Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1927 · 9
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Republican and Herald from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 9

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
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PAGE NINE Jack Delaney And Tom Malone Both In Fine Condition For Fight On Friday Nigh t What Chance Has Ruth? Delaney and Maloney Both in Condition For Friday Night Track Light Flickers at Illinois EVENING HERALD, SHENANDOAH, PA., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1927. Did Miller Hugging, Yankee manner, make a mistake when he fall-kl to sign Ruth before Mack made s startling bid f or Ty Cobb? Miller could have signed Ruth for Jrom $60,000 to $76,000. but Ruth till never be tied by an old man Jke Cobb. . Ruth's coming contract will not (By Ed. McGrath,) The Girardville Professionals Invaded Port Carbon last night and emerged front a heated cage battle on the short end of a 32-21 score. The Glrardvillo boya were not playing true to form, that accounting for their defeat, and then Harry Mc-Neister, fast guard was not among the visiting basketeers. He was absent for puro reasons and he was much missed by his follow followers of the caged area. Port Carbon played a rough game last evening, giving enough but not willing to take it in return, but Girardville took the defeat in good spirit although they positively would admit that a better team beat them and they are right for Port Carbon never had a better team than the .Girardville Professionals) even manager "Battler" Delago said so himself and he ought to know his own ', team. .' The only injury of the game was when In the first half Stack, center, received a nasty bump on the nose and Gallagher took his place. The visitors fell down on their foul shots sinking only nine out of twen-Hy-five tosses gratis. Davendlsh played a snappy game at the forward position sinking three goals and four fouls. He was playing a fine game all the way through. "Neutie" Griffiths, played his usual spectacular game, playing the forward position like a streak of light nine. Stack exhibited how to jump .rings around Martz and he didn't bungle it all up either. Ho played a fine game and was just going good when he got a mean sock on the organ of smell and was removed from the game, but came back in the second half, as good as ever and continued to jump rings around Martz. Gallagher, who substituted for Stack played a wonderful game making a spectacular hook shot from the corner of the court. Danny "Hound" Cavendish played his usual hounding game at guard. He was like a flash, here one moment, up to t'.ie othtfr basket and down the wooden way to the hopes of the Celtics followers by neatly preventing a field goal. Klock played a fast game at guard. He was going fine last evening, every minute from the Initial tap off till the timer's final whistle. The Professionals showed their usual teamwork last night and gave the fans a treat. Each one of them played his part of the game and played it well. If the Visitors had been playing true to form last night and had Harry McNelster in the lineup, there would have been no doubt as to who would have won the game, but they couldn't got set right . They started out with a flash and it looked bad for the Celtics, but then they let the home team catch up and then they sort of slowed up, but still held Port Carbon and at the end of the half the score stood 12-10 in favor of the home team. "sehrodding played a nice game for the hme team at the forward position but he didn't get much on Klock and he knew he Was being watched like a cat watches a mouse hTh8 battle , ended with Hartman -earing the tally laurels, having PORT CARBON CELTICS TRIM GIRARDVILLE contain the long terms of his expired wages. Ruth was a complete failure as a "gate drawing home run king" for the year of 1925. He let himself slip and returned with a bang. IwffH It is Mr. Huggins' idea that Ruth could have played better baseball year before last had he been in a caged thirteen points, four goals and five fouls. Martz played a nice gam? at center but hadn't a show -with either Stack or Gallagher. He managed however to sink a field goal. H. Zlegler played a nice game at guard having a two pointer and two fouls for his total. Rummei starred for Fort Carbon at the guard position, watching Neutie Griffiths, the best he knew how but that wasn't enough. He played a square, clean game and Is deserving of all the praise given him. .... Tho Celtics must have been dreaming and thought they were playing football because o'.:, boy, how they did push and shove the visitors. The visitors tasted first blood when Davendlsh sunk a foul. This Neutie Griffiths followed up with a field, goal. GIRARDVILLE fg. fig. pts. Davendlsh, f. .........3 4 10 Griffiths, f. 2 5 Stack, c. 0 0 0 Gallagher, c. .........10 2 Calbert, g. ............ 