The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 14
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FOURTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION OtlJy * Mrtton: *»t* D** lla* for eozu«cutJr* la- Minimum Oh»rs« ........ ,,,,,. Ke I ilm« per Una ............... . lie a UmM prr lln» per dftjr ...... lie 9 tlm«* p*r lint per d*y ...... »c f llmcc per line per et»y ..... . TC tl tlniM p*r line per d»r ...... Ic Month per line ............... . We Count fire ueragt words 10 ttoir Doe. Ad ortlcr«4 foe thrfe or *li Mmpn and •topped before expiration will h* cliarR- ed for the number of times the ad ip- pt*red »n.d adjustment of bill mtde. All C[As*lffe<i AdTertUinc copy *ub- raltted by petbons realdlDR out Ride of tb» «iiy mujt be 4ccotnp*nie4 by cwh lute* mar be easily computed from the • bore table. Advertising order for Irrrgul&r \Mfr- tione takes the ono dm* rat*. No responsibility will be take . for more tban one Incorrect Insertion of any clculffed ad. All acU are restricted to thrlr proper rlM&i/lcAtlon. atT.V and trp«. The Courier reserve* the riBhi to edit or re]«:» any ad. Apartments Wanted Three or lour room lurnlstird apart- meet, or small house. Thonms M«m- ufactiinng Company, phone 4373. 24-CK-t/ Apartment For Rent Apartment nt 1133 \V. Sycumor*. Two room turnlshca AprtrtniPiil, 722 Thrtf room rumlnh*rl BpBrtmrnt. ,130 . RUth. rimn- WM. 2,4-pX-7 Business Service Directory Adding Machines New R. c. Allen adtllnp macJllrjM tnd c*sli draiv*r reclKtfrR lor imjue- dut«'deltTery. iilso rebuilt machine*— tny mRk«. DELI, SCOTT Priori* 22M nit W Main Ai/fo Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main & Division Phone 255:1 Oon't pnrtanftfr ynur fa- lly wuli IMiltj- tlrn—BUT 1,EE TmRR. UIU-CX-IC Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage N. mchway «1 Plwr.« 31W M!<-ck-tt Jeep i>arts now available at POOLB: MOTOR co. Wp CRTI fill all your need* Gel vrrudn. oaru from nur cnm- pletr line. PLUS POOLE. OWNEn Ar OPERATOH South Hlfhiny «1 >t Stctlf. Mn Phone. Stella 49 llin-ck-lf We guarantee . RECAPPING WITH HAWK1NSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. ' *!« » MAIN PHONE „„, ll!«-Clt-tt Expert Radiator Repair for Less •nl.r r "' S " r " dl «<" '<P»II «lulpment. Let our tru'ned men boll out »nJ repair rnur mdlnuit for TOVI Quick Service ' Pickup and Delivery KusseJJ PhiJlips '1'ractoi- Co DOUGLAS LAWSON. M K r Phun- 2ni 89 Ck U Brushes Business Property , For font Building 25*™ Bt . at Ptckard'a Orocerjr. 1044 Chlrkuaw- "*• _ 2.4-cX-ll Half of the second floor (area 24 /eel -wide, 75 fcot long) in our new building located 110 South Fifth across street from Ice Cream Company, I AMIR lime lease can be had at reasonable rent. Tom Little Realty Co. Phone 861 2-2-ck-9 STORE BUILDING on Main Street. 50 feet wide, 140 feet IOIIK on first floor: second floor CO feet liy 75 feet. Total nearly 12,000 square feet. A wonderful lo- ] cation for any Inr^o. retail' si ore. Will lease for lonjfl time, or reasonable rent,.! Courier News Rox ABC. 2-3-ck-l() Coal and Wood For sale—good coal and j kindling. Plenty (if it. We I deliver. Phone <M9. Le\vi.