Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1915 · Page 9
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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Reading, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 23, 1915
Page 9
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Nine Berks County and Environs Reviewed By the News - Times Correspondents THE READING NEWS - TIMES, READING, PA., SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 1915 WUGLASSYILLEHAS ANNUALELECTIOH Union Sunday School Chooses H. Elliott ion Superintendent The Douglassville Union Sunday school held its annual election for officers for the ensuing year when the following were elected: Superintendent, II. G. Elliott; assistant superintendent, O. W. Welsh; chairman, II. A. Knauer; secretary. Miss Mary Kupp; assistant secretary, Harvey Marquette; treasurer, John W. Fisher; organist, Mrs. O. D. Welsh; assistants, Mrs. Augusts Cather and Miss May - belle Smiley; librarians, Stanley Elliott, Earl Koch and Pauline Leider; visiting committee. Mrs. G. Cathers, Mrs. A. W. Kupp. Mrs. S. II. Kupp, MV - s. O. W. Welsh, Mrs. Ephriam Koch, H. L. Nagle, H. A. Knauer; fin CnnAe f 11U UVUUJ Charged or Sent on Approval During This Sale Store Open Monday and Saturday Evenings Comfort U Sfl08 1 I Sale fS trustees, John Trainer, 8. II. Kupp, Henry Knauer; ushers, William Spiece and II. A. Knauer; entertainment committee, Mrs. 8. H. Kupp, H. A. Knauer, II. G. Elliott, Mrs. O. W. Welsh. M. H. Leider attended the inauguration of Governor Brumbaugh at Har - riFburg. Henry Knauer took a business trip to Heading. Miss Grace Underkofler visited relatives and friends at Mohrsville. The Indies Guild of St. Gabriel's Episcopal church will hold a supper in the parish house Saturday evening, Jan. 23. - George Bush moved his family to the tollgate house. Benjamin Strause obtained employment in the creamery of Roy Schurr. SHOEMAKERSVILLE The revival services in Salem's U. B. church have closed. Superintendent E. M. Rapp, accompanied by the board of directors, visited the schools of Perry township. Superintendent Rapp pronounced the schools equal to any in the county. The school board will meet in the high school room on Saturday, the principal matter for consideration will be to find out whether the - board will be obliged to build a new school house. The crowded condition of the schools of town makes some action necessary. There are 354 pupils in the township. Charles D. Stetzler and Alvin S. Stetzler attended Sunday services in Philadelphia. Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Ernst, of Oil City, and Mr. and Mrs. Ibach, of Stony Creek, visited the family of M. A. Ernst. Mrs. K. S. Maderia, of Reading, visited friends in town. Mr. and Mrs. William O. Stoudt, of Leesport, and William H. Keim, of Womelsdorf, visited the family of H. II. Stitzel. Samuel Seiger and daughter, . of Mahoney City, visited friends in town. Mrs. William J. Yost, is visiting friends in Parkerford. FRESH DANDELION ON KEMPTON MENU Horse Found Standing in Stable With One ' of Its Hind Legs Broken Go all Over the Town From Top to Bottom and You Will Never Find Similar Values to Those in the A Bear'sTS M Comfort U A Shoe ! Sale j) KEMPTON', Jan. 22. Dr. K. D. Werley - will hold public sale of horses at the Kempton Hotel, Tuesday afternoon, January 26th. Rev, M. F. Klingama nwill hold Reformed sen - ices at the New Bethel church Sunday morning, January 24. Sunday school will " - he held before church services. One of Adam S. Greenawalt's horses was found standing in the stable with one of the hind legs bro ken. The animal was one of the best which Mr. Greenawalt owned, and had to be killed. The horse was insured at about 40 per cent, of the appraised value. The people of this vicinity are taking advantage of the warm weather and many a good meal of fresh dandelion has been served as a result of it. E. D. Greenawalt, of Albany, attended the inauguration of Governor