The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, SBPTEMBER 1, 19-17 House Agriculture Committee Poses Many Questions About Framing Long Range Program B>- DEAN W. II1TTMKK I'liiU'd I'rcss Staff CurrcspumlriU WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. (U.I'.)— The House Agriculture Committee urged the formulation of a nalioiuil agricultural policy today in a report listing 11 unanswered questions it has turned up in an effort to develop » lonir vangc agricultural program. +- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Declaring that cgnculuiral poli- cics in the past hai'i- been adopted in a "haphazard fashion," Hie committee (tcchired: J "Thc need (or si basic declaration of national agricultural policy is a challenge to American fanners anil inrm leaders." The committee's report today a prelimlnury one, said Hie group's study thus far "lias done more to raise questions than it has to provide answers." H added Hits was expected in view of the fact that HID first phare of Us work was to outline a program in general terms and paint out the major problems to be solved. The commlOLce previously reported its agreement thnt the farm price parity formula must bo revised', that the nation's farm program must be based on an economy of abundance with nu limitation o! production, and that llicrc must be some policy on price supports. Ii. also held that the prosperity of agriculture is closely linked with the prosperity of the entire country. Here are Hie 11 major imanswc"- cd questions to which the committee will seek solutions in its future studies: 1. How much can American agriculture -produce and how much farm produce can Hie American people coastline? 2. How much of American farm production can the :est of the world absorb? 3. Should soil conservation be the responsibility of federal, .state or local governments or the farmers themselves? 4. Should the government buy farm land and set aside a "soil fer- lllily reserve", j-.isf as it has reserves oh oil, minerals, forest luul wild life? 5. How can production be shifted from crcps liiat are habitually surplus to livestock, vegeiables and other crops in gre.iler demand? ' 6. What is Hie solution for the problem of displaced farm labor? 7. How can necessary seasonal labor be obtained in a systematic way 8. Arc price supports a legitimate part of Ihe long-range farm pro- 9. Should price supports l>2 "disaster floors" or should they be used to encourage and discourage pro- dnction of certain crops accordir.t; I to need? " | 10. Should a long-range program try to keep in operation the "him- i clrrds of thousands" ol faun units whirl) In tlie long rim won't provide a family with :\ decent living? 11. What should be the nation's basic agricultural p-jlicy? Circus Coming Suspects Held in Little Rock for Cabot Robbery LITTLE -ROCK. Sept. 1. lUP) —The State Police were hoidin;; four suspects today in connection witli -.he robbery ol a safe and S6.0M Irom the mayor of Cabot. Ark. Cnptitin J. E. Scvoggins of Uttlc flock revealed that three of the suspects were arrested yesterday i" North Little Bock. They gave their names as Chester. Hcrscho] and Elmer Davis. A fourth man. identified as EstES'Bright of Washington state, was arrested in Lonoke. [ Hardware Mutual | j Insurance Company ! I of Minnesota ! i i j Large Dividend Savings i j Low Net Cost Prelection ' I For Service i ! W. L. TAMKE 1 i US E. Davis St, P. O. Boi 431 I j Phone Z487 Bljthcvlllf, Art.! I i Army to Push Efforts To Build Up Alaska WASHINGTON. Sept. I. tUl') — The Interior Department said yesterday the Ai'my plans to push forward in Its efforts to build up Alaska as the lirst Hue of the United States' Polar defense. In a report on the territory's development over the past yenr. tha department said Hie Army hi'.s r.uured $100000.000 into Its immediate I'onstniclion program "with even ^rcaler .sums yet to be, spent." "Great new atrbase projects, expansion of existing airllelds and other kindled projects — many of n highly secret nature — .ill ',U'iv contributing to chances of a radical design in the pattern of Alaska's social anil economic structure." Hie report said. 