Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1966 · 6
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Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 6

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1966
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world MONDAY, JULY 18, 1966. Kim Novak Finds New Beau In Stuart Whitman By Harrison Carroll HOLLYWOOD. Was I right about Kim Novak dating! And will a lot of Hollywood beauties feel grim when they hear who it is Stuart Whitman. He is very much in demand. He and Kim met about a month ago at the Ray Starks' party. Somebody cooked up the idea of them doing a picture together. Kim was in Carmel, so Stu flew up to the Big Sur to talk with her about the script He stayed at a Carmel Hotel for almost a week. He and Kim saw each other constantly. And he drove her back to Holly wood in her station wrgon along with her menagerie two dons, two cats and a mi- nah bird. As far as I know, Stu is the first fellow Kim has gone out with since her divorce from Richard Johnson, who is doing the Rome scene with an Italian starlet. "It's nothing serious," Kim assured me, "but I dig being with Stuart. The chemistry is right. I hope we can find that picture to do together, . Such an annoyance for Claudia Cardinale! When she jetted in from Rome producer Marty Ransohoff and his wife (Claudia will work for Marty in Don t Make Waves wanted to take her to a fancy spot for dinner. She wailed that she had noth ine to wear. She arrived with 12 bags, but the thirteenth which contained 10 evening and dinner gowns from her Rome designer, Nina Rucci, had dis appeared. Subsequently, Claudia found she had left it at home behind a door. Actor Tommy Rettig's wife Dianne, is in Mount Sinai Hos- , pital, severely, injured in The Area's Largest Collection of Bridals 0 Wedding Gowns 0 Bridesmaids' Gowns 0 Cocktail Gowns 0 Formals A beautiful bride in a perfect wedding is one of life's greatest experiences. It is a tenderly held dream, cradled close to every girl's heart since childhood. . . and this is as it should be! a member of the Sally Wallace Bridal Consultant Round Table. For Appointments Phone Hazleton 454-1296 Grace Albano's Bridal House HAZLETON mm ill 4 EUREKA MODEL 238-A Triple-Care Cleaning Action 1. Beats! 2. Sweeps! 3. Suction cleans! Special Dust Bag Design-Keeps bag intake clear for more suction power Vinyl Dust Bag Cover Step-On Toe Switch Adjustable 3 Position Handle Soft Vinyl Bumper All-Metal Construction Lifetime Lubricated Motor FROM $3 $6995 Down Eureka floor care products selected for House of Good Taste, N. V. World s Fair U.L Approved mwam freak auto accident. She had just parked In the Valley when a truck smashed into the side of her car. She suffered internal injuries. She already has hired an attorney to file a damage suit. The acci dent came at a bad time two days before Diane and Tommy were supposed to appear on a CBS TV special. 9 W That Katy Jurado has been very busy girl while in Hol lywood for her Warner movie, "A Covenant With Death." She not only dated Luther Davis, but she has been seeing hotel magante Charles Tracy. They were at Au Petit Jean together. I hear he may fly to Mexico City to see her. Randy Kirby, 23-year-old son of "Candid Camera" host Dur- wood Kirby, is in Hollywood doing a "Girl From U.N.C.L.E." segment. He hasn't been wast ing his evenings, either. He s been seeing one of Hollywood's cutest pussycats, Karen Jensen. Actress Grace Gordon, who used to date George Jessel, told me she and fiance attorney Eddie Byles probablv will be married in August. Byles and an associate recently , tied up 500,000 acres in Panama. No more bitternes between art dealer Gregg Juarez and his ex, British heiress Bobo Sigrist, now wed to Kevin McClory. Their daughter, Bianca, was to fly here from the Bahamas to spend the summer with Gregg. She was to arrive just in time to attend her first big art exhibit, the Gambino show at Gregg's gallery. Incidentally Gregg tossed a farewell party for Betty Spiegel before her departure for New York and Europe. Betty was with designer Luis.Estevez, Gregg with Joan Cohn. . . . Rory Flynn, daugh ter of the late Errol Flynn, was injured painfully when her car was clobbered from behind She temporarily was knocked unconscious. No broken bones, but she had neck and leg in juries. Today's Recioe SWEET AND SOUR PORK CHOPS 5 or 6 1-inch thick pork , ; chops :' ' ;-. Salt and pepper Y2 cup light brown sugar 2 tablespoons prepared mustard 1 whole lemon, sliced Preheat oven to 350 degrees Place chops in single layer in baking dish. