The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1947
Page 12
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PA«E TWELVE RLYTHBV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Fill DAY, AUGUST 29, 1947 Morse That Spells Answers To Questions Latest 'Wonder' By GENE'WOOD (IMta* PrttK Staff CorrapondtnO •RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 29. (UP) — l«dy Wonderful is a horse of toother color. Those who know her say that she has all the answers — but she can't talk. This lad; 1 puts down her ansvers on paner using; her tiose to plunk out letters on a special keyboard devised by Mrs. Claudi;i Fonda, her owner. Mi-s. : Ponda raised the 23-year- old dark chestnut mare from a wob- bljr colt. The lady was trained for general farm work but she became stubborn and took to prognosticating Instead, Mrs. Foiidn said. "We couldn't get the harness on her," Mrs. Fonda said. I Lady's amazing career started I when she was jr;;t past four months She dragged a batch of | chlldrens' wooden blocks out of the j rubbage and started arranging them In line on the ground. She used her talented nose. That gave Mrs. Fonda the idea to teach her to spell. Lady's knowledge has grown. From her humble red raood barn behind the Fondas' modest yellow frame house lady "nuzzles" out world-shaking predictions on her "tyj>ewrUer." Punching alphabetical cards the horse gives all the answers with n straight face, when she makes an error she whinnies to indicate that she's starting all over again. Dr. Thomas L Garrctt, editor of "Your Mind," a psychology digest called lady a "genuine phenomenon," in the September issue. Lady's answers cover a wide range of subjects. For example, she says thai the new lengthy hem- line style is no good. ..Dewey will be the next president., .and Hitler is alive in Copenhagen. The unique equine punches the figure keys, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Mrs, Fonda started lady on numerals by cutting up slips of paper inscribed with the numbers. "I swear on a slack of bibles," Mrs. Fonda said, "my 'Lady without instruction rearranged the slips to add up figures." A newspaper photographer walked into "lady's" barn and asked her his name. Lady plunked out the lei)?!'* -J-O-S-E-P-H." Then the Questions turned political. "Who will win the next election?" Twice lady spelled out "D-E-W", whinnied, and finally added the "E-r." To tin question Is "Hitler still alive; where Is he hiding?" her answers were "Y-E-S" and "C-OP-E-N-H-A-G-E-N." And "S-A-V-E" for a ratnv day the lady cautions because there'll be a depression in "1-9-4-9." The "C-A-R-D-S" will win the penniinl. and atomic energy will be used hi "B-O-T-H" peace and war. Yes, the lady says there'll be another war In "f'-O-U-R" years. To I he question do you like the lone skirts women ate wcarlnu lady typed out: "H-E-C-K N-O." Lady, although different from olhcr horses has the same horse diet. Her performing reward is a gumdrop. Tough Sledding, Boys"'-, The famous Ruiubow Bridge, a natural formation, Is found in the southeastern corner of Utah. This Iruckload of sle'ls aroused o fit'cnl deal of interest—but didn't olTcr much relief— lo this group of trunk-clad Chicago youngster. 1 ; when the mercury son red over the 100-dcyrce mark for the second consecutive <lny. Trucker Wiillcr Piuldison, left, and the lads agree , thai they'd rather see the sleds in operation. Maim: is ihc only state in tiv: Union with a name. Seven now comets were sighted • during 1032. byrrizobelriStiforl.DiilribuIrd by NfA SERVICE. INC TIIK STORYi Pap McAn, ho*- phal Chief of Stnfr. cfcnfrM nl thr Inncrlvlr?- forced on htm bj n | llatlr pnrnlrzlnc »iroke. lie 1ell» •tttreron And AoIliiR CJiii-f. ihni \Vuodivnrd. the- ne\f mnlt riocinr, 1« due lo nrrii'r Hutin. Dr. THnrfIn <arnn. .Hnlrnlnra liroiti*r. In In loTr.vrlih *;ii»iin, MnTcotm'ii nrfCcc n •!••<•, Xniiry IK MntcoTm'M irltr. I*ft«r und Jerrj nre hln itonii. An- 4rciv \Vnodtvurd nrrivrn. llr I» IntnicdinlrlT envlntur n( IMnli-olin'M p»ititU)i>, hi PI luxurious wtttcf, hit* nttr/irlivr nur»c. lie plnJiN in un- dvrmlnr Malcolm, vrnn fcf r»e. While oul-ivntkltitz. hr npcJrtciitnl- ly mrrfit Slulfolni'i* tvlfe. lie In- vitr* krr in have « 4rink at a •(•4c-ntM' knntruut. xi •-.