'Hie Army's program has made I hi 1 nation conscious of Alaska's importance "to a degree never before realized." It declared. Fears Coal Shortage CHICAGO. Sept. 1. lUP) — William T. Fai icy. president of the American Association of Railroads said today that the nation faces a possible coal shortage next, winter, despite the fact that railroads are carrying more coal with fewer cars than ever before. Farley said huge coal exports to Europe and other sections of the world were largely responsible for Hip cur shortage, but that the railroads realize the necessity for maintaining a high rate of export at this lime. Clyde P.catly Traveling in its own special train, the Clyde neatly Circus will be in Blytheville Saturday for performances at the fair grounds in Walker Park. Two complete shows will IK- presented starling at ^::iO p. m. and nt 8 p. m. The mcnni;m.> and horse fair will be open at 1 p. PI., and at 7 p. m. for inspecti'm m advance of the performance.; iin- rtcr the big top. Featured will ho the wild animal acts which include boih Inns and tigers in lh e ling at th? sams time, sharing honors with ncativ. wlio won acclaim ;;s a trainer before starting out on the road wish Ills own circus, will be Ins wife Harriett. Criticism of General Brings Improvements LKGHOHN. Sept. 1. (UP) — A number of enlisted men an dolfl- cers at Mediterranean Command Headquarters today said (hat "general conditions" had improved noticeably since the controversy arose over the administration oi Lieut. Gen. John C. H. They said the chanties had ciccnr- icd coincident with the criticisms voiced by Robert C. Ruark. American columnist, and the u. S. Army investigation ol the command. Some soldiers noted that Italian police had replaced the Army's military police on the main .street which Ruurk liad christened "LJent Arm Boulevard" because of the frequency of salutes. PAGE THREE 46 AutoAccidents Take Heavv Toll Helena Man HcldPending Autopsy in Fight Fatality 'MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Sept. 1. lUP) ,—S. J. Greco, 33, Helena. Ark., \vn; , bcint: held without charge ir>;la,- 11 pending outcome of an autopsy 'lo determine whether his f orni"r 1-1- Iher-in-law, F. H. Lawton, died of a heart attack or Irom i".iur'cs received in a fight. Sheriffs dcputic; said Gr-co r.nd Lriwton, 00, ha i-nvigcd in a "wild, knockdown light" less thin 00 minutes before th;: cioath of lhe 1 elder man. At DREIFUS' IT'S BEAUTIFUL - COME AND SEE! 1847 ROGERS BROS. MASTERPIECE MAGNIFICENT FLATWARE . BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED HOLLOWWARE A glorious now pnttern in America's Finest— 1847 Rogers IJros. — Modern in spirit — Romnmic in mood. Each piece ,1 masterpiece of design and workmansliip. Heavily silvcrplated, beautifully proportioned, with the look .ind feel of solid silver. A pattern that goes beautifully with cither modern or traditional possessions. •••'•*.... Arkansas Convict Located in Chicago CUMMINS PRISON FARM, Ark., Sept. 1. (UP)—After more llian two yours out of the stnte. u Harrison, Ark., mnn today faced return to Arkansas nnrl imprisonment.. Arkansas' Prison Farm Director T. C. Cot-bill rcvenlccl that steps were boint! taken to hrini; back 55- vcar-olci lioy StowiirL from Clilcniio, whore he has been taken Into custody. Stewart escaped from Tucker Prison Farm on Feb. 20. 