The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 10
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PAGI TEN BIvYTHEVIU,B (ARK.)' COUIUER NEWS Pubiuhed Every Friday in the latarMt of Farm PamiliM of Thii Affrieultur*! Section. South Missco 4-H Council President Wins High Award Bob J"orrestcr of WJiltton, president at the South Mississippi County <-H Club Council, was *mong tli« i3 Arkansas club mem- bm tint won county chainplon- •hlp awards In the 1947 national *-H Better Methods Electric pro. gran), Jt was announced today. The 15-year-old farm youth who i« also president of the Wliitton 4-H Club wan named better methods «l«otrl« champion for South Mis- FARM NEW S-FEA7 IjRES County, lie win r«celv« * medal of honor provided by the WesllnghouM Ediic»- tlonal Foundation for IJils honor. No champion wa» named in North Misfl.«l|)j>l County. The chief objective of Ihe program Is to encourage active Interett among club member* In methods and equipnienl u.sen on (aniii. and to develop practical Improvements for more profitable and enjoyable Jarm life. Forest fires destroyed enough limber In the United Stales from 1909 to 1938 to build 6,500,000 live- room houseV. Is Your Tractor Ready to Go? 8 IF NOT... GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE ON REPAIRS AND PARTS REPLACEMENT! We miike it t>;isy for you ( ( > have nil your farm equipment In good shape for Die season just ahead. Our credit service is just (he lhin K ymi are looking for. Come in anil let us explain how If works. You'll prof it.>y its use in that you'll have tile "rijrht" Iraclor for the piiiticular ji.h when Ihe time to EASY CREDIT TERMS McCormick-Deerirtg Service 3/M SOUTH 2»P ST. PHON£S63 FJUDAY, FKB11UARY <!, ig 4g -—~>™~~— •~—~~~~~^^. Sujjgcstona For Belter Farmine Featured For This Section'* Progressive Farmers, Paper Pulp Feed Okay For Cattle Experimenters Say Wheat Problem Could Be Solved That Way CHICAGO, Feb.'« <Uf').-The na- lion could solve the grain shortage by feeding paper pulp to livestock but there Is • catch to it-lherc's & .ihorlage of paper pulp. too. Tlie American Veterinary Medical Association says experiment!; In Sweden during the war proved that entile, horses and slieep thrive on a paper pulp diet, with certain additions. In the Swedish experiments 2000000 head of eattle and BOO.OOO hors-s were fed largely on jrajier pulp for three years with "excellent results," the association snld. The |>aper pulp was mixed with lolas.sp.s, soybean protein and a mineral mixture of salt, calcium cnj-bonitle. rffcaJclum phosphate ard sodium phosphate, nut paper pul|i comiu-ised fll per rent of (lie ration. (.'nitre l»u|p Used The veterinary association sa'd coffee bean pulp has been used expei (menially as entile feed In South An erica, and that wood pu'j, was used for feed In Norway during the war. Swedish veterinarians who reported on the paper pulp feeding program said It was "probably Ihe biggest fcedinn experiment ever curried out in the world." Ill a pnner presenter! (o Uie Royal Veterinarian Oollecc nl Stockholm, Dr. P. Hoflmid said (lie paper pulp mixture "proved to be acceptable <llf?estlbje and of reeding value equal to oatmeal." Khrep Thrive "Three generations of sheep were raised on the. supplemented paper pulp ration with complete success, although dosing with yeast culture.; was necessary at regular Intervals,' Uollund reported. He said, however, that if the mo- tnsses or sodium phosphate were omitted, the effect on animals- was bad. The association snld that experiments with coffee pulp, the fleshy covering o/ the coffee bean, have been made In El Salvador, and thai the U. S. Department of Agriculllli" has received a shipment of the pull, and plans to conduct similar feeding experiments In this country. Potentially wasted coffee bean ^>ulp could b« used for livestock feed to effect an annual saving it 34.000,000 