Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 17, 1895
Page 7
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The boy died .Saturday morning' ol convulsions and the little frirl is eon- sidered fatally ill. tt:Lt]jin ,M ui-il*.'rvrr* Cuu;clit. Dur.L-rii, -Minn., March Hi.—At 15 o'clock Friday iii«,'lii Shoriit' Mansion captured the Crislillis brotliei-s, who murdered JJcn .leuni-tta and his wife at McGix-jro!-, in the woods, and put them in the jail in that town. The people there were not toUl of the euptnre, as it was feared there would be a lynching 1 . Shortly after J-o'clock tbe two murderers and the bodies of their victims wure taken by a fruig-ht train to Aitken and the ioriner are now loeked in the ju.il, which is strongly guarded. •pff, nllltin »«•}- rri;«. ASSOUAN, Egypt, Mareli 1'!.—Slatin Bey has arrived here, having- escaped from the muhdi's camp, Omdurmaii, Khartoum, after eleven years' captivity. Father Ohrwalder and two sisters of charity, Ion;,' prisoners at Omdur- man. escaped from there November 29, 1801. _. Negro nouMokeeper Gets tlio MOIIOT. A-rr.ANT.i, Ua., March Hi.—The effort to break the will of the late George Washington Dye, of Filbert county, has failed in the lower court. Dye left an estate- worth SHIO,(K)0 to his neprro housekeeper and six children whose father he was. Declin-ticl Xoc Uullty. CiiAlU.OTTKSVji.i.E, Va., .March 10.— The jury in the case of Capt. Goodman, the ex-i-ailroad contractor, for the murder of Col. Parsons, of the Natural Bridge hotel, Saturday morning rendered a verdict of not guilty. THE MAltivtiTS. Gruiu, fruvisloin, Ktt:. ClIlUACo, March 10. FLOUit-Qulet but llrm. Quotations rune* ns follows: Winter— i'aieuis, siaUaitio; omlM, )I.W)'j.~'.OU; low k'rudus. $l.CJj.l Hj. spriiij bultur..,', il.sr),(^'. 15; low KniUus, Sl.7TXiil.BiJ; Ked Ou«, ?|.t)ji>l.7ri; Uyc, $>.3i)(ii-.sCi, WHEAT— Autlvu :iiiLl In'UKU.ar. Gush, K'/M QQlt^-—t^uiut und uiisior. No. - ^ntl No. : Yellow, -n.'au: No. Ii, -t^Lt'l^-ii;; No, 3 'i'elluw, W/tc; M:iy, -lOi-IOiii;'. J\ily, .iriJa^lliu; Septum- bur. •iDju'tl.'lyJuC. OATS—Quiol. aail stuaily. No. -. -9c; May. SOJiWai/ju; July, L'S.'iu. Samplus steady. No, 3 ? .^.i^^3jo; No. U NViiUu,'.ll>.j^5i-M^i No, ~, Ctil-4 (iii'U^c; No, « White, li-).i.u,^u. KYii—Olturlns.s .-iiiuill. No. - In storu, D^'o; siimplo lous. M vMu; outsiclo choice; No, a, ubouL 48^-l'J(i; Muy tleilvot-y, u:(c. HAiii.iiV—uouiaiia lu^s but olTeriiiKs uLso light. iUii-l;et nulct. No. 4, oJitKc; No. V, 5s (&l&4u for full 1 to ouolco, mill No. li, &J^jSy5o. MLSS i j onn—Trjdinn wus qulto ^ciivi; unfi prluus lower. QuoL:ition> r:iiij;tia ut sn.i>J!,i^; UM7S4 forctish ro.'ulur; #11. Wjill.SJ fur Mjruh. axul 5ll.7.Vjj)li't)0 toi' istuy. JLALiu—HHiliui'iiulut uad lower. Quotutloaa ruUKed ut -50.70t£t],Su foi- ouft.li: StJ70^i^.,->0 for Murou; jl).SO.[,G.UJli for May, unJ t&\)-'/i<ii~.&!',i for seller July. LJVii foUL-rnv—Por i>oiiiul: Turkeys, "•yjlflc; Clilulious, H;«>U.I>:TC; DueUs, llifllc; Geeso, yui (lOZeLl, C-l. UO^O'J-^J. Uu'rriiit — C'ruumcry, lOiilSe; ilalry, OSlOc; Puekuik' ^itoeU, ",^0c. Liyuoits—WUUity <iuoiod steady at Sl.-S^ per Kullou toi- liigliwlaas. XE\V YOKK, Mnrch ID. I''LOU»—Quiet, lli-iii. \\iiKA-r-.Vo. - red dull, bloudy, Miiy. 01 11-HVifOlJie; Junii. lil^e: Ju.y, ill Kl-IOii U- 1-ttJj; August, ijJd^tj-:«^; September, tiJ>iJ OOKN—No. 2, dull, llrm. May, M);^ 30 13-lite; July, 50^0; No, », 61 i>a(i£i3^c. OATS—Ntt -i, dull, ttte,idy. July, 3J!ie; Stivto, 37*QHlu, wusturn, yJ^-llo. BKEif—. irin. Extra muss, $7.50gS.i5; family, A 75 jiliOO. PoiiK—Qulot, firm. Mess, $13.00(7)13.50. LAKO—l^uioi. easier. Stoum-reiiclert;il, $7.00. BUT'j'KH— fimey stoady; modoruto clema:ul; wosturn ilalry, 8iSlJ!.ic; do. creamery, now. Ili/il 19o; do,,olil,H>i(i41''o; do. factory, 6j,i~c; J-Hglus, lOc; Imitation oroiimory, DjitiJ^ie; rolls, 7^t*o. CHEKSK—Panoy. moderately active ana Una; ntate, large. SiftliK':; do. fuuoy uolorod. llMo; do. white. He; da. .small, S)?J.