The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, FKBKUAKY 5, 1048 -— __.----_. OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R.WiHioms LIT TK DOOR--NO E STANDING ROOM. THEY'RE PUSHIM' THE AUCJIEMCE UMDER TH' STAGE.' SAV, ARE NOU FULU COME OM to 1H& . eur •— OLP.' VOHBRC'S , TUfe REGW.RR WUeRE'SVERfCOPT I'M, OSEOC-TH& TOW^J STICK IS if'? COMEDY.' -I" I I *.-!- ? > * ^-^.»- r ,1. f^^. ©MB WAS FOF4 PEOPLE: TO GET BORN THIRTY V6AR& TOO SCON ?AGB FIFTEEN FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8BK Klrvitliun Nevdcd NOTICE Notice Ls Ixvraliy gii'on tliat the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues ol th« State of Arkansas tor a permit to 'sell beer at retail at 108 E. Main, Blytheville. Miss. Tlie undersigned slates that he a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has lieen revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other itate, relating to the sale ot alcoholic liquors. Erne.;l Ray Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th day of Feb.. 1948. Mrs. Marshall Blackard . (SEAL1 Notary Public My Commission expires March 9. 1949. " OFFICE nurse By Adelaide Humphries C k, Ad.Widt Mc» t k,i.i. Dur.ibul.J t. Hit. SflVICf, TIIK t'tllf. ioTl'- or I. or hi In In M "M" n"""r"" •"'• rlc ll«ll, ru ,ik. r,,,,. , Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Steel Oil Barrel Racks .Anr Site T. L MABRY «M MISSOURI J«27 N'» BM fUylns it home wh»n ih«re'> real fun to b« hid! Try joar hand at BIytheville'i newest >p»H. B«wl Tonlj-ht! Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4929 K'rllnK In ..u.-,,r-ll,r-«n 7 nnl* ^lirtf Ihrj »».TII( la far loxrikrr. Tk«-T tjaih knun k""' 1 "" "" """ ""' '"««'" XVI JANICE, too. nad to tnke care to guard their secret—fteri and Cnc'E. She wondered, looking mo her mirror, why it was not jaintcd on her luce (or the whole .vorld to sec. It was impossible lhat •he should continue to look exactly he same. All thai war bottled up nside ought to rise to the surface nd break through. Sometimes she thought certain cople—her mother, whose mild ilue eyes were remarkably keen. •lis? Willows, whose long nose ould pick out anything amiss-tike bloodhound on a trail. Ben— :ut she was hot going to think ot engy yet. either. Sometimes she toughl these ccrsons did glance t her oddly. Perhaps they sensed difference in her that they cruld )t s«e. As one day, a long idJ« Sunday • hen Eric had had to go soma- here on Long Island, her mother ad suddenly isked Janice Lf she "ere feeling well. "Why. of course, darling." Jan- 'e's answer may have come too astily, too heartily. "Why houldn't I be? I never^elljjetter' n all my life." "Yes, J guess that's so"" Mrs. lilary spoke in a guarded tone, nd her glance, resting on tier aughter's flushed face. was aarching, unsatisfied. "You' do ook well, very well indeed. But ou've been working so hard, dear -aflcr hours and even evenings." '.':;cf hod not always said she "•'"•V.^nr whcr sht had called Freak Snowstorm* ^ Showers ot snow may be made to | fall from Ihe ceiling, If a window } suddenly is thrown open, allowing freezing cold air to rush into a i small room containing warm, moist, air. ' i CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second The Right Place To Buy Your Car ... EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Can — AII 11 i i All MakesI Phon«4191 - T - ^'- T.ovclady -^' I-arman Gl . over Frazicr RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY 10 Ford Tractors — Complete With Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or Call Douglas I.a\vson at Russell Phillips Tractor Co South Highway 61 up lo say she would not be home until late, but slie Had given ('-at impression. "Vou can't keep on, you know, dear " Her mother's tone was as mild as her blue eyes. yet there was an urgency about it. "It will get the ocst of you in the long run. It will sap your youth, your strength. And. of course, Janice, you won't want to keep on working all your lite," , no— hardlyl" Janice's laugh was rather forced. She thought, Now what is Mother driving at? What does she think is wrong willi me that she must step. in and try to remedy? It wus wonderful having t mother like tiers, but it could tie trying. Janice had never thought that before. She had never had any.hing