The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 13
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY «, 194S OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. BLYTH1SVILLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS LOOK1T TH' BULL BOL6.TERIN' HIMSELF UP TO TAKE ;VTURN ABOUND TH' SHOP-HE USED TO STALK I CUT THERE SOME^- "THIN' LIKE MUSSOUWI NEW FALSE TEETH, BIFOCAL GLASSES AM' ARCH SUPPORTS MUST \\AKE VOL) FEEL MOT QUITE BOURSE t.F. , WU AIN'T \ \VOURSEUV \ ) A «_» WITH 1 ALL OF THEM PIECES PONT KNOW WHUT MINUTE HG ' MIGHT GO To PIECES.' 6GAD, SeRGBfVST.' BID TKlS OFFICER ME, AI-ID REF KIW FOR SHEER rW OR YOO'U. 1-Wr-ix MAYOR FATTLETOM ROAR.' •T>tlS OOTRAGE- UG-ULP"-., HO LOCKED _ _ SLIPS Ort ICV VJA',.K,~BH6,\KS < pozENi 666S AWO PICKETS CITV • HAUL.-"- CAT} OM POLES ~TX>6» CHASING . PiiT THIS QIG PACKwse PAGE' THIRTEEN Radio Crime Training Has Its Defects INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Gilbert Shoulder of Bntrcvllle complained to police that he listened to all th« crime programs on (he radio. "I thought I Iiad skipped all mistakes," Sender told Detective! Sgt. Chnrles Hniue when he HMS I arrested for robbing a drug store. ' He hadn't figured an Halne !is- eiiuig to ilie mysU'rie.s too. "Maybe I get more out of the prograrm than you do," Haine told Bonder as he marched him oft to jail. OFFICE wurse By Adelaide Humphries « k, M.I..*, H.,,1,*,. K,trf».M k, MU itlVICI. INC. itr llulbroak fM Erlr ••« WARNING ORDER In th» Chancery Court. Chlcka- santu District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Edna Roberts Plaintiff. vs. No. 10.385 W. H. Roberts Delcndanl. The defendant W. H. Roberts la hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint oi the plainti/r Edna hi. ••« J«»|P» «ltho«|Eb Fr fe Jvrfco ,, K nor-frlrMd onilnor nn ( «ih«» •! i • ••1-»|-|bt-wHT m tker wmml l« Tbr? bath kv •• mil war •!• PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slie T. L. MABRY «3 MISSOURI ST. PH. 36*7 Action! iVo DM staying at home whtn fhere'i real fun to be had! Try your hand at Blytheville's ncw- tst sport. Bawl Tonight: Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main SI reel Phone with fccr. n'i knovt a Junlrr'* H ooi ICrlr ba Jmntff •*•• tklnklnr '< * * * f XVII 1VXD. Janice we;: no longer happy. The blUoon had burst She hid comt down to earth, landing with the sort of jolt s paratrooper might get when hi! rhute did not open In Janice's ease It wai not her body that had been smashed to fragment!: ft wai her heart She thought ol insisting upon that tttJk with Erie at the flnt opportunity. Hut he would only beg her for further postponement. And what good w» talk? It could get them nowhere, ofler no solution. She thought of resigning her position. Hut she could not do th»t at the moment Eileen Mr Hat needed her. So far neither Ben nor flis pal, Ed had found Edna Mae. Eileen was going on living, somehow; she wa» trying to follow ii«r everyday pattern ol lire. Janice could not desert her now. That would be putting her own problem first; it would de cowardly. But to nay. to be with Eric day In and day out and to know that she could never actually be with lilm would be worse Uian unhappl- nesa. It would be misery. Before this realization had settled like * weight upon her heart there had been the deep intimacy of their Roberta. . Dated this 22 day of January 1BSB. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk I By Betty Peterson. D. c. i Claude P. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Ed B. Cook, Atty. ad litem. ! I 23-30-26-1.1 shared secret But now It wa> no onger a secret thot jang within her but a dull stilled aching Janice knew that It was no longer a secret She felt certain ;hat tier motnci suspected 'strongly that something was amiss. Even Alble acted oddly at time*. M when, without reason Jamct would find ner youngei sister staring at her. One such time when Janice had asked somewhat abruptly why tier younger siiter wai looking at her to intently. Albie had a*ld: "1 wondw U anyone MD be happy when It makes someone else unhappy? Wat 1 looking at you. Jan? I didn't know I was. 1 w«« Just thinking." JANICE wai left with the feeling •* that