0 0 0 Klock, g. .............0 0 0 Totals . .. 9 21 PORT CARBON fg. fig. pts. Schroddlng, f. .1: 5 R. Zlegler, f. ......... n 0 0 Hartman, f. . .4 5 ;'1S Martz, c 2 4 H. Zeigler, g 1 2 4 Rummei, g. ..........2 2 6 Totals 9 14 32 Referee, Murphy, Frackvllle. Scorers, E. McGrath, Schoaedley. Timers, Stack, Moore. Time of halves, 20 minutes. GARCIA CAME STRONG, KNOCKING OUT HERMAN Philadelphia, Feb. 16. After being floored in the second round, Bobby Garcia, of Baltimore, came back and knocked out Tommy Herman in the last round of their ten-round battle at the Arena here last night. The battle was marked by -a lot of punching, but little boxing, both the lightweights being well marked up at the finish. Garcia weighed 132, while Herman weighed 135. Willie Davis, of Charlerol, won the decision over Joey Ross, of New York, In the semi-wlndup. Fred Jackson bowed to Goldstein, of Pittsburgh, in rounds. Phil six To the Red George Kelly is pictured in the. uniform of, the- art-cinnati Reds,' to which club he was traded for Eddie L. -:- " t single year term bid. The future of Ruth is probably substantial enough but he must de liver to earn his coming demand for $100,000, which amount, of course. will never be granted by Miller, who couldn't pay one man the gross value of a whole team. A. LB. LAST NIGHT (By P. Hand.) """ "With every team in the Anthracite Interscholastlc Basketball League represented, the A. I. B. moguls held! their regular meeting. President Taylor, of Mount Carmel, called the meeting to order and Mr. Amour, of Mahanoy City, acted In his official capacity as secretary. New business as well as old business was attended to as was scheduled. Heated arguments arose, but they W'ere properly weeded out and dispersed with accordingly. ; After the meeting had been under way for some time, time out was called because tho representatives were invited to a light luncheon by the Mahanoy City High which was greatly appreciated by all those who partook in the repast. After the business had been done away with, all members of the various schools reported that the league was going over great in their respective cities and that it could be truthfully stated that the Anthracite Intorscholastlc Basketball League Is one of the strongest organized scholastic basketball leagues In Pennsylvania. Mt. Carmel was represented by President Taylor. Ashland High was represented by Superintendent Taylor and Coach Horan, Tamaqua by Coach Hartman and Mr. Stapleton, Mahanoy City by Secretary Amour, Hazlaton by Coach WcGeehan, and Shenandoah by Paul King, Patrick Hand and Samuel Roberto. Sham-okin and Freeland were unable to attend the meeting. Ashland High Here Friday. Since Coach Horan has taken over the reigns of Ashland High's basketball destinies, they have acted like a rejuvenated five and have taken on a new impetus. Although they occupy the cellar position, they have a strong team and have given battle to all the strongest teams In the league, having gone so far as to defeat Freeland at Ashland in a game played previous in the season. Shenandoah High beat them 45 to 24 on January 7, but since then they have played great games with Hazle-ton, Mt. Carmel and Shamokln, being beaten by slight margins in BARNEY GOOGLE MOGULS HELD CONFAB ' VAN WOm CUSCKCO CUT Or5 .TAttLe ' AtAO'Lr.firxS VtM Ce VG.MiJSr UfvMH SEM IN "The PAPERS TAT WS WIVE VwAS. . CCCMlsi&..6ftCl W0ttB- rr GCrfTne HE.tCSlES t! ' VMHfVr; AM IIIONNA DO? 5 ; Qmr Quvr, Trt. COUNTRY WOUIO HAMG EAOI-IES A PCftT WEP. vWUU0NARE Van worh kionapeo! leAMB TvHS HOTEL. itio viflM urDM HOMESTEAD AT CWCE . f By Henry L. Farrell (tJnitpil Press Staff Correspondent.) Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 15. All stemmed up about its foremost citizen, Ovila Chapdeiaine. better known as Jack Delaney, Bridgeport today presented the atmosphere of New Haven on the eve of a Big Three football game. No one in Bridgeport doubts that Delaney will knock out the 200-pound Jim Maloney, Boston heavyweight, in their fight in New York Friday night and take the big step towards a match with Gene Tun-ney for the world championship. But only 1,500 of the citizenry are sure that they will be Rble to see tho fight, because 1.500 tickets were all that the . popular world light heavyweight champion could pry away from the box office of Tex Rickard. ' "I think Bridgeport would have taken half the house if we could have secured the tickets," Tete Rcilly, Delnney's manager, said. "Now wa are caught In the middle and we'll have to take the rap from those who wilt not be able to see tho show." The atmosphere : of confidence which saturates the town, hangs over the apartment where Delaney Is living with his family and the dingy little gymnasium where he is doing his