The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 2
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tiro BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW! Moscow Reports Soviet Shake-Up DiMlOMd IN Urw Iitforctmcnr, iM, Leadership •r Brae* W. MOM Pnas SUlf ComapMident) "•LOWDON, Feb. «. UP)—Reports Uoacow today dLwkwed an *r», ahakeup la tht soviet UMBt, ttriklnt «*p*clilly in th« field* oC l»w .nJoroement, party dJadplin. In tfit line arU and In HM iMdenhip of the Supreme 60- rt*t parliament). dtapttchw from Motcow Radio Ho*cow broadcast* _ tp announce dlamUul of thrt* tap »OYi«t official* and a taneral .hitting of government of- .Th* top man fired were Minister tt Ju»Uc* Nikolai M. Rychkov; M. B. Pirapchenko, chairman of the fuvuimant Fin. Art* Commute*; aad.'A. Karakpayev, deputy chair- nan of the Supreme Soviet. To* official announcement said Rrchkov was dismissed because "he haan't coped with hit work." it was bellmd hi* dlamlaial pretaged a governmtnt drive against profiteers and alacken. ••E»ist«ice of widespread slack- ne» In the Soviet law enforcement dlviaion wai admitted frankly In the recent Russian budget message, which to!d of incompetency, graft, profiteering, theft and dereliction of duty In many production fields. RyehkOT was replaced by Attorney General Konstantin P. Oor- ahenln. His poet as attorney general wa* filled by Orlgori N. Saf- Expectant Mother, Ex-Marine Husband Defy the Ku Klux Klan O«., Feb. t. (OP) — An eie-Marin« football coach wh«« wife, an expectant mother, kicked a flaming Ku Klux Kl»n crow out 0} her yard her* Mid yesterday til. hooded order would never drlv« him out of thl* Worth Georgia town. Co«ch Walter Bolund of Idke- view High backed up hi* defiance by stacking three shotguns mid an automatic rifle, a blackjack ajid plenty of ammunition In hi* hou*. alter the KUn visit. ' Sheriff Jim Morelsnd of nearby Ringgold was called to Lakcvlcw when 18 hooded and robed Klans- mei> humed the cro*j the night of Jan. 1» while Conch Boland wn« abeent on a baikctbell trip. "I didn't answer the call," Sheriff Moreland said. "I'm scared of the Klan. I'm Just ai scared o! It u anybody clue." Sire. Boland said after the kicked the crude cross she called the -Khrapchenko was replaced as chairman of the Fine Arts Committee, an organ of the Council of Mlnl*t*rs directly under the control of Generalissimo Jonef Stalin, by Pollkarp I. Lebedov. - DbMtteftad with Dl«dpllne •Bi***ti»faction with the party discipline of the Pine Arts Commlt- t*e ha* been expressed for nearly a, ytar In th* official Russian press Wgans. Th* committee WM charged with J*ihn« to prevent decadent bou»- teoi* Ideas from *e*p1ng Into Rus- •ian piay», book*, poetry, magazines •nd other fleldj of the fine arts. The n*w*paper» charged that the Muolan art* irere falling their duty to the government, which wa* de- •crlbwl u portrayint the super- tortU« of th. Soviet lystem. •Zn*t.a4, K w*» charged, many •f th. art form* actually were ahtrwlng WMtern methods and Western custom* a* being more de- •trabl. than th* Soviet system. A Uoacov broadcast announcing th« dtanlinl of Kuakp*yev as deputy chairman of the Supreme so- Ti*t fare no hint a* to the reason. He was replaced by Danlal Kerim- them t« harm her. They walked back into the darkness. Later, Supt. John B. Burks of Lakeview High got a "grapevine" warning that Bo- Innd would be tarred and feathered if he stayed here. Boland. 210-pound former fullback for tlie University ot aeorsls and University of Kentucky, said the cross burning apparently re- sulted from an altercation h* had with a foimer Lukeview student now a freshman at th« University of Chattanooga. He said when Marlon Hayes eurswl him during a gym session, IM knocked th* youth down. A warrant sworn out for the coach was later withdrawn and lie and th. youth's father shook hands. "Alter tlie ctc*s burning some of Hie students asked If I wanted thorn to get plstoli and guns and guard my house at night, but of course I told them no," Boland said. On Jan. 27, Boland spotted tm- m»fked men in cars and on a vacant lot next lo his house when li« arrived tn lute afternoon after a basketball practice. His wlf* wt* sitting on th. itcps with a shotgun waiting for any move toward the house. The men left. "I told my students I knew some of tliclr daddies were Klanimen," Boland