M. G. Brumbaugh, at Harrisburg. SHAMROCK John Bankel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dankel, had his leg broken while riding to school on his pony when the pony fell. John attended the IiOngswamp High School. His many friends wish him a speedy recovery. Levi J. Romig and Faul W. Bard, who attended the funeral of Edwin Bard at Eenhartsville, returned to their homes. William F. Bard and daughters, Mary and Anna, and son, John, returned home from Grimville where they were visiting friends. Sarah, wife of Reuben Beillcr, of Clayton, Pa., died of heart failure early on Sunday morning, aged 60 years. She is survived by her husband and a number of children. Funeral services were held on Fridny morning at the house. Interment was made in Huff's Church. The post ollice of this place was removed from M. A. Weitzel's store and installed ju the P. & II. station, S. D. Becker, agent. BEAU rS COMFORT SHOE SALE OF FINE WINTER FOOTWEAR No Shoes were bought for this sale Our regular stocks are mammoth enough to supply a city twice the size of Reading. Origina' prices remain on every box. Were it not for your convenience, we could dispense with our customer could walk in and see the price of the most to the taste. c I Bear's S Comfort U Sfl0e I ) Sale J REINHOLDS Following were buried in the Swamp Church cemetery during 1914. Jan. IS. Amanda, wife of Isaac Sweig - art, aged 47 years, six months, 10 days. Jan. 22, Polly, widow of Levi ruth, 91 yeas. 10 months and 12 days. Feb. 26, Annette Sweigart, laughter of James Sweigart, 21 years. 12 clays. March 18, Frank Palm, 68 years, five months and 21 days. .May 19, Anna, infant daughter of Anson ar! Clara Moyer, August 10,(vidow of William Ebling. 79 years eight months and 11 days. Aug. 12, Henry Gensemer, 71 years two months and 10 days. Sept. 1, infant of Laura Freeman. Nov. 7, Benias Brendle, 71 years. Nov. 23, Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brendle, two months and 29 days. Dec. 21. Mahlon son of Abram and Elizabeth Ellmaker. seven months and 18 days. Dec. 29, Newton, son of Davis and Katie Has - sler, two years, five months and 19 days. The team of Rural Carrier No. 1 from Reinholds, H. N. Huntzinger, driver collided with a team driven by Mr. Reed a cigar manufacturer of Wernersville near Wilkes Hotel. Mr. Reed's horse was badly injured, slight damage was done to Mr. Huntzinger's wagon. George Schlappig spent a few days in Philadelphia attending the auto show. Mr. Schlappig is the representative of the Hudson and Ford Co.'s. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huntzinger, spent a day in Hershey on business. Jerome Dietzer moved into the house of John Binkley near Black Horse hotel. Henry and Adam Wann, who came east to attend the funeral of their father Isaac Wann left for their homes. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Gruber spent a day at Lincoln, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gerhart. Harvey Sweigert had his finger injured when a board fell on it. Some farmers have sold their tobacco at prices ranging from'? to 9 cents for binders and 2 cents for fillers. Mrs. Albert Wenrith and eon, of Sinking Springs, spent - a day with Hrs. Wenrich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. AirngFt. The public sale held by heirs of Mrs. Sarah lisey deceased was well attended, the articles brought good prices, a small pitchor was sold for $5 and an arm chair for' $10. L. K. Binkley was the auctioneer. Rev. D. L. Fogelman, held English services in Samp Church. Saturday, Jan. 23rd, Charles Huntzinger, will hold a sale of his farm containing 9 acre and 5 perches, about one - quater of a mile from town. II. K Oberloin, of Birdsboro, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Obeiiein during the week. George Schlappig, attended the automobile' show at. Philadelphia, last week and while there heard Billy Sunday preach in his tabernacle. M0SELEM Clayton .Kauffman and family, calle on friends at Moselom. Mr. and Mrs. John A. MeCown, of Philadelphia, were guests of their son John, of this place. Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Herbein and daughter Irene, visited friends at Oicy. evi Keller slaughtered his fine Hol - stein bull, and delivered the beef to parties at Flct.w - ood and Temple. M. Y. Uerbcin slaughtered a bull that weighed 786 pounds dressed and four hogs that weighed 21t. 245, S22 and 471 pounds respectively. clerks, for every shoe that appeals WE GUARANTEE a Perfect Fit on Every Sale Made Possible By the Patented Footograph System Reading Rights of Which We Control Exclusively These Prices Defy the Keenest Competition : f M Q Bear'sTS Nj Comfort U ! Shoe K ) Sale J LUSCIOUS ORANGES AT - WINTERSYILLE H. Himmelberger Has a Tree 1( Inches High, Bearing 16 Fine Citrons WINTER VILLE, Jan. 22. A beautiful orange tree only fifteen inches high and bearing sixteen ripe oranges, can be seen at the home of H. Himmelberger, of this place. Maurice Klahr removed his household effects from Frank Muth's place and moved to Wernersville. Isaac Lutz who has his home with Irwin Moyer at Hast, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Lutz. George Man beck, has engaged Edward Zoiders, of Reading, to help him get the stock ready for sale. Robert Stamm, of Womelsdorf, Earl Stamm, of Mt. Aetna, visited their mothers, Mrs. Alice Stamm. A. E. Eisenhower and Samuel Miller, attended the moving picture show at Myerstown. Mrs Samuel Derr, assisted in hutching at Jacob Hoffa's. Miss Alice Seibert. spent a few days at Myerstow nvisiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lebo, attended the funeral of Mr. Schaeffer at Bern - ville. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Himmelberger, - of Myerstown, visited at Maurice Peiff er's. Mrs. Quarry Phillippy , son and daughter, Mrs. Thomas Harnlsh, of Stouchsburg, visited the family of Clayton Heberling. James Stoudt, , of Rehrersburg, called on George Peiffer. - PRICET0WN Mrs. D. Z. Delp, spent a day In Reading. .Howard "Stitzer. Charles Daily and Levi Stitzer, attended the fair at Lyons. Miss Ella Noll, spent several days at - Freidensburg. Amos Heller transacted business at Reading. Mrs. W. H. Noll and son, Walter, visited relatives near Pikeville. J. If. Manwiller transacted business at. Fleetwood. Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Noll, visited the family of jCyrus H. Bingaman at Spies' Church. Fred and William Wahl. of Fleetwood, visited Mrs. Albert Wahl. Daniel and Clayton Moatz, made a business trip to Blandon. John Paulsgrove and Pierce Breide - gam, attended the band fair at Frled - enshurg. Miss Kate E. Noll, who was suffering wtlh a heavy cold is able to be about again. S. W. Bartlett, is busy butchering for his patrons. Henry Noll, of Sunbury. visited, relative bore. K. C. Saylnr, made a trip to fleet - wood on business. JACKSONVILLE 'The recent rain did considerable damage along the creek by breaking up the ice which swept away the fences and foot bridges. Mrs. L. B. Klingaman was a Reading visitor. Fred Fetherolf spent a week at Al - lentown. serving as a grand juror. Mrs. E. D. .Kistler of Stony Run, visited the family of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Klingaman. Clinton Ilussc moved with his family into another dwelling also owned by David Fetherolf. The next teachers and directors meeting will be held at New Tripoli, Jan. 3uth, the teachers will come together at the school house and discuss subjects pertaining to school work. Rev. M. F. Klingaman will hold services next Sunday afternoon. Mr. Mantz, of Germansville, loaded several car loads of potatoes recently the price was 50 cents. SHOES FOR BOYS and GIRLS All of our Shoes that we sell for $2.00 are to be had for. . . A Perfect Fit Guaranteed $1.29 SHOES FOR BOYS and GIRLS Ail of our Shoes that we sell for $1.50 are to be had for. . . $1.09 A Perfect Fit Guaranteed SHOES FOR BOYS and GIRLS All of our Shoes that we sell for $1.25 are to be had for ... . A Perfect Fit Guaranteed 89c Bargain Table Opportunities SHOES FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN 79c and 89c A Perfect Fit Guaranteed I Bear's Comfort SJ stloe 9 Sale y LEESP0RT The Hawthorne Literary Society of High School was called to order by the president, John Potteiger. The opening exercises were conducted by the chaplain. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The following program was rendered: Piano solo, Raymond Naft - zinger; recitation, Lizzie Rahn; song, glee Club; current events, Edna Peters; oration, Mabel Gruber; piano solo, Edna Curtz; recitation, Catharine Mengel; song, society; reading. Pearl Stoudt; essoy, narration, Florence Bernet; violin solo, John Potteiger; sentiments, members of a class; son, glee club; - impromptu, Wiley Glasmire; essay, Gertrude ,Dersch; song, society; referred ques tion, ciara Koyer, catnarine Aiengei, Edna Curtz and Mabel Gruber; referred question, Paul Bickel; piano duet, Catherine Mengel and Mabel Gruber; debate, resolved, "That the U. S. Should Increase its Armament," was discussed by Raymond Loose, Luther Luppold and Daniel Rothenber - ger on the affirmative side and Chas. Potteiger, Charles Mmmiller and John Potteiger on the negative side. The judges decided in favor of the negative side. The house decided in favor of the negative side. Song, society. The society then adjourned to m - et two weeks hence. Camp No. 165, P. O. S. of A., held a boom session In Mogel's Hall and Initiated eight candidates which increases its total membership to 264. It was announced that there were two pair of twins among the candidates which is an unusual occurrence. The camp had a number of visitors from four other camps and a number of addresses were given by the visitors and members of the camp. Frederick Becker, district president, installed the following officers for the ensuing year: Irvin Boyer, P. P.; Calvin Moser, president; Harry Biehl, V. 1'.; llen Kunkleman, M. of F.: Charles Snyder, Con.; Rufus Marks, Sec; Adam Stoudt, F. Sec; Charles Balt - haser, Treas.; John Snyder, R. S. ; Joel Biehl, L. L; Edward Adams, chaplain: Paul Rentechler, - inspector; Dewey Wise, guard; Edward Adams, trustee. Miller & Balthaser's knitting factory is working five days a week. WEST READING Miss Ruth Hoshour, renn avenue, entertained her class of St. "James' Reformed Sunday school taught by Miss Minerva F. Eyrich. Each member grave ten cents towards the mile of pennies which is leing raised to furninh the church auditorium. Those present were: Marjorie ITinsey, Cora ljape, Laura Snyder. Angeline Wisen - ford, Laura Ruth, Pearl Davis, Kath - ryn Holzlnger, Blanche Ernfield, Ruth Dickinson, Caroline Stamm. Ruth Schell, Anna Uundore, Sara Weaver, Ruth Hushor. The evening - was pleasantly spent in music and games and refreshments were served. The next meeting will be held Tuesday evening at .7.30 p. in. at the home of Miss Iura Ruth. Mrs. William Lebo and daughter, Lottio B. and Miss Anna lierbine, of Glenside, were entertained at dinner at the homo of the former's aunt, Mrs1. A. IT. Ilain, Penn avenue. Mrs. John Grill, Reading, visited her sister, .Mrs. J. Calvin Leinbaeh, Penn avenue. The recital given in Bethany Lutheran church by Misses Rishel, Astin Kachel and Dock was very largely at tended. An interesting address was delivered by the pastor. Rev. W. O. iiiub, who dwelt on the "eighth anniversary of the Ladies' Aid Society. The Woman's Missionary and Aid Society of St. James' Reformed - will hold, a cake and pie pale at the Kiss inger Market House Saturday afternoon and. evening, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rothermel, Reading, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs Jacob 11. Leinbaeh, Penn avenue. Miss Mary M. Hain and niece, Mary Fritz, were guests of Mrs. Clara Ruth, 167 West Oley street. Mis? Maude Smith, Reading, called on Miss Florence Geiss, Penn avenue. NEWMANSTOWN Ed. Hayden, will give a lecture in the East End hall, Tuesday evening, Jan. 26 on "War." The Newmans - town band will play. Mr. and Mrs. George Wolfensburger, of Wernersville, were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.H. J. Noll. William R. Ibach, astronomer, was in Lancaster and York, visiting some of his patrons. . The Sheridan Band, played at the Inaugural parade at Harrisburg. The third and fourth grade schools, are rehearsing a play which will be given in Park Hall on Feb. 22nd. 