<=! Poultry, 411) E. Main. 1 COAL" 'If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from Blytlieville Compress We Deliver Phone 4<189 'Plenty of Illinois Coal' At HESTER'S COAL YARD I'HONK ;U8!i FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway fi[ florists FOR YOUR VALRNTINK Flowers siiy it host— Be sure they're from Allen's Foods FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court S. Highway Bl—Call 4666 A new kind of Valentine The SWEETHEART CAKE Heart shaped nnd full of rich goodness. Raked by Hart's, on sale at your local grocer. i 3-ck a FULLER BRUSHES Soles and Service CLYDK KLUKIDGK Local dealer—Phone 1496 l-17-ck-2-17 • Battery Fryers 41" Fresh Eggs Blaylock Hatchery N. Highway fit, phone 3172 i,22-ck-2,22 Cvappic and cat, fish. 2'1 hour service. Simpson Oil Cu., Stateline. IliM-clc-lI Hunt's Famous Tamalcs Now RVailaltlp at 805 l.akc Streot. 2-5 nk 20 1 BLYTHBVILI,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS —— — . Typewriter »|I«ffo«lt* m^rt yow 0 . US[0 CAI l Dt.!«t. n >eti l<kt „..,„- y^ t MH ef your fiii at Walnut ompang I'hnne 4453 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, TYPEWRITERS .oSTo'rt.^.!" 1 ; °" n ™ •«« «•«!«• DON EDWARDS it ek u [ Typitt ™ P o"f 1 iMy TT '' 1NG - *"' •flT'jy, 1 ~Use~d^rT Dogs, Cots, and Pett \ MIRRORS "Custom Built ami Installed for MANTELS and DOORS Prompt Service Arkansas Paint-Glass and Wallpaper Co 105 E. Main Street . pLic 2272 Insulation FUEL HUPI'LIEB ARE SHORT CON5ERVK NOW fly INSU1.ATINC1 \Vilh.Rock Wool BLOWN OVERHEAD »nrl INTO WALI.S \V. H. Pease Co. I'HONF. 20.S( FRKK ESTIMATES Insurance Pi'olcctinn against all 1NSURABI.E HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GI.EUCOK HOTEL BLDG 12* SV ASH 3T Laundry Musical Merchandise ir ~ ~~ ' Rebuilt Irade.-ln radlns—everyone Eunntmeed —nine dolUra un See t'liem »t Brooks lls.sic s, ar ,, 107' ffsi Main Street, .Telephone, all. Ilia-ck-u HOME REUOHDKR. u«rn ««~rtenmn- «r«tor frlctd to Mil. Malce rccorru V,,.S?i r " t ~ r " : " lar s«»Mnt«o. BROOKS .MU3IC STORE, lor TAST KAIN ST Notice Farmers Column 1 LANtjLKVS MILL 1S~NOW~OPEN I Uncicen clioiis. iresh Kroimcl nieal Also CUMOin KrlEimnfj meal 3<x) s SECOND' STREET ; 1 Z4-pk-2.|. ] Two J-raw John Deere~culltY.lnrs I l»-lll 111 A nr Hi. I,. O. Long. »"",?,? I .South ot Ulyllievllle on H cl'wav «? "i"^' """•': .1 _^-pi-3 i | For Sale—M tractor Internmc^Ta! ! Htnuuf |,lo»-. rtlsc htrrow cultl?.- lor. R. c. rmmcu. «,i fasiis un IN ' rall«_ K.W. M PHwoit. ift ' z"j?p» i« > For Sulr-Two «nd ~t),,e, hotlom K I P T "" „""'" «'««ori. Jame.s W I'ery. ] mile KJISI of sietlr nr r »n 1 Tivo mile.- B, cooper. i .rust received those new 14 j iiicli, hvo bottom breaking i plows on rubber. ]f you arc interested in a real plow you hacl better hurry. They won't last long. Lee Wilson Hardware and Implement Co. Armorcl. Ark. Phone 2088 . 