snld. "I also told tlu'iii I would take them on one at a tlm*. But you haven't got a chance against a mob, 80 1 got, my guns and ammunition and when somebody makes u move against, me, I'm going lo shoot, and not to cripple oltli- er." Both Burks and Boland said they would leave Lakeview at the close of the t*rtn next, June when their contracts expire. lace Issue Hits Medical College Arkansas Negro Asks To Bt Enrolled in School for Doctors —A Memphis Bachelor Willing to Assist German Maid Collect Inheritance By Leo Sorofca Unlircl Press Staff Correspondent MEMPIH8, Tenn,, Feb. «. (UP) —Tall and Handsome John T. Martin waited for an answer today to his "proposal" by letter to Frau- leln Ursula Bauer of Germany who was willed a fortune by a relative in Ibis country. Martin, a 32-year-old Army Air Forces veteran said that he didn't know (he girl but that, he "liked" her picture which was carried In newspapers two weeks ago when government officials disclosed thai she was willed 118,000,000. The hitch, however, was that the money would be froncn until Ursula became a clllten. It wa* then that Martin wanted to help. He wrote to her In care of the United Press In Berlin. "Did you gel around to any declaration of intention," he was asked. "Well, yes, but I tried to put It a* subtly as I could." Martin declined to use the exact words In the letter but lie made it clear that he w« not adverse w the idea of marriage. Martin stvtd that he wrote the letter "on the spur of the moment." "When I wrote to her I didn't expect an answer." h* said, "but now I feel that she'll writ* to me. "I wrote her how nice Memphis li nnd that I thought the would like the city. I told her about the cotton carnival In May, and the maffiiolliu. and the Mississippi River and the blufJs." Martin salrt that his mother ad- vlied against writing. She said I'd "make a fool of myself. "But the story was appealing," he said. "She's a good looking brunette, and she has a fortune waiting as soon sa she'd become citizen." Martin said he w«s aware that Uauila "no doubt got many other offers of marriage." "If she doesn't write," he said, "1 asked her lo visit Memphis and look me up when she comes to America. "She'll like the Mississippi." Martin ii assistant manager of the refrigeration department ot wholesale concern. He Is a native of Sullivan, III., moving hore two years ago from his lather's farm near Okolona, Miss. IB University of Arkansas Medical fchool here has been filed by a .<onway County Negro. Tlie Negro, William J. Mltcliell ot rfenife*, filed his application short- y alter university officials admlt- ed Silas Hunt, Texarkana Negro ar K'lcran, as a student In the Law school at Fayettevill*, Hunt wa* admitted after th* nlverslly announced last week lat it would admit Negroes who re qualified graduate students rovidmg them with regular hi- truclloji np.irl from white students. U the same tune Herbert Thomas, h airman of the board of trustees, aid It was doubtful that undcr- raduaw negroes would be accept- d, Dr. Henry o. Ohenault, university ice prpsldiwt In charge of medial education, announced Mitchell's PpUualtoi) and said it Is one of 13 received this year. The term, or whloh applications must be In 1 March 15, begins next Septem- -.t, Ohenalult said. Mitchell, 27, h also a war veter- :i and attended Howard University nd Catholic University at Waih- ngton. He received his bachelor of iology degree l« 1047 and has ompleted 30 hours' work on a mas- , Uoacow also announced the te- tavUoB ot two n*w deputy chairman 'of the presidium of th* Supreme SoVlet, which Is composed •la chairman and 18 vice chalr- BMn, on* for each of the 16 Republic*. On. of th* new deputy chalr- BMb ot th* presidium, Eduard N. <3*1, WES appointed, according U> Moscow. Th* second, Ivan A. VIa- •VI, was elected. Accidents Last Year Killed More People in .Homes than on Highways Begi Methodists fin Plans For Easter IhltUl plans «*T. mad. at a aMtfar of th* Board of Stewards at th. Tint Methodist Church last night for the pre-Easter evangel- Utle campaign and a special oom- nxltu* was appoint*} by Wllllnm H. Wjr»tt, Tie. chairman of the board who pr«*td*d ovn th* mceUng. Tb. oommltU. Ir.cludcj Gus BMrdt, chairman; Coleman S. Stev•na, U. 0. Webb, J. O. Guard and A;:O. Hai*y. Aeporta vcr. presented by p. E. Oooi»j. church tr»«iur«r, for Jan««y Mid for th* first quarter of the eoDfantM. r*mr; by Mr. Wyatt on Vt» <s»mp»l»n to (et pledges to cov- .