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Spread each one with a paste, made by combin ing brown sugar and mustard then top with a lemon slice. Squeeze juice from lemon ends into baking dish. Bake until tender, about 1 hour. 113 North Main St. Shenandoah It ft ! ! : if fl I; In Junior College rmWPH im.iilliWHH'lwp IJII'W"WIII1 A Catherine Ann Millichap Miss Catherine Ann Millichap, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rob ert D. Millichap, 101 East Coal street, Shenandoah, has beenj accepted at Brandywine Junior: College, Concord Pike, wn mington, Delaware, for classes starting September U, l'Jbb. Catherine graduated from Shenandoah High School where she was the yearbook typist. At Brandywine Junior College, Catherine plans to major in the executive secretarial curricu lum. Brandywine Junior College will open on September 12 on the well-known former estate of Titus Geesey. The mansion on the estate is listed in Helen Comstock's book, "100 Most Beautiful Rooms in America." Dormitory accommodations for both men and women students have been completed, and a new $500,000 classroom build ing is under construction. The mansion on the campus will be used as a student union and lounge. TELEVISION PROGRAMS MONDAY NIGHT 3 10 16 28-News 6:00 8 News, Weather and Sports 6:15 16-News 6:30 3 8 22 28 News 16 Maverick 7:00 3 8 28 Twins vs. Indians 6 News, Weather and Sports 10 News 22 News and Weather 7:15 6-News 7:30 6 1612 O'clock High . 10 22 To Tell the Truth 8:00 10 22 I've Got a Secret 8:30 6 16 Jesse James 10 22 Vacation Playhouse 9:00 6 16 Shenandoah 10 22-Andy Griffith 9:30 6 16 Peyton Place 10 22-Hazel 10:00 3 8 10 Run for Your Life . 6 16 Avengers 10 22 Talent Scouts 11:00 All Channels News 11:15 28-Sports 11:25 10-Movie 11:30 3 8 28 Johnny Carson TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 3 News, Weather, Sports 6 Girl Talk 8 Noonday on 8 10 22 Love of Life 16 Donna Reed 28 Jeopardy 12:25 10 22 News 12:30 3 Mike Douglas 8 28 Swingin' Country Music 10 22 Search for Tomorrow 16 Father Knows Best 12:45 10 22-Guidmg Light 12:55 8 28 News 1:00 6 16 Ben Casey 8 Alfred Hitchcock 10-TV 10 Around Town 22 Alfred Hitchcock 28 Highway Patrol 1:30 8 28 Let's Make a Deal , 10 22 As the World Turns 1:55 8 28 News 2:00 3 8 28 Days of Our : Lives 6 16 Confidential for Women 10 22 Password 2:30 3 8 28 Doctors 6 16 A Time for Us 10 22 House Party ; 2:55 6 16 News 3:00 3 8 28 Another World 6 16 General Hospital 10 22 Tell the Truth 3:25 10 22 News 3:30 3 8 28 You Don't Say 6 Nurses 10 22 Edge of Night 16 Mike Douglas 4:00 3 8 28 Match Game 6 Movie 10 22 Secret Storm 4:25 3 8 28 News 4:30 3 Merv Griffin 8 Leave It to Beaver 10 Movie 22 Soupy Sales 28 Ann Sothern 5:00 8 Woody Woodpecker 16 Cartoon Carousel 22 Merv Griffin 28 Lloyd Thaxton 5:30 8 Zane Grey 16-Woody Woodpecker 5:45 I Popeye Theater Receives Grant SWARTHMORE, Pa. (UPI)- Swarthmore College announced Sunday receipt of $125,000 from the Old Dominion Foundation to be used for faculty travel, fellowships, research and writ ing and anv other activity of value in the field of humani ANN Answers Your Problems Not Bashful About Mooching Dear Ann Landers: I am a 16-year-old girl who has a 17- year-old problem. His name is not Derrick but I will call him that. And will you please say we live in High Point, because we really live somewhere else and I want to confuse people. On our first date, Derrick took me to the movies. He paid my way and bought me popcorn. On our second date we went to the movies again and Derrick asked me if I would mind paying for myself because he was short on cash. I said "O.K." He bought the popcorrt. On our third date we went to the movies once more and Derrick asked me if I would mind paying for him, too, because he had left his money at home. I bought the popcorn. Last night was our fourth date. When we approached the box-office he said, "I am broke. How about you treating me?" Your Individual Horoscope By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. For Tuesday, July 19, 1966 MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries) Be guided by past experiences so as to avoid possible errors. Don't be side-tracked by non-essentials and DO stress your sense of values; also, your innate zeal and enthusiasm. APRIL 21 to MAY 21 (Taurus) Venus highly favorable. Your versatility and talent for getting along with people should stand you in good stead now. Restoring, refurbishing, artistic interests generally favored. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) Your energies should be gear ed to a high pitch now but, in your eagerness to get ahead, don't overtax yourself. You can accomplish a great deal but, remember: Easy does it! JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) Generally, this day calls for astuteness. Be careful to neither over-evaluate nor un-der-estimate. Some clever strategy mav be needed in ticklish situations. JULY 24 to AUGUST 23 (Leo) If the first or second try does not succeed, review: Maybe you should change a part or all of vour method. Just do NOT give up a worthwhile goal. AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo) Do not procrastinate in mat ters which demand time and energy. Neither take on extra curricular activities which could clutter your schedule. Don't waste time on trivia, SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra) Look for the best ways to handle your duties: There are always improved methods, devices, implements. And YOU can be the one to devise them. Keeping Footwear Glean Neat, Easy-To-Do Feat Jy ELEANOR ROSS AS with everything- else in the wardrobe, footwear benefits from good care. If shoes for play or dress leisure slippers and sneakers are kept in good, clean condition, they will last longer, hold their shape better, be more comfortable. .' ; Try to alternate wearing shoes, so that each pair has a chance to air at least one day after use. 'Mopping' Out Operation Occasionally dip a sponge or cloth into thick suds, squeeze well to remove all excess moisture, and use it to "mop" out the interior of each shoe. Allow plenty of time for the lining- to air-dry before subsequent wear. White shoe laces should be removed frequently and washed in hot suds. After rinsing, stretch laces taut and hang; up to dry. Don't let a thick layer of polish build up on white leather shoes. Instead, occasionally use a sponge dipped in thick suds to wash the leather. Repeat with fresh suds until no more polish comes off, then rinse with a clean sponge wrung out of clear water and allow to dry thoroughly before applying a new coat of polish. Use Some 'Stuffing' It Is wise to stuff shoes be fore washing either with tissue paper or clean rags, to catch drips that may occur even though you squeeze out the sponge well before use. Never dry leather in bright sunshine, or near any source of heat. Shoes made of fabric, straw or the now, very popular plas tic are also suds-spongeable. For these, whip up dense suds in a small bowl and use a sponge or soft brush to Bkim the "dry" suds off the top; MNDfM I said, "O.K." He added, "Don't forget the popcorn." What do you think of a romance like this? Should I continue? Bricktop Dear Miss Brick: Romance? Derrick likes the flicks and popcorn in that order. And he doesn't seem to be particularly bashful about mooching off a girl, which is really rock bottom. This could hardly be called a "romance." It's a freeloading operation, baby, and you'd better know it. Dear Ann: Please print this letter. It might stop someone else from wrecking his life. My wife's name is Ann, too, so this letter starts just right. I was married less than a year but I drove my wife away because I didn't have sense enough to treat her the way she OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) You can make , headway in most matters, but some con cessions may be obligatory. Do not take on new ventures without thorough investigation. This is no day for acting blindly. NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 fSaeiHsrius) Be alert to all opportunities. You may not attain all that you wish, but day can be more than just satisfying, and can lead to happy rewards soon. DEC. 22 to JAN. 20 (Capricorn) Saturn favorable. If you cannot attain in one way, you can in another. Many "impossibles" are possible now, and you can break past records. Don't underrate small gams, however. JAN. 21 to FEB, 19 (Aquarius) -An especially fine set -up for additional and better-than-an-ticipated earnings.. Planetary influences stimulate your special brand of quick wit, affability and sociability. FEB. 20 to MAR. 20 (Pisces) Express ideas discreetly but firmly. Don't leave stones unturned which may have gems beneath. Take the time to organize a really efficient system: Rewards will be big. YOU BORN TODAY are fair in appraisals of people and projects, yet are not always cognizant of your own possibilities, A striver, you can always play with zest, then step into work shoes quickly with smooth tran sition. You love deeply, but are not always demonstrative; are unusually sensitive. Polite and generous, you may give through sympathy rather than caicuiat ed reasoning. Today's child achieves because "to do" rather than "to watch" is. his motto vet he is a keen observer, .a quiet listener: Birthdate of: Samuel Colt, inventor of firearms. . avoid dripping Water. Then use the "dry" suds to sponge the entire surface of each shoe until clean. Quickly