The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1947
Page 6
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PAOTSDC BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER .NEWS Better Traffic Record Sought For Labor Day . "^leXfc' (Bj- Ifnilr-d Press) Arfcansam were preparing today for a lortg holiday week-end cheered by^tlie knowledge that traffic deaths in! the slate have shown a market! decrease so far Oils year. ^he National Safety Council reported in Chicago yesterday thai Arkansas ranked third in states showing the biggest improvement in reducing traffic fatalities. The state showed a 24 per cent decline to date. •Police Director Jack Porter today, however, urged continued crire an thfe highways and said he would keep liis entire police force on duty over the Labor Day week-end. 'Porter said there were six traffic deaths over the Labor Day weekend last year. "That is a good record," he added, "and if we can do us well this year, we'll be lucky." Four of last year's death were automobile crashes and two others were pedestrians. Porter said that 13 accidents iverc reixirted throughout the state last Labor Day. Vanderbilt Widow Dies NEW YORK, Aug. 30. (ITT)—Funeral services will be held Tues- at St. Thomas Church for Mrs. Rosamond Lancaster Warbmton Vanderbilt, 50, widow of W. K. Vanderbilt, former president of the Ni'W York Central Railroad system, who died yesterday af home, Eagles Nest, Norlhport, N. Y. Escaped Italian War Prisoner Surrenders PITTSBURGH, Aug. 30, <UP>The Federal Biireni of Investigation said yesterday thai an Italian war prisoner who escaped from a P\V train near Little Hock, Ark., more than iwo years ago surrendered here yesterday. The authorities said that Rrnan- uel '.Vfclilli, 32, a native of Italy, had apparently become aware thni they were .searching for him and decided to surrender. Mclilli escaped from a prisoner of war train on March 29. 1045, white i'ii route from Camp Kilmer, N. J.. to 11 camp near Monti- SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 1047 cello, Ark. He has s|>ent most of his free time in Pittsburgh, where lie worked as junk collector and n truck driver, lie used the name of George Lamour .11 HI posed as a Frenchman. Christmas Savings Club Founder Dies in Boston BOSTON, Aug. M. (UP1— .7ohll J. Martin. 70, Uoslon hunker who orhiinuinl the •'Christmas Clul)" savings idea, died at his home yes- lerday fuier a lonis illness. A native of Hoston, he was founder anil president of the Kx- t-hangc Trust Co., former Boston park commissioner, onetime presl- \Vearcrs of high hats in North Carolina paid an annual tax of $4 for the privilege nt one time. lRM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING RRIVAJE ROADS OR ANY cEXCAV/VJION S.J.COHEN COntraeto LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone 36460*42525 ident of the Massachusetts Heal Estate Exchange and a director of the New World Life Insurance <-•„ Ol Hcattle. Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Keporls—Accounting Kooni 21, Lynch IJldg. Write I 1 . O. Box 93» Phone 2940 Blytheville Upholstering Add new colors lo your Immc and prolong (he Si IV of your furniture*. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 2 1st ill G Sh-oel © byEliiobclhScircrl.Dhlnbulpdby NCA SCRVICf. IMC . TllfJ STOnVt Top MoAn. hon- tfcllnl Clilrt «f Slnir, cJmfoN nt the Ittnelivltjr forced un him by a pnr- II«lly pnraly/liiK • troke-. II* ivlln Or.