-.'THEY went into tlic llghlcd j lounge; only a few students were there. ' Andrew, v.'ith the surcncss which marked the man. selected :a small table in the deep bny which overlooked the darkening river. A white-coafecl youth came for .their order; again Andrew made •U»e selection. Two chocolnte malteds. Nancy smiled at his 'small arrogance, but she liked it. The setting sun was making a rift in the slate-colored clouds, a band of breathless coral spread across the western sky. Against it, the tower of the Lair stood etched in fairy blackness. "It's really very beautiful," Nancy : breathed. Andrew nodded, took put cig- arets, offered her one. "My family says I smoke badly." she told him, looking up into his eyes as he held the match. "Your family probably doesn't appreciate you." '• "Oh, I'm sure they do. Thsy just want me to be well aware of rny shortcomings." "Do yo* have many?" "I'm alraid I do. I don't always match my nail polish and lipstick —that is high on my daughter's list. J use a table knife for a screw driver—Jerry objects to that. And Martin hates the way 1 throw out old magazines." "Martin is—" She nodded. "My husband's brother. Bi:t he's like—well, a sleri-son. He has always lived with us." "Lucky man,*" Nancy flushed, and sipped her mailed. • • » •'I'D say your lislcd faulls were not too gnivc," Andrew commented. "In fact, I'd call them quibbling. Against them one musi range the fact that you are lovely, you dress with taste and imagination—" "Would you be polishing the apple a little?" she demanded, although she found it very exciting to have this attractive man admire her. Andrew frowned. "What do you mean?" "Oh, skip it. I thought perhaps yott were flallering me because of Malcolm." He put his hand upon the table edge, leaned toward her. "I hod quite forgotten that you were any man's wife," he assured her. Nancy smiled, and cast about for something to say, the exactly right retort to make. She had somewhat lost her skill in the game of male-female fencing. She had thought herself done wUVi| the sport. If she were not— If she were not too old, too firmly entrenched as wife and mother— 'Can a woman believe what you say. Dr. Woodward?" she asked, her eyes shining. His smile was dazzling. "You've been a beautiful woman long eiKJUgh, I'd say, to be the best judge of what you may believe from a man's lips." Nancy smiled dreamily at the tinkling fountain. "I think 1 know a ladies' man when I sec one," she challenged. "Tell me about yourself." He leaned back in the chair. : W,;I1—I'm Andrew 'Voodward. An only child; my mother leads nc about by my ear—" Nancy's laugh rang out prettily. Andrew nodded. "She does! She's five-foot tall, and domineering. You know I'm a pediatrician. 1 come from good middlc-clnss stock. I've traveled a little —been Lo Europe twice. I am not an intellectual. 1 like noisy music belter than subtle stuff, and J really prefer it if il has a tune." "Not Debussy?" Nancy asked. "Definitely not Debussy. Do you?" "I'm afraid so." she admitted. • < • • JTE grinned. "As for "looks—1 like people themselves 'jotter than reading about them. 1 like experimenting with people." lie told her. "Sticking my little rmmkey-svrei ch into the machinery of their lives— It doesn't tnake me popular." "1 should think not," she agreed. "How nbout their monkeying with your affairs?" '"' "1 don't have alTairs. I mean — my life hasn't any fixed pattern lo upset." "Oh," she protested, "are you honest about thai? Surely your profession, and your rclalionrhip with your mother—you wouldn't want anyone to bother those tilings, would you?" lie considered what she said. "You're a clever person—cr—look here. I can't ^all you Mrs. Glenn—" "Nancy," she supplied, her tone soft. "Nancy," he echoed, bis eyes looking deeply into hers. Nancy drew on her gloves. She. felt happy, both relaxed and excited. "Because you do such pleasant things lo my ego, Doctor," she said, "wouli; you care to come -.0 dinner—let's sec—Friday night? I'll call on your mother, meantime." "May I ask you not lo make it a big dinner?" "Just the family, if you prefer. I!ul there arc a lot of us." "It's your family I want to know," Andrew told her. (To Be Continued) -!