wipe with a spenge or cloth wrung out of clear water, and then allow to dry. Well-Lathered Brush It's a good idea, we've found, to use a well-lathered old tooth brush to scrub the side "wall" of each shoe before polishing any shoes. Repeat this step after the polish has dried. This serves to wipe away any mud or dirt before polishing, and any surplus polish after the Job is completed. Scrub heavy rippled soles often with thick suds and a stiff brush. If the "indents" between the ripples get clogged with mud, these soles lose the grip and traction for which they are designed. Loungewear slippers made of terrycloth or other cotton fabrics, with crepe rubber or plastic soles, are safely hand-washable. Juat squeeze these through, warm suds and rinses. Squeeze out excess moisture after the final rinse, pull into shape and stuff with tissue paper to dry. Simple To Do Sneakers are easy to clean, whether made of cotton canvas, duck or abrasion -resistant nylon cord. Give them a good brushing with a stiff brush and thick suds. For stubborn dirt spots, dip the lathered brush into scouring powder, before scrubbing. After thorough rinsing, pull into shape and hang to dry. If necessary, add a little household bleach to the wash water for white sneakers. Keeping footwear clean Is no great feat but it certainly is beneficial to the shoes and the feet. deserved to be treated. I was too selfish and bull-headed to see what I was doing. Instead of being pleased when others admired her I was jealous and resentful. I must have been out of my mind to say some of the things I did. She never once defended herself or argued. She had the patience of a saint, But she left when she just couldn't take any more. And now I would get down on my knees in front of the whole world and beg her to come back if I thought it would do any good. I know now that it's slow death being without the one you love. Any man who thinks he sees a little of himself in this letter should read it again and ask himself, "Am I doing the same thing?" If you are, and your wife is still at your side, stop it or God help you. Tom D. Dear lorn: You said you would get down on your knees in front of the whole world and beg her to come back if you thought it would do any good. Well, this is what you've done and I hope it helps. Dear Ann Landers: Whenever my husband and I go to a place where there is dancing we end up in a great big fight. . When Ernest dances with other women they are as close together as a stamp- on an envelope. But when he dances with me you could drive a truck between us. Ernest is very jealous and he has made a rule that I can't dance with anyone who is under 40 years of age unless he is a blood relative. He, of course can dance with anybody. Any advice? Two Left Feet Dear Feet: You two are married? . You sound like a pair of 10-year-olds to me. Your husband's rule about blood re iatives is ridiculous and agreeing to such a rule puts you into the same stupid league. Grow up both of you. What is French kissing? Is it wrong? Who should set the necking limits the boy or the girl? Can a shotgun wedding succeed? Read Ann Landers' booklet, "Teen-age Sex Ten Ways To Cool It." Send 50c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. :. In Washington (Continued from Page 4) rogatives in the world. That statement can come only after the Administration takes a hard look at its foreign policy and at those issues that set us apart: from the British. Representative Ashbrook, a sound, wise, and ;calnr' appraiser: the: -domestic; and. .inter- national scene, has repeatedly called on the State Department and on President Johnson to re-examine our policies and to recast them to fit today's cir cumstances. He has asked that the closed minds of our diplo mats be aired by new : ideas. Certainly the day has come when the British tail can wag the American dog- only at the peril of those nations and peo ples who look to the United States for protection and lead ership; To date, the pleas of Mr. Ashbrook and others of like mind in and out of the Congress are being ignored by the Ad ministration and its State De partment. If they are mention-! ed at all, it is only as a means to criticize or belabor those who ask for a dispassionate review of past errors and the substi tution of good sense for bad slogans. The time for this review is now, before this country gets embroiled in "negotiations" that only add to the international mess. With the Vietnamese war going so well, the United States can lead from strength rather than uncertainty and confusion if it wants to. Letter to the Editor (Continued from fage 4) not satisfied. Why? Because there was not an equal distribu tion