3 3-pk-ft plow* "w'lT'VTr" 6 ! "' * hiLri " n rour and all feinrts of welding. Also narrow" for sale. Henry Westbrool". Shop 32* N. first, phone 4161. i;t>-cV-j li TANKS TANKS ..... T TANKS Attention Farmers and Fuel Oil Burners. Get, nil extra fuel oil tank and rack. Be prepared for oil shortage. | Blytheville Machine Shop I Phone 2828. l-30-ck-i>-30 HAVE IT ALL DONE UNDER ONE ROOF THAT'S OUR BUSINESS LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wreckers Texaco Product! So/e, Farm Phone 578 J-'armer ariisvn lo.^t ril.^ mules Mecliantc .lones wanted to tniy .nine tools, ' "lo get *n apartmenl Tn« Smiths tried und tried— I'M",,?,',' '? <mtl wf " 1 th *y wanted IN COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIEDS! Why spend money- swan with us Elbert Ffurrman> Swhp Shoo -10;, K fcfaln t*hone R.S9 1022 ck tf Photography NOTICE TO FARMERS: 'Klines available for rtralna^ or or JDl*'" """^ '"'• WoVTilYaTflour O. iV. Morse Construction Co .PHONE «2<! BLYTHEVILLE ARK I 12<-pk-2 ; s j For Sale, Can & Trucks . 1841 Puclcard convertible A-l rilrT- j ninj condition. Verr clean Can be I bonjnt reasonable, call ,IBS llil-ck-tf mlle.s. A footl buy at J15(». IlLaicl'iljd heater, a clean car. Call stcele 67. '• Scotch Marline bollrr. le with stark, rnone [ 24 Hr. Servle* SeiberJing Tires _ • Private Rooms l route. Rented {or or cotto,, ---- _ Sole Ajjcnt. __ Bedrooms. "JM. BlythcTlll. Hotel. Phone r l;29-pk-2 29 | Hedroom, len ur couple. Call condition. e 3785. •lUnlnri"**'* C n" n i, DKlro ° m . prlTM* " ™--—' ticntle- ' register. Phone SOI. nK t " ra!a °™ * p| "< 316 "- ».I-plt-irj i kitchen privi- ' 1,1 \™a J Improrements. This) T la a good prottuctlTe :arm. ,navr o, f t- '•"f Mow. well-ntalned. ready to co ran £ne. r «°«^ 10n " M1I) imrnenuwl" 1-rire 526.000. Aboilt 1|2 cash, balance in a loan. See LUTHER GRAY Phone 513 120 E. .Sycamore Blytherllle. Art". . 35-pK-U Two ti.seil National cash registers. .... Elch Cnerrolei Company, phom: ^'o- inj_^t_.^ For thr.' 1 nncst. in PULUSON Phnlptraphrr Olencof ffntrl ' --i Gail (.177 l.l«-ri-21« Loons I'ERSONM, .-. natilie--comaKer-furnluire Quick prl. T«ir -prvicc Prrsonall7ed attention Come In nr telephone 2Ma HENEHAL CONTRACT PlinCIIASK CORPORATION 122 W Ash St Rlythei-llle ADc Personal ran. SALE: — Jn ncrfcct nhane on- A-model Ford call 793 Mter 4:fX) SET.L WHAT YOU WANT DON'T Money to Loan AND BUY WHAT YOU 1)0 WANT Courier News Classifieds. It JOII hire, something "so,~dnn"'l need and can t Ret rid of. try r.'1'jrrl Hulfman. Swap Snop. phone SMI 40-. T - M " ln - l-c-' Plumber GOOD CLKAN U5En~CARS "" 11 ™" S"Per 6 wo door. -1,7 * Blytherllle. Motor Co. 317 S. Second St. pj lo One 1(147 Jeep, with lots of accessories. Priced right. Lee Motor Sales, phone 519. 2-5 ck tf 1942 DOIXJK li ion nl JS.I JHTEnNATIOKAI. ' Ulytllcvlllc Motor 21, S. Second St, __ '11 live |UMM| S(T , ton plrttlp Co PHonr, 4422 X3-CX-12 ;. no red lane FHA APPROVED HATH Set ASK FOR DCTATLS i..»,i) Max Logan, Realtor ' ><>" need .erl »ln rr r j- Meyer, » licensed plnmhcr. p p a , r wow fl c ,t Hnbb.rd H«d»» Phone 103, i, T ,, rri BlTtherllle Ark ir Biilldlni Hotter TIIIC HAT siior HATS CLEANED AND Building Material Used concrete -bhjTks, -several hmulrcd. lOc; each. One r,oo gallon B u t anc _. IS tank, new t,ijr rfiscount her «S 1" anlit *- »»«•« tun,- "^'i «ni sen entire lot rlman Tom Little Realty Co . 