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Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania • 5

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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ITUDAV. MAY 3. 1018 t-" 11 r--' in nTltlITi IS pi uTg purifiers OR AIR I lAli I If (I I AN ENEMY TO A Their Contumptlon of Carbonlo Acid Gat, Always Oolng On, la of Croat Btneflt Plant do pot breathe or hay anj Min nmnnndlnc to -the breathing REAL FIGHTER iWfaqck up gcjod and plenty for Uncle Sam buy all the Liberty Bonds you can Every red-white-and-blue of animals. Oxygeu Js essential to the sustaining of life 10 animals, human hplnm. and In breathing air they consume or appropriate the H.

C. Hamilton, oxygen it contains anu give uu, -hnnio ncM eng. which Is poisonous. (United Press Staff Correspondent.) Vnrk Mav 3. The supping Plants do not consume oxygen, hut effect of Inactivity as a real fighter in tho rtnir.

and not in a gymnasium was shown to the public In true col they consume carbonic acm, was neip-lng to purify the atmosphere, which Is to some extent rendered Impure by tha hnathine nf nnlmals. Thcv do not ors a short time ago nt rnnaneipiim when Benny Leonard, the great lightweight champion of the world, took generate oxygen, but thoy release It ikf KEEP Y0U8 SHOES MEAlfef on Young Uorrell, oi i i a civ round bout. Leonard by consuming tne carouuic uu. a celebrate scientist, says: "Consider all the fires la the world and all LIQUIDS AND PASTES. FOR BLACK.

WHITC. hands down, but he was given more trouble by this boy, a younnsie. .,111, .1 lnt to ler.rn. than In any of TAN, DARK BKOV.N OR QX-ELOOO nvu -nil II I I I A I onreEEua THE LEATHER. Vl II American should put every available dollar into these U.

S. Government Bonds the safest investment in all the world. It means everything to your future welfare and happiness. Understand that. After you have subscribed sit down and have a session with the animals In the world continually nnnrW thplr carbonic acid Into the his fights since he became champion about a year agro.

copjratiom. limit, o. Eyiyrua.w.Y." rSf 1 1 atmosphere. Wouia it not De iuir iu onnMiiria thnt'aour air must become more and more contaminated and unfit Matter of Gettina Even. There is a lesson in that houl for world's champions especially is there a lesson in it for Jess Willurd.

as he goes on to "prepare himself for nut rojii since he won the Cghting in a ring, but the mitts us to support either comDUStion or tmo cuomt. inAvttnhle. but ft would be heavv 111 me 111 la- iii.iv smalt a conclusion founded upon nun kuuwi he in the I heavyweight title from naru v. iieu M'rs. must have the Blgg bys to dinner.

We owe them one." fixe so. We passed awful evening there, nnd It's nothing more than right that they should pass one here." Boston Transcript. son. edge, and therefore wrong. A provision exists for continually purifying the atmosphere of its excess of car sparring partner does Ins ot i.i son of way.

being ve hiii-i a champion a Wiilard has not engaged a bout for more than a year. He has bonic acid. By tne leaves oi piuiu I more than is necessary. There Is not encaced in a hard bout since 111 nover Clark Av nt If a few nioiltils U15 feeling like that in tne ring. challenger is there for business a i.o biio it to win.

Tho Herald carries a BtocK of type- i. or. nil erodes and all this gas is absorueoyunu wumu leaves it is decomposed by the solar rays. The carbon is stored up in the tree, while the pure oxygen is restored tf ltence Kenny Leonard's no I prices. I HO FfisSlON AlCARDS.

Extra Tobacco inactivity by Benny Leonard 11.1s a bad effect on a wonderfully eiliciem boxer such as lie is. it appears that Wiilard will be much les.) effective than he was even when he met Frank Moran in New York. Iteeallinp the bout between Mnrnn. it will be remember to the atmosphere, uaroomc acm, fact, is to a great extent the nutriment of plants, and Inasmuch as animals In the best of them all for pipe, cigarette and chewing. showing in snoum warning to Wiilard "'ains for the bout, with Vrvi He nee ls hard work.