of the 13 lights installed. I would like to bring also to your attention that many rumors were circulated in regards to the taxpayers suit pending, that those whom you placed your confidence and your finance in this matter left you down. This is not so. Our court case must be heard and written off the court records and whatever way the ball rolls we must accept it. But let us hope it is for bet ter conditions in our borough that we may enjoy like other communities. Signed: Thomas Keefe. New Ribbed Look (HI 846 ;j Welcome Fall with this at tractive jacket; one of many favorites; smart, practical! Fall's newest jacket, entire ly ribbed knit . it yourself. Use sport yarn or equivalent weight in synthetic. Pattern 846: sizes 32-46 included. Thirty-five cents in coins for each pattern add 15 cents for each pattern for lst-class mail ing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Shenandoah Herald 351, Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y, 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Ad dress, Zip. Needlecraft Spectacular 200 designs, 3 free patterns in new 1966 Needlecraft Catalog. Knit, crochet, garments, slippers; hats; toys; linens. Send 25c. NEW! 12 remarkable Ameri can quilts duplicate them exactly from complete patterns in color in new Museum Quilt Book 2. Mainly 2, 3 patches. Quilting motifs. 50c. Send also for Quilt Book 116 complete patterns, 50c. The Voice Of Broadway (Continued from Page 4) Times still won't add it to its best seller lists tho' some on it have sold fewer copies. . . Miss Caldwell says the lists "are rigged to sell books by 'liber als.' ". . . The back-room lit erary scuttle alleges book stores often overstock and list a book anyway to help stimulate sales . TV-film star Barbara Brit-ton's 14 - year - old daughter, Chris, is studying for a ballet and opera career. An early-TV songstress is suffering from bottle-fatigue. , , Our H'wood ' spies say three studio heads will fall. . . An unemployed Bdwy. actor has a suddenly profitable 'tween-jobs sideline makes dart boards with hated-producers' faces as targets; his working actor-pals buy all he can make. .,. British radio-pirates may try to get a floating bootleg-commercial TV station afloat. . . The Lambs and Friars Clubs (both theatrical orgs) will . battle It out in, a three-day war of golf at the Concord in the Sour Cream Alps. Paula Wayne of the new Cop- acabana show once was star shortstop of her Mountain View, Okla. high school ball team , . She'd've been pitcher if she'd had the curves she boasts now. . . The TV influence: bunch of kids gathered to watch the $3 million Warner movie "Up the Down Staircase" film ing in East Harlem; one 10- year-old asked another what tha action was: "I think," he was informed solemnly by his peer, "they're making an Alka-Seltz- er commercial." The two most popular like nesses in the H'wood Wax Mu seumJFK's and Louis Arm strong's. . i Now's the time to come see Broadway hit shows- tickets are available for all some even at half-price, such as the lovely comedy Phila delphia, Here I Come.". . . We asked a top movie executive if actors suddenly plumping into politics might hurt their careers: "No," he decided, "politics won't flirt them as long as they stay out of office poli tics ". . . No business line na teau1 Business: Warner's hired the elegant castle of Lomte Emmanuel de Villefranche out-eirfp Paris for some scenes in R o m y Schneider's "Triple Cross" movie; the estate has swimming pool, golf course and eleven tennis courts; and in Spain, Warners lined up seven castles in Spain and one on Majorca for "Camelot" back grounds. Vanessa Redgrave makes the most startling statements; her latest: "I would be a Communist if England had as good a Communist party as they have in Italy.". . There's no place like Rome, Van. J Shelves And Cabinets Organize Beauty Aids i rr . If' I J BeautywarA BRASS TRIM decorates shelves of simulated mar-resistant marble. The unit provides space for bathtime beauty aids. By JEANNE D'ARCY IF you've been cramming the medicine chest with cosmetics, it's time you gave some thought to an arrangement less cluttered and more convenient. Face the fact that the average bathroom cabinet is usually only big enough for medicine first aid supplies, cold remedies, eye drops and the like plus tooth care supplies and your husband's shaving tools. Cosmetic Chaos Start stuffing1 in make-up, creams, lotions, bath preparations and you have chaos. You also have Inconvenience. Every time you want to put on a face you have to take out all the supplies, rest them on the sink and then return them to the cabinet when you've finished with them. Remember that efficiency