|tl2i;; part skluiii, 8^8^ic: full skims, l%rd->ic. Eaas—Fiilrdomund, Urm; western, Nfto. Live Stock. CHICAGO, March id HOCS—Market act! vo and feeling Urm. Prices lOo blKtior. Sales ruiiKCd ivt J3.-lOi>l.B5 for piieklns: WiiO-l.lio for mixed, and H-IJ(u;4.75 for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATM-LK—Murkot uctlvii, and .prices ruled strong. Quotations ranged at f5.5J,is<i.:ii for choice to extra shipping steers; S4.9J.'is5.40 for pood to choice do.; jM.5044.80 for fair to pod; $3.8004.40 for common to medium do.: W0>(4 C&4.10 for Butchers' Steers; $iCJ.(!>3.SO for Stockers; j:i.40i«4.15 for Feeders: J1..T033.'IS for Cows; $3.00 .j.4.3il for Uelfers; i-.'.0ai{4.70 for Bulls: Sf.uOa.-l. IX) for Texas Siuers, and $i5'Ji4 SSOfor Veal Calves. Splendid Profits Are Made- :ysen<rnir for our Pamphlet on Speculation and fn. vc-atmcnU StiKccfsful Wall ftrcat Operation Await You After Reading Jt M»lleilVroi'Onti"p'l|i > atl'in. It will t»l you liow mi cun S|iei-ul»'t>»1tli ii.inlinun chnncesoi >o>s, GMnslricrewe HAJ-1I)1.\' Our )'l,Ti(>tloii!in fiit'C'-uition jl»KI orr Cns- tonie-s »rp< proi t-fi>r mod'-st Investing.ts ana TSU^. v*» ttriHfinl i,ti(i*iti.oi,s Sto*^, Bond-.. I'Titln, ^Vl.|0,l<Ml<ir,..IO..,B Ulill HUJNild fOI C 0 Sh oronnlm-i;!'" • f 3 too pcrwiit. COMMH^H'N 1-1U FbK CENT Writ* for ful i.ar'lcu'ars. Hlgi-est r- I^rcnCfS. (Rstah'IsiiiHl 1SS?.) (inooi porated 1S9 .) Consolidated Stock And Produce Co. iO New and 52 Broad at. NEW YORK. WE GIVE AWAY A Sample Package (4 to 7 doses) of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets To any one sending name and address to vs. on a postal card. QNCEUSEDTjIEY^ARE ALWAYS IN FAVOR. Hence, our object in sending them out broadcast .ON TRIAL ii * They absolutely cure SICK HEADACHE; Biliousness, Constipation, Coate,d Tongue, Poor Appetite, Dyspepsia and kindred derangements of the Stomach,Liver and Bowels. Don't accept some substitute said to be ' 'just as good.'' Tfte substitute costs the dealer less. It costs you ABOUT Hie same. HIS profit is in the "just as good.'' WHERE IS YOURS? Address for FREE SAMPLE, World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663 Main St., BUFFALO, N. Y NEWS IN BRIEF. The Missouri senate passed a bil which prohibits the docking- of horses' tails. . .,'laenb Walters, agfed -10, was killed by a fall of stone in a- quarry at Clinton, la. Kachul Miller, tiffed 8:5, died at .Jefferson, la., from the effects of a fallen the ice. The state of Massachusetts hasaskucl the government to give her the famous old frigate Constitution. The Wisconsin convention of the American Federation of 1'jiibor will be held .'June J.1 at Green Hay. Philadelphia and New York capitalists have purchased street and other railways, in Mexico, paying 53,000,000. Johnson .Jacob, an Indian wife murderer, was shot by guards, according to Cliot-taw law, in the courthouse at Pusluuata, 1. T. An early mormnjr bhixo destroyed ten building's, comprising the business portion of bovine, Tux. Tho loss is estimated at Sr.0,000. Secretary Smith has decided that .Buffalo Hill is the only showman who can take a party of liicliaii> around the country this year. •Henry Thompson and l-Vank L. Owens, American railway contractors, were