'John H. Witter, is building an annex to his barn for the housing of steers, John K. Noll has the contract. Alma Trix, of New York, paid a visit to her parents here. SHILLINGTON $3.99 buys shoes for Men and Women That are worth $4.50 and $5.00 A P rfect Fit Guaranteed BUYS SHOES FOR $3.49 Men and Women That are worth $4.00 and $4.50 A Perfect Fit Guaranteed 7 r, 2 GO .Vy SHOES FOR Men and Women That are worth $3.50 and $4.00 A Perfect Fit Guaranteed $2.49 SHOES FOR Men and Women That are worth $3.00 and $3.50 A, Perfect Fit Guaranteed BUYS SHOES FOR $1,69 Men and Women That are worth $2, $2.50 & $3 A Perfect Fit Guar an teed EVERY PAIR OF SHOES WE SELL MUST WEAR AS RECOMMENDED OR MONEY REFUNDED Ps BearVVS V4 Comfort U f 1 Shoe r L. The Literary Society of Shillington High School, was called to order by President Zillhardt. The scriptures were read by the chaplain and. the following program was rendered: Song. Far Away, school: essay, elec tricity, flattie Kerns; nolo. Miss Wag ner; biofc - raphy, E. A. Poe, William Miller; reading, Ralph Hemmlg; reading, John Body; song. The Bible, school; recitation, Mtn Bertna Naugle; select reading. Miss Edith Trostle; bass solo, Frank Matz; essay, Lloyd Hain; recitation, Womans - Nights, Edna Davis; song. Were Sailing, school; debate, "That Foreign Immigration Be Restricted;" affirmative speakers, Earl Yetter, Walter Hoil and John Stehman. Negative speakers, Claude Hain, Franklin Matz and Emerson Davis. The judges: Carrie Shilling, Jennie Matz and Lewis Leinbaeh decided in the favor of the affirmative. The society closed by singing "The Star Spangled Banner." The teachers of the borough were paid their monthly salaries. A basketball team composed of pupils of the grammar and high schools of the borough has been organized. Charles Coldren, of Washington and Stertley streets, celebrated their 44th birthday anniversary with a party at hi9 residence, . the following were present: Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Colaren, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Brown and son, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Roland. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Savage, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Grill and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. KIodu and son, Mr. and Mrs. John Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bit ting, son and daughter, Mrs. James A Himmelrelch, A. S. Foltz and daugh ter Esther, Viola Schaeffer, Bertha Weitzel. Mazie Coldren, Stella coldren Carrie Haller, Edna Haller, . Carrie Coldren, George Bixler. Walter Bixler. Clarence Keffer. William Shearer, Floyd Moser, Elmer Barlett, Charles Coldren. Elwood Coldren, Paul Cola ren, Luther Coldren, Grant coldren and Harry Coldren. Mr. Coldren re ceived a number of presents, gamc3 were enjoyed and lumheon served. 0AKBR00K Mr. and Mis. Adam Kurtz, daugh ter. Grace, son. Harry, Mips Ida Breneiser and Charles Fox, of this place, spent an evening with Jonn Smith and family at Reading. Mrs. Elmer Martin, son, Richard, of Reading, visited her sister, Mrs. Frank Gallman, and family on Wood street. Elmer Livinghouse, residing on Lancaster avenue, secured employ ment at the Sohultavllle Hotel, Homer Kegerise, proprietor. Mr. and Mrs. Irvvin Rhein and son, James, of Reading, and Mr. and Mrs, Thomas GfUl, of Mohnton, were the guests of Henry Grill and daugnter, Anna, on Lancaster avenue. "Mrs. Glance Bachman, of Fern av enue, spent a day with her mother, Mrs. E. Hoffert, at Mt, Penn. Mrs. Webster