2-li-O ". conce,e, Phone «89. Bo. « « Cf nL.'l" °' t >°<"'*»• Bl>thcriiie. Ark. ~IG-cK-tr Butcher _ _ Household Goods Meof Sow* Real B)ro electric nrt one-"h,lr IBMi I- is mo ill h t»-o door coac.h (nr H. r . d - mice CornXN-r^nd^an^nc?" 1 '^-^ »i, other ««D P n« ' v 0 i" n «a° mi w »,"• E " CO 'T nil W. M»ln Phone 2 Rcgrsters MODKRNIXF, your kitchen with a beautiful now sink with floor and wall caliinols Terms: niithiny' down and about ?5 per month at Planters Hardware Co. l-27-ck-tl I 31-cX-z -11 GI VK TOUFrFLOOns A' KF,\V SPRIXG ATTIKK Saiidp)- f () |. Kent li'mkcrs (Jroccry Holland, Mo. ' P,: Income Tax CELL 8COTT W Main I i2-CK-2 79 lYtnall «et more JOT your moncy- J^en you bnj.Jrom *'olu«iriecl Ad- ^^g"*,;^ : -^r.- • 'f YOU s'"» r.'ur In »l ROOM IILVTHEVIIJ ,o,., r ' 11 ,?K' J ^ Nr;K >' 13 A. I.OANH <•'• IIOMK LOANS l-'-MIM LOANS COMMERCIAL LOANS F- H A.-O. I. LOANS Terry Abstract And Realty Company :'l:i t\-. U'ALiVUT PKONR ;;;&! 1 2B-CX-2 2S Meat Choppers .Sllmpson (.'oppcr.*, risce order tm«- Inr prnmin dellveiv. Chopoc- Knurs and plates and replacement pans , DELI, SCOTT ' Hale.s and Service I none ^'JfiO 1711 \v Main 1 29-ck-2 2tf Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS . "" or «i' Also n»nd M»., » n rl Blades DELI, scorr Scales [ -Slln.pion HCAIC* ror e, our <!t.<i>lar no» DELI. SCOTT •Sales and Nervi I 29-ck-2 2!) Services on THE aror I'notoKtapiier will jf "" " <°<- vo". can HOU1 Hots. CULLISON l!!6-clc-2:I6 care lor fhtlrlren. ifl.% p; e phone 2940 wnn Inter Records • Sheet Music • Kstey Organs ion MILKS rnr.t; DKI.IVRRT MORELAND'S Music Slorc 1"> >S. Snrond — Phone !2 Klythcvilic, Ark. Will more. RADIO nCPAItt BY F.: Repairman Call RrmvU 2 S-pk-8 Store •37 mortrl Ford ear cheap, as Tlorse •ower enelne. Mnsl sell this week. learlnu tow,,. SM „, 620 , . c IF YOU WANT"A"TRUCK —AND A LIGHT RUNABOUT—you want a JEF.P. For Sole—City Property Seven room house «-lth bain on large lot. wlin. ttiree room nouse m re T«« en V '°^« 3<! - Prl « »«.<W). Terms. hloclr t"ro 0 m y 5? 'i " Cr ' ! b " lwin s h»« »«•! . " ntl Ash Streets Kea] inTestment. ir?i' r r° m ho " se wltl1 batlj - °"« htocX For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER MEWS OFFICE 10:10 ti For Rent ^ one Keven Tootn house with hath ! tnree rooms rurnlshed. Sulial)te for l*vo tarnlhes. Prefer reiitlns to one Individual who n-lll he permanent, for year. Close to hlsh school. Write Hoi 651. Joncsljoro. 2.^-pk-6 Private Rooms Brclrnom. 314 N Ninth. Phone 2MB _ __ Ftirnlxhefl room. Idtcrien privileges Buchanan ctrocerj' on North 61 ' ________ _„_ Hrdrooin. 31» N. Ninth. Call 2M3. . Wanted to Buy Reasonably priced house or vacant , tot. Desirably locntecl In Bljthevllle i Write 304 Meatte St. Portagevllle Mo ee t. or or cull 192 PortBgerltl*. 