Opens May Lakeside, in all its natural charm .,,,,1 and which is to further the long run, derive uieir iuuu nntovio world, this very gas, "ROF. 13. W. WILDE. IXSTRrOTOIt IN INSTRtTMENTAIj Sfl'SIO.

Dealer in Pianos, Organs and all Unds of Msical Instruments. West Centre Street which at first sight might be regarded ed that Wiilard hung to the custom of laying back and letting the challenger do the real heavy Ashling aif.ntinfpr beinir cuntent'to stick as a deadly constituent oi me aunua-phere, is the main sustainer, both of i.iiM Ul'iV rm-m- 1 beautified ly the deft hand of man. will he open for the from Memorial Iay on. and busaing vegetable and animal me, I I out his long left arm and let run into it. He won a mile, but he failed to hurt Moran to any extent, although the Pittsburgh blonde left tj ima IvApn matnned to ngnt BASEBALL SCORES pNEST WEATHER TROPICS M.

BURKE P. H. BURKS ATTOrtXEYS-AT-LAW. Building, corner Main md Centre Streets, Shenandoah, Pa. Ted Lewis, the titlplioldcr in a will continue to be supreme spoils and pleasures at this crystal reservoir.

Then, too, dancing will while devotees of the traps will day have an upper-I Vuttrmnl TiPilirue. round decision bout tit Denver. ii omis will receive S2H per 1)1 UiUUlU Climate So Delightful That the Aver cent, and Tillman 2714 cent, of New York, Philadelphia, 0. Brooklyn, Boston, 4. PittKlinrirh.

1: St. Louis, 0. age Person wouia soon ne tunity of witnessing a live bird match the ring with his features cut up considerably. Kver since there has been fighting and fighting champions it has been a recognized fact that to keep fighting condition it is necessary to keep the mind trained as well as the a it seems. no the gross receipts, of the Monotony.

p. moxaghan. Francy'a Hub Building, Corner Main and IJoyd Streets, Shenandoah. Chicago, 12; Cincinnati, Tbt dnvs were wonderful, and the American League. Atvioip.

7: New York. 5. NOTES OF INTEREST rover Alexander begin the soldier's life yesterday in earnest, being assigned to a rookie squad at Camp Funston, Kan. Later a place will be alternations of sun and wind were as Boston, Washington, 1. Detroit.

9: Chicago, fi. i for $300 between a roi.svn.o in-'" I ami a Mahanoy City man. la all -probability Mitchell will bo City's best bet. Manager Hart i not'inces that boating ixd l.atins i wi 1 be gratis to ail of sailers anil soldiers n'Vr in unifrmx dari the sea 1JUUJ more expect to lay off a ionp and come back at the top ot his power than a man in another pio- Cleveland. 3: St.

Louis, exciting as the discovery oi uie strange Malayan beasts and birds. The snn rose softlv no breeze moved for Tllilav. made for him in the 342na iiem Artillery, insuring the former big leaguer a chance to iny camp base DURKIN AND DURKIN. ATTORXEYS-AT-luW. Room 1, Egan Building, corner of V.i.:p and Centre Streets, Shenandoah, fesston.

Any skilled workman can IV American League Washington at ball this summer. Philadelphia; Boston at Iew ioik, Chicago at Detroit; Cleveland at St. cloud or leaf, and even tne ngnt came at first moderately, indirectly, reflected from the higher peaks, or helio- testify that he needs a new uai.niiK wlien he. leaves his work for a year and then goes back to it. His hands The neatest of printtiiK can be had it tJio Herald offio.

I'hiladelnhia at Jess Wiilard broke training for that homeless match with Fred Fulton. Ho busily packed his household goods graphed from the mirror ot a dictnnt waterfall. In early after- oMun. Xbw York at Boston; Cm npo'n one never knew just when the ci'nnatl at St. Louis at Pitts and brain are not co-orcnnaien 11 0111 the juiwptiff.

He needs actual practice in order to again get the height of effectiveness. There is a certain similarity between boxing in a gymnasium anil "All my life my ambition was to get in a world's series and see what could do," says Joe Jackson. "Now that my ambition is fulfilled I have another. That is to get into another world's series." James J. Jeffries is on a fair way to become immensely wealthy.