Schnable and children, of West Reading, visited John Schnable and family residing on Fern avenue. Samuel Hartinan vacated a house on Lancaster avenue and moved with his family and household effects to Philadelphia, where Mr. Hartman se cured employment. Eugene Warfel and family residing on Wetherill street, moved to Read ing. UPPER BERN Rev. C. G. Heffner will have ser vices in Allegheny Church, Sunday at 2 n. m. Farmers are taking advantage of these fine days by doing some of their spring plowing. Abel Horning and Sylvester Moore made a trip to Blue Ball. William Frees visited Jefferson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jere. Homing and Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Horning, attended the funeral of Mrs. Henry Gehman at Adamstown. Isaac Griffith, formerly with the P. & R., is engaged in manufacturing furniture and hay fiats. Reuben Schlafly left for Jersey City to spend a few months with relatives. Frank Rupper is busy threshing rye. He expects about 400 bushels. FALLS FROM PONY AND BREAKS LEG John Dunkle, School Boy of Longswamp, Sustains Severe Accident John Dunkle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunkle, near Shamrock Sta tion, a scholar of the Longswamp Grammer School, while on his way to school riding on his pony, had an accident by falling from the pony fracturing one of his legs. This oc curred near the residence of Mrs. Romtg, of Longswamp . Centre. Dr. Long attends. , Some of our folks attended the Bale of the personal property of the late Daniel Schwoyer, at Bowers, and the articles brought good prices. Oliver Stoudt was the auctioneer and John Grim acted as clerk. II. P. Pilgert, who had beeen a school director of iLongswamp re signed on account of having received the post office at Mertztown. Mr. Berry, of Mertztown, was appointed by the school board directors for the unexpired, term which 'runs for one year. John Tomig, visited his parent, Mr, and Mrs. Levi Romig at Hancock. A. B. Rohrbach, was at Topton on business. HARLEM Mr. and Mrs. John S. Rauch spent a day the guests of John Albitz and family, of near Powder Valley. Alvin V. Albitz, - made a business trip to Reading. Mrs. Eugene Gregory, ' of Huff's Church fiaid a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Gery. George Yeager, of Baily, was the guest of Frank E. Fox and family. John H. Grey spent a day with Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Rohrbach at Huff's Church. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gregory and son Ralph, spent a day at Huff's Church, visiting friends. Constable M. . M. Gery made a business trip to Clayton on official business. SHOEMAKERSVILLE The fair - being held under the auspices of the fire company in Mansion Hall, will continue Saturday evening, when the local orchestra will furnish music and Saturday evening, Jan. SO, Grim's Orchestra, of Hamburg. At the close of the fair on tho 30th, an auction will be held of the goods remaining on hand. Daniel Kerschner visited ' h 1 a brother - in - law, Solomon S. Wolfe, at Pottsville. Mr. Wolfe fell from a telegraph pole and had his left wrist and left leg broken. Buys Shoes lor MEN and WOMEN That are worth $5 $5.50 and $6.00 $4.49 BUYS SHOES FOR , MEN and WOMEN That are worth $7 and $8 A Perfect Fit Guaranteed $5.99 rf m BUYS SHOES FOR sbAlX MEN and WOMEN That are worth $8.50 A Perfect Fit Guaranteed We Call Your Attention to the Reductions On Rubber Goods and Storm Shoes mm OB 632 - 634 Penn Street STORE IS OPEN MONDAY and SATURDAY NIGHTS Shoes for Little Folks A Lot of High Cut Shoes, whose Values are up to $3.00. Your Choice .91.69 8.96 A Perfect Fit Guaranteed Little "MARY JANE" Shoes, made of gun metal, cloth top, 5 to value $1.50. ( Bear's S Comfort U Shoe I BOWERS The public sale of the personal effects of the late Daniel Schwoyer, was held herev The sale was largely attended and fair prices vere realized. Oliver Stoudt was the auctioneer. The following visited the county seat and also the county home: Mrs. George P. Merta, Mrs. Kmma L. Fen - stermacher, Mrs. Jacob Klein and Miss Mame E. Fenstermacher. Rev. Ira Z. Fenstermacher, visited relatives at this place. Iarvey Drew, of Reading, visited his mother Mrs. Caroline Drey. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Helfrich. of New York City, oiled on W. K. Fenstermacher and family. Robert F. Happes, teacher . of th village school has 44 pupils enrolled. ST0UHSBURG James O. Eisenbise, slaughtered two hogs weighing 700 pounds. ' Mr. and Mrs. 15. H. Rpangler, made a business trip to Myerstown. Mrs. Emma Klopp. of Reading, upent a few days visiting her daughter Mrc. James O. Eisenbise. Mrs. William Seibert, of Myerstown, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Livingood. Mr. and Mrs. F. Seidle. of Klopp's Store, visited Mr. and Mrs. George Grimes. Mrs. Charles Troutrnan and Mrs. John Keller made a trip to Host. K B. Ze.Iler and Frank Stoltz, maio a trip to the automobile show at Philadelphia. PIKESVILLE The storm unroofed part of John Itelohert's barn. Mrs. Daniel F. Rohrbach. of Dale, visited the Hubert family for six - weeks. On account of the recent heavy rains some of the roatls were damaged. John P. Rohrbach,' of Reading, wan here on business. If. D. Renninger slaughtered a bull weighing 477 pounds. A mad dog passed through this vicinity and was shot by William Gamier, of Furnace Dale. W"illiam Moyer, of Huff's church, was here on business. ALLEGHENYVILLE Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wagner visited their daughter at Hamburg. Charles Wagner, who came homo from Wyoming, where he spent a year, secured work in Shoemakersville. The public sale of the farm stock of the Charles Kauffman estate was well attended and brought fair prices. James L. Wagner will build a large shed on the farm by Ira Bagenstone. John H. Baeighkley has the contract. James J. Dunkelberger and son are making posts at the mountain which they intend to sell. Charles Kauffman is hauling lumber for Jacob M. Mengel. NEW JERUSALEM Supt. E. M. Rapp, accompanied by Directors William Dry, J. Angstadt and William Eckert, visited the Rockland schools this week. The Mountain Telephone Company built an extention to their line, beginning near J. Gressley's and extending to George Roer's farm. A. F. Ereidigam left for Philadelphia, where he is attending the United States district court as juror. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Angstadt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scherer, Mrs. A. K. Weis and Mrs. A. Eckert attended the funeral of Mrs. Fegley, at Boyertown. J. IT. Bieber purchased a Ford automobile from a Reading party. CALCIUM Sallie Zellers. who was on the sick list is well again. ....... ' i The stork visited the family of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shade and left a baby boy Floyd Berkemeyer, of South Temple, visited his sister Florence Beminghoff at Calcium. Mrs. Edwin Krausse visited Mrs. Howard Adams. , . . Katherine Zellers from Leesport, visited Jennie Burkert at Maidencreek. Katherine Kunkle is on the sck list. Mrs. George Brobst and daughter Irene visited Mrs." Katie Kunle. Mrs Eugene Shollenberger and son John," visited the family of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Adams. Mrs Amos Rauenzahn and daughters. AnnH and Stella, visited Mrs. Howard Adams. FIVE CENTS PROVES IT A Generous Offer. Cut out t'.:r ad, enclose with cents to Foley & Co., Chicago, 111., - riling your name s..:J. address plain!. anr" receive a free trial package containing Foley's . Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs colds and croup; Foley Kidney ills, for kidney anj bladder complaints, backache, pains in joints, rehuma tism: and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a, wholesome and thoroughly cleansing cp.thartlc try all three for 5 cents, the cost f mailing. Sol by American Medicine Co., 710, Penn st. Ai,

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