The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 7
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'THURSDAY^ MAY 21, 1031 fct/VTHEVIU-B, (AM.)" COUftlKR NEWS ki RUTH DEWBY GROVES wasn't Prcutlss'i it was Tonuuy Bhe PAGfc SBVBR CLASSIFIED ADS Two ceiica i word lor first Insertion and one ctnt » word rot each >ub5«qu«Bt Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 60c. Count the words and tend the easli. . •• Phone 306 FUit BENT linilYI. Inic nllli HIUII: TOIIAV IHIHm:\, .rcrcllr '» 'iflllMY \V!I.S»V. Or- ulirnirNl M [[[i her lialf- i:.\t: i:vi:iii','i*p, LUI him (but It i» FOR HUNT—Apartment In Ingram building. See Purldiurst Coin-1 pauy. 8C-TF | FOR RENT—Newly furnished cot-1 tagc 1 rooms and Imth on Davis street. Call 908 or 050. L, L- Ward. | FOH KENT—To Ladica — Nicely furnished bedroom, 123 E. Kentucky. Call 902-W- C-P-25 WANTED POULTRY WANTJb'D—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hnt- rtery, 210 S. Fourtti St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora 2207 18th Bt. TF WANTED TO BUY—Used pars. Lehman Gillespie, Demon Cliev- . .rolet Co. lQt'-K25 WANTED TO TRADE—50 foot, lot on West Cherry St. for car, 221 \V. Ash. 10P-K22 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Key ring,' Finder return to Reward. with 8 ' keys. Courier News. 19P-K22 1'EKSONAL CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. Jj. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sts. GC-TF falli to conilnre hit tfulj 10 flnlftfc Irene luiMlpoarB the mnrriiiui: belU-iIng »ui' !• to It* n »tiir rnilln kluger. Mecurlnt: r.a niiilllloB ^he lirrmllv llrryl ii> pu to the • tudlu. While unltlncr lU-rj I hill dnun nl n |it:mn nnj rrnflni intlu- dlrn, -A dlrceinr lu-nri Jti-r nud urnnlk n iirliule (rut. tie iirnni- Ui-» n rimlr.-iel Irilvr, Iri'ne full* tinil '« rurlimx ^lieri fcke ht-nrji ~f r.u ^tml cimivH Ilir KTUilliV A i lrl»T II IflltT nrrlvci nnd ISrryl «llv« nuny rur Ihe Inlerilrw. She Ix I'lnu-u uki-n |iri-\c-nlf it Mlth i cnnlrncc. Her tlelriry to hllli-r- • m-rl for lift family mill Tummy liflCtie phe rubljril Irrnc OI lier rh.-lnee. lter}l'R dt-liul t* n ftllc- Mlili tl,,r:il Irlliulr*. llllni'ii R iitlU rmy. Irene ili- clijea ti» umrry Tonr.tiy lumir- tlir.lrlj-. Inn hi* nurn illrt and nu .Mil. ilDI-'E-'^l AX. TII i.j', .rlf, fur rln 'Tu y, Jt frnin yon I.Oilil. iv '.i Iron? l« i t kill her Inve ttif ryl ru-cr^ilx ln\ Et:illonn i; I'IMlN'lISS C A V- l.ikrt l:rr tu a \i::r!,. nllln^ uhrtt tLty re. STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The lilythcvillfi Cotton Oil Company The Annual sleeting of the directors anil stockholders of the above company Kill be held Thursday; June Oth at 10:30 A. M. In the offices of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-K6-3 Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T I. 16S 5-3 Anaconda Copper 25 1-8 Auburn 210 Caterpillar Tractor 25 Chrysler 17 1-8 Cities Service 11 Coca Cola H2'.i Continental Baking 11 General Electric 39 7-8 General Motors 38 Jvjpulgomery Ward — ID 1-8 New York Central ... ; 87 Packard 6 7-8 Radio Corp 10 7-3 Simmons 13 Standard of N. J 34 7-8 Texas Corp 21 U. S.'Steel 09 7-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. May 21 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. ' open high 922 036 , 910 067 1COO 1020 1020 1C06 May July Oct Dec \ Jan March 022 937 970 087 1000 low 90(i 020 055 078 386 clos 1 012 B28 063 983 994 1014 turn thnt nl[;nl. .