The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 7
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FEBRUARY 6, 1948 Cancer Patient's Use of Iodine Is as Simple as Drinking Water But It Must Contain Few Atoms BLYTHEVILLE (.ARK.) COURIER B.v PM'I, K Kl.l.iS United Press Science Wrllcr (Copyright, i 918 , ,,,. Vn - <leA Pr , s , opinion of of Blythe pedestrian, and ollwrj; I iwrked In »n v such space shall he parked with the foremost part of such vehicle nearest (o such meter iim ui mi- uny 01 Biytlie- Section Six. when nnv vehicle fcaiisas, (hat the best mcth- "'all t» iwrked in «ny space ndla- vhlch the above mentioned ' ? cnt to whlc li « parking meter Is >« ma>, w, ^i.j ._ ,1 located In accordance with the nro- tlslons of this ordinance, the operator of said vehicle shall nrmn entering such parkins snai Gl to General in fact, that is what the patient does-drink a 'gt^, J water This waler. however, contain, a substance ,hat is throng of tratlng radiation. ^ Use of this substance, radioactive iodine is breaking out of the experimental state at New York s Memorial Hospital for cancer ami Allied diseases which is coopenu- •^Mg with Massachusetts Gcneial Hospital. Radioactive Iodine is now being recognized as a routine treatment for certain types of thyroid cancer particularly those types of cancer where Ihe original cancerous condition has spread to other parts of the body and will collect iodine. Such distant cancers arc called metastases. Jn sonic such severe cases radioactive Iodine comes into use. Tracer Technique Ilseil A patient suffering from thyroid cancer—one ivho is likely to benefit by tliu new treatment—is carefully prepared before he rcceius his liiot glass- of water containing radioactive iodine. Extensive X-ray pictures are taken to determine where the thyroid cancer may have spread. He is placed on a diet of low Iodine content. This prepaus the way for small tracer doses of radioactive Iodine. They are given to determine whether the distant thyroid cancerous growths will pick tip the radioactive Iodine. Some types of thyroid cancerous tissue will collect the iodine others will nol. No matter where the body thyroid oncer has spread If It still picks up radioactive iodine, it can be detected by the Geiger counter, » delicate Instrument that detects and records radio activity. When it has been determined that a patient's thyroid cancer will collect Iodine, the Memorial scientists move quickly to administer the radioactive substance. The radio- •ctive Iodine is in a distilled water solution, usually about three ounc- <W Technicians use long tongs to lift It out of a lead container. They must guard against exposure to the radioactive material because, tragically, sometimes, many of the which are used in treating lot-kits, and WHEREAS, it Is the (he Council of the City ville, Arkr od by wl ., conditions may b« remedied Is by Hie designating of Individual park- lug spaces In the said area, by providing for the use of mechanical parking lime Indicator* | n conjunction therewith, by restricting parking In said area to reasonable Uiteivals of tlni e and by compelling th e operators of vehicles who enjoy the use of (lie park- Ing space 50 designated, to pay » portion of the cost of establishing nnd maintaining the same. BE: IT ORDAINED BY THE PEOPLE OP TUB CITY OP ULYTHEVILLE vllle, Arkansas, on n churge of 11- IcKally parking a molar vrhlrlo. testimony Unit a vehicle bc-urlne K certain license number plate was found imlawlully parked ., 5 .„.„, lilblted by this ordinance ami such lurlher tesUmonv |h n l Die records of the registrar of motor n j vehicles for miy stiite show Unit - i said license plates were Issued to In uci. > United States. In ' Illegall "* ' ccl b >' puric l or so onrlct . ! 1 * Bowing such (act fro, « , ir ,, In, MI f °'" "" SM(I mclfr ' ation inn ,'i, y |mt mcll ' r '" "I" ng suc « b-Mch nr • V re "I?" c«"s<llulf I "Slslrnr, or Vputv r« slrar !i,.i 1 KI thls Ofdlnnnco. mid 'b c proof of owiimhln s)»ll subject such opcmtor to (liei s.