^-'. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 2043 1014 Chickasawba INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Okas • Tornado • Surety Bonds • 9 Aviation Firs) National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles Cl. BlttncrW. M. (Bill) WllM>O COPR. ig47 ay HE* SERVICE, inc. T. M. nfC. v. s. PAT. err. 8-29 "I'd have come home if I knew you were going to rake the yard, but we had a very important debate at the corner drugstore about the presidential election next yearl" DECKLES fe HIS FRIENDS Look! A C(X)lic. By MERRILL BLOSSER ROGER-! HILDA WAS FEEOIWG Hlrt TOO MANY WORMS. 1 ALL WATSTUFFABOUr YOU M6AM MYRTLE HOOKED LARO BECAUSE SHE KN6W „ WHAT BAIf TO USE? TAKE ir FROM Me-THFSuResr WAY FOR A GAL TO LOSE A GUY IS TO MAKE HIM WORK ' YOi/A/O- PWt-oso- PHER.--- &UTBACK M SHAOy- SIDE- BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE— NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch M Pt 7 Crown 1.35 Calvert 1.35 Schenfey 1.35 Three Feathers . . 1.35 Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses ft. 2.65 2.65 2:65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Kb *.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' re 9 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5c All BrandsCigarers,ctn. $1.35 HURRY UP/ IF YOU DOMT Gar THOSE GLASSES WASHED SODM, I'LL HAVE To DO THEM MYSELF/ 1? STUDEB AKERS u CHAMBLiN SALES CO. Jj Sales—Sludebaker—Service ^^ Headiiuarters fur Guaranteed New |". and Used Cars and Trucks 1M' New Inl. 1J4 Ion Short Wheel Base Tj 1947 New Ford 1 ',4 (on I.onff Wheel Base fj 10J7 New International Ui ton Long Wheel Buse 104G Dodge '/. ton 1'icliup Jt 13K Chevrolet •/. ton Pickup . JC\ 191Q CMC '/. tan Pickup 1911 Chevrolet y, toll Tf 13J1 Chevrolet 54 ton Pickup £A I" 10 International 1 ton Ifli? New Fort! "S" Coupe t 1 1942 Nash 2-I)oor Xj 1B-I1 Plymouth 2-l)oor 1!>41 Stuilcbakrr •l-Dnor TO 1939 DcSolo -J-Door Sedan STUDEB A K E R T U D E B A K E R WASH TUBBS So Thai's It I'D NEVER HERR ^ THE LAST Of IT IF \ ftNVONE FOUMO OUT RBOUf M TPMNS / BftLLEI LJSSOIls.'/ OTeANSE MAtl! WORE CONCERN ftBOUT THE FALSE DI6UIVY THAH i« RSPUC1N5 THE \VE13HT NOCAlMINa THEOUER- REP RYDER Catch as Catch Can HOV.SV Pl»5E! ALREIXDV 1 EXEKISES SOWE IDIOT WALKS J-V fCX) H(WE LC5E TWO IN ON WEI I HOPE ALL THIS POE5 \S MUCH FOR HE K NH Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopie Out Our Way By J, R. Williams ERE START IMG HOME TOA\ORRO\M.' WHEN ARe VOL) OIN& TD BOBBt-e WITH DID VOL) FIND ' AM OLD COPY/ OF THE DECLftRATIOM MCCUPS A(vJD SPIUL/\ Sl&MED 6V rue SECRET VOL) /'-'/ BOTTOM AMD 6URK& A.RB ^ \\\OOPL&? >ING CORKeO/ ^^y- UP? y UF - \MWY, \ ^oa ^iMKiiES ti'siT- j IHS AT?-««- T\i& { EEM PREOCCUPIED INVENTING A ^ HAS5DV V<ITCl4£M TO 6T1C'< THE _ CLOV/ES liCsTO A 4 BAKED HAfA «.\JiTM. &UOT-CAMVOO GRASP THKT ? t MICE sine/ ^03 OF CO^ERlMS OP .VIC FLINT Oeanwtute, up m the Brief's apartment... VOO MEAN WE COTfA SCRAM?Stldll ITAP HER AGAIN? Lucky So Far USt THE CHLOROFORM IF SHE IVlflKtS TROUBVf. IVE BEEXOJRSIN& THIS AUTOMATIC tlEVATO* Alt HI6HT, 8UT IT'S A5 Wf 100ME — NOW AS A WRIT OF tf WHERE HABEAS CORPUS. ^TO, BRIEF 9 RY_M_ICHABL O'MALI,F,Y and RALPH LANB " ' GOOO.' THE 6ARAGEMAH IS AT THE OTHER £ND, AND MERE'S MY CAR RIGHT HECE. PUT HER IN AND GIVE- HERA WIIIFF f TOW THE LITTLE BOTT1E HE PROBABLY CROWDED mm THE OF TT!£ LAW. \V£'IL GO i7R41GHT By FRED IIARMAN ' I HEARD SHOOTi •pHERlFF. tS-AlfJEO >AF£V ,/ QSTi-5 \LLEY OOP This Slops Onolii 1 RSCKOS5 It WILL 8E 1^ A F£VJ S£COrtD5,t»JCH£SS-' T>'3 tAKIKf CHARGE OF SRAM&T A.-TO VOLtAt I HE PRCJR\PLW 11 OIK-HP 1 HIM^fLP icAltmifRE " 116 COULD l-INI^ll ((iy 8OCr< IV171 (OUT INTERRUPTION .. .BUT Hl : '<;cRA7>/. BEICAU'.^j v/OlJ'Kr- OOlMt:, 1O TlME- MACICNfi MR RIGHT E BIG 'M AFRAID,-'" By V. T. HAMLIN '- I'M AFCAID,> x : wees:'/ / ivw; \ -HOW'rFIOLDI MOT-i ' \ «'/) I iOT8 AN.O K?2 BUDDIES Watchful BY EDGAR MARTIN

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