\ow uo ox WITH Tin: STnnv CIIAPTEU XX ritlCNIJ, waiting up for licr? Beryl I"8- looked at licr fiis'.er. a lovely creature in (tlie nerve ot her!) serv sliell pink lounging pa.'oinns tbi-.t were Beryl's. Tlie flood of toll! tint even as Elie put finger to her own Hits Irene stirred nnd opened her eyes. Spring I'reu. tiss Ftaiulint; llicre stailiu; at her Irene sat up In iireteiuleil cmliar- rassinenl. There was no reason for genuine embarrassment. Her costume was complete, with II* yellow coat mill she know lier Bister would understand tbat If siie had uol ' hoped to be caught in Ihc she would not liavo worn (bo coal on a liol summer night. Irene hail k-arneil ILrcush pain- fill experience not lo face ^cryi'r cool Gray eyes when she was en- Based In tricks. Tlu-rn was r-omc- Ihina aiiont Iteryl which made tricks, even llio most commonly practiceil ones. Ecem ciieau anil tawdry. Sho wasn't going lo have her plans spoiled by Peryl sn sho Einllcd sweetly aud apologetically at Prenllss. I "I wanted to hear al/out the parly," stic said. ':i I lie voice of n Cinderella who bail no parlies Iu lier own life. "Do you want a d !iik, Prcntiss?" licryl iiskert In a mat(cv-ol-facl toac. • Prciili?3 answered vaguely. "A drink? Oh yes, yea of course. 1 was Uilrsly. wasn't 1?" "May 1 have somethiim too?' Irene pouted, still llio littlo r.ibter who'll be suppressed If other rcoplc hail their Vay. That was tho Idea she hoped Preutiss wovld get. Ireno bod learned Ihat most men enjoy wa: How nbout It, Parliur?" she said sotlly aloud. "If I wcru -10 1 bo able to admit tbat pot- sibly I'm wrong?" Hut flic, wasn't 40, ami when sho went back lo llio living room nnd saw Ireno curleJ up in a idclnr- csi|iie pose- Iu one corner oi the sofa wlillo Protillss sal hesldo licr {like a charmed bird. Ilcryl thought), oil her nlilloscpht/lni; vanishing. Her disgust welled up stronger than ever, and uhe >vas sorry that sl:o had brought a third B'ass for Ireno. Tbo little minx si.ould be- spanked ami put lo hi'd 1C blic ijDt what she de.-ervcd. Ueryl thouglit. Hut Ireno was years too old for Ihat ami one bad to (re?' licr ns a grownup. Picntiss drank tho lemon-mint aii'l ale the llitn brown cookies. Itaryl knew tliat tt m![;lit as well !i:ivc bccu cider nnd donjibiiula for all liic dif- --- he' 1 havo knov:n. Sbe wlsiicd lie would go for sho was vcv lirrd. The party hud Irec-n a strenuous one for her. Other iUicsls bad walked uy Ir.os on the Liiljacenl beach or sat in dim co; ners o! tbu hig porch that fronted Ihe ocean, but Elie had heen kept In (loors einghiE and danciiiB. o dcchU'O hlniself on llio subject. Wlial in ,o could a nnn want 1 ; "I'm KollliiK to bo n cynic," Blio said lo heiFclt. Wliy Ii.vln't 1'renllss (old her Uial ktory? Well, sho woiihin't l>a "Ecareil to ilealli" ot anythlus her- sell. Maybe It's not fun lo toll n licrscMi liko hcrtcit a hero story. Majlie It's only li jresliiiR wtlli Bomeouo wlio will sny. "Oil, oh!" with wi'k-. roinid eyes ami a rotiuil, roseliinl uiontli. Maybe why—becau=i> ilio didn't have wide, round eyoa mil a round, rosclunl moiilli—that Vcrilis-i had not Gono on with tila lory aficr blio camo back wllb tho rcfrcsliiiiunt tray. Oh well, flic cared only iwcau^o Tommy was tiko that l-o. or Imagining Sl'.o wus young to look helpless and appeal- beiug protectors, themselves such. lii^iit that camo from a golden 'Elude v.