bushels of corn, the association said. Grand Champion. Elmer Pellon, of Raymond, Kansas, is shown with "TO's 1948 southwestern Exposiiion „„„ m stock show ,„ 1070 pounds, (NEA Teleplujto.) ct" (he mnrt | ' ' "" * ' "*, °' f ' IClUms Ho <" ">« Works, U hereby warned to appear in this Court and answer ihe complaint of the Plaintiff, Inez Cable Works, within 30 days, and upon his laiJm-,. M do so the ' ~" tjir ttjinijinnii, liv Dormliv i m ,s;ud cause will be taken as con- O. F . Taylor, Jr.! Atfy. C.ii-cn under my hand and sea '"* 22 day on January, 1B48. HARVEY MOHRIS. Clerk By Dorothy Conlcy, D. >«' steer IA YEN A UY CHOW Feed a really good ration and get all the eggs your hens are brect to produce. J I -»^___ L. K. Ashcraft Farm Agents' Tips IT'S TIME TO— Make a "To Scale" ctrawiDB of jour garden nre;i. List all o[ tiie vegetable* you plan lo plant. Arid one new variety to the list. Prune ihe following slinilis: hy- clrnngcas. benuty basli, bush honeysuckle, .^hrub althea, vitex, spireii nnthony waterer, spirea billnrcli, crepe myrtle, clesiiuKllnni, and otli- er late slimmer or lull blooming shrubs. Many tender anniinl plants m u y be started In the hotbed or indoor boxes now. Tlie first essential in ctniiiK pork nl home is tlie thorough cJiillini: of the fresh jwrk to tcinperaliires of 36 desree.s to 40 Study tlie analysis tag on all seeds .von buy. Be sure (lie seed lias a good germination, and is free of noxious wceris. Cheap seed may be tlie most costly in the en<l. Poor Kernunalion results in poor stands. Seed conlainlns noxious weeds may infest your farm lor years to come. Stiff Sentence Imposed By Prisoner Himself ASTORIA. Ore. lUP) — Jnine.s- Haii:,e.n pleaded not guilty t o a clinrjjr of «nin)ceiilies.s. Municipal Jurlge Robert Andrr- .soii lie.ird the evidence. So liid Han- scn. Both obviously found it sta"- U.S. and Britain KeepWarOffices Combined Chiefs of S raffs Continue to Function in Pentagon WASHINGTON (UP) -The Bri combined chiefs n' slnt I set no dm-iii!; World War rr to co-ordinnle the armed forces ;»f the two countries slill are funcitop- iiiR today in ii quiet corner of lllo Pentagon nuildlng. Defense Secretary James For- restnl's staff reports they will continue to function "as long as necessary." The combined chiefs were established hi February, 1942. In co-ordinate "all the factors of military li>- i tclliucncc. transportation, muni- I tions, staff planning, meteorolncy ami communications" of the two nations. Witli every element of gloin] combat at tliclr fingerprints (he combined chief? were the nerve center of the Allied war effort. Section Roped Off That co-ordination of thn war effort never has bci-n dropped \ special section of the Pentagon is roped of against the curious" with war-time secrecy still set asirt« for the combined chiefs. They function as a unit directly under the President of (he U,,i(«i Stales and (he Prime Minister of Great Britain. The United States members f combined chiefs consist of- Acini. Leahy, chief of staff („ the President of the United Slate- • Acini. Louis E. Dcnfcld as coin' mnmirr-in-cJiicf of the U S M in Gen. DwiRlit. D. Elsenhower 'ArnV- flilef of staff, and Gen. Carl Sm-.ix' Air Force chief of staff ' Capt. \V. 0. La] ur , U. S. N., verve as secretary for the United sinte-i reiiresentation. Great Brilains representative., me: Adm. Sir Henry Moore, r,en. «»'««). If you were in n.v placer- the jurt|;c asked. I'J'I lit-.d (he prisoner fmiltv" said the dcfendatit ' Sir William Morgan and Air Chief Marshal Sir Ciuy Garroil. Their secreliiry is Hrijjadicr C. Ft. Price. No Formal Treaty The authority for tlie combined chiefs of staff came from an cxeu- uiive order issued by President Roosevell. It resulted' from joint Roo.-irvrlt-Cliui-i.