2;<-pk-lb Pound tvith only one Insertion— Ladies Bulova u-stch downtown Suiirtay. Ten five r.cint tleslrahle ° m "' Ur bulldlnp lota. |w l0 ' I350 °- " Mississippi Cwuity's Want-Ad Meriium . . News Classified. ..Courier j,«' "" '" "" m » rk "- 'or . nonse (•"*' Proptrty and home. .Sre I.UTHER C.RAY. PHONE SIT or J .1. FIELD. PHONE 239, Bonded Re.l Estate Brokers oiT On 2213 , • arolyn Street. >our room hnuse with hath »uto- jnallc. liDt. water, (icon condition, in-I n" ; IP ""'- *'"'' hlocks t[ > "'»'" part or town. On pavement, 101 E • l,5-ph-3:ll ' Oroccrr more with Ilvlni pood location. Uolnr nice Wear Swift oil Mill. Will « rtlate po.SF.ewlon. 420 S riuarterj business Slslcentb. I 7-pk-222 Nice, snbnrhan horne noir vacant. ! •iKtit rooms and batli. Hot and cold : falcr. lane lot IOOJ31S [eel. Plent? of [ out nouses, nice »h«de and beautiful . shmbBeiT. >i mile from e.ltv llmlW. 1 I'rlcf JS500. !!3 down, balance HK* rent. .Seven room house. t wo bains, '.i I block olf Main Slreel. Price it.000. ! terms. Five room house anrl bath and four room house and bath on same lot. Price J5500. Terms. om TOR, For Sale, Farms Street Price *?.250. boil.... Terms. on I.aXe Ocwl SIT room hciusc'o'n' West Vine St. Prlre »3fioo. Terms I,lst rour property r;)"tti Itf Tor quirt sale We itlre complete rl-«l estate Rervlcr. HEfiT ROSK. nejl Fsimi. wroKrr - . Phone 42:11 lffl> acre farm on cr land. Near Warden. _ 7^-pk-lO ntTle Cream Donm Shop loratccl In nj-rrabtirg. Tenn . nxi to ration milt. l)otn«r a coorl business Priced rtcht Reason for sellini; owners healllv Full tnlormauon run m«.-.t or write to l^.<uher J\oi\*rr. 144? Hsrrell Si Oyers- i New I emu Hire mnn ixvo h»lldln K Hair i house on larse lot y..., nivn.Ks .Miisic store *i-».«r, rj a 11 ra.M, Two. other lots acl- 5>t . Telephone Rll riannt Jolnmi: J1.VI racli mrt >01<l ' IH-rlc-tf| If von are Imcrestcd In hnrlnn and 1 selllntr farm Unrl see or call ks: LUTHKR ORAT. REALTOR Phone 5n or J. ,t. riKi,o Phone 2 3- For Sale, Misc. RELIABLE IUBY SITTER ~C« 111 MatT .Muaiet Amen, phone 3160. J 3-pK-lb All Kinds nf oil stores repaired All ivevk j;'>aranlrefl Phone 4722 nr ITM I 3.1-rly-2 7 WASHING MACHINKS R nd Klctlrical Appliances repaired. Rlythevillc Machine Shop I'luiitc 2828. __ II W-rk-l 17, Slicing Machines Out Straw See. or Call Charlie Brotrton Plione 7«g 12S-PX-228 Complete e»[e rdMlomrnt. Mrs. r rankle Ashrrmt. Phone 12F n. Cooler. Mn - 2 Vk-7 sn acre h, lilohr-Amerlriin sllrcrs ,\t<o .IK.r. [n, ,,„. clemonsuaMo nr.u, PCOTT r/l fjrm. n^ir tiome. t/.ect scales, sltcers. .ddlnr machines. or ruandm Mr., for I c,«r, rctlsters. meal«. ner-race J 191. sierle. Mr. | ro-ler.s. see nell Scott mt «' Main 2 3-pX-iri or phone ?2a-v t2^-ek-22Si )] u-cn-tr I — ATTKNT10N IN ADDITION TO OUR MANY OTHSR SERVICES \v« NOW HAVK BLACKSMITHING nRiNc; voun PLOW POINTS TO us hxpcrtly MiarpoiiPd Prompt Service F. L. Wicker Machine Shop l>lu)Ile 2I!)2 215 N. Scc-oiul SI 33-CH-33 DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THAT BUGGY OF YOURS - SHE'S GOT WHAT IT TAKES/ Experts Do Our Work! U vour temper goes inlo high gear evcr.vlime yiui drive vour ciir—thai your rue lo hrin K it Id us. We'll put your car back in ship-sliape cundifion. • Estimates Cheerfully Given • Reasonable Charges on AH Work -J2£L__ ' AT BROADWAY

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