The tlin Vioad of a LOS burgh. faintest of breezes silted oown aim blurred the lacery of tree-fern shad for removal to his tarm in "I think there will be a fight," he said "It won't be at St. Paul, they say, but Miller knows other places. I'm going to stay on my farm until I hear what is coming." Dcinpsey a 10 To 8 Favorite. tV.

P.H M. D. i "YE, EAR, NOSE AND THRO At I SPECIALIST. Glasses Furnished. i open Saturday and SuiKlays.

i.V... South White street, formerly ijr. paiilding's. Shenandoah, I'a. J.

C. GAVGIIAN, i AITORNEY-AT-LAW. Shenandoah Trust Company mg. Second Floor. ows.

The winfl was cooi uuu strengthened, and by night the air was surging violently through the gap, si uf ioi May 3. With all II Tiis NO AJVANCK IN PRICE chance gone of a heavyweight championship match here, St. Paul looked tn tnni.rht'M Mlske-Dempsey phoned from the cold summits uoviu to the hot, humid Valleys. Day "fter day one reawakened to the sense of lUIVtdlti -o--- v. nnmnspv wa a 10 to 8 favor See the Beautiful Art wall paper at Carden's.

Cheapest place to buy fine goods. Estimates cheerfully given. Practical painting and paper hanging. Garden's Art Wall No. 12 Hast Centre ite in betting -today despite Miske's NEURALGIA For quick results rub the Forehead lormer ngeles powder concern and handles an explosive that is said to have maximum penetration and to be lacking i SC'i- Johnny Tillman, of St.

Paul, will got a chance at tho welterweight CMDcllsrpsrBcs. fm ft A rcllcfrnJB. record against Fulton ana otner rau tropical surroundings from a eotmc-tion of a northern autumn, with the wind full of swirling leaves and the ing heavies. and Temples with A4-eod-tf mr (Ura Lini Bav A fronds soughing with the same sail cadence as the needles of scented f. clauskr of violin Shenandoah Friday Reasonable.

Address No. 33G South Centre street, rottsville, i'a. A12-lrr Great Tibetan Industry. far the largest herds of musk doer are to be found on the southern pines of the northland. William Bee-be, In The Atlantic.

Green Mountain Poultry Farm baby chicks and hatching eggs lor sale. Apply to S. J. Mock-aitis No. 224 South Main street.

A8-3t-a. For sale by C. Pavilt, Druggist, Zl Kusr. Centre St. 25c 50o $1.00 sbnrps nf the Koko-Nor.

and the sup DRINK MONOGHAN'SI nir nf musk there (at T'aoehou) is Are You a Dangler? A Vfnnn-lpr is one who dangles, that iiMiiiasMiiMiiiaiiiiira larger than the quantity that conies through Sunppan. Ia fact, great quantities of musk do not come to Sungpan nil. hnt'nre sent east to Yuchow, xxxx Special Whiskey at Is one who awaits the decisions of other nennle instead of choosing his own course and making circumstances i POPULAR BRAND In Honan, where a fair is held in the HIPPODROME conform to it. The dangler may ne found nnv dnv in the open market, ninth nnd tenth moons, many oi me Sunirnnn traders visiting this place. At J.

B. Monaghan Sons complaining because nobody hires him. ii POTTSVILLE O'HAEA THEATRE Week Commencing leniay, April 29th MATINEE and NIGHT or her, as the case may be. our most celebrated and successful laborers Wholesale Liquor Dealers 1 218-220 S. MAIN STREET i Tnciiionlu musk is the most valuable export, practically every hong reeking with it, nnd nearly ail the Tibetans ivim rome from the far interior bring asked no odds of nnyooay.

iney simply went to work, somewhere, any ith them. The price of medium Commencing- Monday, May 6th musk there is thirteen times its weight where that offered opportunity, anu then they helped to build up the com-mnii7 Hint snnnorted them and so in silver. became in time "grand old men," who a to undiscernlng minds seeinea to nave PRESENTS Shark Leather Here, irmm heinz an imnlacable enemy to Ryan, Ritchfield Co. IN "Mag Hagerty's Father" hoon wonderfully favored by fortune. mm mtm ksbiu mtm man science Is making the shark expi They did not dangle, but became the THS OASE4ING POX HLfMT SCENES strong supports upon whicn loiu oi a weaker sort leaned, ana nor in that virtue would coine out of them.

i Knowlton Glee and Banjo A Ii it us? nun crriArs t.rsrw ate its crimes by helping to reuuee wio high cost of living. For the tiger of the sea has now become a source of leather to clothe millions of pairs of feet. Experiments with shark leather mdi- ite that it may be used for practically everything now made of cattle leather. It is even claimed that shark hides nne irrent advantaee over cow Artificial Sponge Propagation. Tho trrnwinsr scarcity of sponiios has warned those familiar with harvesting AND A HUNDRED Kathryn Murray Co.