^litlcolni Gtrnn, top nhnlrlrlci*! »urj:vofi nml Aetlnsr Chlf I, that Wuttdvrnril, <hr IIPVT tint! doctor, IN *iu« (o nrrlfc"*onn. I IP, Hnriln Gil-tin, r MnleriliwV brother. Im In lovr wltVSrmnn, Mntcolm'* nnrxc, X/iMry 'hi -Malcolm'* wlfr, 1'eic and Jerry rtr«'Iil*-M<ma. Dr. WoodWnril arrIvej»r--Hf -H -ImMrdlnte-ly 1 *n- vioiiM •r^MfklVolm'* poMldnii, hl» Ittxurlmu .office, bin .rtKrnctlve mnrnr. ;.Hc ..vlanii »•» nnilrrnilne Malcolm, woo hln \VNtte out tvulklnci he nrrldrntnlly mrritK MiiK'nIni** vrlfr. Thry hnve a drink i u^e I In- r nt n wtmleni*' kn Brunt. Andrew" flnltrr* K»itiry *» fckllirull}- th:it *he Invite* him nit* 1 his mother to dinner «IL Frl- L'jrlOM a. hostess's point of view, ^the 'dinner on Friday night went very well. Of course, Martin was. late coming home, but in a doctor's house such emergencies he'come.jthe expected thing. Nancy kept her promise to Andrew and invited no one but the Woodwards and Brian Cox. .Little Mrs. Woodward was a personage; everyone recognized th'at. "She looks like a raisin," Pete" had said, watching her come up the front \valki to the house. Arid Ihnl'was an' exact 'description. She was tiny and wrinkled, her thin hair was drawn tightly back 'into a knot at the peak of her oval skull. Her eyes were black and snapped with the vigor of her thoughts and opinions. .Even Brian and Nikki leaned forward to listen to what she had lo say. Time and *gain Malcolm's 'deep laughter rang out. and he 'found himself arguing spiritedly with the little lady. "First woman 1 .ever knew who could argue Impersonally," he praised her they went back to the living room fire for coffee. : ^ Andrew sat in the corner of the over-sized couch. Mar spread adoration across his shoo,' and studied Nancy. She was a lovely jerson. Tonight she wore an art- ully drnpecl gown of black chiffon, Is only decoration three small, veil placed bowknols of pale green a I in ribbon. Her light hair, jrushed high, reflected this sil- cry, greenish tint. She was ns beautiful as her daughter, nnd as wised for adventure, for excitement. As she sat on the rose- lowered love-scat beside Malcolm, Andrew wondered when Dr. •lonn had Inst noticed that his vifc's eyes sparkled like stars, hat she haci really lovely feel and inkles, * * * IT was nt this point that Martin arrived, a hit slavlled to realize that he was late to a party. He came in with <i word of contrite npology to Nimcy. "I got tied U] —I swear I forgot," he cried. "How nrc you. Woodward?" He strode across the carpet to bcnc over Andrew's mother, his dark eyes quick to appreciate her charm. "Have you eaten, Marty?" Nancj askcct.' "No, but don'l bother. I'll foragi for, myself-" "You will noil" Nancy lold him "I'll fix n Iray—" "I'll do it, Nanny," Nikki offered quickly.Brinn untangled his lonp legs and followed her lo tin kitchen. Martin chuckled. "1 make a vcr> good excuse," ho murmured. Nikki and Brian arranged Mar tin's dinner on the desk in th little study which opened from Us far end of the living room. Mar tin went out to it, stooping a lilll to kiss Nikki's soft check bcfor he sat down. She cuddled ngnins him. "My fnvorilc uncle," sh puvrod. Martin lifted a quizzical eye brow. "Is this going lo be touch?" Nikki laughed softly. "No, but do wont you to help me persund loc"—she (;lnneed swiftly ticAvn 10 living room toward Malcolm— I know where we can get a per- cclly keen radio lor the car. 1 vant you lo help me coax Doc to ct us have it." "I don't want her to have It," lalcoim announced. "I don't van I n radio in Iho car. One lis- ens to it and forgets to drive care- ully." Martin neatly dissected his lur- cy wing. "When are you having I put in?" he nskcd dryly. Ha coked up, grinning, inlo his I'Olhcr's eyes. Malcolm smiled ind loddtid, the three younger men huckling in appreciation. TT was ns if the little interchange belween the brothers voiced the amily unity in the Glenn house- iokl, as a week in the Hospital iad shown Andrew Woodward hat the brothers Glenn maln- aincd unity within the Lair. Hot "»nvy burned suddenly in his hroat; delibcralcly ho turned, vailed until he caught Nancy's eye, and