-as flattering lo Irene. l!cryl turned to Prc-ulUs v.'illi a feeling that she ou^bt lo snout n warning to him. Of course he could sec. for himself, but he couldn't read the signals as Ueryl did. lie would see only the goidcn hair shilling in Ihe soft light, the' gleam of a saliuy shoulder, the childlike r.ose of innocent sleep. Premiss wouldn't know tbat toe lounging suit was taken without permission from its owner a:id ihal the wearer had Waited uji lor her sister for the express purpose of meeting him or. failing that, to talk about him. Of course, Beryl realised. QTItANClE Ihat Illlle shallow•J minded Ireru should knov? so rnucb more aliout men tlian her brainier sisler. Was U instinctive \Fill success, professional anil so L cial, was in no wise borcsume to fieryl. She liked |icoiilo and eu joyed being in a crowd because li knowledge (bet comes only to pri:u Itlvo minds? Or was it that much talked of woman's Intuition? Beryl wondered as she made her way to the kitchen for Hie refreshments what 1'rentiss would Eay If she wero to ask him about Ihis. Over the mixing ot tho cool| drinks she smiled suddenly aud' spile of her directness Elie main tallied a protecting reserve. She sighed audibly and Ireno had Iho Impudence to lell tier die should go to bed If slio wcro 80 lired. licryl wanted to answer: "And leave you alono with Prcullss?" Instead she said: "We're all going to lied. I'rcnliss. get your lint. This is an old-fashioned household and not a bpeakeasy. You may yleof until noon tomorrow lint ive can'L" Ireno sat up In anger. "How" can you be so rude?" she (lamed. Premiss laughed. "Meryl's right," ni:UYL. tnid good nlfiV.t to Pren *^ llsi K!I]I ;i detnclimcnt of mind Hint i'kT.«ci! he-no who lliought It was the lo [iti];io. Tlicn elio went directly lo her own room, refusing to tufs.iip u-llh Irene alioul lh& party and Premiss Oaylord. 'l l l:nnk liriivon, Ibero wa? one real blcs=iiig tho old house afforded. That van a room of OIIC'H own Ueryl llioiiKhi. na el:o closed llio door behind her, tiiat fihe'd turn ticer cnl if foiced to blnro a roorj \vllii Irene. Alone, she found that sho was too confused lo think logically. What nrould all this lead to—her secret love for Tommy. Prenllsa Gaylord'a coming inlo tlio Blluatlon, lib admiration tor Irene, nnd Irene's greedy grasping at hla Interest? Yherc would It take them? "Ilelkr lo llvo on Iho surface,'' ho wbl^jicrcd In tlio dark, holdlnt, 1 me ot her one-sided conversations vltli her lather. "Llio gets messy vhcn yon dls too deep, doesn't it, Unless you'ro very, very wise. Aad I'm not wise. I'm . . . I'm . . . crying.'My throat burls." Ami EO It did. Tho throat felt tight and hot and queer. N'ollhcr t nor lier thoughts would let Beryl sleep. Sho tossed In n hot bed un said to herself; "Beryl, don't be! l'« E;lil! apologetically. "I only a cynic. There must be men In the came in tor a drink, .hut . world somowhero who don't care for Laby dolls at any stage, of tho game. Maybe Ireno is lust clever enough to pick her men." Then she remembered havins heard somcoiie say tliat youth is intolerant liut that its cai-Milncss Is necessary to the inovcni:nt of tho world. Well, maybe she could get a jump on life l>y practicing tierself could only guess at wbal | tolerance before she grew old. ivas jn Irene's mind, but she knew . May IK she wasn't Justified in her sister very well.. Sho felt she ling her own staadavds for oth?r very uiade a fair KUCSS. *p,^l wanted to let Irene sleep p'.ople tt follow. Maybe, Tr.nvmj wasn't weal; In loving trees. K His voice drifted away whilo his eye-i lingered heno's fac* as though to say Its beauty could be blamed for his delay. Irene pouleil. "I'm awfully sorry not to hear tlie rest of that story alo-jt tlie lime yon wero robbed o: your father's payroll," she said regretfully. "Weren't you just ecaret to death?" Idiot! Beryl thought. Irene hm only to look at Premiss to know hi wouldn't bo "scared to death" o xz:?ttiiiig. But then, of course, he <Jtt.'