to hide from her mother before, either. '"You'll want to be married one of these days," This remark had a cnsual. innocent sound but there was much that was not casual or innocent behind it. "What makes you think thatT" Janice was slnd that she was occupied mending some winter things. • "Why shouldn't 1 think U?" Mrs. Hilary deposited heisell on the edge o» Janice'i clothing- strewn bed with an air that staled she nad no intention ol being dismissed because her daughter was so busy. "What girl does not want to be married? I certainly did." Janice smiled. Her mother was so obvious. But why was she worried? Janice did not consider herself resigned to single Dlessed- hcss at her age. 'At loasl she had not, but now — No, that was toe kind of thinking she and Eric had forbidden themsclvc«. Who could tell what the future would bring? Who wanted to know, with the present so perfect? • • • Y^ afterwards Janice was to mark the conversation on this particular Sunday as the beginning ol the end of tli;u perfection She md known It could not endure lorevcr. Thai wns why slif nrvU Krlc hail shielded it so carefully. "We want you to be happy, dear." Her mother's voice was unusually (,'eutle. "Ol course." Janice answered. I am lio|>|)y. she told hcnell, ] am terribly, miljclicvably tiappy because I have Uric and his love. It cannot last. She did nol really have him. He did not belong to her. 11 was inconceivable Uial lie ever would. I am in love with a married man. There, she had said it to herself. It was a f nct . [, was such a hard tact it could not b« pushed into ttie background. Jonice experienced ;i deep dismay, nn ullei wretchedness that had nothing to do with the tiappineu she !iad just claimed was hers. "We rather hoped, your father and I,'' her mother was saying iu a voice thai seemed far away, "Hint you might marry Ben. He Is such a'nice boy. 1 know, dear, that it's not supposed to be our business, and we don't want to interfere, but as 1 said, all we want is your happiness. We want that very much." "I'm tond of Bengy," Janice heard ncrsell answering, "but 1 don't love him." 'How can you be so sure?" her mother asked. Her eyes, her tone, added. How do you. my daughter, know so much nbout love unless you have found it? Janice hoped her eyes did not give her away. "I'm as sure as anyone cxmld be." She knew her tone was too light, almost frivolous. tier mother gave a little si^h. She got up from the bed and put an arm around her daughter's straight shoulders. She brushed Janice's cheek with her lips: a fleeting caress, yet it turned Janice's heart over and brought tears to her eyes and a lump to her throat. •.And after her mother left th« room, Janice sank down on the bed'and covered her face with her hands. . Mildred Hilary had given her daughter something, tjul she had taken something away. too. (To Re Continued) SHAOYStoe.' . ' / - VOU STAND on MY BACK AND— ur w/Ml'K' ^^• -• • / ^^ ^ : .-f^r, ."n .-•»«««^ij- ^j . .'' • I '*. .' ,- >% *!« "When your uncls came he said h» wnt goln E to .pona Chr.stmas with, us-l won.t.r if he', got It mixed up with V»lBntme"» day or Easter!" 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All RIGHT, 50NVA / ( THAT SOMEWUERt BEFORE WIIAV5 It Y KF *W1 OF lAKtri OOIN«MERt? ) ITOfF lOCtlWBUPro THE ROOF. THAT IWANS HfS SW1. IN THfRF. &SW&* ^fe^m WASH TUHIJS TOU DOM'T SEEM 7HM TOUCE- W1VNT TO •IMOO NOW THE FINfM. STEP IN PI!\N,., , TOTOUCe! ACIUC HGAIN5T 1HE . iHEVsinr-r COAl TO COV6(L THE 1HE MORNING SUWSIfAlSOTEt ^DD^WS, DR.GRUCEU.. THIS MVI51 BE hW OLE P1C1UEE OF VOU . IN 1HE CELLAR WALL. W STIR. FRO^ (\ DRUGGED SLIEP OF 21 HOUK.S... WE'LL LEWIE WE BREWEHV THRU 4 WIUPOW ON THE FMISIDT;.., ONE UW.OCKED SIW\\ER. WON'T BE HOTICER. Just TriKtfer Quick By FRED HARMAN WHUE RED TALKS TO ^3O^J^J^ RiN<S<7.HEIS U(OA«ARE THAI Artt YCO To t \'t\ A KiW BIAMER 15 HtR PftifertiR IN THE ROOhS A6OVJE-- QJESTlOKlS.' .CtriAl AMD SHE A STRAWB WE'RE, (AI55 RIKSSO-- How D'vR l,il<c Thai' By V. T. HAMMN .— '. OCH tM__ .. SLOPPED T§^ ALL OVEO. VOJ, 3LJ7- IT'LL KEEP YOUZ. MlND OFF >OUK .—. : _ LOWLV STATE.' j ' HOOTS AND HER lUJDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN OH .THVttt YOU Pi«t 1 HW .« VOOVi VJWM \ -10 t>i«.OU. <?vit, ._ -].- -

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