preparatory work. It is a difficult task to get Delaney away from his admirers long enough to have a few words with him. "Better come up to the apartment tonight and I'll talk to you," Delaney said to the correspondent. "We can't do much good here." "No, you don't. No night stuff. You have to get some rest," Manager Reilly said. Delaney is strictly a man of the woods In tempermcnt and inclination, although In personal appearance he seems built for the ball every game. Mahanoy City beat them 43 to 20 in one of "the fastest games played' at Ashland this year. Coach Horan is working hard for the game with the "Blue Devils' on Friday, night and he hopes to have his team in the best of condition to give the locals a hard battle. The Blue Devils broke their losing streak on Friday evening by defeating .Tamatfia High by a rally made in the last quarter. Having shaken off the jinx, the locals hope to win all their remaining games .: and thereby remain in the first division. Taking nothing for granted, the Blue Devils will be in their best condition in order that they will hand Ashland another defeat when they meet on Friday. .. BILL WOULD DETERMINE OWNERSHIP OF AIR (By United Press.) Harrlsburg, Feb. 15. The sovereignty of the air rests with the state, but the ownership of the air over any given piece of land rests with the owner of the land, under a bill regulating the use of the air by airplanes. The measure which Is pending today in the Pennsylvania Legislature, makes airmen liable for damages done to persons or property. Hunting from airplanes and "dangerous flying" is prohibited in the bill and declared a misdemeanor. Representative Turner, Delaware, Is sponsor for the bill. The Herald Is your paper renew your subscription Bow for another year. At Last Eddie Rousch, star outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds, has at last realized an old ambition in rejoining: the New York Giants. Photo shows Eddie in that new role of a Giant . AND SPARK PLUG It' pZiN, ) r ' i r "' 1 mmmmmmmMmm V room and high society. Point him out on the street to the average man and you would be told on a guess that he was a matinee idol or a movie hero. "How do I feel about the fight?" he said. "Well I was never more sure of anything In all my life.. I don't see how I can lose and I am saying this because you asked me. My reason Is that I never felt so well physically and that is all that Is necessary. 1 know I have the mechanical equipment and If the old wind and the old legs are there I m there. ... "Maloney bigger than I am? Yes, and what of It? I don't look like a baby, do I? Maloney may have twenty-five pounds on me, but I'm strong as he is and he won't twist me around. "The weigh question, as far as it concerns Maloney and as it applies to my own case (he was talking in tho language and with the Intentness of Tunney) : does not bother me. I will not weigh over 173 pounds. I wouldn't if I could. I was overweight In the Gorman fight and I felt slow and sluggish. "Plans? I haven't any definite plans. I'm going in to fight, to convince those who say that 1 won't carry a fight, that they are all wrong. All the plans in the world can be shattered by ono jolt on tho chin." Delaney looks to be in splendid condition. He may be a little fine. In fact, his trainers have ordered him to reduce work so that he will have some weight to work on in the last clays of training. He is possessed of confidence bordering on the "destiny stuff" that influenced Tunney before he beat Dempsey, and after watching him and listening to him it Is hard to picture him as anything but a winner. CRIME CAREER OF YOUTHFUL BANDITS ENDS By United Press.) ".Chicago, Feb. la.Three youthful ; bandits who started on a crime career with a mall order pistol and a code of giving "no one a break," are in Jail today charged with one murder, fifty holdups and three attempted murders. The veneer of Victor WalHnsky, 18, Edward Gall, 19, and Frederick Rose, IS, has gone, although they admitted their code was "shoot to kill" before they finally were arrested last night. WalHnsky was arrested aa he swaggered down the street with three girls. He-was found to have possession of the mail order pistol and also a police service pistol. His two friends later were ar rested and the three admitted killing Patrolman Joseph A. Bender and also of shooting and wounding Patrolman William Brady and El more S. Dell. ; In both holdups the victims said the youths shouted: "Shoot to kill. Don't take a chance and don't give anyone a break." 