attneked by bandits in Mexico. The former was killed. Sate manufacturers have assembled at Cleveland, 0,, to discuss a project to establish a rolling- mill for stuel iu making safes in that city- Cheyenne and Arapahoc Indians are in \Vasliing-ton to ask for part of the sum of money belonging- to them now in the United States treasury. Secretary Gresham, owiujr to his illness, has canceled his engagement to deliver an oration at the celebration of Grant's birthday at Galena, 111. Mac Moore was shot and killed by John Hammer at the hitter's liome near Junction City, Ky. Hammer claims he found Moore trying- to gut into his house. Elaborate preparations are being made for the sixteenth annual encampment of the G. A. E. of Indiana at Muncie. It will be opened March :,'(i and run three days. An unknown and peculiarly fatal disease has made its appearance in the towu of Glcnmore, Wis. Cattle attacked show si.trns of unsteadiness on their feet and soon fall down and die. I'ope to »<MIU ^.'on^rutulncionri. NEW YOKK, March 1H. — A special cable to the Herald .from lierlin says: His holiness Pope Leo X111. will send congratulations to Prince Hismarok on the" occasion of the ex-chancellor's birthday anniversary on Apr:! 1. f JLcUcrer Lfiivo.i Uii? Tlim-s-Hnnilil. CHICAGO, March 10.—Charles Lederer, for eleven years the principal artist on the Chicago Herald, and wiiose political cartoons have Drained him-.a national reputation, has severed his connection with the Times-Herald. Coke Employe^' Waijo" It lisr-il. PiTTSBURCiii. Pa., March l(j.--l'he Oliver Coke and Furuaee company Satnr- dav notified ttu'.ir employe.-; of a g-en-^ eral advance in wa7\>s am-.mntiuy to about 1." per cent. The action affects several thousand men. Jlnrdi;r,-r> ti> ii»ii-j. ST. THOMAS, Out.. March I(3.— The jury in the Uendershott-iV eltrfr murder case has rendered a. verdict ajrainst both prisoners and they were seia- tunced to be hauled Juiiu IS SPAIN 1 WAITING. Wants Corroborative Testimony Bsfore She Apologizes. Uncle Sam Willing That Sh'e Should Have a Reasonable Length of Time—Grossman Indignant. WASHINGTON. March 113.—Spain has not yet replied to Secretary dres- hum's demand for :in apology. It is understood that Minister Taylor has • curried out the instructions sent to him by the secretary of state and that the Spanish jrovornmont will a wait the other side of the story before rendering an apology for the in- salt to our ilajr or declining- to do so. Will Give JSpilln Time. It is also understood that the state department is inclined to be satisfied with this course, providing 1 it will not require too lonjr a time for Spain to obtain the corroboration desired. No doubt is expressed at the department'that Spain will, in the event of discovering that Capt. Grossman's statement is correct, render a complete and full apology for the insult. . Should it be discovered that Oapt. Grossman has erred—something 1 which is not considered likely—the .situation will take on u. new phase, which will be settled in the future. If Spjiln Doel >'ot Apologisto. In the event of its being 1 proved by the story of the other side that Capt. Crossman's statement is correct and Spain should then decline to disavow hostile intent, drastic measures will be employed to see that the insult is not repeated. linn Received No Wor«l. WASHINGTON, March 10.—At noon Saturday Senor Muruag-a, the Spanish minister, had received no information from the governor general of Cuba regarding the Allianea affair. The minister said: "If Llio corr.m:inder of the vessel allcRod to bsve tired upon the Allfonc!i ha.