.?'-ou would give him a chanci OUR BOARDING HOUSE SPOOKS (UU^TlM6 vkuise -ritRiiep OUT-TO c Be A PAIR QWLS'.TUfv'r MADE: -tvleiR sJes< i*J &UR AT-ticj — AUP -THA-T, PROV'£SSQF 1-lARPO. CONCLUDES A BOfAA s- E WAV GREAT E6VPT<A*i GrlosT OF KfHe HoPSTAAllKOM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OH DEAR! long nfier daylight arrived. Then, really alarmed at last, sho got up and gargled with an antiseptic. Tho thought of a cool shower atticalcd lo her. She wag enjoying the shovcoi when Irene banged on tho bathroom door and said: "For Polo's naive, will yon please slop making much uoiao and let pooplo sleep?" lieryl turned off the shower and, Irene Blartcd to go back to hcv room. A few paces away sho slopped and listened. From tho bathroom bad come a sound liko tliat of a falling body, (To B« C«><t««t} ' By"Martk> SISTER -MARY'S KITCHEN deluged with sugar. Keep in [ al cooked with dates, cream, crisp not ir.ind, loo, that oranges have been found experimentally to be very eJSicient in reducing body acidity R-Iiile we arc still in the dark regarding slrav.burrics on this paint. Many housewives must face the oven toast, milk, coilco. LUNCHEON 1 — Cream of carrot soup, croutons, boiled egg and lettuce toasted sandwiches, sMcerf bananas, ginger snai>3, Ic-monade. DINNER -Salmon steak, saeet problem of buying fruit and can- ' potato croquettes, new beets in or- ning it, or buying tlie commercial- j angc sauce, head lettuce with Um- iy canned product. If a compara- Uian dressing, strawberry ice, n-.ock Spots closed quiet and unchanged tit 930. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 21 (UP) — Cotton closed stoady. open high low close Hay 528 028 013 920 July 935 937 920 928 Oct 967 967 054 062 Doc ; 9S8 EI88 974 983 902 095 985 994b March 1018 1010 1009 1015!) Spots closed steady and unchanged at 9DC. , BY SISTER 5IAKY XEA Sen-ice Writer lively ]ir:ce must be paid for the woman who lives in a small town or is in a community easily accessible to b?rry markets may find it profitable to do her own The hot-water bath, steam pressure cooker and heal controlled oven all represent satisfactory cmiiymcnt for homo canning. Tcmorrou-'s .Menu BREAKFAST-'Graps fruit, cerc- t>r. Robert Escnaull-PeUc-rie, I-'rencli airplane and rocket expert, hopes to make a rotket flight to the moon within the next 25 years. WASHED CREASH); EATON AND SON Tlione TOO Main & 5th St. : fresh berries plus labor, liisl nna | equipment, it may be found much Scientists have been siutlymg and | thcai)el . to jnvcst in lnc com mer- investigating the food properties of cian> . calll . c . d proc i u ct. Of course, strawbcrritTr quite thoroughly and extensively during the past few years witli'thc result that we may feel-a certain amount of virtue as well as pleasure in consuming quantities of tile luscious fruit. According to the reports of thcs? invcs'.igalioiis, strawberries are remarkably gocti inineial substitutes for oranges. Alllioush slightly lower in lime.thcy are four times i:igh- r in iron content per unit of •eight than oranges. Tlic lime con- ent is of comparatively little im- ibrtnnce since milk is the cheapest ource of this mineral constituent. t takes ten large oranjes to fur- lish tiie same amount of linio or •alchim found in one quart of milk. In many resects, strawberries and oranges parallel each other in 'ood values. Strawberries arc richer in protein than oranges, but a pound of berrir.