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Getting on Barnei Nerve 1M CWeCKIeACi out x. hope W.VAN HtJKN AT TMe SIDE DOOR. SIR- . MOJ. SUA TJ6CT SIR.! y V, wj v Ins k , W -z I , : LEFT. TOP TO BOTTOM. E. C. WHITE, POLE VAULTER, AND CENTER: ROY LYON, SHOT PUT. RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: E. J. McELWEE, DISTANCE RUNNER, OF THE UNIVERSITY OF Urbana, 111., Feb. 15. For years under tho coaching of Harry Gill, University of Illinois, has been famous for its track teams, and few have been the occasions when the Orange and Blue colors were lowered. The Illinois team of 1924, which scored 72 points in the con ference meet, was probably the greatest college squad in the his tory of the country. : This season, things do not look so bright on the Illinois campus, and the Illlnl performances may not be up to standard. However, Harry Gill has frequently developed a team when conditions were not Lpropitious and he may upset the At? The smallest man on Rockne's big loolDau squad, at Notre Dame, has been elected to the leader's Job for 1927. This is stocklly built, blue-eyed John Smith, who starred for the last two seasons at guard. ... '.''. Ben Levias, chairman of the committee on women's athletes of the New England A. A. U., announced that four national A. A. U. championships will be decided at the WHO'S WHO In Baseball There was a man in our town He was so wondrous wise, He raised youngsters to play ball And bought the older guys. ' ' iri''---'. to-. , X dope again. The Illinl team Is headed by Captain "Spike" Rue, conference mile champion. Dan Lyon, last year as a sophomore, brought the conference shot put record. With the' loss of Chick Werner in the hurdles, the Illinl look to Milan Fell, who may develop this season. E. J. McElwee is a good distance runner who will run on the Illinois four-mile team. E. C. White won the pole vault at the Ohio relays last year. Other letter men available are: 440-yard run, T. G, Fessenden, J. Slttig; 880-yard run, E. D. Ponzer; distance run, F. L. Stllner; high women's track meet to be held at Boston, March 26. The events will be the forty-yard ; dash, standing broad Jump, running high Jump and eight-pound shot put. Fells Grange, French 18.2 balkllne billiard champion, will participate in the . world's champions at Washington, In March. M. J. "Mike" Donohue, director of athletics at Louisiana State University has scheduled a football game with the Southwestern Louisiana In stitute, Lafayette for March 12, as part of the spring training program for both schools. According to L. Theo. Bcllmont, director of the University of Texas relay games to be held March 25, Tarahunruira Indians from the high mountains of South Mexico, will engage in a marathon race from San Antonio to Austin, a distance of eighty-one miles. LABARBA CAME NEAR LOSING THE CROWN (By United Press.) Boston,' Feg. IB. Fidel Labarba, world's flyweight champion, still wore his crown today, but the flailing fists of Johnny Vacca, of Boston, had knocked It more than slightly cockeyed. Vacca gave the champion one of the worst beatings of his life In a ten round fight last night. Four times Vacca knocked La-harda down and each time the champion took a long count, returning to the ring uncertain, and groggy. Had not Labarba's condition been excellent, fight experts said, he would have been knocked out. Labarba's title, however, was not at stake. Both fighters started at catch weights, the champion weighing in at 117 "and Vacca at 115. Notice! t The Shenandoah Basketball League will hold a meeting this evening at eight o'clock, in Dr. Harry Hobb's office. It Read The Evening Herald. OOAhT To IToP AT The. Owog- 016 ciqt ANO SEX iUMP'M 5R Tv SMAKEl?? :.'V;: ,, nttm t 1 CAPTAIN DO RAN T. RUE, MILER. MILAN FELL, HURDLER, AND ILLINOIS. Jump, A. C, Melslahn; broad Jump J. W. Simon; hammer throw, B A. Rhively, and Javelin, F. L. Stuttla. The return to the university of Doug Fessenden will be a great help to the team provided the vet eran will regain his old-time form, Ponzer, half-mller, is another ath lete who has returned after being absent. Only a few of the sophomores ap pear to be outstanding at this time. Among them are Royer, former Oak, Park hurdler;- Orlovich and Ham-lett, quarter-mllers; Hollingsworth and Miller, half-milerg, and H. S. Ponzer, a brother of the veteran. also an aspirant for honors in the (half mile. Refuses Draft Agreement. (By United Pivss.) Chicago, Feb. 15. The American Association refused to accept the draft agreements with the major leagues at a meeting of the club members. The meeting voted 7 to against accepting the draft. The one club voting in favor was Columbus, owned by the Cincinnati National League club. The present draft price proposed by tbj "naioi; leagues Is $7,500. . , New Wizard Miss Vera Menchik, a Russian girl, not yet- 21 years old, is the newest chess genius, to appear on the horizon. She recently won the title at the Imperial club in London.,. - Read The Evening Herald. By BILLY DE BECK l Mlf ! 1 .. r!'"-- I 1. I ! . w. Wit ' . '.';" ' v.'.:-: : , if " J

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