-, madu his report, It would bo lmmi!t!i..tcly tcleiiruijhei.! to mo. IleurinB nothing from the (jovemor Bcn- onil. it is fair to assume thai lie uimsulf Is yet olllditlly iKiioraiit ol the so-called oulrajje." i;»pc. tJrossmiin Indignit'it. NEW YOKK, March 30.—Capt. Cross- roan, of the steamer AUianca. is imiiff- nant at the intimation by SIR. Mu- rtuig-a that there were Cuban revolutionists on board the vessel when, as reported by Capt Grossman and his officers, it was chased and fired upon by a Spanish gunboat. liuEtll! Ships lii'lng Mlfflo Krildy. BROOKLYN, March 10.—The utmost interest was expressed by officers at the Brooklyn J^7 yard i'riday in Secretary "Srcsliam's demand upon Spain to explain the firing the on. AUianca. Preparations are be- in;;.' made to respond to any orders that may come from Washing-ton to have ships' now at the navy yards reaciv for sea in case they are wanted. It 'is the general opinion, however, among the officers ill .Brooklyn that if any vessels are called upon to patrol th.i Cuban coast they will be taken from Admiral Meade's squadron now in the \Ycst Indies, ENTOMBED IN A MINE. Tno Handrail Minors Ciiii(.'l>t by :i Tlrc- I limp Kxjiloilon 1" /•-'Mtria. TROITAU, Austrian Silesia. March 10. —An explosion of lire damp took place Saturday in the llolien^-e mine, be- lotgiug to the estate of the late Arcli- duJce Albrecht. of Austria. At the time of the explosion there were -SO miners below. Of this number eighty have been rescued, slightly injured. Hopes are expressed that the remaining SOU miners will be rescued. Later in the dav eighty more of the miners were rescued, but the remaining ISO are imprisoned in the galleries, which are blocked with debris. Hull r«rlidi in loir a. BuKLrNGTOX, la., March 10.—Tons of black bass, croppies, sunfish and catfish, have been frozen to death during the winter along the sloughs on the Illinois side of the river at this point. Th? dead fish are piled along the bank and fill the ponds, having been driven there by lack ot air and then frozen. sioc-ic iJT-oner r:ii'«- MEW YOKK, March 1C.—The failure of 1. II. Newcombe \v:is announced on the Btnek exchange Saturday morning. He wa:> admitted to membership May, l*''0. NEWCASTLE, Pa., March 10. — Ex- Mayor Richardson, who was found guilty Saturday morning of accepting a bribe to settle a ca.se while mayor, was fined $250 and costs by .Judge Miller. A Kt- rm HI W«*». _.tdfdlgfinfortof the vnynppr. But „, n «lifn ti e wvmhe' I-1 ot K'uil'i-stiion" hi- is . n. blRiOfca sli'hr.i-s,- TlMT vbo T'JIYHSP the ] "sl-«intlc neinn-r" ;-tn uld lepn vicen wiih Hos- t>itftr's '-ii'inHCn ' IHPIS. »bH> qulels dlsoriiorcd si,,in:ach> wl'h grnilf'iiR sp^id and ccrt-Tnif. T'lth- hurt ul infucn-t" f « tioplc. ma'arimis er toori>.-oro»>Or.anipcHni!ite. a? well a> to ih(> bmeiul eflccts 0' nnwinle on e dirt ara tad wnt*Mt Is !> re'«"Ie an'ld-ite Commercial tniTelf-rf nyscw • r l»nd- nmtlnirs. mli'e's. w- st ern piooefrs. and all »bo bnvp to encountpr viclssltidfscTclInia'eHiid tcni!*ra ur>-. C"'C';r ' Inpnminincliiplttl)i>tw5t nfpcnard It prevents rh-nm-itism ai'd i.nlmonarj-att.-ick In cons, qunnce Pi dump'Ddc--W and III* »n effi'lfnt d-f?ns« analnsi, all fo«m- of ma^ila. It ca be depended apon in dyspepsia, iher a a kldnoj trouble. Perfect health is maintained by opellin ff irou, .... — y the d e cay e d product of digestion. Constipation, Trith the terrible results foUowing: thi absorption of excreta is quickly rebeved by LEMON TONIC LAXATIVE. The refreshing- properties derived from Lemons with the ionic • and Laxative principles of select vegetable products form an elegant tasting: liquid Laxative. Ladies will find it. of priceless value. Many cases of supposed Uterine Enlargement prove to "—»» jm^. -••/•* be bowel accumulations; Gentlemen will find it productive of Appetite, Energy and a. Cle^r Brai^a^a^reforlndigestion.HeadacheandBJlionsness. LARGE BOTTLES, 50 CT8. AT ALL DRUGGISTS. EMQN-TONIC • LAXATIV I V ,,..