-hil) conversations. The combined chiefs, appointed in a emergency, may cease In function with the termination of (he President's emergency wartime powers. The niTnngcmcnl is not. supported by any official treaty or pact betweeti the two nations. There have been reports, all unconfirmed, lh;u the combined chief* work on ihe joint improvement and exchange o/ newly developed weapons o[ war and on Artie defenses for the joint defense of Canada and (he United States. JSoanl Lacks Head The combined chiefs do not have a combined -staff as such. They get together parts of each staff to form a special body lo Invcslisatc' rial problems as uney come up. There is no head. They simply nominate someone to preside whju they meet. Proposed combined operations usually are submitted to staff planners, who study the general problems and submit, the results to the combined .chiefs for approval. It is executed by joint directives. I' r.-ivs Off BOSTON I UP I—The Boston collector's office receives an average of $900 annually for its conscience -fund. Contributors (urn in sums ranging from S50 up to SMiS which was the record 19-16 lotal. The 1017 fund was 51,075. WAKM.Vf! OKUKK In (lie Cliaiicery Court, Cliickasaw- I'.l District, Mississlpt Comity. Arkansas. • ' Joy L. Poley Plaintiff, < vs. No. 10.380 Joe Koley Defendant 1 The defendant Joe Foley is here- i by warned to appear within thiny ' days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Joy I,. Foley. Dated this 22 day of January 1848. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk | By Betty Peterson. D. C. > Claude F. Cooper, Ally, ad iitem. Eel B. Cook, AUy. ad litcm. 123-30-25-13 • MAXIMUM MACTIOK-l... .lip. „,„,. pu || willl j... fuel. •MORE WORK. US* EXMHSE _ , Q v,, ||r... l, O clo, ond «qulpm(?nt wo<rr— do«. mor. work p 8[ hour. •CONSTANT INrLATtON.-™ ptesiure ,„„ , h . yw around— in storag. or us.. Hon-lreezinj. • MESSURE BUILDS U? a. Jood Increase.. Ib,. DHAWBAR with no wheel welghls. •MORE COMFOBT, LESS BOUNCE- -provide, a.moolh- •r rido, lo«« lallgu». • LONGER TIHF. UFU- lr«,d wercr I. mucll | e[8 fc^.. ol minimum .lip and constant corrsd prenur*. Arrange for our Goodyear Solution 100 Service now to gel ahead in your work! WARNING ORDER. Tu Ihe Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Cliirkiuau-ba District, State of Arkansas. Inez Cable Works Plaintiff rs. No. 10,338 James J. A. Works .... Defendant. The Defendant, James J. A. iw-er, iw,,e? l,,s llollor ns ^ ( , IWiidererl. (hen replied: "Fifteen dollars line and 20 (l 'I concur i,, the sentence" Juciije Andrison. im- We Have for Immediate Delivery Kelvinator Refrigerators Kelvinafor Home Freezers Apex Washing Machines Apex Vacuum Cfeaners Electric Water Heaters Emerson Radios One 8-ft Beverage Cooler Come in lndiiv ami sec Ihe now I HIS Kelvin;iliir !TS KKFRKiERATKI) I'llOM TOI' TO HOTTOM. E. B. Gee Sales Co. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE JUST IN! Now what would you do, Mr Our Allotment of: • Rotary Hoes • Spring-Tooth Harrows Get yours today— this is our entire supply f or 1 year! —" ' — NO RESERVATIONS. THESE WILL BE SOLD ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. CARL WALLACE BOB SMITH LEMENT CO, North 6th St. Phont 2142 CLIPTHISAD FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! We Now Have for Immediate Delivery: Plenty of — 2 n<iltom }-i i,,rl, -Bbrh r,.7inl" nre.UliiR flows 2 nnllnm U tnrh Genrral Purpose Plows 3 Bnllnrn 12 Inch n.ite Tlnus 2 Untlom II inch Slat Tl.ise nn\vs Spriiis 'loolli llarrnu* ' 1ft l"nnl Ttarlnis complclc willi all ri|iiiiimrnt. 1 1[nrsr-(lr.i\vn C'uUlvator I linrsp-dra^v n Mowr r Shipment of Planter* and Middle Busters Expected Soon See Douglas Lawson, Manager Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Phone Farm Equipment AVAILABLE NOW! Gin Company East Main Street Blytheville, Ark. —STOCK LIMITED— 2 Bottom, 12 Inch BREAKING PLOWS mmmmmmmmmmmm SEE US FOR ALL NEW EQUIPMENT

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