-clfon ,., , , Pl'«Crlbod tn Section Thlr- i w |fo s ,n 1 vlnUl "' """*' U "°" '^ deposit o( i TloiK of IhK n 1* ° " °' A ccrllort " AND KlidULATING THE USB OP I'UULIC STREETS AND HIGHWAYS IN TUB CITY OF DLY- TIIEV1ILE, ARKANSAS, PRESCRIBING HKGULAT10NS KEG- ATI VB TO THE PARKING OP VKIHCLKS UI'ON SUOH PUBLIC STREETS AND IIIOJIWAVS: PROVIDING VOH THE INSTALLATION. OPERATION, MAINTK- NANCF:. .SUPERVISION, REOIJ- | IiATlON AND CONTROL OF THE • USE OK PARKING METERS, OKI-'ININ(1 AND PROVIDING FOR Tnr: KSTA u i.ISH M KNT OP PARKING METKR '/.ONES UPON •I'HK PUHLIC SrilKKTS AND I ; HIGHWAYS; PROVIDING TOR poison, THC PAYMKNT THEREOF AND provl- ! TOR TUB SUPPLY OK PARTS DELICIOUS WAFFLES Ar* Always in Scamsa! TRY THEM AT TUB Nickel Stand MM. J.rfc gallb* '« Weil Main Strwi ••oral & l,<mir Distance Hauling Moving o Specialty An.vllme — Anywhere Any I'lnce Buck Mcharg 401 E. Main St 1'hoiies: DH.V -1077 2fl86 iirnn and Include every individual who shall operate a vehicle as the , ov.ner thereof, or as nscnt. om- Dloyec, or pernilttoc of the owner. I ie> A parking meter .space shall I be defined, for the purpose of this i ordinance, as a space for the pur- , pose of parallel parking, as ' space 21 feel, more thereto. Suction Ta-o. The City Council Is hereby authorized to establish certain zones, to be known as parking meter zones, within the . fire limits as set forth In Ordi- I nance No. meters to operate i 6:00 p.m.] ».m. until • ":" er <*•< > rhig a turban, „„ it. Jr.. an American at La Guardia ai York from Karachi. I cancer are also, under cerlalrTc'ir- ! gcner-i^wm, C (1,T r i^ 1-s b '' ig " tl "' p1 ' cumstances, able to cause cancer. I mi? lorccs nn ih rl >C • >W Kils "Handled by Expert Hands r '° C " ° n '*>e Pakistan border. Expert hands carry the radioac- I —IAEA Telephoto). tive iodine in Its lead container to the bedside of the patient. It is again removed by the use of Ion» tongs. The patient takes the glass out of the tongs and drinks the solution down. The glass is then rinsed out two or three times and the patfent drinks the rinsings. The Iodine works fast, sometimes reach-' I — MU .^ ., ulilk , luoL', ovjiiici-imcs reacn- Ing the thyroid tissues in 30 minutes or less. The patient realizes what he is drinking but rarely does he. show The parking as follows: AH weekdays except —from 8:00 a.m. until Saturdays—from 800 9:00 p.m. Sundays and holidays excluded. And from time to time hereaftei as traffic conditions require, In such oilier streets are selected by City of Blythcville, Arkansas the location ot such zones. And In such parking meter zones the city council shall cause parking meters to be installed and shall fix the time limitations tor legal parking In such zones, and His Head Hard l"! e hours dulin K the day or night MACtw - M,D ' >hen lhe |]arking meter or meters Holl ™ K*' (u P 3 - Leon Eugene | must be used (by any person who "om' a 38 sca N fS; nTT h? - ^ ! *""** '" "^ the " SC "' a ^ and lived to tell about it. tlon of this Ordinance c ? vcr tllc l ' 0;>l "' t! 'i' I'l-n'tat, pur- and punished as hereinafter set c!nse ; s»l>" vision, protcctliin. In- forlh. ' stwcllon. liHlnllalloii. upcnitlon Section Seven It ihall bc iinlnw f nlltlll< '»"»<--<'. <-o»lrol and me ot f«l -nd , viola.lo,, 0[ thVprovt: 1 r i)nl ' kil1B ""•'"« ^rtbcd Hew- slons of this Ordinance for » n y j _ ., . as a pe , r ; so " to cause, allow, permit or < , ,, cl on Fll '«». Till., Ordlnnncc , .. .„„. „„,,, Ui ie ss . („ 5 "ffcr any vehicle registered in the', 'i 1 -' (tmlml '" be I" addition length alont' the curb nnd for the nim " "'• °r operated by such per- ' ' """ pui[x>sc of diagonal parking- as « 5On to be parked overtime or be- spacc I01J feet, more or less, along -y. ond tlle fffloA at legal parking the curb, marked by appropriate " nl « established for an v parking lines in the street and with a park- metcr Ionc »s herein described. ing meter set in place adjacent 1 Action Eight. It shall be unlawful and a violation of this Ordl- ""i', C( r Im * ny I'*''*''" < n permit a vehicle to remain or be placed In any parking space adjacent lo any parking meter while said meter Is displaying a signal Indicating that me vehicle