslinc Commission. Mom,. Security Council members irjKiiledly hoped | o pigeonhole the issue alter a brief discussion until uiler Ihi.s month, oen. A. G L Mc- Niuit-liton of Canndn, current coun- c 1 iHc.sMcnt, wns one of Ihesc anil olliers were believed lo include dcl- cpile.s of the United Stnles and Great Britain. However. llus.sln, critical ot Britain s deflnncc of parts of lhe UN unrlltlon pronriim, mny press for full debntc of lhc .s'lluntlon as re- porled lo thc council by the Pal- nsllne Conmilsslon. Another knotty problem was laid, opun for UN debute, meanwhile when tin- "Liitic UN Assembly" decided to discuss the. failure of the UN Korean Commission lo prepare fw Spi'lmr. elections in Korea. The blltlc Aiwi-mlilj-," boycotted by thn Soviet bloc, will meet on Fcb '* lo discuss (lie Korean probloni "in tlu- Iliiht of missia's relusal to nd- inlt the UN to the Northern Zon« ot Korea The ."tittle Assembly" was cit- peclcd'lo recommend Dmt the Korean •Commission proceed anyway with election of a government In till! Southern zone occupied by US forces. .. , u , , - -TJie Mcrehnnls nnd Planli-is llntlk I Iow " 1P commodlly nuirkcts elcisrly , ............. " " >..»... I.', li.lul^ of Manilii. and tlic sti.ic Hank of Leslie wcri' Ihs newest chnrtrred batiks In lhe state lorbiy. The fhiiilcrs ol both were au- pri.ved nl n iiit-cllnj: of (he Arkun- sns lliinkini; Conmilssion in Llttk- fiock Ii. A. 't-Jcxl wi-ek will tell lhc slory," he snld. Halt Luke City rrtullrr.s said Ihey . e mae her home with one of her sons eye. Ariz., and Jennie Poor of and Mis. Laura Kcnton. Tenn. t srs. Newbern. Tcnn. Duncan during thc coming year ContrIbulIons announced dny follow: , - .,.,«„. llv i,- Millie n. Allison... •~ t ed tomorrow, a o'clock al the New J - Q- ( "ob> Barnes Liberty Church, by the' Shetljurnc IJrower Ticv, w. c. -Stewart, pastor of lhe ! MrE - p «'arl linker commission chairinnn fJunklnn commission officials cs- liinnu-d Mint, il wmild lake ihese were u number ol state nnd Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. rcrju- Inion.s to be mel. Thf Manila [jnnk lists n.«si Is of SliO.COO. Inch « $riO.OOO cnpital and . . 110.000 siii-plus. .Icwrl Tea Co. snld II also planned The iiliinr.s are (j. K Smdi.r, in lnwi-r Iind prlcr.-s fuur tenls.; Ril.-y u. Jinu-s. viie! l-'lnur millers nl Ihillalo, N. Y. pn.sidi-nl and i:a.s)nrr: nnd Km- siiiil ((llolilllons mi Kent-nil IKIU.VC dall liclij, n. ,1. MrKinnoii K t; i.'.i.i ,» - ..r -i '." -r — Fireman and .Vlnx [I. Isnn'cs, 'rti- rcclors. The f.eslii.- bank lists S-!0,ooo ns- scl-s, inchidiiiK SJ.i.lXX) ca]iital. $10,000 surplus, anil $3,000 undivided profils. Its olfims are Rex Killcbiew. prisidenl; Arthur .). SiOKCl, vice prcsidiMit: nnd .1. Vm:d Hlair. Wil- Jt.'tm H«.;,-cr and l>-mc 'Ilujiuii.s, di- Stock Market Shows Signs Of Rallying NKW YORK. Feb. 7. (UP)— The stm-k mnrket turned higher today allor live consecutive sessions of declining prices but lhc advance wns only n l.cchnlcnl reaction to a. period ol sharply tower prices. Ifyr.very wns by Ihe r..iiii.ii<i.»d erratic price behavior of coni.rodliy iiini-kcts nnd the widespread doubl whether this week's slmHI break In prices of commodities nnd securities marked the •Mart or ii retreat from record high living cosl.s. ••MH-t-ieu imuc 10 <mm wiinin „ ' . '" "'" tol "»' od lty markets cot- in'i-k. Jinni Ml <ilf f,l"<viil» n pi'iiiul i " I " OV( '' 1 '"' " s ""'-'th ns SI ,1 bale or imjf hnm^fllng"^ ^"'cenls";, j \^l e rTf^\ c ^ 0 ^ sale '•.";:• A. *. 1'. Hioccry chain said '„" .IJJTrkS""* 0 * i!Kk ™ r<>S '° " rakC ,1 would nil lhc price of ID-pound [ o ,i lhc "bi(t taard" here steel sacks in I on,- loin cenlsoi, Monday j mil,,,„<, „„„ LtC,r shnros "ed lhe and thjil 11 ind .-..diiced l.'