Albie. as wall at tier mother, was anxious about ner Anyone would think, she thought re- belllously. that she w«i still In her teens. She seemed to be the concern of other* bejides the family Mlw Wiliow? atked. one morning, out of a clear sky. why Janice didn't take a vacation. "Why on earth should IT" Jan- ict returned more sharply than she had intended. Mis? Willows shook her nead and set her lips. "Why on earth shouldn't you?" she parrlpa "You only took a week this summer." "For heaven 1 ' «akel" Janice said, forcing a little laugh. "1 don't need a vacation." Was there more behind this suggestion ol Miss Willows' than met the eye? Or wai Janice becoming oversensitive? "I lust mentioned It." Miss Willows Jaid. Jt would not have been so bad. had not Betty Jane Coxe offered Janice »n aspirin later thai same day. This seemed an Innocent enough proceeding in ilself. but in Janice's opinion, it, loo, was uncalled for. "Why no, thanks." Janice Mid glancing at Holly June In surprise. The two t-»ls were Handing in front of [lie mirror in tht rest room, pulliuE on the last-minute touches octore leaving Hie olllce Janice was liriKmng, at Erie's sug- i jcstion. a; he noped ne would get out ot an appointment and loin ler tor part ihf evening at least '] don't want an aspirin." ^h* added. Betty Jane'j pretty lace flushed and she jaid hastily, "1 was going '.o lake one—I Icel as if I'm com- ng down wilh a cold—and 1 lusl thought you might llk« one They're good If you have * head- iche. too. Don't you reallj want one?" She proffered the small 30* taken from her bulky purse. She had not taken any herself: It did not appear thai ihe intended IANICE found that her voice, ai " wilh Miss Willows, was sharper than she mennt it to be. "1 >ald no. thank you. I haven't a headache," she added, t little lew Irritably. "I'm glad you haven't * headache," the other girl returned. "I'm iClad. too. that you aren't coming down with a cold. MiM Hilary. Weil"—her pretty face wai itlll somewhat Bushed, her china blue ey« wide and wistful—"I'll sny good night then. Got to be running along. I'm meeting the boy friend tonight and he gels mad hops when I keep him waiting." Betty Jane nurnci' away, and Janice itood looking at herself In the same mirror that had reflected Betty Jane's confident young fact She thought. That's It. That'i why Mother anri Albic and Miss Willows have been saying the kind ol things they have lately, looking at me in that speculative way. unhapplnei» in her face showed. Thli cannot go on any longer. Janice decided. She could no longer live with that wretched, utter misery Inside her. would rather have complete emptiness In its place. Any finality would be better than this doubt and confusion. You could look that in the face and, wilh time, adjust yourself to it. as they were, she and Eric, no, ih< could not—she would not. (To Be Continued) CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 Snnlh Second The Right Place To Buy Your Car . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 Easf Main Street Phone 4191 Cle_n Used Cari J - w - f-ovclady »,, ., . . AI Larman All Makes I Grover Fra7 _ ier MY TIME IS BETTER SPENT WITH CHILDREN.' TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours tn Junior ;uicl Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry and dry cleaning to Nu-Wa whuff j-ou get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY 10 Ford Tractors Complete Wilh Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! 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THAT VICTOR *OATt BEAT US TO THE PUNCH/ WE'lL 511 A TR^PANO CATCH HIM WHIN HE COMES WT WfTM THE IOOT/ Hi' l.KSUU TURNER I M* ON M WW TO THE POUCf THIS UNFORTUMMELf, I M6UMED NAME, BUT SOMEONE SKOUtP KECOSWlZt THW MEWS PHOTO fND IMPORT— . . SEEN HIM SOME lEMSf(\KS\ WSSIMG IGRUGER. THEN ' WORRIED BS WE S!R^^Wt:• BMIWIOR.OFWV 5I5JER THIS If Red Only Knew By FRED HARMAN IF TOUR. G\I -t««,\rt ROBBER, RODc 5.-WW, YOL/RE £ UGH' 1 TOPES TIGHT, iti looss BEFORE- R£0 RfPER CJO'WAT' T«» r* *o:cuiau! I AW. SHUT u» AN' K c^fSFin. WTH ME. A. TWENTIETH t THAT U^BSELUA.' D >A Vi'AKT HOOTS AND HKU HUDDIIOS By EDOAU MARTIN

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