experts are strong on suggesting that kitchen aids be stored as close to their point of use as is possible. The same advice presumably applies to beauty aids! Shelve Them What's the solution? Increase your storage space by purchasing a beauty shelf or a small cosmetic cabinet for the bathroom. Or, if needed, purchase both.' New ones are nifty. They'll fill your need and do it Pretty Swimming Caps In New Notions Wave By ELEANOR ROSS WE are back with the promised second part of the report on our recent prowl through the notions counters of department stores. This time, we will talk about summer items-beach accessories and coverings for the hair, of which there are so many for the city and beach people alike. Dual Purpose Especially noted is a dual purpose cover-up that transforms a cap into two completely dif- ferent items. Turn the lining of the pretty cover-up hat inside , out, and presto-change a bag ready for- the beach, curlers, etc. The dainty cap comes in a variety of bright colors.. Today's swim caps are so pretty that one wonders whether they are ready for the plunge. For something different from the usual bathing cap, there's a brimmed model, edged in black binding and surrounded by ribbon and flowers. An inner rim makes this swim hat watertight to leave hair high and dry. Sunglasses Galore There's no end to the variety of sunglasses. Some have the popular "Granny" look for young things, of course. The DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Sanskrit school 4. Talk 7. Remain 8. Algerian seaport 10. Crowns 11. Met performer 13. Arabian chieftain 14. Sailors' song 15. Jewish month IS. Greek letter 17. Observe 18. Covenant 22. Sixty minutes 23. Recess 27. Young horse 31. Bottle top 34. Inlet 33. Biblical king 36. Fanciful 38. Essential part 40. Seethes 41. Lake a stadium in Houstot 42. Pry 43. Cuckoos 44. Texas river 45. Still DOWN 1. South American monkey Z German 3. Man's 4. Kind of arch 5. Tract 6. Wedding 7. Oriental "curtain" 9. Memorandum 10. Juicy fruit 12. Cereal grain 14. Mandarin tea 15 lb 2o 2. 1 27 11 40 m fi 8 in a decorative way, too. For a giant-size improvemenl in storage facilities, consider a twin tension-pole cabinet-shell unit that can be used to make space from the top of the tank to the ceiling- work for you. II comes with two cabinetsi and two shelves but more can be added. The cabineta have corrugated sliding doors that roll all the way up for full accessibility. Extra tall hair, spray containers and bottlei are easily accommodated by a recessed shelf arrangement within each cabinet. Colorful Border Both shelves in this) unit are white with picture-frame borders In a color that ties In with towels, such as pink, black, bris-tol blue, white, green or deep pink. If a smaller unit will serve you, there are some new decorative shelves in simulated mar-resistant marble with brass finials. In addition to providing storage space for cosmetics, some oi tnese also feature a decorative towel bar. Look for these aids to better-organized beauty in housewares departments and also in bath shops. finest ground glass matched up with gold-plated and polished rims, oval or round, is one popular design. Also going over big are the rectangle and square, the latter identified as the : ''Ben Franklins." Very smart is the completed look attained by matching sunglasses, barrettes and headbands. These sets, the parts of which can be worn separately if desired, come in brilliant coral, sun yellow v and ; turquoise, as well as in very smart black and white checkerboard squares. Several sunglass designs are sunshields,, others have the octagonal rims. Thereis no need to wear plain, old-fashioned glasses, as there are plenty with fake shell or black or white plastic. In uwl Js 'in- The most "in" shape just now seems to be the "owl" also known as the "lollipop" to some Wearers. Fine for driving are sunglasses . that wrap well around the side to decrease the chance of glare. And, of course, as far as the young girls are concerned, glasses are . not worn so that they cart be looked throueh. In stead, they are perched on top of the coif where they serve as a headband. 16. Poker holding: abbr. 19. Greek letter 20. Undertake 21. Hindu cymbal 24. Jumble :5. Nocturnal noises ; Saturday's Aniwer 32. Presently 26. Urged v hi 33. Previous 28. Expunged 37. Otherwise 29. Trouble 38. Strobile 39. Leave out 41. Kind of school 30. Sun god 31. Chicago ballplayer 1 25 26 29 IS 43 4S 21 22 22 Y; : 02EiiS' ',';Mi'-"n AjLtlllljVlA SP b cjuotgiiiEl a p i p1' "Tvplbi.iEjs e AiGikTESlaRleU I N Tf aTniCC ESS uoMsItIaIrMhii it c i"iHr3 1 F Do it l ffj i IE Jn ties.

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