«. ..f..^^fe..,«Si, ,! .. v _^ L . v* ,' What is Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher 1 * prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine uor other Narcotic substance. It 4s a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops. Soothiuff Syrups, and Castor Oil Jt is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieve* teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomack and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cos- toria is tho Children's Panacea-tbe Motir.i. 3 * Friend. Castoria. « Cutorlft Is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told mo of its good eflect upou Uieir children." DR. Q. C. OKOOOD, Lowell, Mass. « Castoria Is the iM^TreTnedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope tho clay Is not far distant when rnoUiere will consider tlitf real interest of tlwlr children, and use CasLorla. in- •tead of the variousquaclc nostrums which ara destroying their loved ones, by forcingopium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." Da. J. F, KmcmtLOK, Conway, Ark, " Castoria Is so-wcE adopted to children Ui»»I recommend it aasujcrior to auyprescripBoo-- knowatomc." „. A . AncnKI1 , M. D .. Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, S. Y.. " Our physicians in tho chiJJron's department have spoken highly of their experience- in their outside practice with Cn.stori»,. and although, wo only buvo amoiiK our medical supplies whut is known as rcguhir products, yet wo ore free to confess that th«~ merits of Castoria has won us to look wlU> favor upon it." UNIT'KO HOSPITAL AND DISPKHBIRT, Boston, ALLKK C. Surra, IVrs., Centaur Company, T7 Mnrra T Str««t, Now York City. THE WORLD i For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition CURES Headache. CURES Constipation. Acts or, the Liver and Kidneys. Purifies th» Blood. Dispels Colds and Fevers. Beautifies the Complexion and IF Pleaslne and Refreshing to the Taste. SOLO Br an. DRUGGISTS. "nicely ilu.strated eirl.tv-pajre Li-coin Story Book crivcn to every parch^er of . : of Liu'co]a Tea. Price 33c. Ask your druerist, or LINCOLN TEA Co., Fort Wayne. Ind. For Sale by W. 0. Porter. SHK-.~?.<-'| Ui-'-'.uist: 1-oiiinl Out- KANSAS CITY, .Mo., MMIX-II 1C..— Mrs. KitUc Roberts, wife of lioy:il -M. Kobe:-is, ;i s;iloonki:i.'ix-i-. coinii)iUui! suicide tit -1 o'clock S:iti-.i\l;iy morning:, hhool- iutr herself, with :i IW-cw-lilJor revolver. She shot liorMclf beo:iust: lu-r hnsbnnd had discovL-rcil her score t love for _ ^ (.ovrnor Grants ICospilus. .lEi-TKliifOX CiTV, -Mo., Mnrch 16.— Gov. Stonii Saturduy g-r;intccl rospii.usto six Diardiirers and a. wonnm assn.ilnnt.. condemned "bv the supreme court, to be hanyecl .March 21. The respites extend to April 20 and are made because of pressure o£ legislative business. S:ilt to He Admitted Free. ROMI-, March 10.— A decree has beer. issued exemptins 1 from duty the importation of salt, into Sicily from the United States, In return for this concession the United States is expected to exempt from duty the importation of Italian gait into that country. Dr. Hroadilu» Dead. LOUISVILLK, Ky., March 10.