then smiled at her in an understanding fashion. As if he said lo her, "You and I are opart t'om these un venturing though excellent people," Nancy's chedu 'lushed in a pretty fashion. Sharply, old Mrs. Woodward cleared her throat. She made a uustling business of putting her itling away. "Andrew," she said elcnrly, "it is time we went home." Nancy made a polite sound protest, but Andrew got to his feet. "Don't ever argue with Mother," lie advised, "I can think of nothing more futile." Dr, Glenn offered to drive them home, but Mrs. Woodward independently refused. It was a matter of three blocks—a bedtime walk was K°acl for one. 'Yon were a great success. Mother," her son told her, ns they went down the winding walk, "1 like people, so they like me," she slated comfortably. She clung . lo her son's strong right arm iu silence for a while. "Andrew!" . . "Yes, Mother?" "Those calm waters in that home we just left—it would be a pity to sec them ruffled by a wind of your idle blowing." (To He Continued) M Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20J3 int-1 Chtckasawba ; \ If It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health <• Hospitalizalion • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Homls • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles O. BlUncr-W. M, (Kill) Wilson COfB. 1X7 BY UC> SERTOC. UK, T. M. IjCC. U. S. TAT. PIT. "I'd like to help you, mother, but that radio commercial I just heard reminded me how tired and listless I feel!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER On (ho l.eash BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN> OFFICE FICE NORTH TENTH •** Phone 3151 . V'« VOU'LL HAVF TO LEARN-TO FASTER,, LARD .' I CANT DO EVERYTHING/ .' AITER,( Jl YES,sin.? WHAT'LL ir MVRTLE SAYS 1 SHOULD CALL. CUSTOMERS, FRItNDS, SIR' AND MADAM'' SHE DOES, DOES SMS 7 . • WELL MUM& CHUM. L VANF TC> A^n YOU A LITTLE QUESTION].' -- DtDNT AWYBOD/ EVER. TELL YOU AEOUF LIMCOLM AMD SLAVES ? CUSTOMER, . Sl-OWPOKE' '•••••••••«•••••«•••••••••«••••)«•***••• GATEWOOD GROCERY Phons Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch «it 7 Crown 1.35 Calvert 1.35 Schenley 1.35 Three Feathers . 1 35 Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses ... 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 [th ^.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.150 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' re 9 17.5c; ....... Ethyl 19.5: All BrandsCigarets 7 ctn. $1.35 CHAMBLIN SALES Sales—Stmlebakor—Scrvk-e Hcaili|iiartc>i-s for Guaranteed Now and UHcd Cars and Trucks liK7 New Int. l^i (on Short Wheel Base 1917 New Ford l>/± Ion I.OIIR Wheel Base I!M7 New International l|i ton LOUR Wheel I!:ise 1»4G Dodge (i ton I'ickun litlG Chevrolet !i ton Piekup 1910 CMC y. ton I-ichup 1041 Chevrolet : >'« (on 1941 Chevrolet 'A ton Pk-kup , 1!UO Inlerrm1ional ; 1 ton '.1947 .New.Ford "8" Coupe IDJ'i Nash 2-Door !i)II riymouth 2-Door 1!)I1 Slutlrbuk'cr 4-Hoor 1939 DcSbto 4-noiir Sedan E ST-UDEBAKERS T U D E B A K E R S TU D EBAKE K Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams By V. T. HAMLIN HEY, BUSTER/ GET THE OLD BOY'S SLEEP- GAB/— SO 1HA.TS WHY HE'S JUST HAMD OUT SOME OF TH' BOWES THAT'S REPORTEPLV IM THERE, AW DON'T 8E SCARED -- Re^\E^^BeF^. WE'RE RIGHT HERE/ ROAD/WE TO SHOE V(0.\\E VMRAPPtD , ARCUN-D THE C AROOWD \\!>TlA THE SVVOKlMG. HE'S TWICE AS LOOPY HE'S CAN REARM'/ K06IMSON CRUSOE IN PEACC * Kl.AD, KE't? MAV( : OOK WITH HCULDM'l HC --' SMOKES H& IT- OUT= THE SHORT ARM OF THE LAW FLINT There's BY MICHAEL O'MAl, ,BY anrt RALPH EDGAIl MAUTIK AND HF-: BUDDIBH NOORSELF OOVW ON THE ROOR B65IDE TOE GIRL. SHE WOtTT MIND BEING CROWDED. WONDERS MECHAW i pusr '^ 8UTTOV_ ' THWT TOV-VOVJtD TO V\Mt VOVTH U<3

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