-. which is sbout a quart- as purchased, supplt^s ap- >roximately the same number of calories as a pound of oranges. Vitamin C. Abundant It is also liilcrcslliic W know (hat vitamin C. tlio scurvy prcvcntativc. rates about as high iu berries as t docs in oranges. Vitamins A and B, the Browing and buildinj substances, are lower in berries lhan in (he citrus fruit. Tiic strawberry holds ouly half the A value and one-third the B value of the orange. Canned strawberries arc so widely that they al?o have come under the experimenter's eye. Scientific research has discovered that commercially canned and hnmc- canncd berries by ll-.e hoi pack or prossure methods lose practically no vitamin C through Ihc canning process, Berries canned by the open kelUc method do lose their vitamin C content, since vitamin C Is primarily destroyed by air. Heat hastens the destruction when air Is present, but in the absence of air has little effect. This explains why commercially canned berries retain vlinmln C. There is also good reason lo believe that berries liko the other fruits actually help the body to make use of other elements in the diet. They are not only valuable In themselves, but they increase Ihc value of accompanying foods in dally menus. Naturally, If you want to us; i strawberries as a si;tslitute for oranges and gain the same eHect, the berries rr.ust be perfectly ilpe and angel food cake, milk, codec. FIRST X. V. WOMAN GLIDER ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)—The first glider pilot's license granted lo a woman in western New York was awarded recently to Mrs. Djr- othy Holderman, wife of Captain Htissell Holderman, head of the air port, .at Leroy, N. Y. ils ml.Mress, Mrs. Florence M. Weis brod, dies, 'llic money was left, to Ihe tiog under the terms ut the will of Mrs. Wckbrod's husband, arli-s 1,. Welsbrod, who died several years ago. There arc now G15 members ol the British House oi Commons The chamiier in which the body sits provides scats lor only 1V Tor a limited time I have reduced my prices on prime leather hnlfsojes Men's light halfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels $1. Men's medium halfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels .. S1.25 Men's heavy lialfsolcs witli Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.50 WILLS CASH TO DOG PI I [ LADEI,™ I A. t UP) —Mickey, an II-year-old black and tan dog. will receive a legacy of $700 when DKVELOI'MKNT! \ND HIS FRIENDS BLAST -**J5 LUCK!! YOO, AM' VJWEtO TltAT OLD tADV WASM'T SLIPPED IN TVE WTOI6V! A-' J POT EtJOlJOH SuEEPIrJ 1 V; .IF Y3i-> TEU. olHAT Y>O KMOyl Agout o)J WS VAV TO THE Rusv FAKBAB, /EUROPS TO GUT STOLE IM SWADYSIDS, ) RID OF IT—IT LL 6O A LOT WITH iV CorF££? ^ HE'S DRiviHS fc DETECTIVE STEELC A SQOAO 0= TRAP FARSAR'S TP.6 TELL FAR8AR IS" IMTo A BANK.... AS TO ELODS ' CAPTURE ..... FARBAR- WASH TUHIiS EM STEEL s\cts- R\ats 8V THUMPER! AN EfE KB. MJ EVE, Ad' A TOOT' fER * Tcxrr TrtcUTV FROM 1-KMD, TrtE BOAT IS STOPPED. HOURS <,r.t\RCHlMCi THE UORlZOtl F\EW GlfXSSES. CREVJ SITS S1LENTLV LOOK SMART, HVJ WM'T HO BIOOMIM 1 TFA PARTV- &RA? TrtA ER MACWME6UN AM CLEAR PER ACTlOM AM' AWW, ME BUUV BOV5.

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