.r.l prices i .,,,,,,11 upswing. Gains In tlic steS four ,-e,,,s since Wednesday. I Bro ,,p rnneed lo ncnrly /pS^ HoK-i'Vi-r. an A. ,t p. spokesman YomiBStowu sheet fc Tube with S |,'. r ! ',"' : s | wc ^ lculll , r ,«<•»"">, l'i;'cc j Bctl.Iehmi, Republic and U. s. expected due to the I Steel up ' fractionally. Community Fund, Total Increased to $20,643 Contribution-; to :ho 1957-U1 com- munil.y Client l<> d.-Uo lolnl S2ll,lri:i, lominndity price plunge. it ti> drop even furlhiu- ns a result til llu- fall In prices on the big urain . Santa Po moved up n imijor fraction In tlie rails. Chrysler, Hudson anil Genera) Motors Improved In the motors. The bit; prire lircuks on Ibc major markets cast lliuiis:inds «f in vcslnrs, spcrlihilnrs and persons "Jn Ilic (nicies" millions as (lie riiniinndjlics. trains niul stocks 1'isl Ittcir \nlues. These were Hit- same persons who a few weeks BRO were nccllsed of in.ikiiiK enormous profits on arli- clcs in shorl supply. Many were UyniK lo riiini|7 their holdings but cfiuldn't Tnul buyers. .Sam Hiz/en. owner of -• ^." it in a.,,<-luLni i^i/,ii-i.i.(fii, [ n.'un liiz/cn. owner of Inf 1 ooulh- WoMh D. Holder. Chesl Board sec- ern Illinois Mill Company at Mnr- ii'l.-iry. rcinirlcd .uMerduy. physlxno. 111., said farmers and pro- A tolnl of SliG.TOO is soiwlil, la ', re: :.••,'?, were frce/inir current slocks finance activities of 20 Blytlieville' lo wait for slaliiliwiion or n mar- civic, youth welfare nRcncies ] ket rise. ..„., ,T. ij. .:ii.i;\s.i 11, pa.Moi- 01 me 01 Cole Kirige Church assisted bv the Firemen Called to House On North Broadway Fnemen answered a call lo the residence of Ernest Ray, 511 North Broadway 'his mornine., when sn oil cook 'ivc sol out of control. Only slight damage to the stove resulted. Ill.nn Awning Co. K. F. Cnrni-y __ „ W. O. Crocker J. F. Kills Grot-rry GoIT Hotel. Inc. Ilasson Col ton Co Rev. Russell Duffle, pastor of the New Liberty Church. She is survived by six sons. A. D. Mahan. J. w. Mahan of Dyfss. K. M Marian, H. w. .U.ihun and, „„,,„., H. J, Mahan. all of BIylhcville »nd j C. B. I.unsfoid Adolph If.incock of Atmu.sta. Ark., one daughler, Mrs. Nettie »av of Dye.«. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge and burial will be at the Elmwood Cemetery. Olo Inn He^an Gin Company .. O. S. Hollison Simon Grocery W. L. Tamkc „ Roy Walton lo yc.ster- ...SI.J5 ..15 ...10 ...10 ... & ... 5 ...20 .. .SO ...1(1 ...15 ...25 ...IS ...10 10 Hahsnn saiil tlio current slump m Hie roimmiillly market resulted liom high prices, Men lax*s and fear. "Theio will be a bust and every A session of Common Picas Court will convene In lhe Circnil Courtroom al (lie Court House here Mon- dny morning with County Judge Roland Green presiding. Family Escapes Injury MADISON. N. C., Fcb. T (UP)— A family of Ihrce somehow escaped injury yesterday when a Nor/olJc and Western passenger locomotive jumped Ihe tracks and smashed in.'a (heir combination home and gen- store. Three crewmen were hurt. Southbound Freight Derailed in Corning CORNING, Ark., Fcb. 7[ <U.P.» —seventeen cars of a Missouri Pacific freight train were derailed on a curve in the city limits of Corning this morning. No one was hurt. Tlic train. No. 69, was going south. Officials have given no reason for thc pile-up. year we are selling nearer lo lhc lime for it." he said. •I. O. MrClintoek, executive vicc- ]>u',idcnl of the Chicnijo 13o:ird of Trade, said Ihe federal government vras responsible for the break in commodities. He said traders have • . been uncertain how much grain the.! U.S. feom WlHS , Rovermneiil would export and howi ST. MORITZ, Feb. 7 \UP>—Amer- much would be left in this country i lea's No. 2 bobsled team, driven by 'as a carryover from lhc current; Fr.incls Tyler of Lake Placid rf Y crop. He also said trading was at- earned the U. S. Its third gold m'cdiu fccted by the boost in margins, the Mn the Fifth Winter Olympics today down payments required on grain i when unofficial results g»ve It Ilr4 transactions. I p i Rce m Ihe four-m»n event.

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