* » »a«,000 budget; and by R. A. Helson, member ot the committee •Mkinc the balance du* on a $11,- tM pl«4«* for fund« for Hendrix OoUe»», M«thodi5t school at Gon••7. Appxo»lm»U)y »10,000 h»a beer pud on the pledge. L. K. Old report- ad on a fellowship dinner held in tH. church Jan. 21 and attended jy -Births cards that fit easily into a billfold- are now being issued by aereral at*tea. Much handier than a, With cerWlcate. It is a combination Mrth r*ft«tr«tlon and Identlfi- -*»Uon card. OHIOAQO, Feb.; g. (TJB»—Acil- denls 1 killed more people In.thtir homes than on the hlghwaw^laat year, the Nfiliounl Safety council reported yesterday. The Council laid It via the first time In 30 years, except for a brief period of wartime driving restrictions, that more people were killed accidentally at home than In trnt- lio. All told, deaths from all types of accidents in 1M1 »er* two per cent higher thhu in 1046. The safety council's report showed that this is whnt accidents did to the U.S. last ycnr: Killed—100.0CO." Injured—10,500,000. Cost-w,100,000000 in wages, medical expenses and property damage. Traffic deaths dropped from S3 411 In IMS to 32,000 last year—a four per cent decrease. But 33.500 persons died In home accidents during 1947, compared with 33,500 In 1946. Occupational accident deaths rose from 1«,!00 in 194« to 11.000 last yenr. Each type increased three per cent. Tlie council blamed tlie overall higher death toll on an increase In the number of deaths from public accidents other than traffic, which totalled 19.000 compared with 11.000 In 1346. Seven disasters caused 50 or more dsattis each, the council reported. They were the Texas Olty, Tex.. blast, the Tcxas-Olclivhoiim tornado in April, the Ccniralia, 111., coal mine explosion, three nirllne crashes, and the Quit Coast hurricane in September. Jacksonville, Fia., hud the jreat- est reduction of traffic ffttalHkv; among cities of 300.000 population and over—54 per cent fewer than in HHfi. Cities reading the various population groups lor the year on the basis of tiie number o( traffic death* per 10.000 registered vehicles Included: .( «»,OpO to 900,000 •*- Hbrfpit, 3.8. (Jacksonville, desplt. ttFsharp decrease, had 43 rt«»th* ; p*r 10.000 vehicles). 10,000 lo 24,000—Tallahassee, Jla., no deaths. Bank Sues on Note; Garnishmtnt Asked A garnishment suit against Harry and Violet B. Priuius seeking *!,- 319.J4 and naming four fire Insurance companies as garnishees wa Hied today In tlie Chlcktsawaba District of Mississippi County Circuit Court by tlie Farmer* Bank and Trust Co. here. The suit seeks principal and interest on a note for tl.OOO signed by tlie uetemlauu nnd hold by tlie bank. Prcimus of M28r! due on fire Insurance poiiciei issued by the bank's insurance department al.w are sought In the suit. Nimiert sainislices were llic Hart- forii Fire Insurance Co., the Fira- man's In.suinnce Co. of Newark, N J., the Continental Insurance Co of the City of New York and Phoenix Insurance Co. Judgment, no exceeding tz.OOO in value are soughi from each company. Reading From Our M»nu: Special Luncheon . • Choice of 3 Meats Or Fried Chicken • One Vegetable • Combination Salad n RUSTIC INN c Rom FaclUtiw Art Anlhbla for Priv.t. . . Afternoon «r Evening . . . Phon« J202 To mnke a pendulum clocx rw Inster, you shorten the pendulum. Delinted cotton Seed STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DKL1NTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and free from all seed borne <tls?asei. Quicker germination, plant and plow the same neck. Reduce chopping expenses. UM any bean, corn Or plea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES packed in attractive 56 IB. ba»«. Come In and book your requirements today, wt »m hold till plantlni time. Blyth.viHt Soybton Corp. lle, Ark. Branches: L««chville, Ark., C*rdw«ll Horn*r«viH« A S Mn. W. K. Tuckir, 49, Diet in Caruthtitvitlt CfiRVTHERSVILLX. Mo., f*b, t —Funeral s.rvlc« were conducted WednMday afternoon at th* fara- . FEBRUARY «, LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 6. (UP) •in appllcatioii ipr admission to 1- l f t«r of *ctenc« degree. , Chenault said "It U likely this applicant will have to talc* hi* chance* with the large