— Rev. Dr. Joho A. Broaddus di.ed of pneumonia at his residence, 821 Fourth street, at 3:-40 Saturday morning:. -Since 1377 Or. IJroaddus hits been at the head of the liaptist Theological seminary in this city. _ ' Think* Her Safe- LON-DON-, March 10.— A dispatch to the Times from Madrid says that Admiral Uerang-er and most of the other naval experts are strongly inclined to the opinion that the cruiser Keina Re- g-ente has not been losk _ NAPOLEON 7 S~PROMOTION. Bo .Returns to Talonco, Leaving; Debt! Behind Him. In the earlier stages of ai-my reorganization. cliang-es were made without much regard to personal merit, the dearth of efficient officers being- such that even the most indifferent had some value. About the first of June. 1791. Buonaparte was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant, with a salary of thirteen hundred litres (francs), and transferred to the Fourth regiment, 7\-b.ich was stationed in Valence. He heard the news with mingled feelings; promotion was, of course, welcome, but he shrank from returning to Valence. • On the ground that the arrangements he had made for educating 1 Louis would be disturbed by the transfer, he besoug-ht the war office for permission to remain at Auxonne with his old regiment, now known as the First. Probably the real frronnd of his . disinclination was the fear that a residence at Valence mig-ht revive the painful emotions which time had somewhat withered. But the authorities were inexorable, and on June 14 the brothers departed, Xapoleon for the first time leaving- debts which he could not pay; for clothes, a sword, and some wood, he owed about a hundred and fifteen j hvrcs (francs.) Arrived at Valence, he found that the old society had vanished. Uoth the bishop and the Abbe S:i.int-Ruf were dead. Mn>e. dn Colombier had withdrawn with her daughter to her country-seat. The brothers were able,, therefore, to take up their lives just where they had maJe the break at Auxonne, Louis pursuing the studies necessary for the corps of officers. Xa- poleon teaching- him and frequenting the political club, both destitute and probably suffering, for the officer's pay was soon far in arrears. Jn such desperate straits it was a relief for the elder brother that the allurements ot his former associations were dissipated, such companionsnip as lie now baa was aruont,' 1 the middle and lower, classes, whose estate;, were more: proportionate tu his own and whoso- bentiments were virtually identical with, his.— Prof. 1 Siouno. in Century. OXEN and sheep fatten better In company than when kept alona. I could get relief front 1 a most horrible bloo* diw.-»»c, I hftd ipeip __^ huudred« ol doilca trvim™rlo«r remedies »nd phy«lci»n» Mr flngerniiUcime off.audmy baircamcout, ingroe perfectly buld. ItUen weut to BEFORE •^ylmit various remeoie Qgern»ilsc*me off.aud IK roe perfectly bald. I mc" "v— ~ HOT SPRINGS but very toon became dfegnsted, and decided to. try S sfs. Tho effact was truly wonderfpl. I* commenced to recoiar after taking the first bol- tle and by the time I had tatcu twelve bottlgji.I WM entirely cured— £f^ 0^ J^cured by S.S.S. when the f*t m "^ H "^ world-renowned Hot ^k^ ^^^ ^^^ 8priD $M. s. Looins, ^H ^0 ^9* Onr book on the Dl«e»e and iuireatmeni mailed r»e« toany»ddr<m. SWIFT 8PEC1T1C CO.. AO»nU, <J«~ A LADY'S TOttET Is not complete without an ideal PGZZONI'S Combines .every element of I beauty and purity. It is beanti- ! tying, soothing, healine, heaJtk- ful, "and nannless, and when.,' j w'ghtly tised is invisible. A most 1 delicate and desirable protection ] t* the lace in this climate. loilit upon baring tin gtscint. IT IS FOB SAIL EVEBYWHESE,

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