occupying such parking space has already parked beyond the period of lime prescribed for Saturdays ""c' 1 Parking space on the parking meter adjacent to such space Section Nine. U shall be unlawful and a violation of th6 provision* or this ordinance for any person to deface. Injure, tamper with, open or mentions require, In W1| JU'1J' break, destroy, or Impair eets and avenues as }" e u«fulm«s of any parking me-1 y the Council of the j t(!r , Installed under th e provisions: ni-HI^ A >.li< nn ^ »_ j. I Of till* OrriltlDTli-n ' .upplrmciitury to and not In conflict with nor repeal of prior or existing ordinances of tht s city but shall be an additional provision for the regulation of traffic and parking in ureas nnrl y.nnci provided herein. Second Sl.s-lecn. if n section, purl of a .section, scntenre, clause or phrase of this ordinance shall be held to be unconstitutional or Invalid, the remaining provisions hereof, shall ncrcrnieltts remain In full torco and effect. Section Seventeen. All Ordinances. O r parts of Ordinances, In conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Trn ballot, title s|, nl ,| d hc ! INITIATED ORDINANCE No 1 AN INITIATED ORDINANCE TO BE ENTITLED "AN ORD1- 1 NANCE RELATING TO TRAFFIC ICI.-L i *"-<,,.<;;> lu cnjuy uie use 01 a PRIK- | ing space) and when the Ilmlta- • INITIATIVE PETITION Nu 1 AN INITIATED ORDINANCE TO BE ticms shall be effective; and shall (Indicate the time limitations by [designating the same on th e parking meter or meters or by appro- ORDI- Priate signs posted in proximity to _ , RELATING To TRAFFIC f EGUt -,ATING THE USE O , Section Three. Parking meters installed In the parking meter zones . PARKING OP indvual parking spaces hcreln LLS UPON SUCH PUBLIC b efor c dwcrlbed Each parking me ' m- HIGHWAYS; tcr shall be placed or set In such t«r The radioactive substance trav- ^k through the blood stream, but. ! mat all of It goes to the thyroid f tissues. Much of it is excreted in : the urine. In the early days, when j radioactive iodine was scarce, the separated excretion in the urine was readministered. i Eventually, most all of the radio- ] active material is excreted from the body. In many instances it is still "hot," that is, still radioactive, a substance that cannot be poured down a drain. The procedure is to put it back into lead containers and leave it there until Us intensity decays. i"i-' ni'-mwAYS; ltj ^ii<m ue ijuicca or SCL In sllcn FOR THE INSTALL- a manner as to show or display by OPERATION, MAINTE- a signal that the parking space T Vir>T' SUPER '':SION. HECiU- adjacent to such meter Is or Is not r,ol AND CONTROI- OP THE legally in use. Each parking meter USE OP PAP WTWn ATffTT'i^C' i-iTt< il^cfrtllnri c-l-i-^11 iii^C« n i - i... Tomorrow: Dying and working today. in 19«—alive Wheeler Not to Lead Toft-Hartley Act Fight MIAMI, Pla.. Feb. 6. (UP)—Former Senator Burton K. Wheeler yesterday declined an American Federation of Labor offer to lead Us fight against thc Taff-Hartly law. Pleading pressure of his law business, Wheeler said he could not accept the past of director of the AjjtjS Labor League for Political EnR-ation, offered him Sunday i nichi in a confused telephone con- j Green to believe Wheeler ' - METERS. DE._ AND PROVIDING FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF "NG METER ZONES UPON PUBLIC STREETS AND HIGHWAYS; PROVIDING FOR THE PAYMENT THEREOF AND FOR THE SUPPLY OF PARTS of this Ordinance. Section Ten. it s h«ll be unlawful and n violations of the prov'flons' of this Ordinance [o deposit or cause to bc deposited In any pnrk- '• • meter, any slug, device or metalflx ' ; substitute, for a five cent or one | cent coin or coins of the United ; Section Eleven. It shall be the duty of the Pollc e Officers of the City of Blytheville, acting In accordance with the Instructions-Issued by thc Mayor, to report<»1 The number of each parting' meter which Indicates that the vehicle occupying the parking space adjacent to such parking meter. Is or has been parking In violation of any of the provision, of this Ordl- Itccnsc of such _, - — - "» v'V or night thc