number ot other (iludcr.U who are applying. It will depend oh lh« action of the board ot trustees whether we can accommodate this applicant." He Indicated that no action would be taken before the March 18 deadline lor (illng applications. School facilities were designed to accommodate some 80 freshmen each year. ily horn* for Ur». Anna Laura Schannaliorn Tucker, 48, who died Tuesday following a lengthy ilmeBS which hid been culminated by a major operation about three weeka ago In a Memphis hoipiul. She waa born In 1W3 at Cottonwood Point, the daughter o[ pioneers ot this county, she wu married In 1842 to W. R. Tucker, who survives her. 8urvivlnc ar* her hutband, on. brother, Jo* B. Bch.rmahora ot Madison, Ky., and one aunt, Mr«. Alice Watson of Caruthersvlll*. Men Teachers Meet OAHUTHEHaVILLE, Mo., Feb. t The PemlBCot County School mailers held their monthly meeting at Braggadocio High School Wedne*- day nl|ht, with Byron MtsUraon, superintendent of Kennett schools, a» principal speaker. The club Is compoaed ol men teacher* ol the county school*, who gather once a month to dlaeua* pha*e* of their profeuloa. To keep jood time, the Interval between the ticks of a watch must not vary more than 1[«,000 ot a aaeond. WitH M* ItMtnwnt SKRACH-NO IrOR. 54 Pwmt ITCH OL ritrtror I'M <riOi StutU M-8 SOAP 3 S c. Al Di-uit St»rn « Stutu Latontortw, n*rMM*. AUb»ma MEDICAL TEST PROVED this simply great to relieve'PERIODIC FEMALE PAINS with uncomfortable fullness Ar« >ou troubled by dlitreo or f«- nisle rimcttonnl monthly dlBlurb- • ncfs? Dot. thu make Jou «un«r It-cm pain, reel so ucrvout, rcM]e»« o - Thci , w«ak-»l »uch t In a recent (ncdlcnl lo rem»rkal)ly helpful iroublerf Hits way. Yoi yourself to try It/ t'Uikhain'H Compcmn Uoctors t Jt provod edatlvc. it Rtiiid *ooihini" : e.7ec*o l n' '« most Lydia E. PSnkham's VEGETABLE COHpTuND we: LOW, LOW PRICES Purarssr, 12'* 100'« ASPIRIN TABS SACCHARIN TABS fftEKUROCHROME MILK OF MAGNESIA „ .* MINERAL OIL lOc 24< Vi oz 9« 19c F "" p '"' THIAMIN CHLORIDE ^ 47> TOOTH BRUSHIS^-^iit- , jtm ~M %ii ^_ ••»• Compound. R«g.39c. loz. 29 % COMPANION FEBRUARY VALUES Rexall COLD COMBINATION Reg. $1.50 SMA BABY FORMULA 98c Reg. $1.00 CARDUI 93c Reg. $1.25 PERUNA 98c Reg. 25c BC Headache Powder 19c Bisma-Rex ANTI-ACID 59c Attention, Soybean Grower Have >«»r aoybeaiu recleaned heron reeently in*uile4 « M *f th. be*t p*a. € Deybte eUanun p««w «. have two eleawr. In operatic.* N. appalntBUBl B»«de<J, prompt aerYfce, no wailing. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Notice to Our Fritnds and Customm BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 218 L*CI*d« Street North Robinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs / •*• • **. k, k mm ' • I PHONE Frank Ashby and Eric Hall, Owners Cotton Moore, Tractor Mechanic STUDEBAKE RS T U D E B A Now In Our New Modern Service Department (Steam-Heated For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE • WASHING 4 LUBRICATING T U D E B A CHAMBLIN SALES CO. K E H STUDEB AKE RS Sales Studebaker Service R Railroad & Ash Streets Lex Chamblin Phone 2195 Bill Chamblin FARM SLOANS •am* Offle*. N*w«ck, N. J. LONA1EAM MOWrr«UMlNO LOW MAT! C*LL, WRIT! OJt S«« RAY WORTHINGTON IIS B. Third Ri, BlTiherlll*, Art. •errlni Tbi* i-ctlon 5s Tear* AutfMrtuJ Morrnr* I«M SaUcinr tor TH KUDKNTIAl. INSURANCI COMPANY OF AMERICA AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 Eatt Main Phone 519 We »peoialiw In SEAT COVERS, HEAD LININGS, DOOR PANELS, FLOOR MATS and all Interior trim of a car. Let us add real charm and beauty to your car with gay colored ttraws and fabric*. Add value to your car by letting us supply your auto uijholsler- ing needs. EVERYTHING TAILORED TO FIT AND INSTALLED • AT NO EXTRA COST So fcono/nix* and Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drire In under the »l;n "Auto Top Shop" ana blow for «errice. OWEN'S DRUG STORE Phone 2024 NO NO heavy weight *» puih oioundl G«ti ell th« way undtt low f^nitur*. Cltani ruji Ilk* mosic. Duttt (com floor !» A ««ilinj. CuororricW h> pirt up ^04 heir. Cemplti* with .tiacKmanli f«r waging, mottiprMflna, iproying. Stt it, ledoyf REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION OF THIS FINE HOME CLEANER. OUR SALESMAN WILL CALL ON YOU! • Appointment* Evening* • K»».v Termi

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