Gruett, Kramer Gruett them that unless means are provioeu to augment the natural supply the sponge industry will be seriously crip OTHER 8JO is SOLID COStFORT 85 hides in that the "splits" are amazingly strong. A "split" is simply a peeling of the hide something like the pled In a few years more. An ii.ns-llshman, living in Florida, some time ago selected a site off the Florida coast, where he started a sponge farm. veneer cut from a siaD or wouu. nw That Built Great Ciiy.

WILLIAM FARIfJM "The Heart of a Lion." Perfonnances every after-! noon 2:15, ir-20c. Tic at I Jiiht, 7 and 9 o'clock, 20-30c. These n-Wcs incluuc nil war taxes. At present he has about bw.uw sponges, which are capable by subdl-about tenfold ev wi, mtrititv Amrn went to conquer Before retiring, when a man can Fmoke his cigar and drink a glass of pure beer to soothe his nerves, there nothing like a bottle of Yuengling for sound sleep, and for ar een-c-ral tonic and liealthltul beverage. Cleary's Bottling Woj-ks 17-10 SOUTH GRANT AVE.

UKLL l'HONE 86-JR. ETTr, ho enmned on the east bank of 35 0 ery three years. At the end of three the Nile opposite Memphis, that great 20-mile-long capital or muu imcis, wo western verse was the pyra vears an annual yieia oi sponges can be had. Portsmouth Chronicle. mids and whose mud brick houses have a i The Big Mistake.

rrv, hir mistake, the Lord ever all vanished. Amru crusnea tne ngyv-tians and came back to get his camp to move over and occupy Memphis. A dove had built in the folds near the top of his tent. Blood-bathed Amru. the ruthless, would not let her he dis mQ n-ritM Aunt Mandy in the Paris ORDER A BOX; OF OVR CLLLBKAicu Mercury, wuz in lesfdn so many places to put things.

I've Deen lynx to me Brown Stout, Hut Brown or Sparkling Als 0311 ii Is i i turbed. A new city starieu anmit ms major ever" Saturday nigm ior 14m rears about his red flannel underwear tents.1 It grew northwartl aiong uie i DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME in' he always ketches me it. woman kin keep her rellgiom an' have Nile. It is today Cairo, filenipms is only a name. a a the job uv puttin' a man's tilings away once a week fer that long.

'ull make a liar opt uv the best woman Not Some Ken. Exchange waufs't't know If fin t.n- will null some ccd CQLUf.lBIA BREWING C0 I P.rtrt, Phones' 110-112 S. Main SL 9iat ever Jived, aff. lt- mara me jshnmed ever' time I think uv how the najor has kept his wmfidenof me. borne an hour earlier.

Buffalo Time a i iiiim iiwiiiir 111111 Typewriter Paper For Sale. -Kansatr taty aiur. Habitual "This show was written for the tired mon remarked the matla a a a ECKWAN3 ToStER1 PAk EXPORT The Home Brewing i aicer jjerjc' fThe production 5 co(6t fortune! IV ivl-- irfcUV- 1 "That's' one' repliedvMr. ivi FOR THROAT AND LUNGS v. No.

230 North Main Street Dustin me. lm tr-aA tiTToiness man myself, and I cot Prices for this date 15 and 5 cents. SHENANDOAH PENNA Provide. Is hinlst so busy figuring how you are going to pay Interest on your Investment that I couldn't keep my mind on the taina no harmful drug TrV them today, no nuuuu 1 SO a box, including war tax w-B jbtb a a b.b fl aa utit" i ALE AND PORTER EUsr LAGER Eckmaa LaboraWT, VbilafrtyS..

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