Officer detected such vehicle parked In violation to the provisions of this Ordinance. (d) Any other facts, « knon-ledgej of which Is necessary to a thorough understanding of the civciim- i IT IS BETTER TO GIVJE rW*N TO LEND---AND IT :OSTS ABOUT TH'SAME "It'i holler In «t)l Ihan 11 U tn lend, And let me («|| j o u rlnht htrt, my trlend. If you h r» ready to lell, then you'll icet mnre By wlilni K lo your TRADING POST stcre!" \ ™WHft PoFf PMONt aw »?OW£8r»SH BLVrHRVILLE, A,RKAUfAf I 'Buy Yours' n( City Drug Co. HH Knst Main Hi. Norn* Brands • LIQUORS and • WINES City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 tor Felix A. Carn*y FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or r«inforc«d Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver |>| lO n« 691 Porfo Rico KII.N DRIED SWECT POTATOES Delfycrcd („ Your Dcwr Phones ,IB77_2!t86 Buck Meharg Produe* «.l r.. Main 8t FROM THR OPFR\ " ._'.' 1 ' lt OPERAT FOR THE OP AND PROVIIMNG PENAL- Smrol! 011 ™ E vr ° LATION WHEREAS,' because of traflic conditions that have existed In certain sections of the city of Blytheville. the free movement of traffic hi these sections is, and has been, impeded for a long time: and the traffic and parking in thc aforesaid area have not been as successful as is desirable; and WHEREAS, because of the habit of numerous operators of motor vehicles of parking for long periods of time in close proximity to another motor vehicle so parked on the most congested pans of thc city's busiest streets tends lo further impede traffic and in adeii- installed shall indicate by proper le.ientl the legal parking time established by the city; and when operated shall indicate on and by its dial and pointer, the duration ot the period of legal parking, and on the expiration of such period, shall indicate illegal parking. Section Pour. The city Council .shall have lines or markings painted or placed upon the curb and- or street nd. meter for thc purpose of de.sft;...,.- , - --..,, „.„„., u mg^ the parking space for which ! '"5 tlmc wn <>n such notice was at meter Is to be used and each stances attending such violation _ Each such Police Officer shall j attach to such vehicle a notice to the owner or operator thereof that such vehicle has been parked In violation of the provision of this Ordinance, nnd Instructing such owner or operator to report at the office of the clerk of the Municipal court In Blythcville Arkansas, in regard to such rio'J - "Sale! Thousonds Atioano HIAVIU *H|BD CHICKS D,7, rot MOMrTlMirMINT UV[ MUVEir GUAIAHIIIO . 1000 . ^^^ ct upon tc Cllrl1 and-; -' n "Bar to such xio'l- a ^^ <•<> «ch parking I "™- **<* ™ch owner or operator the purpose of de.s^n.V.- \ m W w'W'ln Iwcnty-foiir hours of thc tlm ' vehicle parked adjacent or next to any parking meter, shall park within the lines or markings so established. It shall be unlawful and a , violation of the Ordinance to park any vehicle across any such lines or markings so established or to thai the same shall not be entirely within the area so designated by I such lines or markings. Section Five, when a parking space in any parking meter zone is parallel with the adjacent curb or sidewalk, any vehicle parked In such place shall be parked so that thr foremost part of such vehicle .shall be nearest to thc parking meIcr: when a parking space in any tached to such vehicle, pay to the Clerk of thc Municipal Court us a penalty for and in full satisfaction ' of such violation, the sum of fifty cents. Thc failure of such owner or operator to make such payment to i the Clerk of the Municipal Court I within twenty-four hours shall ren- ' rler such owner or operator subject to the penalties hereinafter i provided for violation ot the pro- i visions of this Ordinance. I Section Twelve, in any hearing of the Municipal court of Biylhe- i Draughon's College of Mechanics Post OfFic« Box 835, Memphis, T«nn. Will K iv« you specialized Iraininjf on motors, motor tune-up, painJing, auto electricity, body and f«nd«r work, clutch, brake, Iransmissron ;in<f deferential repair. 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