1915, while assigned to farm chores. CupUiin Coybill saitl Stewart had been working :is n building nttcnclnnl in Chicago wlien he \va.s reetignixed. Stewart was sent to Tucker Farm following his conviction for tile fatal shuctiriB of Harrison Police Chief Burr Robinson in 1935. Tennessee Suit Tests Auto Dealer's Policies NASHVILLE, Tctlll., Sept. I. (UP) — A Nashville auto dealer is under injunction loclny nu', to sell miy of his cars in Ihe first local test ot Hit tyjje of contract ill which n buyer agrees not Ib re-sell his car except back to ttie dealer. John Woodrow Davis, lumber dealer, obtained the injunction against the Jim Kced Chervrolct Co.. after he was refused a car because he wouldn't sign the contract. Davis said lie iiful paid the company a S1BO deposit on a new car March 21, 19-16, nnd lhat they offered to return the deposit \vitli interest. : . , The, agreement lie was asked to sign, is one widely used,among new car. dealers to .combat/proiitcorlns; front quick re-sales'.'^ .! -, .,-. •„ ,< J 100-PIECE SERVICE FOR EIGHT IIOO.OD 52-PIEC£ SERVICE fOH EIGHT J64.75 c • it i • i f- • i r*\ In ^ n n i vc rw r v Silver Chest. Specially ,i«, S nc,l Contcnmal Chest An ;,,„, s|arting - ^^..^ j..^, ,._ piece pbce setting?; four essential serving j>icccs. J'ricc incluJcs clicst. J17.50 iv:r^. Cainjilctc service of most needed JIJLXCS. Auto Workers to Return To Work in Detroit Plants DETROIT. Sept. 1. (UP) -General >MoU.:.i Corporation announced today thai mast of !he 70,000 workers laid off month in the Chevrolet, Pontiacc and Fisher body divisions because Oi ii critical steel .slicrlacje will return to \vork tomorrow. BLYTHEVILLE Fair I One Day Grounds! Only SAT. * SEPT. 0 REMEMBRANCE HOUOWWARE-A New Perfection in SilverplatO! Harmonizes with m.iny popular fl.itw.irc patterns—pbte or sterling. Oval meat platter, $32.50. Wcll-and-irce phttcr, $37.50. Gravy boat nnd tray, $37.50. Water pitcher, $37.50. Covered vegetable rlisli, $37.50. Salt and pepper shakers, $10.00. Other pieces ako available. (Kcdcral tax cxira) Bft EIF L'S 31B WEST M.U.X SX. lli'iiiiiiinils ^ MATHS P« 100,000.000 VEHICLE MILES . 1 1 Below 9.0-1* 90 lo 9.9-9 Stotci ES3 100 la 11.9-11 Statci UOonJ Stole. nnn l nnn VCS i a L "' enl " low " b V s '"^ at motor vehicle deaths per 100- ««Mm,ihi "r' C "'!, 11 , lcs '" '' J ' 1Cii 1)>lvm|; " 10 5 ' ci11 ' " lolor nwltlcnts were responsible f«, 3:1,700 .Iralhs in lhe United Slates, n 20 per cent increase over 1015. Tliu same accidents nlso caused 1,'200,UCO non— ...„— ukil:j filial Injuries. Clothing Campus Cuties Will Dent Pood Pop's Purse, Expert Asserts BY VI It di M.\ $23, Thi' better ones run up Into thu $4u class." Coals were about 518 just before the stock market weni. »y to pieces. These days pop lias to shell out $CS for the s.nne tv.;uKi "The big jump is In handbags," Leinnire added. "In 1029 all Hie Kills carried were vanities. Cost about $!>. nut In 1047 they're soliiK In for fancy leather shoulder bagu. At $10.05 per." Plus two laxes on the tilings— $3.00 for luxury; 33 cents for thi stale. • 'Hut don't (eel loo bad, pa. Le- imure has lo shell out $JX)D of Harry R //.muck's dough (o net Miss Cram's $02 55 outfit on the screen. "I'arl ol that u»<'s for duplicates o( everylldni?." he explained. "In case ol fire or somelhlng. The rest is for labor--desl«ncrs, shoppers, lallnr.s. culler. 1 -, seamstresses, fitters, cleaners... tiic, 1,'Kiiliir Hollywood works." '1 hat's a C3 per cent increase, pop. Farm Loans A I Lowest Kale of InU'i'vsl ((nick Just be glad your g^i'wants ah eduealiou—not a movie "O»car." II. 'HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 1. (UP) . t's gonna rust .so nmrli lo onllit Hetty Co-Kd (or CC.HCKC this lull, wardrobe expert Mild today, all loor ol' pop'll be able lo afford [<n limself is Hip latest Hiini! in barrels Charles I.eiuaire n. s chief [,, ,-har>:<' of clothes for all aatb Ccnlury-Kix novle queens is u mull who knows ibout tilings. | And he's glad he doesn't have u •ampus ciitie in ills familv. Ik- • cunt 1 afford ii. Noll her, lit-'il bet, I can u lot ol fond fathers whol'll !>: liBBing i:u-i'i> lo drape little Jo- cphinc in ihe latest duds. "One outfit—just one simple dross. coat, hat, and accessories." Le- nalrc reports gloomily, "will cusL $148.77." That, j:a. is only the heginniui;. Anybody knows a college girl can't et mi education without a closet- full of classy threads. 'And 10-!7 Is ;onna b; ttie worst year yet. "For two reasons." according ID Lcmalre. "First, tin; micral rise :i) the cost of cveryll-.lni;. Second, because of llu' new "lashUm.'i. Every university imceii ;.s going to have (o splurge en a whlgc new wiird- oe." 'And you'd better get ic-ady lo listen to reason, clad. How, your offspring will argue, can yon expect her to get .v.s in current history when she's already behind the times in last year's suit? "I stumbled onlo this liorrlbk truth while 1 was getting Jeannj Drain's clothes -.ogethcr for 'The flapper Age'" Lcin.ilrc said. "She's a co-ed—vintage IKn in tliat."Onl,- fhen it cost lhe oid man only SO'253 to buy a colk-KC olitlit. Partly, he blusherl, btjcmisc step- ins, of $2 then cost less than the modern girl's $ft paiUie-Rtrdle. They saved money on brassieres, loci. I nitln'l bolher wiib '.-n ' tt'rivn I in Klylc, jNu K<il Avho hjcds a l»n: Kindly. "A <;o(id wool dre.v twcon and $1 went cm, "Nowadays . Swe:i W llu' puys Urr Kill, cullei!'! $:< and cost, b.'- l.emaire .slarl at A. F. Dietrich United Insiiriincv KiO S. I si. SI. LiiKi'iiui Hliljj NOTICE..: Sc'jil. 2, Tin; Delia Cafe will opim ll:ilO ii. in. and 10:00 ]). ni. \\'u will serve ;i hirjci: variety of v<!>;i) and coin" plelo ilinnurs, and our regular a la tinrte dhhcH. Also yimr elioicu of home baited pies and caUu.s. DELTA CAFE So. Highway 61 Phone 3685 World's Greatest Trained Wild Animal Show A TITANIC TRAIMIOADOF TERRIFIC NEW SENSATIONS. Headed bv The One and Only CLYDE BEATTY in Person Bock fo Pre-War Prices! For Afternoon Performance " e CHIIOREN i nencral Admissicn and Rescn'oil Seat Tickets on Sale CIRCTIS DAY, 10 a. in. till 5 p. m. at OWCXS UKlXi SIOESi Another Old Faithful IEUOW5TONE . ,njj 12*--*- --- - ;F- BOTTtED IN BOND Also available 90 proof Ask fur Yellim-st<>n(> Black Lzb«r Distributed by: BAUHETT IlAiHilI,TON, Inc. FALL SPECIALS At Jimmie Edwards A i.v-> v-'^ls^'^-X^/ '^:,v:. v.^v^v. Furniture Company 2-Piece Living Room Lovely Bonnicwood BEDROOM 3 Piece bccln.nm uil]j pn]>uliii - I3im- t lie wont] finioh. Itonnd inifiot'. roomy chest, of drawers, inirl p;nicl hod. You'll Utvc 1 this suite the minute you .src it. Iluy now nl this special Fall price! only $69.95 Kcotuimy-wlsc housewives sire headed for a real vsiluc In this luxiiviiiiis '2-plccc Uvini: llooin Sulle. In addition to lending distinctive atmosphere to any rowii it nccupies. (his suite is the test, buy anywhere in comfort. Deep resilient spring cushions In red or blue vcluur. at this fall price $89.95 Lovely Studio Couch Tile tlii(ll') couch Is the moil, versatile piece of furniture in .your home, and hence, most valuable. But here you can buy a couch ul almost giveaway prices. Pictured Fall special just arrived. Choke of colors in durable tapestry cover only $49.95 SEE JIMMIE FIRST! IE EDWARDS FURNITURE 301 Eas^ Main Street COMPANY Phone 2487

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